Energy Manipulation


electrica: it's just too fucking cold here
Dakarren: well, thats one thing hawaii has
Dakarren: its not to cold
electrica: and the people are more uptight.. in arizona.. it's too damn hot to have a stick up up our ass
electrica: man, it'd be nice to be somewhere warm. it's all snowy out.
Dakarren: I've been casting storm and wind spells just to cool the place down a little
electrica: the only room in my place that gets heat is my bedroom..
electrica: and since i'm not a magician i can't really rustle up some fire ;)
electrica is a student
Dakarren: well, if you do come here, I'd like to offer you a place to stay, but well, I live with my parents now. Im still in college, and dont have a job to afford a house here (houses here are freakin' expensive. Townhouses cost over a hundred grand)
Dakarren: Its kinda doubtful that I could
electrica: salright.. it's kinda doubtful i could rustle up $ to fly off to hawaii anyway ;p
Dakarren: true dat
electrica: man
electrica: have you ever just been in one place
Dakarren: yer only a student of magick
electrica: lived in one placed
Dakarren: well, everyone is
Dakarren: heh
Dakarren: hell yeah
electrica: that's how it is here
Dakarren: I've been here all my life
Dakarren: but then again, things are rather okay here
electrica: i have friends that .. really.. i just love them... there isn't really a lack of interesting people.
electrica: but it's the same people i've always known... even the new people i meet, it's just the same people
electrica: as for magick.. right now i'm a student of all theories of life right now, an explanation for wtf we're doing here, and i'm absorbing magick as a theory, therefore not actually performing it
Dakarren: I kinda know what you mean
electrica: i think i need to go to arizona and start -CLEAN-.
electrica: recharge myself intellectually
electrica: and socially
Dakarren: well, in my opinion, practice is everything, with magick. Paradigms and learning increases the spells you might do, but practice is the only way to do them
Dakarren: I dunno.. are things really as boring around you as you say?
Dakarren: well, do what you feel is right
electrica: i do small amounts of magic, but i don't follow spells traditionally, thus far i haven't really paid attention to (get this herb and chant this), but i'll focus on something, and a couple of times it seems to have worked.
electrica: i don't know if i place much stock in pomp-and-circumstance magick for myself, personally
electrica: some people might need it in order to be able to focus their energies but it seems like if i were to do it, it'd have to be entirely self-contained.
electrica: self-produced.
electrica: as for how boring things around here are... lessay things go in cycles.. and i can see the cycles of this place years down the road.
electrica: stick around someplace long enough and you see things repeat, i think]
Dakarren: true dat
Dakarren: on both accounts
Dakarren: I rarely use any trappings at all on my magick
electrica: i have a scent that i attached myself to.. dragon's blood.. i wear it as a perfume and i put it on things of mine that i want to be 'marked' as mine
electrica: i.e. this necklace i have
Dakarren: normally, I either lie in bed, with my grimoire on my book-hanger above me, and I cast a spell by creating a ball of energy with a sigil, and chanting a mantra
electrica: other than that... not really anything else that i consider trappings
Dakarren: or, I stand up and do the same thing
Dakarren: if I ever evoke something, I make up my own speech to it
electrica: i need to start meditating again
electrica: i think that's part of my problem lately :(
Dakarren: do you have any questions about magick?
Dakarren: now, that, I do know stuff about
electrica: not particularly.. it's something i'm taking very slowly... right now i'm just focusing on feeling it around me and watching how it shifts everything
Dakarren: good idea
electrica: everyting is connected to -everything-
Dakarren: one thing you have(at least to me, its imperitive) is being able to move energy around your body, and secrete it
Beacon11: build your sensetivity by perceiving the infinite worlds within the infinite worlds around you
electrica: and right now i'm just absorbing and watching and learning
Dakarren: thats good
Dakarren: but practice is key
Dakarren: I spent years absorbing all the chaos magick writings I could find, and I didnt get a lick better until I started pracicing the basics, like wind/rain manipulation, and meditating
electrica: i've been using energy to tap into myself, so to speak
Dakarren: good
Dakarren: one excersize you have to do is to be able to shift energy around in yourself
Beacon11: at the same time, it's also good to work on inner transformation
electrica: one reason i'm really so hard focused on sex is because it's a really intense, powerful display of energy and what two people can do together.
Dakarren: thats true
Dakarren: have you ever had body pains?
electrica: and what happens between the two people, in them as individuals, in them as a couple
Beacon11: one of the keys to effective magick (and thus living) is uniting the Microcosm (the inner world) and the Macrocosm (the outer "external" world)
electrica: body pains...
Dakarren: yeah
Dakarren: I get em all the time.. bad posture, I think
electrica: i've got asthma... allergies.. epilepsy.. scoliosis..
electrica: that what cha mean?
Dakarren: well, more of just pain
Dakarren: like aches
electrica: i get migraines.
Dakarren: I got allergies
electrica: i used to get serious, puking migraines.
Dakarren: but my magick doesnt work too well on that, I stop sneezin for a while, tho
electrica: on a daily basis,
Dakarren: poor you
Dakarren: serious
Dakarren: well, try this
Dakarren: when you have a headache
electrica: for the most part those went away but i still get them once in a while
Dakarren: sit or lie down, and sort of move the energy toward your head, and focus on stopping the pain
Dakarren: in my expirience, when you move energy, it feels like subtle waves moving within your body
Dakarren: its kind of hard to explain
Dakarren: but all magick I do, has to do with the movement of energy, accompanied with visualization
electrica: beacon, everything is perception.. and i'm wondering if it all just boils down to the individual's completeness with his or her mind.
electrica: i've tried that with my lungs
electrica: sometimes i get these lung sicknesses.. where i just have terrible asthma for a few days, wheeze constantly, lungs ache.. (happens a lot actually)... and i tried just clearing the negative energy out of my lungs...
Dakarren: such as, when I manipulate the wind, I close my eyes, clear my mind, and move energy from my body, to the outside, and visualize that energy I let off, as affecting the outside energies and moving the wind, or stoppingit
Dakarren: I do that when ridding myself of body pains too. I close my eyes, and put my hand on the ache, and flow the energy to that point, healingme
Dakarren: it works on all body pains I get
electrica: it's hard to say whether it worked or not, because my lungs always clear up eventually.. they cleared up within a few days, but who's to say what did that?
Dakarren: well, no matter, what, think that YOu did it
electrica: it was more of a flowing the energy THROUGH my lungs and OUT of me.
Dakarren: because, It'll give you confidence
Dakarren: that works
Dakarren: and, dont worry about losing energy
electrica: like a river washing away something, i think.
Dakarren: exactly! thats the feeling
electrica: bah. i know for as much energy is around me, i sure as hell ain't worried about being depleted
electrica: because I *HAVE* been observing, and there's an electricness that goes through everything
Dakarren: true
Dakarren: but aleph as enlightened me to another posibility
electrica: and i can just draw on that.. i don't feel that i can deplete myself or my surroundings... as huge as this world is
Dakarren: he says, when he gets energy, he just lets it spontaneously appear
electrica: 'lets'?
electrica: is that word specially chosen?
Dakarren: he says, its just a matter of making yourself forget that scientific 'law' that energy cannot be created or destroyed
Dakarren: so, by knowingly un-acknowleging that rule, you can just spring energy from nowhere
Dakarren: I tried it. it works
electrica: is it truly from nowhere, or is it drawn from the world? how do you know the difference?
Dakarren: I know
electrica: basically... define 'nowhere'.
electrica: ;)
Dakarren: energy I draw from the world, has a sort of flavor to it
Dakarren: energy I draw from nowhere, well, it feels like it belongs to me from the start
Dakarren: Heck I dont know
Dakarren: maybe im just sucking it in from another dimention or something
electrica: part of the whole magick problem is
Dakarren: all I know is that I gain energy without depleting my surroundings
electrica: hmmm
electrica: i grok
electrica: as for the sentence i started earlier... :) magick is one of those things that i think has to have one's full heart in, full belief
electrica: am i wrong here?
electrica: and i've been having a hard time releasing myself from traditional scientific thinking.. it's not entirely out of grasp for me to see this energy around me, and for me to perhaps even manipulate it
electrica: but it's like walking into the water... "ok.. got my toes in... up to my knee..."
electrica: i donno how to describe it.
Dakarren: yep
Dakarren: I understand
electrica: it's really been frustrating me and pissing me off. it seems that if i want it badly enough, it ought to be -there-
electrica: and especially by magickal thinking, if i think, i am
electrica: which makes me wonder why i can't think and then can't be
Dakarren: well, if its easier to believe for you, to draw energy from your surroundings (unscientific anyway), by all means, do it
electrica: oh.. i'm not saying that it's harder for me to believe about having energy from 'nowhere'
electrica: that actually isn't too much further at all
electrica: but just, stepping back, looking at this whole philosophy, this whole scheme of things, it boggles me
Dakarren: I just find that people who tend to draw energy from the land, have a hard time doing magick on other lands
Dakarren: well, lets talk about what boggles you
Dakarren: tell me
electrica: do you feel the energy that comes from 'nowhere' is like a pure energy... like, the water to the world energy's kool-aid\?
Dakarren: yep
Dakarren: I do
electrica: or is it an energy that just has a different 'flavor' and is foreign?
Dakarren: well, actually, i think its flavored by the one calling it
electrica: it seems that if it were from another dimension it would just have a different, foreign flavor rather than be 'pure'
electrica: well, do you recognize your own flavor?
Dakarren: like, when either AC or I call it, it feels like our energy
Dakarren: yes
Dakarren: I do
electrica: can you separate that? and examine it impartially?
Dakarren: I guess I can
Dakarren: sertain types of energy feels different
electrica: see.. it seems to me.. if it were from another dimension, it'd be hard to tell if it were 'pure' or just foreign... if it was truly pure that would suggest something larger than different dimensions
Dakarren: like, to me, unless I convert it into my own, other people's energy gives me minor bodyaches. this is to be expected, I hear
electrica: convert it into your own?
Dakarren: energy from the winds and air usually has a 'cooling' feeling on the body
Dakarren: energy from the ground often has a warm feeling
Dakarren: same with the sun
electrica: to me, personally, i'd want to absorb the energy, and work it into the fabric in me and around me..
electrica: other people really hold an enigma to me.
electrica: shit, i'm a psych major. :)
Dakarren: yeah, well, assimilating energy is a basic trick.. all psychic vampires have to know it
Dakarren: basically, you take the alien energy, and sort of will it to be like your energhy
electrica: i grok that.. but what makes it so alien?
electrica: to the extent of bodyaches/
Dakarren: for me, I visualize my energy being a certain color (bluish purple for me) and the energy I take in being a different color
Dakarren: and I blend the energy into my color
electrica: heh. mine would be red. :)
Dakarren: well, everybody has their own energy patterns
Dakarren: see
electrica: energy patterns is one thing... but why would it be so distressing?
Dakarren: its everyone's own version of the octarine color(if you read peter carrol)
Dakarren: think about this
electrica: isn't part of the goal of it all is to understand humans?
electrica: and to unify with them?
Dakarren: why is it so, that blood types have to be matched up to the human thats getting transfused?
electrica: hmmmm...
electrica: i get it.
Dakarren: good
electrica: i really get it in a larger scope now... and i'm thinking of someone in specific ...
electrica: and i'm thinking of how his energy effects mine.. and i'm just understanding why the fuck we work together so well.
Dakarren: same type of energy?
electrica: almost... like, complement
electrica: not the same type of energy
Dakarren: nice
electrica: but say ... our patterns fit together
Dakarren: thats great
electrica: at the edges
electrica: it really makes sense to me.. and should have been more obvious to me really because i've always gotten strong vibes and shit from people.
Dakarren: this enegy difference, is why some people get headaches and nausea when absorbing loads of energy from nature
Dakarren: wiccans know about this
Dakarren: yeah.. I think you might be more energy-sensative than I am
Dakarren: I can usually tune into energy patterns only when concentrating on doing so
girlslut: it seems that, as humans, we could achieve greater enlightenment as a rce and within ourselves if we could absorb energy patterns without having it affect us to the point of body aches
electrica: d'you think it's something basic that can never be changed, from how abrasive our race has grown towards one another?.. or is it something that comes from inhibitions?
Dakarren: hm?
electrica: well
Dakarren: yes, I think it can
Dakarren: I went from a blue energy pattern to a purple blue one
Dakarren: by will alone
Dakarren: it just takes changing your entire belief what color your energy is
Dakarren: well, thats not true
Dakarren: I went from blue, to white, to bluish purple
electrica: well.. in the end.. do colors really matter?
Dakarren: when I was trying to determine what sort of energy 'flavor' has the most power
electrica: <the only rheathorical question i've asked i think :)
Dakarren: well, it does, I think
electrica: color is a perception...
Dakarren: colors have a symbolic meaning to the people who have them
Dakarren: also, some colors are better at different things
electrica: why are some colors better at different things?
electrica: seems to me that it's mental energy, it's self-inflicted
Dakarren: like, a friend of mind taught me about "white fireballs", which are offensive spells, which had much more intensity than the blue or red ones that I used to use
Dakarren: I dont truly know how to answer this
Dakarren: hey seek, whats the significance of colors in energy patterns?
electrica: well.. not significance.. but what makes colors powerful? is it, at that point, psychological, and intimate to that person?
electrica: or is it something that's universal?
Beacon11: well, I think that since there's not too much agreement on the matter of aura coloring, I'd say it's a personal thing
Dakarren: whats odd, is why some colors seem to work for different people better
electrica: i don't even visualzee this energy that i've been observing to have any color at all... it's like water
electrica: which just takes on the color of the sky
electrica: it seems like there's a specific question i could ask ...
electrica: but i can't quite put my mind on it.. so i've been tossing out all these questions ;)
Dakarren: 's okay
Dakarren: Im not really doing anything
Dakarren: well, I dunno
electrica: it's like... in my mind... it's sort of forumlated, but not to the point where i can *look* at it, and it's driving me nuts
Dakarren: it could very well be psychological significance
Dakarren: well, some people view things differently
Dakarren: maybe, the pragmatic approach would be best. why do you want to know this, for what purpose
electrica: colors have long been proven to have psychological significance... like blue is soothing and cooling... does that apply to the color of your energy pattern?
electrica: why?... um.
electrica: i don't even know where the whole colors thing came up from.
Dakarren: when Im beseiged by doubt or puzzlement, I refer to the good ol second rule of 'Murphey's Laws of combat'
electrica: basically.. i wonder how to take these energy patterns from people... and be able to examine and absorb them... but apparently they cause body aches?.. and i'm just wondering why they'd be so abrasive.
electrica: it could be something as simple as blood types, aye..
Dakarren: "If it's stupid, but works, it ain't stupid"
electrica: hehe
Dakarren: well, I think its actually the soul type
electrica: blood types = figuratively speaking :)
Dakarren: when people exist, their existance does change their immortal soul, correct? or there would be know reason to live
Dakarren: know-no
electrica: there are certain souls i wouldn't want to absorb...
Dakarren: now, the soul is the control-center of all the energy in the person's spirit
Dakarren: therefore, like blood to a body, the soul would adapt all ambient energy into itself
electrica: ...?
Dakarren: it just has to do with the soul, I guess
electrica: hmm
Dakarren: like, I changed the color of my energy
Dakarren: and, in doing so, I changed msyelf.. I can sort of feel the changes
Dakarren: I noticed, while I had white energy, I was more violent, more aggresive
Dakarren: when I switched to purple though, the rage I always have is less prominent, and i feel more calm
electrica: is the behavior change a result of the color change, or is the color change the reuslt of the behavior change?
electrica: what's first, the chick'n or the egg? :)
Dakarren: I think its the color change
Dakarren: because, the soul invariably determines the type of person you are, right?
electrica: change the energy...
electrica: and the energy changes yourself
Dakarren: when you change the soul, you then change yourself
electrica: aye
Dakarren: yep
Dakarren: its interesting
Dakarren: purple has two significances
electrica: ?
Dakarren: one, is its a 'sexual' color, acclaimed by peter carroll (or pope pete), another, is its a "magickal color" a sort of color of the energy itself, to some, which is why amathyst is supposed to increase your magick energy, and thirdly, according to asian beliefs, the bluish purple color which I have taken on, is the energy of the Angels
Dakarren: now, just now, I realized, I have been taking on traits of all the different significances
Dakarren: I've been hornier
Dakarren: for some reason, I can do my magick easier
Dakarren: and lastly, I've been a calmer, nicer person
electrica: i've been insatiably horny.
electrica: it's almost comical.
electrica: it's not necessarily something i want to -change-.. but get to the source of.
Dakarren: well, red is also a sexual color, from a different source.. i forget what
electrica: basically, what's been getting my goat is, we've covered -is- but just kind of skirted around -why- :)
electrica: but then .. i guess the -why- would be the reason for existence.
Dakarren: yeah
Dakarren: well, I dont rightly know why
Dakarren: never really bothered to study it until now
electrica: i've been trying to figure out -why- all my life.
electrica: it's like being told that the universe is infinite. well, what's OUTSIDE of that? c'mon, you can't tell me this thing just goes on forever and ever.'
Dakarren: why not?
Dakarren: what if the universe is infinite, and we just cant comprehend it?
electrica: and then it gets down to... WHY.. and *HOW* is it infinite?
electrica: cuz really, infinity is a boggling concept
Dakarren: then, I would ask, why would it be finite, and how would you restrict space?
electrica: and how, or what, can make it this thing?
gbryal: They are boggling because they are arbitrary and false.
Dakarren: who says someone made it? just for the sake of argument?
Dakarren: or anything
gbryal: Time and space keep things from all happening at once in one place.
gbryal: Or make them seem to.
electrica: seems like 'someone out there' would contain the universe.
Dakarren: perhaps, its just a cycle
electrica: or something out there.
electrica: the big bang theory could even be a cycle..
gbryal: What if there is no time, no space.
gbryal: Pretty hard to prove. Better to see what's on television.
Dakarren: I mean, scientifically "matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed"
Dakarren: so, what if its a cycle
electrica: as the universe is currently repealing down on itself..
electrica: and what causes it to be that cycle?
Dakarren: ha! I know the answer to that one
Dakarren: well, in the big bang theory
electrica: why is it the instinct to become that cycle?
Dakarren: there's an explosion, which propells matter and energy out with amazing force
Dakarren: now, all the bits of matter and energy, while moving, form into the galaxies, planets, etc
Dakarren: while still propelled outward by the force
Dakarren: when the force ceases to act upon the celestial bodies
Dakarren: the inital gravity, causes the celestial bodies to reconverge, to be drawn towards another, as thats how gravity works
electrica: aye, i've heard that theory.. that it explodes out and draws back in again
Dakarren: ya
Dakarren: cyclic
electrica: aye.. energy comes full circle
Dakarren: the thing is, who really knows
electrica: and that's the thing! :P
Dakarren: hehehe
electrica: i think i ought to attempt sleep
Dakarren: wanna know something interesting, before you go?
electrica: sure
Dakarren: scientists have discovered that natural mass of the celestial bodies (such as planets, stars, black holes, etc) dont create enough gravity to hold galaxies together
electrica: huh.. then what's holding galaxies together? that'd be the question, then, eh?
Dakarren: however, they theorize, and I think somone might have 'proved' the existance of a type of nearly undetectable substance in space, which has gravity
electrica: actually i think i've even heard this theory before
Dakarren: those objects, now, this is the strange part, have both the proporties of matter and energy
Dakarren: they seem to be in flux, switching between matter and energy
Dakarren: now, when you think about it, ghost phenomena is the same
electrica: hmmmm.... i don't rmeember that part...
Dakarren: ghosts are energy groups, which do read on various tech scans
electrica: is it in -space- or is it in space that they've discovered this?
Dakarren: also, they seem to have the quantities of matter during various poltergiest activity
Dakarren: they've discovered it in space
electrica: hmmmmm
Dakarren: but I postulate, that perhaps, those things theyve found in space are ghosts?
Dakarren: Its all theory, but dont you say, it makes a marginal amount of sense?
electrica: ...and if space really were infinite... if it really did cycle forever and ever... it would need to be infinite.
electrica: a marginal amount :)
Dakarren: well, in such a vague topic, thats all one can hope for
Dakarren: goodnight
electrica: nite
Dakarren: and, if you can, practice the magick. you're only as good as your practice permits