Synchronicities this lovely snapshot of our skitzoid channel, ChORONZON displays his skills as a bot convincing Xaphiosis he is the new channel "Eggdrop". Notice how eloquantly it is first played out in with first suggestion of Genix only after ChOR had said "hey Xaph".. .to Genix's brilliant "oh, wait, I remember. bot's nick is HornedOne".    Ahhahahaha..   (less than an hour later)    The hilarity comes to when Xaph finally /ignores
ChORONZON, and KrimHum diligently tries to explain that there is no bot up, and HornedOne has suddenly Incarnated as Zahgurium (noted only later as the future name of the channel Eggdrop).

(@HornedOne): - = f u c k y o u r g o d = -
(@Genix): FUCKYOURGOD is today's word of power. Tune
in for tomorrow's
(@KrimHum): Hmm. /me pokes around w/ eggdrop.
(@HornedOne): FUCKYORGD - even.. .
(@Genix): sigilised for your personal pleasure.
(@Genix): DOGRUYKCF, for the ouranian minded among
*** Joins: Xaphiosis
*** Genix sets mode: +o Xaphiosis
(@Xaphiosis): hi
(@Genix): oi sioihpaX
(@Genix): sisoihpaX, sorry.
(@HornedOne): ehy Xaph..
(@Xaphiosis): what's new?
(@Genix): xaph: I dunno, eggdrop bot?
(@Xaphiosis): which one is the eggdrop?
(@Genix): none of them, still in production, I gather.
(@Xaphiosis): oh
(@Genix): oh, wait, I remember. bot's nick is
* Alaris licks the lovely ones
(@KrimHum): Yeah, I'm working on the eggdrop.
(@Genix): alaris: ah, such lovely ones we are
(@HornedOne): - = f u c k y o u r g o d = -
(@Genix): see, xaph? cool quote, eh?
(@Alaris): Gen- yep.
(@Genix): it's from choronzon.
(@HornedOne): ChORONZON iz GOD
(@Alaris): Its a perfect circle quote
(@Genix): alaris: no, it's from choronzon!
(@KrimHum): Unless someone else would like to
administer the eggdrop. I'm ok with not doing work.
(@HornedOne): ChORONZON iz GOD
(@Alaris): anyway i need a shower, bbl
(@Genix): krim: I can't do it anyway
(@Genix): xaph: cool bot, eh?
(@Xaphiosis): krim: who's eggdrop is it?
(@KrimHum): Xaph: Mine.
(@Xaphiosis): kewl
(@Xaphiosis): that means I can get stuff patched into
it ;)
(@HornedOne): - = f u c k y o u r g o d = -
(@Genix): YEAH!
(@KrimHum): Xaph: Yeah, whatever you want, dood.
(@KrimHum): Xaphiosis: I'll give you access. You just
go nuts.
(@Genix): HornedOne, xaphiosis?
(@HornedOne): !Xaphiosis now has Access Commands
(@Xaphiosis): Ignoring
[HornedOne(] for 15
seconds for sound request flood!
(@Genix): he's a pretty bot, too.
(@Xaphiosis): hehehe
* HornedOne givez hiz head a shake..
(@Genix): hehe
(@HornedOne): Man, I feel leik I was invaded by the
(@Xaphiosis): krim : so howdo I use it?
(@HornedOne): I went out for a Probe.. .and all I
could hear was crubling Eggshellz..
(@KrimHum): Xaph: Well, that's not my bot. My bot
isn't configured yet. That's ChORONZON fucking with
your head. :)
* Genix laughs
(@HornedOne): ;-):
(@KrimHum): my bot's on my machine in /home/zahgurim
ooo PING sent to #thee_vortex
* HornedOne thought he had a horrid Ping..
(@KrimHum): he's called zahgurim. I've got a few
options configured, but I don't have it all figured
out yet.
ooo (#thee_vortex) PING from KrimHum (F8 to punish)
* Alaris yawns as she puts on her bra
* Genix gives chor a cup of tea for his performance
(@HornedOne): Why thank you, Sir..
* Genix watches alaris yawn.. what an erotic sight!
* Alaris licks her lips
(@Genix): boo! yawn again!
* Alaris kicks gen
* Alaris goes to get dressed
(@KrimHum): the directory is open to all zees
currently. so any of you can go in there and change
things and stuff.
(@Genix): krim: change things, as in, insert virii? ;)
(@KrimHum): genix: in linux? good luck. :P
(@Genix): krim: heh, I wouldn't know the first thing,
(@KrimHum): this thing isn't going to run as root or
anything silly like that.
* Genix prods xaphiosis
(@Genix): you like the bot, xaph?
(@Xaphiosis): what?
(@Xaphiosis): actually I find it very irritating
(@Genix): hahaha
(@Xaphiosis): I want some useful functions
(@HornedOne): well.. .what can you do?
(@KrimHum): Well, it can auto-op, it can store info
(docs, etc)...
(@Genix): see, he has great AI
(@Xaphiosis): oh
(@Xaphiosis): and how do you do showcommands?
* Alaris is gone for the day
(@Genix): cya al
(@Genix): xaph: right now he only has a few quotes
(@Genix): type !FUCKYOURGOD
(@HornedOne): - = f u c k y o u r g o d = -
(@Genix): if you type !commands in /msg, you should
get something too.
(@Xaphiosis): doh
(@Xaphiosis): I'm not interested in the quotes
(@Genix): hwh
(@Genix): heh
(@Genix): did it work, xaph?
(@Xaphiosis): sigh
(@Genix): hey, it's an Eris bot, ok? don't expect much
from it.
(@HornedOne): Hail Eris!
(@Xaphiosis): I already typed /ignore hornedone
(@Xaphiosis): too late
(@Genix): did you really ignore him?
*** HornedOne is now known as ChORONZON
* ChORONZON stretchez...
* Genix cracks up
(@ChORONZON): heheh.. .*g*
(@Genix): oh, man, that's the biggest fucking joke
I've ever seen in this place
(@Xaphiosis): there
(@ChORONZON): That was quite fuckin funny.. .
(@Xaphiosis): now I don't care what his nickname is
*** ChORONZON is now known as Zahgurim
(@Genix): xaph, it's fucking choronzon, not a bot!
(@Zahgurim): ChORONZON iz GOD
(@Genix): hehe
(@KrimHum): Xaph: Didn't you see my message earlier?
<KrimHum> Xaph: Well, that's not my bot. My bot isn't
configured yet. That's ChORONZON fucking with your
head. :)
(@Zahgurim): ChORONZON iz GOD
(@Genix): this /has/ to go in the quote page
(@Zahgurim): hahaha....
*** Joins: Xaph (
*** Quits: Xaph (7th Sphere v3.0 1997 7th Sphere
ooo (#thee_vortex) PING from Genix (F8 to punish)
*** Quits: Xaphiosis (Ping timeout for
*** Joins: Xaphiosis
(@Genix): ah, good.
*** Genix sets mode: +o Xaphiosis
(@Genix): wb, xaph.
(@Zahgurim): Welcome to #thee_vortex - /msg me
!Commands to find out what I do!
(@Xaphiosis): stupid modem
(@KrimHum): lol
(@Genix): !commands
(@Zahgurim): Please hold Alt and F4 to receive my full
list of Commands.
* Genix snickers
(@Zahgurim): Snickers really satisfies!
(@Genix): who programmed that one in?
*** Joins: zahgurim6
(@KrimHum): hahaha. it works.
*** KrimHum sets mode: +o zahgurim6
* cidal_ returns... - Gone for 13 hours 12 minutes 6
(@Genix): oi cidal
(@Genix): you missed something exquisite.
(@KrimHum): anyone know anything about eggdrops?
(@Genix): krim: not how to program them, no
(@KrimHum): Hmm.
(@Genix): ?who snickers
(@Zahgurim): "Snickers" was programmed in by ChORONZON
- 10/19/00
*** Joins: Hel
(@Genix): aha

   As an end note, let me add that we sincerely hoped
that Xaph wasn't too discorded by the whole joke - and
it being more or less 'on' him - it was just too
damned funny to quit, and his end message left us
slightly guilty;

*** Quits: Xaphiosis (It's been a most terrible day.
Fortunately it will be over in an hour)