Weather Manipulation


The power of the runes can easily be used to manipulate the weather according to ones wishes, be it a working for rain, hail, snow, sunshine or thunderstorms.

A list of suggested runes for weather patterns:



Chilly weather, snow, ice
Sunshine, warm weather
Wind, storm

Get a stone or a branch of wood from the area in which you want to change the weather, if that should prove to be impossible or too hard, draw a map of the place. It should be big enough to hold the drawing or carving of a rune and a date.

Activate the appropriate rune by assuming its stödhur and chanting the galdr. Depending on what you are casting for you should already feel the desired weather, eg the suns' heat on your skin, the soft touch of rain, the chill of wind in your face or the smell of snow.

Draw now the rune on the selected stone or piece of wood and continue chanting the runes' name. Then draw on it the day, the calender week or the month of the time for when you cast for the selected weather.

When you have done that continue as if you'd be charging a bindrune by assuming the Ingwaz stödhur and singing its galdr. When you are filled with the power of Ingwaz draw the rune around the date and let its energy flow into the stone.

Place the stone or piece of wood then on the centre of you altar and assume the Elhaz stödhur with the palms facing the stone. Visualise now how the energy spirals up from the stone skywards. The energy should feel exactly like the weather that you are casting for.

Finish the ritual with a banishing and by centering yourself.




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