Runes of Truth


The purpose of this rite is to make one speak the truth, no matter what. It can be used for your own advantage against pathological liars, to create disorder in relationships and with a small modification it can also be used to strip away all those little lies people tell themselves, and make the target realise the truth about himself. This modification can be an effective curse, but be warned some people know fully well what they are and they revel in it and it would have no effect on them. But those people who lie to themselves will be hit nicely.


Create a bindrune composed of the runes Nauthiz, Ansuz and Tiwaz. Nauthiz stands for the necessity and need that the target shall feel. Ansuz represents the speaking and Tiwaz, rune of Tyr, the god of war and justice, stands for truth. This bindrune will be drawn and linked to the target during the rite, so take something to draw or cut it on with you.

Binderune Truth

Acquire a link to the target. Preferably something you can stick the bindrune on.

The Rite:

Perform an opening, eg the hammer rite.

Statement of Intent:

"It is my will that <name> speaks the truth at all times"

Start drawing or cutting the bindrune, starting with Nauthiz, then Ansuz and finally Tiwaz while chanting their name.

"Nauthiz, I invoke your burning need"
"Ansuz, I invoke your power over language"
"Tiwaz, I invoke your power of truth"

Now merge the invoked forces of the runes into a unity and link it to the target. Start getting into a seething trance by shaking and dancing. Keep chanting the names of the runes and the name of the target while holding the bindrune in one hand and the link to the target in the other.

When you feel that your seething trance is deep enough stop and clash the link and the bind rune together, screaming the three runes and the targets name.

Banish with laughter




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