The Core Principles of Magick


What is it that makes our magick work?
During a workshop I attented in an Austrian Castle in August 2000 we discussed with Dave Lee what makes magick work. We thought of our successful magick, what we thought made it work, what it wouldn't have worked without and what skills were most important.

We all came from different magickal backgrounds. After all, in chaos magick everyone works with what works best for him. Some preferred working with entities, others relied only on themselves. This all was left aside in favour of the common basis. We did want to get to the core after all.

Out of this brainstorming we then formed the Core Principles of Magick.
All in all we agreed on a ton of Core Principles which were then attributed to the 16 Runes of the Younger Futhark since many were just different names for the same.




Fe Fe Energy
Ur Ur Intensity, passion
Thurs Thurs Urgency, discomfort
As As Intelligence, cunning, gnosis
Reidh Reidh Will, clarity
Kaun Kaun Creativity, imagination
Hagall Hagall Chaos, acceptance of change, connectedness, programability
Naudh Naudh Need
Iss Iss Discipline
Ar Ar Letting go, detachment
Sol Sol Self-love, personal power
Tyr Tyr Courage, sacrifice
Bjarkan Bjarkan Beauty, pleasure
Madhr Madhr Compromise
Lögr Lögr Feeling, intuition
Yr Yr Mortality as advisor



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