Quotes VII

ZosXavius: ever hear from hekate neochristi?}

Aozzic: The surgical procedure used to removed stupidity from the brain is called a gun.

zallak: what happened with Magius?
Pendarric: His system crashed for good.
Pendarric: And no, I don't have anything to do with it contrary to other rumours

Bkwyrm: Man, why is it that Lon can do stuff that would kill most other magicians and merely occasionally get his whiskers singed?

Dionysus: I like to wander around the astral plane, handing out cookies and good vibes and meeting cuddly nature spirits

Bkwyrm: There just aren't that many female Chaotes. Besides, the IOT is soooo testosterone-heavy.

Bkwyrm: I can want all I want.
Bkwyrm: Want, want, want.
Bkwyrm: See?

Bkwyrm: My husband keeps promising to take me.

Yadmue: I stated a statement of intent, sigilized the phrase "All paths lead to God," and placed my hands over it, and concentrated on energy

Bkwyrm: Goats are always good to have on your side.

Bkwyrm: Man, I am medicated up to my eyebrows, don't expect me to make any sense.


Xaronzon: oh gods, I ran into a hunter wannabe the other month who thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar was a real vampire slayer. <giggle>
^Dekon^: was this the one that hunted "evil" vampires (herself being a "good" vampire?)
Xaronzon: i suppose stuff like that i part of the reason I'm getting so much milage in terms of enjoyment in doing this research
Xaronzon: no, not that one
Xaronzon: that one has an entirely different range of psychoses
Vitki: i found a very interesting artical about choronzon,
Xaronzon: which one?
Vitki: (the demon)
Xaronzon: which ARTICLE ;)
Vitki: oh
Vitki: i'll get it

Xaronzon: The only problem I'm having is resisting the urge to make this a book entirely about delusional psychotics, rather than vampires. And my is that a fine line.
^Dekon^: so what IS a "real vampire?"
Vitki: this one, http://www.thestargoddess.net/coronzon.htm
Xaronzon: Oh, i know the site
Vitki: i like it
ZosXavius: I am a real vampire :P
Vitki: a astral?
Vitki: a astral vampire?
ZosXavius: xaronzon: you are writing a book?!
Xaronzon: it's quite an interesting set of articles he has up, although I don't agree with a few of his theories
Xaronzon: yes zos
ZosXavius: I am a REAL VAMPIRE :P
Xaronzon: haven't I gone on at length about it?
^Dekon^: kat, maybe you should write a whole separate book on the delusional ones <g>
ZosXavius: how long will it b e?
Xaronzon: I'm tempted
ZosXavius: when?
ZosXavius: just now?
^Dekon^: do it for the money Kat, if nothing else
ZosXavius: I can't scroll up
Xaronzon: heh - I hope to have the draft manucript between next sept and next dec
ZosXavius: fucking TinyIRC
^Dekon^: although I'd probably buy it just for the entertainment value
Vitki: ouch......
Xaronzon: I've been working on it for about eight months now
ZosXavius: awesome
Vitki: my eye's burn from long hour's of study and reading
Xaronzon: hah - just wait til your retinas start to detach

Xaronzon: scuse me - have to roll
ZosXavius: later kat girl :)
Vitki: bye
Xaronzon: it only takes a couple of minutes!
ZosXavius: in the states...roll means to leave :p
Xaronzon: you know, tobacco, rizlas, and so on
ZosXavius: rolling a joint?
ZosXavius: *grumble*
^Dekon^: Rizlas?
Vitki: what the hell is Rizlas?
Xaronzon: a brand of rolling papers, you ignorant americans. <g>
ZosXavius: lol
ZosXavius: i knew that
Xaronzon: i know you know
Vitki: what does >g< mean?
Xaronzon: <g> = <grin>

ZosXavius: hellraiser is still my favorite series
Xaronzon: oh yeah
Xaronzon: IMO, the first one is the only REAL classic
Vitki: i hate hellraiser
Vitki: hellraiser, was that the move where there's a cube?.....
ZosXavius: duh :p
Xaronzon: yes, the LeMarchand puzzle box
Vitki: i don't now alot about it
ZosXavius: I thought everyone had seen it
Vitki: whats it about ?
ZosXavius: watch the movies :p
Xaronzon: yeah, words just can't describe the first film - it's a sheer work of ART
Xaronzon: I thought you hated it?
Vitki: i do
ZosXavius: how can you hate that which you know nothing about?
Vitki: becouse i saw some of it

ZosXavius: I'd much rather sit down with some lovecraft
Xaronzon: ditto
Xaronzon: King is far to mundane and far to wordy
Vitki: i have never read lovecraft books
Xaronzon: Lovecraft was a genius
Vitki: i agree, from what i heard

Vitki: i have read part of the necronomicon
Xaronzon: that isn't by lovecraft
Vitki: i know
ZosXavius: so lovecraft didn't fabricate the simon necronomicon?
Xaronzon: no, nothing to do with lovecraft
Xaronzon: i have the name of the person responsible somewhere around here
ZosXavius: I despise that version btw :p
Xaronzon: ah, the simonomicon's fun in it's own way. Quite cute as part as fake grimoires go.
Vitki: i don't beleave in "fake grimoires"
ZosXavius: strange....everyone believes that :p
ZosXavius: but it was a fabrication I am assuming
Vitki: i heard that it came from a dream
ZosXavius: it seems like it was written a lot like Abramelin or the Goetia
ZosXavius: I've only read bits of it....kinda bored me really, not enough about cthulu ;)
Vitki: it has some basis
Xaronzon: not much of one - a little sumerian mythology here, a little Lovecraft via Dearleth there...
Vitki: go to www.stormloader.com
Xaronzon: and a lot of generic ceremonilist methodology
ZosXavius: I wanted to get some information for Azathoth, but in the simon book, they rarely mention him
Xaronzon: what is it?
Xaronzon: stormloader, I mean
Vitki: you will get cthulu ritual's there
ZosXavius: I've wanted to invoke Azathoth for a long time, and have yet to be successful
Vitki: zos
Vitki: i wish you luck
ZosXavius: bah...there are a million on the net :)

ZosXavius: Church of Fuck? ;)
ZosXavius: Cof? ;)
^Dekon^: zos, Cradle of Filth <g>
Vitki: gross

ZosXavius: got cable yet kat?
Vitki: who's cable?

Vitki: by the way, i did a small review of your site,
Xaronzon: indeed? may I see it?
Vitki: um.......
Vitki: not done yet
Vitki: what i ment was that im working on one
Xaronzon: ah
Vitki: but from what i have seen, so far, from a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 7
Xaronzon: any suggestions for improvement, Vitki?
Vitki: put some goetic/enochen subject matter in it, and i would give it a 8
Vitki: to 9
Xaronzon: i don't practice goetia
Xaronzon: for that matter, I really don't like goetia on principle
Vitki: may i ask why?
craxi: kat: the goetia seems right up your alley :p
Xaronzon: I don't like YHVH and his hosts, basically.
Xaronzon: and i certainly don't want to call upon their help
Xaronzon: I practice fairly similar things, but I use a different approach
Vitki: in goetie your dealing with demons
zos: ahhh
zos: YHVH fills me with dread
Xaronzon: yes, but you have to first call upon YHVH to control them
Vitki: thats why i like it <G>
Xaronzon: as it's a set formula, it doesn't really bear altering, and my own methods are simpler, and extremely efficient
Xaronzon doesn't trust YHVH as far as she could throw one of it's churches
zos: kat: have you checked out french grimoires? they are similar the goetia but involve pacts with demons
Xaronzon: <nods>
Xaronzon: they have more similarity to what i do
zos: I've found in practice that pacts with demons are not really worth the effort
Xaronzon goes for the loose deals and agreements thing
Vitki yell's at zos "I Invoke You oh great and powerful host, i Invoke your name, TETRAGRAMATON, to smite and show wrath upon zos!"
Xaronzon: watch your language
<Later, after zos regaled us with an anecdote about his love life...>
Vitki: that's a very sad story
Vitki: im sorry i smit you, zos
Xaronzon: smit?
Xaronzon: right, anyone want to do something to dispell the awkward silence?
Vitki: smite
Vitki: whatever
Xaronzon: smote?
Vitki: smote
Vitki: thats the word
Vitki: thanks
Xaronzon looks at Zos - he hit you?
Vitki: only with a little bolt of lighting

Xar333: sorry, dropped
Vitki: who's xar333?
zos: you don't pay attention much do you vitki :p
Vitki: no i don't
Vitki: thats why i need you all to help me with
zos: obviously <g>

Xar333: I've never run into a situation which has called for a pact - my relationship with the entities I work with tends to be more equatable to the way one would act with the Loa
zos: I agree...you should never completely bind yourself to an entity...it generally backfires

Xaronzon: bloody hell, the things you learn on the web. Garth Brooks just came out of the closet, apparently.
zos: REALLY?!?!?!!?!?
Xaronzon: says here
Xaronzon: might be wrong
Vitki: nooooooo, REALLY?!
Vitki: come on
Xaronzon: it is only hearsay, but there you go
Vitki: get out

Xaronzon changes topic to 'Happy Hour @ #Thee_Vortex '
Xaronzon passes round the happy pills and half price cocktails
threejane sips a martini
zos: half-price? I want FREE cocktails
Xaronzon prices down the cocktails
Vitki drops the happy pills on the ground, along with the cocktail
zos: I'll take that!
Vitki: take what
Vitki: the pills?
Vitki: take em....
zos: maybe I should drink whisky by myself
zos: seems like an ok idea :p
Vitki: i don't have any need for pills
Xaronzon: do you know that the 20th of this month was the official legalization of marajuana/smoke a joint day?
Vitki: the hell it was!
^Dekon^: you mean it's legal to smoke it on the 20th?
Xaronzon: Dek: no
Xaronzon: it's just a protest day
Vitki: dekon
Vitki: don't listen
Vitki: kats trying to get you in deep
Xaronzon: and on the 1st of may, Reclaim the Streets are going to try to get into the millenium dome for their protest
Xaronzon likes all the anachist activity that goes on in the spring

Vitki: anybody here play ut/ta?
Xaronzon: i think i speak for everyone when I say "eh?"

etcetera: i am not ashamed of my sexual orientation dekon
^Dekon^: I'm not ashamed of your sexual orientation either
BenwayMD: You should be ashamed of *your* sexual orientation, though, Deksta.
BenwayMD: I mean, 2D animated girls? that's just creepy.

Magius: Hey Father Dekon :)
^Dekon^: Good Morrow, my child.

Magius: Hokkien is a one of the many dialect groups
^Dekon^ has never heard of Hokkien
^Dekon^: sounds hokey to me

Thanatos: I'm fairly certain that you'd also find one at amazon.de
^Dekon^: Ich nein sprechen Deutsch <g>

sythka: bye
sythka: i've got to go feed zoe dinner
sythka: if i'm not back tonight, have a good evening
Thanatos: Don't do anything I wouldn't consider
sythka: hehe i'll try not to
sythka: but it depends upon how much you like zos :P
Thanatos grins
sythka: hehe
Thanatos: I'm not his type, so don't worry.
sythka: i heard, too hairy <g>

^Dekon^: hey
^Dekon^: is it ok if I put that in my quotes file

^Dekon^ sometimes wishes that cat girls and anime type girls were real
^Dekon^: they'd make great sex slaves
KrimHum: lol
KrimHum: Yeah, they would.
KrimHum: But then the ink would bleed into your clothes and all over your bed.

ZosXavius: phahahaha
ZosXavius: don't you people ever sleep? ;)
ZosXavius: its 3:47 here!
^Dekon^ stares at ZosXavius blankly.
^Dekon^: uhm....
^Dekon^: sleep?
ZosXavius: yuh
ZosXavius: sleep!
<^Dekon^: forgive me, but your words are strange to me.

Xaronzon: anyone seen arawyn lately?
^Dekon^: he was on yesterday I think
^Dekon^: got a good quote out of him
^Dekon^: <g>
Xaronzon: i just missed him then
^Dekon^: no
^Dekon^: yesterday MY time <g>
Xaronzon: oh yes... I still have to edit together the latest of the ones I've collected for him
Xaronzon: was it yesterday HIS time?
^Dekon^: maybe
^Dekon^: I don't know
^Dekon^: I'm all confused now
^Dekon^: ;-(

Thanatos: http://www.lordoftherings.net/home.html
Xaronzon: looks quite interesting
Thanatos: yep
Thanatos: I guess there'll be a similar hype as with Star Wars
Thanatos: at least they got rid of the notion of replacing Sam with a woman

^Dekon^: what's up foo

BenwayMD: Magius: Who is Raistlin Majere?
^Dekon^ knows who Raistlin Majere is
Teck_Yong: Raistlin is a DragonLance character
BenwayMD: @k.
BenwayMD doesn't know what Dragon Lance is
Teck_Yong: Dekon knows
Teck_Yong: Because Dekon summons girls from AD&D to commit fornication with
BenwayMD: Dekon: fuh-reak! ;P

BenwayMD: Where the fuck is X?
^Dekon^: hiding from you, you sicko.
BenwayMD: That ho owes me money.

Bkwyrm: I've got two copies - a Weiser paperback and the Magickal Childe hardcover. Got the hardcover largely because summoning demons from a paperback didn't feel quite right. ;)

jabril: 3:33... do you know where your servitors are?
Bkwyrm: At your house.
jabril: Uh oh.
Bkwyrm: Rummaging through the fridge.
jabril: Oh, they'll find nothing there!
jabril: empty pizza boxes.
Bkwyrm: And your closets.
Bkwyrm: Making off with your books.
jabril: nothing there either
jabril: all my clothes are in piles on my floor
jabril: now, the books, hrm.
jabril: They had better watch out for my Mini Orgone Accumulator.
Bkwyrm: They're servitors; they'll make friends with it and take it too.

Vitki: do you now anything about rune magick, thanatos?

Vitki: nice beard
Thanatos: Do you mean Kat?

threejane: crap!
Thanatos: Yes?
Xaronzon: Arawyn, since when did you answer to the name of Crap?
Thanatos: Well, sounds better than what you call me there and then.
Xaronzon: true, but I'm an obnoxious arsehole

Nhnehek: Enstleh Nhbenwaymd, ennia prahn?
BenwayMD: Yes, quite.
Nhnehek: Diadia mak!
BenwayMD: Very well.
Nhnehek: A gano ennia prahn.
BenwayMD: You can have my PVC nurse outfit.
threejane: Enstleh ita! Nhbenwaymd ennia prahn.
BenwayMD: Ok, my whips too.
Nhnehek: Diadia mak!
Nhnehek: Kint Gna bastli, prahn?
threejane: Isalna prahn
BenwayMD: What? Oh, come on. You don't seriously expect me to send you *that* do you? What would happen if it was opened at customs? We'd all be thrown in jail.
threejane: kint gna bastli ... prahn
Nhnehek: Enstleh, Kistirio.

Xaronzon mutters about tinfoil

BenwayMD: Vitki: Did you take your opiates tonight, Vitki?
Vitki: don't need opiates
ZosXavius: sure about that?
ZosXavius: you were making no sense last I saw you

Vitki: hello dopestar
Vitki: do you call yourself that becouse your on dope?

ZosXavius: vitki: do you leave your house?

ZosXavius: so why did you come here btw?
Vitki: i came here to woo xaronzon, <g>
ZosXavius: good luck
ZosXavius: I'd rather woo you over the head with a baseball bat or something

dopestar: in the book canabis spirituality the author says you don't need magic!
dopestar: that if your just a good person you can just be in tune with the psychic world whenever you want
Xaronzon: yeah, but who in THIS room could ever be described as anything remotely approaching a good person?
Vitki: me
dopestar: i'm working on it
dopestar: i would say i am
ZosXavius: what's wrong with being a bad person???
dopestar: but not to THEM
dopestar: nothing
dopestar: to bad people
Xaronzon: of course, good being a relative value, I could claim to be virtuous, but I don't so much consider myself to be good, as to be *right*

ZosXavius: I can generally say that anymore, good/bad mean little to me
Vitki: we all know what good and bad mean to you, zos
dopestar: i don't
Xaronzon: Vit: I had no idea you were so familiar with zos's personality
Vitki: i dated him, <g>

Vitki: well, i can tell what a person is like just by meeting them, don't ask me why, i don't know
Xaronzon: hmm... anyone up for a patented Vitki personality analysis session?

Vitki: (i don't understand shit)

zal_paper: the greys manipulate time
zal_paper: grays_whatever
Vitki: grays?
zal_paper: the ones with the big eyes!
Vitki: aliens?
zal_paper: aliens
zal_paper: yep
Vitki: alien_grays?

zal_paper: Xaronzon what do you think?
Xaronzon: I don't, generally.

^Dekon^: everything is an illusion
Xaronzon: Dekon: stand in front of an oncoming truck and tell me that
^Dekon^: kat: I didn't say that illusions are harmless ;_)

^Dekon^ doesn't watch x files either...too gruesome
Xaronzon: Dekon: oh ye of weak stomach. How're you going to get desensitised to the violence if you don't observe it? <g>
^Dekon^: Kat: actually, I play Quake 2, where it's no problem to turn your enemy almost literally into ground beef
^Dekon^: I guess it's just watching it irl that's disturbing
^Dekon^: I mean, for instance, take the movie Blade
^Dekon^: would have been great except for all the exploding vampires
Xaronzon: Dekon: remind me to send you a complete set of "Faces of Death" <g>
^Dekon^: heh heh
^Dekon^: nah kat, I'll just learn to choke it down if it's something vital
Xaronzon: like a liver?

sythka: hehe, zos fell asleep clutching the keyboard

triskele: Xar: tell me if this is true: I've done my research, and people tell me that vampires are latent until they reach puberty or have been fed vampire blood
Pike93: christ.
triskele: and then they are awakened, and they gather the vampire 'traits'
Xaronzon: Tri: seems to vary; hormonal changes do seem to be a major one, but it's not always puberty
Pike93: triskele wears all black and listens to marylin manson.
triskele: I do not wear all black
triskele: and I hate manson
triskele: DON'T stereotype me, Pike.
Pike93: they broke the mould.
Pike93: I am a ninja. I rule the night.
Xaronzon: the vampire blood thing is very much on the arguable side, particularly in terms of mortal vamps _ in such cases, chances are it's psychosomatic
triskele: ahh
Nhnehek: Well, in what way does vampire blood differ from anyone else's?
triskele: It's just that, ver since I started, and a friend of mine, who is a vamp 'awakened' me ( she felt I was a vamp)
Pike93: vampire blood is really fruit punch.
Pike93: thats why it tastes so good.
Pike93: 8 essential vitamins and minerals.
Xaronzon: Pike: sounds like the sort of thing Wulf's wife would recommend as a blood substitute
Pike93: Kat: I'd choose hawaiian punch over blood anyday :)
Xaronzon: Nhn: in mortal vamps? I don't think it does in most cases, although some of them do have really weird blood conditions.
triskele: I have developed these traits that people tell me come with the vampiric development
triskele: and I am not sure if they are true or not
triskele: and whether it's just my imagination.
Xaronzon: tri: it's such shaky ground that it could quite possibly be either. There's at least one mortal vamp in this country who psychosomatically induced porphyria type effects in herself.
^Dekon^: porphyria?
Xaronzon: a genetic disorder; people who have it get really badly burnt by the sun and have all sorts of other nasty effects
^Dekon^: ah
triskele: I get porphyria now I think
triskele: I was outside in the rain for an hour
triskele: I got burnt, bad
Xaronzon: tri: are you sure you don't have bad acid rain in your area?

zal_paper: what would a mathematician ask after a city has been bombed
zal_paper: ?
Xaronzon: We don't know. What?
zal_paper: i don't know
Xaronzon: oh, it was a real question
zal_paper: it's an essay question
zal_paper: part of one i mean

Xaronzon changes topic to 'Sucking on the infernal crack_pipe of the internet. '

Vitki: he got me to invoke a goddess, or demon, i know nothing of, as i was doing it, i could feel my balls shrinking,

[ha05: your invited as long as you promise not to bite-me