The Armanen Futhark


In Das Geheimnis der Runen (the Secret of the Runes) Guido von List writes about his theory that instead of 16 or 24 runes originally there were 18 runes, based on the poem "Havamal" the sayings of the High One, where 18 runes were described. This system has a purely esoteric heritage, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Teutons used it. List claimed that from this system all others derived.

Basically it's the Younger Futhark with two runes added that List thought would be best suited to the two last verses in the Havamal.

Karl Spiesberger continued spreading the 18 rune system and tried to cleanse them from Nazi stain.

Shape Name Sound Meaning
Fa Fa f, v The rune of primal fire, change, re-shaping, banishing of distress and primal spirit. Use it to draw energy.
Negative meaning would be counterproductiveness, greed, destruction and loss.
Ur Ur u, w Ur stands for eternity, consistency, health, luck and the primal soul. It can be used to strengthen anything you can think of.
Negative meaning: stupidity, illusion
Thorn Thorn th, d Action, will to action, evolutionary power, transfer of energy and also Thors hammer. Use it to strengthen your will, to create and to manipulate.
Negative: illness, the hidden, intrigues, destruction, doom, illness, accidents but also power over death.
Os Os o Os stands for breath, spiritual well-being, the spoken word and hypnotic power. It's the rune of Odin, god of death and magick.
Negative meaning are misunderstandings, rumours, and dangerous suggestions.
Rit Rit r Rit is the rune of law, rightness, advice and rescue.
Negative: injustice, lawness, destruction and disharmony.
Ka Ka k, g, ch, q Ka stands for power, art and abilities. It offers intuition and inspiration. Fortifies valour.
Negative: inability, weakness.
Hagal Hagal h Hagal means protection, harmony, order and leadership.
Negative aspects are destruction, death, storms and hail.
Not Not n The unavoidable, karma and fate. It can be used against jealousy and hate.
Negative: the unavoidable downfall.
Is Is i, j Ego, will, activity, personal power. Can be used for banishings and to control oneself or others.
Negative: standing still, death of creativity.
Ar Ar a Ar is the rune of wisdom, beauty, virtue and fame. Use it for well-being and protection. Evoke it to gain leadership qualities.
Negative: darkness, insanity, illusion.
Sig Sig s, z This is the rune of solar power, victory and success. It also means knowledge and realisation.
Negative: Death, illness and division.
Tyr Tyr t, d This rune grants power, success, wisdom and influence. Can mean awakening, rebirth and spiritual development. It can be used in castings for luck.
Negative: doom, death, greed, division, downfall.
Bar Bar b, p Bar is the rune of becoming, of birth. It also conceals and can be used to develop stronger magickal powers.
Negative: unfulfilled wishes, being cast out
Laf Laf l Another rune of law. Laf is also the rune of life, love and primal water. Can be used for relationship spells.
Negative: misunderstanding, lack of success
Man Man m The rune of man also means increase, fullness and health. It represents the male principle in the universe. Can be used for protection.
Negative: vanity and lies
Yr Yr y, ü, ö Yr is the rune representing the female principle in the universe, and therefor also stands for instinct, greed, passion, delusion, confusion, death and destruction.
Negative: Yr counts as the opposite of the Man rune.
Eh Eh e Eh is the rune of joinings (marriage, friendship etc), lasting love, law and justice. Also stands for hope, duration and trust.
Negative: The Not rune could be considered as the direct opposite of this rune. Can be used to split two persons.
Gibor Gibor g The god rune, stands for cosmic consciousness and sexual unity.
Negative: infertility



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