Quotes, Episode XIV

Xaronzon: oh, sweetie, if you have any desire to rant about music or shit like that, I'd like to steal your rants.

Arawyn: speaking of tempting you, how do you like my new pix?
Xaronzon: very nice - you look terribly evil

Xaronzon: <sniff> You only gave me 333 ops. Don't you wuv me anymore? :(
Thanatos: modified
Xaronzon: thankee :)
Thanatos: Just wanted to hear you whine
Xaronzon: sadist
 Thanatos grins
Thanatos: as if you wouldn't be one
Xaronzon: me?!?
Xaronzon looks innocent

Xaronzon: oh, keep an eye out for some girl called Ribena
Xaronzon: Benway introduced her to the channel, she knows remarkably little about magick
Xaronzon: <G>
Thanatos: cool
Thanatos: fair game?
Xaronzon: methinks

XarAway: I really need to get some practice in on my magic, but it's not too bad IIRC

Topic is 'Fire up your bongs while making HASH LOLLIES - no sludge please' Set by Blue_Rat

LukyHsuan: ive seen a couple jewish girls that i thought were pretty sexy,
LukyHsuan: dark but pale, its a nice combo
BenwayMD: Like .. goth? Ew

Topic is '"Our latest compulsions complement each other. I dig a red, bleeding hole in my arm with dirt-encrusted nails, while you manufacture an artificial vulva."' Set by Xaronzon

Genix: For some reason Graves isn't overly fond of me.
Arawyn: Did you try to lay him or what?
Genix: Arawyn: Heh, not at all.
Arawyn: ah, maybe that's the reason then

Rex_Nihil is now known as PhallusDe
PhallusDe: damm
Genix: Oh, I do.
PhallusDe: it doesn't fir
Arawyn: fir?
Genix: (fit)
Arawyn: what doesn't fit?
Genix: The nick.
Arawyn: Yes, but what comes after De..?
Arawyn: That's fairly obvious that the nick doesn't fit btw, Genix
Genix: Well, it didn't fit... so we'll never know.
Genix: It's a mystery of sorts.
Genix: Heh, you were the one asking.
Arawyn: unless he tells us
Genix: Well, he /could/ tell us.
Genix: But that would spoil everything.
Arawyn: But maybe fitting that it is too short

Deliria is out buying fags [Lucky Strike's]
Arawyn sniggers
Arawyn: Is that legal, Deliria? ;)
Genix: Buying fags.
Genix: Heh.
Genix: What will fags do for the average woman?
Arawyn: I mean *renting* is already frowned upon
Arawyn: but buying?
Deliria: hehe
Deliria: yeah, in Norway it is
Genix: They daren't touch her, I'd imagine.
Deliria: *grin* fags: sigarettes, damnitt
Arawyn: But maybe she'd like to have some woman talk with them.
Genix: And they're lucky strikes, too!
Arawyn: Tell us how lucky they are
Genix: They got me in one go.
Deliria: we'll, Igot one of 'em in my mouth right now *grin*
Arawyn: I wonder how you managed that
Arawyn: Or is it sheer desperation? ;-)
Genix: Yes.
Deliria: You'll never know
Genix: We already do, Helena.
Genix: Lucky strikes. Sounds like some kind of pet food.
Deliria: gah
Genix: No idea why.
Genix: I'm backwards.
Deliria: Lucky Strike
Deliria: nah, time for sleep
Deliria: for me
Arawyn: Maybe it should have spelled Lucky Strokes

Genix: It's just you and me. Don't worry, I've already given up on any ideas.
Arawyn: There's still cidal.
Arawyn: Silent as usual
Genix: He just jerks off to logs.
Arawyn: He could send me some quotes
Genix: Want me to send you some? I've got logs going back aeons.
Arawyn: yes, please
Genix: I'll get on it tomorrow after work. Unless I forget. Feel free to hit me fart runes if I do.

Genix licks triskele and sticks a very specific finger up at Arawyn
Arawyn: the 11th?
Genix: Eh?
Genix: Oh.

Arawyn: It's interesting how many books desribe in great detail how to get out of yourself
Genix: Well, you should. I got the concept from your essay.
Arawyn: I guess the author just let his mind wander. Too bad it never came back.
Genix: Hah, oh yes. "Making an astral vehicle" "clearing your chakras".
Genix: It's also interesting to note that the books are all clones of every lewellyn book in existence.
Arawyn: Yeah. And they are all so well written.
Genix: But of course. They have pickchures.
Arawyn: Of those lovely gates to the astral
Arawyn: and please, just the faery lands
Genix: And where to find your chakras, of course.
Arawyn: And only follow the yellow sick toad
Arawyn: er, yellow brick road that is
Genix: And don't forget the warnings of dangerous, demonic entities. Like dark smog clouds, or something equally funny.
Genix looks for the yellow sick toad
Genix: It must truly be a strange and mystical beast. Yon flies it! Bring it hither for golden fleas!
Arawyn: I'm rather fond of the blue hen of happiness <g>
Genix: Hm, I like that.
Genix: Like the toilet duck.
Arawyn: oh yeah, lets evoke that one.
Genix: Yeah, most definately.
triskele^ evokes the blue hen of happiness.
Genix: The blue hen of happiness looks rather glum.
Arawyn watches as the blue hen of happiness relieves itself on triskeles shoulder
Genix: Ah, now it's happier.
triskele^ throws bird shite at arawyn
Arawyn: Not triskele tho <g>
Genix: Nothing like taking a shit on somebody.

Beacon9: when is your invasion of crashing planes into france or germany or whatever gonna come
Arawyn: About at the same time as your beloved president wins the peace nobel price

Genix: My nipples are tingling. It's like spider sense. Something is going to hit me over the head with a large, blunt object.

Bhairava: Don't touch my nuts

Xaronzon: well paint me purple and call me Barney
Thanatos paints Kat purple
Thanatos: Hello barmey
Thanatos: er barney

Bhairava: Wanna see me make my spleen do backflips?

teckyong: Mr Arawyn, do u have the latest updates on the Ice Magick group or know anything?
Thanatos: They got too close to the fire and all melted.

Silverwisp: Welcome to the Legacy withdrawal channel!
Silverwisp twitches
Daedalus|: We're already at each other's throats...
MoogleDragon: Ultima Legacy Anonymous
MoogleDragon: It's getting harder and harder to get to sleep at night..

teckyong starts bouncing around for no reason
Thanatos kicks teckyong at Kat
Xaronzon grabs teckyong, runs down the field, and scores a try

Thanatos: What are going to do tonight, Houston? The same thing we do every night, Guardian... start a huge flame war!!!!

Xaronzon: but I prefer 'I Am Weasel' and'The Powerpuff Girls'
Thanatos: powerpuff? Puff = brothel in German
Xaronzon: LOL

Thanatos: I still get a laughing fit when I hear "power of the wind" at that silly anime.
Thanatos: they should break a wind right at that point.
Thanatos: loud
Thanatos: smelly
Thanatos: then it would fit.

catboy^_^: Awaken the giant within
Thanatos: If that fails, awaken the giant below.

catboy^_^: I have a lifetime ban now from #thelema
catboy^_^: how cool am I ?
Thanatos: Let me guess, you didn't bend over when they told you?

Beacon9: well, Kat will like it, at least.
Arawyn: if its a Lara Croft like game, the breasts will certainly not affect gameplay. Unless they add more silicon than is in an average Intel developers office

Xaronzon hands round flyers which read "have you been to my web site recently?"
Arawyn: Is it worth it?

Arawyn: You really gotta listen to the Tanz der Vampire soundtrack during nights of sacred pleasure sometime.
Xaronzon makes a mental note to do so
Arawyn: especially when Krolock just shouts "SUCK'EM TRY!!!"

Xaronzon: hey Hsuan. Have you see my website recently?
LukyHsuan: no
Arawyn: Don't bother ;)
Xaronzon: you don't like it then, I take it Arawyn?
Arawyn: No idea. Haven't been there yet
Xaronzon: <sniff>
Xaronzon: and I made some pretty graphics that you're sure to like.
Arawyn: Hmm
Arawyn: in what way?
Xaronzon: you'll see - just check out the search engine graphic
Arawyn grins
Arawyn: Not a self pic I hope.
Arawyn: Awwww
Arawyn: My site is one of the core sites
Arawyn beams
Xaronzon: you're easily pleased
Xaronzon: and no, not a self-portrait <g>
Arawyn: Depends vastly on who does the pleasing

Xaronzon: didn't While Wolf already get the copyright on "Chaote: The Pretention"?
Xaronzon: the guys who publish vampire: the masquerade
Xaronzon: and werewolf: the apocalypse
Xaronzon: and mage: the asscention
Xaronzon: and many other titles in a seemingly endless RPG franchise
catboy^_^: including "Scientologist: the reprogramming"

Xaronzon mutters something about "stupid toys for yuppies who love them even thought they couldn't turn on a PC if their lives depended on it"

zaldia: i also tapped my higher genius earlier so am now feeling mundane

Infamus: then, they got "serious": with their legendarily hilarious "Sodomy and Lust" ep
Infamus: "Bath in sin... sadistic souls... break their crust... Sodomy & Lust!!"
Arawyn: Do I detect a trent there?
Infamus: Or "Burst comand till war": "The overkill is near... everybody feel the heavy fear... 1000 megatons of dynamite ready to kill one life... Burst command till... WAR!!"
Beacon9: what's this?
Arawyn: song titles
Infamus: Sodom
Arawyn: A xtian rock group. You really can tell by the names

KrimHum: We don't tolerate idiots here, zal.

Morrtal: what is skycad?
ult: Being skyclad represents vulnerability, and sexuality
ult: Morrtal: ass naked.

bluelady: although along the same vein... SHE ought to be skyclad all the time.. http://www.retroraunch.com/samples/retrosample-bigtits03.jpg
bluelady: if it sounds like i am, i am.. i'm not gonna scroll up and see
bluelady: oh no
bluelady: SCRATCH that
bluelady: i didn't mean that
bluelady: http://www.retroraunch.com/samples/retrosample-bigtits04.jpg
bluelady: now THAT...
bluelady whistles

bluelady: i don't even know who the IOTers are

Thanatos: What country?
threejane: the evil empire (usa)
threejane: i feel like an anthropologist
Thanatos: Why's that?
threejane: the natives are bizarre
Thanatos grins
threejane: though charming of course
Thanatos: And quite big.
threejane: i should write a report on my findings
Thanatos: Headline "Due South"?
threejane: for example: i believe i have deiscovered the logic behind the blonde big hair phenomena
threejane: not to mention the high percentage of silicon breasts
Thanatos: Do share that.
threejane: it is because people in texas get their driver's licenses out of cracker jack boxes
threejane: free prize inside!
threejane: SOOOO
threejane: to be safe you have to do whatever you can to be visable
Thanatos: They even have drivers licenses??
threejane: in theory
threejane: they abhore turn signals
threejane: a yellow light means 'speed up'
threejane: the worst drivers in the world
Thanatos: turn signals are commonly an unsupported feature
threejane: and i have been to france
threejane: i think the false breasts are used as air bags
threejane: portable air bags

Topic is '"If homosexuality is really a disease, can I call in queer?" -Anonymous' Set by Beacon9

eleventh nods sleepily in Arawyn's general direction
Beacon9: don't expect him to make any sense, Arawyn.
Arawyn: Now that would be something novel in here.
eleventh: nnsmuh rrrl... a dollar! ...mnuln...
eleventh is gradually awakening
Arawyn: quick, get me some nightshade, mandrake root and bloodmoss.

Arawyn: And so it came to be that an odd looking fellow stepped up and spoke thusly:
Arawyn: "A googly googly goo A goo"

Genix: Heh, sorry Arawyn, I forgot all about the quotes.

Genix: I have to order the fuckin' pizzas. I'm an occultist, I don't know of such things!

Arawyn goes to look at the vortex gallery.
Arawyn: Maybe that will banish the hunger <G>

Arawyn: www.mcdonalds.com
likayvi: oh fuck no - i didnt just click that eeeh
Squink: lol lik
Genix: I didn't. I'm rather positively certain.
Squink: hmm i seem to be loling a lot today
Squink: maybe im just positively charged
Genix: There are no golden Ms in front of me.
likayvi: click the middle- theres a advertisement for little kids - on top it says 'hey kids - this is advertising!'
threejane: mmmm tomato and fresh basil sandwich
Squink: really?

Genix: Thank you Arawyn. I see my ploy worked.
Squink: rofl
Genix: Thank you, ctz, for being my puppet.
Arawyn grins
Genix: You toy with me, Anlashok.
Genix: (the gods are mean fuckers.)
Arawyn: You're such a good toy, we just can't resist doing that ;)
Genix: At least people like me for /something/. Normally they glare and throw used condoms at my facade.
Genix wipes his facade uneasily
rawyn: Hmm. I gotta try that someday.
Genix: I mean, who the fuck knows where Squink has been?
Arawyn: not at the facade tho. I'd drop 2 letters.
Squink: exactly
Genix: Arawyn, you are such the linguist :P
Squink: lol
Arawyn is quite good at French in fact.
Genix: Really? I can speak in gobbledy-goop.
Genix: It's great.
Squink is ok at Japanese
Genix: Squink: Howa si kong go itchy mon no?
Arawyn wonders what that is supposed to be.
Arawyn: Must be with something small.
Squink: boku wa wakarimasen! :)
Squink: "I dont understand"
Genix: Squink, you're an amateur.
Genix: Go and learn some real japanese.

Genix: Ergh, brb.
Arawyn: Still trouble with evoking a pizza I guess.
Squink_: i wanna see him invoke a pizza ;)
Arawyn: He's doing that after the evokation.
Squink_: heh
Squink_: hehe
Arawyn: and then comes the banishing
Squink_: oh dear, a pizza ritual :)
Arawyn: Hmm, I wonder what entities would think about being banished by flushing the toilet.
Squink: i wanna see someone flush azathoth :)
Arawyn grins
Arawyn: Gone with the smell
Squink: preferably someone i dont like
Squink: ofcourse that may mean eating azathoth first, and i can see that as being somewhat more difficult
Arawyn: Evoke him into a cookie
Squink: lol!
Squink: thats gonna be my new party trick i think
Arawyn: It just occured to me that xtians keep banishing christ that way for centuries now.
Squink: evoking demons into cookies and then getting people to eat them
Squink: lol
Arawyn: I have to remember that for the next party <G>
Squink: i wonder if it would have an invoking effect..
Arawyn: I guess we'll just have to try
Arawyn: Too bad that the golden wedding party of my grandparents lies a few weeks back by now.
Squink: i just told my friend :)
Squink: <Add> errr
Squink: <Add> remind me never to eat anything cooked by you
Squink: <Add> ever
Arawyn: I wouldn't remind him <g>
Squink: :)
Arawyn: HEY!
Arawyn: Fun for halloween!!!
Squink: LOL
Arawyn: A bunch of kids running around possessed by demons
Arawyn: Now that sounds like Buffy.
Squink: could be highly amusing
Arawyn: Yep
Squink: what would be even more amusing however, would be to envoke some demons into a sugar factory or something
Arawyn grins
Arawyn: McDonalds
Arawyn: Kiddy meal
Squink: next time theres a zee meet, we're going to macdonals.

Thanatos: ROFLMAO!!! - I haven't seen this many loose ends since I accidentally walked into the enema ward at the hospital.

Topic is '"Go get a life" "Ummm, where can I download that?"' Set by Arawyn

blue_rat: haven't had a lay ever since they told me the NetFinity server is my responsibility
Azi: I haven't got laid in quite a while.... that will be changing very soon
Arawyn grins
Arawyn: The names may change, but the topics stay... :)
Urza: who did u hypnotize this time? :P

Topic is 'Insanity is infinitely more entertaining than depression.' Set by Xaronzon

Thanatos: brb, gotta check whether there's something edible in the fridge
teckyong: ok
teckyong: I remember Kat always had a supply of rats in her fridge.
teckyong: so we will never go hungry with Kat around.
incubus-: hehee! rat-onna-stick!
Thanatos: Only good with ketch-up

incubus- wants to be whipped
Thanatos: Go to some monastery.

Xaronzon: welcome to the channel of the dead

Xaronzon: ignore me. see if I care. <sniff>

Xaronzon: to get ops in this channel, you just need to be able to breath

Xaronzon: what an exciting life you have
Thanatos: you too apparently.
Xaronzon: I'm flat broke. What's your excuse?
Thanatos: Austria?

Xaronzon: who knows? anyway, the disease isn't transmissible to humans. I think quite a lot of meat is being imported now.
Thanatos: BSE is
Thanatos: Come to think of it, most females seem to have it.
Thanatos: Once a month at any rate.
Xaronzon groans and throws her collection of used tampons at Thanatos
Thanatos: You just proved that mad cow disease is the approbriate name too.

incubus-: zees are the freaky society whose channel this is
Xaronzon: This is the decidedly unofficial IRC channel of the Z.
chicGeek: disorganization?
incubus-: KAOS!
Thanatos: Mostly DIS.
chicGeek: hmm
Xaronzon: definitely mostly dis.
chicGeek: sorta like the kabbalists?

Xaronzon: that the address of as near as it gets to official info on the 'cluster
Xaronzon: gah!
Thanatos: gah what?
Xaronzon: my grammar has gone out of control
Thanatos: Now that is something new.
Xaronzon: <snort>
Thanatos: It's a miracle that the spelling is remotely correct by now.
Thanatos grins
Thanatos: Not even TOPY die-hards came close to your spelling ;)
Xaronzon: At least I didn't start writing permanently in american.
Xaronzon: yeah, but I don't even have to TRY to spell badly
Thanatos: Likely one of the reasons why they are so jealous of you.
Thanatos: Didn't they invite you to be one of their honorary members?
Xaronzon: No, but I am the Secret Head of the Illuminati.
Thanatos: does that mean that it is your job to hand out blow-jobs?
Xaronzon: I think so.
chicGeek: what's the Illuminati?
Thanatos: Electricians
Xaronzon: They're a secret organisation who really control the world.
Thanatos: they come to change the lightbulb
chicGeek: I thought that was the freemasons

Xaronzon: I've got to go. Things to do, people to bitch at.
Thanatos: you can bitch here
Thanatos: hell, you always bitch here
Thanatos: why bitch elsewhere

Xaronzon: Oh, Arawyn, just to make you jealous... we're going to London tomorrow for a few days

ult2: heh
slurple: man that's like my mantra

slurple: hey there used to be this whore on #thelema
slurple: actually they like to be called sexual therapists

Arawyn: You gotta be careful when you get out of the well of souls tho. You might stumble in a moongate and land somewhere where you don't want to be
XaosMonkY is confused
Arawyn: And there are most of the people that were in u7 there.
Arawyn: Met already Horance the former liche <g>
Arawyn: And Miranda.
Xaronzon: oh that sounds SOOO cool
Arawyn: It is. And it is for free <beams>
Xaronzon: Xaos, we are Ultima nerds.
Arawyn: Just wait until we get our hands on u5,6 and 9 redone, Xaos :)
Xaronzon: THEN you'll hear few other conversational topics in this channel when we're here
Arawyn: Well, magick would still be a topic. But mostly rune magick
Arawyn: And where to get cheap reagents

ult just gave blood
Arawyn: You gave blood to some fuckers but not to US?!?
ult: they asked first
Arawyn: We never ask.
Arawyn: We just take.

Xaronzon: my friend Max just sent me this great anecdote for publication about his encounter with this really creepy guy who he really didn't want to fuck and who wouldn't get the point <g>
XaosMonkY: hmmm I met a guy like that once...
Xaronzon: his description:
Arawyn: Saw someone like that last weekend. You really wouldn't be able to get past the face to consider any kind of relationship with him. Especially sexual.
Xaronzon: a
Xaronzon: vastly overweight, ridiculously hairy, less than
Xaronzon: entirely pleasing to the eye, ingratiating,
Xaronzon: obsequious, desperate old queen. Who's also the
Xaronzon: secretary of the local nudist colony and is
Xaronzon: REALLY REALLY KEEN on getting me to join....
Arawyn: What's ridiculously hairy?
Arawyn: He should have sent you pix <G>
Xaronzon: he may yet <g>

Xaronzon is skint until the end of the month. I have about 40 pounds to last 3 weeks. I think I need to find something to sell.
Arawyn: Wulf?
Xaronzon: LOL
Xaronzon: Don't think I haven't contemplated it. <g>
Arawyn: Well, I could use a slave right now. I'm willing to send you
Arawyn: say, 10 quid?
Xaronzon: sounds like a fair price
Arawyn: Good. Paid when delivered <G>

Thanatos changes topic to 'Why do people always need to jump to conclusions, it has very little aerobic benefit.'

Topic is 'RAPE! PILLAGE! BURN! DESTROY!' Set by triskele

Thanatos changes topic to 'Never knock on Death's door; ring the doorbell and run (he hates that).'

Erzulie: we celebrate X's nailing to the X today
AlephNull: oh yeah. hehe. what better occasion to celebrate
Erzulie: that's why i'm drinking beer
AlephNull: I will hoever mourn the day he is resurrected
Erzulie: Here's to the nails

Xuntira: what did jesus say when they took the nails out of his hands?
AlephNull: "Ouch!"
Xuntira: the FEET!! the FEET!!
Thanatos: What's the difference between women and Jesus?
Thanatos: The facial expression while getting nailed

Xaronzon: I can be colourful in character
Xaronzon: You rancid serpent-venom addicted spawn of a leprous daemon...

Arawyn: oh, and there's a horse running around that is called Xaronzon
Xar333: oh THANK YOU
Arawyn: What?
Xar333: you aren't responsible for this?
Arawyn: What makes you think that?
Arawyn: don't have enough money for a horse
Xar333: I thought you said someone bought you one earlier?
Arawyn: I just said that i don't have enough money to buy myself one <g>
Xar333: <snork>
Arawyn sniggers
Arawyn: You look honoured
Xar333: oh, I AM
Xar333: (horse steaks anyone?)

Xaronzon: Ug me tough.

Xaronzon: I ought to get going
Arawyn: where could you possibly go
Xaronzon: well, try to talk me out of it then
Arawyn: you're in Newport
Arawyn: There's nothing worthwhile there
Arawyn: I should know, i was there :)

AlephNull: I should enchant my lipstick, come to think of it
Xaronzon: for lust?
Squink-: for food :)

Xaronzon: Class A drugs have NOTHING on video games in addiction terms, I'm sorry.

AlephNull: I just wanted to tell you guys that I love you and I'm not just trying to get into your pants
AlephNull: honest

LukyHsuan: im listening to the village people

AlephNull: Buenos ding-dong-diddley dias, ben & slurp

ult: my ex is getting torn a new asshole
marcosias: ult: by whom?
marcosias: you sending that letter?
Arawyn: Did you buy him/her a huge vibrator?

marcosias: heya graves
RevGraves: Heya to the person I don't recognise.

Arawyn changes topic to 'Thine mother is so ugly that when the Lord cast away the Darkness He taketh one sight of her and placed it back!'

XaosMonkY bows to Aleph
marcosias: bow? fuck that, KNEEL!

XaosMonkY confesses that he has a Wiccan streak
XaosMonkY: lot's of cute fuckable naked girls :)
marcosias: why are they naked?
XaosMonkY: they like to run around naked :)
XaosMonkY: for ritual
XaosMonkY: skyclad they call it

slurple: i just rubbed their nose in their own feces and threw them outside
slurple: wait no
slurple: wrong channel

gbryal: I am too cute to wear a hood.

slurple: what's a sith?

Genix: I have no money and I must pay.

teckie: do I even look like a monkey?

marcosias is now known as BlakMule
BlakMule: damn it I get all the crappy transformations :P
BlakMule is now known as marcosias
BlakHydra: BlakMule - sounds like it's well hung
BlakHydra: :)
BlakDuk: What was it fand said about fucking donkeys?
slurple: asked the lawd above for mercy
slurple: save me if you please

marcosias: It'll cost more than 75 cents to get to hell

marcosias: VIVA POWERPUFF!
marcosias: VIVA ZAPATA!
BlakHydra: hmmm
BlakDuk: Them and tom & jerry.

slurple: we need your kind roach
slurple: to lead kmart
slurple: into a new millennium
slurple: a new kind of kmart
Roachz: yup
slurple: a softer, gentler kmart
Roachz: i will give life to kmart
slurple: a kmart for the ounger generation and old alike
Roachz: we will dominate!
slurple: a true monument to the glory of the american discount clothing/general store

slurple: if teckyong learned how to make chinese food we could be doing a lot better
Roachz: chinese food? just go outside and eat some raw grasshoppers r something

slurple: they drink Budweiser
slurple: but that's politics

Roachz: fuckin cops ruin everything

marcosias: slurple: are you making this shit up, or have you actually spent some amount of time in seattle before?

Shaktidas: there was one guy the was waving a sword around
Shaktidas: they had to use fire hoses on him
slurple: another kodak moment no doubt

marcosias: well nothing that interesting has ever happened
marcosias: while I've been here
slurple: well like attracts like
slurple: as they say
slurple: wait no they don't
slurple: yes they do

marcosias: I actually had some guy, as I was leaving the Wet Spot, lecture me about being antisocial and tell me to read "how to make friends and influence people"
SeksMonkY: have you read it?
marcosias: fuck no
SeksMonkY: I might want to take a look
slurple: well uh
marcosias: good for you
slurple: there's always wit and charm
slurple: and good looks
slurple: and big big drug stashes
slurple: most of all
slurple: a positive attitude
BlakHydra notices that Aleph always spits in the face of those who are trying to help him
slurple: something that says "love me"
slurple: rather than "slap me i'm a bitch"
marcosias: BlakHydra: how have I done that now?
BlakHydra: fuck me
slurple: a simple switch
slurple: subtle
slurple: yet significant
marcosias: BlakHydra: how have I spit in your face?
BlakHydra: by not taking that suggestion from that person who was trying to help
BlakHydra: that was weeks ago
BlakHydra: ;)
BlakHydra: I had you on ignore for a while after that
BlakHydra: :)
marcosias: BlakHydra: I'd rather not take the recommendation of some prick who didn't even tell me his name or speak to me before that
BlakHydra: oh well
Beacon9: since when is disbelieving advice the same as spitting in someone's facce?
marcosias: and I haven't heard any good things about that book to begin with
marcosias bashes his head repeatedly against his desk "okay, now I'm getting depressed."

Xaronzon: it's ever better than christiangoth.com
marcosias: Xaronzon: what is that site?
Xaronzon: http://home.earthlink.net/%7Ethogmi/curse/curse.html
Squink: (owowowow)
Arawyn: Menstruation?!?
Xaronzon: http://home.earthlink.net/%7Ethogmi/ 
Xaronzon: Hey.. they used that cute impalement graphic... darkside subcultures should collectively sue
Xaronzon: it has a section on, tactfully, "Faggots" - this'll be droll
Arawyn: the headline is cute
Xaronzon: Though queers are humans, they have dog like behavioural traits and anti-God qualities.
Xaronzon: Queers are effeminate, deviate, HIV positive, Aids infected, rotten, plague carrying man devils.
Xaronzon: Fags live only to recruit others into their unnatural, sinful and devilish lifestyle.
Xaronzon: Faggots, are an anti-social dark sub-culture of liars unfit to live in sight of "normal" straight humans.
Xaronzon: <snork>
Xaronzon: I LOVE this site!
Arawyn: Yeah
Squink: rofl
Arawyn: straights are speaking the language of angels? Didn't notice any difference.
Xaronzon: Homos also commit sex acts on animals and the dead bodies of humans.
Arawyn: Though some are not born queer if they live like a homosexual, they force God to choose this cursed way of life for them.
Xaronzon: well, in the case of people as straight as these folks, I think we can safely assume that the language of angels is constant bullshit
Arawyn: Don't know. Never worked with angels.
Xaronzon: how exactly, do you live like a homosexual?
marcosias: I tried to :P
Xaronzon: To brake down the queer's house is a sign of godliness.
Xaronzon: they can't even SPELL
Beacon9: in the section on judging it said that Lot offered his daughters just to buy time for the angels to smite the queers (their word)
Xaronzon: I know... sodom and Gomorrah
Xaronzon: there's a couple of cool Chick Tracts that portray that
Xaronzon: All faggots and dykes should be forcibly conscripted into the armed services.
Xaronzon: Oh yeah, single sex barracks... that'll help...
marcosias: heh
Arawyn: It is acceptable in God's eyes, to harm queers economically.
marcosias sets fire to anybody who believes and lives this garbage
Arawyn: Kat, you know that spells are of the devil, so of course they CAN't spell
marcosias: lol
Xaronzon: LOL
Arawyn: Better than every humour page I found so far.
Xaronzon: Dykes seduce wives, daughters, infants and beasts for their unnatural dog-like sex acts.
cidal: hahaha
Squink: lol
Xaronzon: Geeze... that position only works if you have a strap-on dildo...
Xaronzon: don't these people know *anything*? <g>
Arawyn: Lesbians, are queer females determined to hate and undermine all male authority.
Arawyn: some of them certainly look like that.
Xaronzon: It is acceptable for the righteous to heap words of filth upon the obscene dyke and fag.
Xaronzon: Many dykes give birth to bastard children using a brothers, friends or close relatives semen.
Xaronzon: They do this to continue their warped obscene, filthy, V.D. infected, drug dependent lifestyles.
marcosias: is this the official pentecostal stand on these issues?
Beacon9: man, you really need to read this guy's bio
Xaronzon: You know, it is an ambition if mine to one day have a christian tract written about me
Beacon9: makes the rest of us look like we've led normal lives.
Beacon9: even you, Kat :p
marcosias: Xaronzon: hell, you're sacred in Thelema, Kat ;)
Arawyn: new goddess of Thelema? Cutee
Arawyn: When queers claim conversion to Christ Jesus, it is prudent for church elders to examine the fags beliefs and daily watch their lives closely.
Xaronzon: Do I get a free dildo or something?
Arawyn: playing peek a poo?
Xaronzon: Never call a faggot "gay". Gay describes the inner man and is a Holy Bible word for,
Xaronzon: magnificent and gorgeous queers are neither.
Arawyn sniggers
Arawyn: what has abortion to do with being queer?
Xaronzon: now THIS is just kinky: Those who have been involved in homosexual behavior require strict discipline, to prevent them from
Xaronzon: falling back to Satans lifestyle.
Xaronzon: Even a hint of homosexual immorality in speech, manners, clothing, etc. must be met with swift severe correction.
Xaronzon: Arawyn, I have NO idea.
Xaronzon: what does it say?
Xaronzon: A wife must address their husband as lord or "boss," and be subject to him until his death.
Xaronzon: The husband is to make all major decisions in the marriage partnership, including the limiting of his wifes credit.
Xaronzon: The wife is not to have a separate checking or savings account, in her married or maiden name.
Arawyn: that homosexuals love to murder, this includes abortion
Xaronzon: maybe they're thinking that all abortionists are gay?
Arawyn: Now this is good <g>
Xaronzon: There is a section of this site entitled "Mormon Underwear"
marcosias: lol

Xaronzon: EWWWW
Xaronzon: SICK
Xaronzon: SICK
Xaronzon: SICK
Xaronzon: SICK
marcosias: I wanna see!
Xaronzon: no you don't
Arawyn: What?
marcosias: now!
Arawyn: Why?
Arawyn: What is it?
Arawyn: I thought you'd like females

Arawyn: Masturbation is preferred above adultery or fornication to save the soul.


Xaronzon: HAHA! Some kid is praying to god to get Britney Spears to go out with him. http://besomething.com/myprayertogodforbritneyandme.html

Xaronzon: The tools God uses for correction, are his Instruction Ministers, striking you with their fist or with anothers.

marcosias: I'm under orders not to wank
Roachz: whose orders
marcosias: my Mistress
Arawyn: Kats?
Roachz: lol
marcosias: no, not kat :P
Roachz: your mistriss dont let u wank lol
marcosias: Roachz: self control
Xaronzon: Right, so now we all have to try to tempt him into it...

Beacon9: wow
Beacon9: this is funny
Beacon9: they don't mind masturbation
Beacon9: they speak the worst incivilities towards other sins, but they actually ENCOURAGE masturbation
Arawyn: Masturbation can save your soul <g>
Beacon9: (so long as you don't fantasize)
Roachz: hail masterbation
Arawyn: WOW
Arawyn: What a revelation:
Xaronzon: what?
Arawyn: Masturbating by men results in the discharge of semen.
Arawyn: Semen is unclean only when issuing from the woman after intercourse.
Xaronzon: so the cunnilingus has to always come BEFORE penetration for them...
aronzon: Men and women who take part in the abortion process forfeit their lives.
Arawyn: Toddler girls begin masturbation in a jumper chair.
Xaronzon: Why do these folk approve of masturbation anyway? It's a bit uncharacteristic.
Xaronzon: Preadolescent girls like the horsy game, it is called horse craziness. this masturbation occurs while bouncing on daddy's knee.
Arawyn: Seems they have something against sport too
Squink: lol - i loved this: "Burning is very "HEY! YOUR ARMS ON FIRE! HEY HEY HEY HEY!"

marcosias: That is one ugly big ass

Arawyn: Games of vanity that do not impress or please God, are Boxing, Karate, organized, and uniformed adult, and childrens Football, Baseball, Softball, and Basketball games.
Arawyn: Other devilish games are Tennis, Volleyball, Bowling, Running, Swim Teams, Surfing and Gymnastics.
Arawyn: Hey, I'm a follower of the flesh according to them <g>
Xaronzon: No? You don't say? How come?
Arawyn: Sports such as, Weight Lifting, Bingo, Cards, Monopoly, etc., are religions for the dedicated, loyal, duped followers of the flesh.
Arawyn: I wonder what monopoly, bingo and cards have to do with being vein.
Xaronzon: ah...
Xaronzon: MONOPOLY?
Xaronzon: oh, they mean materialistic
Arawyn: Others Saints missing the mark, yet calling themselves followers of Christ Jesus, encourage time wasting video games.
Arawyn: Lets play Quake live with them <g>
Xaronzon: :)
Arawyn: Chess tournaments, Nintendo plus other inane computer games of sin, take time and money away from Gods work.
Xaronzon: We could go recruit Morbid Angel's deathmatch team!
marcosias pictures putting bullets in 3d rendered Pentecostals
Arawyn: Didn't know god invested in money.
Squink: lol
Arawyn: I guess they want people to hang around uselessly like Jesus.
Xaronzon: <snork>
marcosias: lol
Xaronzon hums "Hanging Around"
Arawyn: Ever notice how the so called "Pentecostal" sports enthusiast will risk life, limb, and testicle for sports, but not for Christ Jesus.
Arawyn: Risk life, limb and testicle?
Arawyn: ROFLMAO!!!!
marcosias: So jesus walks into a motel and hands the inkeeper three nails....
Xaronzon: it's a good expression. we should take it up
Arawyn: yeah.
Arawyn: would be great for a song actually <G>
Xaronzon: and so the mind of the master lyricist starts turning...
marcosias: Do you love your life (yeah) limbs (yeah) and testicles! Fuck you!

Squink: dont talk to me about genitalia :/
Arawyn: Why? don't you have any?
Xaronzon: sorry... OI!
marcosias: OI! OI! OI!
Squink: i had a small rippage incident earlier when i was with my gf :/
Psyche: yikes
Xaronzon: rippage?!?
Xaronzon: oh, condom
Xaronzon: shit
Squink: no
Squink: that lil bit of tought skin that connects the foreskin
Psyche: testicle rippage?
Xaronzon: no? OOOOCH
Psyche: how?
Arawyn: LOL
Xaronzon: that's making me wince, and I'm not even male
Squink: too much friction :/
Xaronzon: buy lube, man
Squink: tell me about it :/
Arawyn: Shall we cut him?
Psyche: wow
Squink: well actually no, thats a lie
Psyche: guess she wasn't wet enough
Squink: its not the bit that connects the foreskin
marcosias is glad he has some slack to work with on his genitals (like you all wanted to know)
Squink: its the bit that connects the head :/
Squink: you know, that lol tough bit on the underside :/
Squink: i remember thinking "oh, hey, that didnt feel right.. oh well.."
Arawyn: Speaking of which
Arawyn: http://home.earthlink.net/%7Ethogmi/circ/circ.html
Arawyn: check that out, Squink
Squink: Arawyn circum wouldnt have made any difference
Squink: anyway
Squink: im gonna sit here in pain
Arawyn: The LORD your God will circumcise your mind
Arawyn is close to rolling on the floor
Squink: rofl
Psyche: http://www.wayweird.com/archives/2001/apr/lovebumps.shtml
Psyche: for a whacked pic
Arawyn: Then Zipporah, to save the life of her son, took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at Moses feet, and said, "Surely you are a bloody husband to me."
marcosias: ACK
Arawyn: Gawds
Xaronzon: ow
Xaronzon: ow
Xaronzon: ow
Arawyn: yeah
Xaronzon: with a potato peeler, I don't doubt
Arawyn: likely
Arawyn: Abraham was 99 years old, when he circumcised HIMSELF in the flesh of his foreskin
Xaronzon: surprised he could find it
Arawyn: Yeah. he didn't need his dick anyway with that age.
Psyche: lol
Squink: rofl
Xaronzon: http://www.testimony.org/fullStory.php3/0456.html - Jesus saved me from bestiality
marcosias: Xaronzon: that's illegal here ;P
Psyche: LOL
Xaronzon: so just rent yourself out
Xaronzon: :-p
Xaronzon: From the time I was a child of about six a friend who was eight
Xaronzon: introduced a few of us to sex. it was just pornography and
Xaronzon: masterbation at first but soon it advanced to homosexual acts and we
Xaronzon: experimented with beastiality. we didn't know at the time that he was
Xaronzon: being molested by a neighborhood man. we continued to do this for
Xaronzon: several years even up to the age of fifteen.
Xaronzon: check this out: http://www.susogi.net/melissa/knowsabout.html - When Mandy and Emma were reading their Bible one day they read about how Mister Jesus died.
Xaronzon: In a book called John they read how the bad men took Mister Jesus' clothes off, just like daddy took their clothes off.
Psyche: aw
Psyche: Mister Jesus
Arawyn: LOL
Psyche: lol
Arawyn: Children of the Damned? Is this about us? ;)
Xaronzon: Children of the Damned is a movie
Xaronzon: and a song by Iron Maiden
Arawyn: Saul was a classic example of a rogue church singer
Beacon9: oh hey
Beacon9: I was reading in "Weekly World News" earlier
Beacon9: about how "evil spirits" were playing a part in all the school shootings here
Beacon9: I went in, half expecting to hear about chaotes
Beacon9: but there wasn't anything about them
Beacon9: although they DID have a picture of a satanic Baphomet combined with what looked like norse runes. :p
Beacon9: though I must admit, have never heard of any norse satanists.
Xaronzon: I have
Arawyn: eh? Where?
Xaronzon: one of the Sinister Path groups
Arawyn: Where is that pic?
Arawyn: Any group S. Flowers is in can be considered norse satanists
Arawyn: a sin: One who shares in stolen goods, without knowing the victim.
Xaronzon: and if we asked around, we could probably find you a few more <g>
Arawyn: So, if you know the victim it isn't a sin?
Xaronzon: apparently
Arawyn: I wonder if that would go through in court.
Xaronzon: hee hee
Xaronzon: Many long distance telephone services regularly
Xaronzon: donate to the organizers of not only the homosexual movement but to abortion services and to other ultra-liberal
Xaronzon: organizations bent on undermining the American family and wholesome ethics and morals: on lowering the already too low
Xaronzon: threshold of acceptance and on usurping parental teachings. There is one long distance company which WILL NOT donate
Xaronzon: one dollar to any of these organizations LifeLine
Xaronzon: http://www.capalert.com/lifeline.htm
Arawyn: Yearly the Devil plays upon human sentimentally by making X-mas music sweet, comical, and palatable, and entertaining to children and adults.
Xaronzon: "the way to control the population growth is through the increase of the human mortality rate by legitimate means. Not through
Xaronzon: the crimes of abortions, infanticide, euthanasia and etc; but through the automatic DEATH PENALTY for the broad spectrum of deeds
Xaronzon: that are high crimes in the sight of the true GOD.
Xaronzon: http://www.tencommandments.org/population.html
Arawyn: X-mas observing parents have a disregard, for the mental health of their children, and a sub-hatred of Christ Jesus.
Arawyn: These parents are S.O.Bs., Sons of Belial.
Xaronzon: hey! can i join that order?
Arawyn: You can only be a daughter of Belial
Beacon9: yeah! all you have to do is celebrate xmas!
Beacon9: hehe...xmas in the name of Belial
Beacon9: what a concept
Xaronzon: "Earth is the only site among the galaxies, to be inhabited by man, and other human like creatures."
Beacon9: kat: I guess the "other human like creatures" he's referring to are women. *duck*
Xaronzon: I don't doubt that he is, Beac.
Arawyn: They forget that salvation comes only at Christ Jesus 4th. Coming.
Arawyn: eh??
Arawyn: 4th coming?
Xaronzon: Many of my Christian friends tried convincing me not
Xaronzon: to play "Diablo 2" due to the demonic content.
Xaronzon: I noted no obscenity in the dialogue, but the
Xaronzon: demonic depictions are so obscene that it
Xaronzon: makes my flesh crawl. There are symbols
Xaronzon: which I recognize from demonic Japanese
Xaronzon: anime (comics) that I read before I became
Xaronzon: a Christian.
Xaronzon: This idiot doesn't know the difference between anime and manga
marcosias: no shit
Xaronzon: Many such symbols are used in
Xaronzon: demonic rituals and human sacrifices.
Xaronzon: These symbols appear throughout the game.
marcosias: I hate when people can't keep them straight
Beacon9: yeah
Xaronzon: Ditto. It's not exactly hard.
Xaronzon: Oh, user comments: This game is what I call
Xaronzon: "Satan's favorite game".
Xaronzon: This game is full of
Xaronzon: witchcraft and if you don't
Xaronzon: want to have a house full of
Xaronzon: demons then don't bring
Xaronzon: this game home! I really enjoy the gameplay of
Xaronzon: this type of game but there is no way I'm going
Xaronzon: to give in to this obvious temptation. My
Xaronzon: Ratings: [1/5]
Xaronzon: --Josh Koester, age 19
Arawyn: where did you get that?
Xaronzon: http://www.christiananswers.net/spotlight/games/2000/diablo2.html
Xaronzon: User comment about Ultima 9:
Xaronzon: I can't see how you got that kind of impression from this game, because when my
Xaronzon: brother bought it for me for christmas. I opened the box and saw all of those pagan
Xaronzon: symbols and even tarot cards. Then I played it for a little while and found out that the
Xaronzon: same symbols that I saw when I opened the box were throughout a lot of the game. If
Xaronzon: you had ever seen or heard of the other ultima games
you would see a lot of occult
Xaronzon: rituals.
Xaronzon: I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. My Ratings: [2/4]
Xaronzon: --Clay Leatherwood, age 16
Xaronzon: is this kid really called Clay Leatherwood?!?

Xar333: Right, I'm going AFK for a bit
Xar333 is now known as XarAFK
XarAFK: but before I got
XarAFK: to
XarAFK: http://www.kukluxklan.org/just_for_kids.htm

Arawyn: How come that they're allowed to live?
Arawyn: I never used to be easily offended by violence in computer games. With a clear conscience, I played game likes "Half-Life". I did not feel offended because profanity was minimal and the violence was not very realistic. Then came "Quake 3
marcosias: heh
Arawyn: However, from the standpoint of a Christian, the game is utterly revolting. I played hours of it before the Lord sincerely convicted me to the heart about the sinful nature of the game.

ult: oo
ult: that's nice
ult: i got a new mouse
ult: cus my old one was dieing

ult: I have this nasty little thing called a conscience
marcosias: ult: get rid of it

ult: if I was a vampire then I could realize my true nature

Roachz: does anyone in here know the password to that file aquino wrote about the church of satan
zosX: oooooh, how goth
zosX: you score 100 goth points for that!

LukyHsuan pisses on ZosX's leg

Roachz: is velada a chick?

zosX: thanatos: your just jealous because you are not as hot as me :P
Thanatos: Why? did someone set you on fire or what?

marcosias: Thanatos: don't make me sic the dogs on you. Or the bees. Or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you.

zosX: thanatos: yes, I'm burning up! help me!!!
Thanatos: Not a chance ;)
zosX: Thanatos: I'll remember that

slurple changes topic to 'We are too focking retarded to think of an original topic'

zosX: I should walk to the store and get some cigarettes
marcosias: zosX: whyzat now? Oh, I see... you're ashamed to be seen with me...
Thanatos: Can't be, Zos would be grateful to be seen with anyone.


Thanatos: lol:
Thanatos: "God made the world, My Lord, and looked at it, and saw that it was good. Yes. But what if the world had looked back at him, to see whether he was good or not?"

Thanatos changes topic to 'Why is it the biggest outcries against same sex marriage always come from places attempting to uphold the sacred bond between a man and his cousin?'

veleda: apo pantos kaka highway patrol officers!!

triskele: ?me nuzzles Arawyn
triskele: damn.
triskele nuzzles Arawyn the RIGHT way

Arawyn changes topic to 'Save your soul, and redeem it for mad rebates!'