Dope Rite


<Loge> Lets try some magick here online, eh. Got an idea.

<Loge> 1) everybody do your banishing du jour, let me know when you're done.

<CyberKaos> what? me? banish?

<ZosXavius> done

<Loge> Arright.

<Loge> Now who has cigarrtes?

<ZosXavius> me!

<CyberKaos> can Wulf play too?

<Loge> Of course. Welcome Wulfboy!

<CyberKaos> he's just endling round our junk

* ZosXavius never really got to talk to wulf ever

<CyberKaos> Wulf: no banishing here either

<CyberKaos> we have piggies

<Loge> Okay now a little sympathetic magick.

<Loge> Piggies???

<CyberKaos> piggies = ciggies

<ZosXavius> lol

<Loge> Remove filters if any...

<CyberKaos> would it be easier if we re-rolled these!?!

<CyberKaos> yech... filters gone

<CyberKaos> ;)

<Loge> easier no, better yes.

<ZosXavius> filters gone

<CyberKaos> nevermind, can't e bothered

<CyberKaos> Wulf's just getting some cardboard

<Loge> Now focus on the cig, picture it in your mind slowly morphing into a joint. DO not light

it yet.

<CyberKaos> hang on

* ZosXavius just tore the filter off

<Loge> Cool. Do you have access to the Zsats?

<ZosXavius> ok

<ZosXavius> I don't

<CyberKaos> not really... we took our dish down and we've not lauched our sat yet

<ZosXavius> how would I gain access?

<CyberKaos> right we have raoched tobacco

<Loge> Okay, Zos youre close to me comparitively do you have a map?

<ZosXavius> not on me ;)

<Loge> Alright well do it another way, this IS magick after all..

<ZosXavius> of course

<Loge> All right now Im going to aim enrgy to yall from ours, physical obstacles dont matter.

<Loge> Im sending purple green and gold bolts of energy one at a time in that order at each of

your "roaches". On the numbers so you can visualiz them.

<Loge> Starting in a moment...

<Loge> Picture them permeating the roaches, and soaking into the tobacco..

<Loge> #1 Purple, here goes...ZOT

(long pause as energy was send and recieved)

<Loge> #2 green.............Chi'ao

(long pause as energy was send and recieved)

<Loge> #3'ka!!

(long pause as energy was send and recieved)

<Loge> Now divide what you have equally. (half is for later in the rit)

<Loge> Let me know when youre done.

<CyberKaos> what cut the joint in half

<ZosXavius> divide?

<Loge> yes, half for now, half for a talisman(dope magnet)

<Loge> Any method of division

<Loge> Okay, half is to be made into a fetish with a small piece of copper and a rolling paper

(this can be done later)

<CyberKaos> ...which is good cos we'll need to get some copper

* ZosXavius nods

<Loge> The other half hold in your energizing hand and pour energy into it.

<Loge> Now when you light it and start smoking, picture the purple/g/gold energy flowing into

your lungs with the smoke (wait theres more)

<Loge> Also picture your energy flowing from your fingertips into the "joint" all ashes go into

the stuff for the talisman.(wait)

<Loge> I will begin smoking my pipe and sending to the link I made by sending to yall.

<Loge> Okay, HIT IT!

* Loge holding hit and projecting....

<CyberKaos> we're lit

<CyberKaos> can we share ashes & stuff?

<Loge> yes.

<CyberKaos> cool

<Loge> Exhale and send... Try to feel it as it arrives....

* Loge hitting and holding.

* Loge exhale/sending to yall

<Loge> Believe its a real joint... and a wand (or phallus or whatever)

* Loge hitting and holding....

<Loge> ?me exhale sending....

<Loge> Feel tendrils of smoke entering your brain...

<Loge> Smell the change as the smoke transmutes....

* Loge hitting holding....

* CyberKaos is nearly out of joint here

* Loge exhale/ sending.....

<ZosXavius> my half cig is done

<ZosXavius> :/

<Loge> Its allright, smoke the rest csually....

<CyberKaos> Wulf: mine's nearly done

<CyberKaos> Wulf: can we kill it?

* ZosXavius nods

<Loge> Finsh em off or roach em as you please...

* ZosXavius definately felt a trasformation process

<CyberKaos> yep

<CyberKaos> Wulf: I'm going for a shit... see you in a bit

<CyberKaos> no details spared round this place...

<ZosXavius> lol

<Loge> Cool. My stuff gives me a particular buzz. Describe yours so I can see if they correspond..

<Loge> Happy Defecation, my dear..

<CyberKaos> my tongue feels tingly

<CyberKaos> <g>

<ZosXavius> well, because there was no filter I felt a bit of a buzz

<ZosXavius> also, I felt a wealth of green, blue, and gold energy

<Loge> Is it a mentally dulling, or awake intellct high?

<Loge> Hmmm, my purple fade

<Loge> faded

<CyberKaos> my head feels a little fuzzy, but not very dull

<ZosXavius> mentally dulling, I was slipping into gnosis a bit

<CyberKaos> a little dull but

<ZosXavius> fuzzy is more like it

<Loge> Thats about right, yep finito. Make talismans at your own time and place..

<CyberKaos> anyway, Loki, how do we correspond to your dope?

<Loge> Pretty damn well...


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