Yadmue: uh huh

Eidolon: http://www.trinityumc.net/youth/cool.htm
Dionysus: *WoW*!!!
Dionysus: that's groovy
Dionysus: is that jesus?
Eidolon: Hmmm, not too impressive, but what do you expect.

Topic is 'Join the ZCluster for a rewarding career.

Yadmue: life is just a shithole of loneliness and boredom
Yadmue: hope is a lie

Yadmue: can you imagine how utterly depressing it is, to feel even forsaken by your imaginary girlfriends?

Yadmue: yes, I am a chaote.
Yadmue: a very depressed, nihilistic one at that.
Cavalorn: oh, sorry. I thought there were only real magicians on this channel.
Yadmue: Cavalorn, jerking off to the book of the law doesn't make you a real magickian.
Cavalorn: shush. I have five hundred people on my correspondence course who I'm trying to convince that it does.

Magius: Please join the ZCluster for a rewarding career!
Magius: Be a Zee. Be Respected!

Magius changes topic to 'Where are the single and eligible female Zee?

ZOSimos: Maybe you should stop wanking and start magicking ;-)
Eidolon: Well, doesn't magick involve waving your wand around? <g>
ZOSimos is being rather vitriolic and insightful tonight... he'll sober up in the morning...
Magius: I DON'T WANK!
ZOSimos: Sure. We all wank.
ZOSimos: Even Catholics.
Eidolon: OK, maybe he's still searching for it.
Magius: searching for what?
Eidolon: OK, he's not searching. He wouldn't know what to look for <g>

ZOSimos: Yadmue accused me of being a Christian spy come to inflitrate Zcluster... it's disturbing how paranoid chaotes can be for all their PiETiN posturing!

Magius: Shall we continue talking about the single and eligible Zee gals?<grin>

*** Topic is '[Interesting/Funny Topic Here]

Yadmue: while I no longer worship my ego, I don't plan on throwing it out either

Magius: I get into my gnosis by looking at pics of nude gals. Is that women magick too?

Yadmue: yeah it was me, you singapore crackwhore

Yadmue: Magius is a ho
Yadmue: he gives head for urine soaked crack

|uc3nt: I wonder when they are going to start selling communion and deliverance on ebay?

Woofio: so what did Satan's Claws bring you this year?

DJDio: I don't like that little fucker one bit

DJDio: We make great anal fruit videos

Xaronzon: yech... all my skin is peeling off.

Eidolon: I wonder how many xtians are pissed off because Armageddon didn't come.
|uc3nt: lol, well, they say it is supposed to come sometime in the year 2000
|uc3nt: Nice clause they threw in there at that end when the doubts began to come up ;c)
Eidolon: How convenient.
|uc3nt: lol, that is what I am screaming
Eidolon: We really have to file a complaint about the lack of melodrama.

ZOSimus: So, have a jolly apocalypse, old chap?

Xaronzon: you summoned me, gentlemen?
Yandros: Yep
Xaronzon: what'd'ya want?
Yandros: A nice little chat
Yandros grins
Xaronzon looks nervous
Yandros: Why's that?
Xaronzon: a NICE little chat? with YOU?!

Xaronzon: i have some girl who obviously spent too much time watching Buffy at the moment
Yandros: Why? Does she expect to kill vampires like Buffy?
Xaronzon: she thinks she IS a vampire, and one who slays "evil" vampires
Xaronzon: > >>How do you personally define the concepts of "good" and "evil"?
Xaronzon: > I don't. Good is somebody like me, Bad are the vampires i slay.

Yandros: on what is she?
Xaronzon: buggered if i know
Xaronzon: she belongs in a straight jacket
Yandros: My solution would be a lot cheaper.
ZOSimus: so, has she physically slayed anyone yet? ;-)
Xaronzon: apparently
Xaronzon: i'll ask her how many
Yandros: Ask her for her highscore
ZOSimus: and where she stashed the bodies!
Yandros: Since they allegedly turn to dust that shouldn't really be a problem
Yandros: but you could ask whether a broom is in her equipment - to dust up a bit

Xaronzon: i need to be polite in order to keep her talking
Yandros: I see that that might be pretty hard for you
Xaronzon: you needn't duck; i know I'm an offensive bastard

ZOSimus: You always get the funny kooks, Kat... I just get people filling my box with "How do can Goetia get me laid?" style questions...

Yandros: Hey Kat, still shagging all nuns that cross your way?

Xaronzon: can't you kids behave for 5 minutes?!

madmadeus: has anyone been to www.choronzon.com
Eidolon: Been there. Why?
madmadeus: is it worth a visit?

Dionysus: magiiiius a naaaaaawwwty boyeeeeee
Dionysus: heeeee neeeeeeed goooood spaaaaankeeng

Magius: wiccan books are cool! They contain illustrations of naked women dancing in the wild!

Dionysus gives Magius a habanero enema
Dionysus: Wake up singapore crackwhore

Magius: It's not even a nude pic of Kat! I wouldn't call that cute! LOL
Eidolon: Personally I find it beyond me to bring "Kat" and "cute" in any context whatsoever.

Topic is 'It's got pale skin, stays up all night, and fears sunlight. It's got to be either a vampire, or a computer nerd.

zos: do you guys time when you come on??
Xaronzon: nah, it's just an instinctive thing
Eidolon: We don't have to time it. I just summon her
Eidolon: If she should ever turn up physically tho I guess I'll have to improvise with a banishment.

Xaronzon sics her new Tegu on Eidolon
Eidolon: Is that some sort of snack?
Xaronzon defies Eidolon to make a tasteless culinary gag about a lizard

Dionysus: is there anything intelligent ever posted to the z-list?
Xaronzon: nah
Xaronzon: not unless you want to try posting something yourself
Dionysus: hm'
Dionysus: what do the folks talk about?
Xaronzon: which might even (shock! horror) start a conversation you're interested in!
Eidolon: or might also be ignored.

Xaronzon: that wiccan didn't want to play with us
Xaronzon pouts

Xaronzon: my news server doesn't carry alt.culture.vampires - one of my main sources of humour has been taken away!

Xaronzon: "early to rise, and early to bed, makes a man healthy, wealthy and dead

Xaronzon: just got a new request!
Xaronzon: just got a new request!
Eidolon: What?
Eidolon: What request?
Eidolon: Details!
Eidolon: Details!
Eidolon: Details!
Eidolon: Details!
Eidolon: Details!
Xaronzon: from: freetext: Hi Kaotes!
Xaronzon: I'm writing to thee because I'm deeply interested in astral travelling.
Xaronzon: Dost thou know of any good teachings and rites how to do it? It must be
Xaronzon: wonderful to be able to watch people without them seeing thee an tats the
Xaronzon: reason why I wish to learn this particula skill. But one thing else wuld
Xaronzon: interest me if thou couldst tell me: is it possible to jack off wile in
Xaronzon: astral, watching people do it does get thee horney,and if so, how wouldst
Xaronzon: thou do it? Wouldst thee shoot thy load a
Xaronzon: Wouldst thee shoot thy load as astral cum? And wot woud it
Xaronzon: look like? Dost an astral body have a dick? And can one change the size
Xaronzon: of it? I thanke thee for thy help
Xaronzon: Thine sincirly
Eidolon: Awww, how archaic
Xaronzon: Niccodemos of the Blue Star
Xaronzon: you can laugh now
Eidolon: Blue Star? That's some sort of toilet cleaner hereabouts.

Eidolon: What would you have to do to be listed as an eeeeeeevil cult in a chaos magick book?
Xaronzon: hmmm...
Xaronzon: that sounds like a challenge to me...
Xaronzon: other than being xtian, of course
Eidolon: Of course.
Eidolon: And not musli either.
Xaronzon: that's just CHEATING
Xaronzon: everyone knows they're evil
Eidolon: yo. But it would have to be something where xtians and satanists agree for a change <g>
Xaronzon nods
Xaronzon: Barney!!!

starbird: hi
Eidolon: Greetings, fair maiden
Eidolon bows
Dionysus: allo starbird
Dionysus slaps starbird on the ass
starbird: i hope that wasn't for me!
Dionysus: hehe
Eidolon: Sure
starbird: wanna see my penis?
starbird: ;)
Dionysus: that would ruin the whole thing
starbird offers a handshake instead
Dionysus: he wants to show you his
Dionysus: handjob?
Eidolon: Wagging the tail like dogs?
Eidolon: Kat, I bet you want to see that wand ;)
Dionysus waves his wand at Kat
Xaronzon: eh?
Xaronzon: sorry, was AFK
starbird: :)
Eidolon: Emptying the chalice?
Dionysus: you have a chalice kat?
Xaronzon: i would like to state now that i have no interest in any of your penises
Xaronzon: no, answering a mail
Dionysus: a genyooine coconut chalice?
Xaronzon: i have a lovely chanlice, thanks

NimbusZ: I love dionysus
NimbusZ: he is so cuddly
NimbusZ = human with little boy parts

zos: Is Red Bull made from bulls' testicles?

zos: starbird: you are a maiden??

zos: wiccans at least have cute girls that are easy to pick up and have fun with

starbird: my OTO buddy loves it, sez he's got to bumfuck so many nice young OTO chix since his initiation
zos: bumfuck?!?
zos: how is that magickal?!?!
starbird: there's a site i visited a couple times.....rule #4 for prospective wiccans: u don't have to sleep with your teacher
Eidolon: Maybe she gets into gnosis by getting buttfucked
zos: lol
starbird: rule #5: repeat rule #4 100 times

zos changes topic to 'Why are nice thin, cute, gay gothboys so hard to find?

Radu: Ah your arawyn person,nice to meet you have heard little about you

zos: so I see you are living in whales now

Yadmue: I guess it's to be expected, as one of my current battles is with my Apparent Self vs. my True Self

Eidolon: Oh, bend over, and I shall drive thee home

Magius has joined #thee_vortex
Dionysus: here comes trouble

Dionysus: kat is apparently the hottest woman to walk this earth after Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson

Topic is 'a series of anal penetrations

Raze: my fav part is when alex kills that cat yoga lady with the Giant penis statue

Dionysus: she is too persistent
Dionysus: this is tough
Dionysus: I will end up giving it to her
Dionysus: and that's not good
Dionysus: I shouldn't do that
Dionysus: but I can't tell her that
Dionysus: fand
Dionysus: she wants my number
Dionysus: to "surprise" me and call out of nowhere

Raze: Sooo whats up
Dionysus: my erection

Eidolon huggles Xaronzon
starbird: yes it is
Dionysus: awwww
Dionysus: a huggle
Dionysus: how sweet
Eidolon: Even tho it is difficult to get your hands together behind her back ;)
Dionysus: why is that?
Dionysus: is she 500 lbs?

Dionysus: I was like "dude, when guys talk to eachother about gurls and sex, it is an unspoken law that you never go tell the gurlies about it after"
Dionysus: and he's all "HOW WAS IT MY FAULT??????? I'VE NEVER HAD A GALFRIEND!!!!!!!!"
Dionysus: fuckin freak
Dionysus: fuckin 5 year old shit
Dionysus: that's the kind of feeling I get whenever I talk to him

Dionysus: boiled the ravioli and heated the sauce, anyhow
Dionysus: ok
Dionysus: Yum
Dionysus: good idea
Eidolon: Hmmm, should we call a physician now for you, dion?
Dionysus: for what now?
Dionysus: what is wrong with me
Dionysus looks about frantically
Eidolon: You cooked.
Dionysus: I am an excellent cook
Dionysus: of many things...
Dionysus: shit
Xaronzon: really? i wouldn't think you could make shit taste nice...

Dionysus: yoooooou have ten wock? I geeeeev yoooou belly belly gooood dik-dik faw that ten wock
Dionysus: geeeeev yoooou ten dollaaaa lickeeee lickeeee
Dionysus: teeeeeen dolla pawk bun
Dionysus: teeeeen dolla you pawk my buns
Eidolon: Get your wand out of your mouth again so we can understand you, Dion
Dionysus giggles
Xaronzon: LOL
Dionysus: heh
Dionysus: gurls like that dude
Xaronzon: but he loves sucking on his wand!
Dionysus: I practice a lot
Dionysus: yeah
Xaronzon: yeah, but only until he gets to have a taste from their chalices...
Dionysus: like I was saying earlier, it's like an all day sucker
Dionysus: yeah
Dionysus: silver pristine chalices are my domain
Dionysus: I saw this URL for this thing called a Vagina Bed
Dionysus: it's pretty cool

starbird thinks of a venus flytrap
Dionysus: yeah
Dionysus: I used to have one of those
starbird: *SNAP*
Dionysus: those things kick ass
Dionysus: I should get another one
starbird: but only until that nasty accident happened, right?
Dionysus: pitcher plants too
Dionysus: hehe
Dionysus: yes
Dionysus: it left me horribly disfigured too
Dionysus: I'm gonna cry now
Dionysus: look what you made me do

Dionysus jacks off on #thee_vortex

Dionysus: do you like beer?
Eidolon: European, yes. American, no.
Eidolon: Could as well drink piss.
Dionysus: depends on the type
starbird: *MY* piss is stronger

starbird: girls! ewwwwww! yuck!!!!! germs!

Dionysus: that bitch woulda been banned off this channel long ago if people didn't have respect for Kat

zos: I think magius is a bit wacked in the head

Seek0: Be back in a sec, smoke break time.
Eidolon: Damn addicts.
starbird: hehe maybe he only does it for pleasure
Eidolon grins
starbird: only after sex
Eidolon: Explains why a couple of people I know don't smoke

Eidolon: I do have some standard after all.
starbird: i keep lowering mine:)
starbird: makes life so interesting
Eidolon: Yeah, can imagine. "Hmmm, what species could that be lying there in my bed?"

Magius: The news said..."Parents have noticed a disturbing trend caused by Half Life. Their children are playing Half Life and neglecting their homework. In view of this, sales of Half Life is banned."

Topic is 'Eat your heart out Lewellyn -- MAX found Frater V.'D.'

MaxKaote: zat all kosher?

^Dekon^: My only sin
^Dekon^: Was to kill a man
^Dekon^: Deep was my pain
^Dekon^: But I'd do the same again
^Dekon^: Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed
^Dekon^: (just bored, don't let me stop you ;p)
^Dekon^: But all the same I'm on my knees
^Dekon^: Beat it out, out of me
^Dekon^: Cut me up and watch me bleed
starbird: hold that pose, yad

benwayMD slaps Magius around a bit with a large trout
benwayMD slaps Magius around a bit with a large trout
Magius slaps benwayMD around a bit with a large trout
Magius slaps benwayMD around a bit with a large trout
benwayMD: ghodz, i love that ;>

Magius: Do I have to give Kat a blow job or something? ;p
Eidolon: I wouldn't be so cruel.
Magius: LOL
Eidolon: To her that is.

Eidolon: I wonder why Ralph changed the V to an U in his name. I mean, it would have sounded like an usual chaos mage name
benwayMD: VD is an abbreviation for venereal disease
Eidolon: Brother Venereal Disease
Eidolon: I know.
Eidolon: Brother Syphillis
Eidolon: Brother Gonorrhea
Eidolon: Hmm, it would have a certain ring. <g>
Eidolon: It would certainly sound better than Raven Moonglow 5000th
MaxKaote: His first book published in English was 'Secrets of the German Sex Magicians' It wouldn't be very credible if it were published by frater Venereal Disease =P

Seek0: Hi Jane - no one has said anything for 10 minutes.
threejane: how nasty of them

threejane: i don't think you are an asshole btw

Sythka: i'm fine, torturing perverts in lame chat rooms, oh what fun

Xaronzon: we had to take Medusa to the vet - she had mouth rot; she's had the surgery

^Dekon^: I got The Satanic Witch, and it talked about having a familiar or demon pet
^Dekon^: sounded like a good idea
Eidolon: Isn't a cat usually the number one choice?
Xaronzon: incorporeal ones don't need litter boxes though
Eidolon: Might be fun tho. Ritual cleaning of the litter box. Gnosis by smell included

Eidolon: Try working with Lilith and Pazuzu at the same time for an extra kick.

Topic is 'Have you accepted AD&D as your lord and savior?

threejane: Beauty is not optional

^Dekon^: I already have my succubus ;-)
Eidolon: Whom should we give our condolences?
^Dekon^: eh?
Eidolon: to you or the succubus? ;)

Eidolon: Did you sigilise that shopping list or just charged it?

threejane: gloat gloat gloat

threejane: poor thing
Eidolon: you mean the succubus?
threejane: it would be nice for him to escape into real life someday
threejane: yes

Topic is '"The search for explanations shows that he [the mage] is socially, scientifically, and theologically a pain in the ass."

Sythka: how long can a child possibly shreik for?
zos: for hours?
Eidolon: Until it has no more air. A process you can speed up with a simple pillow

X changes topic to 'Kids, remember to practice Safe Hex!

Seek0: If I shot a load of hot jism onto a cunt, would you eat the resulting stained undies?

Seek0: Shit never works

Eidolon: you have to get fucked by the high priest.
kame-san: i suggested a broomstick
|uc3nt: Getting f*cked by a broomstick?
Seek0: No, you have to get fucked by a pandemicsymbiant such as my self.

Xaronzon bounces up to infekshun cheerfully

ka: Vote infek - for a more neurotic America

X changes topic to 'Join me in Death - this life ain't worth living'
ka: Oh dear, a suicidal bot..

Xaronzon: eeek


Topic is 'Latest book by the OTO : "Ass reamer's guide to the universe"

^Dekon^: magius, bend over when you're in the pact showers ;p

Magius: msg x access Yadmue
Arawyn: Tsk tsk
Magius grins
Magius: How come Yadmue has got 450? Is it because he's cuter? ;p
Arawyn: How sweet. Now come the op level wars?

Arawyn: Gatherin' rhubarb
Arawyn: Tis a harvest of bliss
Arawyn: Oh rhubarb oh rhubarb
Arawyn: She's the best on the disc
Arawyn: On dark lonely nights
Arawyn: When a cruel wind has blown
Arawyn: with a rhubarb companion
Arawyn: You're never alone
Arawyn: Rhubarb in crumble
Arawyn: Rhubarb in pie
Arawyn: or a strudel will do
Arawyn: till you transmogrify
Arawyn: Tis a well known appendage
Arawyn: Of a fresh juicy tart
Arawyn: That'll rise with a chortle
Arawyn: And leave with a fart
Arawyn: Those tender pink stems
Arawyn: so firm to the touch
Arawyn: Can bring so much happiness
Arawyn: When firm in your clutch
Arawyn: Tis a friend of young maiden
Arawyn: Tis a friend to all crones
Arawyn: With a rhubarb companion
Arawyn: You're never alone

Arawyn changes topic to 'Reality's in agony, and it's about time it stopped. It's about time we put reality out of it's misery.

Arawyn: What I mean by revolution is that very moment when my prick becomes a political force and I am real ... Swell to my size

Arawyn: Bend, come on now, work at it. Stretch hard, harder. Pull more. Let's go!

Sythka frowns, she knows what the baby is doing
ZosXavius: shitting?

Cambiel: I am too far from God.

Cambiel: Arawyn, this is Darksun
Cambiel: Darksun, this is Arawyn
Cambiel: Darksun's a bloody Finn
Cambiel: but we like him just the same

Arawyn: Hear the screams of the street-fighting angels
Arawyn: Hear the scream of a land being torn
Arawyn: Hear the scream of the magic of chaos
Arawyn: Hear the screams of a dream being born

Cambiel: To piss off the xtians, be a better xtian than them.

^Dekon^: hey helena
^Dekon^: only 2 days till you get laid, right?

MaxKaote: correction -- i have my hand on my genitals, and i'm typing this with one hand and i am thinking of you and i love you

BenwayMD: that was nothing. jane once said she was a necrobestiac. "cold and furry, yum!"

Arawyn: God isn't dead, he's just gone flaccid
BenwayMD worships himself

Walrusman: fuck fuck fuck a duck screw a kangaroo fingerbang an orangatang support your local zoo

Dolmance: nice! they even have a documentary called 'inside the erotic witch

Magius puts his clothes back on and tries to look decent
FrkSprik: hehe
Arawyn: That is futile
Magius: What is futile?
Arawyn: Your effort to look decent <G>
Magius: LOL
Magius: I always look decent!
Arawyn: For what species?

Magius: Kat is absolutely gorgeous. Ask Arawyn. He met Kat before. :)
Magius: Or maybe it will be me.
Arawyn: Kat? Gorgeous?!?
Arawyn coughs
Magius: Yes
Magius: She's as lovely as Venus
Magius looks serious
Arawyn: Yeah Venus von Willensdorf.

Cambiel: Arawyn, you no say Daddy me Snow me I'll go blame, a licky boom boom down

Thanatos: Did she puke all over Zos again? ;)
sythka: last night, but not in his mouth again

Donatien: remember when I was telling you about the guys in India who can drink liquids with their penises? Well, that is a prerequisite to the more energy-based practices that come later.
Thanatos: Can you do that?
Donatien: unfortunately not.
Donatien: but i'm working on it.
Riordan: Sounds like a neat party trick.. think that'll get ya babes?
Max42: Why?
Thanatos: Have you seen someone who can?
sythka: hehe
Donatien: Yes.
Max42: Riordan: Yeah, just try dropping your drawers at a party. =P
Riordan: Incidentally.. how WOULD one work at that?
Riordan: lol
Max42: i can do it
sythka: that's pretty damned impressive
Donatien: I've seen guys drink flammable liquids with their penis and then urinate fire.
Max42: no its not
Max42: and it kinda hurts
sythka: ouch:(

FuRBaLl: i hate it when people prostitue themselves
FuRBaLl: its so degrading
FuRBaLl: unless of course they are Gorgeous, and u had to take up the offer

FuRBaLl: i told him that i was mildy surprised at his intention of sleeping with me, but even more disturbed that his girlfriend was like a foot away talking to someone else

FuRBaLl: i think he tried using "book of the law" pick up lines

FuRBaLl: visions of that guy kissing my cheek
FuRBaLl spits
FuRBaLl: reminds me of my chihuahua
FuRBaLl: getting so horney
FuRBaLl: and trying to hump his pillow

threejane: why would any self-respecting person follow another's magical path?

FuRBaLl: *look into my eyeeees......watch them..no u are getting veryyyyy sleepy, no u willl do everything i say*
threejane: you'd think a sex magician could come up with better pick up lines

FuRBaLl: sex for magickal purposes!! but come on, that guy has to at least be good looking

Thanatos: Gah, they are showing now how to stimulate an elephant by rectal massage on TV

starbird: oh, i don't claim to be a wiccan either, but they do have some nice points:)
Thanatos: Do you mean their wand?
Max42: heh, wiccan chalices...
starbird: haven't seen their wands (yet)
starbird: :)
Thanatos: Tell them that they have to discharge it there and then, otherwise too much power pressure builds up.
starbird: sounds like a line u've tested and proven:)
Thanatos: lol
Thanatos: Well, I might be willing to show you that particular secret technique in practice, if you send me a pic beforehand <g>

threejane: you have all been added to my 'must be assassinated' list

sythka: starbird, how are you my little maple bacon bit

Dionysus: he doesn't do magick
Dionysus: just martial arts
Dionysus: and reading comic books

Xaronzon: give him back his ops - he's complaining about it in a private window, and if i hear one more "ping" noise, I'll just SCREAM

^Dekon^: so kat, you think I'd have any trouble finding a succubus not for a one night stand but for use as a familiar?

Xaronzon: you know, as a 21 year old american male who has never had sex, he really shouldn't be having such problems attracting succubi
Eidolon: He never had sex?!?
Xaronzon: yep
Xaronzon: virgin
Eidolon: May I snigger?
Xaronzon: feel free
Eidolon: You could do the honour ;)
Xaronzon sniggers
Eidolon: I meant the defloration.
Xaronzon: ick
Eidolon sniggers
Eidolon: Consider it as a form to reach gnosis. It's not from the pleasure, but the revulsion

Xaronzon: me here

Xaronzon: First Floor Flat
Eidolon: First Floor Flat?
Eidolon: FFF?
Eidolon: Cute
Eidolon: You picked it just for that? ;)
Xaronzon: did not
Eidolon: 'cause according to some xtians it would be a synonym for 666 <G>
Xaronzon: i didn't even notice until you just pointed it out
Eidolon grins
Eidolon: I can somehow picture you well now. Chest swelling with pride

Eidolon: In the inlay, the thank yous include:
Eidolon: Lord Jesus my sweet Saviour, best friend, companion & refuge - thank You for being my breath of life. you have allowed me to use Your voice to minister the lives of others
Xaronzon: please, don't try to put me off her
Eidolon: Thank You for the precious gift of song. Humbled by Your grace upon my heart - I sing for joy at the work of Your hands. Your praise remains in the depths of my soul. without You I'm nothing. I love You deeply
Xaronzon: now there sounds to be a TWISTED relationship
Eidolon grins
Eidolon: Yeah.
Eidolon: Well, you could try to convert her
Xaronzon: hi, jessica, i'm a bisexual satanist. Would you like me to give you vast ammounts of pleasure in exchance for you giving up your faith?

^Dekon^: a hard lesson I learned
^Dekon^: don't try to summon her while taking a nap ;p
Xaronzon: why on earth not?
Xaronzon: it's when they're most powerful
^Dekon^: because the last time I did, I ended up jerking off about four times during the whole nap...that's not normal behavior for me ;p

Yadmue: actually, it's "I WILL FUCK ETC ETC"

Magius: Hi Arawyn! Seen Kat lately?
Eidolon: nope
Eidolon: She's somewhere in Britannia as far as I know. Being virtuous for a change
Magius: How? :) Care to explain? :p
Eidolon: She has to be. It's part of being an Avatar.
Magius: An Avatar? Or do u mean a Servitor?? Is she trying to be a god???
Magius: GOSH! Is she doing some weird experiments???
Eidolon: No, an Avatar. The embodiment of the 8 virtues. Like Honor, Valor, Sacrifice, Spirituality, Compassion, Honesty, Humility etc.
Magius: WOW! What happened? She finally lost her mind??
Eidolon: She now embodies the three princibles of the Avatar: Love, Courage and Truth.
Magius: our evil badass Kat is gone...<mutters>
Magius: what could influenc her?
Eidolon: Hawkwind the seer I guess. He gave her advice how to become an Avatar.

Eidolon: yeah. Maybe I should do a working to make his PC crash.
ZOSimos: lol. I'll participate! :-)

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