The Knot of Wyrd


Wyrd for the Norse was nothing that was written in stone but the result of ones actions in the past and in the present.

Wyrd is the Norse concept roughly corresponding to fate and karma. The word comes from weordhan - to become. The word "Wyrd" is mirrored in the Norn Urdhr. She's the Norn of the past and guardian of the Well of Urdhr whose water the Norns use to water the World Tree Yggdrasil.

The intention of this working is to enforce and steer someones' Wyrd based on past and present deeds.

The Knot of Wyrd working can easily be employed in times when justice is wanted but worldy powers fail, reward, success in business etc. both for yourself and for others.


In this working the Valknutr layout is employed for the creation of the spell. As in the oracle, the runes 1 - 3 represent the past, that which occured. The runes 4 - 6 represent the present, the current situation. The runes 7 - 9 describe the future as the caster would have it, based on the past and the present.

So as in the oracle, you will need nine runes for this casting. Instead of drawing them one by one, select the runes according to their meaning, describing what transpired in the past and what currently happens in the present. For the final three select runes according to their meaning for what should happen based on the pattern of the first two sets.

For all three sets the first rune leads to the second and results in the third.

For example:

  • Urdhr: Knot of Wyrd
    (1) Fehu (murk) - greed led to
    (2) Thurisaz (murk) - betrayal and death, results in
    (3) Hagalaz (murk) - disaster
  • Verdhandi:
    (4) Raidho (murk) - injustice leads to
    (5) Naudhiz (bright) - resistance and results in
    (6) Uruz (bright) - strength, defense and attack
  • Skuld:
    (7) Othala (murk) - lost roots, homelessness and poverty lead to
    (8) Laguz (murk) - death and results in
    (9) Tiwaz (bright) - justice, blood debt resolved

The one whose Wyrd is given a push can be represented by the usual links and the name rune.


Open the ritual in any way you see fit.


After charging yourself with energy, take up the first rune of past. Relay what happened, charge it and lay it on the altar.

Then take the second rune, relay what the first rune led to, charge it and lay it next to the first.
Now take up the third rune and speak of what the first two resulted in, charge it and place it under the first two.


Continue as you did with the first set. Take up the fourth rune, recount what is currently happening and place the rune at its appropriate space on the altar. Then take up the fifth rune and tell what the fourth leads to. Next comes the sixth and your telling of what the fourth and fifth lead to.


As before continue now with the final set. Take the seventh rune and recount what will happen. With the eighth rune recount what the seventh leads to and with the last one tell of the outcome.

Visualise now light exiting the pattern of runes on your altar rising to eye level forming an orb of energy. Within this orb visualise the pattern, mirroring the one on your altar then project this orb to the recepient.

Banish as you wish.


  • It is important that each rune stone is filled with energy, the source should be appropriate to the rune it represents. For this I suggest telling every one of the nine story segments in a highly emotional way. Rage, happiness, sorrow, it all has to come from your core. When you reach the height charge the rune emptying yourself completely and move on to the next. It can be helpful to use lyrics or poetry to reach that heightened state.
  • Obviously it's best to use specially made rune stones or cards for this working instead of the ones you use for divination. If you use specially made runes, they can be burned at the end of the ritual.
  • Before each of the three segments you can call on the associated Norn to witness. Other gods can also be called to witness or to further your cause, such as Tyr for legal matters where no consesus is sought.
  • If you are calling on the Norns to witness instead of projecting the orb to the recepient you can also bid them to accept your weave.


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