The Younger Futhark


The Elder Futhark with its 24 runes evolved to a 16 rune system called the Younger Futhark and thereby making it more obscure from a linguistic point of view. The symbols themselves where simplified as well.





Fe Fe f Livestock, gold, wealth.
Fe is the rune of mobile power. The fire of life and and power that changes the universe. Use it for wealth magick and for drawing vital energy.
Ur Ur u/o/v Aurochs.
In the younger Futhark the runes Wunjo and Othala were included in Ur. Now Ur is the rune of organic life energy and of the power that holds together, so it can be used for spells that should bring eg friendship or love. It can also be used for purification and strength.
Thurs Thurs th/dh Giant, also Thors hammer Mjollnir.
The giants in the Norse myths were forces of nature, of opposition. This rune can be used to overcome resistance and in curses.
As As a Ase, Odin.
As is Odins rune. It's a rune of knowledge and wisdom as well as of ecstasy and of poetic inspiration.
Reidh Reidh r Travelling, riding, thunderclap
Reidh can be used as a talisman during travels. This voyages can also be of initiatory being.
Kaun Kaun klg/ng A sore.
Kaun is used to break things up (uncontroled fire), but also for creativity (controled fire). In the Younger Futhark the runes Gebo and Ing were included in this one. So here it also means gift and generosity but also exchange and hospitality.
Hagall Hagall h Hail.
This rune represents crisis, misfortune and ice. It can be considered as the rune of beginning of all things (in norse myth ice is an integral part of the creation). Use Hagall for protection or as a part of a curse.
Naudh Naudh n Need.
Naudh represents resistance in all things.
Iss Iss i/e/j Ice.
This rune represents the ice coming from Niflheim which is balanced by the fire of Muspelheim. Iss is the solidifying factor in all things.
Ar Ar a Good year, harvest.
Ar is the rune of the cycles of the nature and represents prosperity. This rune developed from the Jera rune in the Elder Futhark.
Sol Sol s Sun.
Sol is the bringer and sustainer of life. It can be used to banish and destroy restriction and constraint.
Tyr Tyr t/d/nd The god Tyr.
This is the rune of the god Tyr, the Norse god of war, law and order. Tyr is also a god of self-sacrifice (can be seen in the myth where he sacrifices his hand to bind Fenris). Use it for success, justice and unity.
Bjarkan Bjarkan b/p/mb Birch.
This rune doesn't refer directly to the tree, but more to it's goddess, Freyja. It is a rune of transformation and becoming. Bjarkan represents the birth-life-death-rebirth cycle in nature. In the Younger Futhark it also contains the Peorth rune which represented Wyrd, destiny. Use it for concealment and protection.
Madhr Madhr m Man.
Madhr is the rune representing humanity. The old form was Mannaz. Madhr can be used for inspiration, intelligence and creativity.
Lögr Lögr l Water, life.
Lögr can be considered the outcome of Niflheim and Muspleheim, the water of life. Use it for an increase of intuition and raising vital power.
Yr Yr -r Yew.
The yew is the tree of life eternal (because it can get extremely old) but also the tree of death (because it's berries are venomous). Yr is a powerful rune for protection, but also very effective in curses.



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