Quotes, Episode XV

Xaronzon hangs a sign on Trisk's neck reading "Hello! I'm Triskele! I'm very approachable and everyone wuvs me TONS!" and grins
Xaronzon is now waiting to get hit with a fish

Incubus-: Ooh. You nice people. I love you all. Well, more or less. Can't be too fluffy. Not good for a Finnish gothyboy to be such.
triskele: you know what I notice?
Xaronzon smudges Incubus' lipstick.
Xaronzon: what do you notice?
triskele: That all my clothes are ending up black.
Incubus-: eew!
triskele: You know, I used to have a bright/pale/coloured wardrobe of some sorts.
Xaronzon: black shows up the dirt less. Except for flour, cocaine, and spunk.
triskele: with really original and neat stuff in it.
triskele: now all my clothes are black, because I subconsciously pruchase them that way.
triskele: So I'm slowly mutating into some cliche of the term 'goth'
Xaronzon gives trisk an anti-goth vaccination
Incubus-: A dark-haired Triskele sounds nice...
triskele: heh.. I also bought knee high lace-ups..
triskele: but I've wanted those forever.
triskele: yes, thank you.
triskele: I have new pictures.
triskele: wanna see?
Xaronzon: that's a silly question
Riordan changes topic to 'Triskele goes goth! Details at 11!'
Incubus-: Now. I'm not sure what lace-ups mean exactly,
but it sounds like I better hang up the modem and go wank.

triskele: I don't want to tamper with this whole
'monogamy' carp right now.
Aleister: monogamy carp? are you breeding fish?

Now talking in #thee_vortex
Topic is 'Attacks to the World Trade Center,
Pentagon...Dread Cthulhu Questioned '
Set by Riordan on Tue Sep 11 15:09:47
Riordan: Afternoon Kat
teckyong: KAT!!!!!
[1351]: hey kids
teckyong: NEWS!!!!
[[1351]: great news pictures
[1351]: Wulf wants to know where International Rescue are...
teckyong: what's international rescue?
[1351]: Thunderbirds
teckyong: oh? what do they do?
[1351]: teckyong, it's a TV show
[1351]: puppets and such
teckyong: oh ok
teckyong: like the Power Rangers?
[1351]: not really, no

teckyong: what are the Zees gonna do? ;p
Riordan: Why would we do anything?
[1351]: watch the fireworks, dear
Riordan changes topic to 'Attacks to the World Trade Center, Pentagon...Blame Canada! '

teckyong: what's the death toll now?
Riordan: not sure.. tens of thousands
Riordan: There is no more World Trade Center...there were lots of people in there, teck.

Riordan: Both planes which crashed into the WTC were full of passengers.
[1351]: well they've all copped it then

ult: Amerca Going Boom!

[1351] changes topic to 'Attacks to the World Trade Center, Pentagon...Blame Everyone!'

[1351]: oh how cute... CNN are carrying a banner on their pics reading "America Under Attack"

[1351]: hey, I wonder if there'll be loads of cheap cancelled holiday tickets to the US in the next couple of weeks...
Riordan: Maybe..come visit. ;^)

Topic is 'Special offer: WTC! No longer in use. Some assembly might be needed. If you buy both you get two airliners for free, and it's cutting me own throat'
Set by FraDotCom on Tue Sep 11 18:44:59

[1351]: hey, I hear the US exchange rate might be pretty weak as a result. mail order anyone?

FraDotCom: Btw Kat, you have now the honour to address the new god of murder <g:
[1351]: I do?
FraDotCom: yep
[1351]: you?
FraDotCom: yep
[1351]: you're a god now?
FraDotCom: yep
[1351]: who did you kill?
FraDotCom: All my brothers and lateron the highpristess of the god of murder.
[1351]: This is another one of those symptoms of you playing too many video games, isn't it?
FraDotCom: Me?
FraDotCom: Nah
FraDotCom: What gave you that idea?

FraDotCom is now known as [1352]
ult is now known as [1353]
nnoize: how can i apply to join your club?
[1351]: don't ask me
nnoize is now known as [1354]
`Max`: so what's with 1353?
`Max`: ult
`Max`: got it
`Max` is now known as [1355]
[1351]: yep. It's the theme for the day, appart from big things going BOOM!
Squinky is now known as [1357]
[1357]: anyone notice a pattern here?

Xaronzon: oi!
[1351] grins
Xaronzon: fine, keep it
Xaronzon: use it for long enough and you'll develop an expensive drug habit and an attitude problem

teckyong is gonna change his cash into US $
[1351]: It's more like crash there instead of cash
Xaronzon: aye. the dollar may well be worth next to nothing by tomorrow morning
Xaronzon: in which case, we're going SHOPPING

teckyong: what's the latest upddates?
FraDotCom: Somebody from Singapore did it and they're going to bomb it into oblivion

ChORONZON: Well then .... *who* is bombing Singapore?
[1351]: us
blue_rat: the bavarian illuminati
teckyong: the zee cluster

`Max`: How do I get into a girl's pants?
[1351]: taking off her trousers first helps
`Max`: Understood.
`Max`: What if she's reluctant?
`Max`: (And I have no chloroform?)
[1351]: bribe her with drugs and candy
Mycel: Get some chloroform?
Dakarriel: hmmm... I suppose you should have a similar waist size
`Max`: I love how you can never get a straight answer out of anyone around here.
[1351]: we aim to please
[1351]: actually, no...
[1351]: we aim to confuse
[1351]: but it comes to much the same thing in the end
Dakarriel: well, if you have a similar waist size, and the right hips, I think getting into a girl's pants should be easy. but the question though, is why would you want to?
Dakarriel: I mean sure, girls often have nicer clothes than guys
Dakarriel: but its, well, girly.
[1351]: I believe that's the appeal, Dak.
`Max`: That's okay.
`Max`: I think I can manage on my own given some time.
Dakarriel: I suppose so
[1351]: given up on the hope of getting any useful information out of us?
`Max`: Essentially, yes.
[1351]: ah, grasshopper, you show little perseverence and much impatience...
`Max`: REally?
[1351]: yes. take my word for it. you know me. honest as the day is long, guv'nor.

[1351]: what's the essential problem you're having getting into the pants of the object of your lust, anyway?
`Max`: I was going with the "It's okay... we'll do it when you're ready for it." You little cocktease. "No rush." It'd hurt too much with these blueballs anyway. "I can be happy without sex." Or with another
woman. - approach.

`Max`: Nah... she let me eat her out for a bit, but ... she seemed really uncomfortable this time.
`Max`: Like she really wasn't into the whole thing this time.
`Max`: I'm the finest man she'll ever have a shot with and she's blowing it. *puzzled look*
[1351]: well look, if she's been happy with it before, I'd say talk it over, create a relaxing environment and so on
[1351]: LOL
[1351] rotfls
`Max`: Well we've never fucked.
`Max`: In fact, I'm amazingly virgin for someone who's as incredibly sex-a-licious as myself.

`Max`: Oh you'd want me too if you ever saw me in person.
`Max`: I'm a sex-god.
`Max`: A VIRGIN sex-god. =P

cidal: i can just see new bumperstickers coming out like:
triskele: bahahaha.
triskele: 'I witnessed the 'terrorist' attack of 2001 and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt'
[1351]: 'I was in the 'terrorist' attack of 2001 and all I got were these lousy burn-scars'
triskele: heh, that's even better
cidal: haha
cidal: that is horrible
1351] takes a bow

triskele: Curt and I have formed a conspiracy to kidnap my cat when we viasit my parents.
[1351]: Good luck. But if it involved hijacking any planes, I think you're screwed...

triskele: He did it in flash. hurrah.
[1351]: In other words, this is about to crash my system...

Mimir: Hey, you guys hear about the bombings?
[1351]: no, sorry... must have missed that.... what bombings?
ChORONZON: Bombings?
SilntBob: ....?
Mimir: s'what I thought ;)

SilntBob: according to the bible arent the mongols supposed be the ones to finally take down the united states?
[1351]: I don't think so.
SilntBob: hey there into this kamazazii stuff right?
[1351]: I don't think the bible mentioned the Mongols.
SilntBob: from that area
[1351]: And I think the Mongols were honestly more into horses and swords and stuff.
SilntBob: r something
SilntBob: perhaps chinese i mean
[1351]: I don't think the bible mentioned the US, either for that matter.
SilntBob: a preacher told me this once

[1351]: Actually, I think someone should just read goth poetry over all radio frequencies, and attack while the armed forces are paralysed with laughter.
wolfling: LOL
Derwin: hijack the radio!
wolfling: mind you some of the poetry of a hundred years ago is not that bad
[1351]: but that isn't the poetry I'm referring to
[1351]: what I'm referring to is stuff written by social-life impaired teenage goths
wolfling: i think we should hijack a couple of white light hippiewiccans and levitate them into the walls of officebuildings until the buildings come down
Derwin: hijacking cable would rock
wolfling: ah teens who roam the internet searching for solace!!!
[1351]: yep
wolfling: if we would've had internet when i was a teen i would've rocked at gothic poetry!!!
[1351]: Please, you're scaring me.
Derwin doesnt do poetry and isnt a goth
[1351]: Well you can't have an award then.

[1351]: Wulf was inspired to write some xtian goth poetry: The bats have left the belfry/The ravens have flown the nest/Our Lord Jesus was crucified\Bollocks I'm depressed

wolfling: mary had a baby and now he's dead got nails throuhgh his hands and thorns in his head...
wolfling: mary's little baby got up again ... has a hangover from friday and is in a lot of pain...
wolfling: do i get an award?
wolfling: when i wrote that i was 17 and it was easter weekend

teckyong: KAT RULES!
Derwin: i also like www.chorozon.com
[1351] basks in the appreciation of her fan club
[1351]: Okay Derwin, NOW you're just trying to ingratiate yourself.

wolfling: shows what a great and fulfilling life i have, that i had enough time on my hands to find this place!!!

[1351]: (you know you're a geek when you know your friends' URLs off by heart, but can't remember their birthdays)

[1351]: brb - visitors
wolfling: arg 1351 is being abducted!!!

wolfling: the next attack on the usa will be a horde of inbred nazi bisexual aids ridden rapists. i'm pretty sure of that
[1351]: Isn't that a B-Movie?
wolfling: ono wait that was the attack that's been going on for fourty years or more...
wolfling: it might make a good B movie
wolfling: have Romero direct it
wolfling: Bush plays the leader of the inbreds together with the regenerated corpse of john wayne, shagging eachother.

[1351]: right, I'm off for 45 minutes or so
[1351]: Star Trek
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Topic is 'Kali is my co-pilot... '
Set by zma on Wed Sep 12 16:42:11
[1351]: are you people STILL here?

Derwin: Jesus is coming!
[1351]: Well he'd better wipe up after himself, is all I can say.
wolfling: jesus? when?
wolfling: i thought he was just drooling a bit!
Derwin: thatd be cool if YHVH show'd up
[1351]: we could put him in a sideshow and charge ten bucks to see him
wolfling: and archangel michael the dancing foetus!

wolfling: the bloody pulp strikes back
[1351]: sounds like another b-movie
[1351]: wow. I've found a REALLY goth site. It's written in black text on a black background.

blue`lady: AHHHH jkesus CHRIST you stupid fucking MOTHERFUCKERS HELL NO!!!!

eleventh: So who the fuck is this wolfling person?
wolfling: ah i found this place!!!
wolfling: i'm a stranger who came in from the storm
eleventh: ah, welcome then.
eleventh: Don't sit on the sofa until you dry off.
[1351]: I don't think the fungi that live in the sofa will be harmed by a little water, eleventh

eleventh: since when does one need an excuse to sigilize something? My pants and underwear I have on right now are sigilized. because I could.

wolfling: aye ye fucke who so ever fucketh arounde withe ye wolflinge wilst therefore get smitten beyonde ye repaire...
wolfling: harrrrr
[1351]: Okay, got it... you're either a pirate or a grimoire.
eleventh: Yea, and though I walk through the valley of pimp, I shall fear no disrespectful ho.
wolfling: shall even
wolfling: lol yeah
wolfling: primoire
wolfling: grimerate
eleventh: He's Batman.

[1351]: christ on a pogo stick... my site's been hit by a load of people looking for prophecies related to the bloody WTC bombing. Is no self-respecting occult wierdo safe?

eleventh: btw, Kat, any sign of infek yet?
[1351]: oddly, no.
[1351] actually has no idea what's happened to Everyone's Favourite Sociopath
eleventh: hrm
[1351]: he's not been around for a good couple of months
eleventh: it is odd. not even a Satanic Pride Awareness Movement post for months.
[1351]: hrm...
[1351]: does Infekshun know anyone who can fly a plane? <g>

wolfling: derwin said burning down your kitchen is no joke.
eleventh: Burning down the kitchen is a joke. Burning down your house, on the other hand, is a really funny joke (one of those things that gets more laugs in retrospect).
wolfling: playstation
[1351]: I'll brb. I need to go look in the kitchen.
eleventh: laughs
wolfling: :)
wolfling: two days ago i made two pans of pop corn
eleventh: "the kitchen" is a euphamism for Kat's secret drug lab.
wolfling: you can imagine what the second one looked like
wolfling: :)
wolfling: what's so secret about kat's lap?
wolfling: lab*
eleventh: hahahahahahahahaha
wolfling: :)
eleventh changes topic to 'Kali is my co-pilot... [or] <wolfling: what's so secret about kat's lap? '
wolfling: LOL
wolfling: drug lab is a euphemism for my kitchen
wolfling: i should really clean it some day
eleventh: "drug lab/kitchen" is a euphamism for my genitals.
wolfling: ewww
wolfling: hope your genitals don't look like my kitchen, for your sake!!
eleventh: That's a matter of opinion.
wolfling: well everything in my kitchen is sticky
wolfling: :)
wolfling: sticky or burnt
wolfling: or both
eleventh: in that respect, my genitals share little resemblance
wolfling: and my kitchen is BIG!!
wolfling: lol
eleventh has no frame of reference.
wolfling: LOL
[1351] returns with scorched eyebrows and a ham sandwich

[1351]: I think the bag of mouldy bread in there is plotting world domination though.
wolfling: you think the bread flew into the towers?
Aleister: nah, the bread inspired OTHERS to fly into the towers
eleventh: I think the towers flew into themselves

cidal: wolfling: why are you a ling and not a wolf?
wolfling: why, i am a crossbreed between a wolf and a chinaman of course!!!
[1351]: wolfling's ambition is to appear in the quotes archive...

Aleister hits eleventh in the face with a divine piemander
eleventh: Aleister: that fucking hurt, you twat.
eleventh pulls a cord, causing a large Sacred Chao to fall on Aleister
cidal: revenge is so childish.
wolfling: tell that to bush

1351] changes topic to 'Pitiful Goth Poetry Site of the Month: http://www.bloodlust-uk.com/poetry.htm Nominated poems: 'Creature of the Night' & "Vampyre Night" '

[1351]: hey... no fair... alt.binaries.sounds.erotica doesn't actually have any sounds. And I wanted some orgasms. I'll have to sample my own now...
eleventh: woo!
wolfling: wooohooooo can i help you kat?
[1351]: why is it that just about everyone in this channel wants to cop off with me?
wolfling: cuz yer a girl!
[1351]: damn, where's Triskele? she's neglecting her position as channel sex symbol
eleventh: I don't. I just want to be tied to a wall and flogged by ya, Kat.
[1351]: I don't know... bloody social deviants, the lot of you.
eleventh is not a social deviant, and doesn't appreciate the implication.
[1351]: (eleventh: this is the point when you start slanging me about my drug habit in retribution for my accusation, I believe)
eleventh: Oh yeah, um, you god damn junkie. Gr.
[1351]: better
Aleister: i just considered your drug useage part of your considerable charm.
wolfling: i hate the internet, it interferes with my drug habits
cidal: haha
cidal: i need drugs
wolfling: i need water
wolfling: hmm maybe i'm a plant
wolfling: brb looking for water
[1351]: he has to look for it? what's he using? a dowsing rod?
wolfling: i live in the desert dammit
Aleister: i live in the desert.
[1351]: it's going to be shroom season here shortly. We'll have to ask our dealer to take us picking. He's got useful local knowledge
wolfling: allah akhbar
Aleister: the mojave.
Aleister: what desert do you live in
wolfling: amsterdam
eleventh: I live in some stereotypical goth-like emotional desert.
Aleister: and in what sense is amsterdam a desert
[1351]: well, at least it's a desert with whores and good needle exchange program
wolfling: it's full of arabs
Aleister: you're overqualified to be a goth; you have a brain.
eleventh: Aleister: Oh I know I'm not goth.
eleventh: But I look fine in black
wolfling: i just wear really dark grey
wolfling: i guess that makes me a sloth
[1351]: the clothes I'm wearing for the current quarter are black, blue, fluro-green, and... um... bloodstained. Oh well.
wolfling: mine are smudge sludge and drab colours
[1351]: let me guess... you mixed whites and coloureds in the wash?
eleventh: You're not supposed to mix white and colored clothes?
eleventh: hrm
Aleister: that only applies if you live in alabama.

wolfling: before you ask, urza i'm a stranger walked in from the net. from quotesVII
wolfling: a tiny moon just beyond yetmorequotes
eleventh: woo! A newbie that knows about all my emotional problems!

Squink: i remember when i was young....younger.. there was no mainstream internet, nobody had ever heard of it :)
Squink: was gerat
Squink: great
wolfling: i remember when people still went to pubs, played hide'n'seek, beat other ppl up for no reason other than sheer boredom... those were the days!!!
Aleister: people still beat other people up for no reason, they just use commercial jetliners to do it now.
[1351]: (topical gag of the hour award to Al)
Aleister: i'm glad it's a topical gag. those internally applied gags can be a bitch.
[1351]: <groan:
Aleister: i live to make you moan and groan, kat
[1351]: I don't doubt that, darling.

[1351]: I mostly just watch occasional bits of sci-fi, horror, and cartoons. I'm addicted to the net, but then, even when younger, I spent a lot of time with a computer. It's my ambition to be the first kid on my
block with microchips in my head. <g:
wolfling: you already have them
wolfling: the dentist implanted them
Aleister changes topic to 'Demand Fiber-to-Skull!!!!! '
Squink: kat: same.
Squink: i want my cybernetic implants damn you
[1351]: I've never had dental surgery.
Squink: i want my ghost in the shell style body
[1351] has perfect teeth.
[1351]: barring the build-ups which need redoing
wolfling: impossible yer a junkie. they have no teeth!!!
Aleister: of course you had dental surgery, you just don't remember it because of the anaesthesia
[1351]: bloody stereotypes
wolfling: LOL
[1351]: look, I get bleeding gums, and that's IT, okay?!?!
wolfling: the dentist gave you your drug habit in the first place
Aleister: yea, it's not because she's a junkie that she has no teeth, it's because she's in england
[1351]: eleventh, I think you have competition
Aleister: so there.

[1351] titters
wolfling tatters
Aleister jots
Squink jumps up and down excitedly
wolfling totters
[1351]: wolfling: so, is this the sort of high-quality conversation you were hoping for? <g>
wolfling: yeah exactly it!!!

wolfling: i just wanted to talk bullshit with a group of people who know their independent thoughtforms. :)
[1351]: independant what?
[1351] smirks
wolfling: yeah those
wolfling: you know the funnypeople in yer heads that tell you to do evil things but you tell them fuck off and do it yourself

eleventh exists again.
[1351]: welcome back to the pit of unspeakable tedium. please enjoy your stay

[1351] is currently enjoying "Shooting Stars"
wolfling: you like shooting stars?
[1351]: very much
wolfling: if i had a gun i 'd go out and shoot one everyday
[1351]: hee
Squink: ah
Squink: this is that quotes where i only say "lol" and "rofl"
wolfling: or if i had a plane for that matter
[1351]: someone could always aim a plane at the MTV awards...
wolfling: i'd fly it to beverly hills
wolfling: mtv awards good idea
[1351]: i think getting someone else to do it would probably be a better idea
wolfling: yeah you are clever
[1351]: i know
eleventh: If I had to crash a plane into anything, I'd crash it into a parallel universe. Pisses me off, all those people looking so much like us....
wolfling: i think i should listyen to you more before undertaking any rash operations
wolfling: lol 11th
[1351]: Yeah. Cos I'm really a paragon of how to live a long and healthy life...
wolfling: you might hit the cast from sliders!!!
[1351]: rotfl
wolfling: LOL
eleventh: wolfling: those are bonus points, right?
wolfling: that goes without saying 11th

wolfling: i love my bass it's a very old battered fender precision and i put a sticker on it saying: only users lose drugs. it's the only sticker i have on it

eleventh writes goth poetry "The darkness of my pain is filled with despair, etc..."
[1351]: put in on a badly designed web site, I'll give it an award
[1351]: We've got some old magazines around here with original-editional early 80s bad goth poetry...
Riordan: "The raven cries...and it pierces into the center of my dark angst."
[1351]: not bad... good use of the word "angst"... would be better if it was in a really forced rhyming structure
wolfling: your eyes pierce my body like the needles of the pain that i endure. release me from your dark enchanting spell and give me back my nintendo you bitch!!!
[1351]: LOL
Riordan: ha!
[1351] considers running a #thee_vortex Pitiful Goth Poetry contest.
wolfling: hmm i should replace body with heart. that always goes down well with those bats
Riordan: lol
[1351]: I'll send a ready-set syringe of a mystery substance to the winner.
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Riordan: whoo-hoo
[1351]: eeep
[1351]: netsplit
[1351]: bigtime netsplit
[1351]: Oh woe is me, in the blackest pit of my depression, for the net has split, and the cursed sun shines through, the torn and tatttered web

[1351]: may your drugs be clean and your sexual partners dirty

teckyong: anyway...I had a most amusing encounter with some local pagans here...heh
teckyong: anyone been to the burning man festival?
eleventh: not me. I wanted to except for the price and location
teckyong: well...local pagans don't like that...'just an excuse for depravity"
eleventh: heh. dorks.
[1351]: and what the fuck's wrong with an excuse for depravity, I'd like to know?
teckyong: I find that funny
[1351]: for that matter, who needs a fucking excuse?
teckyong: well...wait till u hear what they said to me! lol
[1351]: depravity is a worthwhile art form in its own right, dammit!
[1351]: Wulf says the analysis sounds about right... but what do they mean "just"?
teckyong: I told them about the Ancient Ways festival which is at a nude resort. The girl said "excuse me. I am eating" the guy became tensed up suddenly.
[1351]: LOL
eleventh: EW! NAKED PEOPLE!
eleventh: They probably have cooties too!
[1351]: do we think that someone has yet to get over their repressions...
teckyong: he questioned me and asked if I were "expecting any depravity" there
teckyong: like he is judging me or something
[1351]: have you taken the opportunity to tell them all about your assorted bdsm loving, drug-soaked, chaos magician friends yet?
eleventh: He was judging you. Which places him in the position of being a worthless shit.
eleventh: hehe
[1351]: (shocking the prudish is one of life's simple joys...)
teckyong: Kat: I am not allowed to mention "sex" or matters of a sexual nature in the group.
eleventh: lol
[1351]: what species of pagan are these, anyway?
eleventh: Twinkie "My parents will hate this and I get to wear cool jewelry" Pagans.
[1351]: have you given them my URL yet?
eleventh: teckyong: tell them to look up tantra and take some psilocybin.
teckyong: Kat: we need to investigate the water source here! lol
teckyong: anyway, what's wrong with nudity anyway?
[1351] thinks you should give them a collection of pagan URLs (deathandhell.com, my site, chaosmatrix, whatever) "just to see what they think", and let us know of the responses
[1351]: teckyong: absolutely nothing
teckyong: the girl was like...ewww I am eating and the guy got tensed up...and really intense
[1351]: unless you're a repressed git with so many hang-ups that you're suspended from the ceiling
teckyong: maybe I should not join the group...
[1351]: maybe you shouldn't
[1351]: but you could have some fun with them before you give them the boot <g:
teckyong: that's when he mentioned the Burning Man thingy
teckyong: and said it is just an excuse for people to do drugs and have sex.
[1351]: well, yeah, for some people, not that there's anything WRONG with that...
[1351] lights a joint
teckyong: yeah
teckyong: I totally support Kat's junkie obsession as long as I don't have to actually pay for it...

Xaronzon: to quote Zaphod Beeblebrox... "my heads hurts"

NpK: dude
cidal: man
[1351]: cowabunga?

Aleister: brits don't shoot each other over drug deals much.
Aleister: they just breathe on each other, that's normally fatal enough.

[1351]: Ouchy the S&M Clown: http://www.ouchytheclown.com/

teckyong: Kat: did I tell u this pagan dude's moral statement?
teckyong: He said: "If I know of anyone practising magic for personal gain, I would stop him."
[1351]: what does HE practice magick for then?
`Max`: i know some wiccans who only practice magick to (a) heal the earth or (b) help plants grow
teckyong: according to him..kinda like peace for the world...world peace
teckyong: yep. world peace
[1351]: well, I suppose it's easy to claim good results if the only rituals you perform are to ensure such events such as the sun rising
eleventh: teckyong: do you know anything about this person? Like their name? Do they have a picture online? Do you have some of their hair?
`Max`: whirled peas? they're out of season.
teckyong: eleventh: why...?
eleventh: teck: I feel like tossing an Eris Quake their way.
teckyong: oh Kat u should see them...after giving me that talk about no 'sex' talk and nude issues, they 'assured' me that they are not offended as they are quite 'hardy'
eleventh: heh
[1351]: hardy, huh?
[1351]: send 'em in here, I say
triskele: hah, well put.
teckyong: I mean...why the fuck do u need 'nerves of
steel' to be able to hear the word 'naked'

teckyong: triskele: are there any cheerleaders at your
triskele: There are cheerleaders.
triskele: male ones, too!
teckyong: woo
[1351]: they are apparently tasty
teckyong: male ones....?
teckyong: are they gay?
[1351]: (teckyong lives in hope)
triskele: lol.
triskele: I don't know.
eleventh: They are. They are VERY gay. They're so gay I
can't even finish this sentence.

eleventh would lick Kat if not for the blood and such
[1351] grins
[1351]: c'mon little girl... lick me... you know you want
to... I'm hallucinogenic...
[1351]: (sorry... am I just being sleazy now?)
eleventh: yes, but that's good
[1351]: well, then. good
eleventh licks [1351] slowly....
[1351] cackles
eleventh leaves a trail of bloody saliva along her skin
[1351]: You know, we probably ought to have a gratuitous
imagery warning on this channel...
eleventh: nah. people figure it out

Topic is 'http://www.enteract.com/~guru/java/pogo.html -
"During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set
of footprints..."'

Sq: heh, i have an interview at burger king next month (go me..)
[1351] could NOT cope with that. I'd stick a coffee stirrer in the eye of the first person who irritated me.

[1351]: haven't seen you around in a while
Infamus: I came here today because I thought this is the only place where I can outline my theory that "THEY" wanted to
free Yog Sothoth, who is said to dwell within the penatgon, without being taken serious
Infamus: but then I realized that he was banished by a bunch of hippies in the 60s who chanted OUT DEMON OUT
DEMON for a couple of days before they got maced
[1351]: damn... does this mean my official Foul
Worshipper of the Great Old Ones card isn't going to be any use now?
Infamus: wait... you are in the senate??
[1351]: No! The Illuminati, dolt! <g:
[1351]: oops...
[1351]: forget I said that...
Infamus: sshhh!
Infamus: you never know if a secret chief might be scanning this room
[1351]: oh they are... what do you think the znrelay bot is for...

[1351] wonders if she'd get any money if she busked at a
tube station with a bardly scrawled sign reading: "Unemployed.
Need money for drug habit."
teckyong: u just need to change the wordings abit
`Max` sets mode: +o zaldia
teckyong: let me help...
teckyong: erm...
[1351]: "will work for drugs"?
`Max`: it would work, kat
zaldia pokes teck
zaldia: hey teck
[1351]: "away and shite yer fuckin' fucker"?
`Max`: "Unemployed. Need money for drug habit."
[1351]: Please give generously...
`Max`: nah
`Max`: that's just begging
Aleister smooches kat
[1351]: LOL
teckyong: "Royal Princess stranded in London. Father
and brothers killed by rebels. Will marry for money."
`Max`: i think that first idea would work splendidly
`Max`: i would contribute

[1351]: Excerpt from the Dark-Black-Magick list
description: Many Black Magical lists have Taboo's with regards to
the frontier of the basal qualities of human psyche. The true
exploration of evil is suppressed. On this list the flood gates of the
flame will be let open.
Aleister: apparently one of the taboos they did away with
was english grammar.

Psylt@znet: "Hello Cervix! I'm Glans! Good
to meet you! I'm gonna break you open now, OK? It's gonna hurt
us both a lot, but shhhhhh! Don't tell the humans this right off! It'll
be funny to see them scream!"

Psylt@znet: The vicar of Santa Domingo
Psylt@znet: Said to the curate, "By jingo!
Psylt@znet: Blast women and boys,
Psylt@znet: I need some new joys!"
Psylt@znet: And he promptly fucked a flamingo.

[1351]: " This list is for all spells. Pagon, wiccian, non-
denominational, black, or white. The more you send to the list, the
larger it will grow. You can send spells, hexes, rituals,
envocations, thoughts, or even BOS's.. it's all up to you! Just
send e-mails to spell@onelist.com Key words: wiccian,
pagon, spells, hexes, envocations, rituals, gods, practitoner,
candle, magick, magic."
`Max`: that's sad
`Max`: can you say "The Craft" ? =P
`Max`: i'm going to the pagon pride festivel tomorow. i
think that there will be lots and lots of wiccians there. i hop one
will share with me there secret BOS1!
[1351] actually picked through that movie, and
successfully argued that every situation in it could theoretically
occur under real magickal conditions.
[1351]: So I was very bored

eleventh: Once upon a time
eleventh: There was an apple
eleventh: Not a beloved red apple
eleventh: but one of those outcast green apples
[1351] likes green apples.
eleventh does too
eleventh: But the other apples didn't like him
eleventh: and he was a sad green apple
eleventh: Finding acceptance nowhere, he was about to
go off himself when Satan appeared.
eleventh: He and Satan became best friends and he lived
happily ever after.
eleventh: His foes, however, were in substantially worse
eleventh: The end.
[1351]: great story
[1351] applauds
eleventh: Thank you
[1351]: gives me a lovely warm feeling insude :)
eleventh: My stories do that, I'm led to understand. Is
nausea warm?

[1351] changes topic to '"Hello? Customer support? I'd like to kill someone please..."'

eleventh: damn. now this is going to be a tough one. Go to zHouse and get my ass bound as I sigilize the place, or stay
unbound and naked pudding wrestle trisk?

Sq: on a slightly more amusing note, last night i attached
a wine sealer to my cheek and it burst all the blood vessels, so
now i have a big circular bruise on my cheek.
Sq: hence i havent left the house today.
[1351]: I did that to my chin with a glass once
Sq: lol