Hyper Plane

ult: Death is God's way of making sure you never grow enough to become a God yourself!
Clovis: and a black hole is where god divided by 0
AlephCult: Oh, well if you mean in that sense then I could easily say this paper cup is a tesseract and believe it and it would be so
Beacon9 bends Aleph's dorm with sheer Will
ult: hmph
ult is trying to learn how to break past the hyperplane right now
ult: And I'm damn close.
ult: The question is...which dimension is the fourth dimension
ult: Time, or the Hyper Plane?
Beacon9: hyper plane?
AlephCult: ult: all of this is supposed to help me with PT how, exactly?
ult: Yeah...the phase of the universe.
Beacon9: what's that?
ult: Beacon9: See...I think there are infinite phases of the universe -- identical copies running in parallel with us
Beacon9: ah
ult: Beacon9: And that's where 4d objects exist.
ult: There is reality, and that's what we are in right now
ult: We can exist here, because "reality" has a lot of crap in it, and the majority of that crap is very stable
AlephCult: ult: I think your understanding of 4 dimensional geometry is flawed
ult: But you can shift (in 3 dimensions) around the fourth dimension...and as you move, the same stuff would be there, but if it's not stable enough to be there, it isn't
ult: AlephCult: Maybe, but maybe your understanding is flawed :D
AlephCult: heh
AlephCult: you still didn't answer my other question
ult: Aleph: A 4d cube is the same as a 3d cube, but the 4d cube has some of its matter pushed out of phase with this universe. And it has nothing to do with PT.
ult: Although an interesting PT idea would be to break into a math lab, and fill the place with hypercubes made out of toothpicks or straws.
AlephCult: No I wasn't talking about the tesseract
AlephCult: I mean the long nonsensical thing before that
AlephCult: and that's not what a hypercube is at all
ult: Aleph: no, hypercubes are made out of straws
AlephCult: lol
ult: Aleph: See, the hyper plane is orthogonal to reality in 3 dimensions
ult: Time fits the criteria to be the hyper plane, but I'm not quite sure if it is
ult: Because the hyper plane could also be the astral plane
demoncat has made platonic solids from straws and gumballs
ult: Keep in mind that in the hyper plane, all 3d points are adjecant
AlephCult: aye
demoncat: anyone want a dcc on tesserects from a dear friend of mine?
ult: dmeoncat heh sure I am just theorizing on 4d reality
ult: Basically, I want to figure out how to teleport to your velvet couch
ZlivingGo: use the ufo!
demoncat grins
AlephCult goes off to a place where people can seperate real hyperdimensional geometry from a load of beetle dung :P
demoncat: i need to figure out a way to be on my velvet couch and type.
ult: AlephCult you are too hung up on real
ult: Some day I will figure out how to access the hyper plane
ZlivingGo: nothing is real
ult: And when I do, I will teleport over there
AlephCult: ult: well it's useless to hold a conversation on the unreal
demoncat: yea!
demoncat: what the fuck is real?
ult: (But only after I've visited Veleda and Triskele :)
ult ducks
demoncat: i keep watching "reality" crumble before my fingertips.
Beacon9: The Matrix has us.
AlephCult: Well if nothing is assumed to be real then this is the ideal conversation
ult: demoncat have you played with what I call the hyper plane?
AlephCult: " "
demoncat: what do you call the hyper plane?
ult: Aleph: Nothing *is* real. What we define as real is just how we perceive things!
ult: demoncat: I don't know. That's what I'm trying to figure out.
AlephCult: ult: I know
demoncat realizes we all use different terms..so lets get a defination before i answer
ZlivingGo: time-space continuem?
ult: demoncat: See...if the hyper plane is time, then I'm fucked, teleportation can't happen, because we can't access time in a nonlinear manner
AlephCult: ult: that's why if you're going to communicate about it you should say " "
demoncat: yes in that case..i have done hyperdimenionsal magick
ult: demoncat: But...my other theory is that the hyper plane is the astral plane
demoncat: the astral plane..all the time
ult: It makes sense as long as you constrain the astral plane to 3 dimensions
demoncat: i like astral magick a lot..
demoncat: hyperdimensional magick is a bit different for me though, because you are in a sense working outside the space time continum
ZlivingGo: could you create a new dimension?
ult: ZlivingGo: probably
AlephCult would try out a bunch of magick stuff if there were any place he could be alone outside his dorm
ZlivingGo: kick ass!
Beacon9: ult: I think we can access time in a non-linear manner, if we can rise above our linear thinking. :)
ult: Beacon9: Well, I don't want to go down that road
ult: if it were possible to time shift then it would be cool
AlephCult: How the fuck did we get here from PT?
ult: Aleph: You stopped talking about PT :)
ult: So I picked a new subject. I hope you don't mind.
AlephCult: ult: no, you did
ult: oh.
AlephCult: you started talking about tesseracts in the middle of the convo
ult: Aleph: What is something stupid people do that pisses you off/
ult: (To go back to an earlier thread, I apologize, I lost my mind :)
AlephCult: Ya, I already gave an answer to that question
AlephCult: and you asked about a group of people
demoncat has to get going for a bit..roommate needs phone
ult: No, tell me, something exactly.
AlephCult: ult: Dude, fuck if I know.
AlephCult: I can think of what one or two specific people have done the pisses me off :P