The purpose of this ritual is to create a talisman that will protect the wearer while travelling in not exactly peace-loving areas and guide the wearer to success in his journey.


Create a physical focus of the bindrune, consisting of

    • Raidho
    • Elhaz
    • Thurisaz
    • Naudhiz
    • Eihwaz
    • Sowelu
    • Tiwaz

This focus can either be a small sheet of paper which you can later place in eg your wallet, a small piece of wood or something similar.

Protection bindrune

During the creation of the focus, draw each rune separately while you are chanting its name. Add the name rune and the name of the one who's supposed to be protected on the reverse side of the focus.


Place the focus on your altar and start an opening rite of your choice.

Declaration of Will:

"It is my Will to create a talisman of protection for <name>"


Assume the stödhur for Ingwaz, chant its galdr, feel its energy filling you. Then visualise Ingwaz in front of you, above the focus.

"Ingwaz, by my will bind and combine the runes I cast"

Let the energy you have accumulated flow into the visualised rune.

Now assume the stödhur of Raidho, chant its galdr and let its energy fill you. Then project the rune into the rhomb of Ingwaz, chanting:

"Raidho guides and protects <names'> journey"

Continue on to Elhaz, assume the stödhur, chant the galdr and load up. Again project the rune into the rhomb as a layer above Raidho so the bindrune starts to form.

"The protective force of the universe surrounds, works in and through <name>."

Next assume the Thurisaz stödhur. Continue as above and upon projecting say:

"Through the power of Thurisaz attacks are repulsed and returned to the sender"

Now assume the stödhur of Naudhiz.

"The power of Naudhiz shields <name> from magickal and physical attacks"

Next comes Eihwaz:

"Outside influences are neutralised through Eihwaz"


"The power of the sun burns away forces that are turned against <name>"


"The fruit of struggle is victory"

After all the runes have been projected into Ingwaz, visualise a whirling cone between the focus and the bindrune which sucks the bindrune into the focus. Once the energy has entered the focus, stabilise it with Isa by assuming its stödhur and chanting the galdr. Then seal the focus with its power.

End the ritual with whatever banishing you see fit.




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