There and then it happens that nothing really interesting passes in the channel, that you're just plain bored, or that you and some others decide that you want to have some other fun.

As for #Thee_Vortex there is only one rule regarding baiting:


That rule was introduced way back in #zcluster when no op was available and some folks decided to have a Musli. Since the channel was not set to secret mode, they soon had a Musli invasion.

Usually baiting results in being banned from that channel. The winner is who is banned fastest. There and then, or rather if you do it frequently it can result in a permanent ban, which can be tricked if you login at IRC with a different e-mail address or host. But be warned - if you do so, X, the channel bot, will not recognise you and you won't get ops.

There and then another problem arises. By now they frequently set the channel +m, which means that the channel is moderated and that you need to get a voice to be able to chat with those buggers. Usually you get one as soon as you join - if they don't know what your intention is yet that is. But they remove the voice as soon as they find you annoying.

One of the more common ways to do so in #Thee_Vortex is to go to other channels for baiting - to make fun of those buggers. The prime targets herefor are the fundamentalist Christians. Others are the Muslis <g> (Muslim) and Wiccans.

So far we haven't found a channel of the Witlesses (Jehova) or Scientology etc.

Here's a list were you can bait:

CheeseUs is the Lord of All - Christian Channels:

Great lines to bait them include:

ILUVChrist: Jesus has taken me
Pendarric: Jesus has taken you?!? Say, did it hurt?

Pendarric: Who cares what some old farts wrote in the middle of a desert with no water whatsoever?

Yandros: GOD IS GAY!!! He had to fuck only one woman and even then he sent someone else to do it. And why does he only have MALE angels? Explain that.

Tarod: Ever wondered how Jesus really looked like? I mean, it's kinda hard to picture a mixture between a dove and a human.

Tarod: One question: If nuns are the brides of Jesus, what does that make priests? Are they brides too? After all they all wear skirts.

Yandros: So, the spook came over you? How was he?

Pendarric: The virgin birth! Hah. Just a poor excuse for Joe having a too tiny dick.

Have a Musli - Fundamentalist Muslim (are there any other?)


Ye Guardians of Mother Earth or the Fluffy Bunnies - Wiccans


Ask them whether they are Satanists. And bug them with the threefold law.

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