Quotes, Episode XVII

gbryal: We had a blackout for a few hours in the thunderstorm.
gbryal: So I got some candles and read Lovecraft.
gbryal: It was a good thing.

eleventh: Dakarriel: you must have a defective neural structures
eleventh: (but then you're talking to someone who likes to be tied up and whipped for fun)

gbryal: I like stories about the overwhelming crushing weight of the uncaring universe.
gbryal: Lovecraft delivers.

gbryal: i wonder if it is ok to bugger animals
[1351]: Only if they're consenting adults...

`Max`: "Remember that whining is for
`Max`: pubescent assholes, a beginning magician is like a
`Max`: child striving to be adult.
`Max`: "
`Max`: -M.K.

`Max`: "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way." - Gotamo Siddartho

*** LT_Mark has joined #thee_vortex
[1351]: Hello there Mark, and who the fuck are you?
LT_Mark: Urza
*** LT_Mark is now known as Urza
Urza: see
[1351]: I see.
Urza: sorry bout that
[1351]: Sorry. I just jump on ever new name I see in order to
propagate the meme of the Traditional Greeting


*** Topic is 'My people! Let us make pogo sticks out of animal hide
and rocks!'
*** Set by [1351] on Tue Aug 28 00:47:34

[1351]: Not tons. I've been filling my HD with downloaded sites.
Oh, and I'm working on a piece about changed books as a method of
`Max`: Changed books?
`Max`: That reminds me of a spell I thought of and have been
meaning to test... perhaps when my life goes haywire someday...
`Max`: Mine is: Write about the way your life is right now. Then,
in an appropriate setting, cut-up the pages you wrote on and
rearrange the words/sentences to reflect the way you want your life
to be. Add bits, or throw away bits as necessary. When you're done,
it will manifest. Toss in an opening/banishing and a "so mote it be"
or likewise at the end, and you've got a ritual.

`Max`: Reminds me vaguely of BAN CHO CHUGAKAWATHAZ.
[1351]: ?
[1351]: and that is?
Aleister: peanuts in red pepper sauce, i think
* [1351] grins

Dakarriel: I was readin Apikorsus, and hearin' about the titans,
and their gnosis, and their near-reawakening at this time.
Dakarriel: so, I thought, why dont I look into that
Dakarriel: so I got into a nice meditative trance, and started
lookin for the titans.
Dakarriel: then, I realized that the titans pretty much make up the
world, so I'd have to seek them in the world, or someshit.. made
sense to me then. So, I meditated in the meditation, and found
myself nearly face to face with one.
Dakarriel: then I touched the bugger, and that was weird.. it
seemed to be full of power. I figured, why dont I try to sympathize
with it, like invocations, though I wont really invoke it.
Dakarriel: So I touched it again, and I felt it's energy rip
through me. It seemed to peirce through my brain like liquid fire,
and it really hurt. Then, I began to feel parts of myself burning,
like a burning sensation. so I stopped.
Dakarriel: then I broke out of the trance.
Dakarriel: any thots?

teckyong: MAX!!!
teckyong: MAX!!! MAX!!!
teckyong: WE THOUGHT U WERE IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!
* teckyong slaps `Max` around a bit with a large trout
* teckyong slaps `Max` around a bit with a large trout
* teckyong slaps `Max` around a bit with a large trout
teckyong: HEY MAX!!! ARE U THERE??!!??
[1351]: he's away I think

[Editor's Note: This situation has happened FAAAR too often...]

Sq: :)

Riordan: FUCK!

eleventh: So the box for my new pc card says "lifetime warranty",
so I go to check out the xircom site to see if I can perhaps get more
information on if I can get my broken one refunded. According to the
web site, my lifetime is expected only to be about 30 days...

eleventh: so I gots a busted modem and a working modem. DAMN IT,
and the broken one belongs to Baphomet, too. I hope S/He is cool
about it.

Genix: Man, the problem lately is all of this goetia shit. Too
much concentration on the external, y'know? That's what I was doing.
I fucked myself up pretty bad.
Dakarriel: how so?
Genix: I just fed my mind bullshit, man. Delusions of godhead and
all of that crap. "I will crush thee, mountain, just you wait and
Genix: Fuck, now I'm a basketcase.
Genix: At least I can finally say what I want out of life.
Dakarriel: an apple?
Genix: Fuck discordia. Too much, man, too much.
Genix: I need simplicity.
Dakarriel: I wasnt talking discordia
Dakarriel: I was just saying it because its something simplistic,
that most people like. kinda like 'hot dog'
Genix: Man, I just want somebody to love me. Somebody I can hold
and feel better, you know?
Genix: That's all I want out of life.
Dakarriel: you aint alone
Dakarriel: damn, I want that too.. That, and a Job is the only
thing magick hasnt really been able to get me.
Genix: But see, I have somebody now... but I'm just so paranoid I
can't let myself be happy.
Dakarriel: probably my fault too, because though I enchant, I dont
actually DO
* Dakarriel sighs
Dakarriel: I find thats a problem with a lot of people.
Dakarriel: I think of it, that if something's gonna happen, its
gonna happen anyway, wether I worry about it or not.
Genix: Yeah man, but she's special. I can see it.
Dakarriel: So dont worry about it. You wont screw it up.
Dakarriel: worrying causes hesitation. more often than not,
hesitation causes fuckups
* Genix nods
Genix: Tell me about it.

Dakarriel: maybe a heart attack is what you need. Nothing clears
the head like a brush with death.

RevGraves: Nothing like solving one's problems with chemicals.

Shaedy: ....


Shaedy: ....

[1351]: I browse magick sites, the last bastion of truly awful web
design. How could I not be away of techniques to make them actually
remotely legible!?
Aleister: i've even been known to resort to reading the source code.

[1351]: Shaedy, are you trying tell us something?

[1351]: LOL - the guide to Satanic Web Design:

Shaedy: ......

[1351]: what is it with the ...... already?!!?

Shaedy: ....

[1351]: now what?
[1351]: Shaedy: Try letters. They make it easier to send out your
psychic signals to the rest of us.
Shaedy: ok
Shaedy: NiGga plz
* [1351] raises an eyebrow. Okay, maybe it won't help. g:
* [1351] sighs and twiddles her thumbs
[1351]: Okay, I'm bored. I think I'll bother someone. Shaedy,
you're it. Do I know you?
Shaedy: yes
[1351]: Humour my poor memory. Where/when/how from?
Shaedy: go fish
[1351]: Oh goody. One of THOSE conversations.
`Max`: who the fuck are you?
* [1351] rolls another joint in self-defence
* Shaedy sparks the bong up
[1351]: I don't think he she or it is going to tell us, somehow.
Shaedy: who r u
Dakarriel: I r me.
Shaedy: yiiis
Shaedy: not u dak
Shaedy: 1351
[1351]: We're some bastards who are under the misaprhension that
what we say goes because we're regular channel visitors. Now who the
fuck are you?
Shaedy: but thank u anyway
[1351]: What Shaedy?
Shaedy: i need ur full name, address, and social security number
[1351]: s/misaprhension/misapprehension
[1351]: Junkie Scum, 333 the abyss #1351
[1351]: your turn
Shaedy: what state r u in
[1351]: LOL
Dakarriel: she's a brit, dude
Shaedy: does anyone have pics of pete carroll or phil hine on there
Dakarriel: uh why?
Shaedy: i wanna see what they look like
[1351]: Phil is tall, scary looking, and had the regulation shaved
head last time I saw him
Shaedy: what nationality
[1351]: What? Phil Hine? He's English.
Shaedy: o
Shaedy: what aboot this carrol character
[1351]: He's also English.
Shaedy: i c
Shaedy: a bunch of wankers.....
[1351]: (how cute - he thinks the world revolves around america)
Shaedy: i have never even left the state i live in
[1351]: I don't know Pope Pete. Phil Hine is a nice guy, personally.
[1351]: How very unfortunate for you.
Shaedy: yes
Shaedy: ....
[1351]: now don't start that again

Shaedy: is there any vampiric books u recommend?
[1351]: None whatsoever. They're all shite.
Shaedy: hmm
[1351]: I presume you mean magick rather than fiction.
[1351]: Kostantinos' piece of crap is rather funny, at least.
Shaedy: well then, is there any organizations such as the order of
the vampyre that u recommend
[1351]: The setian Order of the Vampyre are supposed to be okay,
but I'm put off by their sideline in expensive tablewear.
[1351]: The TOV are also decent enough, but have a rather rip-off
attitude when it comes to their books and fees
Shaedy: tov? got a link?
[1351]: Decent is a comparative term, meaning that not all their
members are idiots, BTW.
[1351]: Yes, hang on
[1351]: http://pw1.netcom.com/~temple/home.html
[1351]: I also have a copy of the first book of their bible
knocking around here somewhere
Shaedy: was it any good
Shaedy: what was in it content wise
[1351]: Not really. Some rituals and some ranting. E-mail me, and
I'll e-mail you a copy when I find it, if you like. My address is
[1351]: I'd look now, but I'm halfway through lacing up my boots to
go to the shops
Shaedy: thx

`Max`: And what the hell is 1351?
Aleister: it's her needle exchange patient number
`Max`: Is that a british thing to keep the transmission of AIDS
down by supplying junkies with clean needles?
Aleister: they do it in america too
Aleister: yes, disease control

Shaedy: ssup dawG

eleventh: Charles Manson looks like such a nice young man in his

Squinky: lool

* ult contemplates good and evil
eleventh: ult: They're types of cherries.
Dakarriel: I likes the yellow and red cherries.

Sq: Jc and i decided we were gonna go on a short walk instead of
going to the pub
[1351]: and?
Sq: unfortunately, i havent slept for almost 2 days and she hasnt
slept for 4, she thought we were going to the burger king at the end
of my road, and i wasnt paying attention and we ended up walking 12

veleda: hello ...my typing is absolutely shit today

Sq: ah man
Sq: im going to bed
Sq: my eyes are almost bleeding

drgngoat: you are settig up a self full filing prophecy

drgngoat: me - i've been working on contacting aliens

* Scott lurks in the shadows, waiting for a bagel.

gbryal: Everybody sing
Xaronzon: No.

Aleister: a penis, is a warm gunnnnnnnnnnnnn

* Scott feels bloated.

* [1351] wanders off to the kitchen to make herself a mayonnaise and
pepper sandwiche

ult: crap...
[1351]: what?
ult: i want to kill myself right now
[1351]: I wouldn't recommend it. It's generally not the sort of
thing you can regret in the morning. Any particular reason, or just
generalised depression?
ult: my "best friend"
ult: someone whom i love[d] dearly who couldn't give a flying fuck
about me
[1351]: people being assholes is a bad reason to kill yourself. The
world is full of them.
ult: my life is weird...
ult: I spent most of it thinking I was going to be a computer
geek...computers bore me nowadays
ult: It's the people and its the machines...they just...it seems so
ult: I'm not loved.
ult: That's the fucking problem, ok?
ult: I don't love myself, and no one loves me to make up for it.
ult: I'm co-dependent without anyone to depend on.
Beacon9: why don't you love yourself?
ult: Beacon9: Who knows. Because I don't find myself attractive, as
a friend, or romantically.
Beacon9: okay. so it's a matter of standards?
ult: Beacon9: Because I have no depth except when it comes to
eternal questions, and eternal questions only go so far
ult: Beacon9: Because I spent so much time living one life, only to
open my eyes and find out it was all wasted
Beacon9: and who told you it was wasted?
ult: Because there was a time when it was kewl to be a l33t h4x0r
[1351]: Ult, you're not even 20 yet, right? You've hardly wasted
any time at all. Besides, everything's an experience.
ult: and so thats how i learned to be social
ult: If I were to wait for the phone to ring, it never would.
ult: I feel so goddamned alone and needy and it DISGUSTS me
[1351]: So either learn to value solitude, get some decent friends
and lovers, or get an obsession to fill the void. Those are all
popular approaches.
eleventh: [1351]: for your edification, even when you're less than
20, your entire lifespan is a LONG time. And it doesn't matter when
you see everyone your age living more than you.
ult: 1351: ...
ult: 1351: I don't know
[1351]: eleventh: the point it, you've got a LOT of life ahead of
you, and what happens in it is entirely up to you.
ult: I valued solitude so much
ult: now its worthless
ult: I thought I had decent friends but it turns out that was a lie
ult: And I don't think I can find anything to be obsessed over.
eleventh: [1351]: It isn't what's ahead that bothers. It's the lost
[1351]: eleventh: even at very worst, wasted time teaches you not
to waste time. It's a good idea to learn that lesson early. You don't
want to discover it when you're 60.
ult: i feel like i've spent 20 years working, and ended up getting
paid with monopoly money
eleventh: [1351]: I'm perfectly aware. I'm just saying "you're only
20" isn't comforting.
ult: oh god i can feel it
ult: like floodgates
[1351]: eleventh: THAT wasn't supposed to be comforting. The point
is, there's a whole life ahead, and dwelling on the past achieves
nothing. I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm not in a very sympathetic mood today.
ult: evil...
ult: using people
ult: being a bastard. getting what i want.
ult: i could but my dignity prevents me
ult: its what i held on to
ult: because i thought it had value
eleventh: well fuck, now I'm getting bummed. I'm going to go web
surfing or something...
ult: im just dumping/bitching
[1351]: We'd noticed. g:
ult: i dont want sympathy, just an irc window to type into...
ult: now im gonna try sleeping and consider becoming a sexual
[1351]: Okay, my general thought on the subject and then I'll stop
boring you with my worthless opinions. Life is to be enjoyed. Find
your passions. Live for the moment. Carpe diem and all that shit.
[1351]: night ult
ult: 1351: Help me find my passions? I can't do it on my own.
[1351]: I can't tell you what your passions are. I suggest trial
and error. Worked for me. Myself, I'm into sensualism and creation.
ult: I just want a tourguide.
ult: bye.
*** ult has quit IRC (Leaving)
eleventh: God damn it, ult
* eleventh kicks ult's signoff message
* [1351] shrugs. If you had any comments for him, I don't doubt that
the subject will rear its ugly head again.
*** [1351] changes topic to 'There are four solutions to any
problem: change, escapism, rationalisation, and death.'

[1351]: I'm not particularly together. I'm extremely fortunate, and
quite good at getting myself out of bad situations. And into them,
for that matter. I have ambitions, but I'm at least currently more
interested in immediate experience of many sorts, and I do things for
my survival when I have to. Not very together, all in all.
[1351]: It certainly doesn't make me immune from the 3 o'clock
horrors, or from "is this what my life has come to". However, I am a
pragmatist. See topic header.

[1351]: It's wierd, come to think of it. I used to be insecure at
one point. Now, I just don't care any more. Funny. shrug:

[1351]: I don't really care about people in general very much, I
suppose. I don't care what they do, as long as it doesn't get in my
way, and I don't care what they think.

[1351]: I like people. I'm good in social situations. I just can't
relate to the vast majority of people enough to give a shit. This
probably isn't a good thing. It can certainly be isolating. Doesn't
really bother me though. It used to, but... shrug:

[1351]: I deal with people in a "this is me, take it or leave it"
kind of way.
[1351]: It works.

eleventh: Well, that's how I would if I could establish any kind of
rapport with them, which is why I AM in fact building a list of
potential convo-starters

[1351]: Might I suggest this one: "Hello. My logic in approaching
you is this: I can't find interesting people if I can't weed my way
through the other ones, so I've come to see if you're interesting or
[1351]: ;)
* eleventh adds it :P

Shaedyz: ....

`Max`: a hammer is a breaking tool. we use it to build.

* [1351] sighs, sits down, and wonders why she seems to be feeling
so very misanthropic today.

Morrtal: ...

Shaedyz: .....

Shaedyz: ....
Morrtal: Say something! :P

eleventh: This permanent marker doesn't wash off fabric, so now I
can sigilize my underwear permanently :)
eleventh: Morrtal: you don't want to know how I annoint the sigils :P

Shaedy: ....

gbryal: boing.

*** Topic is 'And there are two ways to die; one is to be killed,
the other is to lose one's mind.'
*** Set by Genix` on Thu Aug 30 08:17:44

ult: "They also encourage impressionable teenagers to join in chat
rooms to express how miserable they are"
ult: That's US!!!!
ult: Join us, little kiddies
ult: Join us for ANGST HOUR!

ult: ok ya'll suck

`Max`: ...
`Max`: Does it have something to do with spatial relationships
during the act?
[1351]: I am not having this conversation.
`Max`: ...
`Max`: Is that a yes, then?

[1351]: Christ on a pogo stick. The worst that can happen is she'll
accuse you of indeent assault, call the pigs, sully your name
forevermore amongst right-thinking people... what have you got to lose?
[1351]: indecent. I need bed
`Max`: I rather like indeent. I'm not certain, but I think I'd
rather be accused of indeent assault than indecent assault. Say, did
you get a job?
[1351]: Not yet, but I got some money.
`Max`: Excellent.
[1351]: I think so, yes.
`Max`: I shall shed a tear for the eternally damned souls of the
deceased black goats involved...

cidal: fuck

* Aleister threatens to spam the channel with second-rate poetry

*** fand has quit IRC (the sea is scary)

teckyong: that trout fucker...

Dakarriel: wow.. being baited by two fucking idiots.
Dakarriel: life is good.

* zosX really needs to stop the "your mom" stuff

eleventh: Can I ask something of those who evoke?
Sayrelle: what and why do u want to evoke something eleventh?
eleventh: like goetics and angels and crap
eleventh: Sayrelle: I said I want to evoke to see if I can do it.
gbryal: Like to physical form?
eleventh: gbryal: that's very related to one of my questions
eleventh: When the hell do I know I've succeeded? What kind of
result am I supposed to get?
gbryal: I have never seen anything evoked to physical form.
Dakarriel: me neither
eleventh: gbryal: I don't think they can be
gbryal: To invoke or convoke seems more reasonable.
Dakarriel: I'm sure they can
eleventh: I don't expect that much
eleventh: evocation is calling up. Their exterior presence
eleventh: But
Dakarriel: if morrtal can have a tail that's touchable, then I'm
sure demons and such can be evoked to a physical, or quasi physical
eleventh: to what degree am I supposed to be able to
sense/hallucinate the spirit?
gbryal: Unless a successful evocation is you convincing yourself
that you made some sort of thing that you can imagine you can sort of
see appear before you
gbryal: In which case, well, it's a function of how well you can
bullshit yourself.
eleventh: gbryal: evocation has jack shit to do with physical
eleventh: It's as real as invocation
gbryal: Well, I think that's a given.
gbryal: Yes, in other words, imaginary.
eleventh: Or not
zosX: nothing is real
eleventh: no evidence either way
Beacon9: not even us
gbryal: Ok, I guess I can't PROVE you can't do it.
zosX: all is illusion
zosX: all is maya :)
gbryal: oh, don't say maya.
eleventh: gbryal: people DO evocation! It exists, it happens.
Beacon9: and yet all is the emanation of Ain Soph Aur, focused into
the Tree of Life.
zosX: what's wrong with maya ?
Beacon9: it's cliche, zos.
gbryal: it's one of those Words.
gbryal: maya, karma, paradigm, tantric, and meme
gbryal: i hate all of those stupid words.
eleventh: gbryal: deal with it :P
gbryal: and now perhaps i hate "evocation"
Beacon9: gb: don't forget 'The Matrix is Soooo Gnostic'
gbryal: yes.
gbryal: I shan't forget that.
gbryal: tack on "gnostic"
eleventh: gbryal: So you hate the very language of magick :P
gbryal: Yes.
gbryal: Magick has let me down at every turn.
zosX: well, everything is described in words
zosX: that's like saying that you despise what you are sitting in
be called a chair
gbryal: Yes, you can describe hobbits and gelflings and even
Beacon9: gelflings?
eleventh: And?
eleventh: gbryal: what about them?
gbryal: And they aren't very interesting to describe, because YOU
will never see one.
eleventh: I see Klingons
gbryal: You don't.
gbryal: You see actors pretending to be klingons.
eleventh: gbryal: Hm. Reality is very objective for you isn't it?
gbryal: Which is mildly amusing, but entirely different.
gbryal: To the point of pencil-breaking, yes.
gbryal: Exceedingly objective.
eleventh: pity
gbryal: The sadness of it is, I can place myself in the subjective.
gbryal: I can convince myself.
gbryal: But back in square one I see what I have done.
gbryal: The failed magician waves his wand, then takes all the ice
cream so we have none.
Beacon9: gb: what is magick?
gbryal: I asked that question of a six year old girl once.
gbryal: She stared at me for a long time.
gbryal: and then she said "Magick comes from a person inside out."
gbryal: That, then, is my working definition.
Beacon9: sounds about right.
gbryal: More of a description I suppose.
gbryal: Well, I can't figure out what the fuck she meant.
gbryal: But I gave her my magic wand.
Dakarriel: maybe she's a great adept by now.
gbryal: It was pretty cool; three intertwined saplings with
crystals at every braid
gbryal: Probably.
* eleventh grumbles and tears up the sigil...
gbryal: Once I evoked Gabriel.
eleventh: Nobody ever did answer my damn question
gbryal: And a thunderstorm started up the minute I left the dance
gbryal: It rained so hard it almost blew me off a bridge.
gbryal: It was freezinbg, and the wind was amazing, tore off roofs.
gbryal: When I got home, it just stopped.
Beacon9: hrm.
gbryal: I laughed my ass off, but I was scared as hell.
Beacon9: is that a good sign or a bad sign?
gbryal: It's just rain.
gbryal: Maybe it's a sign, maybe it worked.
gbryal: I didn't ASK for rain.
Beacon9: el: what was your question
gbryal: But i was being a cocky little prick.
eleventh: My question was addressed to those who have evoked
eleventh: And I was asking WTF KIND OF RESULT I AM LOOKING FOR
gbryal: I did it through sketches and poems and repetition
Beacon9: gb: I'm guessing that the angels represent primal quantum
forces that we humanize into gods and angels
gbryal: in a dance club. i channeled the energy of the dancers in
synchronization with the pounding bass
gbryal: Well, Gabriel/Water
gbryal: made sense to me anyway
Beacon9: awesome
gbryal: I wasn't looking for something in particular, but that's
what I got.
Beacon9: okay
Beacon9: why, though, do you say that magick let you down
gbryal: I was in the proper mood to take that as an admonishment.
Dakarriel: so, what did good ol' gabe say?
gbryal: Magick has never been what it has been described as in
myths, legends, and fairy tales all the way to the beginning of time.
gbryal: Thousands of generations of assholes bullshitting me.
gbryal: Oh, well, I think he was saying "You should mind your
station, mortal."
Beacon9: gb: well, it's possible that all of that stuff was 1.
metaphorical, and/or 2. done on a plane where it's easy to quickly
manifest 'spectacular' results
Beacon9: which is not to say that spectacular results are
impossible here...
gbryal: or 3. that thousands of generations of assholes are
bullshitting me.
eleventh: Oh fucking hell. Nobody but gabe has ever evoked?
gbryal: hee
gbryal: You can't be a good skeptic unless you desperately want to
be a magician.
Beacon9: eh, I've tried evoking personal godforms a couple times
Beacon9: not much results.
gbryal: Oh
eleventh: Okay. Please say that next time then. Instead of silence.
gbryal: I evoked Enki once too.
Beacon9: I know this is cliche, but it may have been lust of result.
gbryal: And lightning struck like a foot from me moments later.
gbryal: sparks came through my screen door
gbryal: and my entire home lan blew up
Beacon9: you had a surge protector, I hope.
gbryal: all of the network cards had black rings on the reverse side
gbryal: oh no.
eleventh: Oh shit. I'm getting seriously infuriated here. This sucks.
eleventh: hey Sq
Beacon9: g:
gbryal: it came over the cable
gbryal: Why are you infuriated?
eleventh: gbryal: the utter frustration at almost complete lack of
results in about two dozen evocation attempts
Dakarriel: I evoked a few times
Beacon9: el: did you grow up with Dungeons & Dragons too?
eleventh: You'd think I would be getting SOMEWHERE by now
eleventh: Beacon9: nope
gbryal: maybe you are evoking busy entities
eleventh: Dakarriel: PLEASE SHARE
gbryal: Anyway, I'd call thunderstorms and lightning rather
negative attention.
eleventh: gbryal: They're omnipresent.
gbryal: How do you know they are omnipresent if you have never
evoked them?
Dakarriel: the funny thing about evocation, and anything that deals
with some sort of spirit, is that it feels so real when I'm doing it,
but afterwards, could easily be written off as something I just
convinced myself happeened.
eleventh: Because I fucking said so.
gbryal: Well, it's you ATTITUDE then.
gbryal: har.
Dakarriel: because rarely when I do, do I get any lasting physical
evidence I have. I only get a feeling of a presence about.
eleventh: gbryal: piss off when you don't know how magick works for
gbryal: Well, you asked for input.
eleventh: Dakarriel: what about communicating with it?
gbryal: I don't know how magick works for any of you pigfuckers.
Dakarriel: I'd hear it in my head
gbryal: But I still like to stop in and chat.
eleventh: gbryal: what I ASKED for was what kind of state I was
trying to go for. That's it.
gbryal: Oh, well, I suppose a state where you think it's working.
Dakarriel: they tend to have interesting voices. like Uriel, his
voice was really rough, while gabe's and raph's were rather light.
Dakarriel: not high, but a sort of calm light voice.
Beacon9: I did hear an interesting thing about angelic evocation,
by hebrew talismans
Beacon9: that the talismans weren't there to control the angels,
but rather to demonstrate the knowledge of the magickian
Dakarriel: of course, I didnt really evoke gabe or raph, I visited
em in heaven.
gbryal: You know, just because Gbryal is standing behind you
doesn't mean he is eyeballing your ass, by the way.
Dakarriel: I'd hope not. I should have a thinner ass
eleventh: gbryal: allopw me to rephrase. When I evoke something,
what the hell am I supposed to be feeling/sensing?
Beacon9: and the angel would then do SOME things for you, out of
respect for your knowledge
KrimHum: 11th: Still no results?
gbryal: Well, when an evokation "works" for me, it makes me feel
pretty freaked out.
Beacon9: so, it's not at all about forcing
gbryal: It makes me feel like maybe I wish it hadn't.
eleventh: Krim: fuck all for results.
KrimHum: -- working on a new php-based vortexpix gallery. looks
like it will be snazzy.
Dakarriel: when I do an evokation, or visit realms, it all seems
like a dream afterwards
KrimHum: gbryal: LOL. I hear you there.
gbryal: I don't know about you, but if the angel that destroyed
Sodom REALLY appeared in front of me, I'd be a bit sheepish.
Dakarriel: its all cloudy in my memory and I cant remember any
Beacon9: I wouldn't.
gbryal: "WHAT IS YOUR COMMAND!?!" "Oh, sorry to bother you, um, mr.
angel, but, er... well, i am looking for a job..."
gbryal: *ZAP!(
Beacon9: haha
gbryal: I think anything worth evoking is probably not something
you can just push around and have at your beck and call.
gbryal: And while you might not need the symbols, maybe THEY do.
Dakarriel: that whole angel who destroyed sodom thing is iffy. in
different stories, a different angel did it.
Dakarriel: the whole angel thing is iffy
eleventh: To me, an angel is an aspect of my knowledge/power
wrapped up in its own ego construct.
KrimHum: Oh. Still not using a circle?
gbryal: Oh, well, it's just an example.
KrimHum: eleventh: Then try evoking that, not something from a
eleventh: KrimHum: Still can't. Still pretty much refuse to.
KrimHum: *shrug* As you wish.
eleventh: KrimHum: I'm just using the stuff from the grimoire as
names for those aspects
gbryal: Without a symbolset too, it's hard to tell if you got the
real thing or a stray imposter.
eleventh: "real thing"?
gbryal: The one you called.
Dakarriel: evoke Anachiel and have him get you a life.
KrimHum: My first quasi-successful evocation was of a comic book
character using only mild chemognosis.
eleventh: again, "real thing"?
gbryal: Does Anachiel do that for people?
KrimHum: If I'm going to do something from a grimoire, though, I at
least give lip service to its conventions.
Dakarriel: well, anachiel helps with people skills
gbryal: again, "The one you called"
Dakarriel: and I suppose the thing to getting a life is getting
some people skills
gbryal: as opposed to "whatever came when it heard you were in the
market for some action"
eleventh: gbryal: if it answers to the name of what I called, then
how do I know the difference?
gbryal: symbols, gematria, alphabets
Dakarriel: by spending a whole lot of time with gematria and symbols
Dakarriel: exactly.
Dakarriel: not really my cup o tea.
Dakarriel: but, different paradigms and all
eleventh: And if it pops in using the symbols of the thing you
Dakarriel: what works for some, doesnt work for others.
KrimHum: eleventh: Well, a common convention is testing it with
its name and/or sigil. You can visualize its sigil in the middle of
its forehead and see if it fades or is reinforced.
gbryal: then you should be able to ask it questions to prove it
KrimHum: gematria is nice, too. gemcalc is our friend.
eleventh: KrimHum: like I said, the grimoire is just to provide
names and sigils for the aspects I'm trying to call. I don't consider
them someone else's beings...
gbryal: maybe you don't possess those aspects
KrimHum: eleventh: Dude, what you're "considering" hasn't worked
for you so far, has it? If you're going to use a system that pays
attention to certain rules, why are you surprised when ignoring those
rules gets you no results?
eleventh: I'm not using the fucking system!
KrimHum: Then why are you using the fucking names of the fucking
angels? :P
KrimHum: Pure laziness?
eleventh: Because they're convenient!
KrimHum: LOL
eleventh: yes!
KrimHum: Thought so.
gbryal: Well, if I was an angel, your convenience would be very
appealing to me.
KrimHum: Well, good luck with that. :)
gbryal: Yep, I'd drop whatever it was I was doing.
eleventh: gbryal: fuck you if you won't listen to what I'm saying.
Dakarriel: oh, krim, that sigil thing is a great idea.. I thinks
I'll try it more often
Dakarriel: of some truth test similar to that, if I dont have a
handy dandy sigil
Beacon9: sigil thing?
KrimHum: Dak: I've found it useful. Hope you do, too.
Dakarriel: a lot of entities dont have a known, or on hand sigil.
gbryal: Oh, I hear what you are saying. You are saying that the
names are just symbols, and that what you expect to come forth are
bits of yourself that have no attachment to any system or paradigm.
KrimHum: Beacon: Test the entity by visualizing its sigil in the
middle of its forehead, et al.
Beacon9: aha
Beacon9: yeah, sounds good.
gbryal: And you want to know why they won't come.
eleventh: gbryal: no, I want to know why I can't get them to come
gbryal: Fair enough.
Dakarriel: I could always use my spirit mastery sigil to divine if
they're true or false as well, with a small rite, of course.
gbryal: Why do you expect them to come?
eleventh: The fault is mine, not theirs
gbryal: er
gbryal: expect to be able to get them to come.
Dakarriel: 11, get some booze, and a blood sacrifice. that'll draw
Dakarriel: speaking of booze, my flasks came. they're awesome.
Dakarriel: I'm gonna start packing a 6 oz flask.
Dakarriel: nothing like liquor to make the world go round.
eleventh: gbryal: why wouldn't they? why wouldn't aspects of my
self come when I call them?
gbryal: Maybe they didn't see the point.
Dakarriel: maybe they dont see themselves as aspects of YOUR self,
and as independant autonomous beings.
eleventh: They are ME
gbryal: Maybe they are already sitting right next to you, being you.
eleventh: Dakarriel: I'm not calling the ones that see themselves
that way
Dakarriel: oh
eleventh: gbryal: and by self I do not mean ego.
gbryal: You are in an awkward situation that i think is common
among chaotes.
gbryal: You are calling a system into being by using it, but you
don't know if the system is really there.
gbryal: Since you just invented it, just now.
eleventh: Systems can be made
eleventh: it doesn't have to "Be there"
gbryal: How do you know that?
eleventh: BECAUSE I DID IT
eleventh: And it works everywhere but here
eleventh: And there's no reason that should happen
eleventh: NONE
KrimHum: then try a different methodology.
KrimHum: Don't be one of those dogmatic chaotes. :P
gbryal: where does it work?
eleventh: KrimHum: I've tried the only methodologies I know
eleventh: gbryal: invocation, general enchantment, yadda yadda blah
fucking blah
KrimHum: eleventh: Now that is total bullshit. We've been giving
you methodologies for a while that have worked for us and you've flat
out ignored them.
eleventh: KrimHum: and I don't see other ways of ding it
gbryal: i'll have you know, too, i am trying to be helpful instead
of just taking the piss, as is my wont.
eleventh: KrimHum: I'll change my methodology on my terms
* gbryal wonders why he is doing that
gbryal: i must have the dropsy
KrimHum: Alright. I'll just continue with the "good luck"
messages, then.
KrimHum: It's not that I'm against your way of thinking. I just
hate to see you ramming your head into a wall.
eleventh: KrimHum: I have tried magick with the props and symbolism
and all that happy horseshit, and it never helped, which is why I
disregard it here
gbryal: In the myths and legends and magic books it only works if
you do the happy horseshit.
gbryal: It probably just makes a better story.
eleventh: And I've seen that's not always true
gbryal: But you never know!
Beacon9: hrm....
* Beacon9 gets out the GoN calc
Beacon9: under GoN, Happy Horseshit = 9
eleventh: gbryal: actually I just said that I tried it and it never
helped. I call that empirically knowing.
gbryal: Well, sure, if you think that in 3 years you are like some
yoda-type adept.
Beacon9: under EQALW, it's 181
Beacon9: under EQA1B2C3, it's 187
gbryal: And can ignore those who came before you and got boiled in
oil for trying these things.
KrimHum: 11th: Did you have a deep understanding of the symbolism
you were using?
eleventh: gbryal: I have enough experience to see what works for me
so far
gbryal: In texas, they have a saying.
eleventh: KrimHum: I believe I did.
gbryal: "Always dance with them what brung ya."
gbryal: I am not sure how that applies, but it certainly sounds
like it is probably wise or something.
eleventh: I didn't at all ignore the experience of those who came
before. I outright found it not to be beneficial.
gbryal: Maybe you are just really bad at evocation.
eleventh: NO SHIT
gbryal: Or maybe you just aren't a loon.
eleventh: What does being a loon have to do with anything?
KrimHum: 11th: I'm just making guesses here. *shrug* I don't
know what went wrong before. I don't know what's going wrong now.
Dakarriel: eleventh, try and ingage in some activity that that
entity would engage in
gbryal: Only loons call ghosts on the phone and then see them.
Dakarriel: then, you'll have some sort of empathic link to it,
maybe calling it'll be easier.
eleventh: Dakarriel: part of my purpose is to discover something
about the personality of the entity. I don't know jack about it ahead
of time.
gbryal: Maybe I will be serious for a moment.
gbryal: Yes, let's try that.
gbryal: If you are attempting to get in touch with an aspect of
yourself, and it is so important that it requires a ritual, perhaps
it is an aspect that isn't ready to just jump out.
Dakarriel: most times, when calling an entity, one looks at what
the entity does, or what it symbolizes
gbryal: Maybe it needs time, understanding, and nurturing.
gbryal: There.
gbryal: Now I will be stupid fresh crazy wack again.
eleventh: I know what its function is. I just don't know what it
does in its daily life
Dakarriel: every chat room needs a stupid fresh crazy wack
Dakarriel: expecially a choate chatroom
gbryal: I know. I am sorry I was late tonight.
gbryal: I hope someone was able to sub for a bit.
Dakarriel: I should practice being the crazy wack.
Dakarriel: I need some expirience for real life.
gbryal: be sure to contradict yourself often if it helps you to
disagree with someone else.
gbryal: I can't stress that enough.

Squink: i really have lost track of how long i've been awake
Squink: all i know is that im on Part 4 of day 2
Squink: and each part == 12 hours

*** Dakarriel changes topic to '"If God made man beautiful, what the
hell happened to you?"'

Setzer_: Hey, stop talking a bit!

teckyong: so have u infiltrated the Shadow Government like I told u
KrimHum: heh. No, not yet. That might require a couple more
months before the locals really trust me. ;)
teckyong: it helps if you are willing to use your charms and sleep
your way to the top. that's what I did. ;p

teckyong: the really important issue here is...Is he cute?

teckyong: oh btw Krim, wanna meet up next year? We can do Kung Fu
stuff together then.
teckyong: I am getting better
teckyong: so maybe we can do a Mortal Kombat thing
Setzer_: o_O
teckyong: I wanna be the bad guy btw
Setzer_: They call ME weird.

*** teckyong changes topic to 'The most important thing you will
ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. -- Moulin Rouge'

teckyong: so do u want to be the good guy or bad guy in Mortal
Kombat Zee Cluster Special Edition?

Setzer_: Can I have a move where I CONVINCE the opponent to stand

teckyong: yes.

Dakarriel: damn you teck, DAAAAMN YOOOOU!

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Aleister: well, i was driving cross country at night in 1983
* Beacon9 listens
Aleister: and i heard an inner voice tell me that i was about to
receive an important communication
Aleister: less than a minute later, i came across one sign that
said 'crowley' right over one that said "1111"
Aleister: a number that in my personal symbolism, i associate with
Aleister: i interpreted this to mean that crowley had achieved his
goal of becoming a god.

Beacon9: yo
Riordan: what's up?
Aleister: any vector directed away from local center of gravity

gbryal: Most highly intelligent super villains come from England,
Belgium, and Switzerland.

fand: like red slugs on a skull

fand: they are narrow but wormlike, rather than sluglike

* Aleister is watching 'fight club' for the first time

ult: considering becoming closer to godhood tonight
ult: watching final fantasy movie :)

ult: my mom is renting my room out so i am moving out...
[1351]: Wow. Way to drop a hint.

* [1351] doesn't know what a phantom is in this context, but gets
the general picture
ult: you haven't seen the movie?
[1351]: nope
ult: They are basically ghosts that suck souls :)
[1351]: right
eleventh: like republicans
ult: bingo
[1351]: LOL

Aleister: ult: summoning a Phantom to suck your soul out of your
body, and then release it (or posess the phantom?)
Aleister: the first part of that process is called marriage.

Aleister: i've been married 23 years, but the soulsucking didn't
begin in earnest until about 15 years ago.

*** Riordan changes topic to 'DEATH BEFORE MARRIAGE'

ult: i will get married if i meet the right person
ult: i dont want to get married just because i fear being alone
Riordan: to each their own
ult: i feel like there is another part of me that is missing
Riordan: that someone else can fill?
ult: well
ult: kind of like an unbalance
ult: like....if a bridge was broken in the middle
ult: but it was still capable of standing
ult: just not as strong, and of course, nothing could cross it
ult: i'm not sure if thats me or a soulmate that will fill that gap

Aleister: there is no virtue i can think of in christianity that is
not at least equalled in buddhism, and with much better pedagogical
Aleister: no, i take that back.
Aleister: buddhists do have a vice of being too tolerant.

eleventh: Theres a big thing that annoyse me about christianity.
They emphasise sin more than virtue, and state what you should not do
far more often that they state what you should.
eleventh: It reaks of negativity

eleventh: Milosh's essay "Is Christianity a Morally Worthy
Religion" covers it fairly well.

Aleister: there are a couple of my sunday school teachers i
wouldn't mind horsewhipping.

Aleister: personally, i think yelling at three year olds that GOD

Derwin: God watches you piss!

eleventh: I like the Zoroastrians more than Christians at least,
because to them, faith means jack shit, and what you do is what

eleventh: If I ever had a child, I'd teach them one thing their
whole childhood. "Question everything. Question me, question your
teachers, question the government, the media...."

ult: I think I might actually be a good person

* Aleister thinks good and evil are projections of biological

* Derwin isnt good or evil. He just is.

ult: helping people is innate to our survival instinct
ult: if you can't preserve yourself, preserve what you find
valuable, if you can't preserve that, preserve what you can get your
hands on.
eleventh: it's all situational.
Aleister: i think there is something in the primal shock of an
animal being in an environment where preadarors are present, induces
a dualism in consciousness
ult: go beyond predators and think of death

Derwin: Become God.

Aleister: why does man have a capacity for religious experiences? i
have a theory.
eleventh: I've heard it's a brain re-wiring thing
ult: Ale: Why do 85% of enlightened people have a history of drug
Aleister: i think that religious experiences, and the brain systems
that support them, are part of a general behavioural maintenance and
generation mechanism that serves the specias as a whole
ult: Religious experiences are simply redirections of sexual
pathways to sensual pathways
ult: If you can't get an orgasm physically, do it mentally
ult: Also do not forget the pain thing -- its true that if you
crush desire you crush pain
* Derwin gives his ego an orgasm
ult: but i don't believe thats as direct as it sounds
Aleister: ult, religious experiences significantly alter behaviour
and ideologies
ult: crush desire and you crush hope, crush hope and you crush
expectations, crush expectations and you crush pain
Aleister: behavior and ideologies can influence genetic outcomes
eleventh: ult: I can have a mental orgasm from music, but it's not
a religious experience.
Aleister: i'm suggesting a feedback loop exists
ult: Ale: Most of the religious people I know do it mindlessly as
an obsession, without which they would simply have too much
unbearable Free Time.
Aleister: between genes and the capacity for religious experiences
Aleister: religion is a biologically efficient way for a species to
introduce not only new behaviors, but whole new suites of behaviors
Aleister: look how much of religious lit deals in altering behavior
Aleister: imagine if you will, that it's 5000 bc and you hear a
voice, identifying itself as god, and telling you not to eat pork.
Aleister: you tell all your cousins this happened to you
ult: Ale: I'd club the asshole hiding behind the rock.
Aleister: and you convince them all not to eat pork.
Aleister: presuming that eating pork has a negative survivial value
given the sanitation of the time
eleventh: And they all live because they don't get trichinosis!
Aleister: this would tend to magnify the genes of your kinship group
Aleister: including the gene that let you 'see god'
Beacon9: Ale: I read in a jewish book that some of those laws where
there more or less to test whether the Israelites would trust
ult: Ale: Most of Judaism is scientifically explainable
ult: Ale: I did some research into that
Beacon9: i.e. 'I could tell you why I don't want you to do this but
I'm in love with my own power and I like to see you people squirm so
nuts to you!"
ult: Ale: Very few Jewish laws have no scientific basis...even
their crazy menstration shit
Aleister: it seems to me reasonable that a STRONG sociobilogical
basis to religion exists.
ult: Ale: Lets not forget burying corpses
Derwin: Storm Gods kick ass.
Aleister: burning is probably healthier.

Aleister: where they get multi busloads of koreans, i dunno. my
guess is the mall.

Aleister: learn to do your own tattoos!

Genix: So, like, what have the police done to earn the wrath of the
Setzer_: Well...
Setzer_: Like a great philosopher once said
Setzer_: It's their fault for being there!

Setzer_: Their "Look-at-me-I'm-so-strong" way of acting pisses me off
Genix: Setzer: Well, if they had a "don't look at me, please, I'll
cry" look, how many people would be afraid of being arrested?

* Setzer_ sucks on Dak's forehead.

Genix: Fuck alcohol.
Setzer_: O_O
Setzer_: Whaaaat?
Genix: Like prozac, Setzer.

Genix: More like; boy, I've just been stabbed. Heh, cool. Why'd
the guy stab me? Maybe I should give him a hug.

Genix: Derwin: That's the last straw, young man. Call me a chaote
again and I'll spank your bottom.
[Editor's Note: It's comments like these which can oftentimes be used to identify chaotes.]

Genix: I'm not anything.

Dakarriel: are social movements anything like bowel movements?

Setzer_: what is bowel?

Dakarriel: a bowel movement is when one takes a shit., or rather
leaves a shit.

Genix: You could have told him a bowel movement was similar to a
Freudian view on psychology.

Dakarriel: yes, and this is the shit that happens after one eats a
diet of corn and spinach
* Dakarriel holds up a greenish, yellow speckled lump.

* Dakarriel flings the stool at Setzer_
Setzer_: What's "fling the stool"?
Setzer_: I'm not THAT good at english.
Genix: He threw a chair at you. The same one he held up earlier.
Riordan: stool= a medical term for individual pieces of shit.
Setzer_: ...
* Setzer_ dodges
* Genix laughs
Genix: You can't ask what it is and THEN dodge.
Riordan: LOL Gen
Setzer_: I learned how to dodge.
Dakarriel: that's gotta be some of the slowest reflexes I've seen
Setzer_: Ironically, if it was on RL, I'd dodge :P
* Genix thinks of high-fiving Dak, then decides not to

Dakarriel: hehehe.. this is funny "Ninja Burger"
Dakarriel: "Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit
Dakarriel: No, there is no other soft drink selection. Cola is good
enough for Ninja, and thus is probably too good for you. You will drink
Dakarriel: cola or you will DIE!!
Dakarriel: that was on the menu.
Setzer_: :)
Setzer_: We don't get a lot of joke menus here...
Setzer_: That is what makes my country a third-world one. :P
Dakarriel: well the whole Ninja Burger thing is a joke
Dakarriel: Http://www.ninjaburger.com/
Setzer_: o_o

Dakarriel: that and i'm always worried that a good percentage of
the girls here are guys

Setzer_: Teck, what are you?

Setzer_: Hey, can you get me YMCA lyrics?
Setzer_: I want to create a song :P

ChORONZON: jeeeezuz fuck!
ChORONZON: Electra posted *those* pics to Krims site??

*** J-DoeZzzz changes topic to 'We (that is, plural of I, I being
included in we, or it would be "them") now (at this time) fuck (have
intercourse with) the police (pigs) for fun (pleasure)'

*** Topic is 'If we were millionaires, we'd still be IRC addicts:
i'd have a 40 foot screen for idling'
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`Max`: no i'm not ignoring you because i'm insane -- i'm ignoring
you because i got distracted by a shiny thing
*** [1351] changes topic to '"Mental illness or narcotic addiction?"
"Now that's a tough choice..." - Reverend Jim, Taxi'

[1351]: if I give you some candy, will you stop singing blur at me?

`Max`: Hello, Clarice.
[1351]: my aren't WE all a bunch of pop culture replicants tonight
`Max`: Just do it.
[1351]: Heh. Junkie's motto.
`Max`: Pervert. Satanist. Junkie.
[1351]: Do you think I ought to tradmark that?
[1351]: I'm thinking of trademarking it, too, for that matter.
* [1351] grins

Shaedyz: ....

gbryal: I am that I am and that's all what I am! I'm Eheieh the
sailor man!

*** Topic is 'Satan fell from heaven for YOU.'
*** Set by Shaedy on Tue Sep 04 00:54:42

[1351]: Interesting re: your dreams. What other sensory stuff do
you get? I usually get full senses, which a few people have mentioned
is a little unusual.
blue`lady: good point... thanks, 1351
blue`lady: it's not usual for people to dream in color.. i don't
remember getting smell/taste... i get some hearing, but, since i'm
deaf -- when I have my hearing aid off, my imagination makes up sound
effects for the things i see, the lips i read, the things that fall
and go BOOM, and that's the kind of hearing i get in the dreams.
[1351]: Sounds like you've got a pretty vivid dream-life, whatever
colours its in. ;)
blue`lady: but from what i've heard, it's really rare to get color
dreams, much less full senses
blue`lady: I usually like my dreams... good entertainment. Just,
my nightmares, which are often, scare the shit out of me.
* [1351] is very into her dreams. They've always been important to
me, increasingly so over the past couple of years. I rather enjoy
nightmares in a perverse sort of way. They're horrible (NASTY more
than terrifying usually), but, I dunno... I place a certain unique
value on them too.
blue`lady: once in a while I get deja vu from my dreams...
sometimes it provides guidance but sometimes I have convenient
amnesia of the dream until the event is over and done with
blue`lady: so sometimes I can use it to fuck with my fate, but
sometimes it won't let me fuck with it.
blue`lady: as for nightmares... I have a lot of disturbing dreams,
but I don't call it a nightmare unless it wakes me up or someone
wakes me up. Otherwise I'd have one almost every night :)
[1351]: I very occasionally get precognitive stuff. More frequently
I get commentaries and answers and such, from various sources. But
I'm quite into them as a recreational activity too.
blue`lady: if they're nasty more than terrifying, do you call them
blue`lady: sometimes I get story lines in my dreams... I still have
a story that I need to finish from my last one.
[1351]: there's not much else to describe them as - they're truly
unpleasant experiences, so nightmares seems as appropriate term as
any. They're not situations I'd like to be in voluntarily.
blue`lady: Hmmmm... 'nasty' anything like this recurring dream I
get of being in a room slowly filling with vomit?
[1351]: When I was younger I used to get quite a lot of sleep
paralysis stuff which scared the fuck out of me, but I learned to
utilize it and understand it's various possiblities, so now it
doesn't scare me. Still leaves me pretty awe-struck.
[1351]: Nasty is like friends dying, getting busted by the police,
seeing horrible things happening to animals I like, and so on.
blue`lady: hmmmm... that would be categorized as a nightmare.
[1351]: I reckon. They don't scare me though. They're just NASTY.
Very little scares me in dreams these days, probably because I've got
much better control over them than I did as a child. And I can enjoy
them in a wierd way. Sort of like a personalized horror movie.
blue`lady: hmmmm... I have no control over dreams wahtsoever.
[1351]: I've got good control, under most circumstances. Almost
always of myself, usually of my dreamscape.

`Max`: doesn't have anything to do with the Elder Gods, does it?
[1351]: No Max, but it does involve some passing references to the
Great Old Ones.
`Max`: shit, i always get those confused outside the context of the
`Max`: i need to read the call of cthulhu again
[1351]: actually, it's entirely August Derleth's fault that there's
a difference
`Max`: who the heck is that?
* `Max` sits patiently and relaxes for the story.
[1351]: Derleth is almost completely responsible for the
duotheistic element between the Elder Gods and the GOOs, mostly
introducing them in his posthumous collaborations with Lovecraft (ie
based on his commonplace book), cont:
[1351]: Lovecraft didn't really do forces of good. Everything's
nasty, mostly because they think humanity is totally insignificant or
don't notice it at all.
[1351]: Nyarlathotep notwithstanding
[1351]: Cthulhu is the high priest of the Great Old Ones
`Max`: alright
`Max`: so the goos came before the eggs?
`Max`: i know there's a chicken joke in there somewhere...
[1351]: yes, although the term "elder gods" was, IIRC, used to
refer to the GOOs (at least in passing or in Lovecraft's letters)
before Derleth purloined the term.
`Max`: okay
`Max`: that sorta clears it up
[1351]: All this said, we have Derleth to thank for the fact that
Lovecraft's work is in print now. He founded Arkham House.
[1351]: Convoluted, isn't it? You should read "The Starry Wisdom",
put out by Creation Books.

`Max`: question...
`Max`: kerouac
`Max`: ever read much of his stuff?
[1351]: yes?
[1351]: I've only read On the Road
`Max`: oh
`Max`: i'm nearly done with it
`Max`: i loved it
`Max`: but i wanted to ask for suggestions regarding other kerouac
`Max`: and i've been considering purchasing 'walden'
[1351]: argh... hang on, let me think - I have one on my to-read list
[1351]: I found On the Road interesting as a cultural artefact, but
I wasn't too impressed by his writing.
`Max`: i really love it because it is exactly what i'd been
discovering just prior to reading it
`Max`: i've been doing so much travelling lately, and really
drinking up life
`Max`: it's been a hell of a ride
[1351]: Despite the description of stuff that happened to him, he
often seemed a little distant from it, which I found off-putting too,
particularly as compared to Burroughs' Junky, which covers the same
time period; also a great cultural artifact. OTR really captures the
zeitgeist though.
[1351]: ah, yeah - Kerouac reccomendation - apparently, "The Town
and the Country" is very good
`Max`: okay, so "The Town and the Country"
`Max`: any Burroughs reccomendations, while you're at it?
[1351]: aye. It's an oft recommended one.
[1351]: Junky, Queer, and the Yage Letters provide a lot of
enlightening background on his later work. Cities of the Red night is
WONDERFUL, and I really like the entire Red Night series cont:
[1351]: Naked Lunch is great, but I prefer Junky and Cities. I
haven't read the cut-up series (the soft machine, the nova express,
the ticket that exploded) yes, but I'm about to, as they've just be
re-released in this country.
[1351]: The Red Night series are very magickally useful, in various
ways, I've found.
`Max`: really?
`Max`: care to elaborate?
[1351]: I'm not sure I can. They involve a Burroughs' views on
magic, a few very elaborately described rituals, and so on. And
Cities starts with one of the coolest invocations I've run across -
hang on, let me get you the URL to an article on Phil Hine's site
which includes the text of it.
`Max`: hrmm
`Max`: i didn't know he was a major occultist
[1351]: yes
`Max`: i thought he was just an intellectual psychonaut, but
apparently i will have to do my research on burroughs
[1351]: he was actually in the IOT prior to his death
`Max`: well i'll be!
[1351]: some of his magickal ideas were WAY ahead of his time. and
ours, I suspect
[1351]: I seem to recall that Infek knew him in some way.
`Max`: infeks claims are known to often be dubious at best
`Max`: although he often does deliver
[1351]: oh, yeah - Word Virus: A William Burroughs Reader includes
some otherwise unpublished stuff, a lot of excepts, and some great
biographical detail.
`Max`: so i wouldn't know what to beLIEve
[1351]: This may interest you:
[1351]: Max: you'll find quite a lot of magickal stuff build up
from Burroughs' methods on a5e - you could try a search on his name.
[1351]: Ah. The Invocation I was looking for is here:
[1351]: Looking into Burroughs' stuff is well worth the time
invested, IMO.
[1351]: Everything he's written seems to build on earlier concepts,
so there's a lot of benefit in reading as much as you can lay hands on.
`Max`: i nearly picked up some of his collected essays a few days
ago, but i wisely decided to save the money for a girl instead

SilntBob: ....

SilntBob: ....

SilntBob: .....

SilntBob: ....

*** [1351] changes topic to 'Money can't buy you happiness but it
can get you really fucked up where you're miserable. - Wulf'

`Max`: general public announcement: i love you

`Max`: kat, i appreciate your wit in particular
[1351]: me?
`Max`: indeed
[1351]: really? gods, why?
`Max`: because you are intelligent, witty, fucked-up in all the
right ways
[1351]: LOL
[1351]: thank you
`Max`: and just generally the Penultimate Woman
* [1351] ROTFLs
`Max`: and if you were maybe half your age I'd be rushing off to
Wales with a boner in my trousers, but alas, you're just a wee tad
older than me
[1351]: you don't KNOW that... :-p
`Max`: heh, you're right
`Max`: there's rumors that you're all sorts of ages
[1351]: Yep. And don't think I don't love it. ;)
`Max`: but i meant to simply thank you for your witty conversations
and for putting up with my bullshit here tirelessly, only insulting
me occasionally. ;-P
[1351]: LOL
[1351]: well, you're welcome

*** SilntBob has joined #thee_vortex
Urza: where's Jay?
* SilntBob nods
[1351]: I was wondering that myself.
SilntBob: ....
* SilntBob prances around the room
* SilntBob makes signs that signify jay, and then draws a bong
[1351]: ah
* SilntBob cries as if he wasnt invited
* [1351] hands Silent Bob a hit to make up for it.
* SilntBob raises his hand in the air as if to smak jay next time he
sees him
* SilntBob hits that shit like theres no tomorrow
[1351]: good lad

[1351]: --- working on getting obsecenely fucked up. Please excuse

`Max`: Veronica Guzzardi wrote:
`Max`: wow, max. that was deep. So very very deep. I think
`Max`: my head is going to explode from the pressure created
`Max`: by the deepness of that little parable.
`Max`: -ronnie
`Max`: Go to hell you flaming bitch.
`Max`: -Max
`Max`: Aw shit... I love it when these curses are retroactive.

`Max`: bitch wants to insult me out of the blue when i do nothing
but try to have a discussion in a public forum, bitch gonna get flamed

Aleister: i just found something interesting, there HAS been some
work done correlating brain activity and psi
* ult hmms
Aleister: Event-related brain potentials (ERPs) were recorded from
22 subjects performing a forced-choice
Aleister: guessing task which was part of a larger study of
gambling behavior. On each trial, ERPs were
Aleister: elicited by 4 sequentially presented graphic images.
After the last stimulus was delivered,
Aleister: subjects guessed which of the 4 images would later be
randomly selected as the target for that
Aleister: trial. On the basis of 2 previous studies, we
hypothesized that, first, the Late Negative Slow Wave
Aleister: (L-NSW; 400-500 ms poststimulus) and, second, the Early
Negative Slow Wave (E-NSW; 150-400
Aleister: ms) would both have greater negative-guing amplitude over
5 prespecified scalp sites for targets
Aleister: than for nontargets on "nonwager" trials. The test of the
first hypothesis fell just short of
Aleister: significance (p = .085, one-tailed); the second
hypothesis was strongly confirmed (p = .007,
Aleister: one-tailed). The results were interpreted as evidence of
unconscious or preconscious psi. That is,
Aleister: although conscious target discrimination did not occur,
as indicated by nonsignificant, marginally
Aleister: below-chance guessing accuracy, differential brain
responses to target and nontarget stimuli
Aleister: indicated that psi information was detected by the
subjects. Importantly, these results represent a
Aleister: replication and confirmation, with a group of subjects
unselected for psi, of our earlier findings
Aleister: from a single selected subject.

eleventh: I am a furry clown.

gbryal: Drink Box Enema would make a pretty good band name.

zosX: Jesus says "Anal sex is fun for the whole family!"

`Max`: Lesbian anal sex. Mmm-mmm good.

*** `Max` changes topic to 'The Ritual Symbolism of the Testicles of
Swine and their Use in Modern Occultism'

zosX: that was probably the responsible thing to do
[1351]: And I really detest being responsible.

[1351]: Very worthy. Most of my musical efforts involve either
making a bloody racket or making some pretty things in a language
only I probably understand. g:

zosX: yeah...its going to be mostly ritual music with a few
recorded rituals on the album all pretty much dark ambience...but the
one track is going to bust out into some noise after I invoke the HGA

zosX: a few nights ago I chased happy all the way down to the river
and back...I must have chased that dog for an hour at least before I
could finally catch him....he would just let me get within 10 feet of
him and then run off 2 blocks away and I would have to find him

[1351]: dope's nice, but perhaps unfortunately, its primary use is
in keeping me fuctional. At least it's cheap. g:

[1351]: I'm really impressed with Portugal.
[1351]: They recently decriminalised EVERYTHING.
zosX: even canada is much more liberal these days
zosX: I've heard portugal is really cheap and absolutely beautiful
zosX: a lot of americans have retired there for very little money
[1351]: this country just disavoed the efficiency of a US style war-
on-drugs. Our "drug czar"'s term ended. We aren't getting another one.
zosX: I don't know if I could ever learn portugese though
[1351]: they also have a great metal scene in portugal

Xaronzon: ...

Xaronzon: goth these days isn't goth

Xaronzon: for that matter, goth those days wasn't goth

zosX: I need to do something constructive today

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their Use in Modern Occultism'
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fand: I saw an old man in the library yesterday.. he was really
bedraggled wearing a scarlet woman's mac from the 70s , he had long
hair and a horrrrrrrrrrrible cough and spluttered everywhere.. he
cleared the library, jsut about
fand: I bet it was Gandalf

blue_rat: bye folks, and remember: drugs are good for you

*** Topic is 'I got better things to do like blowing bartenders'
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Aleister: time online is never wasted, if you want to be here.

MoonWych: i hate tv
MoonWych: its a waste of time in this country
ult: yeah but time wasting is nice
Aleister: yes, i have movie channels! i can watch beautiful over-
surgeried women badly simulating sex!
ult: i like cartoons

[1351]: I just wish one of the channels I got had He-Man and She-Ra
and Thundercats and Dungeons and Dragons and stuff. I need to update
my subscription package.

[1351]: I'm still wondering if the mushrooms that grow in my
bathroom are hallucinogenic

[1351]: cheese? that's a new one of me. Cat piss is traditional,
for some reason. g:

[1351]: explosive generally isn't a good thing g:

Incubus-: Next weekend I'm going to a meeting with previously
unknown people interested in magic, satanism and suchlike. Maybe one
of them is a pretty single girl ;-p
[1351]: hehe
Aleister: or your next stalker.
Incubus-: Well, I'd love to have a stalker :)=
Incubus-: As long as she's not a total monster :-P
[1351]: and he assumes it'll be a "she"... how sweet

Incubus-: Oh well, I _have_ been entertaining a thought of what it
would feel to have a hairy monster of a middle-aged fag to ravish my

Incubus-: Hey, it's the xaronzon chick from Wales...
[1351]: how nice of you to notice
Incubus-: oops, my apologies for the small initial letter in your
[1351]: i'll live

Incubus-: But it's not easy to start listening if you have a
lifetime habit of not listening.

cidal: meditate. mantra. it all works out

Incubus-: You can distinguish a thought in its pure form, and then
observe your mind by habit saying the thought aloud after it has
already been formed. A total waste of energy.

Incubus-: I think Tai Chi would be great for hard cases such as me
or Wulf. Movement meditation sounds very good as compared to sitting
and meditating. With movement you have something demanding to
concentrate on. A mantra is too easy to just give up.
[1351]: He was quite into Yoga at one point, as I recall. It's
apparently very speed-freak friendly. g:

* triskele rapes the willing.

Incubus-: Money.. eh... Now, that's the everlasting curse word...

[1351]: you know, we need to set up a really successful business.
Then we'll all be, like, rich.
NpK: whatever would we sell?
[1351]: um... magick beans?
triskele: yeah!
triskele: 'cause people will buy those, kat..
triskele: WAIT...
triskele: we've got kat..
triskele: We'll REALLY make mgick beans
triskele: few drops of mdma, a few of lsd..
[1351]: Wulf says we should try planting a magick bean instead.
triskele: MAGICK BEANS!
[1351]: I'd buy 'em
[1351]: International drug cartel, anyone?
NpK: if NpK did drugs, he would buy them too!
*** [1351] changes topic to 'Definitely not the home of a top secret
international drug cartel.'
* Incubus- is in with anything concerning sex or drugs.
Incubus-: Hm. Maybe a line of business which would combine both sex
and drugs...
Incubus-: Now I'll be damned if I can figure out one.
[1351]: a brothel with a drug-ordering room service?
Incubus-: That sounds nice :)
Aleister: or a brothel with unconsious hookers.
triskele: I know... we can sell invisible things!
Xaronzon: actually, what we should do is go around the countryside
in a van solving mysteries. I mean, have you ever seen Shaggy
complaining about not having enough money for his habit?
triskele: Like, do up a cardboard box, and label it, 'invisible
inflatable women'
triskele: and sell them to perverts.
triskele: I'm with Xar. LEts all pitch in and buy a van.
Aleister: i always thought they were selling acid out of the
mystery machine
Xaronzon: we could go around festivals and do that too
Aleister: and they used scooby to test it. that's why he was always
seening ghosts
Incubus-: An LSD-machine. Mmm.
Xaronzon: Wulf says that the Mystery in the mystery machine is that
it's a mystery how come they never got busted
Xaronzon: well, we've obviously exhausted this avenue of conversation

Xaronzon: LOL - check this out:

* Xaronzon hangs a sign on Trisk's neck reading "Hello! I'm
Triskele! I'm very approachable and everyone wuvs me TONS!" and grins
* Xaronzon is now waiting to get hit with a fish
Dakarriel: mustnt keep her waiting
* Dakarriel slaps Xaronzon around a bit with a large trout
Dakarriel: happy?

* ult growls
* Dakarriel growls back
* Dakarriel barks
* Dakarriel pants
* Dakarriel sniffs crotches.

* XaosMonkY points at silent bob
XaosMonkY: you are here too?!
* SlntBob nods
SlntBob: ....
`Max`: He's the most talkative one here.
* SlntBob nods again
XaosMonkY: I just popped in to see if anything was going on....
* SlntBob shakes his head "yes"
* SlntBob blows some smoke out of his mouth
* `Max` blows some smoke up your ass
SlntBob: ..!
* SlntBob jumps up
* SlntBob looks at max shocked
SlntBob: ....
`Max`: Weed enema. Is it good?
SlntBob: ..?
* SlntBob giggles
*** SlntBob is now known as Shaedy

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might be needed. If you buy both you get two airliners for free, and
it's cutting me own throat'
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*** `Max` changes topic to 'It was the year they finally
immanentized the eschaton...'

[1351]: I'm just struck by the power of the event really. It's awe-
inspiring. Quite beautiful.

[1355]: security is an illusion
[1355]: saftey is an illusion
[1355]: control is an illusion

[1351]: Hello. We're all sitting here saying not much.
Mycel: Well then. I'll be sure to contribute next to nothing.

`Max`: Hurrah!
`Max`: How do I get into a girl's pants?
[1351]: taking off her trousers first helps
`Max`: Understood.
`Max`: What if she's reluctant?
`Max`: (And I have no chloroform?)
[1351]: bribe her with drugs and candy
Mycel: Get some chloroform?
Dakarriel: hmmm... I suppose you should have a similar waist size
`Max`: I love how you can never get a straight answer out of anyone
around here.
[1351]: we aim to please
[1351]: actually, no...
[1351]: we aim to confuse
Dakarriel: well, if you have a similar waist size, and the right
hips, I think getting into a girl's pants should be easy. but the
question though, is why would you want to?
[1351]: but it comes to much the same thing in the end
Dakarriel: I mean sure, girls often have nicer clothes than guys
Dakarriel: but its, well, girly.
`Max`: That's okay.
[1351]: I believe that's the appeal, Dak.
`Max`: I think I can manage on my own given some time.
Dakarriel: I suppose so
[1351]: given up on the hope of getting any useful information out
of us?
`Max`: Essentially, yes.
[1351]: ah, grasshopper, you show little perseverence and much
`Max`: REally?
[1351]: yes. take my word for it. you know me. honest as the day is
long, guv'nor.
`Max`: I was going with the "It's okay... we'll do it when you're
ready for it." You little cocktease. "No rush." It'd hurt too much
with these blueballs anyway. "I can be happy without sex." Or with
another woman. - approach.
[1351]: what's the essential problem you're having getting into the
pants of the object of your lust, anyway?
`Max`: I dunno.
`Max`: She was ready and willing last week, but the other night it
was suddenly like she was nervous or else just didn't want to for
some reason.
[1351]: this is your gf, I take it?
`Max`: She has medical anxiety problems, it might be worth
mentioning, and said she was self-conscious about her cunt, but I'm
not certain weather or not that's the whole truth.
[1351]: has she maybe recently stopped using a contraceptive pill
or some such? or got a case of thrush? there can be any number of
really daft reasons for absenance
`Max`: Yeah, the one with the amazing breasts.
`Max`: Erm... well I know that she's off the pill now.
`Max`: Not sure how recently.
`Max`: I don't give a fuck; I've got condoms.
[1351]: If she's been previously happy about sex, then I'd be
inclined to go with the options of either contraceptive nervousness
or a yeast infection.
[1351]: stupid question: she isn't one of these folks who goes off
sex when they're on their period, is she?
`Max`: Nah... she let me eat her out for a bit, but ... she seemed
really uncomfortable this time.
`Max`: Like she really wasn't into the whole thing this time.
`Max`: I'm the finest man she'll ever have a shot with and she's
blowing it. *puzzled look*
[1351]: well look, if she's been happy with it before, I'd say talk
it over, create a relaxing environment and so on
[1351]: LOL
`Max`: Well we've never fucked.
* [1351] rotfls
`Max`: In fact, I'm amazingly virgin for someone who's as
incredibly sex-a-licious as myself.
* [1351] gives a final giggle and stops laughing. ahem:
`Max`: I think alcohol might be a factor.
[1351]: LOL
[1351]: stop it
[1351]: I'll wake the neighbours if you keep up the humour...
`Max`: Oh you'd want me too if you ever saw me in person.
[1351]: you mean she's more receptive when drunk?
[1351]: hardly unusual
`Max`: I'm a sex-god.
`Max`: A VIRGIN sex-god. =P
[1351]: You sound a bit macho for my tastes, Adonis.
*** triskele has joined #thee_vortex
triskele: Good god.
`Max`: Hey, perfect timing once more, triskies.
[1351]: so get her drunk max. Ply her with alcohol and drugs. It's
an age-old formula.
`Max`: I was just trying to figure out why a girl would possibly
not want to throw herself at me. I'm a bit perplexed.
[1351]: I haven't seen Siv in ages
[1351]: Max, don't be so utterly ridiculous
`Max`: Erm... he's probably preoccupied with other things at the
`Max`: What? Just 'coz YOU don't understand the way I speaktype
doesn't mean I'm not a sexy sonofabitch.
[1351]: You may well be sexy (depending on the taste of the person
involved), but this doesn't mean that someone isn't going to be
apprehensive about sex for one reason or another.
[1351]: I assume from what you've said about her that she's nowhere
near being a virgin.
`Max`: I see.
[1351]: So that's one we can rule out at least.
`Max`: I'm TOO sexy. B)
[1351]: oh put you're damn shirt back on, Fairbrass
`Max`: I never wear a shirt.
`Max`: I'm too sexy for my shirt.
`Max`: But that's another cliche entirely.
`Max`: Anyway...
[1351]: that was the one the above pun was based on. Gotta love
Right Said Fred.
`Max`: She hasn't had sex in a very long time apparently. Said
something about it hurting. *shrug*
[1351]: In that case, show a bit of damn consideration you fucking
* `Max` grins.
`Max`: I'm the biggest bastard in the world for such a polite guy.
`Max`: Care to elaborate that point?
[1351]: Work up slowly. Fingers first, and so on. Use lubricant.
[1351]: There are a few things which can cause painful sex.
`Max`: During a single session, or over a period of time?
[1351]: over whatever period of time she's comfortable with
`Max`: Anyway, I'm not entirely certain that that's the point,
although I think considering it may give me a more hollistic view of
the picture. Perhaps it is no single factor alone.
`Max`: I gotcha.
[1351]: Some are minor medical issues which clear up on their own.
Stress is a much overlooked one (which is why you don't want to be
too pushy).
`Max`: Like I said before, I'll wait until she's ready. I don't
need sex to be happy.
[1351]: And finally, it could be a more serious or long term
medical issue.
[1351]: In which case, she ought to go to her gynacologist.
[1351]: If it's something simple (like thrush) creams and
antibiotics can blast that. If it's something more serious, she NEEDS
to know about it.
`Max`: I think you rather misinterpereted that, but I'll take what
you said into consideration.
[1351]: Look, if she finds sex painful, it probably isn't anything
serious, but it can be a symptom of something.
`Max`: I think I shall spend a month squatting in Isla Vista.
[1351]: But generally, you need to be considerate, have a bit of
patience, and try not to be an asshole.
`Max`: She was explaining that if a girl hasn't had sex in a while,
it can hurt.
`Max`: I don't see how more of not having sex solves that, but like
I said before, I'll wait 'til she's ready.
[1351]: It can. See comments about fingers and lube.
`Max`: Gotcha.
* `Max` marks down, "Try not to be an asshole."
`Max`: Thus has been the lesson of last night and this morning.
[1351]: But it sounds like it's possible stress could be something
of a problem too. So make it as calm an event as possible.
`Max`: Although I don't try -to- be an asshole ... it's just that I
do try to say what's on my mind the way I think of it which can come
out very assinine indeed, since others don't think anything near the
way that I do.
[1351]: oh, and she should do pelvic floor exercises
`Max`: Everyone should do pelvic floor exercises.
* `Max` has a funny story to tell along those lines, but will
refrain for the time being.
[1351]: Yah. That's just a general addendum to any conversation
about sex. But it can help with relaxing her muscles and making
everything more comfortable.
`Max`: Care to suggest any in particular?
[1351]: Max, we're all aware that when you come across as an
asshole it's only because you're a superior being who's intellect is
beyond ours... g:
[1351]: Yeah. Clench, relax, clench, relax. Repeat every time
you've nothing better to do.
`Max`: Just so long as we're clear on that. ;-P j/k
`Max`: What, with the pussy-muscles?
[1351]: oh, the the relax movement should involve outwards pressure
- they work both ways
[1351]: yep
`Max`: Nice.
[1351]: I understand that it's the same set of muscles that allow
men to move their cocks up and down, and the same sort of muscular
`Max`: Yeah, but to my knowledge they only work in one direction.
[1351]: well, women are designed to give birth, so we get to be
able to push as well as pull
[1351]: give her some ping-pong balls and dildos to play with
[1351]: ("right slave, you are going to stand in the corner and
hold that vibrator in... if you drop it, you'll get 20 strokes with
the crop). evil grin:
`Max`: I wouldn't trust myself with that...
`Max`: Ooooh!
`Max`: Creativity!
`Max`: This opens new vistas....
`Max`: Nah
`Max`: I can't get into the whole S&M thing...
`Max`: I'm sick of destructive relationships for the time-being..
`Max`: Even on an agreed level.
[1351]: S&M isn't destructive if you're doing it properly
[1351]: it's the one of the closest and more innately trusting
experiences I've encountered (from both sides)
`Max`: I couldn't hurt her, though.
[1351]: actually, you could just go for bondage and such
[1351]: non-painful stuff
`Max`: I'd be like... "Okay, slave! You are going to stand in the
corner and hold that vibrator in... if you drop it, I'll ... erm...
put it back in."
[1351]: BDSM doesn't have to involve either pain or humiliation
`Max`: Interesting.
[1351]: it can just be about relinquishing power. Which is a
remarkable relief sometimes.
`Max`: I'll suggest it.
[1351]: I'd suggest starting off with a bit of light bondage. It's
fun, feels great, and very relaxing.
[1351]: You can incorporate stroking and things on the part of the
dom - pet your sub.
`Max`: I figure it'd make more sense to start with vanilla sex, but
hey... I've always known that it'd have to be something commpletely
bizarre for me. I can never do things normally. Always the exception.
[1351]: Light bdsm might be useful to you both if she's a bit tense
about having full sex.
[1351]: For a lot of people, it can release a lot of repressed
tension and shit.
`Max`: yeah, she's got repressed tension up the wazoo in all
aspects of her life
* [1351] got into light bd a good couple of years before she had sex
with a man for the first time.
`Max`: this theme crops up repeatedly and interests me
`Max`: when did you first have sex? and why?
`Max`: it seems that for women, it's a much more intimate act.
`Max`: i've been thinking about social pressures
`Max`: for guys, the pressure is to be a Stud and have as much sex
as fast as possible.
`Max`: but a woman like that would be called a Slut, and frowned
[1351]: for me, it was a fairly naturla thing. Interestingly, it
started with that sort of girls sleepover stereotype thing
`Max`: women aren't supposed to Fuck, but rather, they Make Love
* [1351] shrugs. I wouldn't know. I fuck.
`Max`: Yeah, well you're kewl like that.
`Max`: You're not Women. You're Kat.
[1351]: hah
[1351]: thanks... I think
`Max`: she also asks me if i'm comfortable on occasion
`Max`: i think it's just prior to her desire to jump my bones
`Max`: leads me to think that comfort may be a key factor involved
in sex in the minds of some women
[1351]: comfort is important with regards to sex for many people.
More emotional than physical, generally. Questions like that tend to
have two meanings at least.
`Max`: she says i'm the Light of her Life
`Max`: sounds like a bad song lyric, but noone's ever told me that
`Max`: two meanings? what do you suggest?
[1351]: cute. has she told you she loves you yet?
[1351]: two meanings as in referring to both physical and emotional
`Max`: i see
`Max`: you know i can't remember?
`Max`: but she hasn't said the ancient and archaic formula of the
three words "I" "LOVE" "YOU" yet.
`Max`: That I'd remember outright.
`Max`: Especially since I'm not sure I could repeat them in the
same manner honestly.
`Max`: I love her, of course.
`Max`: But saying that has another meaning entirely.
`Max`: I've never said that to anyone.
`Max`: And I'm not sure it quite applies to her.
[1351]: Yep. These days, it's a hell of a lot more significant than
"will you marry me".
[1351]: I refused to say it to anyone for years.
`Max`: Have you said it to Wulf, then? Yes, I'm an asshole, none
of my business. But I'm curious.
`Max`: And don't care enough to put it another way.
`Max`: I'm rather sick of dancing around subtleties, in any event.
`Max`: I tend to avoid that in recent years.
[1351]: Yes, I've said it to Wulf.
`Max`: More and more I find.
[1351]: I say it to Wulf just about every day, and regularly check
to make sure I'm still being sincere.
`Max`: That's kewl. Best of wishes to both of you. =)
[1351]: And no, I don't know what I'd do if I ever found myself not
be sincere.
[1351]: We have been together for about 6 years, Max.
`Max`: Understood.
`Max`: He must be something special, then.
[1351]: Yep, he is at that.
[1351]: He was the first person I ever said it to.
`Max`: Incredible.
`Max`: Romantic. =)
`Max`: I've never said it to anyone.
[1351]: very. We met in a very romantic way.
[1351]: It's not something to be said lightly.
`Max`: I honestly don't think that Lydia is yet important enough in
my life that I could say it to her like that.

triskele: 'I witnessed the 'terrorist' attack of 2001 and all I got
was this lousy tee-shirt'

[1351]: 'I was in the 'terrorist' attack of 2001 and all I got were
these lousy burn-scars'

* [1351] dances around the room sprinkling magick-pixie-laughter-
dust all over everyone.

triskele: He did it in flash. hurrah.
triskele: Check out his graphic arts.
[1351]: In other words, this is about to crash my system...

Mimir: Hey, you guys hear about the bombings?
[1351]: no, sorry... must have missed that.... what bombings?
ChORONZON: Bombings?
SilntBob: ....?
Mimir: s'what I thought ;)

[1351]: hello there nodges, and who the fuck are you?
nodges: you just asnwered your own question.

SilntBob: according to the bible arent the mongols supposed be the
ones to finally take down the united states?
[1351]: I don't think so.
SilntBob: hey there into this kamazazii stuff right?
[1351]: I don't think the bible mentioned the Mongols.
SilntBob: from that area
[1351]: And I think the Mongols where honestly more into horses and
swords and stuff.
SilntBob: r something
SilntBob: perhaps chinese i mean
SilntBob: a preacher told me this once
[1351]: I don't think the bible mentioned the US, either for that
SilntBob: lettle me know when i should start praying r something
[1351]: I think your preacher was, like so many Xtians, full of shit.
[1351]: the lands mentioned in the bible are strictly in the area
of the Fertile Crescent.
SilntBob: even in revelations?
SilntBob: im going straight to #bible with this one
SilntBob: if im still not banned that is
[1351]: Well, revelations theoretically spanned the whole world,
but in all honesty, it does NOT mention the US, or china.
[1351]: I can go look it up if you're really curious. I have a
bible I stole somewhere around here.
SilntBob: naw
* SilntBob was banned from #bible
[1351]: aww
[1351]: what did you say to the creatures?
SilntBob: for saying pulls out his big Fat Dick and fucks the
shit out of everything in the room, then he slits "themoms" throat
and fucks that too, -watches as cum drools down her neck mixed
with blood and laughs. then forces the rest of the ladies to suck his
penis till they drop, then rapes the bloody shit out of the
room. end.
SilntBob: themom was a op
[1351]: ah

teckyong: I am thinking
* ult is thinkin too
* `Max` feels left out. ;-P

teckyong: so what's the next thing on our agenda for the day?
`Max`: Eliminating dutch elm disease and/or harmful memes.
teckyong: good
teckyong: while we are at it, please continue surfing for por...I
mean continue checking our emails
`Max`: right
`Max`: which will take a little time
* teckyong checks his emails eagerly
`Max`: because i ... like to check my emails using only my left hand
teckyong: yeah....me too

teckyong: Max is my lesbian lover

teckyong: there's nothing I love more than french kissing a British

teckyong: is that true? have I been a partner to your twisted
[1351]: yep

teckyong: male ones....?
teckyong: are they gay?
[1351]: (teckyong lives in hope)

`Max`: i will punish evil with my righteous tampons of salty justice

`Max`: and so thee vortex is safe once more thanks to...

* eleventh tries to figure out what kind of stuff to sigilize on her
reflective plastic emergency blanket...
`Max`: bountiful kill?
eleventh: no...
Dakarriel: "HELP!"?
`Max`: if it's a plastic emergency blanket, you'll probably need food
eleventh: nah....
Dakarriel: "This doubles as a funeral shroud" ?
`Max`: swift death, without much pain?
eleventh: I don't plan on it being used for an emergency blanket. I
plan on it being used as something to do sigil artwork on.
`Max`: ohhhh

Dakarriel: oh, and I found something odd about my auric makeup now.
Aparrantly, If I put my chakras in the places they're supposed to be
in, I'm weaker than when I have em all floating in my solar plexus,
orbiting around my solar plexus 'energy storage' chakra, or hara
Dakarriel: I was having trouble doing magick recently, until I
figured that out, and everything's peachy-keen again.

eleventh: I found the coolest stuff recently. It's called
"Ecoflame", and it's an ethanol gel. It's great for blue flaming
magick circles.

cidal: how are you getting there?
`Max`: same way i get anywhere -- Blind Luck

* Zos444 is having difficulty penetrating the thick layers of cheeze
surrounding "Night Magick"

* [1351] contemplates compiling goodies for an FTP archive. Bit of a
daunting task, mind.

* Aleister shoots squinky up with ketamine, strips him naked,
blindfolds him and ties him upside down to a roller coaster

`Max`: recently i was thinking...
`Max`: cats spend 2/3 of their life sleeping
`Max`: ...so maybe for a cat, the dream world is real, and this is
the sleep?

`Max`: i love cats
cidal: their brainwave patterns match those of a human on lsd
`Max`: for real?
`Max`: wow
cidal: yep!
Sq: thats pretty screwed up
cidal: i think it scool

Aleister: i once went to an ike and tina turner concert. before i
went in, i ate a handful of dexadrine spansules.
Xaronzon: how'd it go?
Aleister: my father was mad because i was the only one dancing. and
he and i were the only white people in the audience.
Xaronzon: good gig?
Aleister: he was fearful that i was being conspicuous.
Aleister: yea, great concert.

Xaronzon: Top things you wish you could say at work: "I have plenty
of talent and vision. I just
Xaronzon: : : don't give a f*ck.

Aleister: the man who found the flight recorder for flight 93 is
named crowley
* Aleister laughs insanely
Squinky: ok, thats it. this is officially "dodgy"

* Squinky sighs and resigns himself to being "crap"
Squinky: yes thats right people, im having my own personal angst-hour
Squinky: which im entitled to, since i dont normally (other than
the past week or so)
Squinky: and if anyone argues with this logic, i'll rip their arms
off and beat them to death with said arms
* Squinky frowns
Squinky: this doesnt mean you have to stop talking

[1351]: what're you feeling angsty about Squink?
Squinky: ok right, well you know how i got really shit marks on my
a levels, and couldn't get into a decent uni, so now im stuck here
for the next year with no ambitions or ideas about what i want out of
Squinky: well, apparently, that job at eurogamer i applied for, has
had applicants with 6 a levels that went to imperial college.
Squinky: so i've resigned myself to working at burger king and
generally giving up in life.
[1351]: Look, if you've got strong examples of your work, that's
more relevant than qualifications in many cases.
Mycel: I'd have to agree. Real world experience is usually more
important the marks on a piece of paper.
Squinky: im sure anyone that went to imperial and got 6 a levels
are bound to be both more experienced and have a better portfolio
Squinky: think about it.
Mycel: Unless the reason they got 6 a levels was because they spent
their entire time doing school work.
[1351]: So work on making your portfolio better. Just because you
aren't studying anything at the moment doesn't mean you can't train
yourself in new skills.
[1351]: Even if it doesn't do you any good for this job, it'll
stand you in good stead in the future.
* [1351] has managed to get some great jobs on the strength of
nothing but a quick letter and samples of work.
Mycel: I personally think I've learnt more on my own than I've been
taught in school. At the least, I've learned more important things
on my own.
* [1351] nods.
Squinky: i have very little real world experience though.
Squinky: hell, i'll send you my cv if you want.
Mycel: Do you have a lot of real world experience with computers?
[1351]: hell, I've got Choronzon on my CV. stuff you do for
yourself counts
Squinky: i have very little
[1351]: I thought you'd been online since 1991 or so? that counts
for something in and of itself
[1351]: "10 years of experience with internet technologies"
Squinky: i thought my cv seemed quite good as far as that kinda
stuff goes :/
Squinky: still
Squinky: the education bit is a huge letdown
Mycel: If you get an interview, you could claim your low marks were
from playing computer games?
Squinky: heh
[1351]: skills and education aren't the same thing. most HR people
will be aware of that
Squinky: nice plan, i'll try it
Squinky: still, it strikes me that they will be looking for someone
Squinky: which, i'm not. i've worked at several supermarkets (and
hated every minute of it), and a pub.
[1351]: so make yourself out to be professional
[1351]: hell, my CV contains some choice truth-stretching
Squinky: i tried!
Squinky: mine doesnt :/
* [1351] drags up her short-form CV to look for any gems
[1351]: ah, that one doesn't have any real whoppers. But I do make
overmuch of my experiences with web administration

[1351]: but look, even unimpressive shit can sound better than it is
[1351]: here's an excerpt from my short form computer skills CV
[1351]: All major operating systems, including MS-DOS, Windows 3.x,
Windows 9x & ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux, and Mac OS
[1351]: Web design related skills include HTML raw coding in
addition to familiarity with major WYSIWYG packages (including
Dreamweaver & MS FrontPage), applet coding in Java & Javascript, CGI
scripting in Perl, experience administrating a Linux webserver.
[1351]: Graphics & DTP software experience includes Adobe
Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Serif DrawPlus,
Serif PagePlus, Corel Draw, Freehand, Quark Xpress.
[1351]: Familiar with common applications including spreadsheets
(Lotus, MS Excel), database software (Access, DBase), and word
processors (Word, WordPerfect).

Sq: i'll be the first guy on the block with a server in his arm
connected to wireless lan..

Sq: heh, now thta i think about it, much of my magickal work is
based around a dos/*nix styled command prompt in my head i call
"ShellServ" (shell servitor/s)

[1351]: c'mon little girl... lick me... you know you want to... I'm

Zos444: bring me the head of my toy poodle on the hand of a greek

* [1351] isn't sure she can remember what the outside of her flat
looks like...

Aleister: yea, i need to figure out some way to eat and compute
from a sensory deprivation tank

`Max`: Every cell in your body is presently being parasitized by a
`Max`: And there's nothing you can do about it.
`Max`: You will be dependant on the plastids. Incapable of
surviving without them.
`Max`: And when one of them dies, a piece of you dies.
`Max`: =)

Infamus: I came here today because I thought this is the only place
where I can outline my theory that "THEY" wanted to free Yog Sothoth,
who is said to dwell within the penatgon, without being taken serious
Infamus: but then I realized that he was banished by a bunch of
hippies in the 60s qwho chanted OUT DEMON OUT DEMON for a couple of
days before they got maced
[1351]: damn... does this mean my official Foul Worshipper of the
Great Old Ones card isn't going to be any use now?
Infamus: wait... you are in the senate??

[1351]: Anna Riva's books are quite an interesting example of
practical christian magick.
`Max`: anna riva?
[1351]: An author - writes small books about a variety of subjects,
including hoodoo and christian magic.

`Max`: *** Now talking in #illuminati
`Max`: Maximilln: 'sup Max
`Max`: * Maximilln whaps `Max`
`Max`: Maximilln: speak up.
`Max`: `Max`: heya
`Max`: Maximilln: hey
`Max`: Maximilln: what're you doin' here.
`Max`: `Max`: oh
`Max`: `Max`: you know
`Max`: `Max`: flogging the 23rd degree maypole beneath a sky of
`Max`: Maximilln: no... i don't know.
`Max`: Maximilln: Hmmmm... flogging sounds painful
`Max`: `Max`: sometimes
`Max`: `Max`: sometimes it brings pleasure
`Max`: Maximilln: I'm not all that interested in it.
`Max`: Maximilln: You're fucked up.
`Max`: `Max`: i know
`Max`: Maximilln: where are you from?
`Max`: `Max`: my mother, i'm told
`Max`: Maximilln: are you feeling vague tonight?
`Max`: `Max`: sometimes
`Max`: Maximilln: how about now?
`Max`: `Max`: maybe. i'm not really thinking about it.
`Max`: Maximilln: what are you thinking about?
`Max`: * Maximilln is thinking about beer, smoke, and music.
`Max`: `Max`: i'm thinking about women, smoke, and music. and
`Max`: `Max`: mostly magick.
`Max`: `Max`: that's my hobby.
`Max`: `Max`: and reading.
`Max`: `Max`: reading is nice.
`Max`: `Max`: i think i shall go read.
`Max`: Maximilln: magick? card playing's okay, but I see it the
same way I see the cell phone next to a computer.
`Max`: Maximilln: reading's good... I've read so much already...
`Max`: `Max`: heh.
`Max`: `Max`: who said anything about cards?
Sehkenra: LOL
Sehkenra: And what's with the cell phone / computer line?
* Sehkenra is confused
`Max`: not sure
`Max`: Maximilln: right... real magick? bring it on. :)
`Max`: `Max`: no thanks.
`Max`: Maximilln: then what in god's name are you talking about?
`Max`: `Max`: but i'm interested to know why there are so many
people in here generally not talking
`Max`: `Max`: i like the organizational structure, however
`Max`: Maximilln: 'cuz we're all somewhere else usually.
`Max`: Maximilln: you've changed the subject
`Max`: `Max`: i do that a lot
`Max`: `Max`: i don't tend to take things seriously enough to stay
interested in them for long ;-)
`Max`: `Max`: erm...
`Max`: Maximilln: right
`Max`: `Max`: what the hell do cell phones and computers have to
do with card games, by chance?
`Max`: Maximilln: card games are to rpgs like cell phones are to
Sehkenra: Ahhh, I see.
Sehkenra: Bad analogy
`Max`: `Max`: how old are you?
`Max`: Maximilln: 26
* Sehkenra quit playing CCG's years ago, but he loves his RPG's

teckyong: I am the seeker of serenity! The protector of virginity!
The warrior of love! The enforcer of Kat's drug business! The one!
The only! Teckyong!!!

[1351]: Exerpt from the Dark-Black-Magick list description: Many
Black Magical lists have Taboo's with regards to the frontier of the
basal qualities of human psyche. The true exploration of evil is
suppressed. On this list the flood gates of the flame will be let open.

Aleister: apparently one of the taboos they did away with was
english grammar.

teckyong: I am also the Master of my enormous manhood!
[1351]: you have a BDSM relationship with your own penis?
Aleister: you're asian. it's highly unlikely that you have an
enormous manhood.
teckyong: I do! My 'manhood' is 4.5 inches when hard! ha! how's
that Mr American dick?
znRelay1: Psylt@znet: Mine's bigger, you poor asian fuck.
zaldia: asians are fatter
zaldia: lol
zaldia: tis true
[1351]: they're going to try to have a pissing contest soon
[1351]: and then someone's keyboard's going to get ruined.


zaldia: i suk fat tek cock

zaldia: no one likes me
zaldia: i'm to evil
zaldia: smell to bad
znRelay1: Psylt@znet: "I wonder if other dogs think poodles are
members of a weird religious cult."
znRelay1: Psylt@znet: -- Rita Rudner

znRelay1: Psylt@znet: "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly
vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically
dogs think humans are nuts."
znRelay1: Psylt@znet: -- John Steinbeck

teckyong: is it cute? is it sexy? is it popular? what is it? it is
znRelay1: DrKabal@znet: does satan do his own nails?

znRelay1: Psylt@znet: Is it my cock?

eleventh: long and hard!

znRelay1: Psylt@znet: Is it a sloppily mentruating nun?

znRelay1: DrKabal@znet: 50 pounds weighs about $120.00

[1351]: " This list is for all spells. Pagon, wiccian, non-
denominational, black, or white. The more you send to the list, the
larger it will grow. You can send spells, hexes, rituals,
envocations, thoughts, or even BOS's.. it's all up to you! Just
send e-mails to spell@onelist.com Key words: wiccian, pagon,
spells, hexes, envocations, rituals, gods, practitoner, candle,
magick, magic."

`Max`: can you say "The Craft" ? =P

`Max`: i'm going to the pagon pride festivel tomorow. i think that
there will be lots and lots of wiccians there. i hop one will share
with me there secret BOS1!

*** Topic is '"Hello? Customer support? I'd like to kill someone
*** Set by [1351] on Sat Sep 15 12:12:16

[1351]: everything fun makes you throw up sooner or later

[1351]: it's one of those universal laws

Najalaise: on the other hand, quite a few not-fun-at-all things
will also make you throw up, so you might as well have fun

eleventh: Left-hand baby. The only way to go.
FraDotCom: I take it you're not talking about your masturbation
eleventh: Not *just* my masturbation techniques.

eleventh: I have a problem with all evocations. I've tried any
number of entities with pretty much no success.
eleventh: But who is this Baal character?
FraDotCom: it's on my homepage
eleventh: I don't know where your home page is
FraDotCom: www.geocities.com/conthanatos/
FraDotCom: www.geocities.com/conthanatos/steingod.html
#### Editor's note: http://www.aepalizage.com/ is Arawyn's latest site
#### as of the time of this writing
eleventh: so who is Baal?
FraDotCom: the Lord of Excess
eleventh: Ack! I have been sat upon by an immovable cat!
FraDotCom: You know, you can get easily rid of that thing with a
eleventh: eek! no!
FraDotCom: Or let a dog play with it
eleventh: we have a dog
FraDotCom: ah, good. Then let it play with the cat
eleventh: The cat is almost as big as him :P
FraDotCom: Hmm
FraDotCom: get a bigger one.
FraDotCom: Chaos mages are supposed to have a doberman at that.
FraDotCom: Or a bulldog
FraDotCom: boxer
FraDotCom: something like that
FraDotCom: but most certainly not a chihuahua
eleventh: We have an australian shepherd/lab/border collie. He's
not small.
FraDotCom: how big is that cat then?
eleventh: large :P
eleventh: about the size of a small scottish terrier
eleventh: interestingly enough, on the black/white discussion, it's
an all-white, super affectionate cat
FraDotCom: Like you?
eleventh: I'm black and antisocial
eleventh: I don't like the latter bit, but I'm working on it.
FraDotCom: with glamours?
eleventh: no. Mostly with trying to act social
eleventh: Counter-intuitive though it is....
`Max`: lamer


eleventh: how so?
FraDotCom: Nevermind him, that's just a usual remark g:
eleventh: FraDotCom: occasionally he has a reason for saying stuff
like that. I'm guessing this isn't one of them though.

blue`lady: fuck trying. I don't act social unless I wanna. And
when I wanna, I pull it off much more than when I fake it.

`Max`: you completely failed to appreciate the irony in the
statement "I'm not refuting anything!!!!!"

`Max`: oh yeah, like THAT solves your problem
`Max`: keep running away
`Max`: keep failing to actually GO OUT AND FACE IT
`Max`: and when you fail once, give up
`Max`: don't try again
`Max`: don't get back on the horse and persevere
`Max`: be the same damn stagnant pile of shit you were two years ago
`Max`: "Fear is the mind-killer."
`Max`: Asshole.
`Max`: You deserve exactly what you are.

shimmy1o1: trying to find name of this author grrr
shimmy1o1: net isuselsess sometimes
FraDotCom: what author?
shimmy1o1: some dude wrote three books on the Agora Tantra, and the
psycho things the yogis used to do, more of a subjective narative
than a good research but interesting nonetheless

* [1351] drops in for a second
[1351]: wibble
* [1351] drops out again

SilntZos: ....

`Max`: i wonder if wonderbra has a customer support department?

Sq: i have a massive fucking bruise on my cheek.
`Max`: from what?
Sq: earlier i attached a wine vacuum pump (the type to seal wine
once you've opened it) to the side of my faced and er.. created a
vacuum. like a hicky, only perfectly round and silly.
Sq: its not a good thing.

*** triskele has joined #thee_vortex
triskele: I managed to COOK today!
eleventh@znet: HOLY HELL!
triskele: in the process, I broke fine china, ruined a brand new wok
eleventh@znet: Like, with heat and everything?
triskele: almost caused the fire alarm to go off, and scalded my
triskele: Yes, with heat!
triskele: Curt helped!
eleventh@znet: Wow!
* triskele bows.
triskele: I fucked up our kitchen and made such a mess

*** `Max` sets mode: +ooo Shaedy triskele Zos444
triskele: heh.
* triskele tackles Max.
triskele: Max: aren't you glad you're not in the military at a time
like this?
Shaedy: how serious would this have to get before they start
drafting ppl?
AlephNull@znet: My dad asked me today if I was feeling
patriotic :P
`Max`: they've instituted a bill to begin a draft in November
Shaedy: what!?
AlephNull@znet: Hey, I'll be closer to Canada in
`Max`: i just wanted to see how much you guys would piss yourselves
`Max`: you've both done nicely. ;-P
Shaedy: ......
* Shaedy smites max

`Max`: actually, virginity kinda rocks
`Max`: people look at me and say... "you've never had sex and
you're how old?!" =P
Shaedy: why does that rock
`Max`: because i'm a sexy motherfucker
Shaedy: i c
Shaedy: lol
triskele: someeeebody has an ego :P
`Max`: nuh-uh! I'm a -MILLION- times more modest than you! ;-)

`Max`: i wonder why it's so hard to grasp?
Aleister: because you have leftover lubricant on your hands?

Zos444: Here's a poem from "The Gull's Beak" by Kenneth Grant
Zos444: :
Zos444: Words of Power
Zos444: :
Zos444: Words that are charged with incredible power
Zos444: sometimes pour from a dream
Zos444: as limpid globes of water
Zos444: gleam in the fiery evening sunshine
Zos444: when fragile flowers unfurl and drink
Zos444: dark exhalations of a drowsy stream.
Zos444: :
Zos444: I tell you, whispered secrets
Zos444: worth eternity
Zos444: tangle greenly with a languid sleep
Zos444: a heaviness which mind exudes
Zos444: when drooping hours distil
Zos444: deep talismans of balm.
Zos444: :
Zos444: A severed head, effigy
Zos444: of dead remembrance
Zos444: bled in calm white dying of the days
Zos444: before the black aeonic gulfs
Zos444: closed over it, survives and brays
Zos444: words charged with irresistable significance.
Zos444: :
Zos444: This monolithic head is found
Zos444: by straying minds,
Zos444: its shadow like a Dali pylon
Zos444: cyphering round mysterious void
Zos444: encircled by a dropped moon ray
Zos444: which
Zos444: curving on itself
Zos444: consumes another day.
Zos444: -------
Zos444: finis.

Session Start: Sun Sep 16 15:24:00 2001
*** Now talking in #thee_vortex
*** Topic is 'You will find that the state is the kind of
organization which, though it does big things badly, does small
things badly too.'
*** Set by eleventh on Sun Sep 16 13:29:50

drbardo: on any scale it rates higher than LSD, Psilocybin,
Mescalin, Peyote, or any other substance...
`Max`: whassat?
Riordan: higher than DMT?
drbardo: yes
drbardo: much higher than DMT
drbardo: DOM, 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Methylamphetamine
drbardo: DOSAGE: 3 - 10 mg.
drbardo: DURATION: 14 - 20 h.
drbardo: Qualitative Comments:
drbardo: (with 3 mg) "In the middle of the experience I found that
I was able to separate components of complex things so as to evaluate
them separately. There is no need to respect their normal purpose.
The sharpness of observation is enhanced, but one can focus at every
different depth of a thing or concept. Colors are not just brighter;
there are more of them. There is a profoundness of meaning inherent
in anything that moves. A line of thought or a bit of
drbardo: personal history ties the thinker to the objects that had
been thought of, or once experienced. It is this relationship that
will prove productive. Not like in a movie which is circular in its
totalness, but as in true life where the future is the result of your
own involvement with everything about you."
Riordan: Fascinating..
drbardo: (with 4 mg) "The first four hours were largely directed to
the body. There was a shuddering and a tight jaw, and I am not
particularly motivated to talk to anyone. It is more arousing (like
amphetamine) than depressing (like phenobarb). I am feeling just a
little sick at the three hour point, but a bit of regurgitation
clears this up. Then at the fourth hour, it went totally outside of
me. I saw the clouds towards the west. THE CLOUDS!!!
drbardo: No visual experience has ever been like this. The meaning
of color has just changed completely, there are pulsations, and
pastels, are extremely pastel. And now the oranges are coming into
play. It is a beautiful experience. Of all past joys, LSD, mescaline,
cannabis, peyote, this ranks number one. Normally I have no color
effects with mescaline. A dynamic experience. Feels good, too."
drbardo: that is out of PIHKAL, by Dr. Alexander Shulgin...
[1351]: sounds lovely
drbardo: though 5-MeO-DMT still reigns supreme in the more OOB-
like experience...

`Max`: Beagles like strawberries.
`Max`: What do you know today that you didn't know yesterday?
* eleventh ponders
triskele: that I could make good stir fry despite the fire alaram
eleventh: That it's easier to write on percoset than I would have
Najalaise: that... hmm... my friend mared's bf likes moonstones
[1351]: hmmm... I've only been up a handful of hours; that there
are a load of really shitty new pagan search engines around; that
lambert and butler cigs give me a sore throat quite rapidly when I
use them to roll joints with

eleventh: I need to contact my HGA. And issue a formal complaint.

* [1351] has a load of book covers too... Marijuana Girl and such
[1351]: the cover blurb reads "She traded her body for drugs - and

drbardo: [1351] you should see the Bayer ad for both Aspirin and
Heroine Hydrochloride
[1351]: do you have copies?
drbardo: they found out around 1876 that Morphine was BAD so they
began using Heroine instead... haha
[1351]: I know. Gotta love that. ;)
[1351]: heroin was actually touted as a cure for morphine addiction
at one point

[1351]: okay, who're these wierdos doing web searches for
artificial semen?

blue`lady: i personally try not to give pics out too much... this
channel is an exceptionj, but nobody really knows about my webpage
other than this chan and my fiancee. it's kind of a private
perversion project.
[1351]: heh
blue`lady: but my main thing is, i prefer NOT to get pictures of
people. I make pictures up in my head... they're swirls of words and
ideas, and i like it that way.
[1351]: I can relate to that.
blue`lady: i think of them as a personality, not a chick with blue
eyes and black hair.
[1351]: aye
blue`lady: like.. when you've been friends with someone so long,
you don't think about how they look when you recall something they
blue`lady: adds to familiarity i think,.
blue`lady: i hate people that insist that i must be ugly if I don't
send them pictures.
* [1351] nods
[1351]: In my case, I genuinely don't have any. g: I really ought
to do some when I'm in vanity mode, but it's so much more fun TAKING
* [1351] grins. I think I've scared Al off. g:
blue`lady: get a picture of an object or something that exeplifies
[1351]: That's a possiblity. I'd be unsure what to pick though. It
would depend what persona is currently in operation. What I would
like to do is a sort of visual alphabet of desire/personality -
little cards with images relating to each of my personas. But, I'm
stick at drawing, so... g:
blue`lady: !
[1351]: I'm stick at drawing... oh dear. I suck at.
* [1351] must have completely lost the plot while typing that.
blue`lady: so just pull up Paint and do a scribble and damn it all.
Say it's a manifestation of your inner soul. Nobody will argue. :)
[1351]: LOL
* [1351] could always portray her inner soul as a little black patch
of fog with big cute eyes.
blue`lady: yeah!
[1351]: or send pictures of my favourite ice lollies...
[1351]: (you know, this idea is starting to grow on me)
blue`lady: ice lollies?
[1351]: what? aren't I allowed to like ice lollies?
blue`lady: what are they, O british person?
[1351]: ah. right. they come on a stick
blue`lady: popsicles?
[1351]: and they're either ice cream, or a solid sorbet type thing,
or a combination of the two
[1351]: possibly
blue`lady: yep
[1351]: anyway, look, we're thinking about objects in the general
line of frozen-fruit-water-onna-stick
blue`lady: sure, send out pictures of that... hint to people that
it's symbolic.. they'll be too busy figuring out the inner meaning to
wonder what you look like
blue`lady: ("she likes being on sticks? what?")
[1351]: LOL
[1351]: Or, I could get some photos of my lovely self taken, and
send 'em out. But then they'd probably suffer the fate of Trisk's
photos and become the object of frenzied wanking by oversexed
#thee_vortex denizens...
blue`lady: don't be naked in em!
blue`lady: :o)
[1351]: this fails to surprise me
blue`lady: oversexed? undersexed more like
[1351]: oversexed in that they've got an od of sexual want...
blue`lady: hmmmmm.... more than the average person? well, that's up
for debate.. either other people don't like / want sex or just don't
talk about it
[1351]: who can know...
blue`lady: ...obviously SoMEBODY likes sex... look at the world
population :)

teckyong: my my
teckyong: it is a full house
teckyong: hey guys!!!
teckyong: and KAT!!!
Xaronzon: yeah, but we're all dead
teckyong: why are u dead? why huh? why?
Xaronzon: lack of interest?
teckyong: oh btw, did u guys know the IOT in Singapore was
disbanded by the police?
Xaronzon: no, I hadn't heard that
Xaronzon: details?
teckyong: well it happened a long long time ago. I just happen to
recall it now.
teckyong: u remember that Leon dude? the one who slandered me? well
he told me that when we first met.
Xaronzon: oh, right
Xaronzon: I never heard this
Xaronzon: was it an official IOT temple?
teckyong: maybe it was. because Leon told me they had gatherings
and stuff.
teckyong: and they had degrees and ranking system
teckyong: plus they used to gather at some mysterious hideout
Xaronzon: wierd. I've never heard any mention of this, on the web
or in any issues of Chaos International and such
teckyong: well. that's what Leon told me.
* Xaronzon shrugs
teckyong: I am not vouching for him though...
teckyong: what's the shrug for?
teckyong: is it like a 'whatever' shrug?
Xaronzon: it's just something to fill in a gap in the conversation,

Aleister: i did a search for hello kitty vampires, found none. but,
there was a comic book of hello kitty goth.

eleventh: hey, if you announce your place open to gods and shite,
think they'll show up?
Xaronzon: worked for me
eleventh: Okay, done. No sign of anyone yet.
* Xaronzon shrugs

Xaronzon: oh, here's one from my personal "eww" vault...

ult: I feel fuzzy

*** Dakarriel has joined #thee_vortex
Dakarriel: hi everyone!
Dakarriel: how is everyone?
Dakarriel: I'm in reasonably good spirits.
Dakarriel: I still have no social life, but I had a good dinner,
and I actually found what i was searching for online!
Dakarriel: it aint often when that happens.
Dakarriel: though, I was looking for it for several hours, and was
getting pissed off near the end. I swear, search engines are not
very helpful.
Dakarriel: oh, and the weather was stormy today. I liked that a lot.
Dakarriel: I'm currently in a low energy state now, though. I sent
a healing-oriented servator over to NYC a few days ago, and noticed a
dramatic drop in my magick prowess. I believe this is linked,
because the servator has access to my energies as a sort of battery.
Dakarriel: and, now, I'm talking to myself.

eleventh: I'll give $5 to whoever can say something that makes me
feel less frustrated.
Xaronzon: no shit?
eleventh: no shit.
Xaronzon: damn. I wish I hadn't just invested all of my (quite
inconsiderable) sense of humour in writing this web page.
eleventh: Just as well. $5 isnt that much.

eleventh: Out of curiosity, what effect is marijuana supposed to
have on you? I just realized I have no idea.
drbardo: please hold
drbardo: computing
drbardo: eleventh let me provide you with a link to some rather
difinitive information...
ult: its s'posed to make you happy
drbardo: though I can tell you off the bat that its effects are
nowhere near those of any decent hallucinogenic, and or heavy
drbardo: http://www.erowid.org/plants/cannabis/cannabis_effects.shtml
eleventh: All I'm looking for is a subjective description of the
drbardo: http://www.erowid.org/plants/cannabis/
drbardo: has a lot of stuff on it
[1351]: it makes you happy, it makes you not worry about things, it
relieves stress
drbardo: including quite a few user's experiences and many other
[1351]: produces a state of contentment and a general openess
towards and enthusiasm for various pleasurable activities
[1351]: I also find it aids in the creative process, but not
everyone gets that one.
drbardo: I find it that i only experience the increased
appreciation for music
drbardo: otherwise my thoughts become jumbled
drbardo: I become aware of my body, and oh what a terrible pain it
is to be so overly aware of this wretched sack of flesh, this shell,
this bodily prison... AGHH!
drbardo: I hate the increased physiological awareness that pot
provides me
drbardo: I can feel every cell in my body, and I can feel the
weight of it all, I can feel my teeth, my eyes, my nose, my lungs,
and all other organs, and I feel myself at last for the slimy,
slithering mass of decaying biological matter that i am... ugh
drbardo: eleventh nothing compares to eating it
drbardo: when ingested, I feel almost detached from my body... and
a strong need to assume a prostrate position, with arms and legs
spread as with Da Vincci's drawings of man , and listen to soothing
music, preferably classical... then and only then can I really enjoy
it... and then do thoughts begin to flow, but in the lower dossage
levels of cannibis I find it all but totally displeasing

eleventh: cidal: This has been enlightening.
cidal: fucking your mom was enlightening, too
eleventh: I hope so.

drbardo: ...

Dakarriel: ah, I'm in good spirits. I just got back from exercize
Dakarriel: and I feel wonderful
Dakarriel: I also found some software I was lookin' for earlier.
Dakarriel: which isnt that common, knowing the amount of useless
info on the internet
`Max`: heheh
`Max`: what software?
Dakarriel: StreamboxVCR
Dakarriel: it allows you to download streaming video, and save it,
instead of temporarily viewing it.
`Max`: ahh, kickass
Dakarriel: I'm using it to swipe full length porno movies from
streaming sites.
Dakarriel: then I will distribute it to the masses!
Dakarriel: Cuz information wants to be free!
Dakarriel: I asked it. It's kind of a nut.
`Max`: I want to be free too.
Dakarriel: me too
Dakarriel: mostly from myself
Dakarriel: If I was free from myself, I'd be happy.
Dakarriel: I'm also happy as my slave too. How odd.
Dakarriel: brainwashing works, apparantly.
Dakarriel: I know I'm conditioned to be comprimising, because once,
my parents told me, that if I wanted to, I should go and take my
siblings to the pool. I didnt feel like it, and I didnt, but I felt
bad about it all day.
Dakarriel: that sucks.
Dakarriel: I really shouldn't have cared. even my parents said that.
Dakarriel: I'm a slave to myself.
`Max`: why?
Dakarriel: because I was raised to like to do what authority sez
Dakarriel: good little mindless peon.
Dakarriel: the thing is though, I dont really hate it.
Dakarriel: I'm slowly growing out of it though. Using humor and
such to be impertanant.
Dakarriel: impertinant?
Dakarriel: I dunno the spelling
[1351]: impertinent
Dakarriel: thank yez

[1351]: out of interest, did Mikheilis ever respond to my flame?
I'd hate to miss the opportunity for a good conflict if he gave it to
`Max`: no
[1351]: ah well
`Max`: he's been good 'n silent
[1351]: good. I like obedience... g:

[1351]: Trisk! Quick! Recite "Green Eggs and Ham" as you bounce!
* [1351] stands on the sidelines and waves pom-poms
### Editor's note: this snippet intentionally left out-of-context: so
### you can just WONDER. EG:

Aleister: i do not like green eggs and hamas! i do not like them,
sam i assad!
Aleister: would you like them with a bomb? dropping over vietnam?
Aleister: would you eat them with a knife? while you watch us beat
your wife?

Aleister: dr seuss was an agent of the illuminati.
Aleister: this is evident from 'yertle the turtle' and 'sneeches on

Session Start: Thu Sep 20 18:06:43 2001
*** Now talking in #thee_vortex
*** Topic is '[1351]: ...someone found my piece "Insect Love" by
searching for +distended+gaping+cunt on Google'
*** Set by eleventh on Thu Sep 20 14:37:09

Incubus-: Kat: You're everyone's favorite evil fiend, and we all
love you, you should be happy :)
[1351]: so send me some real drugs already!!!!
* [1351] passes round a collection plate

* [1351] hammers a nail through eleventh's foot

* [1351] wonders what she should do now
eleventh: Vent your anger in a haiku about a grilling hot dog?

eleventh: Every christian doctrine says I should be anal necro-
raped for all eternity!

Beacon9: President Bush stopped short of asking Superman and
Captain America to go smite the terrorists.

Xaronzon: beac, wanna add to the list of recommended porno browsing
Xaronzon: Eleventh's reccomendation:
Xaronzon: http://www.redway.org/
Xaronzon: Teck Yong's favourite:
Xaronzon: http://www.femdom.com/
Xaronzon: My recommendations:
Xaronzon: http://www.pornotopia.com/ (free preview)
Xaronzon: http://www.chupandxena.com/
Xaronzon: Jesus sports figures:

Xaronzon: go here... NOW : http://www.brains4zombies.com/

* `Max` kisses teckyong.
teckyong: hey Max!
teckyong: u do love me!
* teckyong kisses Max back
`Max`: =)
* teckyong french kisses Max, sliding his tongue in and out of Max's
pert lips
* `Max` aggressively tonguefucks teckyong, becoming more and more
passionate with each exuberant motion of his tongue
Xaronzon: So this is what happens when you disseminate porno URLs
to a room full of horny chaotes...
* Urza covers his virgin eyes
teckyong: erm...yeah
* teckyong wraps his thick sinewy arms around Max...trying to hold
him tighter...trying to merge as one with him...trying to hurt
him...make him cry out like the innocent virgin he is
Xaronzon: You people really need to get out more...
teckyong: oh really? ansd why's that?
* `Max` reaches out to Kat, enticing her to join in the fun.

`Max`: when you bitch, you are accepting things as they are. so
when you bitch, you instantly forfeit your right to bitch any
further, because you have identified the problem and accepted it,
instead of making an active decision to change it. you've been doing
an awful lot of bitching lately.

triskele: I was thinking all day, and I decided that in life, it's
pretty hard to fail.
triskele: Unless, you give up.
triskele: THEN you fail.
triskele: so I'm not giving up.

* Aleister hands triskele a big red arrow with YOU ARE HERE painted
on it

* [1351] sings at the channel in an attempt to get one of her
favourite songs out of her head.
[1351]: "How can you stay, when you're sixty million miles away?
How can you fly, when you're home free? How can you feel when your
mind's wound up like a ring of steel, and how can you deal in your
[1351]: well, that kinda worked

Aleister: never evoke anything larger than your head

eleventh: I wanna run around the house yelling BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

eleventh: Caffeine and scotch tape. There should be a poster of
some sort with those.

eleventh: Slipknotcherrycokespeedbraindanger

eleventh: Moop!
* eleventh licks mimir
* eleventh licks herself
* eleventh decides Mimir tastes better
* eleventh dances on the head of a pin.
Mimir: aleph?
eleventh: yes yes?
Mimir: that's just cause I'm the spice of life

Xaronzon: [15:08] *** Topic is 'Attacks to the World Trade Center,
Pentagon...Dread Cthulhu Questioned '
Xaronzon: [15:08] *** Set by Riordan on Tue Sep 11 15:09:47

FraDotCom: Brb, gotta check the fridge
Xaronzon: why? is there something horrible lurking inside it?
FraDotCom: considering when I went shopping the last time and how
much is still in there, yes, I guess so

teckyong: if he's new here, we must give him the traditional anal
teckyong: that's our tradition. all new fraters get anal probed.
all new sorors get anal probed too. but with different equipment.
`Max`: i thought we chastized and interrogated all the new guys?
teckyong: yeah Max. u chastized while I probed *wibk-wink*
`Max`: right, gotcha
`Max`: but i want some sloppy seconds
teckyong: sure
[Crusoe]: Ugh, you need to rename this channel s3x_m4Gick!!!111
[Crusoe]: ;)
teckyong: I go for seconds too. when the guys with the heavy duty
"equipment" are here
`Max`: hah
`Max`: how bout teen_angst_magick

[Crusoe]: Well, I cooked up something weird last night. Entopic (
not entropic ) runes.
`Max`: and what, pray tell, does entopic indicate?
`Max`: and what's a nonpractitioner doing playing with runes?
[Crusoe]: `Max`: It makes pretty patterns on the floor? A
impromptu art installation... :)
[Crusoe]: entopic forms are the first things seen in trance states,
lines, squiggles, dots, circles, etc.
* [Crusoe] managed that in meditation once, then onto tiled
patterns, and finally random images.
`Max`: bad-ass niftness
teckyong: bad smelly ass
teckyong: yucks
`Max`: one of those
teckyong: I hope I don't have to probe that!
[Crusoe]: Want to make your own runes? I'll leave the
interpretation to the pros... :)
`Max`: hey, you gotta probe what comes through...
`Max`: sure thing, crusoe
`Max`: you drop it here, and we'll pass it along
[Crusoe]: Buy a bag of smooth stones at a craft store, the kind
used in those cheesy fountains.
[Crusoe]: Get a paint marker too.
[Crusoe]: on 24 stones, draw a single line, on 15 stones, a single
dot, on 9 stones a zig-zag, on 9 stones a circle, and on 6 stones, a
circle with a dot in the center.
*** teckyong has quit IRC
[Crusoe]: This was just made up by me as I went, feel free to tweak
as needed.
[Crusoe]: Then, gather the stones in a big pile, and while
shuffling, think or vocalize that which are seeking an answer too.
Then mush the pile out into a single layer, no stones lying over
[Crusoe]: Any stones, which you can't see the marks on, turn over,
careful to preseve their orientation. Then see if you can grok
something in the entopic entropy... :)
`Max`: kewl =P
[Crusoe]: Hey now, it looks neat, try it.
`Max`: will do
[Crusoe]: The results look like primitive cave art.
`Max`: natty

Mimir: Aliester- are you awake? Who was the chap you quoted as
saying "God is a Verb"?

[Crusoe]: Japan today admitted they are persuing human cloning for
the creation genetically engineered super warriors with 6 arms, 2
heads, and grafted on machine guns.

[Crusoe]: Because they want real life to be as cool as their

gbryal: Nothing succeeds like success.

*** Aleister changes topic to 'Between a Grok and a Hard Place'

Aleister: i seem to have blown up the challenger. bad aim.

[Crusoe]: When I was 6, I managed to move a grain of sand by
willpower. At least, it seemed that way...
[Crusoe]: Mimir: I don't recall. But it's the deepest focus I've
had. Very boring story hour, small pebble/ large sand grain on the
rug where we were sitting. Teacher didn't mind if the kids laid down
and chilled out.
[Crusoe]: It was about 1/2 inch from my finger tip as I laid on my
belly. And it moved after concentrating real hard for what seemed a
long time.
Mimir: Interesting.
Mimir: I had a girlfriend who cliamed she was able to move a lot of
stuff as a younger child. She started working on it again right after
we broke up. She purported it to be highly dependant on belief
[Crusoe]: I'm sure it is.
`Max`: dhyana
[Crusoe]: But then again, isn't magick belief depenedent? :)
`Max`: everything is belief-dependant within the consensus belief-
Mimir: why, I do believe so.

* [Crusoe] looks for a piece of string to see if the ankh divination
still 'works'.
Mimir: Crusoe: you mean as a pendulum?
[Crusoe]: Yeah, but it doesn't work like pendulums normally do.
[Crusoe]: Twirl the string in your finger tips, till the ankh is
spinning rapidly on the end ( IE, let it dangle, and twirl the string
so the ankh spins in the air ).
[Crusoe]: Then let it twist back and forth, and ask it to point at
something, It will slowly slow down, and eventually rock back and
forth, then twist towards what you asked it to point towards.
[Crusoe]: While not really divination, it's not looking for hidden
things, it works at answering questions.
[Crusoe]: well, I mean, you can ask it to point at things in a
room, and the cross arm will.

* [Crusoe] has been wondering about a magical experiment.
[Crusoe]: If a lot of magic, is twisting reality, and predisposing
statistical processes, then choosing systems with a lot of 'slop' to
influence may work best.
`Max`: Reality is relative.
[Crusoe]: Yeah, but the problem is, some systems are supported by
'common' belief more than others.
[Crusoe]: Maybe there are weaker ones that are easier to exploit.
[Crusoe]: I mean, if you are Guru Maharasha Yogi IV, then
levitation ain't no problem... :)
[Crusoe]: Nope.
[Crusoe]: Your power of will is so strong, it don't matter that the
other 4.9 billion people think that levitating is impossible...
`Max`: Then I asked: Does a firm persuasion that a thing is so,
make it so?
`Max`: He replied: All poets believe that it does, & in ages of
`Max`: this firm persuasion removed mountains; but many are not
`Max`: of a firm persuasion of any thing.
`Max`: From The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
`Max`: William Blake,1794
[Crusoe]: That's Marik's Page? :)
[Crusoe]: Yeah, but see, ya don't ask the neo-choate to move
mountains, disappointment breeds more disbelief.
[Crusoe]: ...---...---...---.-.
Mimir: I thought the neo-chaote movement wasn't sheduled for
another 10 years. "everything is true!"
Mimir: not that it matters a whit. .
[Crusoe]: Well, I meant neophyte chaote. Came out wrong. :)
[Crusoe]: But how can one truly be a 'neo-chaote' if chaotes can be
Mimir: So you -aren't- purporting everything to be "true"?
* Mimir grins crookedly
Mimir: borne again cretin
Mimir: I'm punching out for the night.
Mimir: Take all the care in the world.
* Mimir salutes
*** Mimir has quit IRC ([the world ain't using it] )

* [1351] glues triskele to the channel and dumps a bucket of maple
syrup over her
* Aleister watches for ants
*** [1351] is now known as ants
* ants troop in triskele's direction
* ants encounter the trail of maple syrup and start to follow it
* ants arrive at triskele's sticky and delicious ankle. A few of
them have been caught up in the syrup, and struggle vainly to break
free of the sticky goo.
*** triskele has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
* ants look extremely confused and disappointed.
*** ants is now known as [1351]
[1351]: do I win my performing arts badge now?

Aleister: are you clothed?
[1351]: partially. I have a t-shirt and bra on. Why?
Urza: a....hehehehe...thats a funny word....lol
* [1351] raises an eyebrow.
Urza: :P
[1351]: you don't mean "bra" do you?
Urza: no i mean a
Urza: "A"
[1351]: ah.
[1351]: a, even
Urza: as in the letter "a" the first letter of the alphabet
`Max`: lol
`Max`: useless little a
Urza: hehehe...that reminds me of celebrity jeopordy on snl... :P
[1351]: You know, there is something DEEPLY WRONG with the people
who come in here.
* `Max` hands Kat the No Shit award
* [1351] puts her No Shit award on the shelf with her You Don't Say
and Nooooo.... awards.

### Editor has dubbed the following piece: "Standard introduction to #thee_vortex"
### Try to read it from the standpoint of Ice``, logging onto the channel for the
### first time.
*** Ice`` has joined #thee_vortex
[1351]: hello there Ice'', and who the fuck are you?
*** `Max` sets mode: +o Ice``
Ice``: hy all
`Max`: I tend to agree with Kat there.
*** Urza was kicked by Urza (WOOHOO! THAT WAS FUN!)
`Max`: Ice has more connotations than one here.
*** Urza has joined #thee_vortex
triskele: yes, who might you be, unlawful intruder but welcome guest?
*** [1351] sets mode: +o Urza
Urza: danke
* `Max` flashes some bizarre eight-rayed nonchaostarsymbols.
triskele: heh
triskele: you rebel, you.
`Max`: Max -- Rebel among Chaotes.
Ice``: :)
Ice``: i see u have fun here
Ice``: :)
`Max`: That's what -you- think.
[1351]: Hmm. Should I go get cash a cheque to buy dope, or hang on
and climb the walls...?
`Max`: but you haven't answered our little challenge:
Ice``: it `s not so?
`Max`: Who in -fuck- are you?
Ice``: jus me
Ice``: :)
`Max`: unacceptable answer
`Max`: but the boy's done his homework
Ice``: what do u wan`t?
`Max`: don't make me drag out the hookah
[1351]: he wants to know who you are, it seems.
Ice``: i`m Ice``
Ice``: nice to meeet you
`Max`: No.
`Max`: You're not.
[1351]: how you found out about this place would be kind of nice, too
Ice``: :)_
`Max`: You identify with the symbols representing the monaker Ice``
`Max`: You are not your name.
`Max`: Who are you?
Ice``: so am i comming here
`Max`: Your sexual practices are none of my concern: who are you?
Ice``: :)
[1351]: Shall we try this again.
`Max`: Ice``: WHO ARE YOU?
Ice``: i `m a MAn
Ice``: :)
`Max`: Fuck.
[1351]: well, that eliminates just over half the world's population
Ice``: u don`t know me
`Max`: I don't think I've ever kickbanned anyone for this
conversation before.
[1351]: yes you have
`Max`: Have I?
[1351]: I'm sure you have.
[1351]: You've tried at least.
`Max`: Nah... I usually only tease.
Ice``: i`m from romania if u see that
`Max`: I don't.
`Max`: Who are you?
Ice``: if u can`t chack this....
Ice``: if u can`t check this....
Ice``: :))))))))
`Max`: I'm not planning on checking anything.
`Max`: I'm asking questions.
Urza: what is your *real* name? as in the one you use not on irc....
`Max`: You provide answers.
`Max`: This is how I check.
`Max`: Who are you?
Ice``: see ya
* [1351] couldn't give a toss about his name. None of his names are
likely to have all that much bearing on his personality.
Ice``: what`s interesting you my real name?
Ice``: for playing
[1351]: Okay, simple question. How did you find out about this
Ice``: not for ansvering these questions
[1351]: No awkward personal details required.
Ice``: i have told wou
Ice``: i have looking for my frend
Ice``: i have tipe /who *znet
`Max`: Communication requires understanding.
[1351]: I don't remember you telling me, but then, I'm not that
together. Who's your friend?
Ice``: so have i found znRelay1
`Max`: You know... he kinda sounds like Travis.
* [1351] grins
Ice``: so i have check it so have found this chan
[1351]: What, in that all his best friends are artificial?
[1351]: g:
* `Max` nods and chuckles.
`Max`: Nice one Kat.
[1351]: it does actually look like he's from romania
* Ice`` plays - Bon Jovi - I'll be there for you -
[1351]: eww
Ice``: i have told u
Ice``: :)
* `Max` kisses Ice.
`Max`: You're a darling.
[1351]: but then, I rarely believe what I read. And that goes NO
way to explaining why his friend would be a bot. g:
Ice``: :))))))
* [1351] sits on Ice's lap.
`Max`: Oh now I'm jealous.
[1351]: You know, I'm SURE there's something REALLY REALLY *wrong*
with the people who come in here...
Ice``: if u don`t know i havew chack my frend on ZNET is an
internet club and i have check it if somebody is online from that klub
[1351]: Send me a photo, studmuffin, and I might sit on your lap.
`Max`: Crazy? I'm not crazy!
`Max`: Rats make me crazy.
`Max`: Rats? Did someone say rats?
`Max`: Rats make me crazy.
`Max`: Crazy? I'm not crazy.
`Max`: Rats make me crazy.
`Max`: Rats? Did someone say rats?
`Max`: Rats make me crazy.
`Max`: Crazy? I'm not crazy.
`Max`: Rats make me crazy.
Session Close: Sat Sep 22 01:57:18 2001
*** `Max` was kicked by [1351] (`Max`)
Session Start: Sat Sep 22 01:57:28 2001
*** `Max` has joined #thee_vortex
* [1351] is ever so glad she's logging all this. Arawyn will be
`Max`: wow... i derive so much pleasure from the mere contemplation
* Ice`` plays - De Vize Activate your Energye -
`Max`: how many of those before i get to kick hir?
[1351]: Well, it could be worse. We could actually have to LISTEN
to Bon Jovi, etc.
`Max`: i suppose you're right
`Max`: so... what? three?
Ice``: ok
Ice``: see ya
[1351]: I'm still undecided as to whether this is a very stupid
piss take, or for real.
`Max`: you already said that
`Max`: i don't believe it this time either
Ice``: i`m going to play some trivia game
Ice``: :)
Ice``: if u know what is
`Max`: have fun!
Ice``: :)))
`Max`: HURRY!
`Max`: =P
*** Ice`` sets mode: -o+b Ice`` *!*Iceman@ice.knet.ro
[1351]: don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out....
*** Ice`` has left #thee_vortex
`Max`: ah... the simple pleasures...
##### And this is why the channel population remains so low.

* `Max` picks his fingernails
`Max`: sometimes the crud just won't stop coming
`Max`: that's how the media is similar to toenails
Aleister: toenails are more fun to chew on than dan rather, however.
`Max`: i wouldn't know
`Max`: i've never tried Dan
`Max`: toodles
Urza: who is Dan toodles?

`Max`: just my luck
`Max`: i chose Mara for my girlfriend
`Max`: flirting with hell...
`Max`: "Howdy Choronzon. My you look stunning tonight. Care for a
glass of wine? Of course. No, no thank you. No self-pity for me
right now, thanks... I've had quite enough of that for one lifetime,
although I'm sure I'll see more. Would you like another hit? Of

teckyong: well we can just hope u don't get fucked in your white
ass by the black rebel soldiers

Session Start: Mon Sep 24 19:28:18 2001
*** Now talking in #thee_vortex
*** Topic is 'Bite me, bum monkey. '
*** Set by Genix on Mon Sep 24 01:20:17

*** Shaedy is now known as Jaelbait
Jaelbait: ....

teckyong: don't eyeball me boy! don't eyeball The Rock!!!
* teckyong smashes a chair on the ring edge and climbs into the ring
* teckyong tears off t shirt and eyeballs Max..."Do u want a piece
of The Rock??"
cidal: do you want a piece of my cock?
teckyong: no
teckyong: keep your cock to yourself
teckyong: I am The Rock!!!
* teckyong smashes chair on cidal
cidal: you suck

eleventh: cidal: if you were 10 or so missing CD booklets, where
would you be?
cidal: under your bed
eleventh: good idea

Shaedyz: does anyone know any modem init strings that can help keep
u connected?
eleventh: Shaedyz: put in something like "O Heavenly Father, I pray
unto Thee to keep me connected to the internet so that I may do Thy
will online. Amen."
teckyong: or u can just suck cock
eleventh: yeah, do that

Shaedyz: has anyone experimented with chaobolting someones ip
eleventh: nope, but I'd like to hear how it goes
Shaedyz: pretty soon we'll have manuals for "nano-magickians", they
are the wave of the futur

gbryal: There is certainly a time for running through the corpus of
occult knowledge madly with a machete, disregarding all warnings and

gbryal: Just remember:
gbryal: All the men and women in China know a snake from a dragon,
but you can't fool a Zen Monk!

eleventh: gbryal: I'm not asking how.
eleventh: I don't even care about figuring it out right now
gbryal: Sometimes people tell you extra, bonus stuff besides what
you ask.

Aleister: Canada: Our Parliament has fewer drunken brawls than

Genix: I hereby refrain from joining this conversation.
Beacon9: good move, Genix

Genix: I will wear pink frilly panties and send you the pics.

Genix: cidal: You will be impressed. I look good in pink frilly
cidal: so does your mom.
Genix: She doesn't have pink frilly panties. I stole them all.

Genix: Two people from #wicca_circle?
Genix: This is worrying.
`Max`: wow... wiccans baiting chaotes? ;-P
Cirius: yepers
Cirius is blahblahbl@1Cust123.tnt2.green-bay2.wi.da.uu.net * Gimme
Cirius on #thee_vortex #wicca_circle
Cirius using *.undernet.org The Undernet Underworld
Cirius End of /WHOIS list.
ult: yeah right
Genix: Max: I know!
cidal: probably the other way around
* Genix laughs
ult: you dumb fluffy dorks
`Max`: play nice, ult
Genix: ult: Now ult, deary, be good.
`Max`: wiccans wield valid magick, too
* Genix pets ult
Cirius: I am not wiccan I am just looking
Cirius: and so is speedybee
Genix: Hm. Righto.
Cirius: I am very intrasted in the pagan religan
`Max`: er... you're new?
`Max`: why?
* Genix shrugs
cidal: yeah, wiccans are to magick what spray cheese is to organic
cheese directly from the farm.
Genix: This should be interesting, if none else.
Cirius: yes and no
Genix: Haha, brill analogy, Joh.
`Max`: er... that is: why are you interested in the pagan religions?
Cirius: I am new to all of you but i have been in this room meny
`Max`: and what're you doing here, if that's what you're interested
Genix: Yes'm, what Max said. We necro-rape pagans.
* Genix giggles
Genix: In frilly panties.
Cirius: my friend gave this chanel name to me
`Max`: who did?
`Max`: it's a chaote channel
cidal: heh
cidal: anal necro-rape, or just the regular ol' in and out?
`Max`: you don't find much paganry here
Cirius: Nynaeve
`Max`: but you still haven't told me why you're interested in pagan
`Max`: Nynaeve
Genix: cidal: Ooh, even better. We must hail the archetypal
`Max`: a Zee
`Max`: you live in nyn's hometown?
Cirius: yes
cidal: i'm out
* cidal is elsewhere - foo -
`Max`: wait... lemme try this again:
Genix: Bloody hell, Joh, come back!
`Max`: why are you interested in the pagan religions?
Cirius: because i am sick of the crap that gos on is christanity
Cirius: !!!!!!!!!!
Genix: Oo'er.
`Max`: so why not just ditch christianity?
`Max`: why do you have to adopt some other religion in its place?
`Max`: would you overturn one dictator to enthrone another?
* Genix sits back to watch
Genix: This should be very good.
Cirius: because Nynaeve told me that I have the "talent"
`Max`: oh... so you're interested in magick?
Cirius: kind of
`Max`: so why not just practice magick? why do you have to have a
religion to go with it?
Cirius: is pagansom just as bad as christeanity?
`Max`: worse
Cirius: how?
`Max`: they take themselves even more seriously than most
christians do
`Max`: and it's all presumptions. but they sell them as capitol-t-
Genix: Cirius: What he means to say is that religion is dogmatic
shit :)
`Max`: so, once more: why do you have to have a religion to go with
your magick?
*** gimmeStar has joined #thee_vortex
gimmeStar is blahblahbl@1Cust31.tnt2.green-bay2.wi.da.uu.net * Gimme
gimmeStar on #thee_vortex
gimmeStar using *.undernet.org The Undernet Underworld
gimmeStar End of /WHOIS list.
Genix: Hrm.
*** Cirius has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
`Max`: nah... no gift there
Genix: No gift huh what?
`Max`: was s/he lagged?
Genix: s/he is back as gimmeStar.
*** gimmeStar is now known as Cirius
`Max`: ah... gotcha
`Max`: then, to recap:
`Max`: Genix: Cirius: What he means to say is that religion is
dogmatic shit :)
`Max`: `Max`: so, once more: why do you have to have a religion to
go with your magick?
Cirius: I don't know
Genix: How old are you, Cirius?
Cirius: 19
* Genix nods
`Max`: you don't know why you have to have a religion to go with
your magick, or you don't know if you have to have a religion to go
with your magick?
Genix: How long have you been interested in magick?
Genix: (and/or the pagan "religions")
Cirius: I have always thougt it was neat but I always thougt it was
not real
`Max`: you're good at not answering questions =P
Cirius: in magick about 1 year..
Genix: In other words, you've only decided to try and take it
seriously recently?
Genix: Ah.
Genix: There we go.
Cirius: yes
Cirius: in pagan religions about 2 months
Genix: I think it's safe to say you have been _interested_ in
magick, not _in_ magick.
Cirius: I think so
Genix: Yes, I do.
`Max`: so do you want a religion or not?
Cirius: I want people to talk to that are liked minded...
Cirius: so is that a religan?
* Genix laughs
`Max`: doesn't sound like one to me
ult: like minded? go to the local loony bin
Cirius: no thanks
`Max`: ult, what do you think this place is?
ult: I believe in magic with a 'k'!
ult: `Max`: I know I'm sane.
Genix: Good point, ult.
Genix: I mean, Max.`
`Max`: No. We're stark-raving sane here. Which is why we're
deemed mad by the insane masses.
`Max`: but aside from that....
Genix: I just happen to think that "magick" is a dumb hoe label
forcing one into a gung-ho bitch-slap fest with... dumb hoes.
`Max`: No shame.
ult: I just happen to think that I could REALLY go for an oatmeal
cream pie right about now. Damn.
ult: All I've got is Ramen and Tuna
Cirius: what is the diffrens betwen magic and magic with a k?
ult: Cirius: A letter.
Cirius: no kidding
Genix: Cirius: "magic" is pull-yer-rabbit-out-yer-hat. "magick" is
`Max`: some folks use the 'k' to delineate the metaphysical stuff
from the prestidigitation
`Max`: (the real stuff from the stage-magic)
Cirius: ahhhh i see
Genix: Yes, Max said it better, yo.
Cirius: I get it
`Max`: so... what do you want?
* Genix laughs
Cirius: I don't know!!!!!!! I am looking and NOT FINDING!!!!!!!!!!
Cirius: and it sucks!
Genix: If ever we doubted you were the real Max, now we know
ult: Cir: Wrong!
* Genix hugs Max
`Max`: how can you say you're not finding anything if you don't
know what you're looking for? what do you want?
ult: Cir: You are finding without looking
ult: Cir: You are here, no?
Cirius: I guess
Cirius: I don't know what i'm looking for
`Max`: ah
`Max`: then it's no wonder you're not finding
ult: If you don't know what you're looking for, you won't realize
what you've found when you find it.
`Max`: maybe you should sit down for a while and think about what
it is you're really interested in
Genix: Cirius: You sure as fuck ain't going to find whatever you're
looking for in paganism.
Cirius: why?
Cirius: whats wrong with it?
`Max`: nothing
`Max`: maybe paganism is what s/he's looking for
`Max`: some people would rather be comfortable sheep
ult: Something tells me Serious just wants to have cool lightning
`Max`: and it's a nice existance
`Max`: not everyone's interested in the harder road
ult: Cirius: Wanna see a cool spell?
ult: Proof of magick
ult: Aquire a large number of brown beans and cook them in a pot
ult: Drain the water, and sacrifice it to the Earth Goddess
ult: Wait an hour and start holding a lit lighter behind your ass
ult: And soon you will have FIREBALL spell aquired!
`Max`: oh... this is getting sent to the zee...
Cirius: hahah I am NOT stupid
* Genix chuckles
Genix: Much appreciated, even.
*** gimmeStar is now known as Cirius
##### Snip 30-page flame-war between ult and everyone else,
##### eventually resulting in the new people wandering away.
##### This, once again, is why the channel stays so underpopulated.
##### I'm not sure what this all says.

`Max`: "Avoid therefore the sins of presumption and despair."
`Max`: Alan W. Watts

Genix: I am quite aware of the fact that I am virtually non-lucid
in this state, but hey, I fuckin' hug my cat as much as I'd like to,
so I'm groovy.

Blue_Rat: I'd go for a vagina! Muff-divin' and Guinness is my

`Max`: most male-to-female sex-change operations are performed so
that the male can become a lesbian

`Max`: Subject: Re: [zee-list] goo goo
`Max`: Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 08:22:37 PDT
`Max`: From: "Mikael Haskins" adelaine23@hotmail.com:
`Max`: Reply-To: zee-list@chaosmatrix.com
`Max`: To: zee-list@chaosmatrix.com
`Max`: By one Robert Anton Wilson, the 8 basic winner and loser
scripts, for those of you who haven't come across them before.
`Max`: 1. The biosurvival
`Max`: Winner: "I will live forever or die trying."
`Max`: Loser: "I don't know how to defend myself."
`Max`: 2. The emotional-territorial
`Max`: Winner: "I am free; you are free; we can have our separate
trips or we can have the same trip."
`Max`: Loser: "They all intimidate me."
`Max`: 3. The semantic
`Max`: Winner: "I am learning more about everything, including how
to learn more."
`Max`: Loser: "I can't solve my problems."
`Max`: 4. The sociosexual
`Max`: Winner: "Love, and do what thou wilt." (Anon. of Ibid)
`Max`: Loser: "Everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening."
`Max`: 5. The neurosomatic
`Max`: Winner: "How I feel depends on my neurological knowhow."
`Max`: Loser: "I can't help the way I feel."
`Max`: 6. The metaprogramming
`Max`: Winner: "I make my own coincidences, synchronicities, luck,
and Destiny."
`Max`: Loser: "Why do I have such lousy luck?"
`Max`: 7. The neurogenetic
`Max`: Winner: "Future evolution depends on my decisions now."
`Max`: Loser: "Evolution is blind and impersonal."
`Max`: 8. The neuroatomic
`Max`: Winner: "In the province of the mind, what is believed to be
true is true, or becomes true within certain limits to be learned by
experience and experiment." (Dr.John Lilly)
`Max`: Loser: "I am not psychic, and I doubt anyone is."

`Max`: i just found two chainsaws

cidal: wow
cidal: i am very, very stoned.

*** Genix changes topic to 'The Vortex; we love you, Jesus!'
Infamus: there's quite a lot of arabs in my neighborhood... is it
necessary to get the whole town together to stone them, as prescribed
in Ezechiel 16?

FraDotCom: lol
FraDotCom: just read the fireball spell
`Max`: i figured that'd be on the quotes page in no time =P

Genix: I am a fragile butterfly not worth a flyswatter, yo.

Genix: Have I told you how much you scare the shit out of me?

#### Editor's Note: I'll leave you to guess whether this actually happened or not.
`Max`: what makes you happy?
Genix: Me? Oh, I don't know. Nice people *g*
`Max`: i'm thinking that a lot of happiness is based around people
being nice to each other
Genix: Definately. It makes my day when people are nice to me.
Genix: And it makes my day to be nice back.
`Max`: =)
* Genix shrugs
Genix: I'm a wuss. So sue me :)
`Max`: well then have a nice day! =)
* Genix laughs
Genix: And you!
Genix: ;)
`Max`: =)

* Genix looks around carefully, then logs discreetly onto

Genix: Cidal's stoned.
Genix: Don't mind him.

Genix: Arawyn: Fart runes + Genix = bad, bad, bad!

FraDotCom: and I'll forever be bad for good g:


triskele: *orgasm*

*** triskele changes topic to 'today a bee flew into my purple paint
then tried to fly and ended up smacking into my canvas several times
and making purplebeespots and then flew away purple.'

*** Squink has joined #thee_vortex
Squink: greetings, all.
* AFKish-11 ops Squink

NpK: is there life on other planets?
Squink: probably
*** NpK has left #thee_vortex

* cidal returns... - Gone for 3 hours 56 minutes 16 seconds.
* cidal is elsewhere - D R I P P I N G C U M B U T T -

eleventh: trisk's nipples are quite normal. Except they have a
funny voice.

* eleventh fingers ChORONZON's naughty bits

ChORONZON: We're jus two honks.. .and a negro...servin the Lord.. .

Aleister: there was a jesus freak who lived in my town, who was
known to testify thusly: "I used to be all messed up on drugs, NOW,

Shaedy: apparently airing on the discovery channel sometime early
2002 lord eagan is supposed to successfully banish jesus from someone
Shaedy: www.churchofsatan.org

Xuntira: we couldn't grow yellow trees in water so we added dye to it

ChORONZON: Time for me to smoke a big fat fuckin mosnter shaa of a
wholloping high-hoe PHATTY BO BADDY.

gbryal: It's your life to live. Respecting your elders is an
honourable thing, but at some point some things are yours and not

gbryal: Your breasts could bring you decades of enjoyment.

gbryal: I think being an old woman would be weird.

gbryal: if you WANT it you can probably have it.
gbryal: Don't dream it... be it...

gbryal: there is rarely a need to quote rocky.

eleventh: it's not just DNA. it's certain organs that aren't there.
That and I like erogenous sensations too much to do that to my

gbryal: Did you have a good cry?
eleventh: not a very good one, no
gbryal: Oh, well, maybe later.
eleventh: hopefully

eleventh: I don't care what you smoke. You're still a damn dirty

gbryal: Yes, you should be a girl.
gbryal: Stop being a boy and get on with it.

KrimHum: "his sex change operation got botched
KrimHum: his guardian angel fell asleep on the watch
KrimHum: now he's just got a mumble: no crotch
KrimHum: he's got an angry inch."

gbryal: I am infinitely spectacularmacular.

Shaedy: .....

Dakarriel: I was reading e-mail
Dakarriel: which was a near-complete waste of time.

Dakarriel: Q: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you
check for a pulse?
Dakarriel: A: No.
Dakarriel: Q: Did you check for blood pressure?
Dakarriel: A: No.
Dakarriel: Q: Did you check for breathing?
Dakarriel: A: No.
Dakarriel: Q: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive
when you began the autopsy?
Dakarriel: A: No.
Dakarriel: Q: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
Dakarriel: A: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
Dakarriel: Q: But could the patient have still been alive
Dakarriel: A: It is possible that he could have been alive and
practicing law somewhere.

*** [A]narkia has joined #thee_vortex
* teckyong slaps [A]narkia around a bit with a large trout
* [A]narkia shits in teckyong's mouth

*** `Max` sets mode: -t

`Max`: You aren't alive anywhere like you're alive in fight club.
When it's you and one other guy under that one light in the middle
of all those watching. Fight club isn't about winning or losing
fights. Fight club isn't about words. You see a guy come to fight
club for the first time, and his ass is a loaf of white bread.
You see this same guy here six months later, and he looks carved
out of wood. This guy trusts himself to handle anything. There's
grunting and noise at fight club like at the gym, but fight club
isn't about looking good. There's hysterical shouting in tongues
like at church, and when you wake up Sunday afternoon, you feel

`Max`: i just want to live a simple life
`Max`: work a job that i enjoy
`Max`: have some money for me toys
`Max`: spend the nights out with the boys
`Max`: and love a fine damn woman

* `Max` kisses teckyong passionately.

`Max`: There is no Way to Happiness. Happiness is the Way.

`Max`: Give me lovin'.

`Max`: Plot-wise, basically anything went, but your average
episode would consist of Neddie Seagoon, played by Secombe,
falling foul of a dastardly plot by Hercules Grytpype-Thynne,
played by Sellers, and his hapless French accomplice, Count
Moriarty, played by Milligan. Additional surreality could be
found in the form of Bluebottle and Eccles, the two naive
schoolboy-ish characters often to be found playing soldiers.
Bluebottle was the one who, famously, got deaded every episode,
pre-dating South Park's Kenny by nearly 50 years. He also had a
tendency to read aloud his script cues, such as 'Thinks...' and
'Bluebottle enters room', in stark contravention of all the
known rules of drama.

Mishra: Heya Urza... ever considered a little bit of 'brotherly
* Urza sprays himself w/ lysol

*** Woden has joined #thee_vortex
Urza: hey there Woden
Woden: Hey there Urza
Urza: hows Thor doin?
Woden: :)
Woden: lol...Bashing the living !@#$ out of giants and trolls, like
Urza: ah
Woden: !@#$ = snot =)
Woden: HAHAHA!
Woden: It's snot funny!
Woden: HAHAHA!

* `Max` licks Urza with teckyong's tongue.
Urza: wtf?
Woden: wtf?
Woden: I don't think tecky will be happy with the implecations of
this action

Woden: yo yo yo! jigglypuff is in 'da HOUSE!!!



teckyong: I tricked myself into getting a job
teckyong: then I tricked Beacon
assI: what kind of job?
teckyong: blowing jobs

SilntBob: .
`Max`: heya Silent Bob
`Max`: when's your new animated series coming out?
* SilntBob shrugs his shoulders
* teckyong breaks shoulder
SilntBob: .
teckyong: he is silent as a Bob
teckyong: damn!
* SilntBob nods
* `Max` repairs Silent Bob's shoulder using The Force.
* SilntBob smiles upon max
* SilntBob dances around in rejoicement
* teckyong smiles upon Bob
* SilntBob gives teck a "glare"
teckyong: a glare...?
teckyong: why? oh why??
* SilntBob makes no notion to explain it
* `Max` busts out the BongStar and invites you both for some
Corellian Green.
* SilntBob hits that shit like theres no tomorrow
*** SilntBob has quit IRC
teckyong: ok he's gone
teckyong: now what?
* `Max` shrugs

teckyong: well...I think milk is cool!

Zos444: yeah... I used to think a lot about how to manufacture sarin

Aleister: if you look sarin up in an old merck index, there is a
good book referenced

Dakarriel: rotting animals liven any occasion

Dakarriel: plenty of alcohol?
Dakarriel: if so, I suggest either saran wrap or a car battery
Dakarriel: ah, fun with toilets.

* Aleister tries to remember the name of the fun chemical that blows
up toilets
Aleister: leave lit cig on edge of rim
Aleister: sodium something
Aleister: dump in bowl and run

Shaedy: how many of u have started ur high school on fire in the
Shaedy: my and a friend once found a hole in a wall, and threw a
huge ass smoke bomb in it which it turn started some trashe that had
previously been thrown in the hole on fire.
Shaedy: thus cuasing the fire truck to come
Shaedy: thus allowing us an hour off from class
Shaedy: it was the last day of school
Shaedy: we were celebrating
Shaedy: that was the meaning

`Max`: you know, i sit in here many a night, and all these angst-
ridden teens just about my age come in with the same social and
sexual problems
`Max`: and it's sad, because i was there
`Max`: and it's something i'm not sure that can be put into so many
`Max`: but you've just basically got to have confidence in
yourself, and really believe that
`Max`: and even if you don't believe that, act like you do
Genix: Yeah.
Genix: It's difficult sometimes, though.
`Max`: yeah, no shit
`Max`: but the funny thing is... it seems like it's even more
difficult for the girls, when you really get to know them
Genix: *nod*
`Max`: ah well
Genix: I think my problem is that I'm just a recluse.
`Max`: i guess i'll figure out this part in time, too
`Max`: yeah, it helps to socialize
Genix: It's scary as hell now, though!
`Max`: yeah, you've got to keep scaring yourself
`Max`: it helps to realize that the others are scared too
`Max`: after a while, maybe you'll even realize that the others are
more frightened than you are, when you begin to be more comfortable
with everything
Genix: Yeah, that's true.
`Max`: nothing ventured nothing gained
Genix: I just get frustrated, because I get real paranoid about
people. Suspicious as hell, kinda thing.
Genix: I end up pissing people off.
`Max`: i used to get like that
`Max`: then someone told me a bunch of stuff that i remembered
`Max`: like, "it's silly to think that secretly your friends really
only tolerate you"
Genix: Lol, yes'm, that is something to remember.
`Max`: and that person hit it on the head for me, coz that was one
of my fears
Genix: (That's my biggest fear)
`Max`: =P
`Max`: see?
`Max`: everyone's just as scared as you.
`Max`: someone else told me, in regards to dancing, "just try it --
it's not like people are going to point and laugh"
`Max`: and i realized that that's true of a lot of things
`Max`: i love to dance now, by the way =)
Genix: Haha, I know, I never used to dance... but it's one of the
funnest things!
`Max`: my friends think i'm cute because i bust out dancing at
random times, sometimes even when there's no music
* Genix cracks up
`Max`: but i have a very unusual dance-style
Genix: I do that too!
`Max`: =P
`Max`: well shit
`Max`: i'm feeling better already =P
`Max`: and here i was trying to make -you- feel better =P

Genix: Hehe. Ah, there's nothing like being particularly

teckyong: do u feel primal urges all the time?

wolfling: well at least I don't have a mullet

`Max`: There were two newbies the other night.
[1351]: it seems to know better than to be a complete idiot,
dispite it's admitted inexperiece
[1351]: I MISSED NEWBIES!!!!
[1351]: :(
[1351]: were they fun?
##### EDITOR'S NOTE: This is only funny because Kat and Max
##### love newbies only in regards to mindfucking them and
##### driving them away.

[1351]: die

`Max`: well newbies are fun, certainly
`Max`: it's always a pleasure to be the one delivering that first
blow to their belief-structure
`Max`: the simplest of questions do the most damage:
`Max`: "why?" "how?" "what for?"
[1351]: Max, you are definitely, but definitely, a sadist. Almost
enough to make a person feel sorry for the poor creatures.
[1351]: Almost.
`Max`: i'm only a sadist when it comes to helping people
`Max`: :=D
[1351]: oh come on. Admit you. You persecute them because it's FUN.
[1351]: admit it
[1351]: brain to finger link is a tad garbled apparently. g:
`Max`: don't get me wrong... i do take pleasure in it
`Max`: but only when it's ultimately for the better
[1351]: Bah. Tormenting them is it's own reward. I couldn't care
less if it improves them or not.
* [1351] has little interest in bettering the lots of others.
`Max`: now that's the -true- spirit of sadism
* [1351] takes a bow
`Max`: i want a happier world in general
`Max`: i'm really a hedonist
`Max`: yes -- a hedonist with -fucked- priorities

[1351]: Oh yeah, Fleeting Concept of the Moment. Having just beeing
to the terrible www.occultopedia.com the thought has struck me that
it might be a worthwhile idea to put together a web-based occult
encyclopedia project which is actually, like, some use to anyone. Up
for contributing?

*** Xaronzon changes topic to 'It's not so much a matter of
difference in magickal opinion. It's more that you're a fucking twat.'

FraDotCom: Evil
FraDotCom: meet my sword
FraDotCom: Sword
FraDotCom: MEET EVIL!!!!!

##### EDITOR'S NOTE: I am merciful, and thus have removed the link to the
##### following-referenced site.
Xaronzon: ARRGH
FraDotCom: what?
Xaronzon: that SITE
FraDotCom: What?
Xaronzon: could this be the worst page on the web?!?
AFKish-11: Epilepsy induction
FraDotCom: Isn't it great?`
FraDotCom: No idea. It almost shot out my eyes.
Xaronzon: who gave them awards?!?!
FraDotCom: And so many of them
Xaronzon: it's making me DIZZY
FraDotCom: Consider it like this:
Xaronzon: oh my sweet gods this is horrible
FraDotCom: you get the same feeling if you smoke too much
FraDotCom: and this is free
Xaronzon: LOL
FraDotCom: The guest book is great: Are you a pervert?
Xaronzon: I don't get motion sickness by smoking dope!

FraDotCom: Vampyress... yes that's me
FraDotCom: I love the darkness and during the day I sleep
FraDotCom: Biting people on the neck and leaving fang mark's yes!
FraDotCom: Mark's of death makes me feel secure
FraDotCom: and makes me feel strong.
FraDotCom: Crystals are a large part of my life, so I now will
share my knowledge with you!
FraDotCom: Crystals, Stones, Shells and there Magical Properties
FraDotCom: Which one is right for you? Very Simple!
FraDotCom: What to do with your new find? I will teach you the
FraDotCom: I will show you how to Charge and Clean and most of all
USE your Crystal
FraDotCom: This is one of my GREAT ACCOMPLISHES! See for yourself!
FraDotCom: I define what are faeries, faery stones and faery rings
FraDotCom: I have listed what are the Faeries Favorite Plants,
Flowers and Trees
FraDotCom: Match the "Type" of Faery with the Correspondence listed
FraDotCom: What are the signs of Faery contact?
FraDotCom: 2 Lists of Faery Queens and Faery Superstitions!
FraDotCom: - Vampyress

FraDotCom: awww:
FraDotCom: To bring fairies into your garden, plant rosemary or
marigolds on the outer edges of your garden plot. Fairies like happy
surroundings, so only work in the garden when you are feeling joyful
or calm.
AFKish-11: FraDotCom: are you trying to make my brain shut itself
down out of utter rejection of being the same species as the person
who wrote that? Because it's working.
Aleister: i thought to bring fairies to your garden, you were to
stock it with judy garland records?
FraDotCom: 11, what brain? ;)

FraDotCom: I didn't know that there's a lemon cleansing ritual
FraDotCom: And I wonder why anyone would add it in a book of shadows

AFKish-11: ROFL "With negative or self glorifying spells remember
the law of 3 or what goes around comes back to you 10 fold."
* FraDotCom grins
FraDotCom: I wonder why its called law of 3 then.
AFKish-11: Law of Ten just isn't as catchy

Aleister: "I played poker with a deck of tarot cards. I got a full
house, and five people died."--steve wright

* teckyong give assI a friendly punch ;p
teckyong: come on! gimme a punch back!
assI: man
assI: i will straight go jackie chan on your ass

gbryal: Singapore and California are pretty much the same, aren't

teckyong: California is like this Garden of Eden
teckyong: Singapore is like the place Adam and Eve got banished to
after they pissed God off

Aleister: there are caucasians in california?
teckyong: erm...
teckyong: no

teckyong: The Teck says: the strong man do not change himself to
suit the situation but changes the situation to suit himself.
* teckyong bows
gbryal: Well, that is very unzen of you
gbryal: you are not like a bending reed in the wind

teckyong: the gabe that can be spoken of is not the true ult?

cidal: whats a cidal?

Beacon9: why don't we just define it as 'I forget'

Beacon9: it reminds me of the time when I saw other people using
nunya in their hostmasks, I asked them what it meant and they said
'none of your business,' I thought that that's what they were telling

Aleister: what i'm suspicious of, is that you never see osama bin
laden and al gore at the same time

teckyong: uncle fucker!
teckyong: hey! u shit face cock sucking uncle fucker!
teckyong: oi! I am talking to ya!

gbryal: It's always SOMETHING with you, innit.

Genix: I'm a hot androgyne.
* Genix extends his hand
Shaedy: hmm
* Shaedy shakes
Genix: My hand, boy, my hand. I don't know you that well yet.

Genix: I've always wanted to try being homeless.

`Max`: How do I make a long-term second-income without sacrificing
significant quantities of time and/or happiness?
Genix: Public masturbation?
`Max`: ...

Genix: Goodness, I was just called "weird" for being in #bdsm.
Genix: Poor sod, he'd best not find out what else I'm into :)

`Max`: what does he practice?
Genix: I don't know.
Genix: Pretence :)

* [1351] is currently working on DAEMON (that encyclopaedia/archive
thing she mentioned the other day)
##### EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I -did- just leave this in to antagonize Kat.

Xaronzon: bollocks
teckie: bollocks?
teckie: what's that?
Xaronzon: it's a synonym for "balls" or "testicles". It's also an
expression using in a variety of contexts to express irritation, or
to comment that something is of little value.

psylt@znet: Hehe, I love this quote from an exorcist
regarding what he says to demons to make them leave a person:
psylt@znet: "You're sorry excuses for demons! You're
weak! You're useless! Come out, you demons. You're the most useless
demons I've ever encountered."
psylt@znet: I had *no idea* my mother had been training

Scendera_: morning after pill isn't a really healthy thing to use
Scendera_: some sort of barrier method + spermicide would be the
best, if birth control pills have side effects
`Max`: And there's always condoms...
Aleister: and sponges

[1351]: apparently, in Minnesota, a woman can face up to 30 days in
jail for impersonating santa claus

[1351]: Okay, right, we're all at the very least open to the
possibility that reality is at least partially shaped by an
individual's mind, correct? So, let's take it a step further. What if
you lived in a world shaped ENTIRELY of someone's obsessions,
thoughts, losses, tastes, and so on. (Assuming you don't already
think this to be the case). What would reality be like if everyone
lived in a world constructed of your own mind? Or someone else's?
[1351]: Analyse, converse.
* [1351] grins
Beacon9: gee, Kat...I thought you hated it when I overthought stuff
Beacon9: :p
eleventh: Kat: It would be a lot like Disney World, I imagine.

Aleister: i don't often have post apocalyptic dreams. one that i
recall, the federal government had fallen, and various regional govts
had taken its place. most of the southern united states was under the
rule of the society for creative anachronism

[1351]: Go on then. Explain further.
[1351]: I'm taking notes for future blackmail.

eleventh: Kat: why are you going around seperating yourself from
the universe. Have a fucking cup of tea if you want god to have some

Aleister: i used to evoke YHVH and sodomize him. made him cum, too,
but he didn't like it. you know how homophobic he gets.

Beacon9: 11, how do you get a goose out of a glass bottle without
breaking the glass?

*** `Max` changes topic to 'In this ribald intoxication of
hypocrisy, this monument of swindlers' littlenesses, where is the
mystic symposium, the hierarchy of necromancers that was? --AOS'
[1351]: That's us.

* [1351] wonders if we should make a theme park. Psychosis Land.
[1351]: Sorry. Brain still stuck three conversations back.

Beacon9: we already live in Psychosis Land. It's called
Da'ath/Samsara/Maya/The Matrix/whathaveye

ult: i am the bearer of green phlegm

`Max`: Bear not thine faunish mucus unto the symposium of
necromancers that will to be.
ult: but its magick phlegm
cidal: You have mail.
ult: it can be used to make phlegm golems
Beacon9: phlegm golems.
`Max`: Magic nose-goblins?

`Max`: Honest was Sodom! YOUR theology is a slime-pit of gibberish
become ethics. In YOUR world, where ignorance and deceit
`Max`: constitute felicity, everything ends miserably-besmirched
with fratricidal blood.

Beacon9: Max: bear in mind that to most of us, Spare makes even
less sense than Crowley.
`Max`: Spare makes as much sense in half as much sensibility.
eleventh: One day I WILL read Spare and have some idea what the
bastard is talking about
`Max`: Verily the man was a Maestro.
cidal: max: you really have to understand where hes coming from
cidal: it takes a long fucking time to understand his stuff
cidal: but once you do it makes sense

`Max`: There is no virtue in truth, nor truth in righteousness.
`Max`: Corrupt is the teacher, for they who speak have only spent
words to give.

`Max`: Ah, ye who fear suffering, who among ye has courage to
assault the cloudy enemies of creeds, of the stomach's pious hopes?
`Max`: I blaspheme your commandments, to provoke and enjoy your
bark, your teeth grinding!
`Max`: Brutally shall I teach the gospel of soul-suicide, of
contraception, not preservation and procreation.
`Max`: Fools! Ye have made vital the belief the Ego is eternal,
fulfilling a purpose not lost to you.
`Max`: All things become of desire; the legs to the fish; the wings
to the reptile. Thus was your soul begotten.
`Max`: Hear, O vermin!

`Max`: To cast aside, not save, I come. Inexorably towards myself;
to smash the law, to make havoc of the charlatans, the quacks, the
`Max`: swankers and brawling salvationists with their word-tawdry
phantasmagoria; to disillusion and awaken every fear of your
`Max`: natural, rapacious selves.

* eleventh listens to Foetus' "The Only Good Christian is a Dead

*** `Max` changes topic to 'For me, there is no way but my way.
Therefore, go ye your way-none shall lead ye to walk towards
yourselves. Let your pleasures be as sunsets, HONEST . . BLOODY'

*** [1351] changes topic to 'If religion is the opium of the masses,
then the ideal of conformity is their prozac.'

* [1351] hauls a cart around the channel.
[1351]: Angst for sale!
[1351]: Angst for sale!
[1351]: Who wants some loverly angst!
[1351]: Fresh and tender and still bleeding, I'll tell you, guv.
[1351]: Angst!
[1351]: (Albatross!)
[1351]: Okay. Fine. So I'm not even funny enough to complain about.

`Max`: An open letter to Tamara Wright:
`Max`: Get over it. Shut up. Go away.
`Max`: -Max

`Max`: THe old tradition was: flame them for introducing
themselves, ignore them if they're obnoxious, don't tell anyone how
to join. Now anyone can join, people greet newbies, and even if the
z(Core) ignores someone, the newbies chatter amongst themselves
because there's enough of them that they can do that.

gbryal: the tao that can be spoken of is not the tao
RevGraves: I just mentioned that in #wicca, Gabe.
zosX: the tao is unreachable
RevGraves: Nah, the tao is un-t-eacable.
`Max`: I had lunch with the Tao the other day. Nice lady, but I
wouldn't date her.
zosX: have you experienced the tao?
`Max`: The tao can only be experienced.
zosX: that still does not answer my question
RevGraves: If you have experienced the Tao, and can speak of it, it
is not the true Tao.
zosX: how can one comment about the tao, when they have not
experienced the tao?
`Max`: Let's say for the sake of argument that "Yes."
`Max`: Look, it was a one-night-stand. I'm not proud of it, but I
have no regrets, okay?

Aleister: or the tao may be an intellectual concept without
objectifyable referents. G:

RevGraves: I'm going offline. PEace out, kiddies.
*** RevGraves has quit IRC (Leaving )


Aleister: if you're too drunk, fruit juice might help.
Raxx: there is no such a thing as getting too drunk!

alkoholi: damnit i've run out of alcohol, NOOOOOOOOOOO
* cidal returns... - Gone for 1 hour 49 minutes 5 seconds.
cidal: then go for pills


alkoholi: damn
alkoholi: damn
alkoholi: damn
alkoholi: damn you all
eleventh: You can't damn me. I quit.

alkoholi: I really hate rap.
`Max`: And rap hates you.

blue_rat: holy gcc, compile the kernel correctly, amen!

`Max`: "Damn -- it runs fine on the compiler in my brain."

`Max`: I always feel better after I format my hard-drive and throw
the computer out the window.

eleventh: I broke my finger // the bone sticks out and I scream //
Get me a band-aid

GRASSMASK: i'd give my right eye to have all of odin's wisdom
* GRASSMASK makes snare drum sound

GRASSMASK: i'm a cryptic bastard

`Max`: clever
Woden: clever?
`Max`: well, not especially, but i was humoring him

* Woden looks at znRelay1
Woden: heh
Woden: what's it do?
`Max`: annoys the fuck out of everyone on four or five irc networks
Woden: let me rephrase: how do I eat it?

Woden: there was supposed to be something funny there, but it fell
apart, eleventh. And instead it turned out to be crap

[1351]: My Nerds and Dweebs have gone off
[1351]: They're all a wierd brown colour
[1351]: We found them at the back of the junk drawer in the kitchen
[1351]: Just hard brown balls of sugar

GRASSMASK: i found jesus in my sockdroor

[1351]: Man, it's STILL raining in my bathroom.

eleventh: fuck you central nervous system! fuck you big time!

* [1351] looks at eleventh. Squink, you keep her busy, I'll call the
men with the butterfly nets.
Sq: hehe

Woden: I ask simple questions around here, and the depravity flows!

* Woden punchs Aleister in the face and says "NOW we are having fun!"

[1351]: I ended up here cos I didn't have anything much else to do
in between sessions... ;)
[1351]: what's YOUR excuse?
`Max`: :I am here because it's a convenient place to sit while I
eat my dinner.
Aleister: i came here to seek a livelier, younger, less stable peer

Woden: what happend?
[1351]: you quit
eleventh: you left
Woden: no
[1351]: *** Woden has left #thee_vortex
Woden: ahh...
Woden: never mnd
Aleister: MPD?
`Max`: MPS
`Max`: It's not PC to call it a 'disorder' these days.

* [1351] licks a stock cube.
[1351]: It occurs to me that I probably ought to buy some food at
some point.
* [1351] chews on her stock cube
Aleister: but kat, if you buy food, how will you get drugs?

[1351]: Attention! Surrealist mode is now engaged. You Have Been
Warned. Continue conversation at your own risk.

* Woden engraves "Elbereth" on the floor

`Max`: I'd expect you to know this well by now: Nothing is Absolute.
`Max`: Absolut, on the other hand, is Everything

[1351]: Has the Ethics and Sanity of Pointy Things issue been

[1351]: It just does. It seems futile, self-aggrandising to a
certain extent, and a general exercise in pointlessnes. And it
disrupts conversation.
Aleister: gee kat, that's half the fun of overdosing on testosterone.

[1351]: It's still raining in there.
[1351]: You know, this flat is little more than a hovel with
technology and a sofa.
[1351]: On the other hand, beats some places I've lived. One of
them used to have corridors which flooded on a regular basis, so you
had to go from one room to another on stepping stones.

eleventh: I don't know why but my vision has been rippling a lot
[1351]: Are you perhaps overtired? Alternately, you could be seeing
the edges of Things That Are There.

*** [1351] changes topic to 'Nothing is ever so beautiful as when it
has been destroyed.'

Aleister: satori, buddhist technical term for states of mind akin
to enlightenment

[1351]: On a tangent, there's this club in London that do hypno-
drugs. Basically, they have a hypnotist there who, for 20, will
hypnotise you into experiencing the effects of any drug you've ever
taken, until you leave the club.

*** Balthazar has joined #thee_vortex
Balthazar: Consequentially, everything comes in 3's, and ends in a 5.
*** Balthazar has left #thee_vortex

cidal: faggot fucks
cidal: fucking fuck.
cidal: kill motherfuckers

assI: existence of this world of things and men/renews their never
needing to exist
cidal: have you ever seen fear and loathing in los vegas?
triskele: yes, seen it.
cidal: well
cidal: what he was talking about when he mentioned timothy leary
cidal: is that an entire age of people dependent on a substance for
enlightenment got turned into cripples
cidal: becuase they depended on something else outside themselves
for enlightenment
triskele: Well that's just common sense.
cidal: oh
triskele: you can't find enlightenment anywhere other than yourself.
cidal: im sure you udnerstand it intellectually
triskele: but outside stimulus can help evoke thought and change.
cidal: yeah
cidal: but it often becomes a crutch
triskele: your enlightenment, or yourself?
cidal: the outside stimulus
cidal: i mean
cidal: in the end
assI: synthesesia for synthesesia's sake
cidal: even rituals and sigils become a crutch
cidal: in the end
cidal: if you do drugs, you should do them for pleasure not
cidal: or whatever the fuck you want to call it
cidal: same with ritual
eleventh: assI: synesthesia
cidal: or anything else
assI: hey
assI: good call buddy
cidal: real spirituality comes from a very quiet place
cidal: see what i mean?
triskele: well obviously.
triskele: ritual is just plain fun.
triskele: i enjoy a good ritual now and then.
cidal: ritual
cidal: is bullshit
triskele: but it's erratic, hardly 'ritual'
triskele: seeee, cid? you speek smart.
cidal: all you need to do
cidal: is SHUT THE FUC UP
cidal: K
triskele: yes.
cidal: everything
triskele: then.
cidal: no
cidal: you dont understand
cidal: everyone talks and thinks and it's all bullshit
cidal: im done.
cidal: bye.
* triskele goes back to cartoons and 'sitting around'

cidal: i have butt lint.
triskele: that is far more than I cared to know.
cidal: its like my ass has been through the dryer

cidal: there then was a wrestling in the bushes
cidal: what the fuck is outside?
cidal: it's liek
cidal: cthulhu
cidal: all: coming to check in before i eat up the world!
cidal: oh
cidal: its a cat
cidal: i was being hopeful
cidal: ok?
cidal: OK??
assI: cthulhu is what you get when you talk too much about beating
up God
assI: i think
cidal: assholes.
cidal: well
cidal: since god is everything
cidal: if i just hit myself a lot
cidal: i'll beat him up!
assI: you could just refuse to continue participating in existence

blue_rat: "I got it from a toilet seat, got it from a toilet seat,
it jumped right up and it grabbed my meat"

ult: -- anthrax boy
ult: I have PROVERBIAL anthrax
ult: I'm not saying I have it, I'm just saying I feel bad, so I

Woden: Meet me in the dreamlands on Lengs icy Plateau and we'll
scare the Shantaks! It'll be fun

Aleister: fire : water : air : earth will : receptivity :
struggle : result
Aleister: wands cups swords pantacles

blue`lady: I got nothing against Christ. I respect him in the way
I would respect anybody who preaches a peace-loving message, such as
Ghandi. I don't respect his followers in the way they hvae twisted
his message and used it to do all sorts of horrible atrocities.

blue`lady: I read the Bible and shit, not as doctrine, but so I
have some ammunition when a Christian gets on my case. Then I throw
scripture at them. And I tear apart the scripture they throw at me.
blue`lady: Some people have even tried quoting shit from Matthew to
justify what we're doing to Afganistan. (specifically, Jesus's
sermon on the mountain, i.e., love thy neighbor, the meek shall
inherit the earth..)

blue`lady: but get this... I come from a long line of fucked up
religious crazies...
blue`lady: my mom's cousin Sonny is a huge preacher in Alabama, has
a GIANT church and a big congregation, really nice ritzy church...
and he's like really fucked up crazy, I actually like going to his
services cuz he runs up and down the aisles screaming and rolls
around on the ground speaking in tongues.. it's a great spectacle
blue`lady: anyway, he used to have a church up here in Michigan.
He got this congregation, raised up a ton of money to build a church
of their own, and then when it was done sold it and split town.
blue`lady: let me revise that: sold it and split town with $1M in
his pocketr
blue`lady: from the profit of the sale

blue`lady: I wasn't gonna be rude to this guy but then I saw his
hostname and couldn't help it: kevinn: hi
blue`lady: blue`lady: suck it
blue`lady: kevinn: why so angry?
blue`lady: blue`lady: IRC etiquette rule #2: don't /msg people you
don't know randomly. If you get to know someone on a channel, then
you can /msg them. Otherwise, it's considered rude and inappropriate.
blue`lady: kevinn: oh ok
blue`lady: kevinn: it was not random
blue`lady: kevinn: it was not random
blue`lady: kevinn: oh
blue`lady: kevinn: nope
blue`lady: kevinn: m 28 austin tx here
blue`lady: blue`lady: don't you get a hint? now stop /msging me
blue`lady: I mean, JEEZ!

Sehkenra: At it's heart, Christianity is a pacifistic religion...
and the modern Catholic church officially condemns war. It's a shame
that Catholocism is taking a conservative turn... they're going to
destroy their own damn religion...

teckyong: where can I get hot cum?!?

blue`lady: you're a guy, use your head
blue`lady: ;)
`Max`: oh BAD!

Sehkenra: Jelly twats. Yummy.

blue`lady: or make a variation of what a wonderful diner around here
does, "hippie hash", hash browns covered in fried chopped green
peppers, onions, tomatos, mushrooms, topped with feta cheese

* teckyong sucks ult

blue`lady: girls are more trouble than it's worth

teckyong: I love lesbians

*** KrimHum has quit IRC (take a moment, forget the computer,
stretch and go outside. Remember the beauty of nature.)

*** assI has joined #thee_vortex
assI: hello
assI: you are all very special people
assI: you should bask in the warm glow of your accomplishments
assI: are you basking yet?
*** assI has quit IRC (Leaving)

* [1351] winces and looks at her fingertips. Damn it, I had got to
get out of the habit of playing guitar for over 12 hours at a stretch.
Aleister: well, your fingertips will toughen up over time ; )
[1351]: They already are tough g:
[1351]: I can burn them or shove in a needle without feeling anything
ult: er
ult: thats a BAD thing
* [1351] has been playing guitar for years. THey'll stop stingin in
half an hour or so. Then I can play guitar again.
* [1351] grins
[1351]: it's useful if you don't have any oven gloves, ult
*** |Attila| has left #thee_vortex
Aleister: yes, with a bit of practice, you might be able to rip the
hearts out of your enemies barehanded.
* [1351] cackles
Aleister: though if you play the guitar for 12 hours at a stretch,
they might just WISH for death.
* [1351] grins. Especially as it's 12 hours of exericses and random
noodling, only occasinally interspersed by bouts of composition and
covers. It's my standard speed session displacement activity.
Aleister: my standard speed session displacement activity was
eating M&M's
[1351]: My eyes have gone a little.
[1351]: You mentioned that.
[1351]: I informed you that you were odd.
Aleister: yes
[1351]: Wulf's comment: "Wierd."
[1351]: ei
* [1351] not only can't see properly, be she also cannot spell
simple english word.
[1351]: s
[1351]: He sometimes sits next to me and reads, and I sometimes
read him stuff. He's making some fetish clothing at them moment (his
displacement activity of choice).
ult: i see
[1351]: Well, it beats doing something constructive. g: Besides,
we're having an excellent weekend.
* [1351] had a direct result from a dedication/requst she performed
earlier within 24 hours. I now have my cat and guitar, and am again
talking to someone I care about a great deal.
* [1351] looks around for a meaningless diversion.
* [1351] goes to look for a longer attention span.
*** [1351] has quit IRC (Smoke Crack & Worship Satan)

teckyong: let me introduce myself
teckyong: I am Teck. A born again Xtian

GRASSMASK: "jesus may love you but everyone else thinks your an ass

Scendera_: hi
teckyong: hi!
teckyong: we were just talking about jesus
* Scendera_ hides
GRASSMASK: no we weren't
GRASSMASK: don't listen to teckyong's lies
GRASSMASK: oh wait
GRASSMASK: we were
GRASSMASK: nevermind

KrimHum: I KNOW that magick works, so why isn't it working yet?

teckyong: how come everyone gets assraped but me?

teckyong: everyone should get fucked up their ass
teckyong: it helps prepare them for life

KrimHum: hear me and make all spirits subject unto me!
KrimHum: so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether
KrimHum: upon the earth and under the earth, on dry land and in the
KrimHum: of whirling air and of rushing fire, and every spell and
scourge of God may be

KrimHum: Find me employment, slave! And this time make sure it
doesn't include rimjobs!
KrimHum: quickly!
teckyong: ok!
teckyong: erm...master, do u do blowjobs?
KrimHum: Pretty well, apparently.

teckyong: i am straight but I have the hots for this Barry King
dude too.

*** teckyong changes topic to 'The Teckminator'
*** triskele changes topic to 'You are a FUCKING FIEND!!'
*** Derwin changes topic to 'Brainwash your friends.'
*** teckyong changes topic to 'can I be The Teckminator?'
*** Derwin changes topic to 'can I be a Spy?'
*** teckyong changes topic to 'yes'

assI: so max
`Max`: what's up?
assI: you feel like talking about such things to randoms is
advantageous to your spiritual growth?
assI: your "magick based around practice", that is
`Max`: my spiritual growth is separate from my magickal growth
assI: in what way?
`Max`: my spiritual growth was inspired by my magickal growth.
other than that they are entirely separate and unrelated entities.
`Max`: why should spirituality have anything to do with magick?
`Max`: just like why should magick have anything to do with religion?
`Max`: i don't believe they need to imply each other
assI: *shrug* because they both deal with things normally unseen
assI: religon is a political construction
`Max`: Right. So it needn't have anything to do with magick.
assI: you seem to have spirituality and religon confused
assI: religion
assI: (i don't use that word much)
`Max`: no
`Max`: i'm drawing an analogy
assI: well i just don't get it
`Max`: i'm just saying that magick needn't be tied to spirituality,
just as magick needn't be tied to religion
assI: and i'm saying on a higher level they all share the same
`Max`: how do you mean "essence"?
assI: not sure how else to define it
assI: everything has an essence
assI: it's what the details form around
`Max`: in that case i disagree
`Max`: as mentioned previously, i don't believe they need to have
anything to do with each other
assI: without a sense of the bigger picture magick inevitably
descends into primative power struggles
assI: i think
assI: *shrug*
assI: which, needless to say, don't generate all that much energy
in themselves
assI: quite the opposite generally
`Max`: i practice magick for the sake of magick. spirituality for
the sake of spirituality. i see no need to mix the two.

teckyong: are there pubs and strip clubs where men of stout morals
like me can relax?

*** Aleister changes topic to 'I was washed in the blood of the
lamb, and all i got was this lousy dermal anthrax'

[1351]: aloha. I am here. I can't speak for my brain, but I'm here.

[1351]: I've actually been noting some very interesting effects of
amphetamines over the past few months in a magickal context, largely
because I'm now able to get hold of much larger quantities of the
drug than the last time I was involved in serious speedfreakdom.
Something else interesting is the heavy duty hallucinations you get
after a couple of days of extremely heavy use
[1351]: cont: I've found that you get into a state where you
TOTALLY believe whatever scenario is playing in your head or
[1351]: s
[1351]: this is great for BDSM, obviously, but I think it could
have some potentential in a magickal context
`Max`: yes. sounds like an excellent aid to invokatory and
glamoury work.
Aleister: well, since fear is one key to magick, makes perfect
sense that adrenal activators generally would have analogous uses.
[1351]: I can give a yes to the invocatory angle. Glamoury it
probably is good for, but by the point the effect starts to manifest,
moving and things can be getting hard, so not too sure about
practical applications in that context.

`Max`: It is just as in the formula for making oneself invisible:
Make sure you are not merely making yourself invisible to yourself! In
`Max`: mind-reading, make sure the voices in your head are not your

BLEARGH: just me and my animal
BLEARGH: and getting my dick bent

* [1351] suddenly finds herself to be extremely stoned

`Max`: howdy folks
zallak: hi
`Max`: i wasted my ankle =(
zallak: how?
ult: Hey :)
`Max`: was running down the street at night. there was a loose
piece of asphalt i couldn't see due to the darkness, and i half-
stepped on it, and my ankle folded while i came down on top of it
`Max`: kept running to get to the girl before she cut herself. (a
la the "Touched" video, except i made it in time =)
ult: the girl?

ult: im totally falling for someone
eleventh: sweet, dude
zallak: yay!
zallak: :)
eleventh: who where when and why?
ult: well...a girl i met at the beginning of the semester
ult: i
ult: i've probably talked about her a bit
ult: she's like...really really christian
ult: she's having trouble dealing with me being bisexual
eleventh: on a scale of 1 - 452,618 how christian is she?
ult: 452,618
eleventh: wow. And she hasn't stoned you yet?
ult: Nope
ult: She digs me
ult: I dig her
ult: We get along soooo darn well
eleventh: awsome
zallak: cool
eleventh: Hey ult, as she's really Christian, can you ask her why
Jesus had a Puerto Rican name if he was Jewish?
ult: eleventh: She wouldn't find that funny

Saturnus: Have a good insert time of day:

znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: So are you guys devil worshippers?
Riordan: I'm not a devil worshipper.
eleventh: DancingFr: I don't worship anything, but I do fear the
Galactic Unicorn Space Armada
znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: I fear the Armada too.
triskele: I don't know? You tell me.
`Max`: DancingFr, out of curiosity, how'd you find this place?
znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: Trying to find Siv, I bounced from site
to site until I found this mentioned on badassangels.og.
znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: I love him, you see.
eleventh: Platonically?
znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: Of course.
triskele: Oh. Goodness.
eleventh: Pity.
znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: Aye.
triskele: YEs well, Siv is always trying to get laid. Perhaps even
in the platonic sense :P
Aleister: well, given the way plato probably loved, that term is
highly ambiguous
Riordan: Yes...surprisingly, platonic love doesn't include anal.
Aleister: then why is the XI* document known as liber platonicus?

znRelay1: DancingFr@znet: So this is some sort of occult channel,
eleventh: if by "occult" you mean "lesbian BDSM", then.... yes.
Yes, we are occult.

Dakarriel: man, the help you guys gave for the accident situation I
had wasnt much help, truthfully
Dakarriel: the situation just kept worsening.
`Max`: really?
`Max`: what happened?
Dakarriel: then, I got fed up when he told me he hired a lawyer,
and he hadnt been able to go to work and he got back pain and some
other shit
Dakarriel: before, i thought he might be really hurt, but now I
realize that my optimism for the human condition was allowing him to
play me like a fool
`Max`: i see
Dakarriel: so that night, when he told me he got a lawyer, I flew
over his house in astral form and blew the fucking shit out of him.
I musta casted five specially crafted nasty sigils at him that night.
`Max`: what happened?
Dakarriel: instant results the next day, cuz we went to our
insurance agent the next day, and he called the guy up to ask a few
questions, and got enough holes in his situation to drive a 18
wheeler through.
`Max`: excellent
Dakarriel: muhuhahahahahahaa! vengance is sweet
Dakarriel: I used the dragon power today, and blasted more shit out
of him earlier.
Dakarriel: I dont like being maliciously played for a fool. I was
seriously concerned for my situation and his health.
Dakarriel: ah well, recently, I've been getting feelings that i
have to take this into my own hands magickally, and boy, once I did,
instamatic results. Musta been from the pure hate I was feeling for
him. I was nervous about the situation to the point of feeling ill,
only to find that he was playing me like a chump.

Dakarriel: I think the more one surrounds oneself with the occult,
the more they find how stupid a lot of occult things are.
`Max`: oh yeah
Dakarriel: I tried candles
Dakarriel: I tried stones
Dakarriel: I tried insence
Dakarriel: I tried ritual gear.
Dakarriel: nothing works better than lying in my bed, trancing and
casting sigils.
`Max`: actually i'm more into reading philosophy and occult fiction
than actual occult texts these days, since i figure i've pretty much
learned the bulk of what one can get out of books
Dakarriel: yea, pretty much.
Dakarriel: philosophy is fun.
Dakarriel: maybe ritual would be better for me if I had a ritual
`Max`: yes
Dakarriel: evocation is fun!
Dakarriel: I dunno, I have fun with it.

Dakarriel: Problem- even the occultists here that i know, are
Dakarriel: one finally told me to shut up, because they got tired
of me talking about my exploits cuz it so far surpassed hers
`Max`: just remember: your servitor can kick her servitor's ass ;-P

[1351]: Hmm
[1351]: This is the top three I should be taking
[1351]: # 1
[1351]: Heroin
[1351]: # 2
[1351]: Crack
[1351]: # 3
[1351]: Morphine
[1351]: Which would suit me fine, but looking over the survey, I
must comment: "Wot! No speed!!"
*** [1351] changes topic to 'Find your drug match...
* [1351] notes they actually do have ritalin, but it didn't come up
too high cos she specified injectible
[1351]: Bah. They also list dexedrine, and I KNOW you can shoot
that up.
* [1351] mutters about crummy surveys, realises no one gives a toss,
and goes to look for something to engage herself with.

`Max`: i used to buy entheogenic ethnobotanicals for my friends and
mail them in inconspicous packaging with friendly letters so their
parents wouldn't freak out
`Max`: then one day i got this icq:
`Max`: "my cat's been on a trip for fourteen hours. don't send any
more herbs for a while."

* Aleister stalks triskele with a tattoo needle and a hello kitty
sample book
triskele: eeeeeee!

Riordan: See.. what bothers me about college though is that there's
nothing they can teach me that I can't teach myself.

CODE13: i was at the mall today buying the new six feet under cd
and bigger than the devil cd at musicscam, and there were all these
kids dressed up for halloween as witches and monsters, etc. and this
one kid was dressed in a sheep costume and he was in a shopping cart
and his mom was pushing him and he was crying and i said really loud
(on accident) if i had that costume i'd be crying too
CODE13: and then his mom looked at me and said "SHUT THE HELL UP"
and i started laffing even harder

`Max`: I'm thinking of making several condensed grimoiries, hand-
copying them onto parchment, and distributing them on street-corners
and half-burying them in people's lawns and such
Dakarriel: why not just stand on street corners selling homemade
Dakarriel: and spell scrolls?
Dakarriel: and potions, while you're at it.
`Max`: eww
`Max`: then i'd be like a wiccan, but louder
Dakarriel: "hmmm.. this love potion tastes a lot like beer"
`Max`: "yeah, but it contains THUJONE!"
eleventh: don't forget the "for entertainment purposes only"
disclaimer though
`Max`: fuck no
`Max`: i like one that i saw on a chaote grimorie once:
`Max`: (paraphrased) "The information and techniques described
herein are REAL and dangerous if misused or abused. The author,
publisher, and affiliates are not responsible for the use or misuse
of any information contained herein."
`Max`: It said specifically at one point that if used properly the
techniques -would- yield results, too.
`Max`: i could imagine a sixteen-year-old newbie occultist getting
their hands on that and flipping out =D

Najalaise: hmm... wanna write an essay for me? i'm considering
putting a book together claiming that the 9-11 wtc attacks weren't
terrorist related at all- they were simply a cover for the largest
ufo abduction ever. after all, they're still looking for 4,000-some
StPriapus: if you put a fly between two bricks and smash them flat,
the fly aerosolizes
StPriapus: i suspect most of the bodies turned into a mist
Najalaise: but i'm not presenting it as a logical idea, it's just
something to claim.

StPriapus: if i were bored, i should be ashamed to admit it
StPriapus: thinking that it reflected a great poverty of imagination

*** `Max` changes topic to 'WILL WHAT YE DESIRE AND DESIRE WHAT YE
`Max`: to loosely paraphrase AOS
StPriapus: wouldn't it be simplere to put anthrax in their cotton
`Max`: Pissed at a chick with small breasts? This will crush her
`Max`: "Hey! *chuckle* I've got a joke that'll make your tits
fall off! Oh. You've already heard that one."
Shaedy: ....

`Max`: "I'm sorry. I should've told you this before we had sex,
but... I'm gay."
Shaedy: ....
`Max`: "I just can't live this lie anymore. I met someone. His
name is Josh. He's a personal trainer."

`Max`: "I never loved you. You're -the- most boring, crude, and
unintelligent person I've ever met. I was just using you to get some
sex, but I'm not even turned on by you, so it isn't worth this
bullshit anymore. You're fucked-up in the head and I never even
liked you. Do yourself a favor and become a lesbian."

StPriapus: we'll come into somewhere between half mil and two mil
when she develops the common decency to drop dead.
Shaedy: stpr: chaobolt the hell out of her
`Max`: If you're tired of waiting... there's the possibility of
StPriapus: Shaedy unfortunately, i am scarred by my christian
childhood and can't seem to work magick to harm others without
undesirable repercussions.
Shaedy: poor thing
Shaedy: i didnt even know what a church was till i was at least 10
StPriapus: i tried to kill my mom, all that happened is, most of
the female members of my family died, and the challenger blew up.

Shaedy: a bunch of ppl made fun of me in 5th grade when i didnt
know what "sin" was

`Max`: What's the College of Thelema?
StPriapus: far as i know, it's a thelemic education org
StPriapus: they have a web site.
StPriapus: http://www.thelema.org/
StPriapus: Welcome to the home page of the College of Thelema and
Temple of Thelema, a California Non-Profit Religious organization.
StPriapus: Founded in service to the A..A.., the College of
Thelema seeks to guide the student to an understanding of the Law of
Thelema. Most especially, this means a deeper understanding of
oneself and of one's True Will. A combination of instruction
techniques is employed, including seminars, written texts, and
individual work. For over twenty years, the College of Thelema has
published the journals In the Continuum (1973-1996) and Black Pearl (19
StPriapus: education. All back and current issues of both journals
remain available.
`Max`: OH! In one sec I gotta check that out... I'm looking for an
occult degree at a college I could get into...
StPriapus: miskatonic university? G:
StPriapus: duke offers parapsychology degrees
`Max`: Duke?
`Max`: What/where's that?
`Max`: Do they take high-school dropouts with high IQs and/or CHSPEs?
StPriapus: duke is in north carolina.

teckyong: people usually call me "Hey You!"

Najalaise: this's a change of subject, but would anyone happen to
know of any trepanning methods that don't leave much of a scar?

teckyong: how's life and how is The Wee Demon?
threejane: the wee demon is demonic. i am okay CONSIDERING I HAD A
threejane: or KNIFE as they say
threejane: actually two of them
teckyong: ???????
teckyong: WHAT HAPPENED?!?
threejane: these things happen
threejane: surgery


gbryal: Also, if you have any idea who your true inner self is, you
may as well go to Nirvana, do not pass Go.

gbryal: A difficult life is more memorable than a simple one.

gbryal: Ok, well, here is my advice, re: autodestruction.
gbryal: Cut it out.
gbryal: I'll send you a bill.

gbryal: Words dissemble, words be quick, words resemble walking

`Max`: deconstruction: tearing apart your psyche bit by bit with
the optional activity of changing and/or putting it back together
(reconstruction) see also: catharsis, paradigm-shifting

`Max`: disclaimer: above definition is approximate, mine only, and
NOT to be taken for absolute, or otherwise regarded seriously

gbryal: There can only be a dilemma when you already have two lemmas.
`Max`: there could be a bilemma i suppose. or maybe two lemmas
make a polaremma
`Max`: poleremma pictures are convenient
`Max`: would that make bipolaremma pictures provenient?
`Max`: or sinvenient?
`Max`: or ex-convenient?
gbryal: I am sure I don't know.
gbryal: You aren't fooling anyone, you know.
`Max`: perhaps they don't have veins at all...
`Max`: then they'd be anaveinient
`Max`: and without any vanity, they must be noble creatures indeed
`Max`: unless they're trees
`Max`: or some manner of automoton
`Max`: or other thing that is not a creature
`Max`: or that is a creature and has no nobleness and no vanity
`Max`: in which case it would probably be difficult for them to get
`Max`: which is why you don't see many noble creatures on public
transportation systems.
`Max`: QED
* `Max` nods sagaciously.
`Max`: How can you nod like an herb?
`Max`: Perhaps I'll call him today and ask...
`Max`: ...
`Max`: I'm done. =)
`Max`: i had entirely too much fun with that =P

`Max`: Let me then share with you a part of my experience with
drbardo: I would appreciate it
`Max`: In order to cultivate confidence, I have faced my fears.
All of them. Systematically. One by one. And new ones arise, and I
conquer them. I claim not that I am fearless. Only that I am no
longer fearful. But that's only the first part. The second is to
succeed. And to simply have faith in myself. At first the success
was by slow and painful process: running until it hurt so bad I could
not go on, I ran further, further, until I thought I would die, and
then further still
`Max`: now i can outrun police
`Max`: i pushed other limits
`Max`: i used to be able to do sixteen pushups
`Max`: now i have to put a time-limit on it, because at a slow pace
i can push all day
`Max`: i have done over fifty in under a minute
`Max`: beyond that, it was simple faith and affirmation
`Max`: i retrained myself not to belittle myself, as is a habit of
most americans today, as i see it
`Max`: if i burn a steak, i don't say, "I suck at cooking!"
instead i say "Drat. Burned that one. Now I know to keep an eye on
`Max`: and the next time i do better
`Max`: simple faith, by an large
`Max`: but it's just an attitude of "i'll do it, or i'll die
trying. and i'm serious about the die part. ;-P"
`Max`: and it's important not to get frustrated at failure, i think
`Max`: because i think that frustration is only a negative emotion
which, perhaps has its place in getting others to help us when we are
children, but does not serve to help ourselves
`Max`: that's one theory, anyway
`Max`: one story i like to use to sort of illustrate the
uselessness of frustration is sort of like this:
`Max`: imagine you're preparing lunch. a hamburger and fries.
you're barefoot in the kitchen, just reheating some leftovers on a
lazy winter morning. you go to grab the bottle of ketchup that
you've set out, but accidentally knock it off the counter...
`Max`: it falls and lands on your little toe. you step back from
the pain... right into the broken shards of glass and the messy
ketchup that is now all over the floor. you curse and scream and
shout obscenities at the ketchup-bottle. then you realize...
`Max`: you're talking to an inanimate object -- which doesn't even
exist anymore
`Max`: i suppose if you think about that one for a while, it may
put a different perspective on how seriously people take the tiniest
little nothings, and in general i think it's a bad idea to take
anything seriously
`Max`: all you can do at that point in the story is get up, treat
the wound, clean up the mess, and try to find some packets of ketchup
or something for your burger and fries
`Max`: because the incident is already done and in the past
`Max`: nothing that can be changed now
`Max`: but you can change your foot -- pull out the glass, put some
bandages on it, cast a spell, whatever
`Max`: frustration; bitching at the nonexistant inanimate object --
doesn't accomplish a thing
`Max`: only serves to upset you and flood your mind with negative
thoughts and emotions, which can't be particularly creative or helpful
`Max`: i also highly recommend fight-clubs to bolster your confidence
`Max`: whather you win or lose, nothing the world can throw at you
could possibly be that bad after a fight-club
`Max`: thoughts?

teckyong: fuck fuck fuck
blue_rat: eh?
teckyong: nothing
teckyong: just felt like fucking ;p

[1351]: Last night I dreamed about life and death. Strange stuff.
Dreamed the dead alive and the living dead. Felt somewhat disturbed
upon waking. I awoke part way through the night and found myself to
be crying.
* [1351] has yet to smoke enough dope to shake the feelings.

StPriapus: i'd like to make a couple of slasher films someday.
StPriapus: one with a musical theme
StPriapus: the other, one that breaks the formula, by killing off
only the kids that DON'T have sex or smoke pot
StPriapus: my working title for the musical, is easy listening,
easy death
StPriapus: about a DJ whose station changes formats
StPriapus: and is driven insane by the music he's forced to listen to
StPriapus: i think there's a lot of possiblity in choreographing
the murders to the music.

StPriapus: magick is usually VERY fault tolerant. almost any kind
of absurd nonsense can be made to work, with the right attitude.
`Max`: farking newbies. it's a tough kind of love. or a soft kind
of sadism.

blue`lady: god... all these guys randomly message me... "hi, i'm
27, male, from austin tex, wanna see my webcam?"
blue`lady: one day I'm gonna take them up on that offer and go...
"uhhh... eww.. no wonder you're soliciting on the net, man, you're
fucking UGLY!"

zallak: there is a book titled get stoned and read this book

teckyong: well Max, wanna fuck?
`Max`: Yes.
`Max`: But not now.

CODE13: i suppppppose i could go smoke a cig....
CODE13: 5 less minutes i hafta be here both on earth and the

*** `Max` changes topic to 'teckyong: wanna start planning what we
gonna do next year?'

*** StPriapus changes topic to 'Airborne Ebola, The Gift that keeps
on Giving'

*** StPriapus changes topic to '"Blah!"--bella lugosi, 1939'

##### Editor's note: #####

And so ends this, the as-of-yet largest entry in the #thee_vortex annals.

I hope, in light of this, we can all take a moment to reflect and consider:

"What a monumental waste of the glory years of my life."