Quotes, Episode X

slurple: is wil zos happy to see us?
zosX: yeah!
zosX: especially you
zosX grins
zosX: I'm always glad to see you
slurple: huway!'
slurple: are we his favowit people in da whole wide wuld?
zosX: no
slurple: waaaah


slurple: now i'm gonna be magickally attacked

zosX: this tarot card reading fucking sucks


zosX: who is peter carroll?


Tiamat^: I hope I dont' wake up dead this time.. last time was such a bummer, ya know.


zosX: I don't know how old it is
zosX: fairly old
zosX: she is half naked
Tiamat^: she was hotter old
slurple: is she dead?


Magius: I got another rejection call...


Magius: why am I stupid??


slurple drools on himself and farts


zosX: singapore is not in asia last I checked
slurple: it's a little island england stole from china back in the day that recently got independence


Magius: zos got a full moon butt


Magius: Fuck your own tits in 3 easy lessons!


chrchmse: i have done some work with genesis and the revelations


Dakarren: The US Presidency went from a Clit to a Bush, but the citizens are still being screwed"


zTome: How come zEgg always gets all the attention?  I do a lot around here!


Dakarren: like I change traffic lights... thats magick (coincidental magick, because I never target a light that just changed to red)


Sehkenra: Gerbils can shape probability.  I've seen them in action.


Erzulie: My sources say Oooga!


Erzulie: Asshole, asshole, a soldier went to war
Erzulie: to piss, to piss, two pistols at his side
Erzulie: My cunt, my cunt, my country 'tis of thee
Erzulie: Asshole, asshole, a soldier went to war


electrica: but wild cherry pepsi... that's etmhing else.  it's like mountain dew.  it isn't pepsi.  it's transcended pepsi.


Beacon9: Cherry Coke is the drink of the gods


Sehkenra: My hormones are eating me alive.
electrica: i haven't been laid since last night.
Beacon9: Sehk: at least you've BEEN laid! <g>

Riordan: 3 years, jeezus! It's Friday night, Sehk.. get the fuck out and find someone desperate

Sehkenra: Beac: Yeah.  Once.
Riordan: Am I the only guy here who's had several sexual partners? Damn..
Riordan: Sehk: Who cares if they're half decent... why be picky? Just go out and have fun.
Beacon9: make a sex servitor or somethting.


Riordan: I like my women with a little bit of weight on them. Not huge...but voluptuous.


Riordan: You want a woman lighter than that, Sehk? Try the graveyard
Riordan: I hear they don't put up much resistance either




Sehkenra: Wasted Thelemites.  Sounds like a band name, if I've ever heard one.


Beacon9: Sehk: you serious?
Sehkenra: Bea: About what?
Beacon9: about neqrophilia <g>

Sehkenra can't recall ever being serious about anything
Sehkenra smacks Beacon a few times
Sehkenra: Yeah.  I dig it- literally.


Mysterium: lets kill all those goblins moptherfucker


Xaphiosis is officially a php coder now ... Now I have an excuse for not having a social life :)


Xaphiosis: after looking at those photos ... can I call you goldie locks?


Xaphiosis: then again whenever I told anyone I'll get my photo scanned all scanners within a 10km radius broke down, and my monitor blew up... so shh... I never said that


Seek0: Do I give a fuck about the honor of BSD?


Beacon9: I'm in a room alone with Benway, and robots.
Beacon9: what a truly scary scenario.
BenwayMD cackles

BenwayMD: Why in Satan's name do we need four bots?
BenwayMD: Oh wait.  One of them isn't a bot at all.
BenwayMD prods Hesitor


BenwayMD: They are ignoring us!  On purpose!  They must suffer.


threejane: even the fool has abandoned us


BenwayMD: I want to go home but there are people living in my house.
threejane: i hate when that happens
BenwayMD: People who are supposedly related to me though their explanations of the nature of the realtionship seems vague to me.


BenwayMD: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is sticky and it has the added advantage that it it is very painful and often fatal


BenwayMD: Moo.


ZZero nuzzles BenwayMD.
threejane: =)
threejane: what friendly bots we have
BenwayMD nibbles ZZero's earlobes
BenwayMD: He's a bot?!


BenwayMD: I had a vision of a pretty 4'10" Irishman wearing a hotel bathrobe evoking Paimon to phsyical appearnce.  I almost choked on my piece of toast.


BenwayMD: Jesus.  Even my mum doesn;t know who exactly the people in our house are supposed to be. :)


beast77: i got fast shit, but my box has an ancient processor


beast77: besides, all systems up to now pick some force to identify with, except neopagans, who don't do much but explain how they're not evil, and chaotes, who have a lot of cool tools, but don't have any blueprints


Roachz: i met a few wiccans in my town. and now i hate all wiccans


slurple: wiccans are for sex
slurple: unless they're fat and dykey


Roachz: i dont know cause a lot of ocultic ppl sleep around and are crawling with disease


slurple: a mage should not be stuck as a friendly dog


beast77: ah.altruism, that destroyer of Self


zTome: beast77: I could give you false hopes, but instead I will fart on your nose.


ZlivingGo: in the OTO all you got to doo is pay memship dues to get to a higher degree
FraDotCom: and fuck the head guy


Sehkenra: That's what every woman I've ever asked out has said to me.
FraDotCom: What do you look like?
FraDotCom: Everything that looks better than an ape is luxury. You aren't luxury ;)


Sehkenra: Women don't chase after me for long, before they discover how depressing I really am to be around alone.
Roachz: date a goth chick
Sehkenra: Roach: Every girl I've dated has been a goth...  come to think of it, that makes my previous comment EXTREMELY ironic...
Roachz: date a cheerleader
FraDotCom: You're too depressing for goths? WOW


Woden: In practical life, and Magick is the most practical of the Arts of life, this difficulty does not occur. It is useless to argue with a man who is running to catch a train that he may be destined not to catch it; he just runs, and if he could spare breath would say "Blow destiny!"


Woden: it seems that being in #thee_vortex or #Thelema is like being in an abyss of silence about now


Woden: This will is then the active form of understanding. The Master of the Temple asks, on seeing a slug: "What is the purpose of this message from the Unseen? How shall I interpret this Word of God Most High?" The Magus thinks: "How shall I use this slug?" And in this course he must persist. Though many things useless, so far as he can see, are sent to
Woden: And in this course he must persist. Though many things  useless, so far as he can see, are sent to him, one day he will find the one thing he needs, while his Understanding will appreciate the fact that none of those other things were useless.
sythka puors salt on the slug
subgum: thats what its really for
subgum drops the slug down wodens pants



subgum: crowley uses some dumb examples
Woden: no, crowley makes smart examples, its just that some people are too ignorent to understand
Woden: or there just plain dumb
Woden: or there just plain dumb (the people)
subgum: what is this: fee fi fo fum fee fi fo?


zallak: my doggy needs me


zallak: how can you be surprised when you get h.i.v. from being butfucked by 30 guys?




Woden: or you could make a bone golem...
AlephCult: Woden: ugh... that'd be some creepy shit seeing a little cat skeleton walking around
AlephCult: Especially if it had the voice of Rodney Dangerfield


angelfoxy: i have my own channel and a friend from thelema
zlivinggo was here so i thought i would see what it was about


Woden: It was that Master whose Will was so powerful that at its lightest expression the deaf heard, and the dumb spake, lepers were cleansed and the dead arose to life, that Master and no other who at the supreme moment of his agony could cry, "Not my Will, but Thine, be done."


AlephCult: It's a place where people (read: me) can come to bitch)
angelfoxy: i am a bitch will i fit in?
AlephCult: Some of our best regulars are bitches
AlephCult: some even literally


angelfoxy: my grade is philosophus

sythka: you should be getting some mail in 3 to 5 days. just so you know :)

sythka: don't worry. it's not a bomb sythka: ....this time :)


Woden: what do you mean "Torture of the right kind..." there is no "Right kind" it is all wrong!


AlephCult: Woden: you poor thing...
Woden: Poor thing? poor thing? i'm glad i'm not the type of person you are...
AlephCult: woden: and what kind of person am I?
Woden: or seem to be, i can never really be sure...
AlephCult: Or do I seem to be?
Woden: you tell me, your seem to be the one who's into "The right type of torture" ack, i'm disgustid by even saying those words again

sythka: then don't speak as you type :)
ZlivingGo: theres good and bad torture......
Woden mutters "oh boy..."
AlephCult: Woden: You seem to have an odd problem with people enjoying pain, or at least are having fun faking it.
ZlivingGo mutters "mmmmmm torture the REAL american past time..."
zallak: if you enjoy torture you might enjoy a perfect pain


AlephCult: But-- my audience is gone


TAOAGLA: well.....i wuz bored,...i wandered into #thelema,and someone there said:'checkout #thee vortes'


threejane: tear gas is NOTHING compared to bazooka bubblegum


angelfoxy: ok brb i am parking my ass here for a bit

angelfoxy: if you can get me to shut up that would be magick


angelfoxy: 93 93 /93
zTome: 69 69 69 69 - Jesus built my hotrod!
AlephCult: I need to kiss whoever programmed that zTome response


sythka: i need to sleep soon. my nose hurts


sythka: the little freak head butted me
AlephCult: what little freak?
AlephCult: Your kid?
sythka: my daughter
cidal: daughter? pervert.


AlephCult is a demon lord, according to the last fortune cookie he opened


sythka: she's hot
sythka: i'm cold
sythka: i'm going to go to sleep


threejane: Aleph ...
threejane: i think we are the only humans here
threejane: does that scare you?


angelfoxy hands him a skrewdriver, wanna tighten my screws?
AlephCult screws angel


AlephCult: Trisk: I talked to A.O. Spare this morning and he told me that there was only one god and that Muhammed was his prophet


triskele: I don't care what archetypal occult geniuses inhabit my senses and bless me with arcane wisdom.. I believe what I wanna believe :)


triskele: oh pish. I KNOW I'm not any fun, but you don't need to rub it in, bitch!


angelfoxy: 93 93/93
zTome: We're into chaos magick here, so like, 39.




AlephCult: I hate alcohol


AlephCult: And may flights of poodles yip thee to thy rest


Dakarren shoots ZZero_s twice.
Dakarren: stay down


Dakarren: such as swords, bows, crossbows, throwing knives, and I wanted to learn how to use claws too
Dakarren: hmmm.. a axe would be good to learn too
Dakarren: and a chainsaw.. though itd be unweildly
Dakarren: so, whats new, seek?


Seek0: Oh, and tell Trinity she owes me a rimjob.


Seek0 wonders what it is with chaotes and destruction.


Dakarren: Im oriental
Seek0: Neato.
Dakarren: we have small dicks so we make up for that with mad fighting skillz
Seek0: It ain't the weapon, it's how it's wielded.


Seek0: KickArse on @#thee_vortex
Seek0: KickArse using McLean.VA.US.Undernet.Org CAIS Internet, US


Seek0: don't let the nuns bite your ass.


slurple: ever see that movie with that guy who bites off chicks faces n shit while he fucks em?


Roachz: r u anti-z?


ZZero_s: Very cold - but ah well, cold makes the nipples hard.
slurple: woooooeeee
slurple: is this good?
ZZero_s: For me it is.
slurple: why's that?
slurple: they don't get sore?
ZZero_s: Sexual in a way, and yes they do.


slurple: are you a beautiful young female with lip/tongue piercings, by any chance?
ZZero_s: ...  Dont have that much luck in life.  Im male, and do not have piercings.
slurple: rough
slurple: ah well
ZZero_s: I can pretend to be female if you wish.


slurple: well fuck you in the neck with a rusty golden apple buddy


likayvi snubs Dakarren
Dakarren: aaaaaiiiiigh!  I've been snubbed!  Oh the humanity!!


ZZero_s eyes janes hair.
threejane 's hair becomes animates and strangely HORRIBLY writhes like ... snakes!
ZZero_s wonders if all her hair can do this.
threejane: you will never know


slurple: guys can usually afford to be pricks and rage at the world at large
threejane: that is one of the reasons why i like guys and have thema s friends


threejane: luckily, i am a goddess and do not need to resort to such petty manipulations of power


threejane: maybe jesus will save me


ZlivingGo: ztome have you seen InSaNiTy?
zTome sees InSaNiTy on IRC as ZlivingGo
ZlivingGo: ztome have you seen my car?
zTome: I haven't seen your damn car, now shut up.


beast77 is properly ashamed.Can he have his ops now?


teckie: drugs = death sentence
Sehkenra: Damn!
beast77: really?! cool


Sehkenra: AI= Anal Insertion


Fenwick: A demon is just and Angel on welfare....


Sehkenra: Hail Eris.  And Pass the Fries, while you're at it.


Sehkenra: Hail Woody!  The Gothick God of Dahkness!


Fenwick: Time to bail......  I have a new sword that's begging for a good polishing job.....
Fenwick: Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean, know what I


Woden: It is I, vitki, a name I have come to regret calling myself


Fenwick glances to his sword, and then to the monitor... Sword.... Monitor...  Steel or curiousity?


Fenwick: Alright, there's only one question I would ask to make the choice...  I would ask a Gotick God what the ultimate statement of Gothiness is (the interpretation of that question being half the answer)?
Woden: well, you must be mistaken about my identity, i'm not a gothick god of darkness... i am the proto-odic god form of the early germanics
Sehkenra: Woden: S.E. Flowers would disagree
Sehkenra: ;)
Woden: S.E. flowers?
Woden: who?
Sehkenra: Woden: Magus Flowers of the Temple of Set, author of many books on the Runes... any good norse magician wannabe knows about the Magus.
Sehkenra: Better known as Edred Thorrson
Fenwick: I can't remember the other name he publishes under at the moment.
Fenwick: Yes, that's the other name I was lookign for.
Woden: oh, edred thorrson, yes i heard of him


Woden Curses in varius dead and arcane words


SehkVader: luc, I am your Father!
luc3nt: No thanks
Sehkenra: What? You don't want to come over to the dark side?
luc3nt: Nope
luc3nt: Don't need it


Woden: As the Magician is in the position of God towards the Spirit that he evokes, he stands in the Circle, and the spirit in the Triangle; so the Magician is in the Triangle with respect to his own God.


Woden: This capacity for storing away facts is compatible with actual imbecility. Some imbeciles have been able to store their memories with more knowledge than perhaps any sane man could hope to acquire.


luc3nt sits veleda on his knee and bouncies her up and down playfully


Woden: No two ideas have any real meaning until they are harmonized in a third, and the operation is only perfect when these ideas are contradictory. This is the essence of the Hegelian logic.
Woden: existince and not-existence, hmm... i wonder what the third would be?


Woden: The two-petalled lotus of the pineal gland receives the nourishment needed by thought, while above the junction of the cranial structures is that sublime lotus, of a thousand and one petals, which receives the influence from on high; and in which, in the Adept, the awakened Kundalini takes her pleasure with the Lord of All.
Woden: Yet the Sprinkling of its water not only purifies the Temple, but blesseth them that are without: freely must it be poured! But let no one know your real purpose, and let no one know the secret of your strength. Remember Samson! Remember Guy Fawkes!
Woden: Let him then puzzle out first the great facts, then the little; until one summer, when he is bald and lethargic after lunch, he understands and appreciates the existence of flies!


Woden: They even became stupid: Bernardin de St. Pierre (was it not?) said that the goodness of God was such that wherever men had built a great city, He had placed a river to assist them in conveying merchandise. But the truth is that in no way can we imagine the Universe as devised. If horses were made for men to ride, were not men made for worms to eat
Woden: ?
zTome: Woden: Yes.
Woden: ?!
zTome: Woden: I could give you false hopes, but instead I will fart on your nose.


veleda is an ugly duckling


veleda: i would enjoy called a disobediant whore


Roachz: my mom gets home in an hour
Roachz: hell will break loose
Roachz: and i might not be back for weeks


Sehkenra: I feel sorry for him.  Life is going to kick his sorry ass, and he won't even see it coming.


triskele: hey, eggy! dish me my ops!


Sehkenra: I don't complain about their church bells- they shouldn't complain about my Tesla coil!


threejane: Bork Bork Bork!


zosX: I'm so hungry
zTome prepares a candlelight dinner for zosX...


Sehkenra: My masculine side is gay, too...


Sehkenra: MOFO- My Own Fucking Order?
zEgg: you suck


Sehkenra: trisk is writing the theory of everything?
zEgg: the theory of everything is simple, it takes an egg to produce a chicken the last time I checked


Sehkenra: I don't think Infek appreciated my latest post... of course, does Infek appreciate anything that doesn't involve a corpse or a stainless-steel buttplug?


Sehkenra bitchslaps the zEgg
zEgg: I would not slap me
zEgg: people that slap me are not very smart


slurple: now we just need some hottie vagina bots
slurple: preferably one's that don't say Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Sehkenra: Gay men have the best candy.  Especially if they're strangers.


zosX: nobody fucks with me really


slurple: entire new universes could be generated in the snap of a fingers with a structured sound model


demoncat: i am doing extremely well..my crazy rite was awesome, i morphed my dna, and now i want to get back to hanging out with trees


demoncat: sometimes you just know, because everyone looked different afterwards, everyone the energy fucking rocked, because bubbles appeared out of thin air, the house rumbled for 2-3 hours, the mist descended during the rite.
demoncat: all those reasons
zosX: so like did you have a fog machine for that?


Sehkenra wishes he had strange little females stalking him


slurple: whose eye can i cum in first?


triskele: Oh, I've eaten out girls.
triskele: that's fine.
triskele: fun, too.
slurple: unless they smell funny


zosX: you should go get laid as soon as possible


triskele: choclate is my secret god.

triskele:  you should have seen my auntie's face last family dinner when they saw the pentagram on my finger.
zosX: oooh
triskele: she just looked shocked l;ike she'd seen a ghost, glanced up at me and plastered on a fake 'l wuv you!" smile.
triskele: then spoke about how much she loved god.


Sehkenra: My family doesn't want me to be medicated (yet there is a history of depression on both sides of my family).


slurple: this channel is fucking cool, huh?


ult: ugh ugh ugh


zEgg fertilises zEgg


ult: According to Mr Tarot, I am going to either make things work out well, or fuck them up.


threejane: i am writing a story about the elusive albino cockroach


slurple: i am a lagger from hell but i think i might just take you up on that


zallak says take two anal probes and call him in the morning


Sehkenra: Xepera, Xeperu, Xeperi, Xeper-me-off-hard


bluelady: jesus christ... are you lagged or dumb?


zal: slurple  am i dumb?


zal: am i sum dumb dumb here for you to suck on?
zal: sum vampire food for you higher beings of chaos?


slurple: you chased her away
slurple: again
slurple: you always chase chicks away
slurple throws mud at zallak


threejane: i am the ghost of christmas future
slurple: you need a jacket


slurple: you need one of the ones that plugs into nthe wall

sythka: i need a slave to bring me warm blankets

threejane: don't schools teach ANYTHING anymore
slurple: no no i know that from disney

threejane: quit yer whining


Augoras: what was that group that fenwick recommended that you like?
threejane: music group?
threejane: beware they have hidden christian messages ...
threejane: VNV Nation
threejane: if you play it backwards
threejane: it says (according to gibor)
threejane: hcurhc ot og


threejane: oops i am a dyslexic satanist


slurple: what's mauritania's major export?
Riordan: Probably Mauritanians


threejane: augorus: fastest dish washer in the west


zallak: raise your hand if you have a vagina!!!(on your body(anywhere))
Riordan: On occasion, I've been known to have a vagina on the end of my cock.


IcedZ: ~we're dispossable teens


Augoras: zallak, finallly got your pic.  very cool.  you're quite androgynous.  I don't think you look remotely evil.  I think my pics clearly show that I am more evil than you.
Riordan: I look too cute to be truly evil.. despite the shaved head and goatee
threejane: i look like evil incarnate


zallak: a high priestess told me when she looked at me she saw christ


Augoras: rior, you're punk as fuck.
Riordan: I'm not punk
Augoras: rior, you are, but 20 years too late!


Riordan: Pirate clothing?  Ar!.. avast ye, I be Cap'n Sekh, the Butt-Pirate


Sehkenra: I still remember the strange look I got when I told one of my female friends that "I hope my roommate doesn't mind that I'm going to fly my jolly roger in our room".


Augoras: i hear disneyland has a huge gay community.


Roachz: nothing is the only thing that makes perfect sense
zallak: if nothing is the only thing that makes perfect sense
zallak: then waht sense do you make of the perfect nothing?


zallak: i can write like a bat out of smell


Riordan: Do you think Coil is trendy right now?


slurple: i'm a fuckin genius


teckyong: erm...my sex life?
teckyong: it is non existence! hurray!
falls: do they punish you for having sex in singapore?


teckyong: I need inspiration to write a book review
teckyong: can u help?
falls: yes, i can.
teckyong: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
falls: teck, that's disturbing and bizarre. worse than barney.
slurple: tell the readers it gave you incredible magickal powers
slurple: thru it's infinite wit and wisdom


slurple: but yeah, irc gives me a nice excuse to sit on my ass all day and act like an antisocial prick

hairypot: cum sit on my magickal wand


hairypot: say habracadbra, click your hills three times, and get ready to feel me in your behind


triskele: teck yong: HARRY POTTER STINKS!


ZlivingGo: go away or ill shoot ya!!!


triskele^: slurple, I've never seen your pic before. are you a stud?


slurple: mutate to survive


slurple: and is her ass really slack?
zallak: my ass is
triskele^: I don't check on these things
teckyong: my butt is nice and tight
teckyong: wanna touch my butt, slurp?
slurple pokes magius with a cattle prod
slurple: HA!
teckyong: ohhh...kinky! ;p
slurple: I touched it with my 10 foot pole
slurple: ain't it?
triskele^: can't you people keep your fetishes to yourself?
teckyong: your 'pole' is 10 foot?
ZlivingGo grabs everyones ass
slurple goes after trisk with his cattle prod
slurple: i think it has to do with the contagious stupidity factor


zallak: noone luvs me when i'm drunk


ZlivingGo: everyone is jacking off

demoncat: everything is being recorded that we say and put on a website right?


demoncat prepares a servitor that snatches some orgone out of whoever reads this message after this minute..and puts it in a this little bottle she has for such things.... ; )


Xaphiosis: well aren't you gonna congratulate me? you stoned or something?


LOUDMUZIK: fuck you zegg, i would kill you if i could
zTome: Preach it, sister!
LOUDMUZIK: ztome, you're my bitch also
zTome: get a life LOUDMUZIK.
LOUDMUZIK: your days are numbered, ztome


NpK: ahh, wiccans
starbird: happy fluffy little bunnies


NpK has changed the topic to Real Canadian snow for sale! $10 a pound, contact NpK today!


<NpK: zTome, will I ever be rich?
NpK: well, will I ?

zEgg: [DrKabal] Author, Asshole, Friend, and Total Fucking Badass
(tm).  -- Seek0


BenwayMD: That guy, Fahrid, is from #islam.  If he returns do not  op him.


Beacon9: I was trying to ping Kab
BenwayMD: Well, you missed.


beast77: I am filled with universal spite and hatred as to the holiday season


AlephCult rejects the merlot.  "Can't stand alcohol." He takes a hefty hit from the bong.
triskele: I love booze. heathen!


DrKabal: Aleph - want-to-get-laid??


ZlivingGo: AlephCult on @#TRandLPorgies @#cyber-hos @#want_to_get_laid @#sexual_deviants #Sex_MagicK @#young_republicans @#nasty_lesbo_sluts @#dominatrix @#thee_vortex


ZlivingGo: ztome have you seen my condom?
zTome: I haven't seen your damn condom, now shut up.


AlephCult: I want my chromosomes to match the body I'm in. Nothing worse than clashing chromosomes.


AlephCult: Ever seen this picture of the girl with two clits, KMoT?


KMoT: i say we have a good 'ol talk abouts magick(if you haven't forgot...)


triskele: me destroy, piece by piece, the one person I think ddeserves it

triskele: i don'thate him.
triskele: I don't hate anyone or thing.
triskele: I just justify.
AlephCult: Trisk: that's hatred, girl.
triskele: no.
triskele: it isn't.
triskele: I don't feel any hate.
triskele: some moderate to strong dislike, but no hate.


triskele: and NO ONE fucks with me.


triskele: when I do things, I do them DAMNED well.


triskele: teckyong get a fricking grip. You're irritating becasue you beg for attention.


AlephCult: It's a chaos magick channel
Ahriman: I know but whenever I come here it seems no one really discusses magick


Woden: Do what thou wilt so mote it be! My law is love and 93!


zallak: we shall set free
zallak: all that look at thee
zallak: fire in insanity
zallak: my bods the best
zallak: milky cows having sexxx
AlephCult: Dude, I never took you for a rapper, Zal.
zallak: :)
zallak: i try


AlephNull: You don't really know why, but you wanna justify rippin' someone's head off
Woden: that doesn't sound very original


AlephNull: Well I'm the same old reasons not to try what the hell, beat to death with a shovel and a new smell.  Come and get me, mom would never let me do it, I'm ruined.  I don't want anything from you, cause I got nothing left to prove.  Come on, my time, everything feels fine, goodbye.  Killing from the inside.
AlephNull: Woden: so to the best of your knowledge it's completely original
AlephNull: there you go.  I'm a profane artistic genius
Woden:  i don't see what is so artistic about those disgusting lyrics


Sayrelle: Genix is such a waste, he's so cute and hunkish...
Sayrelle: but he's Bi! ::Ū


Sayrelle: my celtic cross seems to be backstabing me

Sayrelle: oh shut, my script has no Hurt options
Sayrelle: knew I shouldn't have changed it


slurple: so many lovely confused females come out of hiding
FraDotCom: Yeah. And most of them should wear a mask or go underground


angelfoxy sits the under your butt to keep them warm
slurple: aw
slurple: stop wiggling those toes


angelfoxy: how have you been
FraDotCom: Fine enough. what about you?
angelfoxy: good
FraDotCom: You've been good? Damn, and I just wanted to get the rod out to spank you
angelfoxy: ohhhhhhhhhh
angelfoxy bends over


KrimHum: Love is the Law, Love under Willy Clinton's desk.


angelfoxy: ahhhhh us thelemites are all horny
FraDotCom: So, basically thelemites should breed like rabbids?

Beacon9: Love without Will makes you a couch potato...Will without Love makes you merciless...when you find both, you will find Tiphareth.

KrimHum: With Daath being the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Graceland where God always has chats with Jesus.

KrimHum: Da'ath is where Jesus went bungee jumping


Bel-Alil: Man, Einstein was a pretty smart guy


BenwayMD: My form tutor at high school chose Jesus instead of me
BenwayMD: She became a nun before I had a chance to marry her.
starbird: wow,  some wimmin will do anything to avoid sex!


TaNd3M: One of my balls is slightly larger than the other.


TaNd3M: I have a problem
TaNd3M: And I would like some suggestions from you, my friends.
TaNd3M: I have a girlfriend who some fool idiot had told her that
she is GREAT at giving head....
TaNd3M: She now LOVES to give head
TaNd3M: And even suggested doing it for over an hour nonstop
TaNd3M: The problem is
beast77: that's a problem?
TaNd3M: That her mouth does not open far enough, and her teeth REALLY get into it
TaNd3M: And it fucking HURTS even
TaNd3M: I will never be able to get off by that alone
starbird: latent inguinal hernia, no doubt
TaNd3M: I don't want to tell her that she sucks at sucking
TaNd3M: Because she really thinks she is awesome
BenwayMD: Pump her full of tranquilisers.  Then pull out her teeth.
BenwayMD: Attack her muff with your gnashers until she screams. Then tell her that that's how it feels when she is sucking on your wang.


BenwayMD: What do university girls have against anal sex?
BenwayMD: Any time I bring it up in bed, they run away screaming.
Beacon9: Benway, they know you like it.
Beacon9: that's why.
BenwayMD: Grr
BenwayMD: I will just have to use chloroform before anal excavation.
TaNd3M: Use Astroglide(tm), so they won't suspect anything
Beacon9: how about just using novicane
BenwayMD: Um .. I think she'll notice a large organ insterted in her anal orifice regardless of what I use.


starbird: my OTO buddy sez he's been doing lots more anal since he joined the Order
starbird: on top, even, with the opposite sex
BenwayMD: I think its a ritual greeting in thelemic circles.


BenwayMD: No, I won't let you leprous she-mule have sex with me


Roachz: i am planning on using the goetia soon? will the nieghbor next to my apartment be able to hear the demons talking, or can only the person evoking hear them??


Xaphiosis: I'd be lucky to get even half a girlfriend :/


IPpy: Who needs a brain when you've got... testicles!
starbird`: what if one is bigger than the other?
IPpy: Oohh... the Jealosy Factor
IPpy: Well I guess you gotta trim the bigger one with scissors


teckyong: I am boring aren't I?


zEgg: Next time read the contract before you sign it, dumbass.


AlephCult: ztome have you seen my big black ass?
zTome: I haven't seen your damn big black ass, now shut up.


AlephCult: Uh oh.  It's finally gone to far.  I just named a character in one of my stories 'Zee'!  I didn't even mean to do it!


triskele: HOW did these blue beads get in my pocket?!


triskele: Can I ask a teenage trivial problem question to the channel?

ult: i have been reading this golden dawn crap
ult: did those old guys seriously do that crap?
ult: I can understand crowley, he was in it for the orgies and nothing more,
ult: kinda like the modern wiccans
Woden: What the hell do you mean crowley was in it for orgies and nothing more?! he wrote some very usefull and interesting texts on magick


AlephCult has just sent someone a declaration of his love.  He feels like he's going to throw up...


Sayrelle: dont act stupid
Dakarren: im not acting, I really am


c354: i wonder what happened to this channel....
c354: did everyone turn into zee's?


zosX wishes he could see his girly tonight
zosX: I want sex! :)
FraDotCom: lemme guess. A blow up doll?
zosX: no
zosX: I've never had a blowup doll
FraDotCom: imaginary?


AlephCult: flus can suck my cock.  however they don't like it when I taunt them like that


NpK: fuck, I need a life


MaxKaote: I was a regular for about a year, until I accidentally joined the Army.  I've got a little bit of leave now, so here I am.  =P

electrica: what's this zee list thing?


sythka:  i can't name a man i'd clean up shit for, a dog, i would. therefore, maybe i'd get along much better with a dog
Augoras: isn't cleaning up a shit a good description of many modern relationships?


sythka: if some people think they'll get high they will


AlephCult: WARNING, WARNING: autonomatrix.net is owned by Infek bin Laden


zallak has changed the topic to women who order buffalo wings are ten times more likely to exp bisexual sex


ult:  Actually, on a serious note, why do so many "chaos magick" sites try and be so dark and broody and "cool"?


Augoras:  i think wishing people a good taoist blessing through use of the power fluff love doll teddy bears is a great idea!

AlephCult:  we need a start trek theme for the AX


AlephCult will join the IOT and thus become a REAL chaote...


Aug372: I'm not even on the official #thee_vortex webpage.  ;(


ZlivingGo: #conservative_thelemites ........

AlephCult: I am the tyrranical leader of #taoist_sluts!


ult: I want to have a 3-week-long orgasm


AlephCult: what is your favorite kind of sausage (besides mine)?

ult:  Where can I get a hardcopy of the complete book of the uterus


ult: how do I become immortal?
Clovis: fuck i can't remember...
ult: I would give up sex if it would make me immortal


Clovis: hey canadian pussy is good!


onelove: my igloo's frozen shut!


Magius has changed the topic to Merry Christmas!!! We celebrate the birth of Jesus and rejoice for we will be saved!


zEgg: touch my pussy ?
zEgg: Touch my pussy!


Seek0: You can't get a hardon?


MaxKaote: the water tastes slightly bitter.  the eggs are just ... wrong.  its the only thing we have to eat every day no matter what.  and they come in liquid form... not from shells, but from bags.  they make everyone fart like a motherfucker, too.  normal eggs don't do that to me


Seek0: Oompa Loompa Oomptiy Pooh, I've got a greasy erection for you!


beast77: hey, I was invited to join #JesusCafe


onelove:  Declare Thelema to be property of ZCluster


Woden: maybe thay thought you should be writing storys about algebra?


zosX: I need sex


zosX: what's new? :)
Magius: if u put your dick up my ass, I wouldn't be a virgin anymore.


beast77 screams incoherently in rage and frustration, mumbling things about "invalid page fault in KERNEL32.DLL" in between manic drools

ult: i'm very mildly intoxicated so don't piss me off, ok?


ult: I am merry right now. See. Fuck you


Sehkenra:   The images I get in my head from playing FF VII make studying Kabbalah difficult.


ult: you're a pagan??
ult: you fucker.


ult: The most notable reaction from a gay friend of mine: Oh my GOD that is the biggest penis on a reindeer I've ever seen!


AlephCult continues to talk into an empty room
AlephCult likes the look of his own text


Attila|: The WORD of the Aeon of Bacchus is VODKA! And It's number is 96% !

teckyong: welcome to #thee_vortex.  93.
Sehkenra: What do you think this is, #thelema? ;)


teckyong: I am rather depressed now btw...can I bitch for a while here?


ult: You wanna be a chick huh. A chick with a dick.
ult: And you look like a fucking serial killer, you want to be a chick ;)


Augoras: I've figured out why my IRC chat isn't what it could be... i'm using an old version of mirc!


Sehkenra wonders when all these Chaotes turned into white magicians and Buddhists


Beacon9: what's wrong with Christianity?


zosX has seen his girl a few times in the last few days and hasn't fucked


slurple: the true meaning of xmas has always been video games for me


Mastinem: ops please
Bkwyrm: I would, but I don't know who you are.
slurple: she has pepper spray too


Bkwyrm: Hey, look, a canadian


Bkwyrm thumps slurple with a COMPLETE set of The Equinox. In hardcover.


zosX: I could whine and whine about how my life has been totally destroyed and how my universe has totally fallen apart


luc3nt: I would be a killer rabbit from........*scream* my brain just melted on me


ult: when i was a kid scooters were about as lame as you could get ;)


AlephCult: I've also been wondering since...
AlephCult looks at his watch
AlephCult: ...last night if I should try and grow breasts ;)


MaxKaote goes to perform his Milosh ritual.
ult: Milosh ritual?
Riordan: Milosh gave ya a ritual?
MaxKaote:  1. Find a nice wall.
MaxKaote:  2. Stand right next to it.
MaxKaote:  3. Bang your head against it, chanting "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!"


Riordan: Just think..in three years.. you'll be in great shape and well-disciplined.
Sayrelle: or dead


Riordan: Fucked in the ass.....or fucked in the ass by Uncle Sam?


ult: Shrink, I wanna kill. I mean, I wanna KILL KILL KILL


Woden: you guys must know by now what arawyn will do with this chat-log when he gets his hands on it, right?


Woden: It can do that?!


Riordan: zTome have you seen Sayrelle?
Sayrelle: r u blind Riordan?
Sayrelle: I'm here


Riordan: I shouldn't know any Britney Spears songs..  but somehow, pop culture has infected me
Riordan: She's got nice tits, though.


ult: Woden: Uh...where is your penis?


ult: I've never been a girl before, you know, it's gotta be an interesting experience.


ult: Do women ever get wet dreams or anything like it?


ult: you don't want my body?


Sayrelle: didnt know u were screwed u  like the rest of the crew, Riordan


ult: there is nude choronzon on that page
AlephCult: Nude Chor?  I wanna see! ;)


ult: stop your penis


Sayrelle: what?! Krimhum put that penis thing in my pic?!
Sayrelle: I'm gonna get him for that!!!


MaxKaote envisions a chaote wedding.... plenty of assorted mind-altering substances, bride dressed in black, groom dressed in white leather, several goetic demons hovering about the incense-filled room...
ult: We would have the highest divorce rate because we love getting married so much


Sayrelle: My God, you're right! AlephCult looks like an AXE MURDERER!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!


Woden: Ult, you are a man, am i correct?


MaxKaote: You know how much some of those perv-porn sites would pay for pics of hairy breasts?


MaxKaote: heh, i got the maximum score on the military's intelligence test


Beacon9: In a parallel universe, this channel is called #bible


Sayrelle: NO I'M NOT HORNY!!!
AlephCult: As the Skatenigs said: "HORNY FOR EVIL"


AlephCult: Teck: but I'm planning to grow breasts similar to the ones Kat has


ZlivingGo: Yesterday scientists revealed that beer contains small traces of Female hormones. To prove this thoery the scrintists fed 100 men 12 pints of beer and observed 100% of them gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became emotional, couldn't drive, and refused to apologise when wrong. No further testing is planned.


slurple: wtf did that dumb fuck join the military for?


slurple: if you just eat cat food it saves much time
ult: slurple you eat cat food?
ult: Cat food tastes like haggis
slurple: it tastes like cheezits if you get the right kind
slurple: ever notice how similar that sounds to jesus?
ZlivingGo: you EAT cat food?
slurple: that's right mister
slurple: the cat food is not the vessel of change itself
slurple: it is merely the catalyst
slurple: be amazed at the benefits tho


slurple: i wonder if i'm hot enough for my own webcam


ZlivingGo has changed the topic to AlephCult killed a serial
AlephCult: Okay, I'll admit to that one
ZlivingGo: SEE!
ZlivingGo: HE DID DO IT!
AlephCult: ?!
AlephCult: Now I never said that!
ZlivingGo: Did too!
AlephCult: The murder of a serial does not imply government work!


ult: Bkwyrm how did you get to be a librarian? Aren't librarians always supposed to be sweet little old ladies with too much free time?


AlephCult: We're all clinically insane


 Bkwyrm cavorts with zTome
AlephCult: There must be some kind of biblical law against cavorting...


slurple: i thought you needed a good lay and a few blowjobs from a serious hotty


MaxKaote: i use my hand for a wand
MaxKaote: i'm thinking of switching to my cock for certain rituals...


MaxKaote: You might be a Chaote if... You've ever named a godform by banging your cock on a keyboard.


Dakarren: you might be a chaote if...  you've ever made a burnt offering of marshmallows to the stay puft marshmallow man
MaxKaote: If you've ever named a piece of clothing after a Qlippothic demon... you might be a Chaote.  ;-P
MaxKaote: If you've ever bottled a fart for purposes of servitor-creation... you might be a Chaote.
MaxKaote: You might be a Chaote if... your chalice is a shot-glass.
Dakarren: you might be a chaote if... your chalice is a synthetic vagina
MaxKaote: you might be a chaote if... lsd tops-off your tree of life
Dakarren: you might be a chaote if...  you do card tricks with a tarot deck
MaxKaote: you might be a chaote if... your dog answers to the name Nyarlohtepp


MaxKaote: Citizen: "AAAAAH!  DEMONS ARE PLAGUING THE WORLD!" Christian: "IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!"  Chaote: "Oh quit bitching and DO something about it..."


Sayrelle: who's pope pete?


ult: i can rape you in your dreams
onelove: I know how to do that... learned it from Dune, Bene Gesserit. :)


zosX is rather wanting a boy lately
ult: horny bugger


slurple: what's the palestinian word for white boy again?
luc3nt: Bitch


ult: Bkwyrm you are an evil, evil woman.


AlephCult: Bots don't have clits.  Which am I?

slurple: for the next ten thousand years you will shovel your shit and eat it


AlephCult: Sayrelle: you acted like a rude shithead

slurple pulls his dick out of ztome's ear and hastily stuffs it back in his pants


zEgg takes out slurples dick and bites it
zEgg takes another bite
zEgg adds some mustard
lurple: stop that
zEgg adds some ketchup
slurple: you're only eating at an illusion the elves put there aeons ago to prevent freaks like you doing any real damage
zEgg takes a hearty bite out of slurples dick
slurple: daMMI*T!!!!!


MaxKaote: do the words "statutory rape" mean anything to you?


IPpy: everything's okay now
IPpy: I have arrived
IPpy: but now I must go
IPpy: So namaste to all


MaxKaote: let's see... which newsgroups might have info for getting me out of the army?


ult: i'm gonna put a goetic vortex on my cieling
slurple: goetic vortex, huh?
ult: yeah
slurple: you must be bored dude


ult: I like Giger, I like the look of goetic bullshit,and I hate my roommate


ult: Sex before relationship, or relationship before sex?
AlephCult: we're both single and horny as hell, so something may happen next time we get together


ult: Hi! I'm a Lesbian in a guys body!


slurple: do you like getting fucked in the ass?
slurple: not to be too blatant or anything
ult: slurple: I don't want to fuck some guy in the ass, or be fucked on the ass. I want a cunt, and I want to be fucked in my cunt. It sucks.


ult: (God, if that one ever goes in the quotes page)
MaxKaote: NOTE TO ARAWYN: Scroll up, and add that to the quotes page.  ;-P
ult: NOTE TO ARAWYN: Do you value your soul?


slurple has changed the topic to FUCK FUCK and FUCKWINKLE! Why? Because this whole channel is sexually frustrated


luc3nt: Well, my ass is going to crash


slurple: one of those things with vagina's on them...what are those things called again?


MaxKaote: man... i love the smell of my civilian farts
MaxKaote: army farts are so rank


AlephCult: I can never tell if slurple's completely full of shit or actually spewing out some in-jokes or real insight




MaxKaote: i'm looking to see if there's a 'religious discharge' section.  i doubt it, but if there is, i could whine that the army isn't letting me do my True Will


Navitae gives an official OTO three-way dildo to Zma


slurple: no, we don't fuck eachother in the ass in here
slurple: and we do not pay membership dues to get fucked in the ass
slurple: most of us anyhoo
Navitae: anal sex is good though


Navitae: who the hell can banish without a gun for god's sake!


Navitae lunges at slurple with a fully charged remote control butt-plug


slurple: one would expect wizards to be a step above the average human
InGirum: he really knows his stuff and is an amazing magician! well he does live with his mom and can't bathe himself


InGirum: Thelema is fine, it's just all these pesky thelemites that piss me off


FraDotCom: who is that steak in the banlist?


slurple: #thelema is really stupid


AlephCult: cxi nickometer beast77
CXI: 'beast77' is 19% lame, AlephCult


triskele: So...anyone wanna give me thier credit card so I can shop online and buy some books?


AlephCult: cool so now I can send him into thelema to say stuff, and I don't have to listen to what they say back ::)


sythka: but most ghodless heathens can't read or write anyway


MaxKaote knows someone who had the words "EXIT ONLY" tattooed on his ass.


MaxKaote: actually, the zee is so freakish, that its hard to piss people off unless you're not trying


ult: Is Kat Hot?


ZlivingGo: PentiumŽ 4 *drool*


AMYGDALA: So when is someone going to do an OB translation of Liber AL?


Amygdala needs to do some experiments with charging sigils using swedish gothic porn
ZlivingGo: Fucking bitch!
Amygdala: did I steal your idea?


triskele: having a good new years guys?
Evacaxij: Nope!
triskele: ....spending it on the internet?


CXI looks at Evacaxij's penis. "Luckily, size doesn't matter."


CXI: the meaning of life is **[ERROR: meaning database cannot be located.]


Etheng: cxi wanna fuck?
CXI: No,your ugly as shit


Evacaxij: that's what magick is all about, isn't it?  getting laid?


Evacaxij: got laid for the first time, had my first girlfriend, fell in love, realized it was time for me to grow


veleda: save me luc3nt, may I give up the evil temptations of GUI, in order to have a secure stable box!


ult: Hey if you don't like the fact that c354 and ChORONZON were banned, you might want to post something about it on Zee-list, it seems to be a trend ;)


BenwayMD: I'm no longer affiliated with the zee-list.
BenwayMD: They don't deserve me.


BenwayMD: reading 231 mails by sex-starved 15 year old goth kiddies every day can be quite dull.
ZlivingGo: was i just insulted?


ult: That's true, but we can still bitch about it if we like :)(
ult:  And to be honest, I always love a good fight over something pretty pointless.
ult: It's amazing what people will do in the name of stupidity
ult:  Well, I'm lonely and bored, what do you expect? ;)


AlephCult: huh, where'd my bot go?
teckyong: Aleph: I killed your bot
AlephCult: teckyong: how?
teckyong: erm...a knife in the back


sythka snuggles with aleph and lix him till her tounge goes dry
AlephCult moistens sythka's tongue with his own
sythka: ooh!
sythka: this is really sad, the only action i get is on IRC


sythka: i feel sorry for the next boy i deem "worthy of fucking"
sythka: he may end up hospitalized :)
MaxKaote: sythka, i haven't seen a woman in six months.  wanna take bets to see who'd end up hospitalized first?  =P
sythka: i'd hurt you :)
sythka: boys need recovery time, i don't
MaxKaote: i'd enjoy it ;P
sythka: hrm, when do you get your next leave *g*
MaxKaote: and who needs recovery time when you've learned to practice tantra and taoist sex magick?
sythka: oooh, yes, you'll do !


ult: The Master of Future is here, and he says you don't have one.


MaxKaote: I like Jejune's example of life in a zeehouse: "Who dropped acid in my coffee?"


ult: A lot of the "women" I've met on IRC turned out to be guys ult: some hot, some not


Bel-Alil: sythka: You're a woman, right?
sythka: yep
sythka checks to make sure
sythka: yep. it's official


zallak: i vote we design an alternative chaostar
zallak: one to present to the public
zallak: one less offensive
zallak: like an eight petaled rose


ZlivingGo: why was i ever born?




MaxKaote: "I used to be happy.  Then I tried drugs.  Now I'm REALLY happy!"