Vampiric Magick


The basic idea of Vampiric Magick is, to gain certain attributes, the classical Vampires from the stories have.

The most useful quality a Vampire has is the drainage of life-force. In the stories this would be the sucking blood of various damsels.

Mages however can transfer the primal life-force of any chosen target quite easily in many different ways.

The draining of life-force can be done in a number of different ways:

  • Visualisation
  • Sigil Magick
  • Servitor Creation
  • Rune Magick


This would be the easiest option. It can either happen in line of sight of the victim or in imagination alone. While standing near your intended target start visualising a cord between you and the victim and start draining it that way. The cord here works as a hose or channel through which the life-force is absorbed.

Visualisation can also be done without being near the target. In this case imagine yourself and the target, add the channel between you and start absorbing its life-force.

Having a direct link to the target, such as hair, body fluids or clothing would be beneficent in this latter method.

Sigil Magick

Ordinary Sigil Magick can also be used for vampiric purposes, the only problem is that it's not that reliable. If you're for revenge for example it might be somewhat hard to forget about the sigil.

The Statement of Intent for a Sigil like that could be:

To drain the life-force of X and to transfer it to me for (time)

Sigilise the Statement, load and forget.

Servitor Creation

Creating a vampiric entity is much more reliable than the afore mentioned Sigil Magick.

You can Servitors for such a task in different depths.

If you want to vampirise a specific target for a specific time and never again you can create a one-time servitor with a Statement of Intent like

To drain the life-force of X and to transfer it to me for (time)

This Servitor can be either created in a physical basis with a link to the target attached to it, or you link it directly to the representation of the victim.

Another option is to create a re-usable Servitor for this task. An example rite of this one can be found on the Creation of a Vampiric Servitor page. This one has the advantage that you can assign other targets to it once it is finished with the first. The disadvantage however is, that you can't carry it around too easily.

But if you want a vampiric entity with you, you can create a generalised version with a command core like:

To drain the life-force of any chosen target and to transfer it to me

Such a Servitor can be used on any target either in line of sight or when you imagine the victim and set it off to it. If you leave the commands open enough in the creation you can even assign multiple targets to it.

Of course it is not always necessary to create a Servitor in such a way. I've successfully created one that I put into a nice wrapping only by visualisation. I started imagining an entity and just gave it some basic commands that it should drain any person he encounters.

In the Servitors you should always include some code what they should do if they encounter any trouble. For example they could draw back for a while and return to the victim when it is sleeping.

Further it should also be specified how much energy should be drained. The general vampiric servitor usually works as long as you want it to work. I'd suggest to assign a mantra to it so as long as you chant it either verbally or mentally the servitor is set to transfer life-force to you. But the other should have a working time set as well as what should be become of the victim.

If the target is drained until death, the victim can start showing signs of a wasting disease at some point. If something is done about that it could be considered beneficial for the caster, since he gets more energy to feed on.

Rune Magick

Runes can also be used in Vampiric Magick in various ways. As stated on Vampiric Runes , a stadhagaldr would be an option. This stadhagaldr is used to hone your abilities to raise your skills in transferring and absorbing life-force.

Further they can be used to magnify the power of a Servitor and to create a talisman.

In the case of magnifying the Servitor you can implement the runes Algiz, Fehu and Uruz, all upside-down, in its sigil. Additionally to that, Laguz (upside-down too) can be used if the outcome should be terminal.

If you want to create a talisman, use all the runes given on the Vampiric Runes page and load it with an appropriate galdr. This talisman can work as a focus through which you drain your victims life-force.

What to do with the energy

You can either transfer the energy to yourself to empower you for some magickal working, or you can store it in a prepared vessel for later use like servitor creation etc. Everything's up to you.




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