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Historical Overview A short historical overview of the development of runes
Basics The Basics of Rune Magick
Origin of the Runes Speculations on the esoteric origin of the runes
Pronunciation Guide to pronuncing the runes
Stödhur Guide to Rune Yoga
Bindrunes On the creation and charging of bindrunes
Core Principles The core principles of magick in the Younger Futhark
The Nine Worlds The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil
Name, Birth and Personality Runes Calculating the personality rune
The Blank Rune Short piece on the uselessness that is the blank rune
Numerology Using the meaning of numbers in rune magick
The 12 Elements The Runic Elements
Types of Books on Runes The various types that numerous authors feel the world needs
The Divine Code A review of a book on runes that gets mentioned in passing in the article above.
Old Icelandic Rune Poem Rune Poem from Iceland, original and English translation
Old Norvegian Rune Poem Rune Poem in old Norse plus the English translation
Anglo-Saxon Poem Rune Poem of the Anglo-Saxons

Rune Systems

Elder Futhark A detailed description of the Elder Futhark
Younger Futhark A short description of the Younger Futhark
Armanen Futhark A short description of the esoteric Armanen Futhark


Beginners Guide A beginners guide to practical rune magick
Rune Meditations Getting to know the Runes
Creating Staves Guide to creating your own set of runes
Divination Using the runes in divination
Divination 2 More methods
Opening Ritual A sample opening ritual for runic work
Fart Runes A curse
Protection Using the runes for protection
Healing Using the runes for healing
Runes of Lust Creation of lust
Mind Freeze Spell to immobilize an opponent
Necromancy A ritual to contact the dead
Runes of Truth A spell of forced truth
Runes of Loneliness A ritual to split up relationships
Stay down Boy A ritual of inability
Chakra Empowerment A meditation using the runes to fill your chakras with more energy
Knot of Wyrd A working to give the Wyrd a push in the right direction
Weather Manipulation Changing the weather to your will


Fonts A few TTF fonts
Eddas The Eddas


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