Chakra Empowerment


The intent of this meditation is to empower your chakras. It also serves to balance the energy in your body and remove blockages and stale energy.

In Runelore the rune Eihwaz is seen as Yggdrasil, the World Tree. In this meditation your spine represents Eihwaz and Yggdrasil.

Each chakra will be loaded with the assigned rune:

The energy entering the chakras should be visualised according to chakra and gender, for details in what direction each vortex turns check here.

The Meditation

At the beginning of the meditation quiet your mind. Sit in any position that is comfortable to you. Keep your spine straight however.

Start one of the breathing technics that you are familiar with. Once your mind is calm you are ready to start the Eihwaz meditation.

Start with imagining your spine being Eihwaz. Your spine is strong and flexible, just like a Yew tree. Vibrate the galdar of Eihwaz, starting externally and moving to internal. Keep this up until you feel your body resonating with the rune. Move your attention now to deeper and deeper levels but without falling into a dreaming state. Once you reached a state of singular awareness you can start visualising the chakras with the rune staves as the powersource within.

Keep the visualisation of Eihwaz as your spine up, the rune glowing in deep red. Visualise a vortex of white light entering your body at the root chakra. Into this vortex visualise the rune Thurisaz glowing in red. Feel its energy racing up your spine and erupting from your crown chakra that surrounds your body in an aura of light.

Now visualise a vortex entering your sacral chakra. Imagine the rune Uruz in its centre, glowing in orange. Again feel its energy racing up and down your spine, erupting from both the crown chakra and the root chakra and surrounding your body.

Continue now with your solar plexus. Here visualise a vortex entering the chakra with Jera, glowing yellow. Feel the energy filling your body, racing up and down your spine and with the eruption surrounding your body.

Next visualise a vortex entering your heart chakra, fill it with the rune Wunjo glowing in bright green. Feel the energy of Wunjo race along your spinal column, up to your crown chakra and down to your root chakra. Erupting from both the energy surrounds your body.

Next imagine a vortex entering your throat chakra. Load it with Ehwaz glowing in blue. Again feel the energy of the rune flow along your spinal column erupting from crown and root chakra and surrounding your entire being.

Now visualise a vortex entering your third eye. Place Kenaz glowing in violet/purple in its centre. Feel Kenaz flow along your spine, erupting from the crown and root chakra and surrounding your body.

Now visualise a vortex entering the crown chakra. See Ansuz in this vortex entering your being. Feel its energy moving down up and down your spine, errupting from both chakras again and surrounding your body.

Finally visualise the cocoon surrounding your entire being. Project your identification of yourself into this glowing energy. Visualise now the rune Elhaz glowing in silver filling your cocoon and yourself.

Now that you have filled your chakras with runic energy, bring your consciousness back to your physical body and your surroundings.




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