Zees on Fashion

ult: if i want to wear a white cotton shirt under an unbuttoned dress shirt, with khakis
WrkGraves: You look like a White Hat.
ult: is that doable?
WrkGraves: What type of shoes, and what color belt?
ult: black belt, black shoes?
WrkGraves: What color shirt?
ult: i have brown shoes too, butonly a black belt
ult: not sure
ult: i want to look spiffy-casual
WrkGraves: Black belt, black shoes. Shoes and belt have to match.
Arawyn: ult, check out that page www.x-tra-x.de, you can buy that stuff there :)
WrkGraves: Spiffy casual is a long-sleeve button up, tucked into the pants, with a white tee underneath. Top two buttons open, sleeves rolled up.
ult: would a blue button up look good w/ khakis?
WrkGraves has great understanding of how to look preppy.
WrkGraves: Yes.
Mimir: s what I wore to work yesterday
WrkGraves: I'd be spiffy-casual right now, but I'm wearing black slacks, black shoes, black socks, black tee shirt, black button up. Black belt.
WrkGraves: I'm office-goth.
Mimir: that's what I wore today =)
Arawyn: Tsk. And I thought all here would only wear black
Mimir: the white apron kindov throws me, tho
WrkGraves: I'm even wearing black boxers.
XarAFK wears black and blue in combination, with a couple of red accessories
ult: erk!
ult: ok, that looked completely dorky
Arawyn: Underwear? how unhygenic :)
WrkGraves: I wear anything. I'm the Undercover Agent of the Apocalypse.
ult: i looked like i was ready for a day at the office
WrkGraves: Dude, go with white-tee, tucked into khakis, black belt, black shoes, no overshirt.
WrkGraves: That's preppy-casual.
XarAFK: you know, this conversation is really totally beyond me
WrkGraves: I wear two types of pants. Spiffy dress slacks, or BDUs. Shirts vary, but they're always rolled above the elbow if they're long sleeved.
XarAFK: how do you people KNOW this shit?
WrkGraves: Heh.
WrkGraves: It comes in the "Rulebook for Bisexual American Men."
ult: I need that!
ult: i actually don't look bad with just the white tee
ult: it just looks kind of bland
WrkGraves: Let me guess. You didn't send in your dues on time.
XarAFK shakes her head. And I thought I had a hard time working out exactly which combination of much-the-same lycra I intend to wear every day
WrkGraves: Well, if you want to look other than bland, where a skull-mask! Shit, man, you said you wanted to look spiffy-casual, I'm directing that.
XarAFK just sits back and gapes at the room.
ult: hmm, my white tees are also all cheap and see-thru :)
ult: here's a black tee
ult: button up
WrkGraves: That would look chinzy then.
XarAFK: And are you people telling me you have more than about two sets of cleanish clothes at any one point?
ult: Xar: Well, I have a black tee I want to wear, except that it has...erm...residue on it
WrkGraves: Kat -- I keep lots and lots of clean shirts. Pants? Who can tell? They're BDUs.
XarAFK: What is this BDU that you speak of?
WrkGraves: Spunk. The word you're looking for is -spunk-.
WrkGraves: Battle Dress Uniform.
WrkGraves: Military Surplus cargo pants.
XarAFK: ah
WrkGraves: They're indestructible, and they're comfortable.
WrkGraves: The only problem is the buttons fall off them with ease. I have to fix a pair tonight.
WrkGraves: I might just stick a safety pin in the fly though and be done with it.
ult: Ah...
ult: wibble.
XarAFK is still trying to get to grips with all this very wierd clothing shit.
ult: I just handwashed the shirt
ult: now its in the dryer
XarAFK: I just have trouble relating to a world where people don't all dress like extras out of a cheap post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick, I suppose.
ult: I have bright pink nipples, unfortunately, which glare at you through the damn white shirt
ult: Xar: Sorry...I can't afford to dress trashy :)
ult: i put my black tee in the dryer
ult: so i'll be a lil bit understandable
Xaronzon: you have a DRYER
ult: black socks, black belt, black shoes, black top :)
ult: My mom does :-P
ult: I
Arawyn: you sound envious
Xaronzon: I AM
ult: I'm gonna miss it when I'm gone
Xaronzon: I mean, it's not like I wash my clothes more than once every 6 months, but still...
ult: 11th what would make me look sexy?
eleventh: ult: goatee
ult: nooooo
ult: no facial hair
WrkGraves: I tell you, if I had my way, Kat, I'd wear nothing but post-apocalyptic fashion straight out of Mad MAx, but then I'd be unemployable. At home, I wear cargo pants and a teeshirt. And combats.
ult: my facial hair doesn't work well :)
Xaronzon: ult: a spiked collar and a sign reading "slave"
ult: Gaaaaah!
eleventh: Xaronzon: hey, that's MY thing!
WrkGraves: I've gone to work wearing my sub belt. I wore gladiator boots to the office a few times. I've even worn gauntlets.
Xaronzon: and I wonder why I'm unemployable
Arawyn: I'm getting gladiator boots next week
eleventh: what are "gladiator boots"?
Arawyn: Maybe you should try Burger King, Kat
Xaronzon is still very attached to her very big, very moshpit proof, DMs
Arawyn: http://www.x-tra-x.de/php/tabelle-02.php?artnr2=2560
Xaronzon: I think I'd be better off trying the local biker bar first, actually
Arawyn: there are some
Arawyn: You have one?
Xaronzon: the Hornblower
Xaronzon: and yes, I know, that sounds like an innuendo to me, too
eleventh: oooohhhh, I love that kind of boot.
WrkGraves: 11th: The boots I'm wearing in http://sprawl.net/~sgraves/noframes/photos/rev/ those.
eleventh: I need to get a cool scary-looking big-ass sword....
Arawyn: at least those are the ones I ordered
Arawyn: http://www.x-tra-x.de/php/tabelle-02.php?artnr2=1128
Arawyn: Here, your chance to gain greatness
eleventh: lol
Xaronzon: oh gods, not those things
eleventh: those look so silly
WrkGraves: I love big, chunky, people-kicking bootss.
Xaronzon: I have some of those
Xaronzon: actually, I have two somes of those
eleventh: My boots are only good if you kick people with the toe. Otherwise the sole is really soft and cushiony
Xaronzon: affix spikes
eleventh: wouldn't know how
Xaronzon: buy glue
WrkGraves: I like my standard-issue combat boots. They're good for running about in, urban spelunking, all kinds of things. And, if I kick someone, it hurts them.
eleventh: combat boots... there's an idea...
Xaronzon is shopping for jackboots ATM.
Xaronzon: well, in theory
eleventh: For those days you absolutely must kick someone in the head
Xaronzon: if I had any money
WrkGraves: It's great to have combats and black bdus, because they're meant to be worn together anywy, I can do all my illegal activities in -style-.
WrkGraves: Kat, as a habit akin to your I-dress-like-the-wrold-ended style, I tend to wear my bracers and half-gloves all the time when I'm not at work