Yet More Quotes

Gaspode: cyberkaos: are you male or female?

CyberKaos: Arawyn, had anyone ever told you that you have all the charm of the bastard offspring of a termite mound and a gengrenous wound?

thane: yo you buggering tattering fool

thane slaps X around a bit with a large trout
thane slaps X around a bit with a large trout
thane slaps X around a bit with a large trout
Arawyn: Is there an option in the bot to trigger a fight back sequence?

thane: blah

Neverborn: I was thinking of starting #ameleht
Neverborn: for an anti-thelema paradigm
Neverborn: Love is not the Law...

X changes topic to 'To Boldly Fuck Where No One Has Fucked Before'

THRAKAZOG: im in amerika
THRAKAZOG: it sucks here
Arawyn: I'm in Austria
Arawyn: It sucks here more

Arawyn: A study at Cardiff University in Wales shows that
Arawyn: women who enjoy sex are more likely to become pregnant.
thane: ah do they?
Arawyn: The study claims so.
Arawyn: So you'd better stop having fun now Kat

Choronzon: am i here?


CyberKaos: i shit! i know what else i forgot to put in
Arawyn: No you will NOT shit in my channel

Shandrako: Lol: <Paige> Surely I am coming quickly


Choronzon ( invites you to join #love_christ

SZORD1: i find images of vishnu or siva erotic because of the blue skin

SZORD1: some girl fom china sent me a pager message i think she wanted marriage

shield: i already tried the line on wicca
Arawyn: and?
shield: they simply didnīt respond, and i wasnīt lagged
Arawyn: I did say that they're boring

shield: iīm hungryyyyyyyyy

Thane: yo
Arawyn: It's alive!

THRAKAZOG: i am a frog


THRAKAZOG: look mama its raining pez

THRAKAZOG: was suposed to be on a date
THRAKAZOG: but was stood up
Arawyn: lol
Arawyn: Did you show her your picture before you met her or what?
THRAKAZOG: no she goes to one ov my classes at collage
THRAKAZOG: and we were friends
THRAKAZOG: i asked her out se said sure
THRAKAZOG: then she wasnt there
Arawyn: You missinterpreted that. It was "Ya, sure. As if I'd want to be seen with you"

THRAKAZOG: lifes like a video game with no chance to win

Gaspode^ changes topic to 'Guns don't kill people, I do.'

thane: youīre a bugger

SZORD1: checked that site why is it old guys have bigger dicks!!!!!!?

SZORD1: nah not had sex for days
SZORD1: wrist aches like hell!!!!!!!

Wobagong: I heard about some Goetic bloke that gives god advice on weight training , cant remember his name though
Arawyn: A goetic demon? I doubt Saly had much use for that stuff
Wobagong: who`s saly?
Arawyn: Salomon
Wobagong: ahhh
Wobagong: hehe yeah , lol salomon lifiting weights
Wobagong: prolly end up with some massive banishings for a hernia

Zos: heya
Zos: l s d
Zos: lots

Arawyn changes topic to 'Let's tether their souls with revulsion and terror, let them feel the power and the glory of Hell'

ba: i'm new andstupid please help!!

Arawyn: I told him /join #channelname
Arawyn: I wonder whether he'll be in #channelname <g>
thane: rofl

Arawyn: Apparently tips for coming out for Vampires
CyberKaos: WIERD
CyberKaos: why would a vampire want to come out?

Arawyn: Excuse me, but could you give me a blood test before I bite you?

Arawyn: in a couple of years you'll feel sorry about that
CyberKaos: i don't think so somehow
Arawyn: Oh, I'll make you
CyberKaos: oh, i don't think so
Arawyn: I have your handwriting and some pix of you <g>
CyberKaos: sweetie, you try anything like that, and you ain't gonna know WHAT hit you

Arawyn changes topic to 'Let there be Night'

X changes topic to 'Your mother owes my dog fuck-money'

thane: nah, my motherīs cunt ceased to interest me 24 and 1/2 years ago

Aladar: Oh, check this out. I found out recently that I am a Chaos Magician of fairly high standing. I've been on the list for a few months. I just don't post all that much.
Aladar: So I didn't know I was advanced to the rank of "Dark Super Chaos Magician of DOOM".

Wobagong is a nosy bugger

CyberKaos cackles
Arawyn slaps Cyberkaos around a bit with the bible

CyberKaos: i'll be buggered if i can remember where half the crap i put up comes from

Arawyn: XL_dick_m is JB007@ * James Bond 007
Arawyn: XL_dick_m on #teen #cyberchat #funfactory #Funshack #Malta
Arawyn: XL_dick_m using [] University of Regensburg, Germany
Arawyn: xl_dick_m End of /WHOIS list.
Arawyn: nice nick name
CyberKaos raises an eyebrow

CyberKaos: there was recently a q on usenet about spells to enlarge breasts - didn't specify which sex we were starting with

Arawyn: oh, yeah. You are high in favour with the quote of the year
CyberKaos: i am?
CyberKaos: which quote woudl that be?
Arawyn: it would either be "Am I here?"
Arawyn: or "Large breasts are nice enough, but they should not affect gameplay"
CyberKaos: when did i say that last one? that's excellent! was i drunk?

CyberKaos: why do we spend so much time talking about sex?

CyberKaos: i need a new gimmick!

CyberKaos: why is Zos's page so devoid of anything worthwhile or original?
Arawyn: Because he is so devoid of anything worthwhile or original?

CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
Wobagong> LALA ! AND THAT`S IT!
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
CyberKaos> it's DIPSY
Wobagong> LALA !
Wobagong> LALA !
Wobagong> LALA !
CyberKaos> and that's all there is to say about it
Wobagong> LALA !
CyberKaos> i ask you
Wobagong> you win
CyberKaos> does Lala have a strap-on cock on her head?
Wobagong> well , i`m not gay
Wobagong> or female
Wobagong> I s`pose i find a women with a dick on her head a bit odd
CyberKaos> one say, someone is going to have to introduce you to your prostate
CyberKaos> Dipsy isn't female

Wobagong: Africa`s mental
Arawyn: Africa isn't mental, it has nothing to base being mental on

CyberKaos: i only get periods about 8 out of 12 months, so they don't bother me that much

CyberKaos: now, i'm off... be good, and don't try to get any girls, notably me, pregnant

X sets topic 'May you drop dead of a dessicated cancer of the asshole'

Arawyn: How about opening a channel called #funshag?
CyberKaos: LOL
CyberKaos: i bet we'd get loads of visitors

CyberKaos: i wonder
CyberKaos: if brains were considered sexy
CyberKaos: would people on sex chans ask foir
CyberKaos: name/age/iq

CyberKaos: i've heard of were rhinos
Arawyn: Dare I ask where they grow the horn?

THRAKAZOG: X is evil
THRAKAZOG: s/he wouldnt give me ops earlyer this morning
THRAKAZOG: we could atleast stick a servitor on it
Arawyn: We thought about it
THRAKAZOG: in fact thats a good idea
CyberKaos: don't let arawyn do it
Arawyn: Why not me doing it?
THRAKAZOG: cause ur evil
Arawyn: Me? Evil?
Arawyn: ME?!?
CyberKaos: because i KNOW what sort of servitor you make
CyberKaos: Arawyn, he's right, you're evil

THRAKAZOG: dont shag my gwamma
Arawyn: I wouldn't shag old women. That's Kat's territory

X changes topic to '"Know God, no life. No God, know life."'

CyberKaos changes topic to 'I didn't choose god. I chose... better living through chemicals'

X changes topic to 'Let the revels begin, let the fires be started - This World is for the reckless and the stoney-hearted'


CyberKaos: do you know, i actually did classes in modern dance at one time?
Arawyn: Why didn't you perform for me then?
Arawyn: You might even loose a couple of pounds by practicing

X sets mode: +o Arawyn
X sets mode: +o CyberKaos
X sets mode: -o thane
X sets mode: -o CyberKaos
Arawyn sets mode: +o thane
-X- You're deopped by THRAKAZOG
X sets mode: -o Arawyn
X sets mode: -o thane
X sets mode: -o+o THRAKAZOG Arawyn
X sets mode: +o CyberKaos
Arawyn sets mode: +o thane

X changes topic to 'Rest In Pieces'

CyberKaos: tortoises are cute
Arawyn: Yes, they are cute in a soup
Arawyn: And they bring the pot with them <g>

CyberKaos: Wulf's just told me I'm the best thing that ever happened to him <simper>
Arawyn: in that case I don't want to see the worst thing that happened to him <G>

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