Tyr er aeinender asa;
opt vaerdhr smidhr at blasa.

Tyr er einhendr ass
ok ulfs leifar
ok hofa hilmir.
mars. tiggi.

Tir bith tacna sum,
healdedh trywa wel
with aethelingas,
a bith on faerylde
ofer nihta genipu,
naefre swiceth.


Aett Tiwaz' aett, under the god Tyr. Man as social being, spiritual growth, community in which he lives and works, human evolution, Ragnarök
Meaning The god Tyr, justice, order within the world, victory, self-sacrifice, discipline, law, right, victory within the law
Name Rune Self-confident, wise and dependable actions, can be tactical and strategic,  strong, doesn't shy away from risks, eager for power, rationalises too much


Letter T
Number 17
Element Air
Tarot Justice, Hanged Man
Colour Red, blood red, bright red
Gods Tyr, Baduhenna
Magickal Sphere Combat Magick (red in the chaosphere)
World Asgard - Niflheim
Aura Impenetrable armour of menacing arrows
Animal Wolf
Chakra -
Virtue Equality, valour, foolhardy
Astrology Neptune, Libra
Time 17th hour
Day Monday
Month June
Festivity Spring equinox

Magickal Use

Positive Use Further faithfulness, trust, just judgment, victory, order, dependability, success in legal matters, defence, necromancy, communication with the dead, building stamina, character and authority, personal compromise, inducing order and calmness, strengthening instinct, enhancing strength and martial skills, evoking trust and admiration
Negative Use Unfaithfulness, abuse of trust, injustice, imbalance, chaos, weakening will, underminding trust and authority, evoking unnecessary sacrifice, arousing strive, dulling instincts, failure in enterprises, defeat in conflict, inciting lust, hero worship
Protection Promote loyalty and justice, defence from mistrust
Healing Strengthens will, helps to decide, balances body, central neural system, blood, solar plexus
Talisman For coherence, victory in battle, against conflicts
Divination Bright :
Truth, justice, rationality, self-sacrifice, analysis, faithfulness, trust, victory, order, loyality, instinct, social regulation, spiritual discipline, divine law and order, initiative, leadership, martial strength, victory through right action, honourable action, rational order, precision, building of will, unifying principle

Murk :
Mental paralysis, over analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance, chaos, lousy company, mistrust, short-sightedness, irrationality, loss of authority, strive, disorder, mental limitation, fettered action, defeat

Stadha Stand erect, legs closed, arms lowered to the sides in an angle of 45°



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