Mind Freeze


The intent of this curse is to make the target unable to form coherent thoughts, destroy its plans and leave it alone.


  • Statement of Intent
  • Link to the target
  • Bindrune

The bindrune consists of the runes Thurisaz, Uruz, Isa, Ansuz, Wunjo, Naudhiz, Ehwaz and Laguz.

Bindrune Mindfreeze

Place the links and bindrune on your altar. For the charging of the bindrune follow the instructions here.

Start the ritual with your preferred opening and the Statement of Intent.


I call you
You are connected to this <link>
By this <link>
I bind you to my will


Thurisaz: I evoke your power to curse <name>. My fiery anger engulfs him. Uruz: I call forth your power to shatter all plans of <name>. By the power of uruz everything he attempts and plans will come to ill end.

Isa: The power of Isa freezes all thoughts and plans of <name>. The world ice makes him slow to respond and he loses all control.

Ansuz: Odin’s rune, render <name> inarticulate and incapable of forming coherent speech. The power of his speech wanes.

Wunjo: Pleasure and comradeship is denied to <name>. Friends and acquaintances turn against him.

Nauthiz: Nornrune, bind him in desperation, hate and dispute follows him wherever he goes.

Ehwaz: Lost to him is loyalty and trust.

Laguz: Bound in the ice of isa you are weakened. Your life-force slowly drains away, leaving you weakened and open to illness.


You are now frozen by my will
Your friends leave you
Your plans fail
Your thoughts come to a hold.

This is my will and my will be done.





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