IRC Basics

The IRC network is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk.

To be able to chat in #Thee_Vortex, you first have to download an IRC program such as mIRCH or PIRCH.

Here are some links where you can download it:



Once IRC is installed all you need to do is Connect to a server, Join a channel, and Chat!

As soon as you've entered a few basic pieces of information about yourself in the Setup dialog, you can select an IRC Server from the servers list and click on the Connect button. For meeting with other Z(cluster) members on #Thee_Vortex you will have to connect to an UNDERnet server. There a bot (X) keeps our channel open, ops those he recognises and in extreme cases keeps out those we don't want in there :)


You'll know you've connected when the IRC server shows you it's Message Of The Day, which contains information about that server, and you'll then be able to join a channel to start talking to people.

Some information is needed before you can join however:

Real Name: don't be silly, nobody uses it, just enter whatever you want.

e-mail address: It would actually be good if you would pick one and never change it again for IRC, because if you should become an operator, the bot recognises you partly because of that address. It's not necessary to use your real one tho.

Nickname and alternative: Pick a name you'd like to be called on IRC, be warned however, it might already be used by someone else.


To join a channel, you first have to know it's name, since you are reading this I assume you actually might be interested in coming to #Thee_Vortex. So, as soon as you're connected to UNDERnet, simply type

/JOIN #Thee_Vortex

The regulars are usually there at around 23 to 2 MEZ (GMT +1).


Other useful commands include:


/ME <message> Tells the current channel what you are doing

/MSG <nickname> <message> Sends a private message to <nickname>

/WHOIS <nickname> Shows the information about <nickname>

/NICK <newname> Changes your name to <newname>


Coloured text:


Press <Cntrl> + <K> and then you pick the colour by it's number code.


0 white

1 black

2 blue

3 green

4 lightred

5 brown

6 purple

7 orange

8 yellow

9 lightgreen

10 cyan

11 lighcyan

12 lightblue

13 pink

14 grey

15 lightgrey

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