Psychic Vampirism


A psychic vampire is a person that feeds from the energy of the others surrounding him. This prey can either be an involuntary victim or so called "donners" who give energy willingly.

The talent for psychic vampirism is usually inborn and most act intuitively. Those with this inborn talent come in two groups, whose only difference is whether they know about their nature or not:

The Unawakened

The Awakened

There are people that are natural psychic vampires due to the fact that they for an unknown reason are incapable of absorbing and creating life-energy as others do. Thus they often start feeding on others while remaining unaware of what they are, driven solely by instinct and need. This often goes as far as creating situations where they come in contact with people who can give them even more energy.

Those people can be easily found by how you feel after you've been together with them for some time. The victim of such feedings feels usually weakened, tired and, if it's prolonged exposure it can lead to sickness and even death.

As they are not aware of their affliction they should not be defined as evil. Without a choice and without control they are not able to make ethical choices about what they do.

Thus it's important to lead them to the other group, the awakened.

There isn't exactly an initiation ceremony where the unawakened suddenly becomes awakened. It's more a self-realisation on what one is. The awakened then start learning how to use and control their abilities.

The so called "awakened" know what they are and they take energy from others consciously. In the communities they often call themselves "vampyres" to distinguish themselves from the vampire of myth, movie, books and games.

Frequently those vampyres embrace the archetype of what people think vampires are completely, with fangs, black lace and all the other attirement. They embrace the dark, are tragic and gloomy and far from funny - not intentional at any rate.

The awakened usually only feed when they need energy, and then only as much as they require. Also, they are usually sublte about it, often spreading the drain on numerous targets so they are not noticed.


In addition to this culture, a counter-culture evolved: That of the Vampyre Hunter that tries to protect the innocent from being fed upon - even to the point of actually killing the vampyre, which I might add is illegal.

Reasons to Feed

There are many theories why there are psychic vampire. One of those states that the person afflicted by vampirism must feed on others due to a spiritual ailment that has reduced their vitality to the point where he is unable to charge it up himself.

Another theory is that the vampire is incapable of generating enough life-force himself or that he loses more energy than he can produce due to a weakness in the energetic field.

Also it is assumed that the vampire cannot use the energy he generates efficiently enough, spending more for trivial tasks and cannot replenish it by other means.

Others believe that their connection to the universal energy is somehow damaged or completely removed and they can't draw on it like other people do.


Everyone is constantly exchanging energy with the environment, drawing from and giving to the surroundings, thereby connecting all living beings. By using an aetherics system such as Tai Chi, Huna, Chi Gong or Rune Stödhur the practitioner becomes aware of this exchange and raise energy or use it according to his will. Ordinary people have to learn this skill while it comes natural to psychic vampires to sense and manipulate energy. As these energy raising practices often are not enough for the psychic vampire to fill his need, they feed on others.


Psychic vampires are capable of drawing on many sources to sate their hunger. Mostly they focus on human life-force as it appears to be easy for them to digest.

These vampires may feed on certain emotions - while they are usually allergic to the one directly opposing their primary source, others may go for sexually generated energy and a minority might even go for the blood which however is not an entirely safe way to go as blood diseases are quite common.

Drawing Energy

While it is generally assumed that ordinary people cannot become psychic vampires themselves it doesn't mean that those not born with this affliction cannot learn their talents of drawing energy from other beings.

The first step to take is to familiarise oneself with an energy system such as the above mentioned Tai Chi, Chi Gung or Huna. Get a feel for it, learn how to steer it.

Given time and practice anyone can draw on the life-energy and emotional energy of others.




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