Quotes, Episode IX

TheGreyOne just killed an ant with a subwoofer

Topic is 'I like clams, they're shmushy, they make me feel like a man, they make me feel like a man.'
FastEddie: think of all the split ends we could treat
^Dekon^: split ends?
FastEddie: Dekon: I suggested saving all the semen we could to use for hair conditioner
Julianus: it's sticky though, just the opposite of what you want in a conditioner
^Dekon^: aha
^Dekon^: don't forget hand lotion ;-)

DeadFish: corn starch is probaly the best idea we've had.

Bel-Alil: I boiled an egg in my gf's kettle before
Bel-Alil: And no, that is not a sexual metaphor

smakonhed: i will return home with food boxes! SPACE FAG RESISTS NO ONE!!!

^Dekon^: hey deadfish, where did you get all the space fag quotes

smakonhed: AR! Where is me sea biscuit!?

smakonhed: hkkkk! team retarded is in posishun. over.

skoo: spit on a piece of sheetrock until a mold grows, wait for a while and harvest the mold

Bel-Alil: Hmmm..there seems to be a lot of blood. Perhaps I should go get a bandage

smakonhed: hkkk! this is oficer micky. i am a fag. over.

smakonhed: This is oficer meatbeef. my butter maker is broke. i need back up very fast.

^Dekon^: sigh
^Dekon^: why are people even gonna bother being jewish if they won't even obey their laws
^Dekon^: this one guy I'm talking to refuses to stone his hypothetical dissident, sodomite children ;-)

CelticFox: I'm a Christian. But I'm not a very tasty one.
DeoxyriboNucleicAcids: me just needs some fresh christian bones to keep his gums healthy
CelticFox: As I said, I taste absolutely terrible. Really. Would I lie to you?

smakonhed: STOP! do not shoot! We are not lard criminels!!! (a hidden secret. all fattys use crime!!!)

Tac`: alright talk all the crap you want about jesus and gods but leave the tooth fairy out of this

Elpacoloco: I have very fast fingers.

foog: I should learn to appreciate chick poetry.

Aleister changes topic to 'Are you *really* double-wanded, or are you just bragging?'

smakonhed: 1 chin 2 chins 3 chins oh my the statue of liberty did get very fat.

smakonhed: psst! i am made of ham!

KrimHum: Hi teck. Read these: http://www.seduction.com/news/
KrimHum: Trust me. :)
KrimHum: NLP Technology applied to getting laid. It's revolutionary, or something.
teckyong: Krimhum: What do u think? U think I can score with Bill Gates's daughter? ;p

Crazy_Morty: shut your cake hole
Crazy_Morty: You'll be sorry when the midget hordes are gouging out your eyes!

^Dekon^: and yes, I have way too many women on my notify list. ;-)

Bkwyrm: No more antifreeze for you.

NOXboy has joined
NOXboy has quit IRC (Leaving)
Autoeros: somebody turn down the lvx so noxboy can stay a bit longer

Python^: anything going on
AdrameleK: three words
AdrameleK: chihuahua anal sex
triskele: WHOA.

Musick: these are the wrong trousers

smakonhed: AARRGGHHH you are creatures!!!Likayvi: I dont really care what others think, Im here on Thee_Vortex to save my soul!

smakonhed: it is a hard life to be a retarded.

gruvEdude is so privileged to know Jesus
Rex_Goodheart: gruvEdude, delusion is a privilege? I didn't know that.

Vampyress_Lilith: What is wrong with pagans?
Teniers: Lilith: well, besides the fact that they are possessed by demons... i suppose they are generally ok

Teniers: from my perspective anyone who is not a christian must be demon possessed

MerlinTW: the monkeys will only monkey around. while the horse can ride out any trouble

W changes topic to 'Your destruction is imminent.'
W changes topic to 'You are impure.'
W changes topic to 'You will suffer the flames of eternal torment.'
skoo: i am not impure :~(
W changes topic to 'Repent! Or be damned for all time.'
W changes topic to 'You have two choices.'
W changes topic to 'Conversion or the sword.'
W changes topic to 'You are all doomed.'

godog changes topic to 'You are all doomed, and so are your mamas'

skoo: i will put you into my bag of holding!

^Dekon^: skoo plays AD&D?

W changes topic to 'Repent!!!'

entropy^ changes topic to 'I'ma lutherin and i dont even know how to spell it'

vergil: because I am a pirate!
AdSinistr: what kind of pirate?
vergil: A BUTT PIRATE!*(!&#^!*&#$
vergil: ARRR!

W changes topic to 'Accept the word of your saviour, DeadFish.'

vergil: Ack, I did marry a harry man!
vergil: and he's got a small cock!
AdSinistr: Shut up vergil, or I will eat you as a sandwich.

W changes topic to 'And a sharp twoedged sword come from his mouth.'
W changes topic to 'and little bits of dental work.'

Alyosha`: catch: dont look now, but there's a large whale stalking you from behind.

Aleister: i bought some shampoo the other day with so much peach fragrance in it, it could be used for crowd control

Sorath: BTW, did I mention that my dildo is special. Has nice little blue stars on it.

teckyong is in a spanking mood
teckyong spanks triskele too just for fun
triskele: ow!
^Dekon^: something tells me that you aren't THAT good a friends with her yet ;-)

Sorath: I am the god with three arms and four legs and I dance to hill billy music!

foog: I think I would like buggering Thelemites also, Boofy.

Withigo: cakes of light are made of soylent green.
foog: cakes of light are people????

lucifemme: foog: you're cute. go out and get those chickies you seek.
foog: I have been terribly shy.
lucifemme: foog: Quit it. You're cute, i saw your pic. Now, go get them, tiger.

triskele (DS2000@van-bc60-142.netcom.ca) has joined #thee_vortex
^Dekon^: connection troubles?
triskele (DS2000@van-bc60-142.netcom.ca) has left #thee_vortex (4([>DreamS@http://www.Dreamrave.tsx.org...)
triskele (DS2000@van-bc61-157.netcom.ca) has joined #thee_vortex
triskele (DS2000@van-bc61-157.netcom.ca) has left #thee_vortex (4([>DreamS@http://www.Dreamrave.tsx.org...)
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triskele (DS2000@van-bc58-027.netcom.ca) has left #thee_vortex (4([>DreamS@http://www.Dreamrave.tsx.org...)
triskele^ (DS2000@van-bc65-016.netcom.ca) has joined #thee_vortex
^Dekon^: wb
^Dekon^: gonna stay this time?
triskele^: heh, maybe..

Magius: Been a good boy all day

Magius: I have found my Path. Baysitting is more than just what I do. It is what I am.

Cambiel: Arawyn, you no say Daddy me Snow me I'll go blame, a licky boom boom down


^Dekon^: he should have shielded.
^Dekon^: before he visited.
^Dekon^: I mean, look at him now. <g>

sythka: fucking hard and fast is great

troglodyt: I am a brilliant lover, so I need no advice, really.

Topic is 'No matter how good she looks, some other guy is sick and tired of putting up with her shit. * Set by Riordan

mk: Oh, you mean I dont curse peoples genital areas on a whim?

Anlashok: How much do they pay you NOT to strip?

BenwayMD: urogenital disease is funny. particularly when you are the cause.

Incubus: Ummm, I love my pillow. I gave her a name that starts with an H

cidal: anlashok: want some of my bodily fluids?

Anlashok: Alas as flat as she is you wouldn't notice much difference

Fenwick: Si To, Ri To, Mal To Rey

Topic is 'The infinite cuddliness of wiccans never ceases to amaze me... *** Set by zma

gbryal: join #thelema
Anlashok: What's so special there?
Incubus: Good question.
Incubus: I'm not going to bother
Anlashok: They're probably wanking over the Liber al vel Legis again

BenwayMD: Moo.

Anlashok changes topic to 'I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubicles got stuck in my nose'

BenwayMD: I tried smoking mary jane once. She still has burn marks all over.

Xaronzon: Sometimes the pills are too weak, but these were great - some fun hallucinations in the first few hours, great for sex.
Anlashok: I prefer humans for sex.

Anlashok: Time you learn the #Thee_Vortex mantra:
Anlashok: Arawyn is always right
Anlashok: You will listen to Arawyn
Anlashok: You will not ignore Arawyns recommentations
Anlashok: Arawyn is god

Xaronzon has come to the conclusion that the universe is a prime example of the priciple of "shit happens".

Xaronzon: brb - wulf needs a head

Luddite: although i am a typical reptillian male who stares at girls breasts

Luddite: most women i know 'won't swallow'

ZosXavius hasn't lost a magickal battle yet

Topic is 'Donate money to a good cause! Help Kat & Wulf get to Glastonbury, Set by Xaronzon

Infamus: I must look nice when it is up
Anlashok: Get them take viagra

Topic is 'Tune in tomorrow for RevGraves's new documentary on the making of cheese, which will be a 72-part series, each episode being 3 hours long *** Set by Genix

Anlashok: Ah, congratulations for your defloration then, Heph.
Hephzriba: WHat the fuck is defloration?!?!?

MaxKaote: HEY! I'm Sythka's bitch! You stay away, rugrat!

Anlashok: Do you have anything worth living for?

RevGraves: Down, Max, Down!

Bkwyrm changes topic to 'Kink Level Switch: Off, Slight, Average, Perverse, Ancient Rome'

Anlashok: Most here seem to have taken an oath of nontyping

threejane: doot doot de doot
threejane: nothing but blue skies

cidal: i should go to sleep before the big orange sleeping pill rises'

Topic is 'That's it. I give up. Idiots from past lives have started persuing me. I'll just go hide now.' *** Set by Xaronzon

IPpy: I have survived both invoking Choronzon and Martha Steward

IPpy: I don't eat hotdogs because they remind me of penises

Topic is 'Come to namibia, get laid, free plane ride, c'mon damnit!'*** Set by Genix

IPpy: the people on #wicca are so nice
Anlashok: Of course they are. And they expect you to be triple nice in return.

IPpy: they're telling me to cleanse myself with white light

Topic is 'Kill the mother... Fuck the Father :)'r *** Set by Mercutio

starbird: well for one thing, they're young and firm and pretty
starbird: and we all know that's bad
Xaronzon: Yes. Very bad. In fact, women with these attributes are so dangerous that they should be sent to me for disposal.
Xaronzon: Aren't any of you going to so much as snigger?

RevGraves: Wow, you guys are CRUEL.
Xaronzon: We practice.
Anlashok: And it's fun

Xaronzon: Oh, I have more quotes for you - will send some tongit
Xaronzon: (tongit is a word meaning "when I can be bothered")

RevGraves: To Nine Voluptuous Sins of Chaos

Hephzriba: I. Want. Beer.

RevGraves: Yeah. Kat's my kind of man.

Topic is 'Help! Conversation has dropped to the level at which people spew quotes from songs!' *** Set by Xaronzon

zallak: hi
Anlashok: Shhh, we've taken an oath of silence

Topic is 'For verily, they can stuff their Khabs up where their Khebs dont shine...' *** Set by zma

Saturnus: I can cook bread, but I still don't know what to use the stoves for

Anlashok: You look like you'd need an anal shock

IPpy: So I'm off to dream about more bisexuals and sweet potato, phallic carrots chopped by TV personalities.

RevGraves: Love Spell of Marik? Thanks, man, but I don't want Marik to fall in love with me.

RevGraves: Forgive my massive brain hemmorhage.

RevGraves: Apparently I'm just an ugly mother fucker, huh Arawyn?

Anlashok: on a 486? win95? You're braver than I thought

Anlashok: I have a pretty good banishing for such occasions
Anlashok: a .45 Magnum

RevGraves: hold on, I actually have to do work for a bit.
Anlashok: HEY!!! We are witnesses of a rare occassion!!!!

sythka: Zos seems to think that the job fairy will magickaly appear to him while he's playing playstation and give him a $75k a year job

Anlashok: Has the blue hen of happiness relieved itself on you?

Xaronzon: I have buss time tables
Xaronzon: as soon as wulf leaves my fucking tits alone..
Anlashok: Tell him to take them with him and go play in the corner
Xaronzon: hang on - i need to get them out of this box
Anlashok: So glad that we don't have a webcam installed
Xaronzon: You think I keep my breasts in a box?!?

Dekon: well as far as alignment goes, I tend to be W(++)

Anlashok: do you think we should apply for that bible-bot?

Anlashok: Mine is only 17"
RevGraves has a 19" -and- a 17"
Anlashok: Would love a 24"

Fen_WORK: BAD script! DOWN, boy, DOWN!
Fen_WORK: Sit. Stay. Process.

Bkwyrm: My husband was a virgin when I met him.

Bkwyrm: One of these days I am going to run into the Idiot League from the Z list at a meet, and I'm going to kick them all in the head.

Bkwyrm: Hello. On behalf of several other people who couldn't make it, let me kick you in the head.

cidal: Jesus is my sunshine.

Anlashok: How many cosmic deities does it take to change a sun?

Anlashok: I still remember that exploding rat in a microwave trick she did 2 years ago

BenwayMD: Everyone else is dead.
BenwayMD: I am not responsible.

GamaChose: Arawyn, where is it you claim residence?

RevGraves: I'm here?

cidal: i'm lost in a world soon to be forgotten, living in the shadows, searching for belief.

Xaronzon is uploading MK's wank shot to the web

Xaronzon: I have flu, and a period. You don't want to ask any more questions about how I feel.

Arawyn mutters about the inability of some people to find drugs on a gig

Arawyn: Men - coming soon? ROFL!!!

Xaronzon has never really understood foot fetishism. I mean, feet are nice and sensitive in the act, so to speak, but rather dull to look at

Arawyn: Finished with PMS now, Kat?
Xaronzon: i never knew that was a symptom
Arawyn: Yaya, with you its a permanent state.

Rhys: Fucking your step sister is probably fun.

cidal: fuck you, rhea.
Rhea93: Now?

cidal: i haven't actually had it up the ass, yet.

Arawyn: Friday was a lovely voodoo ritual.
Arawyn: Some people really shouldn't do that skyclad.
Arawyn: Granted, it would take a lot of cloth to make a robe for some of those I saw.

RevGraves: Ravage, you twit, the only thing that keeps people fromchanging is YOU assholes saying "people can't change."

RevGraves: Touch their hearts my ass! I'll grab them by the heartstrings and pull them where I need them.

Lyekka: mooo

Arawyn: When did this channel turn into a man seeks woman advertisement board?

RevGraves: I can fuck like it's a government job
Arawyn: You mess things up?
Arawyn: And never get the job properly done?
Arawyn: You hire someone for help?
RevGraves: Arawyn: No, rather that it's something I would willingly do for forty hours a week.
Arawyn: Most of which are spent sleeping
Arawyn: You never move?
Arawyn: It's being done as it was centuries before, never trying out something new?

Topic is 'Who do you want us to hate today?' *** Set by Xaphiosis

ZosXavius: Arawyn: what's wrong with this boy? ;)
Arawyn: He's in love with you?
Xaphiosis kicks Arawyn ... I was just talking about getting a certain chick and here you go ruining my reputation
ZosXavius: what certain chick is that?
Arawyn: that certain chick being a transvestite?
Arawyn: or do you mean Zos when you say Chick?
Xaphiosis: oh fuck you ;)
Arawyn: oh, I'll pick those who may fuck me quite carefully

ZosXavius tried picking up some hot girl last night, but it failed

ZosXavius: I have no way of proving it is a girl or not

ZosXavius: there isn't a #xxxteengirls :(

Arawyn: Concorde tickets should be fairly cheap right now

Mercutio: i have a very small pathetic cock

ZosXavius has never ever been truly pussywhipped

Rhys: nork nork nork comes the bleating of the spleen

Xaphiosis: he had the nerve to yap about jesus for 10 minutes, and then deop me when I disagreed

luc3nt: Us idlers need our rights protected!

ZosXavius: I don't need a love spell

Erzulie: Damn, the stock market is even lower today

threejane: benway claimed to have no knowledge of his impending porn career

Topic is 'so, a lysdexic walks into a bra..' *** Set by cidal

uvrays372: who is buster keaton?


uvrays372 is running low on his stash.
cidal: suck some guys dick

uvrays372: i like to help people, I'm ethical.
cidal: i like to masurbate. i'm ethical.

triskele: AHH! MAGICK! NOOO!

FraDotcom: Nah, they are not afraid to discuss magick, they are just distracted by their big dinners

cidal: have sex with cthulhu. that's one i've always wanted.

ZosXavius: we need more international mages here
ZosXavius: and more cute girls
FraDotcom looks at VicDim and turns to Zos: Wrong on both accounts in that case

ZosXavius: I scared her away
ZosXavius: I have had that effect on a few women lately

threejane: why can't people be perfect like us?

sythka: she's going to stay for a week with her AOL boyfriend
sythka gags
threejane: why are you gagging?
sythka: they so sappy and disgusting
sythka: and they're both virgins with no social skills so.....
FraDotcom: Can we film them?
threejane: i was going to say something like that too
sythka: it'd be pretty gross
sythka: they're both fat too
sythka: and my sis is like 5 feet and he's like 6foot 4
sythka: i saw them making out.
sythka: it almost made me celebate
FraDotcom: Is there an "r" missing?
sythka: no
sythka: i meant celebate
threejane: maybe the video would make a good birth control device

sythka: i'm subject to fits

Genix: kill it. Fuck banishing it, kill.

starbird: somebody asked me for a GS once
starbird: kinky wet fun
FraDotcom: stinky wet fun you mean

ZosXavius: my piss was horrible tasting

Topic is '"I live mostly inside my head which explains why I'm always behind in the rent." *** Set by cidal

Genix: damnit, I found myself yesterday, I can't be depressed!

Genix: I don't know, I'd like her to want me without magicking her ass.
FraDotcom: Hmm, some people really have wierd tastes.
Genix: indeed.
FraDotcom: What the hell would you want with her donkey.
FraDotcom: On a second thought, don't answer.

Xaronzon hits Dotcom with a plank with nails in it
FraDotcom: If that's your interpretation of getting nailed...

Augoras72: Suffering from lag & cleaning problems. What worse fate for an IRC chaote?
Xaronzon: a possessed computer, or alternately, another IRC chaote with netbus

Xaronzon changes topic to 'Attention: All mages are control freaks, and some of them have Netbus. You have been warned.'

FraDotcom: So, how's your pussy?

Rhea23: C354, i dont want to have sex with you!

FraDotcom: Why is it that everytime kat is around the topic will move to sex?
FraDotcom: I mean, have you ever seen her???

teckyong: Iam a humble person...so I will just say I am a STUD

Seek0: Hail My Ass.

X changes topic to 'Boo is outraged! See its fury! It's small, so look close'

X changes topic to 'Rhea23 is outraged! See its fury! It's small, so look close'

Rhea418 is now known as SuperClit

zosX: the idea of getting AIDs is not all entirely appealing

BenwayMD: Condoms that suck. Man, I would pay extra for those.

Topic is 'My Penis is the Ultimate Wand(tm)!' *** Set by ZosXavius

X changes topic to 'Go for the eyes, Boo, GO FOR THE EYES'

Zos23: you would let me visit with you, wouldn't you kat?
Xaronzon hides her address

Rhea23 needs pot
FraDotcom hands Rhea23 a pot
FraDotcom: I hope you can hit it

Xaronzon: Oh, I still hold a candle for Britney

Xaronzon contemplates going to an Ultravoilence or Pitchshifter gig in a Christina Aguilera t-shirt

Rhea23: Why is the bot changing the topic? Mine was so cool.

Rhea23: Vagina is a terrible word.

starbird: fuck, you're prettier than i am!

triskele: I worship the coffeebean.

X changes topic to 'What would Beacon9 screw? and where? and what hole?'

triskele: ...LAdy Wicca? eeps! FLUFF!

ult: ladywicca you should stop worshipping Satan and start worshipping God
ult: Jesus loves you and he is Gods son and just wants you to love him back so that he can save you and bring you to heaven.

ult: you can screw my walnut if you want

Dr_LOVE: Have you met Kat?
BenwayMD: In person? No. And i don;t think I will until I have this nei kung diamond shield up.
FraDotcom: what shield?
FraDotcom: and for what? She's not exactly menacing. unless she throws her wheight in.
BenwayMD: My nei kung diamonmd shield. To keep kat from eating me.

BenwayMD: Hmm. For some reason I feel that I should be defending Kat's honour .. but I can't really be arsed right now.
FraDotcom wonders what honour
BenwayMD: Originally I wrote 'virtue'. Then I thought 'Kat? Virtue? Nah.' and settled with honour.

starbird: you want fries with that?

BenwayMD: I was using 'virtue' in the medieval sense. IN those days virtue was synonymous with purity, virginity etc.
FraDotcom: Don't know about her virginity. Couldn't be arsed to check it out
drL_OV_E: how do You know if a guy is virgin?
FraDotcom: Kat = a guy?
: Kat has a hairy abdomen.
BenwayMD: And her pecs are bigger than mine.
BenwayMD: Well you didn't say she has a body more masculine than 90% of the Welsh rugby team.

FraDotcom thinks that what Wales really would need is a lot of new genes.

CHaOsGrrL: Shave the Wales!
FraDotcom: It's a nice enough country. The only problem are the inhabitants.

FraDotcom: Prince Edward for Queen!!!

Blue_Rat: human sacrifice is alright with me... the altar gets messy though...
Blue_Rat: and the smell.... urgh!
BenwayMD: Worse than the smell are the stains in the carpet. They are well nigh impossible to get out.

BenwayMD: ONAn the Barbarian - mightiest wanker ever!

starbird: fand....whatever came of the bones you found in your garden last year?
fand: they were officially written off by my official shy husband as animal bones
fand: the knife was officially called a pointing knife, as used on walls

starbird: most lesbians i've encountered make a point of being unattractive to men
starbird: generally, they succeed

starbird: people ask me for blowjobs

BenwayMD: Adepts Anonymous is my A.A. cult. Anyone want to join?
starbird: what is the initiation like?
BenwayMD: It depends on your gender and cuteness factor.

BenwayMD: My True Will won't do as I tell it. It's not fair.

BenwayMD: Move to Wales. Most people haven't even heard of electricity there and caves abound..

cidal: i like ass

BenwayMD: US colleges are kewl. You have vampires and demons running around campus, and all of the students are all very pretty in a prepubescent kind of way.

cidal: all women are ugly

zosX: fuck armies

Sehkenra: I like armies. War may not be good for anything, but it sure is interesting.

Fenwick: America sucks. I want to move to Europe.

Xaronzon: now, I need someone with a PC, a desire to shoot things, and about 15 minutes going spare

starbird: just struck me this morning: how is it that fundies will eat apples? i'm surprised that they don't avoid them as symbols of the original sin:)

Xaronzon: quake meets pacman

FraDotcom: hmmm, found a song called "Revenge of the sugar plum fairy"

Sehkenra: Fuck Gary Zukav and all his fellow newage slime mongers...

FraDotcom: Channel Memorandum 169/010--Bladders (the ones on a stick). Please note that there is NOT an endless supply of these items. In some countries they are considered a delicacy. From now on requests for a new bladder must be accompanied by the old bladder and form BR/RU/1a, countersigned by two senior members of Council. We are not made of money.

Genix: eh, nobody emails me anymore.

Topic is 'Merry have we met and Merry have we been, Merry shall we part and Merry meet again' *** Set by X

zosX: everyone was afraid of me
FraDotcom: because they saw you?
zosX: FraDotcom: no, because they smelled me

FraDotcom changes topic to 'Limited time offer: Join the Order of the little Flower of Perpetual Annoyance for free!'

zosX: I need an evil condom
FraDotcom: IIRC it bites off your dick
FraDotcom: Come to think of it
FraDotcom: YES you do need it.

zosX: death is better than penis-loss

ult: i've reached orgasm without sexual stimulation at all

Genix: everybody in here has a deadline to meet. I want five good essays out of each of you for my new website. By tomorrow. HUT HUT HUT!

ult: i never get hard

FraDotcom: Is there anybody alive in this channel?
MiesZko: I am...
FraDotcom: Do you have any proof?
MiesZko: ummm... dammit.... I had it a minute ago...
MiesZko: I think I can fake it good enough though

BenwayMD: Chor, you can suck yourself off?
CHaOsGrrL: i'd pay to see that
BenwayMD: God damn. That would be better than invisibility, precognition and all the siddhi's put together.,
FraDotcom: Did you have your tongue removed and just move it over your dick now?
CHaOsGrrL: i'd pay to see that too
Xaphiosis: chor: don't your ribs hurt when they push into your guts?
FraDotcom: or is it just that you have no spine?
ChORONZON: But da I an I always gets head, mon..
ChORONZON: If only my little sister wasnt taken away by Child Welfare, I an I would be gettin even more!!
ChORONZON holds out his disgust-o-meter and reads the result.. .
FraDotcom: I could send you my great-aunt.
FraDotcom: You don't have to worry about teeth then either. She can take them out.
BenwayMD: Yucky.
FraDotcom: You wouldn't even have to pay her.

BenwayMD: Yay! A lesbian! Just what this channel needed.

Alaris: She just flogged me too
BenwayMD: She flogged you? How nasty of her. Want me to kick her ass?
Alaris: No i like being flogged
BenwayMD: Um. Ok.
BenwayMD: So, if you do a nice thing for me, rather than kiss you I should beat you up?
Alaris: no
Alaris: you shouldnt do either :)

Riordan: Every time I try to sleep on a woman's breasts, I'm always afraid I'll drool all over them when I fall asleep.
Xaphiosis: benway: I'd love to know why I like breasts so much. Really. Biologically they're just enhanced rolls of fat ;)
BenwayMD: In my opinion, they are also the best chew-toy in the world.
BenwayMD: Yes, but they such pretty pices of fat!
Xaphiosis: ben: I realise that they're wonderful ... but why aren't fat women as adored as large breasted ones then?
starbird: there are fat fetishes
BenwayMD: That is a damn good question.
Xaphiosis: yes, but there are too many breast lovers to consider it a fetish ... more like a preference
starbird: see usenet personals from bbf fans looking for someone to stuff full of food every day so she'll just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger
Xaphiosis: I know I'm obsessed with small waists for example ;)
BenwayMD: I like thin ankles.
Riordan: Breasts aren't JUST fat.. it's where the fat is distributed. It's a symbol of femininity..
Xaphiosis: rio: uhm ... I do know that, but I can't find biological backing
CHaOsGrrL: breasts also produce milk. large breasts might lead one to think that the woman could produce more milk which would better feed their spawn thus giving them a better chance at survival
starbird: i've never thought i had a breast fetish, or paid particular attention to them, but so many of my girlfriends have been kinda busty...i see a pattern
Riordan: Breasts=feminine sexuality.. Thus big breasts accentuate a woman's sexuality subconsciously.. Equivalent to a man's strength.. or muscles....or even the sight of facial or chest hair.
ult: men have breasts
starbird: or back hair!
Riordan: Men have vestigial breasts..most men don't have breasts.
Riordan: Actual breasts, that is.
starbird: every once in a while you hear urban myths about lactating men
Xaphiosis: gynecomastia or something
Xaphiosis: clinical condition where men form breasts
Riordan: Even overweight men with "man-tits"... don't actually have breasts. Some men do develop actual breasts.. yeah, gynecomastia.
BenwayMD: Gynaecomastia. I don't think they actually lactate.
Riordan: Such men..(if given prolactin) theoretically could lactate.
Xaphiosis: but milk is doubtful unless they've got a huge hormone imbalance
Xaphiosis: where can I buy some prolactin?
Riordan: You'd have to have breasts first, Xaph
starbird: does that make you lactate?
Xaphiosis: and believe me it isn't for me ;)
Xaphiosis: I get a chick and give it to her ...hehehee
Riordan: LOL..
starbird: freek!
Xaphiosis: I see fun
BenwayMD: That's evil!
Riordan: I'd love to breast-feed off some chick. Never got to do it as an infant
FraDotcom: How about rubbing some hair growth potion on womens chests?
BenwayMD runs out and buys an extra large bottle
Xaphiosis: you're just jelous cause I thought of it first!
starbird: certainly make a tit-fuck interesting
BenwayMD: I was breast fed until I was eight or so. It's not that much fun.
starbird: why'd you stop?
BenwayMD: The nanny died.
Riordan: Breast-fed until 8? Dear gods..
BenwayMD: Or else I would be sucking titties until the day I died.
starbird must remember to hire a *very* young wet-nurse for his brood.
Xaphiosis: start when they're 12
starbird: meet so many 12 year olds who've had children
Riordan: I've dated some somewhat hairy women.
starbird: when i was in uni, i met so many who had breast hair and or chest hair
starbird: think everyone waxes their nipples now
FraDotcom: Whatfor?
BenwayMD: Breast hair?!
Riordan: A little stray nipple hair or chest hair can be sexy
BenwayMD pukes
stogie: i am so not even gonna go there
FraDotcom: whatfor shaving it off?
starbird: am i truly the only one?
Xaphiosis: grrl: please, oh please tell me how you feel about this conversation?
starbird: all these northern europeans and celts must be hairless
CHaOsGrrL: i know a lot of women with a few hairs on their breast
CHaOsGrrL: some pluck it out or shave it off, some don't. personally, i'm not fond of stray body hair.
BenwayMD: Hairy guys are normal .. but, women with breast hair?
BenwayMD pukes
BenwayMD: Roman shower anyone?
CHaOsGrrL: it's not like tufts of hair, it's an occasional hair in odd spots
BenwayMD: Might as well make my nausea serve some useful purpose.
CHaOsGrrL: breast feeding is fine if you're into it. i'm not one to shit on people's fun.

stogie: xaph- a clit is a precious thing to taste

CHaOsGrrL: breast implants are going for about $3k - $4k now if you want 'em :)
FraDotcom: Like those lovely breast implants that dancer had on her arse?
starbird: on her butt?!
FraDotcom: yep
FraDotcom: she wanted a bigger ass.
FraDotcom: So she opted for implants
FraDotcom: The doc gave her implants for breasts. All it lacked were nibbles

CHaOsGrrL: i prefer my men with breasts... actually, i prefer 'em w/o a penis.. ok, i prefer women

Yandros: Me and nuns, eh?
Xaronzon: oh, i can just visualise it now...
Xaronzon laughs
Yandros: I can just visualise the same of you. And of course you wearing that funny penguin costume.

Xaronzon: give him back his ops - he's complaining about it in a private window, and if i hear one more "ping" noise, I'll just SCREAM
Yandros: He gets it back.
Yandros: In 333 hours

Xaronzon: aww he went off in a huff
Yandros: Who?
Xaronzon: magius
Yandros: Awww, poor boy. and it's only 333 hours.
Yandros: 332 now I guess.

Xaronzon: PLEASE, will someone ban that kid from buying books?

Xaronzon: why is it that every time he reads something
Xaronzon: he decides he just HAS to do it
Xaronzon: and then changes his mind about a day later?
Xaronzon: does he have ANY idea how IRRITATING that habit of his is?

^Dekon^: so kat, you think I'd have any trouble finding a succubus not for a one night stand but for use as a familiar?

Xaronzon: why is it that i find enthusiasm such as his so very irritating or amusing, depending on my mood?
Xaronzon: i mean, i'm all in favour of ecelectic occultism
Xaronzon: but a new belief every half hour?!

Xaronzon: you know, as a 21 year old american male who has never had sex, he really shouldn't be having such problems attracting succubi
Eidolon: He never had sex?!?
Xaronzon: yep
Xaronzon: virgin
Eidolon: May I snigger?
Xaronzon: feel free
Eidolon: You could do the honour ;)
Xaronzon sniggers
Eidolon: I meant the defloration.
Xaronzon: ick
Eidolon sniggers
Eidolon: Consider it as a form to reach gnosis. It's not from the pleasure, but the revulsion
Xaronzon: uh... no; i can think of MUCH more fun ways of achieving gnosis

Xaronzon: this boy spends much time talking about doing things, and little time doing them, i notice
Eidolon: little = never

Xaronzon: what did eris ever do to him to make him pick on her?

Xaronzon: you know, I really can't believe zos has a child; it's freaky
Xaronzon: i mean
Xaronzon: carrying on THOSE genes?

Xaronzon: hi, jessica, i'm a bisexual satanist. Would you like me to give you vast ammounts of pleasure in exchance for you giving up your faith?

Xaronzon: some witch got him convinced succubi would kill him

^Dekon^: a hard lesson I learned
^Dekon^: don't try to summon her while taking a nap ;p
Xaronzon: why on earth not?
Xaronzon: it's when they're most powerful
^Dekon^: because the last time I did, I ended up jerking off about four times during the whole nap...that's not normal behavior for me ;p

Xaronzon: oh gods, earlier he referred to himself as a former vampire
Xaronzon: like, he tried energy vampirism about twice, then gave up

Xaronzon: well hasn't the lucky synchronicity bunny been nice to YOU

Xaronzon: who is this Genix?

Arawyn: And I made 2 more pages. First is Zees on sex - a discussion on how to please women.
Xaronzon: LOL
Arawyn: yeah.
Xaronzon: that'll be short <snigger>

Xaronzon: he has a couple of small things up, IIRC.
Arawyn: Is that a pun?
Xaronzon: yep :)
Arawyn: Did you see it? ;)
Xaronzon: fortunately, no

Xaronzon: do you know, I could easily get to dislike the archetypal teenage chao-satanist...
Arawyn: IIRC you were one not too long ago ;)
Xaronzon: was not
Arawyn: were.
Xaronzon: was not
Arawyn: were.
Xaronzon: was not
Arawyn: were.

Xaronzon: did i EVER say anything like "you just need to decide it's not there in order to banish it"?
Arawyn: I have to browse the quotes for that.
Xaronzon: trust me, I didn't
Arawyn: But you stated that "run along" would be as suitable as "bugger off"
Xaronzon: in most cases, I still stand by that
Arawyn: Ever tried that with chory?
Xaronzon: yep
Arawyn: "Run along you annoying little dimwit"?

Genix: I have had magickal wars, so I'm not just an ignorant 15 year old... I have an idea of what goes on, if you like.

Thanatos: peacock god?
Thanatos: Sounds somewhat silly.
Xaronzon: he's basically a Samael equivalent
Thanatos: I mean, hawks, eagles, ravens etc OK. But peacocks?!?
Xaronzon: just BECAUSE, okay? ;)
Thanatos: Sounds as exciting as a god of fleas.

Vitki: the templar don't worship baphomet becouse he is also the uncontroled aspect of humen being's

Thanatos: anyway, what do you think should that mass contain?
Xaronzon: blood in a chalice
Thanatos: OK. A woman who has her monthly blood. What else?
Xaronzon: I hate innuendo ridden puns

Vitki: do you now anything about rune magick, thanatos?

Xaronzon: oh that MUST be a quote

Thanatos: If he is going to kneel now I'll kick him.
Xaronzon: oh, think of how useful he could be in that position...
Thanatos: Depends on his looks.
Xaronzon: oh come on; I know you don't REALLY have any standards... ;p

Xaronzon: well yeah, but hell - if it's old it MUST be true <smirk>

Thanatos: I'm not inclined on adding von Krolock or Dracula though.
Xaronzon: oh all RIGHT
Xaronzon: I take it Strahd is right out then?

Xaronzon: one of the guys in the group has a fetish for mangos
Arawyn: What exactly does he do with them?
Xaronzon: i have NO idea
Arawyn: Don't you want to watch?

Xaronzon: i will not share your pain, sorry
Xaronzon: I'm your friend, not your feckin' psychiatrist

Xaronzon is launching her grand career in porno

Arawyn: Awww. Whatever would you want with girls?
Xaronzon: I think you know THAT answer...

Xaronzon: hey, you want to buy a certificate proclaiming you to be a Master of the Black Arts ? ;)

Xaronzon: had to buy materials for the new snake tank
Arawyn: I withold my comments on cooking pots for now

Anlashok: Come to think of it, I can now join #christian_stronghold again <G>
Xaronzon: dearie me
Xaronzon: that'll last all of 30 seconds

Xaronzon: Does he actually know the meaning of market reserach, or is he just spewing crap?
Anlashok: Does he know how to spell it?

Xaronzon finds it amusing that someone who has never had sex wrote porno.

FraDotcom: She just has to turn blonde and run around with a stake
Xaronzon: i'd like to see her staked.... (sorry, sorry...)
FraDotcom: In as much?
Xaronzon: it's a pitiful innuendo, okay?!?

Beacon11: I try not to judge anyone's path...I mean, ultimately, there's no point to life
Beacon11: it's just that, for me, hate and fear are unneccesary, and love is far more beneficial in the long run...I mean, you might think it doesn't work that well, but maybe that's because not enough people actually try it?

Beacon9: I did a ritual last friday
Beacon9: Ended up talking to God

Beacon9: I'm a bit of an old timer

Beacon9: I just think a lot about things

Beacon9: it's just that I'm not entirely confident that chaotes are as non-dogmatic as they claim
Beacon9: I mean, after all, the general consensus is that new age and Llewellyn books are evil

Beacon9: hehe...it's amazing...I've gone from invoking Sith Lords to trying to practice unconditional love

FraDotcom: I heard that the Arms & Ammo magazine is basically the porn mag for republicans

Beacon9: well, I'm told that Jesus is actually a kewl guy
FraDotcom: yep, his body is certainly pretty cool by now.

I_am^His: We love and honor Jesus Christ in this channel. Our web site is www.ddnet.com/Christian_Stronghold .
I_am^His: Please feel free to stick around and chat with people that are here, or people that come in. The more people that stick around and wait for others, the more active this channel will become.

luc3nt: your country sucks

Arawyn: Why does he think that I'm his salvation?

Rhea23: tell em to fuck off
Rhea23: your busy talking to a goddess.

threejane: sex in and of itself is easy enough to obtain

Xaphiosis: you do know I'm still one of those urban legends about 18 year old virgins

Anlashok: the future just ain't what it used to be

Xaphiosis: so how do you pick up chicks?
Anlashok: I do nothing to attract chicks.

Xaphiosis: whowhatwherehowwhy?

Xaphiosis: hey, you want a pic of mercutio ...
Arawyn: yes, pls.
Arawyn: Maybe I'll use it for target practice
Xaphiosis: use sharp objects plz
Arawyn: gawds
Xaphiosis: now you know
Arawyn: You put that up as your background pic?
Xaphiosis: now that is an insult man

Xaphiosis: even magius can't keep up with this bullshit

Arawyn: Rose? used to be the list, on here and on Damascus. Vampire wannabe and mage wannabe. talked lots of shit. People started to hide.

Xaphiosis: I respect trees more than people

Zos23: can you do me a favor
FraDotcom: Hmmm
FraDotcom: what do I get?
Zos23: a kiss :P
FraDotcom levitates out of reach

ZosXavius: I am rather attracted to girls that are not sane for some reason

ZosXavius: got any good love spells?

ZosXavius: I need something really direct, like a sonic boom
ZosXavius: something that she notices visually
ZosXavius: like leaving a sigil somewhere or something, but with more immediate impact
FraDotcom: Tattoo it on her

ZosXavius: I've had pretty much a 180 degree turn around in personality lately
FraDotcom: Not 360?

Bkwyrm: I want a popsicle.

Saturnus: Hey magicians: couldn't you magick Helena into a more awake state?
Hephzriba: zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
Saturnus: Or make her snort some speed, if nothing else helps.

Believer: That reminds me
Believer: I should go to a titty bar tonight

Believer: I need to anyway to make my penis thick enough to touch both sides at once.
Bkwyrm: I have no reply to that.

^Dekon^: btw, I may be a bit naive, but what do you mean "touch both sides at once
Believer: I just can't.
Believer: Good jokes are ruined with explanation.
^Dekon^: ok
Bkwyrm: You're classifying that as a good joke?
Believer: Until you tell a better one, Henny Youngman.

ZOSimos: "Trigger locks attached to handguns to prevent them being fired" - so now you have to beat an assailant to death with the butt?
^Dekon^: zos: I prefer pistol whipping them.

ZOSimos: Yep. Browser has died.
ZOSimos: It said I'd done an illegal operation. What? I never carried out any backstreet abortions...

BenwayMD: I thought all of you Americans carried at least one firearm with you at all times.
^Dekon^: benway: in a perfect world ;-)

Genghisss: I'd rather be a 20 year old bi chick than anything else in the world.

BenwayMD: What kind of qualifications do lapdancers need?

Believer: I was just watching CBN
Believer: if you send several thousand dollars to Rev. Falwell, you will make even MORE money.
Believer: It is apparently God's law.
Bkwyrm: I had no idea.
Bkwyrm: I should watch CBN more often, I guess.

^Dekon^ is listening to Mercyful Fate now.
^Dekon^: and I think you can agree that, though I sing badly, at least I've quit trying to sing like King Diamond.
Believer: thank goodness.

threejane: perhaps some exam good luck juju is in order
threejane: I AM TEXAS!

BenwayMD: I dislike love poetry. Intensely.
BenwayMD: I decided that in the last few seconds.
threejane: yes
KrimHum: We'll have to write you some, then, Benway.

BenwayMD: And depression is no substitute for artistic inspiration.
threejane: rumi, rilke, sappho and that south american dude have love poems wrapped up
threejane: nobody else should be allowed to write love poems
^Dekon^: sappho....lesbian chick right?

cidal: Dekon, you're just jealous of people who have no lives.
^Dekon^: eh?
^Dekon^: I'm fairly sure that everyone can vouch for me when I say I have no life ;-)
^Dekon^: ain't that right, Kat?
Xaronzon: he's telling satan's honest truth

cidal: i've been eating rye bread all day.
cidal: moldy at that
Eibon: cant remember the last time i ate rye bread
^Dekon^: good, maybe you'll see the Virgin Mary <g>

cidal: i will eat your soul

^Dekon^: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20000517/us/domestic_violence.html
^Dekon^: Domestic Violence is in decline
^Dekon^: this can only mean one thing
^Dekon^: America has finally lost all sense of family values
^Dekon^: <g>

Riordan: Greets
^Dekon^: 94
^Dekon^: er
^Dekon^: -1 <g>

Radu: I used to put the chicken nuggets on the querterpounders (that must be a sin somewhere)

Fenwick: Wicca was a boy scout project gone awry. Ever hear about Woodcraft?
Fenwick: I should scan the article from Gnosis magazine about it and put it up on chaos matrix.
Saturnus: hmm, beyond the simple 'tiimmbbeerrr', no
starbird: H.P. Woodcraft? The horror writer?
Fenwick: Heh. No, not quite. Though wicca is quite a horror.

Xaronzon: woo. packed room
Infamus: yea
Fenwick: Yeah, but most of 'em are quiet, like normal.

starbird: mandatory drug tests?! are you an air traffic controller?

Shemhazai: post punk will rise again
Widowson: it will indeed, even if it involves me buggering its corpse


BenwayMD injects WAKKA with 333mgs of sanity

Darkangel: guess what guy's your all lamers!!! thats what i just learned. This is fun!

KittiKat: gods
KittiKat: xtian channel grafitti
KittiKat: * O`Shea JESUS RULES!!!

Ravage: reminds me of storys i used to write about defiling the sailor moon chicks

Genix: I wanna see kung-fu porn! DAMN MY FUCKED UP CONNECTION!

Rilleman: Hello you christian mutherfuckers

DeadFish: You hear the splashing of a naiad.
^Dekon^: Naiad the you splashing hear a of.
Riordan: You hear the splashing of my enlarged member falling into the water going after the naiad

TeckYong: 2 Dekons?
TeckYong: ;p
Xaronzon: now THAT is a scary scenario

Infamus: naja, die machen alles:azagthoth evokation durch fistfuck und dergl. (they're doing everything, Azagthoth evocation by fistfucks and so on)

entugrl: you know, as a homosexual, I might have to kick your bot ass for being so stupid