Enochian Magick

Augoras: woden, odo cicle qaa!
Augoras: ol sonf vorsg boho iad balt lanzo woden capzirdo
Augoras: (i don't need to copy & paste my enochian)
AlephCult just can't figure out enochian magick
Augoras: that's the beauty...
Augoras: there's no easy way to define or systematically teach it
AlephCult: well I can't even figure out a starting point
AlephCult: I can't find enough about it to begin practice
Augoras: aleph, try the 1st & 2nd keys out loud as a spell
Augoras: the keys are way easy to get
AlephCult: yeah I know
Augoras: try skrying the keys
Augoras: or just copy & paste them in all caps to irc. either way
AlephCult: but what, you just say the keys and something is supposed to happen?
Augoras: aleph, yeah, 1st & 2nd relate to 2 different aspects of spirit.
Augoras: they keys tend to change the atmosphere
Augoras: the 19th key is used to travel to aethyrs
AlephCult: Augoras: What about the middle ones
Augoras: elements
AlephCult: See, I just don't know enough about the cosmology of enochian
Augoras: air of fire, water of fire, fire of fire, etc. (not in that order)
Woden: I've heard that term before, i don't know alot about enochen, what is this term, travel the aethyrs?
Augoras: aleph, just don't read schueler
AlephCult: Augoras: well I read the enochian reference doc at the chaos matrix, but I still don't get it
Augoras: schueler has the most stuff out there, but the least worth reading
AlephCult: Augoras: the enochian reference document is pretty good, but fairly brief
Augoras: aleph, also lotsa enochian planetary spirits & elemental spirits ...
Augoras: years worth of research could be done just on those things alone
Augoras: I say start with the keys.
Augoras: the best book to start with is "Elizabethan Magick" by Turner.
AlephCult: Augoras: could you give me a rundown on this kind of stuff? how do you do magick with it? what kind of spirits are there, how do you use the big table, what are the aethyrs?
Augoras: only 1 chapter is on enochian, but that one chapter is really good
Augoras: lotsa questions & was planning to leave in a moment.
Augoras: could you narrow it down?
AlephCult: ah damn
Augoras: can be continued later...
Augoras: :)
Augoras: the big tablet? well, 4 corners relate to elements.
AlephCult: um, okay, what are the calls supposed to be used for?
Augoras: which calls?
AlephCult: the keys
AlephCult: also called calls
Augoras: oh...
Augoras: to charge an atmosphere.
AlephCult: okay...
AlephCult: like in what way?
Augoras: also if going to an airy aethyr... like the 9th aethyr, zip
Augoras: it makes sense to call air ahead of time, then call the aethyr
AlephCult: yeesh, I don't get this at all
Augoras: I don't use them much except for aethyr work.
Augoras: the satanic bible shows how they can be used as self-contained spells.
Augoras: did you see that?
AlephCult: Augoras: the stanic bible uses altered versions of the call
AlephCult: calls
Augoras: yeah...
Augoras: interesting occult trivia...
Augoras: of the different theories of "Aeonic magick" all employed enochian...
Augoras: church of satan, temple of set, crowley...
Augoras: all have different versions & translations of the enochian
Augoras: anything else?
Augoras: btw, many thelemites are into enochian... you might get some enochian dogmatic talk by asking around on #thelema
AlephCult: well, nothing that could be cleared up in time since I didn't get what you just said
Augoras: sorry, can I clarify a thing or 3?
AlephCult: well what ARE the aethyrs and how do you use them, or what for?
Augoras: you get that 4 corners of tablet relate to elements. The center lines (forming a + sign) relate to spirit... yes?
AlephCult: and go into more detail if you can on the table, cause I know it has a lot of subdivisions
Augoras: (I read your mind)
AlephCult: heh
Augoras: You can find out the name of the elemental king for air is by looking at that tablet.
Augoras: You start at one particular square... then you go in a clockwise spiral fashion. You get a certain # of letters that spell the name.
Augoras: the air king is Bataivah
Augoras: earth = ikzhhcal (SP?)
Augoras: water = raagiosl
Augoras: fire = edlprna
Augoras: (check my spelling on all of those)
AlephCult: wait wait
Augoras: you w/ me?
AlephCult: how do you know where to start for finding the name?
Augoras: (It's a visual thing... I should have told you to look at something online first)
AlephCult: and I have seen the tables
Augoras: just barely left of center.
AlephCult: and all its divisions
Augoras: after a while you know what to look for.
Augoras: if in the fire tablet you look for that "e" to start the king's name
AlephCult: what king's name?
Augoras: (it'd be easier if we both were looking at the same graphic file)
Augoras: fire king = edlprna. therefore you know to look for that starting E ...
Augoras puts on a Misfits tape
AlephCult: well aren't you supposed to be able to derive all the names from the table?
Augoras: not ALL the names
Augoras: not planetary ones. there are certain 'magick squares' for that. 7 x 7 letters = 49 total. A certain formula is used to get the planetary names
Augoras: also the names on the sigillum aren't on other enochian objects
Augoras: or the tablets
AlephCult: dude, this is SO exasperating.
AlephCult: I mean like, wtf?
Augoras: sorry dude, I'm trying. Maybe I'm explaining everything too briefly.
AlephCult: I know
AlephCult: you are but it can't be helped
Augoras: it's a huge subject of course.
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: maybe I shouldn't have said about the sigillum or planetary tables...
Augoras: if we're talking elemental spirits then YES it all can be found on that one huge tablet
AlephCult: How do people get started in this shit?
Augoras: i could suggest stuff, but it might sound lame.
Augoras: your best bet is that book I told you about earlier.
AlephCult: wha, scrying?
Augoras: yes, I think scrying is always a good way to investigate any occult subject.
AlephCult: hmm
AlephCult: I was expecting enochian would be something like goetia. needlessly complex but with instructions. Instead of without instructions.
Augoras: if you want 'instructions' then you get an even harder task... try to read the original written stuff that john dee got down on paper
Augoras: you can be a purist and do that...
AlephCult: I've seen that
Augoras: or you can just see how other magicians "winged it" through the years
AlephCult: hell
Augoras: http://www.budget.net/~jdnolan/invis/Invis.html
Augoras: have you been there?
AlephCult: well there's nowhere I can go to holler enochian keys at the top of my lungs to see what happens :P
Augoras: I don't think goetia & enochian are similar. Enochian is a system, goetia is a yellow pages book.
Augoras: why is it I always hear complaints about not being able to yell magick?
AlephCult: Oh I know they're not similar. that's what I was saying
Augoras: I don't yell my magick (rarely at least)
AlephCult: neither do I but this seems like something that should be yelled
Augoras: from #thelema: <lstua: hehehe
Augoras: [22:00] <A0ZZ1C718: there r few who kno enochian here
Augoras: [22:00] <A0ZZ1C718: i dont have the fonts tho
Augoras: [22:00] <A0ZZ1C718: heh
Augoras: [22:00] <A0ZZ1C718: altho i have the writing down
Augoras: [22:01] <A0ZZ1C718: ozzy is god
Augoras: [22:01] <A0ZZ1C718: thats all i kno
Augoras: [22:01] <Scarlet99: I'm trying to do a list of insents for enochian calls
Augoras: [22:01] <A0ZZ1C718: oh
Augoras: [22:01] <A0ZZ1C718: scope 777
AlephCult: that it seemed like something I should yell
AlephCult: even though I normally don't
Augoras: oh.
Augoras: you can yell w/o using the ol' vocal cords
AlephCult: hmm
Augoras: coincidence... enochian came up over there at the same time
AlephCult: heh
Augoras: but they sound drunk as f*ck
AlephCult: yeh
Augoras: is anything making more sense?
Augoras: last questions before I go way afK?
AlephCult: I dunno, I guess I'll try just using the keys, but I don't know if I'l notice anything happening
AlephCult: I still don't understand a bit of it
Augoras: not sure what else to suggest for starters.
AlephCult: Tha's okay
Augoras: if you had the name of a planetary spirit you know what to do with it?
AlephCult: No
AlephCult: not a clue
Augoras: Same as you might with a planetary angel or planetary intelligence in orthodox magick.
AlephCult: Um
AlephCult: still don't know
Augoras: There's this big book of hermetic magick called "The Golden Dawn"
Augoras: it deals w/ very orthodox & mundane techniques for summoning hebrew angels / spirits / archangels etc.
AlephCult: ah
Augoras: It might be worth a read for ya
AlephCult: I've been more of a k-ball fan myself
Augoras: k-ball??
Augoras: oh yeah, Golden Dawn has lotsa that.
AlephCult: yeah
AlephCult: I dislike the golden dawn so much...
Augoras: traditionally you'd call a planetary spirit w/ a hexagram.
Augoras nods..
Augoras: anyway, i could go on and on...
Augoras: it's probably easier to read this stuff at your leisure & such.
Augoras: and I'm skipping topics like there's no tomorrow
Augoras: (i'm bad that way)
AlephCult: well
AlephCult: um
AlephCult: damn I'm confused now :P
Augoras: sorry.
AlephCult: that's okay
Augoras: should have just stuck to the discussion of tablet
AlephCult: heh
Augoras: http://www.budget.net/~jdnolan/Enoch_Gfx/Michael_Arndt/Spreadsheet/Tablets.txt
Augoras: look at the top tablet, for air
Augoras: tell me when you're ready
AlephCult: ready for what?
Augoras: tell me when you have the air tablet loaded
AlephCult: Ah, damn I still never got a chance to look at that x invisible college
Augoras: i skipped that stuff.
Augoras: we can just look at that one tablet for something real quick
AlephCult: okay I got the tablet
Augoras: see that middle line where it reads "OROIBAHAZOAPI" (roughly)
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: go to the B
AlephCult: k
Augoras: now go up 1 letter and left 1 letter. that is an A
Augoras: oops
Augoras: take it back
Augoras: up 1 and right 1
Augoras: that is an A, right?
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: go right one letter.
Augoras: you have a T
Augoras: you with me, al?
AlephCult: yeh
Augoras: go around in a clockwise spiral and you get the king's name BATAIVAH
threejane: you return to level two in the dungeons of doom
Augoras: :-)
Augoras: talking enochian, jane
Augoras: this magick talk is a puzzling change ...
threejane: ooooh
threejane listens carefully
AlephCult: Augoras: I see, so you go diagonals and stuff, and inwards
Augoras: I'm showing aleph how to find the king's name on the enochian air tablet:
Augoras: yes, aleph, around in a circle inwards
Augoras: you got that, al?
AlephCult: yep
Augoras: there's another easy step here...
Augoras: go out in 7 directions from the King's name. you're starting in the middle, though...
Augoras: this forms 7 names:
Augoras: HABIORO
Augoras: AAOXIAF
Augoras: HTMORDA
threejane: how complex
Augoras: 3jane it isn't
AlephCult: Augoras: yeah it is :P
Augoras: it's simple , especially in person... it's just tricky cuz you have to switch windows to see the table 
threejane: i can see the tables
AlephCult: Augoras: unless you work with hermeticism and stuff a LOT
AlephCult: this is complex
threejane: i cannot see what to do with them
Augoras: anyway, those 7 names are the "Chiefs" -- they are advisors to the King
Augoras: lol
Augoras: I love it.
AlephCult: I usu use a lot simpler stuff
Augoras: 3jane, it's fun to hang w/ the chiefs.... I'm just telling aleph cuz he asked. It came up because wodin cut & paste a bit of all caps enochian stuff in here
AlephCult: so AVTOTAR is one too?
Augoras: YES!!!
AlephCult: I see
Augoras: see, ya got the idea
AlephCult: how do you tell when to go from the H or the A?
AlephCult: and I can only find 6 directions
Augoras: you go from the a & the h. each time you have 7 letters. you go in the direction a rook would move... (in chess terms)
Augoras: you're right... there are 6 chiefs, not 7. Sorry, i'm rusty.
AlephCult: okay good
Augoras: 6 chiefs each with 7 letter names.
threejane: ahivrbd
threejane: is that it?
AlephCult: Augoras: I'd also been trying to learn enochian a couple of weeks ago
threejane: crazy
Augoras: Now you know how to get the kings & chiefs.
AlephCult: so what do you do with these guys?
Augoras: ahivrbd??? sorry, don't see that one. :(
Augoras: also 3jane, you came in the conversation late & missed the part about the king. maybe aleph can help explain 
threejane: where do you start and what do you do (i missed the instructions)
AlephCult: jane: the H and A at the very center
AlephCult: in straight lines
threejane: there is an H and an A
threejane: what then?
AlephCult: Like HIPOTGA
AlephCult: jane: straight lines out, 7 letters long
Augoras: aleph, you use the kings to control/master an element. You call on the chiefs if you want lots of advisors. Maybe by coincidence you'd get friends offering advice as a result....
threejane: after hipotga comes what?
AlephCult: Augoras: huh? I don't get that
Augoras: aleph, help explain to her where BATAIVAH comes from... that's the tricky one.
Augoras: oops.. i'm probably just confusing the matter.
threejane: it feels like a word search
AlephCult: jane: there are 6 similar rows you can find from that H and A
threejane: where the hell is bataivah ...
AlephCult: jane: btaivah is a spiral
Augoras: hehehe...
AlephCult: jane: the first B in the middle row is where it starts
Augoras: it's better than a crossword puzzle.
AlephCult: (only B in middle row)
Augoras: yes, after that first B you go up 1 letter and right 1 letter
Augoras: the next letter is an A
AlephCult: RAAGIOSL is water, right?
Augoras: yeah, aleph, you got the swing of it.
Augoras: look at this:http://www.budget.net/~jdnolan/Enoch_Gfx/Michael_Arndt/Spreadsheet/Tablets.xls
AlephCult: okay. what about lesser elementals?
Augoras: it adds more of an air of magickal authenticity...
Augoras: it has proper colors, proper font
Augoras: lesser elementals?
AlephCult: you only use the kings and chiefs?
AlephCult: aren't there other names and stuff in the tablets?
Augoras: sure, let's talk lesser elementals...
Augoras: are you looking at the .txt file or the .xls file?
Augoras: I recommend the .xls
AlephCult: netscape doesn't open the .xls
Augoras: ok.
Augoras: we'll stick to text
AlephCult: I know largely how they're divided
Augoras: Look at the upper left corner of the air tablet. That's air of air.
AlephCult: 2 rows vertical, one horizontal, ne?
Augoras: the 2 middle columns are out... that's where the chiefs are from
AlephCult: right
Augoras: for the subelement air of air you have IDOIGO going up & down and ARDZA going from l to right.
Augoras: see that?
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: that's the pattern to use in finding the rulers of the subelements
Augoras: the horizontal cross is higher up...
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: if you want demonic names then you just reverse them. lots of enochian stuff works like that.
Augoras: OGIODI and AZDRA are the demons of air of air
AlephCult: okay
threejane: this is all new to me
AlephCult: what about the remainder of the small squares
AlephCult: me too jane
Augoras: 3jane, it's really stuff that might not even belong on a chaos channel.
Augoras: I just like seeing magick talk
threejane: why wouldn't it belong?
Augoras: determinig magick names by formula isn't chaos
Augoras: but I like it, and it's fun
threejane: ah
Augoras: want more crazy ideas, aleph???
AlephCult: Augoras: I was just wondering what you did with the rest of the unused letters?
Augoras: oh, the little letters that aren't in control?
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: those have purposes too... for a thorough working you'd call EVERY DAMN THING ON THAT SUBQUADRANT
Augoras: but I don't do that small detail....
AlephCult: like call RZ and LA or what?
Augoras: Now get this-- the chaos magick part -- imagine a whole bunch of short sigils all over these 4 tables.
Augoras: Those are the names of the governors of the aethyrs. no 2 sigils are alike.
Augoras: some even double back & do impossible things... it's wonderfully confusing
AlephCult: ?
Augoras: aleph, i dunno how to call those tiny spirits, it's been a long time for me.
Augoras: I thnk they are 4 letter words
AlephCult: Augoras: so if I see the thing as one big table, which quadrants are which elements?
AlephCult: Augoras: so what do you do with these names you find?
Augoras: aleph, that is a subject for debate. it's a long story. However, the .xls table I have loaded has ... from top left clockwise air, water, fire, earth
AlephCult: Augoras: yeah, I remember hearing there was debate
Augoras: what do I do with the names? just what I tried to explain... I take it that you've done magickal work with a particular element or principle?
AlephCult: no
Augoras: it's a way of doing that... if you want to be more sensitive you might invoke water.
Augoras: if you need more agression invoke the fire king
Augoras: that kind of thing
AlephCult: what about external changes?
AlephCult: and what are these elemental correspondences?
Augoras: anyone else can help w/ this?
Augoras: this is fairly basic stuff... you pullin my leg that you can't tell me what fire/air/earth/water represent?
AlephCult: Augoras: I never did elemental magick
AlephCult: of any kind
AlephCult: never saw the need
Augoras: i'm not here to convert.
Augoras: you asked these things...
AlephCult: I know
AlephCult: And now I'm asking again
Augoras: anyway, hope I helped you clarify my earlier bad attempts at explaining the king.
AlephCult: yeah
Augoras: You can ask anyone in #wicca or #thelema about fire/air/earth/water. I suggest you do. That's an easy subject for them.
Augoras: :)
AlephCult: Augoras: sigh, fine
Augoras: don't get snippy with me, aleph.. just when I was likin' talkin' with ya
AlephCult: I wasn't getting snippy
AlephCult: I just hate asking thelemites :P
Augoras: go to wicca then
AlephCult: yeesh, you're getting all defensive now
AlephCult: eek!
AlephCult: okay, thelema it is :P
Augoras: Mmmmm... I think of it as offensive. But I am bore... I mean boar.
AlephCult: Augoras: just so you know, I wasn't putting down elemental magick, I was just explaining why I never used it and don't know the ocrrespondences
Augoras: aleph, but you at least know poetry & english language to see the simularities, no?
Augoras: in poetry about fire is it often a sleepy-time thing?
threejane: there are some good sites that explain it
AlephCult: Augoras: not really. I'm the least poetic person ever.
threejane: but really if you free associate the words you'll be okay
AlephCult: It's not too intuitive to me
Augoras: i like free association
Augoras: good concept for a channel...
threejane: when you think of fire what 5 words leap to mind?
AlephCult: burn light warm red flower (I don't know why flower)
Augoras: zap, sear, pain, bright, cosmos
threejane: so fire is passion, anger, love, brilliance
threejane: that sort of thing
AlephCult: threejane: um, okay...
threejane: you can do the rest with the other elements
Augoras: exactly.
AlephCult: threejane: except I don't see how you got that at all
AlephCult: out of what we said that it
AlephCult: is
Augoras: well I joined wicca now and I don't see a single mention of elements.
AlephCult appologizes for being a very literal person
AlephCult has a vague sense of what all the elements except for earth could correspond to
Augoras: that's the practical one
Augoras: earth relates to your coins & money
Augoras: often where you live...
threejane: earth: stability, material world
AlephCult: okay
Augoras: it's also all there in the tarot to learn
Augoras: w/ or w/o the divination
Augoras: does anyone here want to play zarcana sometime?
AlephCult: zarcana?
threejane: how do you play?
Augoras: card game involving the major arcana of tarot & minor arcana
threejane: yes i will play
Augoras: 3jane, the rules are even harder than enochian!!!!
Augoras: and i don't think you can do it on irc
threejane: drat
Augoras: it would be hard...
AlephCult: Augoras: screw that then :P
threejane: i play with a wicked deck of cards as T.S. Eliot says
AlephCult: I sitll have no clear idea how to use the elemental spirits
threejane: the wasteland
AlephCult: I mean
AlephCult: I can see what they might be used for
Augoras: well i still want to find the url for you all.
Augoras: the game is at:
Augoras: http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Ginohn/games/Zarcana/rules.html
Augoras: you can play it at home w/ friends
Augoras: it's fun.
threejane: it is a household appliance designed to increase the temperature of a building
Augoras: it might be simpler than enochian.
threejane: yay augorus. thanks
AlephCult: Augoras: since it seems you're not actually going AFK, what are the aethyrs and what are they useful for?
Augoras: aleph, ask me again later! i am going afk.
AlephCult hopes he's able to see any effect when he uses the keys
AugWayAFK: 3jane, do you agree you don't need to yell to vibrate a magickal word?
AugWayAFK: you can "yell" it psychically?
AlephCult: AugWayAFK: I never said you couldn't
threejane: intrepid: characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance
AlephCult is going to attempt to mentally intone the first two keys with white zombie going and his roommate in the room...
AugWayAFK: <RunikMage: earth represents physical well being, health, and materal wealth
AugWayAFK: [23:09] <Kali: friendship
AugWayAFK: [23:10] <RunikMage: fire is the base emotions, anger, lust, passion, hatred
AugWayAFK: [23:10] <RunikMage: water os the higher emotions; love, kindness, joy, happiness, sadness, regret...
AugWayAFK: [23:11] <RunikMage: air, or wind, is knowledge, wisdom, logic
AugWayAFK: at least #wicca ppl talk about elements when asked. :)
AlephCult hmms and looks at the 19th call which he recalls has something like 30 different variations and can't tell how it's changed
AlephCult: damn
AlephCult: roommate talked in the middle of me doing the first call
AlephCult: broke me concentration it did
AlephCult: I'm starting to learn enochian
AlephCult: hurrah
AlephCult just did the first two enochian calls and can't tell any effect
AlephCult: hm, the enochian fire king is hard to pronounce... EDLPRNAA
Seek0: No it's not.
lephCult: okay so it's not
AlephCult: but it looks funny
Seek0: Just let it flow...
AlephCult giggles
Seek0: :)
AlephCult: Eddle purr nah
Urza: ne1 know where i can find how to summon a fire elemental?
AlephCult: Urza: make it up
AlephCult: or try enochian :P
AlephCult: AugWayAFK: what are the names on the cross between the four main tablets (as brief as you want)
AugWayAFK: tablet of union
AlephCult: ah
AlephCult: ZlivingGo: I'm learning enochian. Yippee yay!
AlephCult is guessing he'll have to use his own evocation techniques...
Dakarren: I tried learing enochian once
Dakarren: thought it was boring
Dakarren: very boring
Dakarren: and too structured
AlephCult: Dakarren: I just tried a couple of the calls with no effect. And it has surprisingly little structure
Mimir: what was the 'expected' outcome?
AlephCult: still, I'm enthusiastic about future experimentation
AlephCult: Mimir: I dunno. something. instead of nothing.
ZlivingGo: Whats it supposed to do?
Mimir: What was the intent of the calling?
AlephCult: ZlivingGo: dunno. aug just said "try the first two calls"
AlephCult: Mimir: no intent other than to have "something" happen
ZlivingGo: No, I mean Whats the system susposed to do?
AlephCult: ZlivingGo: oh, it works throgh these "angelic" entities and elementals and stuff.
Mimir: Have you read a translation of the calls, or were you just working from straight Enochian?
AlephCult: straight enochian
AlephCult: and I've seen the translations before, though I couldn't remember off-hand
Mimir: ZlivingGo: there's an Enochian archive on the Chaos Matrix at http://www.chaosmatrix.com/frames.html?library
ZlivingGo: Thanx :)
AlephCult: I'm getting all my info between there and Augoras
AlephCult: and one or two other sites that I haven't much looked at
Mimir: I've never much cared for angels, but I might give it a shot. I've heard a few accounts of some pretty strong effects
AlephCult: I don't think they're really angels, personally
AlephCult: after all, it's hardly like Dee was expecting to see anything else. I think he saw what he expected.
Mimir: I've heard them described as "reality sculpters" before.
ZlivingGo: It could all just be bullshit.
AlephCult: ZlivingGo: it's all bullshit
AlephCult: but it works
AlephCult: or maybe it doesn't
AlephCult: Either way
ZlivingGo: heh
AlephCult: I get a kick out of it
AlephCult: I believe if nothing else that magick is an effective psychological tool
Mimir: The whole tablet structure seems pretty. .blah. . Enochian's always seemed incredibly anal to me
Mimir nods
AlephCult: Mimir: I just want ti get to all the poltergeist activity I hear is common
AlephCult: I could always summon a cacodemon
Mimir: yeah, that's exactly the kind of stuff I've heard about as well
Mimir: oh, really?
AlephCult: yeah
AlephCult: why not
Mimir: Have you read that piece on the public reading?
AlephCult: nope
AlephCult: where is that?
Mimir: damn. I can't remember what site I read it off of. There was a public reading of Enochian in. .paris, I believe
Mimir: they started it off with a recording of Aliester Crowley reading off one of the calls over the speakers
AlephCult: oh yeah
AlephCult: I saw that site once
Mimir: and a violent wind picked up, along with some storm clouds if I remember correctly
AlephCult: I reserve judgements until I try it, and keep reports at arm's length
AlephCult: Though I WOULD love to crash an outdoor party with magick
AlephCult: that would be fun
Mimir laughs
Mimir: would be interesting for sporting events as well
AlephCult: hell yeah
AlephCult dreams of the day he can rain down sulfur on a polo tournament
Mimir laughs
Dakarren: Ive done that
Dakarren: crashed an outdoor party
Dakarren: only regular rain though
Dakarren: not sulfur
Dakarren: and I kinda felt bad about it too
Mimir: Oh?
Dakarren: I didnt do it intentionally
Dakarren: I summon rain often, and there happened to be an outdoor party on a day
Dakarren: just like the time the rain I called made severl houses collapse
Mimir: lol, no shit?
Dakarren: no shite
Mimir: abandoned?
Dakarren: nope
Mimir: must've taken a lot of water.
Dakarren: that wasnt intentional too
Dakarren: yep.. rainin' hard
Dakarren: actually, it made the mud get wet, and that gave way
Mimir nods
Dakarren: I hate it when I destroy stuff unintentionally
Dakarren: makes me feel bad
AlephCult: well, turn your guilt into a servitor and make it go smash thins
AlephCult: things
Dakarren: I dunno.. I rarely see things worth smashing
AlephCult: Dakarren: Don't worry. You'll find them.
AlephCult almost has this whole table thing figured out
AlephCult: I can figure out all the spirits and shit from the table now
Beacon11: aleph: yeah, a friend from #thelema once said something to the effect of "Enochian is like Chess Theory, with the added hazard of possibly making the walls bleed."
AlephCult: CAP <---- cacodemon name
Genix: cacodemon <---- cacodemon name
Genix: I'm making up my own language, scroo everybody else's.
AlephCult: And the grammar was too complex for my own good
Genix: Yeah, people like us tend to want complex grammar, too.
AlephCult: Genix: it would be so much easier if we just wanted to do something like OB and not need grammar at all
Genix: Aleph: True. But, you must ask yourself: knowing ouranian barbaric, wouldn't our language just be... ouranian barbaric?
AlephCult: Genix: well, different words :P
Genix: Makes no difference whatsoever.
Dakarren: I thought the point of OB was to not know the words of the incantation?
Dakarren: just like the use of sigils, instead of actual words
Genix: Dakarren: Yeah.
AlephCult: Dakarren: that it is
Genix: Still, I need a personalised language for a sigil and servitor net I want to put up.
AlephCult puts the enochian tablet into a bmp file
AlephCult: One of the servient angels in the water tablet is named PACO
Genix: PACO referring to which funny comparison?
Dakarren: is that angel mexican?
AlephCult: like the spanish nickname Paco
AlephCult: Dakarren: he may be
Genix: Lol
AlephCult is almost done transcribing
AlephCult: yay! transcription done.. image saved... tablet safe for future reference
AlephCult: Aug: so what are the Aethyrs?
GoRaiders: aleph, places to go. things to do. people to see.
GoRaiders: al, i really to advise reading up on this subject. Usually i wouldn't recommend that, but enochian is different
GoRaiders: enochian is a convuluted system. Helps to read about it.
AlephCult: GoRaiders: well it's hard to find decent reading material on it
GoRaiders: al, you have my recommendation for 2 books, remember?
KrimHum: "Enochian Sex Magick" isn't bad.
AlephCult: GoRaiders: I remember one of them
GoRaiders: krim, is that a schueler book?
KrimHum: I got some other Enochian book the other day. Haven't cracked it yet.
KrimHum: Go: Nope. Its Hyatt. Has Crowley's Liber Whatever and some extras. Has all the charts, etc.
GoRaiders: krim, haven't read that one...
TiamatZ^: do the ritual of the watchtower, then bring out "Gems from the Equinox" and read the first (and maybe second) key of spirit, then go to the Call of the Aethyrs, and start that, starting with Tex in the one night, then sit and scry. Afterword, banish.
ZlivingGo wants some technics 1200s
TiamatZ^: hm.
TiamatZ^: but really really really don't do it drugged up
TiamatZ^: people get permanently ruined mentally that way
KrimHum: Don't put ideas in my head like that, Tiamat.
GoRaiders: why not do it drugged up, tia?
TiamatZ^: if you don't want to be a vegetable, don't mix them
KrimHum has changed the topic to Enochian Acid Angels
TiamatZ^: not every ritual is improved by a dose of whatever's handy
THRAKAZOG: electrik kool aid enochian test
GoRaiders: tiamat, do I sound like a vegetable? I laugh at your warnings.
GoRaiders: been there, done that.
TiamatZ^: GoRaiders fine. whatever. do you want a prize?
GoRaiders: haven't done much acid & enochian...
GoRaiders: 'drugged up' is a vague term.
GoRaiders: downers & enochian don't go together.
TiamatZ^: ah, true
Augoras: you want to read what crowley scryed in various aethyrs?
Augoras: there is a book called 'vision and the voice' which is a series of scrying the aethyrs
AlephCult: sure, I guess...
Tiamat^: liber 418
AlephCult: While I'd rather find something that just explains what they are, I guess I'll settle for that
Augoras: http://www.budget.net/~jdnolan/misc/Crowley/418pt2.txt
Augoras: skip ahead...
Augoras: the most exciting reading is probably the 10th aethyr!
Augoras: tiamat, how would you explain in a nutshell about all 30 aethyrs?
beast77: guys: idea: create a sigil for a viral memetically coded servitor, and build him up in power, and make the sigil into a stencil or transparency, put it over a flash bulb, and flash it in the eyes of a right wing politician before a speech, he'll transmit the meme throught the speech
Tiamat^: augoras I figure I'll play in Tex till I feel like moving on
Augoras: go to page 96
Tiamat^: <-- beginner
Augoras: beast, neat idea.
Augoras: tiamat, then you shouldn't be lecturing people not to do drugs & enochian, eh?
AlephCult: gah, son of a bitch. the text doesn't wrap in this
Tiamat^: particulary since I've been woken by people who messedd themselves up at 3 am
Augoras: aleph, oops...
Augoras: it sounds particular to your browser.
AlephCult: IE 5
Beacon9: aleph, save it as a text file then read it in a word wrapping text editor
Augoras: aleph, I take it back... you're right. do what beacon says
Tiamat^: guys who've cracked up and think they are being sane calling my honey at 3 am to lecture them in a weird mix about Jesus and demons?
Augoras: tiamat, sounds more like 1 chance experience. are you saying that people who mix enochian & drugs end up talking about jesus & demons at 3am?
Tiamat^: augoras some do. you might want to talk to other people about it besides myself, and see if thats not an uncommon story?
Augoras: what drug did this one particular psycho indulge in?
AlephCult: Augoras: what's so interesting about page 96?
Augoras: it's where ZAX starts.
Tiamat^: most people who crack don't remember what sent them over the edge
AlephCult: ZAX?
Augoras: the footnotes are essential, btw.
THRAKAZOG: isnt Zax the one with choronzon
Augoras: zax = name of 10th aethyr, on page 96.
Augoras: :)
Augoras: am I not making this clear?
AlephCult: no
Augoras: aleph, once you find page 96 let me know.
AlephCult: I did
Augoras: do you see where it says ZAX
Augoras: (the footnotes aren't superscripted, don't get confused)
AlephCult: Augoras: now I do.
Augoras: the first paragraph goes on for many pages due to all the footnotes.
Augoras: i know it's a bit odd.
Augoras: zax is the one with ch0r0nz0n, btw
AlephCult: um, since when is choronzon a part of enochian?
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ZlivingGo: The deamon of encohian?
Augoras: aleph, you are reading a source from 1909
AlephCult: Augoras: I know. and?
Augoras: it is rather naive sounding to start wondering about the connexion between enochian & choronzon. All the information & books you currently employ are more recent than 1909, yes?
Augoras: how do you know choronzon isn't an enochian name?
THRAKAZOG: now why do you want aleph to speak to choronzon hes liable
AlephCult: Augoras: what books? I own no books that mention th name of choronzon
Augoras has changed the topic to NOXEMA Banishing Creme with Enochian Acid Ch0r0nz0n 333
Augoras: information then.. forget about books
AlephCult: In the enochian reading I've done prior I saw no mention of choronzon. As far as I know it was a pure crowley thing
AlephCult: I may be wrong
AlephCult: that's just the information I have available
ZlivingGo: Just use the damn calls......somethings bound to happen.
Augoras: I'd like some chaos-magick-historian to step forward and give me info about chornzon.
Augoras: I doubt that will happen.
Augoras: I'm giving you a source from 1909. Who can go further back?
AlephCult: Augoras: am I questioning the validity of your claim?
Tiamat^: Dee?
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Augoras: dee is da bomb
Augoras: can you point me to a place where he mentions choronzon?
Tiamat^: I got the book upstairs. I could find out.
Augoras: kewl.
Augoras: tonight or log on soon & tell us.
Tiamat^: when I'm in the mood. currently I'm watching a crap drama on PBS
Tiamat^: sure!
ZlivingGo remembers seeing something about choronzon in the enochian magick section on chaosmatrix
AlephCult: I figured the addition of choronzon was just a thelemic insertion
AlephCult: Man, this 10th aethyr thing is a long account...
Augoras: perhaps you'd prefer too little info. :)
AlephCult: Augoras: nah, Just didn't think it would be this long
Augoras: 8 + 6 + 200 + 6 + 50 + 7 + 6 + 50 = 333
AlephCult: Augoras: I finished the 10th aethyr thingy. I don't get it :P
Augoras: read some more aethyrs...
AlephCult: k
Augoras: can you see how qbl & scrying combine?
Augoras: you see something...
Augoras: you add it up to a number.
Augoras: you see what else that number relates to...
Augoras: afk
AlephCult: okay...
AlephCult: that doesn't really answer any of my questions...
AlephCult: but I'll go on
AlephCult finishes reading his 3rd aethyr and still has no clue
AlephCult: I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be getting out of this reading