Vampiric Runes


The Runes themselves don't seem to be that suited for Vampiric Magick at the first impression. However some of them, used upside down can be used in invocations

  • to transfer life-force from the target to the caster
  • lessen one's life-force
  • and strengthen qualities like power of persuasion and attraction

The Runes that could be used for Vampiric Magick are:

Fehu Fehu: Destruction, weakening of psychic power, transfer of life-force from target to caster
Uruz Uruz: weaken and/or absorb life-force
Ansuz Ansuz: Initiation in the Mysteries of Death, raises power of persuasion and hypnosis
Isa Isa: Control over other beings
Algiz Algiz: Weakening of the targets defences and life-force
Laguz Laguz: Death
Combined as:  

The bind-rune could be used as a programming for a Vampiric Servitor or as a sigil for Vampiric entities in general. In creating the bind-rune on a physical basis, remember that each rune should be drawn and invoked seperately. Nauthiz could be included to induce the need in the target to be with or close to the caster, or to create in the caster the need to drain others.

Stadhagaldr and Invokation

This invocation can either be used as a stadhagaldr, where the mage assumes the form of the rune and invokes it, or in talismantic magick.

For talismantic magick carve each rune of the bind-rune separately into a material basis and charge it while carving with the statement. As colours I'd recommend:

Red: Fehu, Uruz
Black: Ansuz (for deaths mysteries), Algiz and Laguz
Yellow: Ansuz (for persuasion) and Isa

The Galdr

Ansuz Ansuz ! Let me gain insight in the Mysteries of Death!
I invoke ansuz to raise in me the power to persuade others...
isa ...and isa , so that I can easily control my victims.
Algiz Algiz ! Lower the natural defence of my chosen victim so that...
fehu ...I can drain and transfer with the power of fehu ...
uruz their victims life-force. I absorb my victims life-force with the power of uruz !
Laguz Laguz ! With each draining my victim grows weaker until it finally shall die.





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