Runes of Lust


Most people mistake their desire to cast "everlasting" love spells on others with their desire to just lay them. So instead of love spells you'll find examples to evoke lust spells.

The advantages of just creating lust in another person are obvious. For one, you don't bind yourself too closely to the target, so if the person is not exactly what you wanted he/she is rather easy to get rid of.

The following shows how the Runes can be used to bind two people in lust together.

You need:

  • Physical basis for the talisman, preferably copper
  • Red colour for the Runes
  • Link to both targets


  • Naudhiz: Creation of Need
  • Thurisaz: Overcome resistance, power over target, the "hammer"
  • Wunjo: Binding the target, joy, pleasure
  • Gebo: Ecstasy and sexual unity
  • Ehwaz: Trust and loyality
  • Ansuz: Attraction

Combined as:

Bindrune Lust

Creation of the talisman:

The Runes get carved in (or drawn) first. Each one seperately in the following order:

Thurisaz, Nauthiz, Ansuz, Wunjo, Ehwaz, Gebo

On the sides of the bindrune place the names of the persons involved as well as the links.

While carving the Runes, their name and a short line should be chanted. When completed, combine their power and set them to work.

Example of the galdr:

Thurisaz Overcome all resistance X puts against me
Naudhiz I evoke burning need in X with the power of Nauthiz
Ansuz X feels attracted to me
Wunjo Wunjo! Bring friendship and joy in X's and my relationship and bind him closer to me
Ehwaz Ehwaz! X shall trust me and is loyal to me
Thurisaz X is now in my power
Wunjo Joy and pleasure comes through Wunjo and...
Gebo ... results in ecstasy and sexual union
Naudhiz Naudhiz! The need to be with me shall burn in X. His lust for me will consume him



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