Name, Birth and Personality Runes


In numerology, the number of the name tells of its nature. As with the ordinary alphabet and the kabbalah, the runes can be used to unveil the nature of people.

Write down the full name of the person in runes and write down their numbers. A list of the letters and their corresponding numbers can be found here as well as a list of what personality you can expect.

The numbers are then summed-up. If the result is higher than 24, make a cross-sum of it. Continue until you come to a number between 1 and 24. This number then is the number of the name rune.


You wish to get the name rune for Shaun Watson.

16+9+4+2+10 + 8+4+17+16+24+10 = 120
1+2+0 = 3

The name rune would be Thurisaz.

This would be "Energetic and strong action, flexible, can deal with antagonism and disruptions easily, changes plans easily, self control, sexually strong".

Additionally you can calculate the partner rune of a couple. This rune is calculated by getting the cross sum of both name runes.


Shaun has a partner called Katherine Whossname.

6+4+3+19+5+11+10+19 + 8+9+24+16+16+10+4+20+19 = 203


The name rune would be Raidho.

Raidho and Thurisaz sum up to Wunjo making it their partner rune.

In addition to the name rune you can also calculate the birth rune by summing up the birth-date.


Birthdate is April 30th, 1975

3+0+0+4+1975 = 1982.


The birth rune is Mannaz.

By combining both the name rune and the birth rune you get the personality rune.


If you combine the above birth rune with Shauns name rune you get


Thurisaz + Mannaz = Dagaz




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