Necromancy is the assertion of control over the spirits of the dead to gain knowledge. I recommend the use of a protective circle for such a ritual.


  • Get the full name, date of birth and date of death of the one you wish to summon. It helps if you also get the names of the parents.
  • Calculate the name rune of the deceased.
  • Create a bindrune of Eiwaz (gate to other worlds), Isa (control entity), Elhaz (communication) and Othala (contact with ancestors). This bindrune will open the gate and control the spirit you wish to speak with.
  • Questions. Formulate them in advance. They should be well formed and clear - remember that you are questioning the memories of the dead, topics that he didn't experience in life are pointless to ask. Equally remember that the replies you will get are coloured by the experience, opinions and views of the deceased.

The Ritual

During the calling it is necessary for the caster to be relaxed and to enter a light trance state.

The Preparation of the Way:

Start with creating a rune circle of all 24 runes around the working area and sit down in front of the altar. Load up each rune by chanting its galdr.

Charge the prepared bindrune, the finished energy shape should be visualised in light mauve. Now project the name rune of the deceased into the bindrune, the name rune is visualised in dark red.

The Summoning:

Start with the calling.

Hear me, <Name>, I call you!
Hear me, <Name>, son/daughter of <name of mother>, I call you!
Hear me, <Name>, son/daughter of <name of father>, I call you!
Hear me, <Name>, you who have been born on <date of birth> and who died on <date of death>, I call you
Hear me, Eiwaz guides your way to me
Come forth!

Repeat the calling until you feel a presence, at which time you can verify that you got the right spirit and start the questioning.

After you received the answers to your questions, thank the spirit and tell it to leave:

<Name> I thank you for your disclosure
Return now from whence you came when I called you

Now dissolve the name rune into nothingness. Then seal the bindrune by projecting Ingwaz on it to close the gate.





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