Quotes again

CyberKaos: who wants to buy some stones that allegedly belonged to Crowley}

sethur666: Maybe I shouldn't have mailed him direct and asked how someone with such a small penis could have such a large ego

Wobagong: Jeez these penis enlargment rites keep popping up!

CyberKaos changes topic to 'For Sale: Genuine, Named & Legal Human Ashes'
Wobagong: who`s ashes?
CyberKaos: Wulf's dad's
CyberKaos: (YES! YOU TOO can make money from your relatives!)
CyberKaos: PLEASE?
CyberKaos: we want the urn as a cookie jar
Arawyn: Throw the ashes into the toilet
CyberKaos: no - wulf (a) wants some good use out of his dad
CyberKaos: and (b) can't bear not to at least try to get some money out of them

CyberKaos: the high priestess couldn't fit the dildo they got her, so had to mime, apparently

CyberKaos: okay
CyberKaos: this stupid trick
CyberKaos: take a lighter
CyberKaos: and take a cigarette
CyberKaos: (or any other small combustible item)
CyberKaos: light the lighter
CyberKaos: don't put the cigarette near it
CyberKaos: hold the cig about 2 inches over the visible top of the flame
CyberKaos: and move it slowly down
CyberKaos: it will light b4 it touches the flame

Topic is 'Weed 'em and Reap'

AzhiDahak: hey - you have naughty pics of kat - i want them =)

CyberKaos just spoke to vampy boy's mother - nice woman, much more sensible that he is. I wonder if he's adopted?

Arawyn: He can be such a pain in the ass
CyberKaos: LOL
CyberKaos sniggers
CyberKaos: i thought nothing of the sort
Arawyn: I bet
Arawyn: But you could try him. I guess you'd have to buy a bigger vibrator afterwards for you :))
CyberKaos: LOL
Arawyn: Not too long but rather thick. Suits his figure too (not too big and rather thick too <g>)
CyberKaos: Arawyn, stop drooling
Arawyn: I'm not drooling
CyberKaos: so what's that pool of liquid in front of your keyboard... wait. I don't think i really want to know...

Arawyn: Vampy!!!
CyberKaos: Vampy?
CyberKaos: NO chance
Arawyn: sure.
CyberKaos: he jsut hasn't the the ability
Arawyn grins
Arawyn: mental ability that is
CyberKaos: he has the intellect of a sardine
Arawyn: of a dead one at that

SZORD1: do you think she sat on the scanner trying to get those close ups?

CyberKaos: my relatives are greek orthadox, and i don't like being drenched in holy water
Arawyn: Why should they drench you in holy water?
CyberKaos: greek ortahdox people just do that
Arawyn: It shouldn't affect oyu in any way. That's just cultural conditioning. It won't hurt you
CyberKaos: i don't like getting WET
Arawyn: You are also black clad
CyberKaos: but i don't complain about my back, my joints, or young people these days
Arawyn: Maybe because you ARE still too young to complain about young ppl.
Arawyn: But you did complain at least once about your back when I was in London
CyberKaos: because it's cold water, and 2 baths a day is quite enough for me, thanks
CyberKaos: any my hair take hours to dry
Arawyn: And about your joints :)
CyberKaos: oh, fuck you
CyberKaos: not that sort of joint

CyberKaos: an opinion held by some xtains
CyberKaos: channeling is evil
CyberKaos: and, although the bible is the word of god written by men
CyberKaos: they did not channel it
CyberKaos wonders if god perhaps dictaed it... they did wear dresses... may tie in with the whole scretary bit

CyberKaos: stop it
Pendarric: what did it do?
CyberKaos: the mouse moved.... now stop it

Smoke: Are runes really able to tell the future?

thane: considering his spelling he's right there. example: ancer mi quetion!
Arawyn: reminds me of Kat when she was hit off her donkey

SZORD1 changes topic to 'So go forth and kiss Ass'

CyberKaos: am i still here?

CyberKaos: me and my big mouth

flamifer: were all wimen jews hairy?
Arawyn: Try asking one when you meet one - I wonder what her reaction would be
SZORD: well hold on to your forskin if you do

CyberKaos: tell you what else is getting dull - vampy and his 5 second memory
Arawyn: You're too generous. It's more like 5 nano seconds
CyberKaos: he's not that much worse than a goldfish
Arawyn: A gold fish is easier to flush down the toilet than vampy

CyberKaos: oh
CyberKaos: one thing
CyberKaos: TAG, you're it!!!!!

Thane: /me kicks arawyn in the ass
Thane: didnīt work out right
Arawyn: Something went slightly wrong there
Arawyn shoves Thane a Red Bull cane in the ass
Arawyn: Shouldn't be too hard to shove in considering the amount of shit you usually produce
Arawyn: you gotta type /me yadda yadda yadda
Arawyn: there is no space between / and me
Arawyn: and forget about the colour codes there. That get added after the /me
Thane: /me gives Arawyn a hearty push... From the empire state building
Thane: something is definitely wrong with your instructions
Arawyn: You are just incapable of doing anything right
Arawyn considers using a 1/2 l coke can on your filthy ass instead of the rather slim Red Bull one


Smoked: I'm tired of Servitors
Smoked: mine never work :(

Smoked: I can't figure out why my servitors don't work!

Smoked: What have you used servitors for?
Arawyn: energy drainings, healing, protection etc
Arawyn: What for have you created them?
Smoked: to lose weight, meet girls, better grades in college
Smoked: better health
Smoked: but no results really that I can see
Smoked: can they be used for curses? What is an energy drain?


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