Germania Rune Cast


Prepare a cloth for casting the runes. Hold all the runes in your hand and cast them on the cloth. Disregard the runes that fall beyond the boundary set by the casting cloth and without looking at them, pick up three runes at random.

When you have chosen, set them down in a row and interpret them.


The first rune describes the situation as it is, the second rune suggests the course of action that should be taken and the third rune shows the resulting outcome if the action should be taken.


Field of Runes


Select five runes either by drawing them from their bag or use the above method. Lay them out in the following style:

Field of Runes

1: The problem
2: The past
3: Present action
4: The future
5: The outcome


Runic Cross


Select six runes and lay them out as follows:

Runic Cross

1: The past, that which is the source of the issue
2: You or the one you ask the question for
3: The future, that which lies ahead
4: The underlying reasons of the issue, which have not yet been recognised
5: Obstacles and blockages that need to be overcome
6: The outcome, that which happens if the obstacles of (5) are overcome


The Spread of Nine


This spread is used for personal analysis and getting to know ones destiny.

Select nine runes and spread them as follows:

Spread of 9

1: Represents the questioner
2: Reveals the inner self
3: Goals of the questioner
4: The Past
5: Matters of the family
6: Health of the questioner
7: All matters spiritual
8: Matters of friends
9: Reveals the outcome


Hammer of Thor


Another spread for self-discovery, mostly used for oneself and not for others. As before, select nine runes and spread them in the following manner:

Hammer of Thor

1: How others see the questioner
2: Fears of the questioner
3: That which the questioner seeks
4: Actions that should be taken to reach the goal
5: The prime objective for which the questioner strives
6: Obstacles and blockages that need to be overcome
7: Wyrd, the destiny of the questioner
8: Alternative directions that could be taken
9: The real self of the questioner




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