Runes of Loneliness


The intention of this rite is to destroy relationships or friendships. The target of the spell will lose all friends and have severe trouble making new ones. The rite here is composed of stadhagaldr. You can create a bindrune of the runes used if you feel the need to. 

You need a link to the target. A picture is perfectly suited.

Prepare your working area. Place the link to the target in the north. Stand in the middle of the circle facing the picture.

Statement of Intent:

It's my will to destroy all friendships and relationships of <name>

Get into the stadhas and chant the appropriate galdr. While doing this, visualize the rune floating from you to the link of the target. In the end merge all the runes in the target. The runes you visualize should all be upside down.

Naudhiz Naudhiz Bring discord into the life of <name>
Ehwaz Ehwaz I banish all harmony from <names> life.
Ansuz Ansuz <name> has severe problems to communicate with others
Whatever <name> says will come out wrong.
Tiwaz Tiwaz Sow distrust in all friendships and relationships of <name>. Loyalty has no place in the life of <name>.
Thurisaz Thurisaz All love leaves <names> life.
Wunjo Wunjo <name> loses all friends.
<name> shall lead a life of sorrow.
Jera Jera <names> life is full of stagnation and loss.
I banish all peace and harmony out of <names> life
Perthro Perthro <name> knows true loneliness. He shall be all alone in a crowd.



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