Numerology adds to the programming code of the spell, making it more potent and effective.

In rune magick, the meaning of the numbers is derived from the Eddas as well as from the runes themselves.

The methods most used in magick are counting the runes and forming the sum of the runic number itself.

1 The beginning, source, singular power, origins, potentials.
2 cooperation, complementary couples - Hugin/Munin, Geri/Freki, Arvakr/Alsvidhr, dynamic balance, duality, actualisation of potential.
3 a sacred number frequently mentioned in the sagas. Primal dynamic power, completion, mythological examples: The Norns, Odin/Vili/Vé, the three roots of Yggdrasil, the three cups of the poets Mead, Odhroerir/Son/Bodhn.
4 Retirement, fixedness and waiting, filled with power, mastering power, holds and supports.
5 Order of time and space, human will in action, ordered self-expression and discovery.
6 Pulsating life and energy, both creative and destructive, doubling of 3.
7 Death, passive contact with other worlds, supernatural awareness, mysteries.
8 Complete manifestation and perfect symmetry, balance of energies, resolution of action.
9 Most sacred of numbers, 3x3, life eternal, never ending death, transformation, the 9 worlds, Odins' 9 nights on Yggdrasil, completion, seed of new beginnings, eternal cycle.
10 New cycles that are based on old patterns (9+1), magick - the result of will in action.
11 Individuality, I am.
12 Perfect materialisation, spirit and matter in harmony.
13 Development, personal evolution.
14 Revelation of magickal and mystical functions, explored mysteries.
15 Will reaching for the divine.
16 Perfected power, using all resources for harmony.
17 Will in accordance with the law.
18 Potential, coming fruition, diversity.
19 Essential unity of opposites, compassionate functioning.
20 Mastery of self, goal of coming into being.
21 Primal energy, source of life.
22 Growth, nourishment, conservation and transformation.
23 Transcedence, divine paradox resolved, inspiration, the ideal.
24 Realisation of self, perfected functioning in community and world.





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