Basically, bindrunes are one rune, consisting of at least two runes. The advantage of bindrunes are that the desire is focused in one sigil that will take up less space on for example an amulet. Also, outsider will find it difficult to read the rune. The most important reason to create bindrunes however is that the runes within it are stronger than the single one.

A bindrune can be created either by the selecting the runes according to their meanings or as in Zos Kia by spelling out the desire, kicking out the repeating runes and forming a sigil from the remaining runes.

Before you create the bindrune, you should think about how long the rune should work. Also, whether the bindrune should look stable or dynamic. Now select the runes for the bindrune you want to create and draw or carve the runes, each separately while chanting the corresponding galdr. The bindrune should be kept simple but artistically pleasing. If the rune is to manipulate someone, write the name, the name rune and the birth date on the back and keep whatever links to that person you have close by.

Charging the bindrune

Place the bindrune on your altar and stand in front of it, start with a opening rite of your choosing.

Before you start charging the amulet, assume the Ingwaz stödhur and chant the galdr. Once you are filled with the runes' energy, visualise the well-sized rhomb of Ingwaz and let the accumulated energy flow into it.

Now activate each rune in the bindrune by assuming its stödhur and chanting the galdr. Let yourself be filled with its energy and then assume the stödhur of Algiz, visualise the chosen rune between your hands and project the energy into it. Then visualise the rune floating into the rhomb of Ingwaz, all the time chanting the galdr. Finally activate the rune by assuming the Isa stödhur and use its energy to stabilise the rune in the rhomb.

Now continue this with every single rune you have chosen for the bindrune. With the last rune, the bindrune should look the same as it does on the material basis.

When you have stabilised the last rune, visualise a cone with its point downward opening below the rhomb with the bindrune and the material basis you have chosen. Visualise the bindrune swirling down the cone, entering the material basis while chanting a galdr formed of the chosen runes for the bindrune. Stop chanting once the visualised bindrune has entered the basis. Stabilise then again with Isa if the bindrune should be dissolved at a later time or Ingwaz if you want to keep it active at all times by assuming the stödhur and projecting the runes energy on the basis.

End the ritual in whatever way you wish.

If the bindrune has been sealed with Isa, its power can later be dissolved by projecting Sowilo on it.



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