Quotes, Episode XI


ult: feel free to invoke my name

sythka: phone sex sucks

sythka: hehe. my senior year a bunch of kids at my school had me autograph their yearbooks as "Jamie, Mistress of all things evil"
sythka: that was better than the "fuck you" i wrote in most of my classmates books

AlephCult: I find the male body disgusting

ult: At least you're not a hairy irish bastard like me!

ult: Death is God's way of making sure you never grow enough to become a God yourself!

Clovis: and a black hole is where god divided by 0

ult: (To go back to an earlier thread, I apologize, I lost my mind :)

ult: Oh shit :) were you breakdancing or some shit?

ult: Dude, you're handsome, weird, smart, and occasionally, can produce interesting conversation. You shouldn't have half the trouble finding friends Ido!

zallak: i'll anal someone not be analed

ZlivingGo: can we do a zee orgy?

ZlivingGo: oh seek0 oh seek0 where art thou ?

Navitae: me bad kaos magus

Navitae: not many people here now
DyingSun: yes
Navitae: lots of teenagers
DyingSun: yes,they are kind of annoying
Navitae: I'm an old fart
DyingSun: noticed myself yesterday

DyingSun: I hate when they pose stupid questions like "does magick work?" etc..

ZlivingGo uses the butt force field aka a nasty fart

Navitae: he shit in #thelema
Navitae: can smeel it all the way over here

Bel-Alil: I have a major problem
ZlivingGo: need to shit again?
Bel-Alil: no
Bel-Alil: but it is kinda related to that
ZlivingGo: periods?
Navitae: puke?
ZlivingGo: pms?
Bel-Alil: See, I really want to eat some eggs for breakfast...
Navitae: pee?
Navitae: eggs is good
Bel-Alil: But I am afraid of what they will do to me later
ZlivingGo: your cock falled off?
avitae: hehehe
Bel-Alil looks down
Bel-Alil: nope. Still alive and kicking :)
ZlivingGo: what do ya mean do to me later?
Bel-Alil: Although I did dream once that I was taking a piss and my testicles fell off into the toilet
ZlivingGo: kick ass!
Bel-Alil: Zlivingo: Well, eggs make me poo
Bel-Alil: but they taste yummy

zTome: How come zEgg always gets all the attention? I do a lot around here!

THRAKAZOG urinates lovingly upon zTomes glorious bald head

Navitae: I want to do porn
Navitae: cocksucking vampires
Navitae: satans hole
Navitae: voudoo zombie nymphomaniacs

ult: i've got Jesus bound, the least you could do is bind an angel

Roachz: wiccans are for fucking and nothing else

Sehkenra: I turn my back for a week, and chaotes start popping out of the woodwork... 

BenwayMD: I've been busy performing acts of evil and depravity

BenwayMD: Prostitution is a great way to enlarge your income. You meet lots of people, have sex and take lots of drugs . . .and you get
paid at the end of the day!

BenwayMD: My COMPUTER sounds like it is giving birth to something.

Navitae: no kiss, no fuck

BenwayMD: Viagra is the Way, The Truth, and The Life.

ult: Ben you're only like 25
BenwayMD: I'm 20.
ult: 20, shit, and you act like an old man :D

BenwayMD: Demons aren't fluffy enough. Angels are bearable because they have warm and cosy wings.

BenwayMD: Someone just sent me a list of books that deal with human sacrifice in religion and magick. How nice of them.
BenwayMD: That's why I no longer practice human sacrifice.

zallak: if i could just like women who are less intelligent than me

AlephCult: I feel like a freak and don't like not looking how I feel

Xaronzon: HELLOOOOOO? Anybody home?

Xaronzon: I'm happy to play advice service

Xaronzon: Speaking of bots, did anyone flame me during that bot thread on the list? I deleted the whole thing, so I don't know if I need to take humberage with anyone.

Navitae: I flamed you!
Xaronzon: really? cool? what did you say?

Navitae: masturbate with me!
Navitae: damn, can't get it up
Navitae: gotta get the pliers
Navitae: maybe a hammer and some tacks
Dakarren: hm... maybe you need a erector set
Navitae: penile implant
Navitae: petere pump
Navitae: cock ring
Dakarren: indeed
Dakarren: cock ring tied to a moving car, perhaps
Navitae: need better porn, see any pics of sheeep?
Dakarren: if that doesnt get a 24 incher, nothing will
Navitae: or cows even?
Navitae: maybe a goat will do it
Dakarren: naw, I prefer aquarium fish
Navitae: geeze hard to masturbate to fish
Dakarren: easier than to Janet Reno
Navitae: at least I need some fur!

Dakarren: y'know what's grosser than gross? When grandma does the splits and leaves a hickey on the floor

zallak: oink

Roachz: blue rat are u hot chick?

BenwayMD: Kill your nextdoor neighbour and eat him.
BenwayMD: There's a recipe on kat's site, I think.


BenwayMD: Like Jesus, they died because they were weak and stupid.

electrica: if/when jesus comes back... do you really think he wants to see a cross?

electrica: easiest permanent way to make yer hair cool is dye.
slurple: like pippie longstocking after a long night on the docks with the boys

Xaronzon: Hey, anyone know where I can find some useful information on how decomposed an unembalmed 3-week old corpse would be if kept at a cool temperature?

electrica: .13.
electrica: death, breath,
electrica: well, hell,
electrica: fuckit, fuck this,
electrica: i die,
electrica: eyes, lies,
electrica: why, cry,
electrica: .
electrica: sin, within,
electrica: .
electrica: you, blue,
electrica: virtue, untrue,
electrica: in you, in true,
electrica: fuck this, fuckit,
electrica: hell, well,
electrica: breath death.
electrica: .anna.lee. .1.5.1.

sythka: ok. i must go whore my artistic talents for money
FraDotCom: what artistic talents?

zEgg bites FraDotCom's clit
FraDotCom: what clit would that be?
beast77: fra:you have a clit? lemme see!
zEgg shoves the bible up ZlivingGos ass
zEgg act shows everyone FraDotCom's clit
AlephCult is jealous of FraDotcom. "How come he gets a clit and I don't?"
FraDotCom: Get yourself a girl, then you have a clit.
beast77: aw.c'mon, you know you'd just play with it all the time, and we'd never see you
AlephCult: FraDotCom: while I'd like one there too, I'd also like one of my very own
zEgg hurls ZlivingGos' dick back
AlephCult: beast77: there's no reason I couldn't do both
beast77: I have two girls, but their clits are their own
FraDotCom: If he knows what to do with it that is.
AlephCult: FraDotCom: clits aren't terribly complicated
zEgg act kills FraDotCom
ZlivingGo slaps zEgg
AlephCult: zEgg has gone mad!
AlephCult: Faster, zEggie-bot, kill kill kill!
ZlivingGo: zEgg is now a e-chaote
zEgg casts In Mani Corp on FraDotCom and mixes garlic, ginseng, spiders silk and sulfurous ash
electrica: clits aren't terribly complicated... that means you either spend a lot of time studying them or you don't understand them at all
FraDotCom: I guess it would be the latter
AlephCult: FraDotCom: you're sounding abusive, yo
FraDotCom: I'm never abusive. Just go and ask Kat

ZlivingGo: ''Worldwide Undernet storm hits 80% of the world who use IRC. X/W bots terminated early Jan. 2001. The war continues between the evil hackers and CService.''

triskele: I'm reading thee vortex quotes, new ones on Arawyn's page
triskele: I can't believe I said some stuff.

ult: Is um, anyone here, a virgin?

ult: 17 times in one day?
ult: I can beat that


AlephCult wants to be God. "Things would be very different around here."

zallak: the women i meet are miles below me or miles above me or 14 usually

vidian_19: i meditate for 2 or 3 hours a night
ZlivingGo: HOURS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

ult: My Retractable Penis: Fact or Fiction?
ult: my dick grows so much when i get a hardon
ult: I used to think there was something wrong with me...cus...like...4" of growth seemed kinda weird

zallak: see
zallak: she had a retractable
zallak: an uunderstandable
zallak: vagina submarine
zallak: an ununderstandable
zallak: vagina submarine
zallak: it came out
zallak: and looked about
zallak: it was retractable
zallak: and delectable
zallak: when i went down under
zallak: from between her ass and her...
zallak: out came a ship full sail
zallak: and i worked them both
zallak: damn she's the best tail

zallak: tris!
zallak: give me a topic!
triskele: uhh
zallak: any topic will sufice
triskele: bread.

Augoras: playing God isn't the way to encourage people to express themselves.
AlephCult: sure it is. order them to express themselves and threaten a smiting

Augoras: sad you aren't able to address what I write.
AlephCult: I was addressing it. Just not constructively
Augoras: thanks for playing another exciting game of ... IRC conversation. Maybe I should tune in later.

Augoras: ?
zTome: Augoras: Yes.
Augoras: ??
zTome: Augoras: Yes, and by "yes" i mean "no."
Augoras: ? ?
zTome: Augoras: Yes, and by "yes" i mean "no."
Augoras: ?
zTome: Augoras: Yes.
Augoras: ?
Augoras: I could do this all night.

slurple: just kickin back grinning to myself at the amount of corruption i might just get to expose young teck too
FraDotCom: Slurple, he was with Kat a while back. Think you can beat her on corruption? ;)

ChORONZON: I spent Xmas night in #thelema.

ChORONZON is momentarily tortured by the shitz.
slurple: pedro the peddling burrito boy strikes again
FraDotCom: got the spell back? ;)
ChORONZON: yah.. .a bit of backlash. *g*
FraDotCom: If you listen to your bladder, you can hear the toilet call. You can barely stand the wait, you can barely stand at all...

teckyong: wanna get together for a sex orgy some day?
FraDotCom: Not with you, Teck.

teckyong: we need more nubile female zees

beast77: do what thou wilt, it's not just a good idea, it's the LAW!

electrica: goddamn most guys just stick their fingers/tongues/dicks down there and wiggle em around, oh, that'll do the trick

electrica whips out a 2-foot-long 4-inch-thick double-ended dildo and cackles.

ult: A friend of mine went to a manson concert
ult: Got to saw the guy jack off into a bible and give the drummer a bj

Navitae: pusssy good
Navitae: cock good
Navitae: ass good
Navitae: all good

electrica: i'm SEX!

electrica: i see someone standin at a toilet and i get the urge to grab it and aim it myself
electrica: sometimes i do.. but for some reason it pisses guys off

electrica: i like my clit
electrica: i like gettin wet
electrica: i like to be penetrated
electrica: sooooo i'm just fine
AlephCult: quit bragging damnit ;)
electrica: hey.. you have a dick... be happywith whatcha got
AlephCult: It's nice in its own way
AlephCult: but I'd kill to be a woman, quite honestly
electrica: you might be one in a next life
Navitae: you can borrow mine, only slightly used
AlephCult: Too bad I don't believe in reincarnation :(
electrica gets a knife and goes to work on navitae

electrica: you're bored? try acid, you won't be bored for 3 days :)

electrica: ...nights in white satin.... never reachin' the end...

electrica: it's like.. JESUS.. i put my mouth in THAT?!

electrica: i'm actually being challenged this time.
DrKabal: challenged?
ZlivingGo: A fight to the death!
DrKabal: mentally or physically?
electrica: mentally.
DrKabal: mentally challenged?
DrKabal: lol

electrica: they can't find anything better to talk about than what they drank or what drugs they did on new year's eve
FraDotCom: wasn't much if they still can remember what they did.

Kliph: dammit somebody brainwashed me and now i cant have sex with dead birds... im angry!

Zenik: has anyone raped a 3 week old corpes lately?

AlephCult: I dig psychotic chicks

Genix: Fear my boobies, and such.

ult: When I say I am a mage, I want people to think "O shit, count dracula" not, "Oh cute, Harry Potter"


AlephCult just wants to be a woman, which is much more reasonable than a Mortal Kombat character, but will the universe do him that one favor? NOOOOOO...

Xaronzon: Much as I hate to disillusion you, you aren't my primarily motivation for existance. That'd be Arawyn.

Xaronzon: So... come here often?

Xaronzon: ARGH! I just woke up my furby

AlephCult: slurple: why did you just attack me?
slurple: i was playing
AlephCult: Well you can, but right now I might interprit some things wrong
slurple: uh oh
slurple: well i'm right here for ya al
AlephCult: thx slurp
slurple: no matter how many times i tackle ya
slurple: and beat you mercilessly with your own hands
AlephCult: heh
beast77: we are all your friends
zal-away>: alpeh was is a psychic attack?
AlephCult: I appologize for having a hard time believing that
AlephCult: zal-away: huh?
zal-away>: was it
zal-away>: how'd he attack you?
zal-away>: i missed it
AlephCult: ??
slurple: you are all attacking me
zal-away>: not me
slurple screams and clutches his side
AlephCult looms menacingly over slurple
beast77 jumps on slurple, pummeling him mercilessly
slurple remembers his denning and phillips and projects the CLEAR BLUE LIGHT in a PENTAGRAM from his THIRD EYE


electrica: Some things you can't be taught, you've just got to figure them out all on your own. Like, Don't lick a flagpole in the winter, for instance, and, Never get drunk at a company party. And, also, Don't send a private, potentially humiliating note of a sexual nature in an email to a person whom you don't (or shouldn't) fully trust not to forward that email to friends who will, in turn, forward it to approximately one million people all
electrica: globe. Now, those may all sound nice and abstract - but it's a pretty solid bet that the last lesson is one that Claire Swire won't soon forget. 
electrica: No doubt you've heard of poor Claire by now. She's the twenty-six-year-old P.R. agent for the London-based MagicButton.net who emailed her boyfriend and a few others a dirty joke a while back - nothing hysterical, just something about a fellow forcing his lady to drink a few samples at a sperm bank so she'd see that "it's not so bad." The real trouble 
electrica: started when she then sent her boyfriend what she presumed to be a private note explaining that he wouldn't have to go to such extremes because - and these are the words that will haunt this poor girl for eternity - because "yours was yum." 
electrica: Naturally, Claire's oh-so-classy boyfriend felt compelled to share the compliment with his mates, who each apparently felt obliged (actually, "honour bound," as one of them put it in his forwarding note) to pass it on to their buddies, setting off a chain reaction 
electrica: There are even reports that it may cost Ms. Swire her dot-com job, though that axe has yet to fall.
slurple: electrica i hope you deleted those "short stories" i sent you in a fit of unbridled passion

slurple: tell us about your mother's vagina
teckyong punches slurple with a used condom
slurple: uh huh. any favorite memories?
slurple: stop that teckie.
AlephCult: memories in general or about said vagina

teckyong: are u single Anna? wanna meet a cute Chinese boy?

slurple: oooooooh
electrica: l arrghghghghhh

slurple: i did it
slurple: worship me

teckyong: I am still a virgin!!!!!!!

slurple laughs
AlephCult takes slurple's laugh to mean that he's not going to get laid any time soon

beast77 is impressed at the second serious mention of magick today

sythka: speaking of physical links, ive got some evil things to do

ZlivingGo humps Roachz's leg

AlephCult pictures sythka wearing raspberry syrup and whipped cream. He drools heavily.
sythka grins
Roachz: sythka is probably a fat ho
AlephCult: lol
slurple stuffs cheesecake in roach
Roachz: who doesnt kno how to make cheese cake
slurple: you are so insensitive
AlephCult stuffs cheesecake in roach's ass

Roachz: its been months since my last anal probe
Roachz: i wonder if the aliens still luv me
Roachz: long distance relationshiops never work out

Augoras: boy, this channel is particularly fluffy tonite.
Augoras changes topic to 'Fluffy chaotes and hardcore Wiccans -- tonight on Thee_Vortex"

Roachz: ult is making me give him a subscription to playboy
Roachz: for my soul
Roachz: i think its a fair trade

slurple: is it a bad scar?
sythka: it was a deep burn so it didn't hurt that bad
sythka: it's only about 1/2 to 2/4 inch across
Roachz: .......
sythka: 3/4 not 2/4
Roachz: thats about the size of slurples dick

Roachz: i know but i have seen slurples slong
Roachz: he has a baby dick
sythka: but he has a long tounge :)
slurple: i knew i should have never taken those shots and posted them

electrica: i'm 70% sure i want this tattoo so i'm not doing it (yet)
electrica: Which tattoo?
ult: The "lick here" one?

slurple: sythka, are you here to save me?

ZlivingGo grabs ult's ass when hes not looking
slurple: all this merriment and grabbing of asses is truly much to behold

slurple: who needs these pesky bodies with these unwieldy penises anyway

Athena_: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
ZlivingGo: are thelemites allowed in here?

slurple: well fuck. if we can't clown on the bots or express our innermost sexual desires and feelings in obnoxious and juvenille ways, what's left?
cidal: masturbation.
cidal: i'm spanking it right now.
ult: oh
ult: thank you for sharing that
cidal: i know you all must be jealous that these aren't your hands.
Augoras changes topic to "The ultimate crime - masturbating online while watching the bots"

cidal: i just had astral sex with my HGA.

electrica: not a straight male in the channel

Roachz: i dont like either male or female
Roachz: what is that called?
electrica: asexual ..
ZlivingGo: impotence.
electrica: self-sexua
AlephCult: autosexual

electrica: yeah, they drain your energy through your cum... they hvae to have cum to live... so they swallow lots of it... suck you dry
electrica: through the primary male weakness
electrica: blowjobs.

electrica: the only reason i'd wanna be a guy is cuz they have an easier time scoring chix.
Roachz: no we dont
ult: electrica: bah
ult: Roachz: I think she means its easier for us to get girls than it is for her.

electrica: i'll outfuck you any day

ult: Thing that sucks about being a guy...you go numb too fucking fast.
electrica: you think clits don't go numb?
ult: electrica: After one stinky orgasm?

ZlivingGo would fuck just about every one here

ult: Am I so fucking ugly no one can remember me?

Roachz: woah your nude!!!
Roachz: now i have to erase my temp internet file tho
Roachz: shit
ult: electrica: You realize you are going to have an army of 16 year old chaotes beating off at your nudie pix, right?

ZlivingGo is ugly....but has a nice ass

triskele: she's my best friend and she's straight. no.
triskele: although I have a crush on her and have since the duration of our friendship...no.
ult: that makes things interesting
triskele: and although she's really hot and....NO!
triskele smashes her head on the table
triskele: NO! NO! NO!
triskele: *cough*
triskele: anyways.
ult: She's probably bi.
triskele: I think I might curse him out of spite.

ZlivingGo: Ack! britany spears...*gag*

triskele: I think castration would be in order.

ult: alt.binaries.pictures.erotica is pretty good

ZlivingGo: is everyone wanking?
AlephCult: I would wank if my roommate weren't here
ult: i haven't wanked in a few days.
AlephCult: I think I'm addicted to it :P
ZlivingGo: i wank about once a week *shrug*
zosX: its usually at least twice a day for me :)
AlephCult: for me it's generally twice a day, but sometimes up to 6
ZlivingGo: you got lots of time one yer hands.
zosX: I can't go for more than a few days without wanking

AlephCult: electrica: I would get a clit piercing if I had the right equipment :P

AlephCult sticks his finger in the universe's chest "There'd better be reincarnation, you son of a bitch."

AlephCult: Life fucking kicks ass if you know how to take advantage of it

AlephCult looks at his shiny "Kill Humanity" button. "Nah, they deserve a chance at least..."

electrica: my mood swings are getting better lately, but they're still out of control

teckyong: who's elisa?
electrica: chick in playboy

OO111O1O1: lesbians.. grrr... just another damn woman trying to do a man's job!!

teckyong: I am straight and my stories are about being pissed

Genix appears to take great interest in the differences in time, but really wants to look at cucumbers

Genix: So tell me, whyfore can we not change the topic?
Mercutio^: cause CHANSERV is down.
Genix: Still? Ouch.
OO111O1O1: cuz no one is a OP?
Genix: Dak: I just thought it was a little ploy to get us all equal and such.
OO111O1O1: but all of us usually are opped
OO111O1O1: so, its good to be equally powerless?
Genix: Apparently.
Mercutio^: Its good.
Mercutio^: Power corrupts all of you. Like little maggots stuffed

teckyong: Genix is a slutty genie

electrica: let's say that ... pasting the poem ... made me feel quite naked.
OO111O1O1: oh, well, I guess I'd better read it.. I like seeing naked people

teckyong: surfing Anna's page and looking at her... erm... poetry...
Mercutio^: why what would you call it
Mercutio^: Monkeys hitting typewriters ?

slurple: irc ego wars are hilarious

BenwayMD: I must confess that my Norwegian literature is not what it used to be.

Mercutio^: she don't wanna talk to you.
BenwayMD: Of course she does. What sane woman wouldn't?

Mercutio^: I am on my period.
slurple: i thought you had a penis

Mercutio^ slaps AlephCult around a bit with a large trout
Mercutio^: woops
Mercutio^: sorry.
AlephCult: that's okay. I like fish

sythka: i -could- get laid, if i wanted to deal with the idiots i know

sythka: roach: yesterday you wanted to take an electric knife to my cunt. i think i'll pass, thanks

slurple: do you want a lobotomized drooling sex slave syth?
sythka: all but the drooling part

sythka: i'm not schwilly

slurple: i am worthless

slurple: you guys are acting so....pathetic

threejane: what's happening here?
slurple: the usual rants and silliness

zallak: i just met a 26 year old witch hottie
zallak: despite being cute only fat girls hit on me
slurple: i see
slurple: nite of the living fat chicks

zallak: slurple you need to read angel tech if i may so
slurple: angel tech huh?
slurple: what's that all about zallak?
zallak: a modern shamans guide to reality selection
slurple: i see
zallak: it really helps in mental house cleaning
slurple: well isn't that nifty
zallak: so it helps ditch paranoia
zallak: in my exp.
slurple: isn't that special

zallak: the 15 year old withc's at the mall with tight asses and up turned noses
zallak: i want to...
Erzulie: fuck them

Erzulie: how dare you want to fuck such a filthy pig

slurple: i always have dug older women
Erzulie: i like young dudes
Erzulie: how old are ye?

Erzulie: I may be old, but I'm hot
Erzulie: I'm an asskicking bitch that is for sure
Erzulie: if someone fucks on where I shit, then I fucking get even

AlephCult: Okay, can I ask one of you a favor for next november?
slurple: i won't have sex with you al
zallak: me neither

triskele: I want some sex.
triskele: I haven't had sex in..
triskele: oh god
triskele: TOO LONG!

slurple: and was raised by wild....uhhh....
slurple: wild
zallak: octopusses!
slurple: no no no
slurple: mountain lions!
slurple: or jaguars or something
ZlivingGo: monkeys!
slurple: no no no
zallak puts on his monkey suit
slurple: monkeys throw shit at one another
zallak goes over to tris and searches her for bananas
slurple: i need no shit throwing in my life
slurple: especially in the bedroom
slurple: i simply will not tolerate it
ZLivingGo throws shit at Slurple
triskele hides her bananas
slurple: stop that you
slurple beats the shit out of zliving

AlephCult would settle for a rim job from a convincing transvestite at this point

slurple: are you gay zlivinggo?
ZlivingGo: no comment.
slurple: well slurple doesn't put things in his ass

zosX: she came over and picked me up and we went to McDonalds so she could stuff 6 Big Macs into her fat ass, and then we went back to her house and after she peeled the sweat stained clothes off of her slimy body, I decided that I would try fucking her, but I couldn't get any penetration because there were too many rolls of fat in the way, so she decided to give me a blow job, but it was the worst head that I have ever gotten 

slurple: i saw an add on tv that told me i could give my kids the best by waking them up to freshly fried dough each morning
slurple: furthurmore i could fill said fried dough with "creams and jellies"
slurple: quite frankly, it made me worry for our youth

AlephCult can't even remember the last time he ate goat testicles
AlephCult: It's been too damn long

Roachz: my friend offered me 5 dollars for my left nut
slurple: it must be little

AlephCult: hmm, well I only really need one testicle... I've always wondered what they tasted like...

Roachz: could one make a living off of the sperm bank

AlephCult wonders whether testicles or ovaries taste better

Roachz: im going to be a sperm donater when i grow up

AlephCult creates the channel #ACAFC
slurple: acafc huh
slurple: whut's that?
ZlivingGo: Associated Chaotes Against Female Circumcision

zosX: no stupid marilyn manson lyrics please

AlephCult rams a 322 inch dildo down slurples mouth and pulls it out his ass

teckyong shakes Dak's hand
Dakarren shakes teckyong upside down and looks for change hitting the ground

THRAKAZOG: i see X is still dead
THRAKAZOG: and so is the room

Genix: Bang it hard, bang it fast, bang it long.
Genix: My new motto.

Roachz: slurple what books would u recommend then
Roachz: besides books from disney

BenwayMD: I want to be a lesbian warrior princess in my next incarnation.
BenwayMD: But I'll probably end up as a nun. Again.

BenwayMD: I would sell my soul for a PVC nun.

slurple: so uh, like, i'm from #thee_vortex, and i just wanted to let you guys know that, like, uh, you suck big donkey cock and we will get you with our etheric stun guns and our death bags

BenwayMD: That bitch ate all my hash while I was getting jiggy with John.

Augoras: dak, check out #bible. someone gave me an opening :)
BenwayMD: Don't mention this chanel, whatever you do.
BenwayMD: if one should invade this sanctuary, we won;t be able to get rid of them.
BenwayMD: It's not if you say something like " hey, we at #thee-vortex think you're all sheep-shaggers. Oh, btw, there's no one with ops on the channel"

Dakarren: I know gay people sniff crack

teckyong: I am still jobless...and plagued by Xtians who keep warning me of retribution and stuff...
teckyong: they even said the sins of my father will be visited upon me :(
AlephCult: well screw them. Everyone knows sins are passed down on the mother's side

sythka: no teck!
sythka: that's my job damnit!!

Roachz: #teens4christ
Roachz: lets have some fun

Roachz: «+ZlivingGo» GOD IS GAY!!! He had to fuck only one woman and even then he sent someone else to do it. And why does he only GOD IS GAY!!! He had to fuck only one woman and even then he sent someone else to do it. And why does he only have MALE angels? Explain that.
Roachz: «+jonnyx» hmm?
Roachz: «+jonnyx» what if God were gay? wouldn't bother me one bit.
Roachz: that was definitly the highlight of my day

Roachz: jon sucks dog dick for quarters
jonnyx: pfft. stupidity isn't a sexually transmitted disease....

@grace`» Roachz - humor me and change the nick
Roachz: roaches are gods creatures too
KarenJ» No they aren't
KarenJ» Roaches and Mosquitos are from Satan
KarenJ» Corruptions of something else
grace`» yea KarenJ - and rats too!

AlephCult: xians are such twits on the whole

ZlivingGo: change your nick to GayGod

KarenJ» No God does not hate gay people
williehmm» Roachz no God does not hate Homosexuals but hates the sin.....
KarenJ» God hates perversion.
KarenJ» Not people
Roachz: cause i talked to god last night and he tried to fuck me up the ass
Roachz: banned

Roachz: <^^heather: Lev20:13 "'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. (NIV) 
Roachz: <^^heather: Lev18:22 "'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable. (NIV)
Roachz: <^^heather: Lev20:13 "'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They mus 
Roachz: she is cpp flooding me with those
Dakarren: "Judge Not, that you be not judged" matthew 7:1

AlephCult: Psalm 69 "And Jesus went in unto Mary, and she liked it."

ZlivingGo: <----in #islam
Dakarren: whoa, watch yourself.. they might get a zealot to assasinate you
AlephCult: ZlivingGo: have you offered them any pork yet?

ZlivingGo: Aishah Mother of the Believers (r.a.) that Rasulullah (s.a.w.) used to say: Allah curses the woman who plucks the eyebrow and who wears the wig

teckyong: what's dragon blood ink made of?? real dragon blood?

AlephCult: I wonder if mortuaries can legally sell skin

slurple: what do you think about the relationship to corpses?

AlephCult is so very bored and horny

Beacon9: Have you accepted AD&D as your Lord and Savior?

Navitae: what is z list?

AlephCult: Stupid university, making me enrich my mind and shit....

BenwayMD: I'm contemplating becoming a nun. Or failing that, I will join the Seminary.
sythka: i've become a nun

sythka: i don't think i ever saw a pic of you arawyn
Arawyn: There are a few on my homepage
BenwayMD: Neither have I. Does he have tentacles, Sythka?
sythka: lol
sythka: lots of hair, or so i heard
BenwayMD shudders in fear
BenwayMD: I ought to find someone brave enough to take a picture of me.
Arawyn: and a camera that survives it?
sythka: those photobooths don't run too fast benway
BenwayMD: That too.
sythka: zos said you weren't hot at all
sythka: liar
Arawyn is so glad that he's not to Zos' taste ;)
sythka: what a lying shit

Arawyn: ~We're living on a pound of eggs and giving of farts~

zosX: I gotta go smoke
Arawyn: Don't hurt yourself
Arawyn: On the other hand however... ;)

BenwayMD: Shall I tell you something vile and disgusting?
Arawyn: Why not?
Arawyn: Did you have sex with Zos?
Arawyn grins
BenwayMD: No. it's worse. Much worse.
BenwayMD: Since I had my pubic hair waxed for Porn Star Party IV, I've been getting multi-coloured hair on and around my wang.
BenwayMD: I have brown, black, blonde, ginger, and even one pure white one just to the left of my right testicle.
BenwayMD: Er .. right of my right testicle, that is.
BenwayMD: Some of the black ones almost glow in total darkness.
Arawyn: Can we have proof?
sythka: ROFL
BenwayMD: Not unless you happen to be a very cute Irish girl with nipple and lip piercings.
sythka nearly pisses herself she laughs so hard
Arawyn: No, but I can get you a very fat Austrian girl without piercings but with a couple of cute tattoos.
BenwayMD: It's not funny! It is making me self-conscious. I don't feel comfortable parading around naked in the local convent anymore.
Arawyn: You'll be the attraction
sythka: just when i thought i was done laughing
sythka checks
sythka: nope. i'm not
sythka: lol
sythka: we could sell tickets
sythka: "boy with the amazing glowing pubes"

Genix: My addiction to this place is appalling.

BenwayMD: I got thrown off of the undernet universe for revelaing this most holy of mysteries , so I don't have the text available to paste.

BenwayMD: Genix is nice. He lives ini Namibia and wants to move to Wales. He is odd

BenwayMD: Now you tell me. I was honestly contemplating removing the lower half of my body. The itching was driving me crazy.
BenwayMD: NOt to mention the chafing caused by the lace knickers. I din't know how you girls manage to walk straight in those things.

Genix: beast: yes, we masturbate wildly often. We are mostly bisexual. No, I don't feel like licking it.

BenwayMD procrastinates vigorously
Genix: Lets circle-procrastinate!
beast77 will procrastinate tomorrow
BenwayMD procrastinates a full 360 degrees
Genix: Do you look at dirty pictures while you procrastinate, beast?
beast77: I have picture cleaner
BenwayMD: Does it remove titties and orifices and funny looking liquids from the screen?
AlephCult: I wait until after I've procrastinated to look at pictures
Genix: Ah, the subtle art of procrastination.
AlephCult: beast77: hope he puts on a better show than he did for us
BenwayMD: We could write a book about it. With words and everything.
Genix: Yea, and pictures. Please?
BenwayMD: Good idea. That might increase our readership in the States considerably.

Genix: Actually, I'm in the process of trying to write a book.
BenwayMD: About procrastination, perchance?
Genix: Unfortunately not. I've yet to master the art.

BenwayMD: Why are there so many goths in the US?
beast77: it's depressing to live here

BenwayMD: Do people really listen to Marilyn Manson?

BenwayMD comforts Genix with the channel barbed and bifurcated dildo
Genix perks up considerably

ZlivingGo wont fuck with you

sythka: and i get proofed to buy cigarettes
sythka: evil fucking store clerks

sythka: i mess with telemarketers when they call
sythka: i act all like it's a sex hotline or something

slurple: gives me a whole new perspective on things
slurple: it's like a unconcious cycle kicking in
slurple: speaking of unconcious cycles
slurple: it feels like someone is digging at my pineal gland
slurple: it's rather annoying

slurple: stop that or i'll throw a piece of poo at you

slurple: aye laddie, didn't your da tell you never raise a hand to a bard, eh?
ZlivingGo: You aint no damn bard.
slurple: stop that or i'll smack you with me golden strung shillelee harp

Roachz: how long will i be fucked up
slurple: you sound pretty fucked up already


Roachz: now fuck u in the neck
slurple: i hope you don't go repeating that to your mother young man

slurple: well salvia won't get you laid
Roachz: sure it will
slurple: not until you are older and you meet some hardcore newage bitch who needs a dicking

AlephCult is filled with hatred for all living things at the moment
AlephCult: and hatred turns into sorrow... (up to the minute mood updates)
AlephCult: and sorrow turns into nothing. How is everyone tonight?

AlephCult: and I need to get laid!
AlephCult: And I need to hold a conversation face-to-face with another human!

slurple: isn't it past your bedtime zliving?
slurple: don't you have school or something?

electrica: i spent the last year and a half getting good dick
electrica: i broke up with my boyfriend and continued to get good dick from him
electrica: and then i decided to stop getting good dick from him and got good dick elsewhere
electrica: now i want some good pussy

slurple: i got a fuckin zit
slurple: it's buggin the fuck outta me
slurple: fuck a buncha that shit
Dakarren: is it on your rectum?
slurple: no, no it's not
Dakarren: you dont know a bad zit till you have one there
slurple: lovely
slurple: i can hardly wait
Dakarren: oh, neither could I
slurple: well you can always figure out an rectal zit popping gnosis plan

slurple: i once had crabs
slurple nods proudly
slurple: and boy did those lil beasties work wonders for my gnosis

teckyong: erm...I don't see why I should be a virgin anymore.
teckyong: I don't see why
slurple: well how lucky you are
slurple: count your blessings
slurple: you have purity
teckyong: I rather have sex
Dakarren: ditto
slurple: now go stick a zucchini in your ass and play with yourself to some more cartoons

slurple: gurp
slurple: hbscdhjbdsf
Dakarren: did you just have a epileptic seizure at your keyboard?

slurple: i should burn more pleasing incense to clear the air

Dakarren: I figure, hell, if native americans used tobacco for their magicks, why the hell shouldnt I

Dakarren: I have yet to try a ritual like... Yo! (deity name here) bus' some shit down hea fo dis nigga in the hood!

BenwayMD: hungry
zTome cooks a meal for BenwayMD...
BenwayMD: why thank you
zosX: I'm hungry too
zTome prepares a candlelight dinner for zosX...
zosX: yeah
zosX: see! I got a candle light dinner! nyah nyah!
BenwayMD: So you got hit on by a bot. How nice.
BenwayMD: You get turned on by small programs now. You must be desperate. :)

zoswork: perhaps she decided to become a nun
BenwayMD: Kinky.
zoswork: she took a missionary position............

BenwayMD: Magick is evil! You'll go to hell!
Dakarren: actualy, jesus never said that
BenwayMD: He never said anything. And what he is supposed to have said is mostly lifted from the talmud.
Dakarren: he sez, adultry is bad, judgement is bad, and a whole bunch of other stuff is bad, but not the practice of magick
BenwayMD: Adultery is bad? Uh oh. Hell, here I come.
Dakarren: and you judged me! bad!
BenwayMD: Christ, I guess that means I'm damned.
Dakarren: yeah. sux to be u
BenwayMD: I'll be with all the hookers, magicians and deviants, and you'll spend the rest of eternity singing hymns. God, that makes me so depressed.
Dakarren: I love music
Dakarren: I'd like to see someone do gospel metal
BenwayMD: I'd like a choirboy covered in whipped cream.

Dakarren: anyone wanna go to #bible and see if we can subtily bug them?
Dakarren: or are y'all banned?
BenwayMD: Can't. I'm on another channel that isn't secret and there aren';t any ops there. I don;pt want that channel invaded by xtians trying to convert us by the sword.
Roachz: what channel ben?
BenwayMD: Can't tell you.
BenwayMD: If you found out we would have to throw you to the hellhounds.
Roachz: you said it isnt secret

AlephCult: Salvia Divinorum was first introduced into mexico in 48 trillion BC by George Clinton, the Parliament Funkadelic, and their UFO buddies.
AlephCult: Now since the universe didn't exist that long ago, the salvia had a hard time flourishing, let alone getting used for shamanic purposes.

KrimHum: She wanted me to be her little submissive.
Dakarren: and she says YOU have emotional problems?

Dakarren: its mostly my weight, really. Im not obese, or even really fat, but I am a little large around the midsection

AlephBook: I can play the clarinet :P
ZlivingGo: I can play my cock:P
Roachz: sweet
Roachz: what can u play on it
ZlivingGo: Anything.
Roachz: mary had a little lamb?

KrimHum: I'm going to use my magickal link via soulxchange to make triskele obsessive over Mayonaise.

sythka: someone needs to come to NY and be my nurse
sythka: i'll even provide the costume :)

Beacon9: There is no escape....join us, and we will end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy!
teckyong: but that doesn't change the fact that u guys prey on innocent dudes like me, u sick filthy cult guys! lol
Beacon9: But...but...we will complete your training!

Dakarren: hey.. I once dropped some viagra in the sink, and I got HARD WATER

Xaphiosis: heh, I used magick to see a chicks tits, and it worked :)

beast77: does anyone know any good cyber-magick sites?
zos: yeah
zos: www.yourmomisgay.com
beast77: if you knew my mom,you would not invoke her name
zos: oh?
zos: should I be frightened?
beast77: she is malice incarnate
beast77: needless to say,we do not speak
zos: heh
beast77: seriously though, any urls for cyber-magick?
zos: yeah
zos: www.yourmomisweak.com
zos snickers
beast77 should have known better than to expect usefulness in response from THIS room

Squinky: know anything about nutmeg?
beast77: yeah, nasty
Squinky: why do you say that?
beast77: taste nasty, stomach revolts, high is nauseated, leaves a headache
BenwayMD: Mouth feels like somethinh lay down and died in there.
BenwayMD: It's not nice at all.
Squinky: but i mean non-taste wise
Squinky: whats it like
BenwayMD: For me the taste and the nausea overpowered any buzz the nutmeg might have produced. I only tried it once.
beast77 agreed with Herr Doktor Benway(for once)

AlephCult: zos: are the illuminati monitoring Yahoo Instant Messenger?

Roachz: just go out into a grave yard at night screaming some enochian names and im sure you'll get some kind of results
AlephCult: Isn't that the kind of thing that can cause your house to burn down or turn your pets gay? :P
Roachz: i have yet to meet a gay pet
Roachz: im sure they are out there tho
Arawyn: Well, just watch two male dogs for a while.
AlephCult: My friend's dog winston always tried to have sex with my friend's male cat
onelove: you want to see a gay pet? go to the pet store and look at a pair of fischer's lovebirds. gauranteed they're gay.
onelove: those birds usually bond with another bird, almost always the same sex...

Roachz: what is the weirdest magickal experience you guys have had?
AlephCult: Mine is lame
AlephCult: lame-ass
Roachz: say it
Roachz: be brave
Roachz: say it
Roachz: hehe
AlephCult: I was posessed by one of my own fictional characters for about 45 seconds
Roachz: thats pretty cool
Arawyn: annoying side effects like thunderstorms the day after I did something used to be pretty common. Including a flooding of my hometown.
Roachz: sweet. what home town
Roachz: where u from
Arawyn: Ligist. U wouldn't know it.
AlephCult: It's underground, isn't it
Roachz: yea

sythka is trying to make her room clean
Arawyn: try it with a flamethrower. works fast and it's effective

sythka: my mother came to me this morning and said "i know your room looks like a funeral parlor, thats fine. just make it look less like gutter punks live in the funeral parlor

Roachz: enochian demons are pussies
Roachz: they suck dog dick for quarters

sythka: uh, has anyone ever seen fish bury themselves under gravel appearing to be totally dead then reanimate just as your trying to dig them out? goldfish i mean.
sythka is perplexed
AlephCult: sythka: never seen such a thing as that before
sythka: i have zombie goldfish

teckyong: Get me a red velvet line!
Arawyn: We could get you a red velvet rope if you use it correctly.

sythka: shit
sythka: my fish are sick
AlephCult: sythka: toss them out and get some new ones
Arawyn: Have sushi
sythka: i would but i fell guilty because i bought them for zoe
AlephCult: Arawyn: that's sashimi, yo
sythka: arawyn" they're only about an inch long :)
Arawyn: You can swallow them whole then.
sythka: thats a thought

teckyong: btw, I don't think Kat likes getting lots of emails.
Arawyn: She does. Why else subscribe to every mailing list she comes across?

teckyong: I know Kat and Wulf. They kick ass too!
Arawyn: Yours?

Roachz: im going to tattoo my dick black cause everyone knows that black ppl have bigger dicks
teckyong: actually Jewish ppl do. Not blacks.
Riordan: Orientals are supposed to have the smallest..is that true, teck?
AlephCult: Hey, last time an oriental guy fucked me up the ass it didn't feel that small-- er, I mean...

ZenBeast: don't shoot yourself, donate yourself to science

teckyong: is 5 inches really short?
teckyong: I mean really...
Roachz: yup teck
Roachz: kill yourself

triskele: I think I mightn go live at some kind of spiritual retreat for a while,.
triskele: I haven't had sex in months.

Roachz: genital warts suck
Roachz: how do u get rid of em
Roachz: not that i have them
ZenBeast: I think you stay healthy and they go eventually
ZenBeast: harmless little things
ZenBeast: they are little right?
Roachz: yup
ZenBeast: not bulging or anything?
Roachz: i mean no!
Roachz: i dont have any i mean
Roachz: 1mm
Roachz: under 1mm
Roachz: 2 of them. if i actually had them
Roachz: btw zlivinggo told me to ask you guys all of these questions
ZlivingGo: WTF?
ZenBeast: there was one time a er - friend of mine had them. He had 2 of them as well. They were there for quite a few years but no sign of them now
ZenBeast: ..in fact they were quite decoratively symmetrical and well positioned

Riordan: For gods sakes, people. Stop drooling over Internet women. Go out and get yourself a real one. If you're that desperate, go sober to a bar near closing time on a weekend.

Roachz slaps teck with his huge dick
ZlivingGo takes a look at Roachz's cock
ZlivingGo: hmmm..
Roachz: what do u see zliv?
Roachz: will i be ok?
Roachz: am i going to die
ZlivingGo: 6 inches.....AH HA! genital worts!
Roachz: shite
Roachz: doh
teckyong: 6 inches???
Roachz: i'll cut them out tonight
ZlivingGo: Oh, and your also missing a nut.
Roachz: its not 6 inches its 9
Roachz: which nut?
AlephCult has an 11 inch dick
ZlivingGo: Left one.
teckyong: both nuts

ZenBeast: wow Taoist sluts
ZenBeast: where can I get one?

triskele: I WANT SEX
Riordan: Invest in some D-cells Trisk.

ZenBeast: Are you really intelligent triskele?

Riordan: Women love confident men.
AlephCult: I'm confident in my submissiveness

Augorats: ztome, if I EVER see you at a z-meet I'll spank you!

zTome: I'm feeling bombarded! Forwarding all responses back to user...

ZlivingGo cuts roachz cock off -|____________/
Woden: thats sick
Woden: why do you have to say things like that?

Woden: what is candidacy?
AlephCult: Woden: look it up
Woden: fertility?
AlephCult: no
Woden: fruitfull?
AlephCult: no dude
wise_fool: pagan porker?
Woden: badass?
AlephCult: heh
wise_fool: Whore?
AlephCult: It's called a DICTIONARY
Woden: horny little devil?
AlephCult: LOOK IT UP

Woden: I just did a /whois on alephcult
wise_fool: And?
Woden: what are you doing on Chaote_whores?
Woden: oops
AlephCult: Woden: #chaoist_sluts
Woden: what are you doing on Chaote_sluts
AlephCult: It's my channel
Woden: you made it?

AlephCult: "Excuse me. I know this may sound like a silly question, but.... Will you marry me?"
wise_fool: And she spit in your face?

Squinky: hmm, too cold to type properly
ZlivingGo: Burn your house down and start the fun!

Squinky: whats the difference between a left hand path and a right hand path?
triskele: right = fluffy
triskele: left= cool
Squinky: ah right
triskele: no. LEFT!
Squinky: so pagan = fluffy = right ?
ZlivingGo: So...are you right or left or wrong?

triskele: beer+sex+no-fat onion rings= happy triskit
triskele: I'm stuck at home with onion rings
triskele: but no beer and no sex

triskele: ztome: can you send me a hot sexy guy and a case of beer and a pack of ultra-ribbed condoms?

slurple: i have a ferret in my pants

ZlivingGo: You saying a got tits?
Navitae: no I GOT tits!
ZlivingGo: Or fat balls, for that matter.
ZlivingGo: Bitch tits?

Xaronzon: This is pathetic.
Xaronzon: It's enough to make you think that most people only came to this channel because they were friends with X.

AlephCult: So your brain actually DOES physically improve itself with use

sythka: you know your keyboard is all sticky
AlephCult: hehe
AlephCult: that's not from YOU though :P

sythka: i didn't say it was from me
AlephCult: well I never thought I'd be using my keyboard for that....
sythka: it's from YOU
AlephCult: sythka: you know what I meant
sythka: and your rosy little friend
AlephCult: Well, you were just saying how my keyboard was sticky from me, not you... and since I really have a liking for female sexual fluids that got me going on that, and so forth...
sythka: ah
sythka: so i made you hungry
AlephCult would drink the stuff if was fresh and still warm :P (now you know what a nasty phreak he is)
sythka: it's ok. we're all nasty freaks here

sythka: i'm bored
AlephCult: me too
AlephCult: come here
AlephCult: If my map is accurate, the trip here isn't more than 5 inches

AlephAway: Look! X is back!
AlephAway: made you look
beast77: no you didn't
AlephAway: damn
beast77: and you're supposed to be away!

BenwayMD: Ni!
BenwayMD: Nanuk ar eski lvardj!
BenwayMD: beacon, ar es kinos alvi?
Beacon9: ich nein sprechen scandinavian. das tut mir leid.
BenwayMD: ich nein sprechen scandinavian, eiether. but i a fluent glossolalia speaker.

slurple: i had pancakes with candy canes in them this morning
slurple: i think they are poisoning me
Arawyn: Try them without spicing them with arsenic stuff.

teckyong: are u a virgin, Clovis?
Clovis: no, although any longer and i might just be a reborn virgin

ZlivingGo: I need to do some magick soon.
ZlivingGo: I'm turning into a armchair mage :(

Navitae: people seem to be what they've become
AlephAway: imagine that

Navitae: my penis wonders if god is microwavable
Augoras: god has suspenders.
Augoras: bright happy ones.
Navitae: do fancy eyeglasses make him dance?

slurple: oh baby
slurple: oh baby
slurple: break it down
slurple: one time
slurple: oh baby
slurple: oh baby
Beacon9: haw

AlephAway: Spam me again and I'll tear your reproductive organs out through your throat

slurple: doodlee dee
slurple: what's up?
slurple: tell me something uplifiting and bright

slurple: lil bunny fufu
slurple: i don't wanna see you
slurple: picking up the field mice
slurple: n bashin em on them head
slurple: boppin em bashin em
slurple: no relief in sight
slurple: i'm gonna turn you freaks into goons
slurple gasps
slurple: no lil bunny fufu! don't do it!
slurple: run away while you still not a goon
slurple: but nooooooooo
slurple: i tried to tell him
slurple: bunny, i says, get ahold of yourself
slurple: needless to say the man was sick
slurple: but wait
slurple: there's more
slurple: Sex, Lies, and Carrot Orgies
slurple: The Bunny Fufu inside Story

threejane: i am playing nethack
threejane: and dying in ways unimaginable

triskele: she might hve a guy though.
triskele: oh well
triskele: I can take care of that.

Woden: why is zEgg talking?
slurple: cuz he luvs me
slurple: he really luvs me
slurple cries

slurple: it smells like cattle dung and crank in here now
slurple: jane are you wearing that texas perfume?

Woden: what the hell is a "Voice"?
#thee_vortex: mode change '+v Woden ' by Seek0
Seek0: THAT
Seek0: is a Voice.

zEgg: I love Augoras now.

Woden: Slurp, looks like you and I and the bots are the only ones left
Woden Checks Slurples pulse
Woden: *sigh*
Woden: Helloooooooo!
Woden hears a echo
slurple: huh
slurple: hullo
slurple: oh! my heart stopped!
slurple: oh! there it goes!
slurple: whut up?
slurple: where u from woden
slurple: i know i know you
Woden: NY
slurple: somehwere between here nd there
slurple: i see
slurple: how is ny?
slurple: man
slurple: so how is ny?
Woden: Cold
slurple: EY FUCK YOU
slurple: FOCK YOU
Woden: who me?
slurple: isn't that ny trad greeting
slurple: ?
Woden: nope, its EY GO DA FOCK TA HELL! YA YOU!

slurple: what's up trisk?
triskele: nothing much.
slurple: fuck. guess that's why you came on here.

slurple: yeah luv me
slurple: hey it's an ippy quote
slurple: where'd that chick go?
triskele^: chick?
slurple: that ippy chick

slurple: i used to love swimming when the chicks were working out with us
triskele: I swim. wait. you all know that. dismiss that info.
slurple: they were so grabby
slurple: better than grubby
slurple nods
triskele: 'grabby'
triskele: heh
slurple: sometimes we even played coed water polo
triskele: "Whoops! I'm sorry, was that YOUR testicle? I was trying to get the ball...I'm sorry....mau ah ha"

Woden: I like reading about quantum phisics
slurple: no you just like playuing with your hadron while you watch startrek

triskele: aleph: do you still have a mustache like in your pikture?
AlephCult: triskele: no
AlephCult: I do not keep facial hair
AlephCult: (and that was really quite a thin coat in that pic)
triskele: good!
triskele: facial haior is GROSS
AlephCult: yah
AlephCult: why do you ask anyways?
triskele: ..just curious ::)
Navitae: facial hair is kewl
triskele: Navitae: no!
ZlivingGo strokes his facial hair
Navitae: strokes his butt hair
ZlivingGo strokes his butt hair too

AlephCult: triskele: you probably know already what I'd get pierced if I had the equipment
triskele: no I don't.
triskele: what?
AlephCult: clit :D
triskele: lol
triskele: I think that'd be painful to be done.
triskele: ow ow ow
AlephCult: but well worth it afterwards
triskele: I dunno.
triskele: ow.
AlephCult: come on, one instant of blinding pain, a lot of soreness, then free orgasms for the rest of your life from walking down the street or going up stairs :D
triskele: hmm.
triskele: that just might be worth it.
ult: Do you lose clit sensitivity if you have it pierced?
triskele: you're supposed to gain ssensitivity
ult: wow
AlephCult: yeah
AlephCult: see?
triskele pictures walking down the halls in her school
triskele: LOL
triskele: that'd be weird.
AlephCult: hehehe
triskele: my friends would be like,
triskele: "Angelina, why are you biting your lip and squirming,"
triskele: "uhh... I have to...uhff....unnhnnhn....I I I.....EEEEEE!"

electrica: and i've really only been with 3 chix
electrica: well.. 3 1/2
slurple got with a halfchick once
slurple: the half that was a pickle started to get cold after a while
slurple: not to mention painful
slurple: it was the first time i got sore first
triskele has been with two chickis
triskele would rather not attempt to count the men
electrica: the number of people i've slept with ranges from 6 to 9..
triskele: 1.........13...........35.......wait a sec......
triskele: oh, slept with!?

ChORUPT: My ass doesnt eat thingz

slurple: i think my ass ate a penny once
slurple: no wait
slurple: that was my dog
slurple: god i miss that dog

AlephCult: as you fall asleep or masturbate or whatever, could you repeat "Ma Ne Had Ate Gilewim" for me?

cidal: wow thats the gayest quote i've ever seen
Beacon9: lol
AlephCult: hehe
cidal: "lol"
cidal: "hehe"
cidal: is that all you have to say for yourselves?

AlephCult: hey there's an idea...
AlephCult has changed the topic to Ma Ne Had Ate Gilewim
Squink: what, a zee plea for money so you can get a hooker :)
AlephCult: heh, no
Squink: lol
AlephCult has changed the topic to Ma Ne Had Ate Gilewim (it's french. Really.)

ZlivingGo: Thou shall not be lagged!

Blue_Rat: pinging is a sin! Moreover, an original one (since nobody'd thought of that before)

Augoras: you only miss X when it's gone... Kind of like only putting dead people on the face of a stamp

Blue_Rat thinks ZlivingGo a vehement hihilist
Augoras: hihilist?

Augoras: Hell ain't a bad place to be.

Augoras: a friend got back from japan last night. I now own 61 yen. Watch out wallstreet!

Augoras: if i find one more 'secret' group with a website I'm gonna explode.

threejane: ooooh ahhhhh 750 MHz 128 MB and 20GB AND it is pretty

BenwayMD: Was it as good for you as it was for him?

Augoras: The account I read made them sound like 5 gay racist guys acting like a bigger group

AlephCult: My favorite greeting instead of "merry meet" "hail satan" or "93" is "May Cthulhu devour your firstborn." Most people don't appreciate it though...

Blue_Rat is learning how to tame Schroedinger's cat

BenwayMD rides slurple like a kangaroo
slurple: sythka get him off me

slurple: everything i need to know about subtlety i learned on #thee_vortex!

sythka: i want a big fuzzy stupid loyal dog to snuggle with
sythka: like a golden retreiver type thing
slurple: she just described her perfect man
Squink: find a big fuzzy stupid loyal woman at some seedy bar, its probably cheaper syth :)
sythka: no, i don't want stupid, cudly and loyal would be nice for a change tho
Squink: if you like the retarded-hairy-overweight type
slurple: i can act stupid sometimes
slurple smiles
slurple: daaaaaaaaaaaaah
slurple: i can act very stupid
slurple: don't even ask about crazy
sythka: i bet you can

Squink: does anyone here NOT consider themselves as a chaos mage?
slurple: i don't consider myself to be anything *that* reliable
sythka: i consider myself a lemon poppy seed muffin
Squink: where do you draw the line and say 'yes, im a chaos mage'
slurple: when it's time for ego games

zallak: are black robes multi-functional?
Squink: multi-functional?
zallak: like for any kind of ritual

Squink: is a female mage a magess?

Seek0: Mind if I beat off to your pictures?

Augoras: squink, i don't know what gender you are, nor do I care. no offense


sythka: i think that's the stae motto, "Kansas, there's nothing to do here"

sythka: burn something down or blow something up. it passes the time

NpK: some chick tried to ward me off with a cross

AlephCult: no masturbation for the purposes of fornication is bad. It's alright for magick

ult: Any relationship experts want to help a heartbroken chaote? 
AlephCult: I can try, but if you follow my advice you'll probably fuck yourself up :P

AlephCult searches his emotional and linguistic databases looking for something he can say that would mean anything
AlephCult gets and Error 404

ult: threejane: the Third date and a fuck rule.
threejane: is there something wrong with that?

triskele: Zliv: aww. you're cute when mad.

triskele: rawgaheerwgahrwahgdfashgdfaytstefdw~!
AlephCult: snuh?
ZlivingGo: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlephCult: mantric sigil of your own?
triskele: Intense orgasm?
AephCult wishes he could have an orgasm that intense
ZlivingGo: no.
ZlivingGo: I just have no damn cigs.
AlephCult: well neither do I, but you don't hear me bitching

triskele: Repeat, vibrate, meditate on it.
triskele: etc. etc.
triskele: all of you!
triskele: meditate on that mantra for triskie!

electrica: what's iot stand for?
teckyong: Illuminates of Thanatos or something...not too sure
Beacon11: Illuminaries of Thanateros, I think

electrica: my fan club charges $20 and a good pussyeating
electrica: in exchange you get an autographed poem

AlephCult notices his roommate sitting suddenly very still

AlephClas: Merry Meet Awaryn. Later
Arawyn: Merry meet??? Spent too much time in #wicca?
AlephClas: Oh right, I meant 93
Arawyn: OK, bend over then.

ult rapes zTome and zEgg
zEgg crawls into Ults asshole
onelove: ewww
zEgg pulls zTome after him
Arawyn: you must have a accommodating asshole, ult.

zEgg has changed the topic to We're living on a pound of eggs and giving of farts

electrica: my nymphomania is threatening to make me do bad, bad things.

sythka: undernet is being attacked by romanian hackers in a tractor factory somewhere
DrKabal: I didn't know the romanians could make tractors

sythka: they can't. they are using these "tractor factories" to hide out and make beastie porn and hack undernet

AlephCult: hey now, don't go dissing beastie porn
DrKabal: now aleph, let's not talk about your youth again, ok?
AlephCult: it's true! I was a porno donkey!
sythka: aleph loved that dog, it wasn't just sex to them
AlephCult: I loved the dog and the dog loved peanut butter

DrKabal: no one said you had to be married to have sex

sythka: he wants jebus kryst himself to say "hey, can you marry me and my 12 gay lovers, oh great lord aleph"

DrKabal: I don't ordain virgins...get laid then talk to me

sythka: if i don't dye it i look like the fucking bride of frankenstein

Roachz: my friend tried to castrate me in my sleep

Woden gives slurple the REAL necronomicon, which he spent a whole 9 days writing in his basment

Woden: You know something? sometimes you can just tell when arawyn is going to put something in the quotes page, this sentence for example, I have a strong feeling that arawyn is going to post it

AlephCult searches through his mind for something to make him
slurple: penis
slurple: did i say that?
AlephCult: that worked :P
slurple: coo
Woden: Now why the hell would that make someone laugh?

electrica: i'd make a good porn star
teckyong: me too!
teckyong: I got a nice body.
electrica: mine's nicer i bet ;)
electrica: i'm enough of a depraved slut.. i think i'd love being in a porno.. not as a regular thing tho..
electrica: i'd just get bored if i was a gang bang slut 7 days a week
teckyong: let's compare our bodies. we need an objective judge...hmm
Drasko: send the pics to me
Drasko: im a good judge
teckyong: lol
teckyong: rofl
Drasko: c'mon im serious

Drasko: there is snow in my ears
slurple: how did that get there?
slurple: did you get beaten by a yeti?
Drasko: nope, raped
slurple: man that's rough
Drasko: quite pleasent i thought
slurple: was it cute?
Drasko: very

Genix has changed the topic to Magius may be cute, but he's a killer, I tell you! Don't let him near you if he's wearing pink rubber gloves!

Genix: I'm gonna discuss banning anybody using ebonics with arawyn and seek.

BenwayMD: I am lagging to all of you by over one minute.
BenwayMD: Poor you to be deprived of my company.

BenwayMD: Is anyone actually here?
zosmoke: no
zosmoke: go away

AlephCult: *We are gathered here today in #thee_vortex to witness the union of Onelove and his Servitor Fragulik. I mean marriage, you pervs!*
AlephCult: *hmmmm.....*
AlephCult: *Man and servotpr huh?*
AlephCult: *whatever*
AlephCult: *Onelove, do you promise to regularly feed Fragulik, and to carefully use and conserve those zig-zags which SHe procures for you? (say yes)*
onelove: Yes, I do.
AlephCult: Fragulik, do you promise to delivier zig-zags faithfully unto onelove, AND put out when he really needs it? 'Cause guys can get really sick if they don't get enough sex... (the assumed answer since I can't communicate is yes)*
AlephCult: *In the name of Aleph, he who is most Superfly and
Phreaky, I hereby unite you and shit. Now go get high with the aid of you
zig-zags and chill for a bit.*
beast77: amen
beast77: now let's raid christian rooms in a celebrattory dionysian frenzy!
AlephCult: Yeah!
onelove: Amen, and can I get a Hail Eris?
AlephCult has a classic invocation woody
onelove: good enough

AlephCult: You don't get cool cults if you actively avoid telling people the meaning of life

DrKabal: aleph, what would someone have to do to join your cult?
AlephCult: DrKabal: go to the website and send a letter to the link that says "join the cult" :P
DrKabal: do I get eternal life in a holy shrine with wine, women, and song?
AlephCult: Nope. You get jack, except membership status in a cult.

Squink: faeries are cool, im getting marik to make me a chaos faery vial necklace whn i finish designing it

teckyong: do women enjoy sex like men?
electrica: jesus christ, that's kind of a dumb question hon :)

teckyong: how much do I have to pay to go into a strip club?
teckyong: in CA
slurple: it's free if you work it
slurple: or so i hear

zallak: my psychiatrist is trying to convince me marijuana is bad for me

electrica: if you use a triple-ended dildo you can do three chicks at a time
slurple: thanks for the handy tip