Quotes, Episode XVI

Arawyn slaps Cidal
eleventh licks Nynaeve
Nynaeve pats eleventh on the head uncertainly
eleventh pokes Arawyn
Nynaeve sticks out her tounge foolishly
Arawyn pokes Cidal with a red hot pocker
eleventh dresses Arawyn up in something pretty and lacey.
Arawyn: Now that's kinky
Arawyn prods 11th
eleventh slaps Arawyn for prodding a lady in such a manner.
Arawyn: Lady, yeah right.
Arawyn puts a saddle on 11th
Nynaeve ropes in Arawyn
Nynaeve raises an eyebrow
Nynaeve: NO RIDING!!
Arawyn: Wanna mount 11th first, nynaeve?
Nynaeve giggles
eleventh erks at the saddle and quickly squirms her way out of it
Arawyn hands Nynaeve the ropes
Nynaeve takes the saddle carefully off 11'th
Nynaeve blushes
Arawyn nails the saddle back on

Arawyn: ROFL!!!: After Sigmund Freud, once a religious Jew left the synagogue, he invented Psychoanalysis that teaches others to hate God, and especially Pentecostals.

Psylt: Blargh
Psylt: If you think by reading this out loud you have received the Holy Ghost, you are dead wrong.
Psylt: Shun-dul lala mo-sundi.
Psylt: shee kun dul lala mo hundi.
Psylt: Se-cundol dul lala mo shun di.
Psylt: Kun dul lala mo hundi.
Psylt: Eee la shun-dal lala mo sun di.
Psylt: Eee cun-dul lala mo hundi.
Psylt: The Devil cannot de-code this gift.
Psylt: WTF?!

Nynaeve: May the Lord save their souls and show them the Truth

Nynaeve: I will not circumcise my boy
Nynaeve: EVER
Nynaeve: if I have one

Psylt: Todays "Christian" or "fishtian" Church Retreats, are totally unlike those found in the New Testament, that are fulled with signs and wonders.
Psylt: Church Retreats today are to, "hideaway, depart, and draw back " from the true life of Christ Jesus, and the preaching of Gods word to the lost.
Psylt: Todays Church Retreats are mini-vacations, so skin lovers can satisfy their flesh, play devilish sports, eat like pigs, and strip their clothes off for mixed swimming parties, with the hearhen.
Psylt: Sounds like one hell of a time when you put it that way!
Psylt: I think I"ll start going to vchurch!
Nynaeve: most definately
Nynaeve: where do I sign up?!

Psylt: Gods choice for a Retreat is wild, bland, and bleak.
Arawyn: So let that bugger go somewhere where it is wild, bland and bleak. And good ridance

Arawyn: yikes
Arawyn: You know I'd really like to know how that tradition came about.
Nynaeve: Mmm
Nynaeve: read Exodus
Arawyn: Either they were *heavily* into S/M
Nynaeve: possibly in Genesis
Nynaeve: but Moses makes the big deal about it
Arawyn: that will probably say that it's gods command
Nynaeve: it does
Nynaeve: *BUT* I have found
Nynaeve: in my studies
Mimir11: Human nature. Greed, egotism, and a false sense of immortality.
Nynaeve: that most things God decreed in OT were for the safety of HIS people
Nynaeve: ex. not eating pork
Arawyn: Greed? like "hey, I gotta keep score with how many men I slept, so I'll collect their foreskins"?

Arawyn: OK, then the dick is the whole of the law.

Squink: arawyn you really need to update that "regular visitors" thing

Topic is 'some day your eggs are going to hatch, and some very strange birds are going to emerge. '
Set by cidal

Arawyn: Or what? You shall unleash upon the poor members some, whatever
Arawyn: (reference what I said about 'songs' earlier) that you wrote in 1983 which was some
Arawyn: 'really dark' stuff about fluffy bunnies that weren't so fluffy living in a field of
Arawyn: not quite yellow daisies and off white dandelions?

`Max`: so how did ice magic turn out?
`Max`: Although I conquer all the earth,
`Max`: yet for me there is only one city.
`Max`: In that city there is for me only one house;
`Max`: And in that house, one room only;
`Max`: And in that room, a bed.
`Max`: And one woman sleeps there,
`Max`: The shining joy and jewel of all my kingdom.

Topic is '"In my land, women are for advancing the species, not for fighting men's battles!" '
Set by Xaronzon

Topic is 'We Aren't Satanists, God Damn It! '
Set by RevGraves

Arawyn: So, have you recorded some of those wonderful lyrics I fwded you?
Xaronzon: I can't believe how BAD some of those are.
Arawyn: I'm currently waiting for more of those *excellent* lyrics to grace the list <G>
<Xaronzon: I swear, the ones you've sent me are even worse than those I wrote for The Cheesy Vampire Song That Shall Never See The Light Of Day (Pun Intended)

Arawyn: http://test.thespark.com/bitchtest/
Xaronzon can't remember her score - will take it again.
Xaronzon: oh no... I don't think I've taken this one
Xaronzon: or maybe I have
Xaronzon: 59% bitch!
Xaronzon: which is higher than the worldwide average 38%
Arawyn: lol
Xaronzon: we're taking bitch tests, Graves
Xaronzon: 0% (same as you)
Xaronzon: 7% (bitchier than you)
Xaronzon: 93% (less bitchy than you)
Arawyn: cute
Arawyn: ok, you're the official bitch of the channel
Xaronzon will have to work at her bitchyness. If only I'd managed to visit Max (mine, not the one from in here) when he was in prison.
Xaronzon: I think we all knew that, Arawyn.
Arawyn: Yep, but now we have the proof

Xaronzon likes the death test
Xaronzon: I will apparently either OD, die of cancer, or be abducted by UFOs
Xaronzon: they don't have an option for be abducted by demons
Arawyn: ok, allegedly I'm 50 % pure
Xaronzon: on which test? is this at thespark?
Arawyn: purity
Arawyn: yep
Xaronzon managed to get her purity score on some 500 question test down to 23
RevGraves: 78% bitch, acc'd to the test.
Xaronzon: wow
Xaronzon: Graves is now the official channel bitch
RevGraves: I am a dirty, cruel mother fucker.
RevGraves: I'm actually a mother fucker, too. One of my ex's had a kid.
Xaronzon: LOL
Arawyn: OK, I'm going to die on Nov 13. at the age of 86
Xaronzon: man, that's well over 30 years after me
Xaronzon: you are FAR too clean living

Arawyn changes topic to 'In death we profit'

Arawyn: Have you ever owned a ferret, mouse, hamster, or other squirmy, burrowing rodent?
Arawyn: ass test
Xaronzon: LOL
Arawyn: Have you ever licked someone's ass on a cold day and your tongue stuck to it?
Xaronzon: it'd have to be a damn cold day
Arawyn: Describe your relationship with Jesus?!?
Xaronzon: HAHA
Arawyn: its in the ass test

Now talking in #thee_vortex
Arawyn: yo
[Xaronzon] PING
Arawyn slaps Xaronzon around a bit with a large trout
Arawyn kicks Kat
Xaronzon is now known as XarAFK
Arawyn: HMPF
XarAFK: ?
Arawyn: You back?
Arawyn: or even alive?
XarAFK: not really, on either count
Arawyn: Hmm.
Arawyn mixes garlic, ginseng, spiders silk & sulphurous ash and casts In Mani Corp on Kat
XarAFK makes the fizzle noise
Arawyn casts Kal Wis Corp on Kat

WrkGraves: I'm office-goth.
WrkGraves: I'm even wearing black boxers.

ult: Cirius: Wanna see a cool spell?
ult: Proof of magick
ult: Aquire a large number of brown beans and cook them in a pot
ult: Drain the water, and sacrifice it to the Earth Goddess
ult: Say a prayer over them and then consume them to honor Gaia
ult: Wait an hour and start holding a lit lighter behind your ass
ult: And soon you will have FIREBALL spell aquired!

Squink: ?
Mycel: ?

Aleister: the only reason cannabis ever made me vomit is, i had stomach flu the first time i got stoned
<da_wolf: wow
* [1351] has a general rule of thumb: if something is fun to do, it will sooner or later make you throw up. probably sooner.
Aleister: and i vomited about a dozen times after that.
Aleister: but not since
da_wolf: first time for me was one long throw up
da_wolf: I loved the stuff immediately and was determinded to conquer :-}}}
da_wolf: true, Kat, booze does so too... and metalfests
Riordan: Kat: That's true.  I masturbated once while having a infected prostate..  It almost made me throw up.
da_wolf: sometimes I'm just glad I'm female

*** Topic is 'Boobies and Paradigmular Modulation'
*** Set by MaxKaote on Mon Feb 05 02:14:53
Dakarren: im doing lame hacker speak
Dakarren: |-|3110 M@X w@zzup w|t j00?

THRAKAZOG: listen this all might come as a shock
THRAKAZOG: but at work i was graced with divine wisdom
THRAKAZOG: Willy WOnka and The chocolate Factory is actually about
the illumnati
THRAKAZOG: Zling: its amazing the trance states you can get into
while washing dishes
THRAKAZOG: who made the book again
Riordan: Roald Dahl
THRAKAZOG: i think he was working for the illumnati
Riordan: who also wrote the sequel
THRAKAZOG: or else he was an ontological anarchist
Riordan: Someone's been reading too much RAW...or Terence McKenna..
THRAKAZOG: Xaos: when i was a really little before i saw Willy
wonka, I got really sick on chicken pox all delerious and shite and
saw willy wonka driving down by my house and when he stopped i knew
he was going to come into kill me
THRAKAZOG: but he disappeared to quick
ZlivingGo: were you on acid?
THRAKAZOG: then i saw the movie and realised what a git i was for
hating willy wonka and that i should feel bad for doing such
THRAKAZOG: but looking back on those times fuck willy wonka
<THRAKAZOG: ZlivingGO: i cant be for sure i was only about 3 or 4
years old at the time

* zalread is disappointed that his pervert rant only got one
reaction and it was negative
zalread: i thought we were perverted leather wearing sluts from
hell in here
* zalread thinks maybe he should go back to being an accountant

Dakarren: I know there is a obscure alloy what makes supra-powerful
Dakarren: the kind that you cant pull apart if you stick two together
teckyong: wow!
teckyong: really?
teckyong: what metal?
Dakarren: yep
Dakarren: I dunno
Dakarren: I forgot
Dakarren: some scientists made it, and Im not sure what theyre used
for now
zallak: peenixes is it's name isn't it?
teckyong: penis?
Dakarren: dunno
zallak: lol
teckyong: penis and vagina...u can't pull 'em apart once they join
Dakarren: now, it'd be interesting to tip a wand with that! (the
magnet, not a penis)
zallak: you can't -theoritcally- pull apart any two things once
they've touched
Dakarren: heh.. that just made me think.. I wonder if anyone has
gotten one of those two foot monster dildos, and made a wand of THAT!
zallak: lol
zallak: why not?
Dakarren: why not indeed
zallak: who's luckier?
zallak: the person who tried it
zallak: or the person that DIDN'T
Dakarren: depends on preference, I guess

Dakarren: I always wanted to get two of those monster dildos and
have a dildo fight in a public park
Dakarren: like, a sword fight with those

zallak: she would mind flay my mom with her whore technology until
i was ostracized from the entire family for that

Dakarren: lesseee... pre-marital sex with an occultist.. that comes
out to fifty 'our fathers' twenty 'heil marys' and two 'ben franklins'

teckyong: then she says..."NO!! OH NO!!! BUT I love you Teck Yong!
Oh I don't care! I love you! FUCK ME! FUCK ME while my pesky half bro
is watching!"
Dakarren: okay, someone has their denial mojo working
*** Dakarren changes topic to '"now lets watch that again, through
the magic of self delusion..." -Jay Sherman '

teckyong: zallak: is your sister sexy? does she have big breasts?

THRAKAZOG: he apparently has a goose fetish

catboy^-^: we should think about the meanings of the qabbalistic
snoflake of Frater Achad.

teckyong: I need to be cute. I wanna be a male stripper and earn my
keep by exploiting bored, horny housewives. ;)

slurple: been spending the morning projectile vomiting and worrying
about all these romanians msg'ing me begging for money and help

RevGraves: That's because I'm a mad hottie, and you cannot deny
your longing for my mantastic presence.

* slurple goes to tenderly stack another blanket on his pet smurf
MaxKaote: you bought a smurf/
MaxKaote: ?

slurple: he manifested
slurple: i think he liked the smell of all the cooked noodles i had
MaxKaote: i see
MaxKaote: where's he live?
slurple: in the temple when I'm lucky
slurple: usually wherever the fuck he wants

slurple: hopefully i will be able to get the smurf comfortably
moved in under a mushroom soon
slurple: with blessings

ult: i don't feel cute
Roachz: ult you are so sexy
RevGraves: I've got better taste in men than I do women, and I have
-damn- good taste in women.
ult: i don't have women crawling all over me.
MaxKaote: ult i wanna fuck you and i'm straight.
ult: hah
ult: sotp lieing
Roachz: lol
slurple: ult i don't think i wanna fuck you but maybe we could go
pick up chicks sometime
Roachz: max: lets 3 way him
slurple: ;)
MaxKaote: Ult, you're the nutcase with the glasses and sideburns,
only now you shaved your sideburns off, right?
RevGraves: ult, I don't want to fuck you. But, you're -certainly-
cute enough to play with.
MaxKaote: Roachz: okay, but i get his tight little ass
Roachz: .......
slurple: that's just disturbing to hear
slurple: and not because i'm homophobic
ult: MaxKaote: My face is bald now =P

Roachz: .....
Roachz: ......
MaxKaote: Roachz, are you wanking or something? Out with it
already! =P
Roachz: ......
Roachz: im trying to liven up the room

*** Roachz changes topic to 'your only a chaos magickian cause your
to lazy to be any other kind of magickian. '
*** slurple changes topic to 'mama tried. '
Roachz: .....

* RevGraves hasn't eaten today. Must feed. Blood Sugar dropping....

Seek0: I like kids.
Seek0: You can throw them around and call them names that they
can't pronounce and it's all good.

RevGraves: I'm looking for amputee midget goat porn. It's a bet
I've got running.
slurple: dude if i had a midget with no arms and no legs i'd just
keep it stuffed in a little pouch on the side of my pants
Dakarren: I've never seen amputee goat porn
RevGraves: No, it has to be an amputee midget goat.
slurple: and every once in a while during the day i could pull it
out like an oven glove and get FREAKY

Dakarren: I'd like to see snake bestiality porn
slurple: man i hate that shit
slurple: buncha ugly fat chicks with snakes in their twats
slurple: whoop dee freakin doo
Dakarren: really? nevermind
Dakarren: I've never seen that
slurple: things probably take a crap while their in there too
slurple: that's what i always thought
Dakarren: hehehe.. now that's what i'd like to see
slurple: not I
RevGraves: Let me register my opinion:

slurple: now pics of guys with a 12 inch asshole stretch...

Tiamat^: ever watch flamingos mate?
RevGraves: Don't make me repeat my opiniong.
slurple: no
slurple: flamingos huh?
Tiamat^: they got three legs, man, serious
slurple: wow
Tiamat^: middle one is gross-looking
slurple: like elephants
slurple: only pinker
slurple: fuck i should watch more discovery channel
slurple: :)

Tiamat^: every spring I like to go watch the ducks
Tiamat^: I bet they are doing stuff right now actually, or in a
couple weeks
slurple: you like birds huh?
Tiamat^: ducks are funny to watch
Tiamat^: sometimes a boy duck does another boy duck
slurple: fuck i should hurry along to the local pond

slurple: it's your parents having sex. good god man.

Tiamat^: whatever.. I don't want to see it again... it burned my eyes
slurple: was it all male midgets?
slurple: 12 midgets and a bearded lady?
Dakarren: or maybe 7 midgets and a white woman
Tiamat^: 2 midgets and a whore who couldn't even feel them

slurple: i have an mp3 of some fat chick taking a crap on a plate
slurple: yup
* slurple nods proudly
Dakarren: I'have some pics of capanese chicks squating and
piddling.. the advantage is that they arent fat or ugly
Tiamat^: Dakarren eeeeew
Dakarren: now, THAT I'd like to see
slurple: and excrement tends to turn me off. I'm funny that way.

Tiamat^: I used to have a disney porn collection, the only porn I
Dakarren: same here
Dakarren: I dunno where my collection went to
Tiamat^: Belle getting done by Lumiere.. do you have that one?
slurple: yes!
slurple: i had belle nekkid!
slurple: and a smurf orgy!
Tiamat^: oooh
slurple: and alladin fucking jasmine!
slurple: but i dunno where they went
Tiamat^: slurple I had one like that!
slurple: that was ages ago
slurple: :)
Dakarren: ... and I remember when it was supposed to be
embarrasing telling people you look at disney porn
Tiamat^: lumiere (the candelabra guy using a dildo and a vibe on
Belle was the best one
slurple: that was before the midget bag dak
slurple: man i wanna see that tia
Dakarren: true dat
Tiamat^: slurple the art was perfect.
Tiamat^: looked just like the movie
Tiamat^: I had two Snow Whites with Dwarves
slurple: i think i saw some beauty and the beast disney pr0n when
it came out too but it just didn't do the trick for me
slurple: far out
Tiamat^: the beauty and beast pic was lame Adobe work
* slurple gets up and goes to sit next to the expert
slurple: :)
Dakarren: I like good celebrity fakes. The kind that telling the
difference isnt apparant, and its still hi-rez
* Tiamat^ likes the attitude that faking art from the evil empire of
Disney shows
Dakarren: down with eisner!
seekslut: I have downloaded over 100 megs of smut on my 28.8k modem
since this time yesterday.
slurple: FUCK YEAH
slurple: still babysitting seek?
seekslut: Yep.

seekslut: Yeah! I download the smut to give the kids some idea of
how to pose.

slurple: I was once with this chick whose roomate had a kid and she
would go to work first thing every morning and this fucking brat
would wake us up
slurple: it sucks getting beat about the head at 7 AM with your own
used rubber

RevGraves: Nothing is True. Except that I am armed, and relatively

seekslut: So, should I quit smoking and go clean or say fuickit and
enjoy my chemical sluttiness?
zosX: it depends on what you are smoking :P
slurple: i generally stop around the point of pneumonia

* zosX has found little difference in sobriety and his current
mindstate :P

seekslut: Yes, but you're a spiteful shithead, so I don't listen to
you much anymore.

RevGraves: I'm out like Ellen.

slurple: ya know badly wired electric chairs make people's heads
catch fire
slurple: ?
seekslut: Sometimes they cause steam bubbles to rise underneath the
skin and cause small cooked portions of flesh to flip across the room.

slurple: fuck i hope you guys never add up all the stupid things
i've said in here

Dakarren: same here
zosX: same here

slurple: who's the doctor now bitch? who's doctor now?

slurple: but the aliens wanted me to run around town in a
counterclockwise circle a few times nafter i got naked
slurple: that was rough
Dakarren: I see
slurple: last time I stick my thumb in there

slurple: or so the town hopes
slurple: :)

ult: aww fuck, why am i hurting again.
slurple: i dunno ult.
slurple: what part of you hurts?
ult: my heart.
slurple: awww
MaxKaote: shoot it

slurple: g'day bluelady
electrica: g'fuck'n'day to you too.

Seek0Work: Magick's like a box of chocolates, you never know what's
in the middle of each candy goodie until you bite clean through the

electrica: fuck girls. jesus. nothing but trouble. i ought to know.
i'm one.
MaxKaote: that's it i'm gay
slurple: you just want a channel of gay boys so you can make porno.
admit it bluelady.
Seek0Work: You and me both, Max.
Seek0Work: Fuck women.
slurple: scott thompson is on
Seek0Work: I'm gay now.
* slurple masturbates
*** Seek0Work is now known as Seek0Gay
MaxKaote: They frikkin ADMIT they're nothing but trouble!
electrica: i just want one day of peace and quiet inside my head.
*** Seek0Gay is now known as SeekGay
slurple: Dong Quai
*** MaxKaote is now known as MaxFag
slurple: :)
SeekGay: C'mon! Everyone be Gay!
*** MaxFag is now known as MaxFaggy
ult: wow.
* SeekGay breaks into song...
* electrica continues to balance the fence.
SeekGay: ~Gay! It's the wonderful place to be! Be Gay!
SeekGay: It's all a rainbow of fun!
SeekGay: When you're Gay!
electrica: everything's super when you're gay.
SeekGay: Be Gay!
MaxFaggy: C'mon everybody! If we're all gay, we can all have fun!
SeekGay: be Gaaaaaaaaaaay!!!~
MaxFaggy: Everybody dance now!
slurple: yes, wouldn't that be efficient
* SeekGay boogies down...
slurple: it always gets to that point late enough into the darkness
* SeekGay flashes his nipples.
slurple: but than you go "whoa! you smell like me! ewwwwwww!"
* MaxFaggy dons spandex shorts and a smile.
* SeekGay puts on his checker leotard and prances around singing old
pet shop boys tunes...
SeekGay: I'm going to work now.
slurple: bye fag boy
SeekGay: I love you Faggity Max!
* slurple pinch seek butt
SeekGay: Faggity Slurple!
MaxFaggy: I love you Faggity Andy! I mean Seek!
SeekGay: I WUV WOOO!!!!
*** SeekGay has quit IRC

electrica: i don't have much confidence in my ability, but i do
have passion, and others tell me that i'm better than a sharp stick
in the eye

* slurple turns his attention back to the voices in his head...they
will love me

demoncat: interesting article on the nature of karma.
Xaronzon: It's ancient. I wrote it to piss off some participants in
a flame war in '99 I think. <g>

cidal: I always hated the idea of anal sex - until I was made to do
it... I
cidal: love very big cocks and like to be soaked in sperm and left
to rub it
cidal: in, or lick it off... If you just want to bend me over and
go straight
cidal: in, that's OK as long as you can be rough and stay hard
insde me for
cidal: 30-60 minutes - at least.

Xaronzon: okay, congratulations on your parents' divorce
Pike93: yay! thanks hehe

Xaronzon: and does this trouble you ult?
FaggtyMax: ult: I bet I could change that... ;-P
FaggtyMax: Just give me a chance...
FaggtyMax: You won't regret it. ;-)
Xaronzon: Max, I can't imagine that anyone could resist THAT come-on
FaggtyMax: That's sarcasm, isn't it?
Xaronzon: might be... ;-p

ult: Wanna know how to make a chick happy? Use her, and keep using
her, until she's all used up.
ult: Use her in all kinds of new and interesting ways, just like a
Xaronzon: Welcome to Social Skills 101, with your lecturer for the
evening, ult.

ult: Faggty: I am romance driven.

ult: This girl starts walking up behind me, I thought i heard her
ask how I was...
ult: I turn around say, I'm fine, how are you?
ult: She asks how I was, then immediately says "DON'T ANSWER MY

slurple: man, i can get as far from sober pranayama these days as I
can from several hundred hits to the dome of good pure shit

Bkwyrm: Just don't end up with your head in a hanging fern plant,
talking to it for five hours.
slurple: why not?
Bkwyrm: Happened at a party I was at.
slurple: I like ferns
Bkwyrm: The fern died a few days later....it apparently didn't like
Bkwyrm: Gotta give the plants their space.

Bkwyrm: He's a cute cat. Be cuter if he had something greater than
the IQ of an avacado. But the same could be said for so many
people...so many people running, countries, even.

Dakarren: for the most part, I dont use any set paradigm at all. I
just close my fucking eyes, enter gnosis, and will it to happen. Its
quickest, and has the least amount of dogma. Hell, I only rarely use

MaxKaote: it soon became distasteful for me to practice within a
christian or wiccan paradigm. here is where i was limiting myself.
the purpose of paradigm-shifting is to challenge yourself... extend
your horizons, do the hard thing, and not the easy thing. do what
you don't want to do because you know that it'll make you better
overall, by giving you a wider range of experience.

Dakarren: look max, I know you mean well, and you might have gone
over the same thing I am now
Dakarren: but that doesnt mean Im going to just follow your lead.
If I was that suggestionable, I probably wouldnt have the strength of
will neccessary for magick in the first place

Dakarren: either way, I think most of us learn by beating our heads
into the wall and figuring out the fundimentals ourselves. Maybe
paradigm shifting will make me a better person, maybe it wont. Who
knows what could happen. I'll make that decision when I need to

catboy^_^: yeah this is because your mind already contains the
mentalist paradigm suitable for you. This is called personal
awakeing, the ephiphany. The intial turn on to "GOD"
Dakarren: the funny thing though, is that im too humble to liken
myself to a god
catboy^_^: This is why we are stuck at this point of mental
evolution because we have no way of uniting the ephipany of personal
growth with the paradgim shift of collective consciousness.
catboy^_^: God is all things call it Tao if you like all allmind or
Allah or cosmic current or whatever.
catboy^_^: The surrender of the self to the higher course of will.
Dakarren: if you noticed, im not the sort of person to get in other
people's faces or to say what they think is wrong
Dakarren: yeah, well, its my personal belief, if Im allowed to say
that, that God is everything, and everything is God, but for some
reason, I dont call myself God
catboy^_^: well its up to you if you feel that way. The fact you
mention it prolly means at times you think you should....
catboy^_^: I don't call myself God. Such an overidentification is
infact a severance from the psychic connection with the collective god.
Dakarren: you're probably right
catboy^_^: yeah well. Experience counts for alot.

Dakarren: how do you personally do magick.
catboy^_^: dynamically in the moment.
Dakarren: i sorta pull the energies out of my body for it
Dakarren: it works wonders on traffic
catboy^_^: If thats how you visualise it and you get results.
catboy^_^: Well there you go.
Dakarren: ..Im still having problems believing
catboy^_^: Magick isn't ritual for me, it is like u say "pulling
energies out of the body"
Dakarren: but I gotta work on that myself
Dakarren: yep, well, goodnight, or good day, whatever
catboy^_^: try really believing for a bit then stopping the belief,
laughing at yourself for ever believing such nonsense and watch as
the results increase in effectiveness.

catboy^_^: The best account is in Psybermagick by PJ Carroll

*** Xaronzon changes topic to 'The occult equivalent of an Ann
Summers party '
XaosMonkY: Anne Summers?
Xaronzon: like tupperware parties, but with dildos and underware
Xaronzon: really tacky cheesy suburban housewife kind of thing
XaosMonkY: hmmm
XaosMonkY: sounds like fun ;)
Xaronzon: not as much as you'd think, apparently
Xaronzon: this girl I see at various BDSM parties hold ann summers
parties for a living
Xaronzon: although she did bring her ann summers kit to one of the
fetish parties once - that was quite fun :)

*** XaosMonkY is now known as Ahnduhfon
Ahnduhfon: :)
** Ahnduhfon is now known as keyasmung
*** keyasmung is now known as XaosMonkY
Dakarren: man, hooked of phonics didnt work for him

Arawyn: gawds. Tried to send a SMS via sms.at and got the message:
"Your message contains explicid words: terror"

xaosmonky: is there a ritual or magick that can be performed to
find out what's inside my subconcious...
MaxKaote: Honesty

MaxKaote: What the fuck do you want me to do? Give you an URL?
You're a chaote, make your own damned ritual! If you're so fucked
up, do you think my personal ritual is going to help you out any? <--
Not an angry tone

MaxKaote: There's no part of your subconscious that youc can't
access if you're paying attention, and you're sincere with yourself.

MaxKaote: 93 = ?
MaxKaote: thelema, love, law, will?
XaosMonkY: god no not

XaosMonkY: god - El - 31
XaosMonkY: no - Lo - 31
XaosMonkY: not - lo -31
MaxKaote: not no god
XaosMonkY: No+Not+God = 93
MaxKaote: pikachu
XaosMonkY: pika
XaosMonkY: pika
XaosMonkY: pika
XaosMonkY: chu
* XaosMonkY grabs a tissue
MaxKaote: pikachu is a part of the current 93
*** XaosMonkY changes topic to '93 sneezing Pokemon '

Dakarren: why bless mah soul, there's talkin goin on

Augorats: I had a dream recently that I killed several people.
Augorats: the first one wasnt me.
Dakarren: really. I've never killed more than one person in a dream
Augorats: then someone was going to find the 1st corpse. So I
killed the person who almost found it.
Augorats: By the end there were 3 dead & I got some strange advice
about their consumer buying habits
Dakarren: ... WHAT?!

slurple: Captain Crunch was dancing outside my neighbors house to
some moonlit serenade about how the rest of the neighbors would kill
me cuz i was a stupid white boy and I kept arguing that I'd have to
be Vanilla Ice or something for that to happen...so I sat and
meditated in the lotus till a clown car full of mexicans pulled
up...they *did* wanna kill me, not for anything angry or personal,
just to try out their new shovel

Augorats: whenever I buy new hardware I test it out by killin'
another cracker.

Dakarren: hey max, what paradigm you usin' now?
MaxKaote: hey dak, what computer programs do you use now?
Dakarren: hmm... I use mIRC
Dakarren: netscape
Dakarren: AIM
Dakarren: and the CD player
Dakarren: why?
Dakarren: and I use them ALL THE TIME! yes i do!
Dakarren: hm.. mayhap I am in a rut. nevermind
Dakarren: goddamnit.. everything is quiet.
Dakarren: aw hell... I'll just shut this shit off and go do
something personally useful
*** Dakarren has quit IRC
slurple: interesting
MaxKaote: he gets it

MaxKaote: I just ressurrected my computer by singing rather poorly
a piece of the Doors' LA Woman.
Augorats: way to go max!
Augorats: get your mojo risin
MaxKaote: <G:

* slurple turns up the flames under his large penised teckyong doll

* MaxKaote snorgfnorks Urza.

zalaway: i just drank my own cum

*** Seek0 changes topic to '<zallak: I just drank my own cum.
tastes like chicken.'

triskele: Max! Guess what!
teckyong: what??
triskele: teck: your name isn't max, silly!

electrica: something revgraves said the other day clicked with me
on the dance floor
electrica: "fuck the music"
electrica: and once i started doing just that, it was easy and fun
as hell.

slurple: "These horrible people came to my house and made me get
naked! They took pictures of my penis!~

Blue_Rat: My favourite song of all times is 'Hitler Has Only Got
One Ball"

Dakarren: when I was in after my full knee replacement surgery, I
couldnt take a crap for a week

Dakarren: I tellya, if you think im fulla shit now, you shoulda
seen me then!

Dakarren: goddamnit! my stupid brother dropped a pillow while
Dakarren: and that knocked over my drink
Max`Katz: wake him up and explain to him how stupid he is. =P

Max`Katz: why's my scren keep turning yellow?
slurple: you want a list of correspondences?

slurple: the rules don't have to make sense, they're just fun to

slurple: i hear chinese laundrymats are crazy places

*** Max`Katz changes topic to 'I have also found that if I make a
lot of sigils for related desires, they group together and form work-
parties- becoming a Servitor.'

*** Topic is '<beast77: I'm not a slut, I'm just friendly and over
*** Set by triskele on Sat Feb 10 13:25:06

ult: But then I realized there were people who wanted me because I
made them happy, and people who made me happy, and suffering was not
ult: And those relationships are so much more fulfilling :)
Miguel_: makes ya think
ult: And so now I refuse to be in a vampiric relationship.
ult: i have no difficulties with helping a friend with personal
problems and suffering, as long as they want to move past it.

ult: And so dealing with psychic vampires can be difficult because
quite often it is a pleasant experience, but no where near the
happiness and pure joy of real friendship.

Miguel_: at www.deathandhell.com , Satanic Bible, websites on
the Psi Vampires subject, etc.., you have hints on Psi Vampirism. Its
mainly how to do it/attack, but has hints on how to defend scattered
around. LaVey has hints for protection Im sure.

Miguel_: one way is to imagine a bubble/circle/white light
(whatever paradigm) around for protection of astral skunk, or lesser
pentagram, banishings. For relationships, help them but do not accept
IN you their astral trash of the moment.

luc3nt: Heh, I have such the urge to visit New Orleans with a
bandolier of stakes across my chest

Gnosis: How come aleph doesnt come to #thee_vortex anymore? did he
find a life?
ult: Gnosis no
ult: He's a psychic vampire, he got found out.

zallak: vampires are bad m'kay

*** `Max` changes topic to 'It's like the creator took a needle and
thread, connecting each mortal soul to every other with gossamer
strands, sensitive to the slightest vibrations. - K'Z'K '

* KrimHum swallows hard, realizing he has $9 in his checking account
ult: Krim: Dear Satan.
KrimHum: Yes, indeed. Good thing I borrowed money from grandma
`Max`: No!
`Max`: You don't have to sell your soul!
`Max`: You can write the garbage-fairy!
`Max`: Just write her a letter, stating your request, crumple it
up, and throw it in your nearest waste-receptacle.
`Max`: Then, if you're a prolific little consumer, she'll grant
your request!
KrimHum: Already sold my soul.


ult: i bought triskele's suol it was all i ould afford

_Setzer_: Say, anyone know whether or not would it be possible to
create a dream-entering succubus servitor?
KrimHum: Most things are possible.
Seek0: Already done it - it's called "Lara Croft."

KrimHum: Most things are possible.
Seek0: Already done it - it's called "Lara Croft."

Urza: ne1 know of neplaces that sell chaos stars on chains/necklaces?
Xaronzon: Marik used to didn't he?
eleventh: marik still does
Xaronzon: then, Urza, I'd suggest Marik's site
Urza: wuts the url?
eleventh: and if you don't like his version, he takes custom designs
eleventh: http://members.aol.com/MagickDD/default.html
Xaronzon: those little z-stars he made were cute

Xaronzon: oh man, and the music i did for that bloody film...
cleaning your hard drive brings back so many memories
eleventh: You did the soundtrack to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"?
Xaronzon: LOL
Xaronzon: sorry, no; we wrote music as part of the storyboarding
process for the zombie movie
eleventh: so you actually drew the music in the storyboard frames?
Xaronzon: no - wrote notes in the frames refering to files saved on
the computer
Xaronzon: i got to write lots of Fabio Frizzi pastiches
eleventh: Pastiches are those little cream-filled things, right?
Xaronzon: uh, no
eleventh: Oh. Well whatever those are I could really go for one
right now....
Xaronzon: too bad really
* `Max` goes to look for his anal pastiche...
eleventh: pink fish
Xaronzon: one by one, the penguins steal my sanity
eleventh: That's so going into my goth song....
Xaronzon: I got it off a t-shirt
Xaronzon: this company do really cool t-shirt
Xaronzon: "Smoke Crack and Worship Satan" is one
eleventh: I wonder if they sell a t-shirt containing the entire
text of the Sepher Yetzirah
Xaronzon: i doubt it somehow
eleventh: hm. Then I should get a black t-shirt, some very small
brushes, and practice my hebrew calligraphy....
Xaronzon: i'll be seeing you next year then
eleventh: You're right... I should hire stome starving Taiwanese
kids to do it for me....

Xaronzon: man... I just found some etherial piece a wrote... I'm
not even going to listen to the version with vocals
eleventh: heh
Xaronzon: there is a REASON I hide behind instruments
`Max`: ~vanity ... insecurity~
Xaronzon: that, and a guitar's great for clubbing overfriendly
triskele: hehe.
eleventh: ah, stagediving... as yet one thing I have not
Xaronzon: it's fun
eleventh: I can imagine
Xaronzon: as long as you remember to pick a space with some people
to catch you
eleventh: ya
Xaronzon: I went to this Napalm Death gig; it was badly advertised,
there were maybe 30 people there at most - by the end of it, most of
us were bleeding
Xaronzon: a few people went head first into the floor at that
eleventh: ow
eleventh: My most grievous injury was a sprained ankle
Xar333: I've broken two fingers at gigs so far
eleventh: It was funny to watch some guy leave the System of a Down
concert with a broken leg
eleventh: probably not so funny for him
eleventh: Oh yeah
eleventh: craziest thing I ever saw
eleventh: Soulfly/Pantera concert
eleventh: They were in the middle of a song when there was some
commotion in the pit
eleventh: unusual commotion mind you
eleventh: :P
Xaronzon: at this Hawkwind allnighter, when it got to the stage
where everyone there was lying down, they sent round the St. John's
ambulance people to make sure no one had OD'd on anything <g:
eleventh: They asked if someone down there was hurt, trying to
figure out what was going on
Xaronzon: they were checking that people were still fucking
breathing <g:
eleventh: A minute later, they pulled the guy on stage.
* Xaronzon has seen a few people pull out of pits unconcious and
Xaronzon: pulled
eleventh: He was in a wheelchair. Some guy in a wheelchair had
wheeled his way up through the pit
eleventh: He got to go backstage
Xaronzon: !!!
eleventh: the lucky gimp
Xaronzon: Maybe this is a useful technique to remember if you're
ever crippled
eleventh: yah :P
eleventh: He's my role model for a real die-hard fan

eleventh: Oh, this is interesting..... In biblical hebrew there's
apparently no difference between the third person and the imperitive
eleventh: "He does this" can also be read as "do this"
`Max`: So "fuck me" could also be "he fucks me"?
eleventh: indeed

Squink: From: Max <maxk@earthlink.net:
Squink: To: <rachel_fairy_princess@hotmail.com:
Squink: Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 9:06 PM
Squink: Subject: Hi, I'm one of Jon Blake's friends
Squink: Hi. My name's Max. You fucked Jon Blake up. That's
not nice.
Squink: Maybe you owe him an apology or explanation or something.
In any event,
Squink: he's a swell fellow, and wanted me to deliver the following
message to
Squink: you:
Squink: "Fuck you, fuck your love, develop a drug-habit and die."
Squink: -Max
Squink: :)
ult: oh
ult: ROFL
Squink: indeed :)

*** `Max` changes topic to '~should auld aquaintance be forgot..~ '
Dakarren: ... that must have been some damn good shit.
`Max`: heya guys
`Max`: i'm afraid i'ma have to leave you lot for a bit
`Max`: who here's not on the zee-list?
`Max`: good, i'm unsubbing here very soon
Dakarren: howcum?
`Max`: i'm writing an email on the subject

* Morrtal licks Dak
Dakarren: you shoulda licked me when I came back from kenpo. I'd
have a lot more flavor due to the sweat
Morrtal: No, I only like hawaiian food when it's not much salty.
Dakarren: well, im chinese food (or japanese food), or mixed plate!
I only live in hawaii
Dakarren: (and yes, I am a born american citizen, not a FOB)
Morrtal: Even then, I'd rather lick you when you're dipped in shoyu
than dipped in sweat.
*** Dakarren has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
Morrtal: Well, at least I could lick him.
`Max`: He left mighty fast to find a bottle of soy-sauce.

Dakarren: well, man, like the hot dog vendor said to the zen monk
after the latter demanded change for his twenty, "Change comes from

eleventh: `Max`: Old news. Done that.
`Max`: There you go again not listening. Making excuses for
yourself. "Oh I'm exempt -- I know better." Fuck you. I'm gonna
find you one day and I'm gonna beat the shit out of you while reading
Dakarren: not to gang up on 11, but max is right in this
circumstance. You really should listen, openmindedly. If you dont,
you may miss a small thing in something you thought you knew, which
would make that knowledge better.
Dakarren: I mean, sure it doesnt happen really often, but still,
there may be.
eleventh: Fuck both of you in the ear. I do listen. As soon as I
hear something I haven't tried that I CAN try in my current
circumstances, I'll do it.
Dakarren: that, and people oft need reminding. I often save some
of my conversations and re-read them to remind myself of things that
I became jaded to.
`Max`: Then I'm gonna leave a book of quotes on your doorstep and
tell you that I expect a summary in six months or I'll have another
`Max`: eleventh: You have to listen to those things you -have- tried.
eleventh: `Max`: You so much as hit me and I'll kill you, max
Dakarren: oh, come on max, threats on the internet are lame.
`Max`: My! Aren't we defensive tonight?
`Max`: It wasn't a threat.
eleventh: `Max`: no offense, but being hit is emotionally
terrifying for me. Trisk hit me playfully at the zee meet and I woke
up the next morning and cried for an hour.
`Max`: No shit.
Dakarren: holy shit, you ARE sensative
`Max`: That's coz you're a pussy. You still can't deal with life.
eleventh: Being hit does it to me
eleventh: only being hit
`Max`: Dakarren: He said he was crying and would never forgive me
for what I said to him last night. Words on a fucking screen! And I
told him I was joking, at that.
Dakarren: hey 11, totally random tangent, but how can you be an S&M
sub if you dont like being hit?
eleventh: Max: If I killed your family and told you it was all in
good fun, would you find it very funny?
eleventh: Dakarren: it's a fist thing
Dakarren: ah.
eleventh: Dakarren: I can handle razor blades and floggers and shit
`Max`: eleventh: I dunno. Try it.
`Max`: eleventh: Did I kill your family?
eleventh: `Max`: no. You said some of the most hateful things I've
ever heard
Dakarren: Well, I know I wouldnt be impassive to someone killing my
family. In fact, I'd try an idea I had for revenge back in the 10th
grade, which uses razors, saws, sulfuric acid, and homemade napalm
`Max`: And I said I was fucking with you, too. Haven't you ever
heard that saying... "sticks and stones..."?
eleventh: Does something you say afterwards change how much it hurt
before I knew it was a joke?
Dakarren: whoever said "Sticks and stones can break my bones but
words can never hurt me" has never been hit with a dictionary
`Max`: lol
eleventh: heh
eleventh: `Max`: to go back up, how does listening to things I have
tried help?
`Max`: eleventh: No. It doesn't. But the words shouldn't have
hurt you. You let them hurt you. I admitted I was joking. Your
mind made them hurt, not mine. I didn't mean it, and I admitted it.
But your mind turned them into daggers. You hurt yourself. You'll
keep hurting yourself every time someone speaks to you until you can
deal with living.
`Max`: What do you want to do for a living?
eleventh: I can deal with living. I just can't deal with hatred
coming from someone I respected.
eleventh: me? I dunno. Own a book store?
`Max`: Do you have the money for that?
eleventh: yeah, but not completely available for several years
`Max`: Ah. So when you get your book store, how will you deal with
the customers?
eleventh: Politely.
eleventh: If I'm the way I hope to be by then, outright friendly
`Max`: And when they're angry. When they say they can't believe
your piece-of-shit doomed-from-the-start bookstore's going to fail,
because you can't keep from fucking-up a simple order, how will you
eleventh: They can kiss my ass.
`Max`: And will you cry?
eleventh: Nope.
`Max`: And how is that different from last night?
`Max`: Last night, when I TOLD you to tell me to go fuck myself.
eleventh: I'm assuming I do not know this customer or have any real
emotional involvement with them
eleventh: You never told me that
`Max`: Yes. I did. I tried to demonstrate it with the parable of
Jesse which obviously flew right over your head.
eleventh: dude
eleventh: when I asked what the parable was you moved on
eleventh: You NEVER told me that story
eleventh: before last night I'd never even known you knew someone
named Jesse
`Max`: I asked you if you knew it. You indicated affirmatively,
and I specifically mentioned the bit where I told Jesse to tell me to
go fuck myself, and then I told you to do the same.
eleventh: HAHAHA
eleventh: I told you I had no clue what you were talking about
eleventh: great listening, max
eleventh: my exact words were "you've never told me this story"
`Max`: I can't believe this.
`Max`: You're trying to be damned.
eleventh: dude
`Max`: You must love your misery.
eleventh: you never told me the story
eleventh: simple as that
`Max`: I'm not talking about the story anymore.
`Max`: Pay attention.
eleventh: What are you talking about then?
`Max`: You.
`Max`: You're trying to be damned.
`Max`: You must love your misery.
eleventh: I'm very much not
`Max`: Then why refuse my advice? Obviously your way isn't doing
you very much good.
eleventh: when did I refuse your advice?
`Max`: Constantly.
eleventh: Name a time
`Max`: <eleventh: Fuck both of you in the ear. I do listen. As soon
as I hear something I haven't tried that I CAN try in my current
circumstances, I'll do it.
eleventh: How is that refusing your advice?
`Max`: You answer.
eleventh: HOW is that refusing your advice?
`Max`: YOU answer.
eleventh: It's not.
`Max`: You didn't ask how it isn't. Answer how it is.
eleventh: It is in no way.
* `Max` listens to the swishing sounds.
`Max`: You're completely lost.
eleventh: no shit. I'm confused as fuck
`Max`: This doesn't work if -I- do the thinking. You're the one
whose head is muddled.
eleventh: I don't see how that post constitutes a refusal.
eleventh: You're the one who does.
Dakarren: you know, we fuckbakes should get together. I'd bet the
support'll help us streighten things out. If we dont kill each other
`Max`: Yes.
`Max`: I agree.
`Max`: We should get together with plenty of alcohol and entheogens
and sit down and try to talk things out -without- resorting to petty
eleventh: I agree
`Max`: This internet thing just isn't working, in this case.
Dakarren: This is rediculous. 11th you're having trouble with
life, so is everyone else here. I know, it doesnt sound like this to
you, and dont take this personally, but you're very sensative, and
very prideful. I've seen it before, and I see it now. You
absolutely hate being wrong
eleventh: `Max`: give me three pieces of advice and I will do them
before next wednesday.
`Max`: Well that's very reasonable, eleventh.
Dakarren: but.. stating the problem isnt solving it, so im gonna
think a bit, before I put my foot in my mouth
<eleventh: Dakarren: I don't hate being wrong. I can accept being
mistaken. You just have to give me reason to think I am wrong.
`Max`: I think you've already got my first: Listen to what others
have to say. Try to make a greater-than-usual effort to understand
them, and see how they might be true.
`Max`: Second, seek pain. Both physical and mental. Quit trying
to avoid it. This will probably involve contemplating what is
painful, both physically and mentally.
`Max`: And third: Try to see how things -don't- matter. Especially
those things you think matter or are important or otherwise serious.
eleventh: shit... I'm already starting to cry over that second
one... I'll do it though....
`Max`: The anticipation of unpleasantness is often far worse than
the actual event.
eleventh: And I have certain problems with the last one, even
though I'll do it...
`Max`: But the fact that you're crying over that demonstrates how
much of a mental issue it is to you, and that's exactly why you need
to familiarize yourself with pain, and stop fearing it.
Dakarren: seek out a local fight club, or if there isnt one, make
eleventh: I don't have people with whom to start a fight club
Dakarren: brawling really is liberating
`Max`: Dakarren: I must agree.
Dakarren: I used to spar with friends. th' only rule, back off
when they say, no face shots, and no breaking limbs.
`Max`: I've broken my nose three times in the last three months.
Dakarren: the last one was for me
`Max`: I was never so proud as the first time I broke my nose.
I've never swallowed so much of my own blood, either.
Dakarren: (I'm the only one in my group of friends that knows how
to easily break limbs)
Dakarren: well, we dont go for face shots, because we're socal
outcasts enough without being excessivly ugly.
`Max`: I lost my last fight. He was the weakest person in the
company. Everyone knew I could beat him. But I made a basic
mistake, and he won. Fluke occurance, but humbling as fuck. Taught
me quite a bit.
Dakarren: that, and being hit in the face ruins a perfectly good,
long brawl. without face shots, we can make one fight last half a hour
eleventh: `Max`: what if I seek the pain, but instead of making me
stronger it breaks me? The bad way?
Dakarren: well, 11, seek out a martial arts dojo, and spar using
equipment first, if you feel that you need to acclimateize yourself
to it.
eleventh: not physical, Dakarren
`Max`: eleventh, what do you want me to do? Rescind? That fear is
one part of facing pain you will have to deal with. Don't you see
that pain already has broken you if you cried when trisky play-
punched you? You've got to face it.
Dakarren: yea, but its only one-hit rules. Not repeated bashing
eleventh: No, I just want to know what if?
`Max`: Like I said: You have to face that fear.
Dakarren: suck it up, you big man
eleventh: fuck off, dak (and I say this only because I feel very
small right now)
Dakarren: eleventh, unlike you, insults, especially internet
insults dont hurt me. I can see my own inadequicies, and my own
strengths fine to not be hurt by them.
`Max`: don't apologize for yourself. either tell him to fuck off,
or decide that you don't really mean it and forego telling him.
Dakarren: but if it makes you feel better, swear your fuckin' head
off at me
eleventh: It does make me feel better, dak :)
Dakarren: good.

cidal: tae-bo is retarded.

`Max`: No, as a matter of fact one night I was flipping channels
and I saw an infomercial for tae-bo. Well I watched it, and I picked
up the gist of the excercise. So I tossed my own excercises into it
and tried it for a week. By Friday I couldn't walk.
`Max`: Good excercise.

cidal: i don't usually say shit that contributes to the
conversation, so get used to it.
cidal: ;]

cidal: dakarren: are you a martial artist?
Dakarren: yea
cidal: what martial arts?
Dakarren: kenpo.
Dakarren: once I get good enough, I'll take another.
Dakarren: but im just working at it.
cidal: ah
cidal: i'm not really into external martial arts.
cidal: tai chi and kung fu are my practice.
Dakarren: well, I eventually plan on taking an internal one.
Probably tai chi or ki gung
eleventh: kung fu is kind of both
cidal: well
cidal: tai chi is yin and kung fu is yang.
cidal: but they're both based on the same thing, and very often
eleventh: I thought tai chi is technically a type of kung fu
cidal: well
cidal: kung fu just means "martial art"
Dakarren: well, I think any martial art can be refined to be
spiritual in nature
cidal: totally
eleventh: Just about anything can if you do it right
cidal: there's lots of different types of kung fu
cidal: i know more of shing li than anything else
cidal: which is the military kung fu
cidal: tai chi is really amazing.. just doing those slow movements,
i innately defend myself and i don't even think about it
cidal: at all
cidal: the point is that you really don't know what you'll do if
someone throws a punch at you
cidal: it's organic.. sort of like spare's magick..
Dakarren: yea thats the truth
cidal: hehe
Dakarren: my sifu sez the same thing, thats what the practice is
for, you do it slow, get it to work faster, and after a while of
doing it, its just instinct already
Dakarren: which is what katas and rotations+grab arts are for
cidal: yeah
cidal: the only problem with external martial arts
Dakarren: a big part of my daily exercize is repeating the katas I
know, varying them in speed, somtimes doing em really slow, with
tensed muscles for a isometric effect, and other ways.
cidal: that i have
Dakarren: is? I wanna know.
cidal: is that you can't really do it for life
cidal: you don't see any 70-year old mean doing tae kwan do
Dakarren: hmmmm... well, not when you're ancient.
Dakarren: hahahahahaha
Dakarren: I have little respect for tae kwan do
cidal: same here
cidal: it was funny
Dakarren: maybe thats cuz the only martial artist I know is a
complete wanker
Dakarren: (tae kwan do martial artist, that is)
cidal: my old kung fu/tai chi teacher used to make fun of the
people doing tae kwan do in the other part of our park and show us
how to defend/attack against their moves.
Dakarren: the sucker knows up to their green belt, and gets his ass
kicked by this punk that knows no martial arts and is weak and lanky
as hell.
cidal: i don't know very much about kenpo.
Dakarren: kenpo, as far as I can tell is a variety of karate which
utilized quick and brutal techniques.
cidal: yeah, i've heard a grip of stories about people taking tai
chi for liek 6 motnhs beating the fuck out of people who had been
taking tae kwan do for liek 2 years.
Dakarren: its mostly a streetfighting martial art, using lots of
breaks, groin kicks, claws, eye rakes, and other fun stuff
cidal: oh nice
Dakarren: but the variety I take is called kajukenbo
Dakarren: oh, and my bad, its called kenpo
Dakarren: not kempo
cidal: my old teacher used to teach a lot of street fighting
techniques utilizing tai chi.
eleventh: Dakarren: it's a japanese phonetic thing. There's no
difference between n and m in that word
Dakarren: but kajukenbo is a blended style using tecniques from
Karate, Judo, Kenpo and Boxing
cidal: the best one was that he taught how to make someone stab
themselves with their own knife.
Dakarren: ah, I never learned that technique. I know the "how to
make them drop a knife" technique tho.
cidal: i really like taoism, so i resonate well with internal stuff.
cidal: those are nice.
Dakarren: and the how to grab their hand, break their wrist, then
their elbow, then their shoulder, then their ribs.
eleventh: ow
eleventh: that one sounds like it stings
Dakarren: but yea, I gotta take an internal one. the only thing is
I only have enough time for one martial art at a time.
cidal: that sucks
Dakarren: I know a good tai-chi instructor. he's my uncle's friend
cidal: i want to take this martial art called kupigana ngumi.
Dakarren: he knows tai chi, kenpo, and aikido
Dakarren: for fun, he makes up counters for aikido and kenpo moves,
by playing on their weaknesses with cross-techniques
cidal: i love teachers like that.
cidal: i'd love to check out aikido at some point.
Dakarren: I never heard of that school.
Dakarren: aikido is good, but best learn a nother martial art first
cidal: i guess it's based on ancient egyptian and african techniques.
cidal: i'ts a lot like caoperia.
cidal: er, capoeria.
Dakarren: it takes forever to learn aikido. I took it for six
months, and basically got nothing out of it, except how to roll
really well when thrown. (I stopped because my old kenpo sifu came
back from the mainland, and I wanted to train under him.)
eleventh: cidal: I was gonna take capoeira in seattle, but the
place only taught it as dance and not as an actual combative martial
cidal: i'm interested in taking an acrobatic martial art along with
internal stuff.
Dakarren: but one of the better martial artists I've known was only
a mid-color belt in aikido, but he sure had good control and strength.
Dakarren: 11, capoeira is a martial art disguised as dance. You
should learn it anyway.
cidal: 11: that sucks.. it's a beautiful martial art.. and the
classes i've seen have been filled with nothing but dropdead gorgeous
cidal: that are strong and sexy.
cidal: yum.
Dakarren: yum indeed.
eleventh: Dakarren: I know that, but I'd rather learn it as a
combative thing.
cidal: thats my problem with tai chi
cidal: is that waaayyy too many people teach it for health
Dakarren: lots of old people, and not too many drop-dead gorgeous
cidal: and i mean, the health benefits are awesome.
Dakarren: indeed
cidal: but the fighting benefits are profound.
eleventh: jackie chan's main style is basically tai chi
cidal: yeah
cidal: jet li is shaolin.. have you ever seen his early movies?
eleventh: don't think so
Dakarren: not yet. Personally, I like Samo Hung. Cuz he shows fat
people can still kick ass
* eleventh has wanted to see "crippled masters" for a while and
should go rent it some time
cidal: he can do all the shit that they make himm do on lines for
hollywood but without lines. .. like, i saw him arrange these chairs
into a pyramid with just his feet in liek less than a minute
eleventh: Now what I want to do more reasearch into is the
combative potential of yoga. I mean, if that guy in street fighter 2
is any indication....
Dakarren: My dad had a friend that took a training course in
shaolin. He found out that the way they're so tough is that they
spend all day beating eachother and blocking baseball bats
eleventh: cidal: hell, I need to check out some of his old movies
cidal: yeah
cidal: shaolin is seriously badass
cidal: a friend of mine is a member of a huge shaolin temple
eleventh: they're harsh. which you is a good thing when you look at
the example of the Fremen
eleventh: er
eleventh: minus "you"
cidal: and she sid the first six months consisted of vomitting,
passing out, getting knocked out, hallucinating and being paralyzed.
eleventh: cool :D
Dakarren: break out the dit da jow.
Dakarren: ah well, I wonder if I'll ever have the dedication, not
to mention the right-leg strength to take up that art.
Dakarren: prolly not. :P
Dakarren: but I suppose I can have my little brother beat me up
with a baseball bat for that 'maka wara' effect.
cidal: i really like how kung fu works with animal archetypes..
cidal: once again very spareian.
* Dakarren nods
* Dakarren has no idea what is spareian, as he never read spare's
cidal: oh
* Dakarren is a bad chaote
eleventh: I've tried to read Spare. Couldn't grok it.
cidal: he's really into implementing animal karmas into work.
cidal: eleventh: raelly? the first time i ever laid eyes onto the
book of pleasure, i couldn't stop reading it.
cidal: changed my life.. seriosly.
eleventh: cidal: I just don't understand it :-/
cidal: it takes a lot of concentration
cidal: i can help explain shit if you have questions
* eleventh is going to find it right now
Dakarren: so, cid, how do you have the time for two martial arts?
cidal: cuz i'm a bum.. it's only 4 times a week.
Dakarren: ah
Dakarren: come to think of it, I only train in the dojo twice a week.

Dakarren: bullshit is such fine material. It can be baked into
shitbricks which can be used for minor construction, or step stools.
It can be burned to produce fuel, and fed to people as a joke.

`Max`: bullshit makes the flowers grow and that's beautiful

Dakarren: I just had a thought. A lot of kung fu is fighting
techniques, put in a sequence that has animal symbolism. So
therefore, an interesting project for a totemic mage/martial artist
would be to develop his own style of fighting, by observing his totem
animal, much like the kung fu masters observed the animals they based
their techniques on.
Dakarren: I dunno.. random tangent. I do it a lot

Dakarren: if yer bored, try the sim shatner on hecklers.com
Dakarren: sulu.. blow.. scotty.. now.. AT ALL COSTS!

`Max`: "A man's character is his fate." Heraclitus
cidal: thats a rad quote
`Max`: Oh... perhaps I should explain.
cidal: ?
`Max`: To play barf, pretty much you discuss a random quote.
`Max`: I have a book of quotes.
`Max`: I barf them out.
`Max`: You barf out your thoughts on them.
`Max`: I do likewise.
`Max`: We barf out our responses to each others' barfs.
cidal: fun game.
`Max`: It's all good fun.
cidal: haha
`Max`: So ... what do you think?
cidal: i blieve thqat's true.. a lot of the time i get really
attached to who i am (or think i am) and can't let go of it to grow
and such.
`Max`: I think it's also true in that we set our own limitations.
cidal: totally
`Max`: Some people engineer their own problems, and if they would
just choose to step outside of them, the problem would be solved.
cidal: i have a hard time doing some magick that consists of ego
destruction, because frankly, in the big picture, i think i'm pretty
`Max`: lol
`Max`: I think I'm pretty kewl, but not that perfect that I can't
cidal: but you know? i likemyself.
`Max`: In fact, I think that change is a part of godhood.
cidal: oh totally
`Max`: Constant change.
`Max`: Stasis = Death
cidal: i probably have more imperfections than a lot of people.
* cidal nods
`Max`: Okay... here's another one:
cidal: that's why greek gods are so cool.. they're imperfect.. and
`Max`: "Violence is, essentially, a confession of ultimate
inarticulateness." Times magazine.
`Max`: Actually... on that note, I think that imperfection is a
part of godhood.
`Max`: Why would a god want to be perfect? That'd be a computer,
not a force.
cidal: no shit
cidal: that's the paradox of perfection, though/... the general
state of reality seems to be perfect, and in that - all summed
together, it is truly perfect.
cidal: i mean
cidal: the general state of reality seems to be imperfect
`Max`: To me it seems perfect. But that includes its
imperfections. I suppose I have a generally different way of looking
at things.
cidal: exactly.
cidal: it's two sides of the same coin
* `Max` nods.
cidal: if you look at one side, the side you're looking at seems
imperfect but the other side (which you cant see) seems perfect.
`Max`: "The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have
a talent for luck."
cidal: haha
cidal: that's amusing.
`Max`: How so?
cidal: it's just funny.
cidal: i don't know whether i believe in luck.. i don't really
think i do.
`Max`: That's funny. You believe in magick but not luck?
cidal: did i ever say i believed in magick?
`Max`: There was a question mark.
`Max`: ;-)
* cidal shrugs.
cidal: it's all relative.
cidal: i think magick and luck are very seperate.
`Max`: You're what my friend Gil would be if he were an occultist.
cidal: most of the people i know who firmly believe in luck have
pretty bad luck.
cidal: i think luck comes from a very supersticious place, and i
try not to be supersticious.
cidal: (but i end up being supersticious due to paranoia, anyhow..
`Max`: I just mean that once upon a time I believed in magick, but
thought that astrology was pure crap. Then I thought "How
hypocritical! 'Magick is real. But not that astrology bullshit!'
How's that different from when a scientist says 'Science is real.
But not that magick bullshit.'?"
cidal: well
`Max`: deny superstition and...
`Max`: I think you're right -- most people who believe in luck have
bad luck.
`Max`: Lords know why they do that to themselves. Probably out of
cidal: i have to say that r.a. wilson has influenced me a lot into
the point of such statements: "whatever you believe imprisons you."
cidal: it's a very painful, lifelong headtrip that i'd rather not
involve myself in.
`Max`: But I believe in it... and I have incredibly good luck.
(Except that whole military thing. ;-P)
`Max`: Oh it's true.
cidal: and as being human, we have basically have the ability to
pick and choose what we believe.
`Max`: That's why you've got to stop believing.
`Max`: Start from scratch a few times ; you'll figure it out.
cidal: yeah totally
cidal: i dig people who propogate the statement "believe in nothing."
`Max`: I've come to the conclusion, several different ways, that
reality has no point, and therefore should not be taken seriously.
So there's no reason to be upset over absolutely anything. It's
rather funny, really. =P
cidal: liek spare said: "the universe is far too vast for any
belief system to be able to entire comprehend it.."
cidal: totally! =]
`Max`: I like the way the Principia Discordia puts it:
cidal: hail eris!
`Max`: It sorta says how beliefs are grids we place over the image
of reality. And more complex belief-systems have more accurate
grids. But no matter how accurate you get the grid, you've got to
take it away entirely to see the real picture.
cidal: it's like in all ancient myths.. everything starts and ends
up in the primoridal abyss.. nd the abyss is just trying to have a
good time.. ;]
cidal: totally
`Max`: "Rules and models destroy genius and art." - William Hazlitt
cidal: like in ancient engyptian myths. amon made himself out of
Nun (the abyss) and amon got bored and decided to have fun and jac k
off and make some gods.. ;]
cidal: there's really nothing to say about that statment, for me. i
completely agree.
`Max`: I just thought it was pertinent.
cidal: yeah
`Max`: "Ignorance is the mother of admiration." -George Chapman
cidal: hahaha
cidal: that's great.
cidal: it's pretty true, too.
`Max`: It's very true.
`Max`: Yes.
`Max`: People often admire things because they idealize them before
they understand them fully.
cidal: i've admired many a person that i lost total respect for
when i found out things about them.
`Max`: Bingo. =P
`Max`: "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over
the man who can't read them." -Mark Twain/Samuel Langhorne Clemens
cidal: that's a really cool quote in the larger sense that we are
the people who make choices whether to persue the things we
`Max`: "There is no disguise which can for long conceal love where
it exists or simulate it where it does not."
`Max`: It is. It says a lot about all those folks who don't read.
cidal: yeah. i dig it. love is definately hard to fake.
`Max`: Hard to hide as well.
cidal: i got one for you
`Max`: Shoot.
cidal: "a man's face is his autobiography and a woman's is her
fiction." --oscar wilde
`Max`: lol
cidal: heh
`Max`: Yes. Women often hide behind makeup to make themselves
appear in their self-idealized form. Men bare their scars.
cidal: yeah.. it's really too bad we have to stick to those social
roles, though.
`Max`: I was looking at my face in my military ID and I thought "It
looks like me, but more weathered."
* `Max` shrugs.
`Max`: Fuck it. I'll wear makeup if I want to.
`Max`: I don't though.
`Max`: I prefer natural things.
`Max`: Sometimes that makes people complain.
cidal: yeah i used to wear makeup
cidal: it was to give the illusion of being sexier than i actually
am =P
`Max`: They tell me, "Would a little deoderant kill you?" ;-P
cidal: haha
cidal: im a hippie. i hate antipersperaint
cidal: i use liek toms of maine
`Max`: Likewise.
`Max`: I wear oils sometimes.
cidal: i'm just not down with fucking up my body
`Max`: I think the army mindwashing chemicals came out through my
armpits, coz they stank like a bitch for a week a couple weeks ago.
`Max`: =P
cidal: were you in the army?
`Max`: er... are you on the zee-list?
cidal: yeah
`Max`: okay
cidal: but i dont pay attention
`Max`: well there's a post from me tomorrow
`Max`: read it =P
cidal: ok i will
cidal: are you max on the list?
`Max`: yes
cidal: cool
`Max`: i don't hide behind any monackers
`Max`: Max Ethan Katz
`Max`: i'm not ashamed to take responsibility for my statements or
actions on the internet
cidal: i've been having trouble posting cuz my domain name changes.
cidal: yeah no shit
cidal: its the fucking internet
`Max`: most people are afraid to put out their real names on the
`Max`: fuck it -- what've i got to hide?
cidal: werd
cidal: the government already knows everything anyway =P
`Max`: yep
cidal: with that belief, there's really no need for conspiracy
cidal: except for who controls the government..
cidal: but we already know its either corporations or the
illuminati or the freemasons
`Max`: ever seen 'the cube'?
cidal: a long time ago
`Max`: Personally, I thought it was a terrible movie.
cidal: cool effects if i remember correctly
`Max`: But they said one thing, which, from my military experience,
I could entirely see as being true:
`Max`: Paraphrased: Noone started this. It was just an order or
instruction which was warped and passed along. Each little piece of
the machine only did its job and noone saw the whole picture. Noone
planned this, it just happened.
`Max`: I think a lot of government agendas are rather like that.
cidal: totally
`Max`: Vague misrepresentations of corrupt and unkown individuals'
cidal: yeah
`Max`: But yes, the Illuminati are also a possibility. =P
`Max`: Wouldn't doubt that, either.
`Max`: I staunchly doubt that the government actually works the way
it claims to, though.
`Max`: After all... -everyone- smokes pot.
`Max`: Or at least doesn't object to it.
cidal: i have to say though that i am an anarchist.. for the most
cidal: i like some of the ideals of socialism, too.
`Max`: Yes. I generally classify myself as an ontological anarchist.
`Max`: Absolute freedom is one of my highest ideals.
`Max`: That's also expressed in my post tomorrow in its own way.
cidal: i'm really annoyed with "free will" people though.
`Max`: In any event -- it's been nice playing barf, but I've got
some work to do, and I have to get some sleep. So I'ma say good
night now.
cidal: because a lot of them aren't ready to accept the
responsibilites that come with that.
cidal: take it easy.
`Max`: You too.

Dakarren: gimme da ops!

sleep-111: Yeah Snot, I've got to tell you once again: Don't try &
play my crew, cause you just can't win.
Dakarren: what?!

* ult_ looks at his intestines and wonders why they have
shrivelledinto a little ball
AlephNull: Add water
AlephNull: or eat
AlephNull: (don't eat the intestines. I mean some food)

ult_: bastards are trying to make me work

ult_: Aleph: already tried eaaten :)
AlephNull: ult: is eaaten a german dish?
AlephNull: ;P
ult_: no
ult_: eaaten was pop tarts, egg mcmuffin, and other muffins
ult_: for a grand total of over 1000 calories :)

Dakarren: im only eating one meal a day, and meat and salad mostly
at that, for purposes of regenerating the muscles I injure or wear
out exercizing.

`Max`: I'm mindraping someone. What documents piqued your interest
in magick before you were certain it existed?
AlephNull: Clive Barker
Mycel: A copy of "The Goetia" I was given at summer camp.

fand: heavy industrial music gives me an existential crisis
fand: part of me identifies and part of me listens in horror as my
kids say 'mum, please talk to us'

AlephNull: Mr. Bungle is this funky... I dunno, experimental? band
with whatsisface from Faith No More. There are a lot of drastic
changes within the songs themselves which makes them hard to listen
to for prolonged periods.

AlephNull: when I want easy listening, I slip in Fear Factory

*** RevGraves has joined #thee_vortex
*** Dakarren sets mode: +o RevGraves
*** RevGraves sets mode: -o RevGraves
AlephNull: passive resistance
RevGraves: How many times do I have to tell people, Passive

eleventh: can't I smite your mom just a little? like a broken nail
or lost keys or something?

eleventh: triskele: drink some banana juice. It'll help somehow.

`Max`: superficiality is a fine virtue in moderation

ult_: Jesus invented chaos magick

`Max`: hrm... a local college is offering a course entitled
'Illumination 1'
* `Max` reaches for the Dobbs hotline.

triskele: Hrm. A night of dancing, or mutilated barbies... tough
RevGraves: Dancing!
RevGraves: Dancing!
`Max`: Mutilated dancing!
Xaronzon: dancing with mutilated barbies?
RevGraves: MUCHO dancing!
triskele: Kat's got the right idea!
Xaronzon: take some to the club, get all your friends to make their
own personalised barbie
triskele: I'll mutilate a barbie, and take it with me...
triskele: I'll call a few people. tel them it's officially
mutilated 'DOll Night'

Xaronzon: one of many reasons I don't intend to breed. I just
couldn't handle it if my kids chose to rebel against me. Ab-Fab would
have nothing...

cidal: i know the feces pit

triskele: there is listings around Vancouver for some guy selling
tickets not too expensive.
RevGraves: are listings.
triskele: is, are... excuse my grammatical ignorance, master :\
eleventh: canadians. can't even use proper grammar.
RevGraves: Ooh! She called me master. I haven't had that in -months-!
Xaronzon: down boy
triskele: elev: my friends in Bellingham were worse that you and
everyone else
RevGraves: *laugh*
RevGraves: Kat, was that directed at me?
Xaronzon: yep
eleventh: triskele: americans us can talk much goodly.
triskele: we had a few beers after the concert, and they drew a
flag right on my forehead.

* RevGraves locks Kat in a room with four rabid wolverines on
eleventh: lol
* Xaronzon drinks the wolverines' blood
eleventh: I think Kat would win
* RevGraves blinks.
Xaronzon: mmmm.... knew there was a reason I gave up vegetarianism

RevGraves: "Post-abortive foetus tastes like scrambled egg."

`Max`: i think it's a baby, but after it's been grilled it looks
more like a fetus on account of the meat shrinking

Dakarren: graves: most people like ops
RevGraves: Most people voted bush/gore.
RevGraves: The similarity is striking.
eleventh: It's funny how most of the country voted for nobody, yet
they still put someone in the white house

Xar333: sounds like watching paint dry. I'm in

RevGraves: "Automobile: A vehicle that runs up hills and down

Xaronzon: whereas I'm the sort of person who things that
"waterskiing" behind a car on rollerblades
Xaronzon: sounds like a fun idea
RevGraves: It -is- fun.
RevGraves: It's even more fun on a skate board.

zaldia: usually i'm drunk

*** zaldia changes topic to 'irony is the beuracracy of metaphysics -
and we my friends - are the fax machines'
zaldia: that one cooked my noodle when i thought it up
zaldia: ;)

zaldia: mmmmmm blavod black vodka
Dakarren: must've been made with bad potatoes

zaldia: can i masterbate?

eleventh: Xaronzon: I don't need much floorspace. A bondage wall
would be fine.

Xaronzon: X has a stick up hir ass

TheeRaven: its not like i have a life or anything

TheeRaven: the next time a french guy swears at me...

Dakarren: Im debating to walk to the library, or drive
Dakarren: its only about a mile away.
Dakarren: but its detestably sunny.

`Max`: You have decided to refer to yourself in the second person
until further notice.
eleventh: You love refering to yourself in the second person. It's
so confusing if the other party doesn't know what's going on.
eleventh: they also like refering to themselves in third person
`Max`: You like tomatoes.
*** TheeRaven has joined #thee_vortex
*** `Max` sets mode: +o TheeRaven
`Max`: Oops. Sorry. You didn't notice you there.
`Max`: Sup?

Dakarren: I went to the xian bookstore today!
Dakarren: and I bought a sacred yoni, and put it on the car
Dakarren: woohoo!
Dakarren: im happy now.
eleventh: wait, a christian book store had a sacred yoni?
Dakarren: heh, it was a blank jesus fish car emblem
Dakarren: which, when turned point upward, is a sacred yoni
eleventh: aaahhh, gotcha
Dakarren: its great, I can honor Gaea and the feminine, while
decieving xians.

* eleventh is trying to think of something to do at 10:00 in the
pimple on Washington state's ass
eleventh: (Spokane)

*** Aumnsiel changes topic to 'excuse me, are u my mother? You are?
Word to you, then...now give me back my strap-on!'

teckyong: she poured wax on her pubes??? why???

*** eleventh changes topic to '<teckyong: well, I want a bikini wax

teckyong: I thought it's a bdsm thing. pouring hot wax on your

eleventh: GROUP GIGGLE!
* eleventh giggles to the entire channel
* Aumnsiel giggles
* teckyong giggles as he pours hot wax on Hsuan
* triskele wiggles
triskele: HAH!
* eleventh giggles... "pink fish...."
triskele: I'm a rebel.

KrimHum: like "what would you call the flavor of cheetos?"
<eleventh: I'd call it cheetastic

KrimHum: I'm pretty drunk. :)

Dakarren: seriously tho, the wal-mart cheeto knockoffs taste like
that edible packing foam

Dakarren: there really should be a universal time as well as a time
based on the sun's position

*** pinkdaisy has joined #thee_vortex
eleventh: just the nick "pinkdaisy". It's not goth or intimidating
enough to be in a chaote channel...

Zemzelet: i was born on 5-23-81

Morrtal: I'm a poetic. Like a goetic but related to the pee.

Dakarren: invoke lord byron and be Byronic Man!

Dakarren: o.. o.. o.. I die.. thou'rt adept with thine trout...

*** Topic is 'Dead as a 3 Week Old Corpse and Still Rotting'
*** Set by Xaronzon on Fri Aug 03 09:37:27

RevGraves: It's ccccrrrrraaaaaaaaappppppp!

Dakarren: it is far to early in the morning for rational thought.
Dakarren: this must be the reason why church service is so early

Dakarren: all right! c'mon who's awake? Say uuuungh

* Xaronzon has been sorting through photographs of dead people for 8
hours. I wonder if I'm desensitised yet?

Xaronzon: right, I'm off for an hour or so
Xaronzon: and then I shall return and join in the boredom once again
Xaronzon: if you're all really lucky, I may whine and complain a
bit too!

RevGraves: Actually, I -am- acting like a human being. I'm being
neurotic and emotional.

`Max`: Drink fire.

*** kkkzzz has joined #thee_vortex
eleventh: heyllo kkkzzz
kkkzzz: hi
eleventh: is that pronounced like it's spelled?

Dakarren: ult is everywhere. That feeling that you get when you
think you're being watched? thats ult

* Xaronzon wonders if she oughtn't to finish that article on the
triangle of choronzon.
Dakarren: wuzzat?
Xaronzon: Simplified, short, and easy to type answer - sort of like
a protective magic circle, except triangular, and the entities are
summoned inside it. All workings done in the space fueled by 333, and
whichever other two entities you use.
Xaronzon: oh, and the magicians are inside it to. It's a pretty
nice way of generating an energy-filled space.
* Xaronzon looks at her last two sentences. Nope. I'm nowhere near
lucid enough to sucessfully write an essay.
kkkzzz: oh yee please put it online
Xaronzon: it's not actually finished yet; i'm about 2/3s of the way
through writing it
kkkzzz: k
Xaronzon: on the other hand, I've been meaning to write it since
1997, so I guess I'm doing well

`Max`: <Max: Are you happy?
`Max`: <Jesse: Yes! But more appropriately, 'un'!

* Xaronzon NEVER expected to end up with a site with the size and
visitor numbers Choronzon seems to attract. Even if most of them DO
get there by searching for "sheep sex"

RevGraves: Kat, it frightens me to hear you describe someone as odd.

RevGraves: That makes me think of one of the most hideous things a
fat, ugly woman has ever said to me: "As long as I have a face,
Graves, you have somewhere to sit." *gag*

`Max`: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A240869
`Max`: he -almost- got it

* RevGraves wants to put "Don't Panic" in large friendly letters on
the case to his PDA.

* Xaronzon doesn't know about being sane or not, but the occasions
when I've been relatively more insane were pretty interesting, if
occasionally disturbing, both at the time and in retrospect.

RevGraves: I bitch about being unable to do arithmetic in my head
anymore, but I can still do metric/english conversions.

Xaronzon: Oh great. Wulf is making cyberpunk gear to wear on the
bike. <rolls eyes>
Xaronzon: he's making up this mask with some tubing and stuff
Xaronzon: and he's got this black wetsuit that's part of the outfit
Xaronzon: (the man really hates getting wet)

Xaronzon: I swear, if I ever get raided and someone decides to look
at the contents of my hard disk, I am going to be locked up for SOOOO

*** Topic is 'Next, on REALTV: Triskele crosses the border, eh?'
*** Set by triskele on Fri Aug 03 14:13:28

RevGraves: getoutofmyheadgetoutofmyhead!

Xaronzon: eventually, everyone who agreed with me was a sympathizer
with evil drug-dealers who kill children and smuggle drugs in their

RevGraves: I'm being manic today, I guess. Bouncing between happy
and ax-wieldingly violent. It's fun.
RevGraves: Hey, Kat, do you appreciate medieval weaponry?
Xaronzon: Man, and I thought I was supposed to be the one suffering
menstrual tension.
Xaronzon: I like medieval weaponry very much.

kkkzzz: when i do the exercise on psijournal i can feel the beating
on my heart in my hand
Xaronzon: that would be your pulse
kkkzzz: what?

RevGraves: Merkin: (n) a wig made from pubic hair
Xaronzon: actually
Xaronzon: it's a pubic wig
Xaronzon: they can be synthetic
RevGraves: Reeeally.
RevGraves: Grizzuel has informed me wrongly. That bastard ;)
RevGraves: You know, he looks like a Koala.
RevGraves: He wouldna have looked so much like a Koala when I met
him, except he'd been tripping nuts for two days, locked in his tent
at Starwood, without enough of a grasp of spatial relations that he
could operate the zipper and leave.

RevGraves: That's lovely. Magic your ass off our channel ;)

Xaronzon: how're the flames going, Graves?

Xaronzon: yeah, I know, 2 newbies, amazing. And we had a different
one in yesterday
Xaronzon: I'm starting to think that this place isn't cliquish
enough anymore. This may ruin my credibility. ;p
Xaronzon: particularly if someone drops a large boulder on them

RevGraves: kkkzzz: Because newbies are lower that snake shit in a
wagon rut.

Xaronzon: Wulf is the person standing behind me being stalked by
our lizards
Xaronzon: you know, in the world where people don't talk by typing

RevGraves: Someone, please chase these fucking idiots out of the

starbird: couldn't we invite a few teenaged wiccans? liven the
place up a bit?

`Max`: Next time someone asks you why you don't have ops, you just
tell them because you'd kickban the channel.
RevGraves: See, Max? You understand

starbird: looking at the library catalogue...they have a reprint of
Daniel Defoe's "A System of Magick"....wasn't he the guy who wrote
Robinson Crusoe?
starbird: 1973

RevGraves: Look, fuckstick, how many people do you see wandering
around calling themselves Reverend Graves? One. Me. There's a lot of
guys named Graves, and there are a lot of Reverends, but I may be the
one and only Rev.Graves.

kkkzzz: i want to reach the max. in everything, if magick is real i
want to explore it and cm is the best way
* Xaronzon would argue with that. But then I'm not a chaote, so I'm
probably obliged to. <g:

Xaronzon: some of the drugs would like you to know that they
worship choronzon

starbird: didn't the inquisition exterminate the Templars?
RevGraves: It thinks so.

starbird: i wanna find out where they hid their gold, and the Grail.
RevGraves: starbird: I have the Grail.
RevGraves: The vatican has the gold.
starbird: fair trade, that?

zallak: grab my ass

*** kkkzzz is now known as fuckstick

starbird: i met a Thai guy, PhD student, who believes that maybe a
good tattoo could stop bullets
RevGraves: starbird: Maybe for the Maori.
starbird: at least, he couldn't rule out the possibility :)

starbird: Nurse Ratchett, where the fuck are my meds?

RevGraves: Send email to president@whitehouse.gov containing "I
want to shoot you."

zallak: all this negativity is annoying mymother

zallak: now i think i have the corage to eat ot my cousin

*** RevGraves changes topic to '<zallak: now i think i have the
corage to eat ot my cousin'

RevGraves: One of these days, I'll learn how to psychoport, I'll
come to your house, and I'll nerve staple you, you mongoloid.

zallak: just imagine us all as pissing on you
zallak: only if a bear comes along we'll let it kill you

kkkzzz: will this stop someday?
RevGraves: No.

Xaronzon: well, if he doesn't care about living or not, I have a
vampiric transformation experiment I've always wanted to try

* RevGraves breaks out the trepanning drill.

zallak: then you'll be one of us

zallak: so that makes yor first task communing with bears
zallak: when yo are ready
zallak: you will fight the bear king
zallak: and if u when yu can have his daughter
zallak: poke a hot ass

RevGraves: Transforming you into a bloodless husk.

zallak: )pocahontus_

Xaronzon: basically, invocation, and the posessed invidual's blood
is drained

kkkzzz: uhhhh i will like much more the fire death please

Xaronzon: at best, they get immortal. At worst, we get some charged

RevGraves: AlllRIGHT!
RevGraves: Break out the troll-ax, Graves, it's idiot-killing time!

RevGraves: If we wanted to armour him, we'd be telling cautionary
tales, like "When I invoked Asharah, blah blah," instead, we're
suggesting he drink antifreeze in search of enlightenment.

RevGraves: It's actually called "thinning the herd"

RevGraves: I think we are non-hierarchical, and thus better.

* Xaronzon contemplates getting the newbie over here and selling his
body to fund her drug habits.

RevGraves: No, thanks, we have enough newbies. Go join

RevGraves: Xaronzon, cut him into pices first, the black market is
better on parts than wholes.

zallak: prostitutino the oldedst professsin in the world

[Editor's note: Did we mention zallak is -always- drunk when he
comes on?]

kkkzzz: rev: where are the other newbies?
RevGraves: In my walls.

starbird: how much can you get for a kidney, a lung, a liver, a
heart, a cornea?

* starbird wishes he just had a brain

RevGraves: star: I'm not able to disclose such information at this

* Xaronzon gives starbird some jelly.

zallak: cum(jelly)so sweet and yellly)) in my belly

Xaronzon: was he taking the piss, or does he really worship the
ground we shit on?
RevGraves: I have a feeling it's the latter, Kat.

zallak: all kids eat shit

zallak: eat shit

starbird: zallak....do me a favour....go to #wicca and ask them
what kind of Ouija board u should buy for your niece.

RevGraves: I haven't baited them in YEARS.
Xaronzon: me neither

* Xaronzon got around the worst of this by dating 26 year olds when
she was 14

RevGraves: Wicca... Christians, with tits.

zallak: respect = not looking at yor own reflectn
zallak: that of butter sheet eaters instead
zallak: so i try to give everyone a fair shake
zallak: by using my star trek interpeter module
zallak: of course it doesn't work with lesbains
zallak: i wish it did thogh
zallak: lol
zallak: i hope that came out coherently?
zallak: sense no one said anyhting i assume it didn't
zallak: nonsesnse makes sensse charles manson


starbird: i wish i remember whose joke it was...."i played poker
with a tarot deck last week. i drew a royal flush and 4 people died."

RevGraves: not a problem. I -am- the source for stupid trivia.
starbird: hey, if it wasn't stupid, it wouldn't be good trivia.
RevGraves: Damn right.

zallak: the amount of information in a message is in it's
unpredicability - i forget who said it -- so does that mean if we
all talked nonsense for awhile we would know eachother

RevGraves: Murphy Drip: (n) a coffee enema.

zallak: i'm always like this

starbird: does the caffeine get into your system faster?
starbird: i've heard of alcoholics doing vodka enemas. i always
meant to try that.
RevGraves: No, starbird, it's just one of those vile things that
has a name, like a Cleveland Steamer, or a Dirty Sanchez.
starbird: maybe mix a little bud with the vodka for extra kick
starbird: is a Cleveland Steamer nasty?
starbird: my only concern would be that the vodka would dry out all
those mucous membranes
RevGraves: starbird. Whilst fuckling a girl, sit on her stomah,
take a shit, and smear it up and down her body making noises like a
Xaronzon: Wulf tried shooting up a polish spirit I can't spell once.
Xaronzon: It apparently really hurt.
zallak: hey you guys my friend molly wants to suck yor dicks
starbird: funny, i still haven't tried that
zallak: she thinks she can take the whole thing
zallak: yeah
zallak: her name is molly cule
starbird: up and atom

RevGraves: There's more where that came from, too. Jelly donuts.
Pirate Eye. Donkey punch, ghetto-style.
starbird: i remember something about the Rodeo Position
RevGraves: Whisper, "I've got AIDS." That's Rodeo Style.
starbird: just slip in the back door, whisper in her ear, "funny,
my last GF loved it like this", then hold on tight

*** Xaronzon changes topic to 'My life reads suspiciously like a
Chick Tract. Should I be worried or proud?'

starbird: your mother died
starbird: she was a whore
starbird: now she's in hell
starbird: don't be like her,
starbird: and you can spend eternity with baby jesus
Xaronzon: i'd rather have the demons
Xaronzon: the sex might be painful, but hell, it's sex
* Xaronzon has a deep suspicion that heavenly souls don't get none

zallak: all hail the panties
zallak: they speak to me
zallak: in pictures
starbird: damn! what am i doing wearing underwear
starbird: ?
zallak: thinkning of me?
starbird: i must go home and removeit

*** zallak changes topic to 'acronyms are the sigil of the normal -
that makes us the bilingual'

KrimHum: I just moved to California.

KrimHum: normality is the atavism of the Self

zallak: what's atavism mean again?
zallak: then i can give my input
KrimHum: atavism is regression.
KrimHum: like possession by animal spirits could be considerd
zallak: regressno and possesinog by anilmal spirits are totally
different things
zallak: despite what christian cartoons have to say
KrimHum: It all depends on what model you use to explain phenomena.
zallak: regressino bad
zallak: animal possesion is amazing in my exp
zallak: but i invoke high animal spirits
zallak: they teach me things
zallak: like panther kung foo
KrimHum: atavism is usally looked upon from a more genetic angle.
zallak: cats= good balance
zallak: i learn much yes i say
zallak: yoda tech heresay about yoga
KrimHum: i.e. we have access to all of our ancestors. we can merge
with those genetic predispositions and gain wisdom.
zallak: i wouldn't say they are necessarily genetice predispositins
zallak: unless you know for a fact that realities don't exist where
evolved cats, pigs, roaches, etc. don't rule the earth
zallak: you are kind of assuming
zallak: me thinks
KrimHum: Um, what?
KrimHum: No, no.
zallak: then again me don't know where yto hcva learned it
zallak: well to assume the are step stones
zallak: is to assume we are the masters of reality
KrimHum: We all come from the same roots, us and the kitties.
zallak: so then that they don't ever rule in any reality
KrimHum: Atavism is a way to access those racial memories.
zallak: that's like networking then
zallak: not recall
KrimHum: How do we know that they don't rule in *this* reality? :)
zallak: i was confused
zallak: i was hung up on the memory shit i've read
zallak: sorry
KrimHum: S'okay. :)

zallak: speaking of atavism
zallak: it seems like an advanced skrying skill?
KrimHum: ehh. I looked at it as more invocatory.
zallak: i've only accesed it by communication with particular
species of spirits
zallak: well yeah
KrimHum: But you could do the visionwork thing, too. I can
certainly see that.
zallak: but you have to feel to see and see to feel so to speak
zallak: what moves you is sensation
KrimHum: Right.
zallak: and that is somehting that can be skried
zallak: i mean my sensatins cum up in skrying
zallak: fractals and all that
zallak: same for you?
KrimHum: Not so much fractals, but yeah.
zallak: well yeah
zallak: just looks like it i mea
zallak: n
zallak: sometimes i hate linguistics
zallak: and english vocab
KrimHum: Gets in the way.
zallak: speaking in pictures is so much easier
KrimHum: Why can't we just wheeze and have people understand us?
zallak: i get used to talking to spirits in mixxed mediums
zallak: lol
zallak: yeah!!!
zallak: then i go to speak with humans and i make linguistic
mistakes of a 2 year old

* zallak falls dead from jungle fever
KrimHum: zallak: They have a salve for that, ya know. :P
zallak: yeah baby
zallak: salve it
* KrimHum hands zallak the AstroGlide
zallak: oh yeah

* KrimHum wonders when he ordered the pizza

KrimHum: And every other day I do something I've never done before.

KrimHum: New situations, new obstacles.

fand: I had an attack of meaningfulness so I thought I'd better be
in here fast

Sehkenra: I haven't been to a good cattle mutilation in ages.

Sehkenra: Anyway, I thought the whole purpose of being a chaote was
to scare old ladies

Sehkenra: Om Mani Padme Bum

Setzer_: Are people, you know, talking here?
luc3nt: Only on Tuesdays, sorry

TheeRaven: im happy to report that is no longer over 100 degrees in
my apt.
TheeRaven: yeah
TheeRaven: the best city in the world or something like that
luc3nt: Yuck, I have heard about the heatwave out there
TheeRaven: well...im stark nakid...sitting in front of a fan...
TheeRaven: life is good
TheeRaven: my roomate ditched me to spend the evening with someone
whom ive affectionately termed "dorkboy"

TheeRaven: im thinking of getting a tattoo on my butt

TheeRaven: im sweraing off DXM

TheeRaven: i avoid most things requiring physical effort

Squinky: if i took my dreams literally, apparently im going to be
an enhanced assassin that sleeps around a lot and wheres black..
Xaronzon: Squink, you play too many video games

`Max`: typing onehandedly
Squinky: i wont ask :)

teckyong: boy! I just did a terrible thing!
Xaronzon: what was that?
teckyong: erm...
teckyong: I took, by accident, the keys of the men toilet home from
teckyong: now no one can use the men toilet...
Xaronzon: LOL. and this is so terrible because?
teckyong: erm...burst bladder...can people die...?
Xaronzon: HAHA
teckyong: although there's the ladies toilet...and the toilet in
the construction site...
* teckyong wonders why Kat is laughing
Xaronzon: Sorry... I just think it's kinda funny.
teckyong: erm...yeah
teckyong: well, I am not giving it back tonight. the men have to
wait till tomorrow!
* teckyong puts on determined look
Xaronzon: :)
teckyong: afterall...this is a commercial building in a commercial
district. we are surrounded by toilets!
teckyong: and I only took one lousy key.
Xaronzon: indeed
teckyong: and there is this toilet in the site next to our building.
* teckyong feels better about not returning the key immediatly
teckyong: ;)
Xaronzon: good lad
Xaronzon: you go girl, and all that
teckyong: yay
teckyong: erm...I am a boy. not a girl. ;p
Xaronzon: same difference
teckyong: erm...yeah
teckyong: anyway, I don't like them! hahaha

teckyong: is she really a dragon?
Xaronzon: she isn't really a dragon

Xaronzon: Godzilla is still relatively small - maybe 3 feet. Dracul
is really big now.

Xaronzon: wow!
Xaronzon: I don't believe it
Arawyn: what?
Xaronzon: you're in here
Arawyn: So? :)

RevGraves: Kat, what do you do when you have something in your head
that you need to get onto paper, but you're missing the words?
Xaronzon: Stare at a blank screen and get frustrated, mostly. <g:

teckyong: well...I usually go surf for porn.
teckyong: it doesn't help but makes me feel better ;p

Xaronzon: oh, and there's always Kat's Standard Solution #333 -
take more drugs, re-read cities of the red night, get notebook.
(Sorry... you WERE expecting that answer somewhere in here though,
weren't you?)

RevGraves: Let's get hold of this Aleister chump, and we'll cut out
organs until he no longer has a soul.
RevGraves: When his soul is gone, we'll know we have it.
Xaronzon: we could store the bits
Xaronzon: give them away to random strangers
RevGraves: In little pottery jars, in a stone room, and then
mummify his remains, just to fuck with future archeologists!
RevGraves: "It seems to have been a resurgence of egyptian religion"
RevGraves: "What we can't understand is why his mummified penis has
been rammed up his mummified arse"

RevGraves: One of these days, I'm going to flip, and start
kidnapping people, only to have them turn up later with their lips
sewn to their assholes.

RevGraves: Hey, waitaminute!
RevGraves: That's not a bad idea!
Xar333: really?
Xar333: i came up with a not bad idea?
Xar333: what're the chances of that happening, eh?

RevGraves: Grrr. Big, manly, brute is Graves.
RevGraves: And dumb!

* RevGraves is dumber than a sack of hair.

Xaronzon: one of these days, I've really got to get the ball
rolling on the Z(Cluster) not-fucking-chaotes node

nnoize: hi all
Xuntira: hello.
RevGraves: Who goes there!?
nnoize: the most hated of the chan: needless to say, im kkkzzz
a.k.a fuckstick

*** Xaronzon changes topic to '"Excessive cleaning of the bathroom
would be detrimental to our style" - Wulf'

RevGraves: Replace style with "stench" and you're probably dead on,

Xaronzon: we have mushrooms growing on the walls!

Xuntira: as my mother says "you're a sick child"

zallak: have you ever seen the tongue tornado
zallak: ?
Xuntira: no... but i've felt something like that...

Xaronzon: heh... apparently in the 80s there was seriously a book
released in the US called: Don't Make Me Go Back Mommy: A Child's
Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

Xaronzon: I think I left my brain somewhere in between here and

* Xaronzon stole a bible from a hotel last week. Didn't have one.
Who is this Gideon bloke, and why does he leave so much shit in hotel
rooms anyway?

ult: Anyonehere?
ult: |
ult: oh come on
`Max`: Yeah I'm here.
`Max`: Just kidding.
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Wed Aug 15 17:36:06 2001

*** Now talking in #thee_vortex
*** Topic is '<Dakarren: the angel uriel ripped me off of fifty
bucks! So I shot his grandparents...'
*** Set by eleventh on Wed Aug 15 21:02:45

triskele: Come on.... What ID do you have?
eleventh: military?
`Max`: the evil one
eleventh: military.

*** `Max` changes topic to '<Dakarren: hey dammit, I didnt say that!
(looking at the topic)'

yshesaidcomeovercomeovershesmiledatyou boy
*** triskele has quit IRC (*.net *.split )
*** Zos444 has quit IRC (*.net *.split )
*** cidal has quit IRC (*.net *.split )
`Max`: everyone email deadxyz@hotmail.com with terrible terrible
mind-warping chaos-magicky stuff
Dakarren: geez.. it was so bad it made a netsplit!

Dakarren: so, whats up, max?
`Max`: Gawdz all-fuck if I know.
`Max`: I leapt in the ocean the other night.
`Max`: It was fun.
`Max`: Cursing at the waves.
`Max`: Daring the sea to take us.
`Max`: I shouted:
`Max`: Shaking my fist at the ocean.
`Max`: I've always wanted to do that.
`Max`: Then I went for coffee at Java Joe's.
`Max`: I did pushups amidst the intellectual coffeegoers.
Dakarren: hahah.. a perfect way to wind down the evening
`Max`: They looked at Jesse and I.
`Max`: Sopping wet.
`Max`: Dripping.
`Max`: Doing pushups in the middle of a coffee-house.
`Max`: And drinking black coffee instead of mocha lattes.
`Max`: And they just looked at us.
`Max`: And we laughed.
`Max`: And cursed loudly.
`Max`: And I revealed the secrets of the universe to those who
wouldn't listen.
`Max`: But that's okay.
`Max`: We did it amidst the wishes and spit.
`Max`: And had a jolly old time.
Dakarren: sounds good.
Dakarren: say, are you the same max from before? the army dodger?
`Max`: ...
Dakarren: you just sound quite a bit diff'rent
`Max`: I am not a photograph.
`Max`: I move.
`Max`: I change.
`Max`: Hell, even a photograph decays with time.
Dakarren: i dont mean that
Dakarren: nothing wrong with change

`Max`: Question:
`Max`: Man Invented Alcohol,
`Max`: God Invented Grass.
`Max`: Who do you trust?

`Max`: "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for you are
crunchy and good with ketchup."

Dakarren: so, whats up? Like, whatcha got planned fer tomorra?
`Max`: zipzilchnada
Dakarren: same here!
`Max`: maybe gonna mail books to benwaymd and call deusexmachina
and my gf

`Max`: Alden's Laws:
`Max`: (1) Giving away baby clothes and furniture is the
major cause of pregnancy.
`Max`: (2) Always be backlit.
`Max`: (3) Sit down whenever possible.

`Max`: Government [is] an illusion the governed should not encourage.
`Max`: -- John Updike, "Couples"

`Max`: "... The name of the song is called 'Haddocks' Eyes'!"
`Max`: "Oh, that's the name of the song, is it?" Alice
said, trying to
`Max`: feel interested.
`Max`: "No, you don't understand," the Knight said, looking
a little
`Max`: vexed. "That's what the name is called. The name really
is, 'The Aged
`Max`: Aged Man.'"
`Max`: "Then I ought to have said "That's what the song is
`Max`: Alice corrected herself.
`Max`: "No, you oughtn't: that's quite another thing! The
song is
`Max`: called 'Ways and Means': but tha
`Max`: that's only what it is called you know!"
`Max`: "Well, what is the song then?" said Alice, who was
by this time
`Max`: completely bewildered.
`Max`: "I was coming to that," the Knight said. "The song
really is
`Max`: "A-sitting on a Gate": and the tune's my own invention."
`Max`: -- Lewis Carroll, "Through the Looking Glass"

`Max`: "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from
`Max`: "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said
the Cat
`Max`: -- Lewis Carroll

*** Aleister has joined #thee_vortex
WrkGraves: Hey!
`Max`: Now this is an unexpected surprise...
Aleister: hola.
WrkGraves: Not "Hey!" I'm happy to see you, "Hey!" are you the
fuckstick from the zee-list.
Aleister: nope. that would be a different fuckstick.
`Max`: He's the fuckstick from #thelema.
`Max`: And a well-respected one at that!
Aleister: i am? i'll have to do something about that.

`Max`: Well there be Chaotes here.
WrkGraves: Ack!
WrkGraves: Where?
* WrkGraves stands on his chair.

`Max`: You know what I've realized?
`Max`: It always takes the stubborn ones the most number of whacks
on the head to attain enlightenment.
WrkGraves: Max, I expect you'll need a decent number more whacks
before you're enlightened.
Aleister: i think it is the strength and placement of the blow that
determine efficacy, not the number of blows.
Aleister: though, a larger number of blows might increase the
statistical chances of a properly placed blow.

Aleister: when your only tool is a bamboo staff, all your problems
begin to look like student's heads.

`Max`: I've lost two mints.
`Max`: Or maybe one.
`Max`: I'd be able to tell if I hadn't lost the first one.
Xaronzon: the sofa's probably eaten them
`Max`: Clever and wily beast, that sofa.
* Xaronzon found a half-smoked joint in her sofa once.
`Max`: Women with small breasts are better in bed.
WrkGraves: Damn, Kat, even your sofa smokes weed?
`Max`: Heck that's nothing.
Xaronzon: fuck you Max
`Max`: I've woken up on razor blades on more than one occasion.
`Max`: Relax, Kat.
* Xaronzon sulks. I'm PLENTY good in bed.
`Max`: It was a broad generalization.
`Max`: Or a generalization about broads.
Aleister: i've found buds on my floor, twice this month. makes me
wonder if i should check the vacuum cleaner.
`Max`: Either way it needn't apply to you.
Xaronzon: <groan>
Aleister: so 'razor blades' isn't your pet poodle?
`Max`: No but they leave a nasty mark on your skin when you lay
down on them for a night.

* Xar333 eats an eccles cake
WrkGraves: What's an eccles cake?
Xaronzon: it's a sweet puff pasty thing filled with a fruit mixture
which is kinda like a light version of what goes in an xmas mince
pie, and covered with sugar
Xaronzon: they're lovely
Xaronzon: I found some reduced ones at the supermarket earlier
WrkGraves: What's a mince pie?
WrkGraves: I'm American, remember.
Xaronzon: fucking merkins
WrkGraves: I am -not- a merkin. I have nothing to do with pubic wigs.
Xaronzon: it's a little sweet pie filled with "mincemeat" -
actually a moist mixture with raisins and similar dried fruit in it,
and often brandy
WrkGraves: Oh.
WrkGraves: Okay.
Xaronzon: they've lovely
WrkGraves: Like a fruitcake, but not able to pound nails through
Xaronzon: no, not like a fruitcake
Xaronzon: You know, when you come over here, I'm going to have to
cook for you
Xaronzon: Wulf seems to think you have something similar but called
something else
`Max`: So mincemeat doesn't actually have any meat in it?
WrkGraves: Wulf is probably right.
WrkGraves: If we call something -meat, it has meat in it.
WrkGraves: Like potted meat.
Xaronzon: the filling is kinda like a dried fruit preserve
Xaronzon: Wulf went through all this with his first wife
WrkGraves: What, was she Amerikan?
Xaronzon: yep
`Max`: Nope. Americans don't have anything like that.
WrkGraves: "Severe body modification is for people who are so ugly
they need to distract their comrades with something shiny just to get
`Max`: We call our fruit pastes 'fillings' or sometimes coblers.
Xaronzon: LOL
`Max`: With two b's.
Xaronzon: it might be something like that
* Xaronzon shrugs
WrkGraves: So, Max, do -you- have a fruit filling?
Xaronzon: You people eat wierd shit anyway. I've seen recipes for
pork glazed with 7-up, you can't fool me
WrkGraves: Leave Kitzilla out of this.
`Max`: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shower. I haven't
masturbated in far too long, and that was a bit messier than I had
[A]narkia: hahahaha
Xaronzon: thanks for sharing, Max
[A]narkia: yeah i hate it when that happens
WrkGraves: *chuckle*
WrkGraves: Timing, as always, is everything. I ask him if he has a
fruit filling, and he explodes in his trousers. I guess the answer is
"not anymore, no."
Xaronzon: you just have that effect on people, Gravsey

`Max`: And what are your thoughts on the Book of Lies?
WrkGraves: It was written by an old, fat, british man.
Xaronzon: correction, Graves: an old fat british man who was doing
enough drugs to kill your average elephant

Xaronzon: I can e-mail you Wulf's design schematics for an
artificial vagina
WrkGraves: No, I'd prefer the real thing, thanks.

`Max`: A Mexican newspaper reports that bored Royal Air Force
pilots stationed
`Max`: on the Falkland Islands have devised what they consider a
marvelous new
`Max`: game. Noting that the local penguins are fascinated by
airplanes, the
`Max`: pilots search out a beach where the birds are gathered and
fly slowly
`Max`: along it at the water's edge. Perhaps ten thousand penguins
turn their
`Max`: heads in unison watching the planes go by, and when the
pilots turn
`Max`: around and fly back, the birds turn their heads in the
`Max`: direction, like
`Max`: spectators at a slow-motion tennis match.
`Max`: Then, the
`Max`: paper reports, "The pilots fly out to sea and directly to
the penguin
`Max`: colony and overfly it. Heads go up, up, up, and ten
thousand penguins
`Max`: fall over gently onto their backs.
`Max`: -- Audobon Society Magazine

`Max`: hey how do you pan-fry salmon?
`Max`: if you know hurry up and tell me coz it's burning...

Genix: Stop over-feeding your frigging ego.

`Max`: I am more than words on a screen.

* Xaronzon lights a spliff with a smile. After 5 days of gritting my
teeth, I've given in and bought drugs. I may be weak, but damn am I

Xar333: you don't know what dirty sex is until you wake up and your
skin is grey, brown, sticky, and about 4 milimetres higher up than in
should be
Genix: Hm. In that case I know what dirty masturbation is.
Xar333: the blood contributes to the brown gunk
Xar333: and you DO NOT want to look under your nails

`Max`: When I was in school, I cheated on my metaphysics exam: I
looked into
`Max`: the soul of the boy sitting next to me.
`Max`: -- Woody Allen

WrkGraves: "Overweight is when you step on your dog's tail and it

`Max`: God wanted to have a holiday, so He asked St. Peter for
suggestions on
`Max`: where to go.
`Max`: "Why not go to Jupiter?" asked St. Peter.
`Max`: "No, too much gravity, too much stomping around,"
said God.
`Max`: "Well, how about Mercury?"
`Max`: "No, it's too hot there."
`Max`: "Okay," said St. Peter, "What about Earth?"
`Max`: "No," said God, "They're such horrible gossips.
When I was
`Max`: there 2000 years ago, I had an affair with a Jewish woman,
and they're
`Max`: still talking about it."

WrkGraves: you know, Gabriel is the bloke who really made it in that.
WrkGraves: "Hey, Mary... come into this cave with me, I want to
show you my Message From God."
WrkGraves: Of course, Joseph's reaction to the whole thing was just
to glare at her and say, "Well, he damn well better be the -only- son
of god..."

`Max`: Here is the fact of the week, maybe even the fact of
`Max`: month. According to probably reliable sources, the Coca-
Cola people
`Max`: are experiencing severe marketing anxiety in China.
`Max`: The words "Coca-Cola" translate into Chinese as either
`Max`: (depending on the inflection) "wax-fattened mare" or "bite
the wax
`Max`: tadpole".
`Max`: Bite the wax tadpole.
`Max`: There is a sort of rough justice, is there not?
`Max`: The trouble with this fact, as lovely as it is, is
that it's
`Max`: hard to get a whole
`Max`: column out of it. I'd like to teach the world to
`Max`: bite a wax tadpole. Coke -- it's the real wax-fattened
mare. Not bad,
`Max`: but broad satiric vistas do not open up.
`Max`: -- John Carrol, San Francisco Chronicle

WrkGraves: "The reasonable man adapts to the world; the
unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man." GB Shaw.
`Max`: Some people 'round here need that one.
`Max`: Indeed. Slay the unreasonable.
Xaronzon: Max, chill. You're having conversations with yourself.
`Max`: I do it constantly.
`Max`: How else am I to entertain myself until I get bored and find
something else to do?
Xaronzon: settle down with a good book?
`Max`: I have two. They're reserved for the evening, prior to
passing out in the guest bedroom with the light on wearing only my
Xaronzon: well don't we have our day all planned out
`Max`: Nah.
`Max`: That's just my suggestion.
`Max`: It usually never goes that way.
`Max`: When it does, it's usually been a very surprisingly boring
`Max`: Good thing it never has.
`Max`: I also have to order two Happy Meals from a McDonalds and
lose an argument with an umbrella.
`Max`: But I don't think I'm going to do either one of those today.
`Max`: I'm thinking of marching on down to Starbucks, tossing a
couple RAW books on the table, and ordering a frappucino, just to
kill time and see if anything happens.
`Max`: As a matter of fact... I should wear clothes prior to doing
Xaronzon: go for it Max
Xaronzon: nah, why take the fun out of it?
`Max`: Really don't want to be arrested, in fact.
`Max`: Sugarless gum is the tool of Evil.
* `Max` smacks mara with the happy-stick.
`Max`: Yay!
`Max`: I found the two missing mints!

*** Now talking in #thee_vortex
*** Topic is 'When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. But I
decided to settle for just being a really good space cadet.'
*** Set by Xaronzon on Thu Aug 16 18:16:01

Junky1351: undermine his credibility, have him disgraced, and end
his life in a gutter

Squinky: im having a real problem with reality at the moment :)
Junky1351: reality is an illusion

`Max`: "May he get exactly what he so greatly deserves." --

Squinky: would it matter if i was or wasnt opped.. i dont think so :)
Thanatos: Course it would
Thanatos: your dick would gain another inch or 2
Squinky: damn.. didnt realise that

`Max`: Reporter (to Mahatma Gandhi): Mr Gandhi, what do you think
of Western
`Max`: Civilization?
`Max`: Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.

`Max`: "Orcs come from here."
[1351]: "possibly detroit"

* [1351] is reading an xtian article about the evils of rock'n'roll.
[1351]: *On April 12, 1985, a 14-year-old metal-head killed three
[1351]: An Iron Maiden freak whose involvement with the occult led
him to carve 666 into his chest, the boy claimed to have been under
the influence of Eddie, Iron Maiden's mascot, when he committed the
murders. (The Toronto Sun, November 1, 1985)

`Max`: What does assigning value to something accomplish?
`Max`: Don't answer.
`Max`: Just think of that the next time you assign value to
`Max`: The next time you are let down.
`Max`: The next time you are made happy.

`Max`: ~oh mama i'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law~
`Max`: what song by what artist?
Aleister: styx
Aleister: i think it's called 'wanted man'
Aleister: no, 'renegade'
Aleister: satisfactory?
`Max`: Yes.
`Max`: It sums up my situation nicely.
Aleister: you're being chased by bounty hunters for a capital crime?
`Max`: I'd rather not talk about it.
Squinky: hows that going btw max, the life of a renegade?
`Max`: Happiest I've been in years. =)
`Max`: For now. ;-)
Squinky: i'm assuming its going well cause your still here
Squinky: :)
`Max`: More or less. ;-)

`Max`: hehe
`Max`: Chaote Party:
`Max`: Police: Good evening, are you the host?
`Max`: Host: No.
`Max`: Police: We've been getting complaints about this party.
`Max`: Host: About the drugs?
`Max`: Police: No.
`Max`: Host: About the guns, then? Is somebody complaining about
the guns?
`Max`: Police: No, the noise.
`Max`: Host: Oh, the noise. Well that makes sense because there
are no guns
`Max`: or drugs here. (An enormous explosion is heard in the
`Max`: background.) Or fireworks. Who's complaining about
the noise?
`Max`: The neighbors?
`Max`: Police: No, the neighbors fled inland hours ago. Most of
the recent
`Max`: complaints have come from Pittsburgh. Do you think
you could
`Max`: ask the host to quiet things down?
`Max`: Host: No Problem. (At this point, a Volkswagon bug with
`Max`: religious symbols drawn on the doors emerges from
the living
`Max`: room and roars down the hall, past the police and
onto the
`Max`: lawn, where it smashes into a tree. Eight guests
tumble out
`Max`: onto the grass, moaning.) See? Things are starting
to wind
`Max`: down.

Aleister: this is very odd, they are interviewing the astronauts on
the shuttle discovery, and they are all 'sitting' and posed as if
they were in a gravitational field.
Xaronzon: probably so as not to disconcert the viewers
Xaronzon: or because it's all filmed on a set somewhere... <g:
Aleister: well, they are not doing a very good job, i'm disconcerted.
`Max`: Or maybe they've lost the budget for fishing-line.
Dakarriel: just got back from the carnival. with a bad sunburn
Dakarriel: nice though, rides were rather tame, sun was bad, but
the weather I enchanted for was there.. lots and lots of wind
Dakarriel: not humid at all either.
Dakarriel: and wow, there were a lot of hot chicks there. too bad
I went with my family and had ta watch my younger sibs.

Squinky: there is the funniest debate going on in my kitchen
Xaronzon: about what?
Squinky: i tried to tell my friend that there is no difference in
the amount of coffee in a black coffee and a white milky coffee, but
hes not having any of it and is sure that his theory is right (he's
using physics and chemistry to prove this)
Squinky: its like wtf
Xaronzon: If you want my opinion, you people have smoked FAR too
much dope. Well done.

Aleister: i opened up a pressure cooker once, that still had
pressure in it. that was interesting.

zNetRelay: <Squink_@znet: *sigh* its going to be another one of
those days..

eleventh: Squink: So what are you, some kind of psychadelic
Squink: sure am..
Dakarriel: whats a wallflower?
Riordan: It's a band with Bob Dylan's kid.
eleventh: Dakarriel: I'm not sure
Dakarriel: okay
Aleister: wallflower: outcast, socially inept person
Aleister: said of a person not asked to dance.
Aleister: thus, standing against the wall
Dakarriel: ah
Squink: well
Squink: theres quite a few people in here..
Aleister: how can you tell they are people?
* eleventh clicks, beeps and whirrs....
Squink: now that just depends on your definition of peopl
Squink: e

Riordan: Ar!! Avast ye landlubbers!

* Aleister swore off apologies years ago, and recommends it to
anyone who will listen <G:

eleventh: I never swear anything off. You never know when it may be
a useful thing to do.

* Riordan fires up the ice bong
Beacon9: ice bong?
Riordan: Regular water-bong with the top sorta crinkled to hold ice.
Squink: nice idea
Riordan: the smoke is cooled..makes for a real easy pull

eleventh: Aleister: what about when you sit on their kitten,
carelessly murdering the helpless creature? Do you apologize then?
Dakarriel: I think in that case, it'd be prudent just to dispose of
the carcass and clean your clothes
Aleister: not sure, i haven't killed any kittens in a long time.

Riordan: I love chai.

eleventh: I love you Riordan. Will you marry me?
Riordan: Not without extensive genital surgery, 11th.

eleventh: "What was that?" "That was the thermonuclear destruction
of the island of Newfoundland."

eleventh: I know Eris had a hand in this....

Squinky: me head hurts..

Aleister: eat ibuprofen til your liver turns to pate

Aleister: i get headaches when i DON'T have a lot of caffeine.

Riordan: moist glistening vagina
eleventh: Riordan: where?!
Riordan: everywhere

eleventh: The bottom line is don't eat 13 pounds of over the
counter pain relievers

Aleister: when sciatica hits, i don't care if my liver turns to
swiss cheese.

* eleventh meditates and becomes one with the universal moist
glistening vagina.
Riordan: Om Namah Yoni
eleventh: What does the "Om Namah" part translate as, Rio?
Riordan: Om. I bow to...
Riordan: Om is just Om... the sacred syllable.. pranava

Aleister: hmm, jay leno covered in snakes.
Riordan: what the hell are you talking about?

triskele: the sould doesn't have a body,
Morrtal: You don't want to know :)
Riordan: Oh, come on..try me.
Morrtal: Dak, tell him :)
Dakarriel: do I have tooo?
Morrtal: Yes please :)
Dakarriel: okay
Dakarriel: basically I've been experimenting in spirit-alteration,
and soulforging
Dakarriel: so, as an experiment, I reforged my human soul into a
seraphi soul.
Riordan: Er.. ok. How exactly did you do that?
Dakarriel: as a side effect, I noticed the wings were slightly
tangible to the touch, and warm.
Dakarriel: okay, to do that, I used a spirit extraction, similar to
astral projection, without the range, and some specially prepared
Riordan: ok.
Riordan: and you, Morrtal? What are you now?
Dakarriel: well, I also noticed I have higher chi resivoirs and
other benifits.. can do healing easier etc...
Riordan: really, Dak? Hmm
Dakarriel: but anyway, I told morrtal how i did it.
Riordan: so you can change your soul into anything? What about
Thundercats? I have a friend who would like that very much.
Dakarriel: and well, she changed herself into.. well, for lack of
better desctription, a catgirl
Dakarriel: hahaha.. I suppose so, rio. 'everything's permissible'
and all that rot.
Riordan: Hmm.. I wonder if I would be allergic to catgirl.
* Dakarriel laughs. a lot.
Morrtal: Your soul would be.
Riordan: As long as you don't use a litter box instead of a toilet,
I suppose it's interesting.
Riordan: it would? I don't know that I even have a soul.
Morrtal: I, for one, found out whole new uses to my tail.
Riordan: oh really? Hmm
Morrtal: I don't need to finger myself anymore.
Riordan: wow. Now that's an interesting visual.
Riordan: But other people see you as normal?
Morrtal: yes
Riordan: Intriguing. I don't even know what I'd want to change my
soul into, if I had one.
Beacon9: would I have to be well versed in energy work for this to
be effective
triskele: my 'soul' isn't anything,a dn it doesn't have a body.
triskele: I'm not anything verbally descibable.
triskele: I simply 'am'
triskele: to put it as logically for you to comprehend as possible.
Dakarriel: that might actually be the best way to be, trisk. but
eh, we're all different, no?
Riordan: Trisk: She can comprehend it..she's got a cat soul.
Squinky: some vastly more different than others it would appear
Dakarriel: actually, I was thinking of this in the way of that
whole otherkin thing.
triskele: yep.
triskele: indeed.
triskele: ...excuse me?
Squinky: ..?
Squinky: trisk: no.
Dakarriel: there was a small mention of it on the zee-list,
something about how annoying a lot of em are. But someone said that
they respected those 'otherkin' that used this as a viable magickal
paradigm. So, I thought why the hell dont I try, and see if I can
push myself further along the path.
triskele: dak: what are you talking about?
triskele: oh.
triskele: I see.
triskele: that's interesting enough.
Dakarriel: otherkin are people who believe they are born different,
like they have the souls (or sometimes bodies, etc) of mythical
creatures, or extradimentionals
Riordan: By otherkin you mean what? Dragons, seraphim, catwomen,
unicorns, and the like?
Dakarriel: beac showed me a site once.
triskele: Rio: there are those, any lots others.
triskele: inneumerables.
Aleister: i know someone who claims to have been seen to shapeshift
completely into a lioness
Riordan: I saw an otherkin porn site once.. very bizarre.
Aleister: i have no idea how to evaluate such a claim without being
Riordan: Right.
Dakarriel: indeed
Riordan: Can you fly, Dak?
Dakarriel: no, I cant fly (except astrally, but so can everyone)
Riordan: so what's the point of having wings or being a seraphim?
Dakarriel: The wings work as great energy collectors
Riordan: Incidentally..aren't seraphim sexless? Doesn't sound
terribly desirable.
Dakarriel: aside from that, I dont think they have much of a use
Morrtal: In my case, it was just for the fun of it.
Dakarriel: Im not sure if they're sexless or androgynous, or
either, depending on whim
Riordan: Other than the little trick with the tail, Morr.. what
else do you notice different?
Dakarriel: well, this is an experiment.. 's not like I cant reverse
it or something if it becomes a problem. Besides this is only a
soul/spirit. Im mainly doing it to see what effect it'll have on
magick. so far, the effect's been extrememly positive. besides,
arent most human souls sexless(or androgynous)?
Riordan: I don't know. I know nothing about souls.. I've never
seen one or perceived one.
Aleister: playing around a bit with godforms of Pan, sometimes
experienced myself as being ithyphallic. that was interesting.
Dakarriel: true enough, I suppose. Anyhoo, just write this off as
a different paradigm.
Riordan: Indeed.
Aleister: i think what people call the 'astral' is kind of like a
virtual user interface
Riordan: I've believed myself to have four arms in meditation of
Aleister: and just a kind of metaphor for 'what's going on'
Dakarriel: thats interesting rio. what were you meditating about?
Dakarriel: actually, how do you meditate?
Dakarriel: Im seriously wondering, because my idea of meditation
might be far different than yours
Riordan: I was just basically identifying myself as Ganesha..his
various attributes...etc.
Riordan: Just picturing my body becoming his.
Dakarriel: interesting
Riordan: I was also pretty stoned..which indeed helped.
Dakarriel: so you were the elephant man for a bit, eh?
Aleister: yes, one person might meditate by sitting quietly in an
asana for years, carefully controlling his breathing. another might
meditate by cutting the heads off his enemies with a zen-like flair
Riordan: Yeah
Riordan: "I am not an animal.. I am the Lord of the Ganas!"
Dakarriel: I see.. thanks

Beacon11: so
Beacon11: do I have to be adept at energy work in order for this to
work well?
Aleister: i find a lot of things can be enhanced by either
psilocybin, or a combination of caffeine and cannabis
Dakarriel: hahahaha
Dakarriel: well, I dont know if I'm adept at energy work but i
pulled it off.
Dakarriel: but then, I've always worked with the chi/energy paradigm.
Dakarriel: who knows? try it for yourself
Aleister: tyramine might do in a pinch, but that's a no-no if you
have high blood pressure or heart problems

`Max`: Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with
`Max`: themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
`Max`: -- Susan Ertz

Beacon11: as for me, I'm levelling up in the prehistoric part
before I go try Magus's castle again. Even with a powerful triple
tech, Slash was still doing too much damage to the party

Squinky: yep.. its going to be one of those days..

`Max`: Cerebus: I'd love to lick apricot brandy out of your
`Max`: Jaka: Look, Cerebus-- Jaka has to tell you ...
`Max`: Cerebus: If Cerebus had a navel, would you lick
apricot brandy
`Max`: out of it?
`Max`: Jaka: Ugh!
`Max`: Cerebus: You don't like apricot brandy?
`Max`: -- Cerebus #6, "The Secret"

Dakarriel: I like lettuce mostly, but I like chinese sweet-sour
pork n' cabbage
Dakarriel: and cabbage soup is good.
Dakarriel: ah.. I like lettuce raw, but cabbage cooked!
Dakarriel: that makes sense
`Max`: i might like cooked and seasoned lettuce
`Max`: but i like cabbage raw
Dakarriel: cabbage has more of a bite, if I remember right
Dakarriel: right?
`Max`: more flavorful, yes
`Max`: bite, i don't think so... mustard has a bite
`Max`: mustard leaves
Dakarriel: mustard cabbage?
Dakarriel: I likes mustard cabbage.
Dakarriel: hmmm.. Its like onions, I guess. I like onions cooked,
but not raw. very flavorful both ways, but for some reason, I think
it tastes better cooked.
Dakarriel: whereas lettuce, I know doesnt have much flavor, but is
great in salads w/dressing
`Max`: cooked onions are sweet
`Max`: raw onions are pungent, strong
Dakarriel: yes.
`Max`: lettuce is to me bitter
`Max`: i ate a whole head of lettuce and nearly threw up
Dakarriel: interesting.. it nearly has no taste to me
`Max`: i didn't know it was a potent hallucinogen
Dakarriel: wow
`Max`: concentrate the oils of a head of lettuce or two... they're
strongest in the yellow parts. drink it. it's an opiate, i believe.
Dakarriel: chinese cabbage is great in stir fries (won bok, I think
its called) its also great as kim chi

[Editor's Note: The sheer WRONGNESS of such a large discussion about -lettuce- boggles the mind, but the fact that we still managed to turn it into a discussion about drugs proves we're still git'ard black muthafuckin' chaos-mages!]

`Max`: i should develop a mutable daily regimen
Dakarriel: Like wot?
`Max`: maybe roll a die or flip a coin each day to decide on one
`Max`: i dunno
`Max`: i got a copy of the one i used before i joined the EVIL
`Max`: 1. Perform the Vortex Rite to Immanentize the Eschaton once
upon awakening and once upon retiring each day.
`Max`: 2. Perform a banishing ritual on awakening and retiring.
`Max`: 3. Determine for every sleeping period to have a dream in
which a magickal act is done.
`Max`: 4. Perform a full magickal ritual each day.
`Max`: 5. Charge one sigil each day.
Dakarriel: hey.. that sounds awesome
Dakarriel: I should do that.
`Max`: 6. Perform a one-hour catharsis daily.
`Max`: fin
`Max`: actually... the paper doesn't say one-hour, but i sorta
added that myself

`Max`: you do sigils fast or something
`Max`: it usually takes me a while
`Max`: unless i make numeric sigils
Dakarriel: I use the letter one, where I say a sentance ov desire
and take all the letters out of it, and use one of each of the
letters in the phrase
Dakarriel: but i compile them as quickly as possible, and let my
intiution take hold on how the sigil should look.
Dakarriel: more thought, the more calculated the sigil gets. It
should be intuitive and freestyle, is my motto

`Max`: Yesterday I wore a necklace.
`Max`: It was a black cord.
`Max`: Tied in a knot at the back.
`Max`: With nothing on it.
`Max`: It is a magickal artifact.
`Max`: With a story behind it.
Squinky: really?
`Max`: But I wore it to symbolize that I have no binds to anything -
- I choose to be free.
`Max`: But the whole while I couldn't help but feel fidgetty -- I'm
bound by a string.
`Max`: So I took it off.

`Max`: My dog has gas.

`Max`: Hi Dak.
Dakarriel: hows life max
`Max`: I'm going to Oklahoma in the morning. If you hear from me
again, I'm out of the EVIL for good.
Dakarriel: ?
`Max`: Your spell just might be worthwhile.
Dakarriel: okay. I'll keep casting the sigil
`Max`: Thanks, man.
Dakarriel: gotcha
`Max`: Lemme let you in on a secret.
`Max`: When I was young, my dreams turned to nightmares. Slowly
and slowly more of my dreams were nightmares instead of normal dreams.
`Max`: Eventually all my dreams were nightmares.
`Max`: Tortured in my sleep every night.
`Max`: In all my nightmares... it wasn't just a single adversary.
It was me against the world.
`Max`: One of the most memorable ones involved the US Army being
sent out to kill me.
`Max`: My picture was on the television and in the newspapers.
`Max`: Everyone except a few friends tried to kill me.
`Max`: I killed myself in the end of that dream.
`Max`: But that wasn't the last one.
`Max`: They kept going.
`Max`: And I was terrorized every night every dream in my sleep.
`Max`: Until it didn't bother me anymore.
`Max`: I could never solve one of the nightmares.
`Max`: I never won.
`Max`: Until I cheated.
`Max`: Before I ever knew what it was, I learned on my own to lucid-
`Max`: And I changed my nightmares into happy dreams.
`Max`: And then I stopped dreaming.
`Max`: For ten months.
`Max`: And then I got into magick.
`Max`: And my dreams started again.
`Max`: Normal dreams.
`Max`: But I realized something...
`Max`: I have lived nearly all of my dreams.
`Max`: And now I'm living nearly all of my nightmares, too.
`Max`: And I think I found the way out...
`Max`: Just like before, I've got to take control of what's going
on, and dictate the dream a happy one.
`Max`: I plan to spend the next several days meditating. Regaining
my power.
`Max`: I'm going to take control of this nightmare, and turn it
into a happy dream.
`Max`: ...
`Max`: Or maybe I'll just wind up committing suicide.
`Max`: But let's hope for the former. ;-)

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my stuff, and I destroyed it just to prove a point.'
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`Max`: Hi Gabe.
gbryal: In the dreamscapes of fevered children, the reality of
eternity is laid bare. The rigid yet smooth and bumpy surface races
past, beneath, as the voices saying calm things grow louder and
angrier. The child sweats, alone in the dark. This is chaos, this
is forever, this is the loss of God.
gbryal: Hi.

gbryal: I am here to answer all of your questions about the Eternal
gbryal: We are Gabriel.
`Max`: Gabe: Why's there an eternal Why?

`Max`: Why are you acting like such a nutcase, then Gaberiel?
gbryal: Oh, you are CHAOS MAGICIANS and I am the nutcase.
gbryal: I'll have to write that one down for parties.

gbryal: If you talk like a cross between Yoda and Lord Dunsany you
don't NEED enlightenment.

gbryal: You are Eheieh the Sailor Man

gbryal: There is nothing you can do that can't be done.
gbryal: There is nothing to sing that can't be sung.
gbryal: There's nothing you can do but you can learn how to play
the game.
zosX: There is nothing that is impossible
gbryal: It's easy.
gbryal: All you need is love.
gbryal: Da da dadadaaaaaa....

gbryal: You can have your bibles and holy books and phil hine
pdf's, but all you ever really needed was Iggy Pop.

Genix: I'm not so sure, but I don't think I'm being watched right

gbryal: I found the hidden secrets of the universe in several
$15.00 paperbacks.

zosX: gbryal is always a source of eternal joy
Genix: Yes. Though this time I'm not so sure I want to be so...
Genix: Can't we all just talk about barney the dinosaur or something?
Genix: Please?
gbryal: Oh, now you want to talk EVIL.
zosX: genix: quit your complaining :P
gbryal: I thought it was enough to talk about chaos.
gbryal: Evil is far worse.
zosX: if you don't like the conversation then leave :)
gbryal: Evil is the wanton seperation of another man from his God.
Genix: I can't. This is depressing talk!
gbryal: Placing a barrier between him and His by removing hope.

Genix: Hope lies within hugging people.

gbryal: Dress in drag and call yourself "Brandy Manhattan"
zosX: I like the dressing in drag part

zosX: wouldn't it be fun to run through your local downtown and
shoot people?

zosX: think about it....all the geeks love quake...so why wouldn't
they love playing quake in real life?
ult: many of them are overweight slow and can't aim worth a crap

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`Max`: Freedom. =)
`Max`: Time to go piss it away. =)

[1351]: Not too much happening atm. I'm doing some work on my site,
187 is bothering christians, the usual sort of thing.

Squinky: and i realised it was utter goats bollocks

Squinky: Like just 9% of the population you are a HEALER (SECF)--
caring, good with people, and patient. You are completely selfless
and full of love.
Squinky: Suffering in the world really pisses you off.
Squinky: On the rare occasions when you try to assert yourself,
you're cute and awkward, but highly effective.
Squinky: so i changed this
Squinky: Like x% of the population you are a NUTCASE (OMFG)--
selfish, harsh/blunt with people, and impatient for most of the time.
You are generally fair and observant, and will find a way of
benefitting from any situation. As a concrete feeler (?), you do well
with your emotions, which are very strong. You understand and
appreciate *why* you feel the way you do, and for the most part
(these days) you're at peace with yourself.
Squinky: Cute bunnies and baby talk really pisses you off.
Squinky: On the rare occasions when you try to assert yourself,
you're cute and awkward, but highly effective, and people often end
up getting pissed off.

gbryal: And then the little mousie said "I didn't say BUTTS, I said

Sq: i forgot where i was :)

Riordan: I knew a guy who had a tattoo of the Muppet Rowlf the Dog
on his ass.

Mertseger: So mentioning the herion was out of the question?

eleventh: good thing I log this :P

* Mertseger gives eleventh and semantic trophy.

[1351]: english teachers and creative writing classes tend to seek
to bestow upon all their students a certain uniform mediocrity.

Mertseger: Cool. As for the teachers: it's easier to teach rules
than art.

*** [1351] changes topic to '"It is good taste, and good taste
alone, that possesses the power to sterilize and is always the first
handicap to any creative functioning." --Dali'

Mertseger: I think standards provide boundaries for the artist to
overcome, and are, therefore, essential for the fertility of art.

[1351]: LOL - I just found about 3 years worth of z-list archives
buried in my HD
Mertseger: And you admit it?
[1351]: Apparently.
eleventh: I don't have 3 years worth, but I do have about 10 months
archived and zipped.
[1351]: There's somewhere approaching 20 megs worth of stuff here!
Mertseger: Have you no shame?
[1351]: None whatsoever.

Mertseger: A freind of mine published novel about a woman and the
adventures of her disembodied cunt.
eleventh: sweet
Aleister: did it run for the senate in new york?
Mertseger: No, but it did appear on Letterman smoking a cigarette.

Mertseger: eleventh: agreed, but I perfer magic that I can do while
brushing my teeth.

eleventh: whoa. sinks are supposed to be white??

Sq: well, at times like this, all i can say is...
Sq: "Sucks, to be you" :P

* Sq goes back to being a statistic again

Dakarriel: let me taste your thumb. You have nothing to worry
about if you're clean.

Riordan: Archangels quote comic strips?

ult: why can't i find magic
ult: its all around
Morrtal: Tried your pocket?
ult: goddamnit
ult: i can't see it
ult: i know its possible to see because other people do