Basics of Rune Magick


The runes can be considered as foci for the casters will. You can either work with them alone, or you can add them to your own sigla and workings to strengthen them.

In the sagas of the norse, you can find many examples on how the runes were used.


First of all you have to select the runes you wish to use. It's not a problem to mix upside runes with upside-down runes. Just keep in mind that the same rune used both ways can negate itself.

Carving/drawing the Runes

Traditionally the runes were carved in stone or wood. It doesn't really matter what you carve or draw them on. Frequently they were just carved on whatever was handy.

In my opinion it's best to use something suitable for the purpose. Ie if the talisman is carried around or if it's left at some place outside, it should be something endurable. If it's left at a safe place it can also be paper.

The runes were usually carved from top to bottom and from left to right.

Colouring the Runes

In the old times the Runes were usually coloured with red paint or blood. It isn't really necessary to paint them with blood however. It's not the blood that really matters, it's the sacrifice it means to you. Since animal blood is easy to come by - you don't have to butcher something to get it, you can get it easily enough at the local butcher - it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice to use it. Much more potent would be the blood of the caster himself, while he/she can spare that few drops for colouring, it may well be not that easy to cut themselves. And the connection to the runes would be stronger too.

Charging the Runes

After the colouring the runes were charged by chanting their names and a short statement of intent. State in clear terms what the runes are supposed to do. Visualise the outcome of the working.


Bindrunes are made up of combinations of two or more runestaves to refine their power. Combine runes of similar meaning as to strengthen them. Those bindrunes can than for example be used to support your workings.

Another option would be to pick a couple of runes that signify what you want. An example herefor would be the vampiric runes and the runes of lust. Keep in mind that you have to carve them in this method in the right order.

Each of the runes is first charged seperately, then combine their power so they work together for the set purpose.



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