Sayrelle: do u use divination sometimes?
Sayrelle: what technique do u use?
teckyong: erm no divination
teckyong: my techniques have not changed since I last saw u
Sayrelle: what about Singaporean divination? Do you know any of that?
teckyong: there isn't any ;p
teckyong: Singapore is a mixture of different races with very short history
Sayrelle: i c
Sayrelle: me-Tarot
teckyong: I got a book on Tarot though
teckyong: and a deck of cards
Sayrelle: oh, is it interesting?
Sayrelle: did u use it?
teckyong: Sayrelle: yeah a couple of times
Sayrelle: was it useful?
teckyong: Not very useful...but then I am not a skilled user
Sayrelle: hey, I wanna know, what spread did u use for my tarot reading a long time ago?
Beacon9: Celtic Cross, w/ Significator
Sayrelle: what? that?!
Beacon9: yeah
Beacon9: is that a problem?
Sayrelle: I can't b lieve it, but it was accurate!
teckyong: gosh
Beacon9: wow
Sayrelle: my celtic cross seems to be backstabing me
teckyong: do a reading for me Beacon!!!
Beacon9: it does?
Sayrelle: last time I did it to ask whether I should go to Mom or not it told me that plans would go wrong. I went anyway and everything was fine
Sayrelle: maybe u have a talent for it Beacon9
Beacon9: it's very easy, once you get the hang of it
Sayrelle: btw, i hav a tarot deck now
Beacon9: all you're doing is drawing the cards and seeing what your intuition says about the pictures
Beacon9: what lesson they have that applies to the matter at hand
Sayrelle: I made it out of a regular deck plus my brother's Magic the gathering game cards for the trumps and knights
Beacon9: kewl
Sayrelle: hav us been using tarot 4 along time Beacon9?
Sayrelle: did u use a textbook for the meanings when u read for me or did u know it by heart already?
Beacon9: well
Beacon9: I was only starting out back then
Beacon9: so I used the book a lot
Beacon9: now I try not to use the book
Beacon9: I just go straight with intuition
Sayrelle: a book by...?
Beacon9: well, right now, I'm using the Shapeshifter deck, and I've only looked at the book at all a few times
Beacon9: my recommendation would be, when/if you get a new deck, you just go through the deck and look at each card, immersing yourself in it and seeing what meaning comes to you
Sayrelle: but those meanings are liable to change the next time I use them is that ok?
Beacon9: well, yeah
Sayrelle: whose book did u use?
Beacon9: mainly just the booklet that came with the waite deck
Sayrelle: I'm studying under Fracis King's book
Sayrelle: Francis King I mean
Beacon9: ok
Beacon9: well, just remember, even the best book can't replace your intuition
Sayrelle: so ur telling me to just look at the cards and use what meanings that come to my mind when I look at them?
Sayrelle: do u use reversals?
Beacon9: when you do the actual reading, yeah...but when you're immersing yourself in the cards the first time, you're just getting a feel for it
Beacon9: nope
Sayrelle: u dont use reversals?
Sayrelle: why?
Beacon9: no need to
Sayrelle: an idea just popped in my head...
Beacon9: what is it?
Sayrelle: if I come across a trump, I'd look at it and ask for it's advice-whatever comes into my mind, I'll use as advice
Sayrelle: u think it's ok?
Beacon9: sounds good
Beacon9: but only if it seems right to you
Sayrelle: ok
Sayrelle: are u limiting urself to the celtic cross
Sayrelle: ?
Beacon9: nah
Beacon9: I also sometimes use the past/present/future spread if I feel like only a short reading
Sayrelle: 3 cards spread?
Beacon9: yeah.
Sayrelle: y'know the 3 cards are more accurate than the elaborate ones
Beacon9: accuracy is dependent on how in tune the reader is :)
Beacon9: but I actually prefer the elaborate ones, I get more "leads" as to what the reading might be saying
Sayrelle: there's a very elaborate one in my book...
Sayrelle: it's called the Opening of the Key, familiar with it?
Beacon9: no
Beacon9: most elaborate I use is Celtic Cross
Sayrelle: I'll send it to u if u tell ur email
Sayrelle: it's supposed to be the greatest secret of an occult society devoted to the tarot
Sayrelle: but 1 member broke his oath of secrecy and published it's instructions in a limited 500 copies
Beacon9 shrugs
Beacon9: mabye some other time
Sayrelle: ok
Beacon9: just have no need for something like that right now :)
Sayrelle: sure