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ZosXavius: sending demons via mail sounds like fun....

Arawyn: Lesson one: Invocation of Azathoth

Arawyn: a couple of weeks later:

Arawyn: Lesson two: Banishing

Kalkin: Lesson three: scraping bits of self off the walls

Smoked: WOW!, we have a celebrity here

CyberKaos: most wiccans are terrified of snakes - idiots that they are

CyberKaos: don't try to appeal to my heart, i don't have one

Bkwyrm: I'm no Thelemite!

Arawyn: oh, you can tell Kalkin that that Ryker page has been updated ;)

Arawyn: For later study...

SZORD1: im sure he knows

CyberKaos changes topic to 'Tonight's Topic: "How to Enlarge the Penis by Magick"'

SZORD1: why cant thelemites just count backwards from 100 like the rest of us?

Bkwyrm: Dunno. I think it's something that's done to their brains during the Minerval.

CyberKaos: brb - wulf's vanished <g>

Arawyn> Vanished?!?

CyberKaos: into the toilet

Arawyn: Push the button! <g>

CyberKaos: i have to use my tongue

CyberKaos: to type

KatKaos: now, what are we going to do about this bitch that's using my nick?

CyberKaos changes topic to 'CM 101 - Lesson 5: Safer Hex - store your demon in a condom'

CyberKaos: unlike SOME people, I don't curse my friends...

Ikkah: now I had two of the most intense lucid dreams I've ever experianced this morning, and they were very very pantheistic

Ikkah: more pagan than anything

CyberKaos: um... most religions apart from xtainity are pantheistic, Zos

CyberKaos: don't you research before you invoke?

Ikkah: not really actually

Arawyn: If you don't like it, kill it

CyberKaos: Statick, you are the metaphysical equivalent of a footbal hooligan

CyberKaos: i've had sex with all teh entities I've worked with

Arawyn: So? How about working with the xtian god for a change. Maybe we get another Mary <g>

CyberKaos raises her eyebrow

CyberKaos: no thank YOU

CyberKaos: i do have SOME standards

Ikkah: and these dwarves had the strangest crystal balls that floated

CyberKaos is always right

Ikkah: kat, when is your birthday?

CyberKaos: walpurgisnacht

Arawyn: She's a changeling

Arawyn: Try to contact Ryker then <g>
SZORD1: errrrrrggggh with that body yuk
Arawyn: Turn off the light

SZORD1: i need something big not a weenie

Arawyn: How about Witches baiting then


apple: theres a lot of them
Yandros: Well, they do breed like rabids

SZORD1 changes topic to 'Let there be fluffy bunnies'

woofio: now we can properly terrorise the christians >-)

Bkwyrm: Keep your fingers to yourself, please.

Arawyn changes topic to 'Carpe Noctem'

CyberKaos changes topic to 'I have a headache - don't cross me, or I will not be held responsible for my actions'

Lee_Ved: people ARE stupid

Arawyn: I know - that's Wizards First Rule

Arawyn changes topic to 'Let there be Darkness'

SZORD1: give kat my addoration if she comes back even tho she's unable to install Windows 95

CyberKaos hits arawyn - dyslextic git
Arawyn: Look who's complaining

CyberKaos: am i here?

CyberKaos comes again and again...
Arawyn: So, you too have bought a force feed back joystick? <g>

Arawyn: oh, and NEVER try a vampire servitor near the intensive care station :))

CyberKaos turns her back on arawyn and goes to talk to X
Arawyn: Why the turning of your back?
Arawyn: You think you look better when looked from the back?

CyberKaos: could you check my stats?

KrimHum: Oh, yeah. #bible is quite fun, so far.

Arawyn: You are most incooperative. I'm running out of targets here to try stuff on
CyberKaos: hmph

Arawyn: Kill 'em then the probs with wiccans are solved. Burn em on a stake preferably ;)

CyberKaos sits on enlil's knee
Arawyn: Just be glad she lost a couple of pounds, enlil ;)
okay, NOW i'm not talking to him
: and that's 9 pounds, last count
Arawyn: And they are back with reinforcements now <g>

CyberKaos: you know, my cursing talents were just needing a little exercise...
CyberKaos stares pointedly at Arawyn and enlil
enlil: Hey!
Arawyn: Well, mine don't but I'm always ready to cast another one

Arawyn: Why didn't you get opped?
CyberKaos: serch me
Arawyn searches Kat
Arawyn finds nothing of interest

CyberKaos: Hairy chests are completely the least sexy things in existance

Krolock changes topic to 'Winning isn't everything - it's also important to humiliate your opponent'

CyberKaos zaps arawyn, and giggles as he hops about nibbling grass and looking for something to fuck
CyberKaos: then again, 1/2 of that statement is true of arawyn anyway... he just doesn't do grass...
Arawyn: Contrary to you I do have my limits. I WOULD NOT shag nuns for example <g>
CyberKaos: no, but you might consider bishops...

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