Quotes, Episode XIII


ult wishes he wasn't a complete loser

AlephCult licks threejane 'cause he feels like it
threejane: i probably should have warned you about the hydrochloric acid ...

Dakarren: wait.. so you think you're a woman, AC?
zallak: lol
Dakarren: with that hair, Im not surprised

AlephCult: Go to a catholic church. when it comes to eating the sacrament, yell out "VIVA MARILYN MANSON" and stab the priest.

zallak: did you hear the one about the guy that wore nothing but saran wrap to see his psychiatrist?
AlephCult: nope
zallak: the doc said "i can plainly see your nuts"


electrica: i wonder if there's a magick spell for getting my dishes done
AlephCult: yeah, it's called the rite of scrubbing :P

zosX: your cute
ult: hahah
zosX: dunno about the facial hair though
ult: those are horrid pictures
zosX: the glasses suck oto
zosX: you could get much better glasses
ult: And I am clean shaven now
zosX: and like, you need some sense of style :P
zosX: but other than that you are cute

ult: whaat would look good on me?
zosX: hmmm
zosX: I dunno
zosX: I'd have to see various things on you first to decide
zosX: perhaps a bit longer hair and some indie rocker kid glasses
zosX: you know
zosX: black frames
zosX: perhaps your face needs some cum all over it :P
MaxKaote: i can help with that...
zosX: max!
zosX: you like men?!

BenwayMD: Back in a bit. My PC is trying to commit hara kiri.

ult: Max: Fix my brain,
MaxKaote: ult: Fix mine.
ult: Or at least read my poetry.
MaxKaote: or at least get me out of the army

AlephCult: Hey, my tongue is no longer in sucking range

MaxKaote: ever made love to a woman whose various holes are filled with raw oysters?

AlephCult: Can I assume everyone else in here is more knowledgeable about elemental magick than me?

AlephCult: Now a list dedicated to having britney spears violated by goetic demons, that would be cool.

MaxKaote: fuck yeah we were bored. let us play with guns for a few weeks, then take away all books, tv, magazines, electronics, etc. and leave us alone in the barracks and you'll see some really frightening attempts to entertain ourselves

MaxKaote: can i be the best man? or the bride's maid? i wanna be the bride's maid!
triskele: okay
triskele: Max is my bride's maid
MaxKaote: yay!
triskele: who's the best man?!
MaxKaote puts on a pink dress with appropriate blood and cum-stains

ZlivingGo: It is my will to get these two freaks married.
triskele: hey! I resent being called a....wait.....never mind...continue :)

threejane: what do guys want for valentine's day besides the usual glib responses
threejane: what do they think is a romantic gift?
MaxKaote: threejane: coca cola or beer
ZlivingGo: A blowjob woule be nice.

Dakarren: those flowers that smell like rotting meat

MaxKaote: It first happened to me upon entering the shitter after about eight hours of meditation...
Fenwick: ROFL... Max was enlightened in the bathroom. That's somehow oddly Zen.

MaxKaote: Fenwick... I've got an idea that's right up your alley...
Fenwick: What's that?
Fenwick: We gonna blow something up?

Fenwick: With a copy of the DSM-IV in hand, I can prove each of us is nucking futs.

electrica: bah. i've had to cross the last 2 people i've wanted off my list.

electrica forcefully expels a used tampon at triskele.

AlephCult: will I ever make friend in seattle ?
zTome: AlephCult: Yes, and by "yes" i mean "no."
MaxKaote: shoulda seen THAT one coming...

electrica: Sex. Oh, goddamnit, sex, sex, sex, sex. Fucking, screwing, cunts, dicks, assholes, mouths, lips, limbs, whispers, grunts, screams. I look at people, and all I can see is their face contorted in pleasure and pain, all I can see is them underneath me or above me or alongside me, thrashing and whimpering.

AlephCult: I had faith in humanity 'til I went to school

Genix: I hate asking things like this, it makes me feel like a neophyte again.

Xaronzon pokes the occupants of the channel.

AlephBed: and he thinks I'm going to let him in? HA!
Arawyn: Who cares
Arawyn: apart of him obviously.
Arawyn: But he doesn't exactly count 

ZlivingGo: Cool I'm on the quotes page.

AlephBed: dude, my quotes are kinda funny in a sad sorta way :P

MaxKaote skullfucks BenwayMD with a barbed and trifurcated black leather dildo
BenwayMD: Kinky.

MaxKaote: What the hell is a bistro?

BenwayMD: iron dildoes are best applied when applied to man-made cranial orifices.

MaxKaote: who wants to make me cum?

MaxKaote: nice to know that aleph's bot determines how much i can type in here...
BenwayMD: Soon the bastard will be kicking us for typos, bad grammar and badly constructed sentences.

BenwayMD: I just finished reading the latest addition to the corpus of quotes at #thee_vortex.
BenwayMD: My God, we are sluts.
zosX: I think I ended up being the biggest slut on that page
zosX: everything that I was quoted saying was pratically all about sex
BenwayMD: Yes, but you really are a whore, Zos. The rest of us are not.

zosX: work is sucking
MaxKaote: what do you do?
BenwayMD: He lets people suck him off for money and food.
zosX: people suck me off all day
zosX: it rox
zosX: oooh
zosX: I have another client in 20 minutes
zoX: I don't know if I can go another time
zosX: I've already seen 15 clients this morning
BenwayMD: You should come to the Uk and I will teach you some Taoist dick tricks.

zosX: are you serious?
BenwayMD: Who? me?
zosX: BenwayMD: yeah you
BenwayMD: Serious about what?
zosX: <BenwayMD: I spent the last of my money on crack which I later gave away to some homeless guy.
BenwayMD: Er, yeah.
zosX: wow
zosX: I don't find myself often buying drugs and then giving them away to random homeless people

Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon: I Will Learn to Get My Priorities Straight.
Xaronzon bangs her head against a wall

BenwayMD: Kat, what is the best way to hurt and torture someone through their next seven incarnations?
Xaronzon: Benway: Buy them a Backstreet Boys LP

Xaronzon: PRIORITIES: Sex & Drugs & Fun; Work; And THEN irrelevant shit

MaxKaote: I've been reading Lovecraft.
Xaronzon: good lad

Beacon9: what is absinthe like?
Xaronzon: lovely
BenwayMD: Tis 'orrible, 'orrible!
BenwayMD: I dislike the taste of it. But the brain damage is quite fun.

zosX: fuck me :)
zosX: fuck me hard!

ZlivingGo: Murder can be fun.

ZlivingGo: I've said some stupid things.
Woden: ZlivingGo: you not alone
ZlivingGo: Heh.
AlephCult: ZlivingGo: said some REALLY stupid things

ult: oh shit
ult: i hope my psychotic episodes haven't shown up in the quotes

ZlivingGo: Thou shall not quote me!

triskele: Awww! these quote pages make me feel loved.....I LOVE YOU GUYS!
triskele hugs the room.
triskele rapes the room.
ZlivingGo: Cool!
ZlivingGo: I'm being raped!
Woden: thats wrong
ZlivingGo: Wrong? so im not being raped? DAMMIT!
AlephCult: hurray for rape! (the kind you volunteer for)
triskele: oooh! consentual rape..
triskele: wouldn't that be sex?
triskele: that deafeats the purpose~
ZlivingGo wonders how a chick rapes a guy
Woden: I'm very willing
triskele: but no no no
triskele: that takes the whole fun out of me forces someone to succumb
triskele: you guys are too willing.
triskele: go get laid.
triskele: then maybe I'll THINk about raping you.

AlephCult: now I'm always going to be wondering about what's going to end up on the quotes page

triskele: "In the Name of JESUS I cover you with the Blood of JESUS, I bind all your demons, I cut and burn the ungodly silver cords and lay lines, and I RETURN all curses sevenfold. JESUS IS THE DELIVERER!!"

AlephCult: I really need to practice. I had this one enchantment I fired just as a test, but I have yet to see anyone walking a pet chihuahua

ZlivingGo has been doing his best magick in the........bathroom

Xaronzon: so, what've you kids been up to while I've been away (again)
triskele: Xar: baiting demons, sacrificing angels, raping the willing..the usual :)

zallak: does anyone want a copy of magick in theory in practice IF slurple doesn't want it
zallak: my mom found it so it has to go

Xaronzon: And on the subject... How many nu-metal fans does it take to light an oven?
Xaronzon: come on... How many nu-metal fans does it take to light an oven?
AlephCult: how many?
Xaronzon: One, but he has to ask his mum's permission first.

Xaronzon: what on earth is sexist about forcing the weaker sex to change your lightbulbs for you?

Riordan: After reading the quote pages, I always regret not saying anything particularly witty in here

Kali: my quotes suck

Xaronzon: what is the meaning of life?
Augoras: xaronzon, living it?

Xaronzon: hmmm... i want someone to insult

Kali: its been proven that the more hats you wear the better your life will be
Xaronzon: but what if someone goes for you with a pointy stick?
Augoras: oh yeah, the hats.
Augoras: with the feather in them..
Xaphiosis: does a condom count as a 'hat' ? :)

AlephCult: Augoras: anyone ever tell you your pic on krim's site makes it look like you're being torn apart atom by atom?
Xaphiosis: it makes you look anti-social

triskele could really use oral sex, a full body massage, some green tea, and tranquil music right now.

Xaphiosis: a man with an inexhaustable supply of money can devote all his time to masturbatory/mystical techniques :)

luc3nt: I use 2k, it is the best OS Microflop has put out yet.
MaxKaote: better than nt5?

MaxKaote: i dunno... there's GOT to be something wrong with a company named after its owner's dick...

luc3nt: You guys are lame, you are supposed to be leading, not waiting for others to make the path for you


AlephCult yells at his egregore "GOD DAMN IT YOU"RE MY BITCH! YOU COME WHEN I SAY!"

Riordan: Magick to lose weight: Create a servitor with a material base out of food products. Charge the sigil/base. Program it to burn the fat that you intake as well as increase your overall metabolism. Eat it. Try invoking it before you eat an especially high-fat or calorie meal.

MaxKaote: alephcult: i have a magickal practice for you that (A) makes great party tricks and (B) makes you deadly as fuck
AlephCult: MaxKaote: what, stabbing people?
MaxKaote: problem is you have to practice it dilligently every day for the better part of a year
ZlivingGo: deadly as fuck?
ZlivingGo: TELL ME!
AlephCult: and that is?
MaxKaote: the other problem is that you'll need some material components: a deep pot (12-14 inches), a steady supply of soybeans and tiger balm, and later on a steady supply of tofu
AlephCult: okay...
AlephCult: does this have anything to do with lighting farts?
ZlivingGo: sound like a cooking show.

Genix: So now I have uncovered your evil plit!
Genix: Don't you love the way drama dies with typo?

Genix: I shall cut thine swine head from thine swine body, see if I don't!

ZlivingGo pisses on Genix
Genix: z, if you were a girl, I'd be quite pleased. But you aren't, so I'm not.

Seek0: So, did ya hear the one about the goetian nymphomaniac?
Seek0: She just wanted a little summon summon...

slurple: remember that article that was everywhere for a while about the gay guys and the exploding hamster?
slurple: did you guys ever see that?
Genix: No, not I.
Genix: I don't keep up with politics :P

Riordan: It is.. it's going to get even more crazier this weekend here. At least in my corner of the State... goddamn race season is starting.
Riordan: In a period of two or three weeks, we become the Mecca of rednecks countrywide...

zEgg: Yes, I am a redneck and yes I can beat your mother in arm wrestling.
Riordan: Wouldn't be hard, you silly bot.. She's dead.

zTome: zEgg gives you ops, I give you head. Which one is more important to you?

slurple: quit probing me you

zosX: your mom
teckyong: my mom what??
zosX: she sucks a mean cock

slurple: i think i'll just cut to sucking my own dick

veleda: i believe in caffeine. It is part of my religion .

DrKabal: ok...time to prove that I'm an asshole once more

Beacon9: so it stands to reason that, somewhere along the line, a huge intelligence of some sort came along and shaped everything into static form.

Augoras: Blue_Rat: pinging is a sin! Moreover, an original one (since nobody'd thought of that before)

THRAKAZOG: im making hummus right damn good hummus let me tell you

zosX: its your bot and you don't even know how to unban people?!

AlephCult: she's been all quiet and shit
Kali: shh its a secret
teckyong: maybe she's shitting. I like peace and quiet too when I shit. ;)
Kali: why would she be shitting and reading her comp
Kali: at the same time
ZlivingGo: Laptop in the bathroom?
Kali: eh be quite excessive me thinks
teckyong: yep...laptop in bathroom
teckyong: or she left the computer on and then went to shit for a while

triskele has changed the topic to Dear Jesus: Please save me from your followers. Amen, Triskele.

triskele: I want to know my soul's name.
AlephCult: triskele: Roger

AlephCult is... chronically bored.
ZlivingGo is... chronically horney.
AlephCult too
AlephCult gnaws at his own arm
ZlivingGo: You have no life, like me.
ult needs to get chronically laid.

ult: Aleph: You have no balls.

DrkAngel: WHAT does NUBILE MEAN!?
DrkAngel: like, new-bile
DrkAngel: like from your gut
DrkAngel: OR WHAT!?
AlephCult: triskele: It's called a "Dictionary"
AlephCult: it's full of words
AlephCult: check them out

beast77 adopts his sermon on the mount pose, then assunes the god-form of horus masturbating and utters the WORD OF POWER: "no"

cidal: i have the smallest cock in the world(tm)

cidal: the HGA is not some big old military commander. if anything, it's a five year old with the knowledge of the universe.

MaxKaote: sex? i need sex..
ZlivingGo is a reborn vigin

MaxKaote: Liber XXX -- A new Sexuality
MaxKaote: Liber ZZZ -- Chronicles of the Cluster
ZlivingGo: Liber Fire -- Fun with fire.
MaxKaote: Liber Opresso
THRAKAZOG: Liber SUWBAC--- so you wanna be a chaote
THRAKAZOG: Liber CybersexWithOldPeople
ZlivingGo: Liber SUWBABAC -- So you wanna be a bad ass chaote
AlephCult: Liber STFUZ - Shut the fuck up, ZlivingGo
ZlivingGo: Liber BA -- Ban Aleph
TRAKAZOG: Liber WEGABBTWYNOI --We Eye Got A Big Black Tenticle with your name on it

AlephCult goes back to stabbing his desk with a plastic fork

cidal: who fucking cares who started it anyway?
cidal: you're all pathetic excuses for chaotes.

THRAKAZOG: im indiffrent about the bots
THRAKAZOG: occasionally their good sex toys

triskele: A Christian, a Wiccan, and a Sorceror were taking a whizz in a public restroom. The Christian finished first, and proceeded to scrub his hands thoroughly, to the elbow, saying, "We Christians have learned to be clean." The Wiccan finished next, and barely wet his fingertips, saying, "We Wiccans have learned to respect Mother Earth and preserve her resources." The Sorceror zipped up and headed for the door, saying, "We Sorcerors have learned not to pi
Augoras: what's the punch line?
triskele: the last line.
Augoras: "We sorcerors have learned not to pi"
electrica: not to pi........
slurple: pi, huh?
electrica: iss?
slurple: is that like clam diggin?
slurple: cuz that's just compulasive
slurple: compulsive
Augoras: sorcerors don't piss?

Augoras: slurple, are you proud of your many quotes on the newest quote page of #thee_vortex ???

slurple: ok..got surgery in a few days.
triskele: slurple: what for?
teckyong: penis enlargment surgery?

AlephCult: Hurray for nipples
THRAKAZOG: hurray for boobies

MaxKaote: I wrote a letter: "Dear Garbage-Fairy. I have been consuming a lot. Please get me out of the Army and I promise to throw away lots of unspoiled food. Love, Max." Then I crumpled it up and threw it away.

slurple: hey! my penis keeps spinning me around and not letting me face a northern direction!

Dakarren: oh. thanks for noticing that we're full of crap. time to visit the shitter and make myself not full of crap

AlephCult: IQ = the number of m&m's you eat the night before the test

Dakarren: I just realized how much it'd suck to have a latex fetish, and a latex allergy

Dakarren: I cant believe how many people dont know the difference between a sickle and a scythe

XaosMonkY: electrica - keep at it - Some sex cums with perversion - doh! I mean success comes with perseverance

Seek0: I'm on a sex only diet.
Seek0: Problem is, no sex.

slurple parades proudly on Heterosexual Pride Day

XaosMonkY: thelemick magick is all about Cock worship you know
XaosMonkY: 11th degree is homo sex
MaxKaote: 8th is masturbation, 9th is hetero, and 11th is homo?

AlephCult: Single male seeks female of any species and age

XaosMonkY 's Dildo attaches as a strap on
XaosMonkY: but it's too huge for me bum

AlephCult needs to make a pilgrimage to Lesbos 

Dakarren: so... anyone wanna talk about anything?

Dakarren: its too bad masturbation doesnt work for you, innit lec?
Dakarren: w'n ever I get horny to th' point of distraction, I just do the ol' fists of fury. Distraction bad.

slurple: i want pussy and someone to love me and hold me and make everything feel alright
slurple: i want a tit in my mouth and a hand to wipe my ass for me
slurple: at the same time even
slurple: oh yeah baby
slurple: no wait, that was before the tentacle sex
slurple: man this is gonna take some getting used to
slurple: Folks, there's a reason I've avoided talking about this, and it's because as I read back through this, my words sound like the rantings of a madman.

Genix: No need for bothering with the inferior species much.
Genix looks at magius
teckie: yes?
teckie: do u think I am inferior??
Genix looks /pointedly/ at magius

triskele: go read the new quotes page.
triskele: I said some wacky stuff.

Seek0: A word to the angst-ridden, numb-minded, parentally confuckeded teenage satanists: Oh, you'll grow up one of these days and figure it all out. You already know that. You continually believe in your own false rationalizations that some how, some way, you will alter the course of your own true will.
Seek0: I've seen your armor reflected in disheartened youth for milleniae. Do something original, for a change. But until you realize that separation was the first lie, spin your wheels with your bullshit religion based on bullshit premesies born from bullshit popes who never knew jack-diddly-squat about their own fucking religion.

Genix: Hey, do these genital warts make me look fat?

Seek0: I've looked at your breasts while trying to figure out what your actual dimensions are, and what you actually look like, but I don't oggle your breasts like a hungry dog. If I wanted to do that, I would just come visit you and hope my cantrips of nudity came in handy.

Genix has changed the topic to #thee_vortex, the only channel you can get ops within a day by lurking

Genix: He any good at meaningful objective communication?
Genix points at his big words
Genix: I'm getting pretty good at that.
Seek0: Are any of US any good at meaningful objective communication?

Genix has changed the topic to What mysterious and secret surprise is hidden within the confines of the little bin in the women's bathroom?


Seek0: Get off, genix, get off you big stud.

teckyong: I want my mummy!
teckyong: where's my mummy??
teckyong looks around for his mummy
teckyong grabs Beacon...Have you seen my mummy?
Beacon9: She might be in Egypt.
Beacon9: Just beware of the Curse of the Pharoahs.

teckyong smacks Dak with his penis
Dakarren: ===|_____________________________/ dont make me use this!
Dakarren: besides, you're asian. what can your baby-dick do to me!?

Genix: slurple: and it was said that the chaotes would piss one another off, and that it shall be law.

Genix: No, I haven't been laid yet, unfortunately.

zEgg starts singing: ~I wanna fuck you in the ass, I wanna fuck you in the ass, I wanna fuck you in the ass~

Xaronzon: Gah. This is dull. I'm getting back to work. My HTML code makes better conversation.
Xaronzon: :-p
slurple: you are so witty kat
slurple: and subtle

AlephCult: Hail Pork Rinds, teck
teckyong: Hail Cow Fats, Aleph

THRAKAZOG: i swear i think im going to purchase a gun so i can just lob a bullet at someone
THRAKAZOG: no one in particular just you know to releave stress
AlephCult: you can lob a bullet at someone without a gun
THRAKAZOG: i know but its just not the same

Genix: zEgg's getting quite despondent. He doesn't like you anymore, aleph.
zEgg throws a vase at aleph
AlephCult: Genix: why you say that?
Genix: You aren't giving him sweet loving.
Genix: He wants you to bugger him like you do those hamster dolls.

Jebus111: I no longer am the bitch.

Riordan: Have you tried charging sigils while masturbating?
Dakarren: naw. Sigils just dont turn me on

RevGraves: How's it hanging?
BenwayMD: It's hanging.

BenwayMD ejaculates hitting Max in the eye with his man milk

RevGraves: Reiki?
RevGraves: Isn't that just an expensive way to learn energy work?

BenwayMD: I can drink a cup of water with my penis.
BenwayMD: And I will teach the trick to anyone who wants to learn.
BenwayMD: For free.
BenwayMD: Oh, and a word to anyone who attempts it alone without my expert supervision: do NOT use tequila.

RevGraves: I cna beat you insensible with my penis. Or, a steel dildo shaped like my penis.

BenwayMD: It's just like you 'mericans to keep the best STDs to yourself.

BenwayMD: I am entertaining a goddess.
BenwayMD: And two lesbians.

MaxKaote: injun, do you have the eismagie documents?
BenwayMD: Um. No. Msay I have them? Pwese, pwetty pwease, with tentacled-creature on top?

AlephCult: MaxKaote: I've suggested ignoring me before
beast77: but we LIKE you,you ass!

Beacon9: http://www.pages2send.com/image.htm
MaxKaote: i don't get it
Beacon9: well, let me put it this way
Beacon9: after following the instructions
Beacon9: if anyone ever asks you if you've seen God
Beacon9: you can say yes :)
beast77: lol
MaxKaote: i still don't get it
Beacon9: it's an illusion
Beacon9: if you stare at the dots in the center for 30 seconds
Beacon9: the image burns into your eyes for a short bit
beast77: max:follow the instructions, and you will see an outline of christ
Beacon9: and then when you look at other things, you'll see the face of Jesus

Dakarren: I hope to create a servator and elevate it to egregore-hood soon, though
Riordan: Groovy.. to what purpose?
Dakarren: "Hinumobas", entity of happiness, anti-depression, and hidden blessings

Riordan: "Oh, Lord...be merciful upon my rectum"
Riordan: And then the Lord GOD used the unguents and oils of Vaseline, and the followers were spared the wrath of His vengeful Divine Anal Penetration

ult: to order a pizza or not to order

threejane: does anyone here know the point of being human?
teckyong: I do.
teckyong: It is to have sex till u die.
threejane: teck. you are a virgin!

teckyong: he left
MaxKaote: ...and the channel rejoices...

teckyong: anyone knows who is David Duke? I got directed to his site.
MaxKaote: roflmao!
teckyong: why are u laughing?
MaxKaote: do you know what the KKK is, teckyong?
teckyong: what?
teckyong: the Klu Klux Klan?
teckyong: what Max?
Dakarren: Krazy Kristian Koalition?
Dakarren: Kill Kenny Kampeign?
teckyong: Kill Kill Kill??
teckyong: but I think this David Duke guy writes nice essays though...I am reading one of his articles
MaxKaote: David Duke is the head of the Klu Klux Klan

Seek0: It's that grrrl I've never seen in the channel before, but seen pictures of on Krim's site.
Seek0: I thought you were mythical.

slurple: i had a burrito today
slurple: it's almost time to manifest another
Psi19: doesnt that stuff make u fart?

slurple: i am kompewter illiterit

slurple: enjoy your fame
Seek0: me? fame?
Seek0: heh. riiiight..
slurple: cuz you so special
slurple: so fuckin special
slurple: i wish i was special
Seek0 runs away from the creep...
slurple: gurp

Seek0: What's with the stick up Grael's ass, anyway, triscadecagram?
triskele: I'm staying out of this one.
Grael: WHAT Stick?!
triskele: that's a dildo, right?

Seek0: And all I gotta say is -
Seek0: Bottoms Up.

MaxKaote: Age/Sex/Location? 

Dakarren: and dammit, I ate another ant. those damn bastards keep getting into my cocoa
MaxKaote: ants are good
slurple: i talked to an ant today
MaxKaote: its the cockroaches that bug me
MaxKaote: no pun intended
MaxKaote: what did it say to you?
MaxKaote: what did you say to it?
MaxKaote: what did you learn?
MaxKaote: why?
slurple: it just kinda hummed and wiggled
slurple: because it was there
MaxKaote: it hummed?
MaxKaote: i've never heard an ant hum before

Psirelle (fdgeer@ left irc:
MaxKaote: night psi... sheesh
Seek0: Damn, I was about to kick her.
MaxKaote: what's up with her?
Seek0: What a bitch!
slurple: she nice to slurple
Seek0: ../join #wiccan and find out.
MaxKaote: i'd rather not

Dakarren: I wonder where AC is. Its not Thee_vortex without his incessant whining
slurple: perhaps he's getting laid
Dakarren: good
slurple: uh huh
slurple: right
Dakarren: if there ever was a man that needed it more than I, its him

ult: hmm, is it too cheesy to ask someone out via e-mail?

RevGraves: I'd suggest anything in the Ring Cycle, by Handel.

Genix: Hedonism is the key to it all. How many wars would be fought if everybody just said "Screw it, I'm off to a massage parlour"?

ult: I think I will just read some zee-list and realize that my life is a LOT better than a lot of other people.

Genix: Electricity is your friend. Especially when you can hurt small children with it.

Beacon9: had two rather fucked up dreams coming from its use
Beacon9: first was me chanting the second key repeatedly at my computer desk, and then like a zillion mosquitoes appear outside my window
Beacon9: second was me chanting the key again, and in the middle, I hear the voice of Crowley saying "Baby Jesus wants revenge"

^333afk: so is this a PTV channel?
^333afk: TOPY I mean
Beacon9: nah
Beacon9: Zee Cluster
demoncat: more zeecluster based
ZlivingGo: no
demoncat: not that many topy members anymore
RevGraves: Z(Cluster), not Zee Cluster.
demoncat: graves is the smart one of the bunch ; )
RevGraves: zee-list. Z(Cluster). Zeds/Zees.

Beacon9: by aligning with your third eye, you can help look at your troubles from a clearer perspective
ult: dude
ult: you be smokin da crackrock.

RevGraves: Shit, all of British "cuisine" seems like aborted dog fetuses

BenwayMD: Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious

BenwayMD: Lesbian Bitch Goddesses are getting boring.

RevGraves: Bah. Leave the ban on Merc. He's a fuckstick.

zosX: Mercutio^: a lot of people here would rather see you banned, keep that in mind

Xaronzon: play nice, children
BenwayMD: We are playing nice! We haven't mentioned bot sacrifice once yet.
BenwayMD: I really miss Wales
Xaronzon: where are you at the moment?
BenwayMD: I haven't mutilated cattle in .. oh, it must be months now.

Squink: well paint me red and shove a crowbar up my nose

demoncat: blessed be your feet that have brought thee in these ways, blessed be your knees that shall kneel at the sacred altars 

NpK found Dragon Balls Zee (he he) porn on the net

slurple: man my socks smell like one of those golden retrievers that smells when you pet it

ult|sleep: why don't bodybuilders have much hair?
ult|sleep: do they shave it off?
ult|sleep: it doesn't look shaven
luc3nt: They wax it off
luc3nt: I am gonna do the same thing ;c)
ult|sleep: seriously?
ult|sleep: i have a lot of hair
ult|sleep: especially down south
ult|sleep: actually, most of my hair is down south
ult|sleep: i do not like it :D
slurple laffs
slurple: sheesh
luc3nt: I am Armenian. It is common for my heritage.
slurple: pubic hair braids?
luc3nt: lol
Augoras: also bodybuilders stain their bodies before taking photos.
Augoras: they have some special dye stuff that gives it a etchupy color
surple: ye godz
lc3nt: That I think is nasty
lc3nt: Heh, I am extremely pale for a middle eastern

slurple: i thought harry potter was cool
slurple: he just doesn't get laid
slurple: cuz he's uhh...uhhhhh
slurple: prepubescent
slurple: but he's real cool!

Augoras: OK. It's George W. Bush's first night in the white house. He has horrible dreams. He wakes up and finds right in front of him George Washington's ghost!!!!
Augoras: he asks the ghost "What is the best thing I can do for my country?" George replies "Set an honorable example and emphasize honesty, as I did."
Augoras: The next night he has more bad dreams and wakes to find Thomas Jefferson before him. "Tom, What is the best thing I can do for my country?" he asks
Augoras: Tom says to de-emphasize taxes & encourage less government interference.
Augoras: The next night things are even worse in the White House. 
Augoras: He can't even get to sleep and Abe Lincoln appears before him.
Augoras: He asks "Abe? Why do you haunt me? What is the best thing I can do for my country?"
Augoras: Abe replies "Go see a play."

Gnosis: Its about that we have another president killed.
Augoras: about time!
Augoras: and I hope the secret service logs that one too.

zallak: i'm so frickn drunk
zallak: i'm drunk i'm drunk
zallak: i rant like a skunk
zallak: if you smell my pussy
zallak: i'm down with that funk
zallak: i don't have one
zallak: but i'm so fucking buzzed
zallak: i can smell one!
Obelisk: maybe you should keep your moms legs closed then..

Dakarren looks right
Dakarren looks left
Dakarren looks stupid

Dakarren: you'd have to be silly to excorsize a demon from your computer
Dakarren: and even sillier for it to work!

Dakarren: I'm probably the only chaote with a Silver Ravenwolf book tho

slurple: where's newport?
Arawyn: Slurp, near Cardiff
slurple: ok
slurple: where's cardiff?
Arawyn: Near Newport :)
slurple: ok
Arawyn: In Wales
slurple: ah
Arawyn: Which is in the UK
Arawyn: europe.

teckyong: I love Jesus

teckyong: some angel pissed on the cardboard making it holy

slurple: crowley just talks shit and tries to be witty in an annoying way

Beacon9: reading books won't make you a mage

vi_sigma: my boss told me on friday that i will be teaching family studies course
Arawyn: family studies? You could start with minee
Arawyn: but you should take a course in abnormal psychology beforehand

Arawyn: http://wall.rotten.com/girlfriend.html
Arawyn: what the hell is that??

Arawyn is currently downloading some of the pix for his collegues tomorrow
vi_sigma: haha nasty
Arawyn: I'll distribute them prior to the midday break.
vi_sigma: via email or how?
Arawyn: email, yes.
vi_sigma: the mr congeniality award goes to arawyn

Arawyn: http://wall.rotten.com/votzenknecht.html
Arawyn: I don't need anything to eat today. Thanks.
vi_sigma: maybe i shouldn't go there
vi_sigma: ugh
vi_sigma: horrible
Arawyn: Curiosity wins

Arawyn: damn
Arawyn: for that cadaver.org you need an adult check.
Arawyn sulks

Roachz: is mastering prophecy positive?

Roachz: why not wreak others' you despise. just be negative and sit back and let them to whatever they want to you?
Roachz: wait a sec
Roachz: i think i said that wrong

Roachz: dammit i hate having conversations with chaotes. all that happens is picking apart at different words, when we both ultimately know where we are going to end up at

Beacon9: if everyone practiced eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, we'd all be blind and toothless.

Beacon9: so fand, would you like to know some more about tarot?
fand: sure, beacon
Beacon9: okay
Beacon9: here's how I do tarot
Beacon9: 1. burn that booklet that comes with it

Dakarren: but still, I'd like to see you use the I ching like you do tarot cards
Dakarren: "hmmm.. those two spaces in the lines are close together..."
Beacon9: heh
Beacon9 feels mocked
Dakarren: you are! mock mock mock mock!

KrimHum: I added a trisk pic, though its not of trisk.

MaxNpE: some of my greatest magickal training has been in long hours playing Nethack.

vi_sigma: i always eat hobbits yum yum
MaxNpE: You just have to know which corpses to eat.
MaxNpE: don't eat nymphs unless you have a ring of teleport-control
vi_sigma: rats are often tainted
MaxNpE: don't eat leprechauns for the same reason
MaxNpE: no... rats are good

triskele: I got to go see A Perfect Circle....6th row!
ult: Oooh cool.
ult: Did you catch any vomit?

triskele: I cried the entire concert because I was so moved by thier preformance.
MaxKaote: oh spare us

ZlivingGo has changed the topic to I'm the first "male" to have a period.
MaxKaote has changed the topic to No you aren't...
ZlivingGo has changed the topic to Ok....So I'm the 2nd "male" to have a period.

teckyong: zTome have you seen Augoras?
zTome last saw Augoras (cityratbud@*.ucsf.edu) 7 hrs, 54 mins ago.
teckyong: have u guys seen Augoras yet?
luc3nt: He was probably here about 7 hrs, 55 minutes ago :cP

Dakarren: hey tek
teckyong: He Tek? hmmm... :)
Dakarren: he tek
Dakarren: me dak
Dakarren: ook ook ook
teckyong: ook ook!
Dakarren: its too bad threejane wasnt here, then we could do the whole, me tarzan, you jane! thing

teckyong fondles genie's cute butt
Genix: Oi teck
Genix: Will you fondle my tentacles too?
teckyong: heh
teckyong ties Genix's tentacles together
Genix: Ooh, bondage.

slurple: merc is making this weirdly pathetic attempt to offend me i think
Genix: Merc does that to everybody.

slurple: #thelema got taken over by the eveil tyrant

Genix: Argh! I can't masturbate without needing stitches!

slurple: i get sliced in a few hours
slurple: send me good vibes
Genix: Hey, cool.
Dakarren: sliced?
Genix: Why, though?
slurple: tonsils
slurple: if they implant any bugs in me while i am out i will kill the ratbastard who did it
Genix: Oh, I thought you meant you were gonna get circumsised.
slurple: erm
slurple: no
Genix: Damnit.
Dakarren: howcum you need your tonsils removed?
slurple: infekshun
Genix: Oh yes, he can be quite a mouthful.

RevGraves: No, it's just that if I have ops, I'll end up kicking people in dictatorial fashion, and I've foresworn the Giang Hu underwrold.
KrimHum: You should try the Triads, Graves. I hear they're nice.

Xaronzon: what is this? "let's find one of the longest standing and most worthwhile 'cluster members (well, I like him) and harrass him"

Arawyn: Yeah, we all want to rule over the IRC zees of course.
Xar333: of course
Xar333: because control of a fucking IRC channel represents ultimate world power, naturally
Arawyn: Do they know life outside IRC btw?
Xar333: I have my doubts in some cases.

Xaronzon: I can see the point of banning Merc

Seek0: I've been feeling like the general in Arawyn's IRC Army lately.

Xaronzon: so shoot me for using a cliche
Seek0 takes aim with the orgasmitron gun.
DrKabal shoots Xaronzon
Xaronzon: ooh, doc, gimme another hit

Seek0: And give her a password with the .chpass xaronzon [something simple] and then tell it to her.
Seek0: And don't forget to change it, Kat.
Arawyn: Kat, can you guess it? ;)
Xaronzon: <groan>
Arawyn grins

Xaronzon: how do you set a new password again?
Seek0: .newpass [some shit]
RevGraves: .newpass some shit?
Xaronzon: is that .newpass yournewpassword?

zEgg: Shit's been fixed.

Xaronzon: LOL
Xaronzon: just read your msg about people being IRC dependant
Arawyn: what? the last line?
Xaronzon: about people discussing their lack of sex lives
Xaronzon: :)
Arawyn: well, it's true
RevGraves: Heh.
Xaronzon: which is why it's so much fun to inform them how many people i fucked last weekend... <g>
Arawyn: Were they real or imaginary?
Xaronzon: real... not as many as the previous weekend actually... um... <tallies up> ah, just 5, IIRC
Arawyn: Ah well. You just have to lower your standarts and that can easily be achieved.
Xaronzon: actually, they were all pretty damn cute :)
Arawyn: Nothing for me then most likely.
Arawyn: if you consider them cute that is.

Arawyn: Reminds me, saw 3 goth chicks on Saturday.
Arawyn: Was hilarious
Xaronzon likes watching herds of goths.
Arawyn: One had a tattoo on her 3rd eye.
Xaronzon: cute
Arawyn: not on that one.
Xaronzon: ah
Arawyn: Nothing on that one was cute. It was just *huge*
Xaronzon: oh dear
Arawyn: Think Roseanne Barr
Arawyn: in black
Xaronzon: eeek
Arawyn: with black fingernails
Arawyn: and black eyes.
Arawyn: And a cape
Arawyn: black of course
Xaronzon: naturally
Arawyn: she took up lots of space.
RevGraves: The only difference between a goth and a sick little suburban skapunk is black eyeshadow.
Arawyn: Almost looked like the 3 witches fresh from Macbeth
Xaronzon: grin
Arawyn: I was considering asking them where they parked their broom
Arawyn: But I guess I wouldn't have survived it if the fat one would have thrown in her wheight
RevGraves: ~/Double, Double, Toil and Trouble... /~
Arawyn thinks of the witches cleaning out that damn cauldron...

Xaronzon: have fun kids
Arawyn: and don't do anything we wouldn't consider
Xaronzon: <snigger>
zosX: well, that doesn't leave much :)
Arawyn: 'xactly

demoncat: I NEED COFFEE!!!!!!!!

zosX: its not that I have a real serious issue with the bots being here
zosX: my issue is in not being able to control them

demoncat: i mean if christian evangelists wanted to take over the channel...then something like banning might be needed.
demoncat: but then it would be like the world brought us lunch
demoncat smiles and licks fingers in anticipation

demoncat: okay..i need to go masturbate and get on with the rest of my day

zosX: heya helena
zosX: how are you?
|Attila|: I am not helena
zosX: oh fuck
zosX: I keep fucking that up
zosX: damnit
zosX: I want to talk to helena, not you :P
zosX: helena is much cuter :)

RevGraves: Magick is bullshit, to quote IPpy.
RevGraves: So, Chaos Magic is Chaotic Bullshit.