Seek0: Hey Unpretty! Anyone who wants to be a witch is beautiful.
Unpretty: hello!!!
Unpretty: hehe
|uc3nt: Hello
Unpretty: hihi
|uc3nt: How are you, unpretty?
Unpretty: I`m fine...is this a wicca chan too?
|uc3nt: No, this is far from it
kame-san: chaos magic theoretically
Seek0: We make new toys for the Wiccans.
|uc3nt: It is a kaos channel
Unpretty: hm
Seek0: We are all Kaophelim.
kame-san: i like that word
Seek0: The Angel-Men of Kaos.
kame-san: except me
kame-san: i am not an angel-man
Seek0: The Angel-Women of Kaos.
kame-san: Why do you want to be a witch, unpretty?
Unpretty: its cool
Unpretty: i`ll belong, u know what i mean
|uc3nt: How old are you?
Unpretty: im 13years
kame-san: oh dear
|uc3nt: And you don't feel like you belong anywhere?
Unpretty: well, a little
Seek0: So, Unpretty, what draws you to us?
|uc3nt: Why is that?
Unpretty: but it`s a lot more exciting to be in a wicca thing
Unpretty: gang
Seek0: What do you fear? Why would we be any less frightening?
|uc3nt: How much do you know about Wicca and the occult?
Unpretty: i mean someone like u guys...
Seek0: Excitement is distraction from fear and pleasure.
Unpretty: dont know too much
Unpretty: saw a little on tv
|uc3nt: What did you see?
Unpretty: rituals and stuff
Unpretty: it was fun
Unpretty: people r probably a little scared of people like u
Unpretty: like respect
|uc3nt: That isn't why we are here
|uc3nt: Not most of us anyways
Unpretty: ohh+
Unpretty: ?
|uc3nt: We come here to learn from each other and discuss different ways that we do things
Unpretty: ok
|uc3nt: We all work toward a personal growth
Unpretty: i wanna learn something more
Eidolon: Define more.
|uc3nt: You have to understand something....this isn't a game, we don't do this to be kewl or liked, we do this to grow and possibly outgrow our capacity as uman beings
Eidolon: And we also don't do it just to be respected. We usually give a damn about what 90% of the people think of us.
*** Unpretty has left #thee_vortex
Eidolon: I guess that wasn't was he/she wanted to hear.
|uc3nt: Hold on, let me see what is going on with her
** Unpretty has joined #thee_vortex
|uc3nt: WB
Seek0: KK
Eidolon: welcome back
|uc3nt: Do you understand, Unpretty?
Unpretty: a little
|uc3nt: Good, then you are better off then most people
Unpretty: kame-san thought I`d better go to #wicca
Eidolon: First of all, there is no rite to get you initiated and then you can cast spells like an experienced sorcerer.
Unpretty: ok
Unpretty: the wiccas said they had to rape me..
Eidolon: You will have to exercise. And that will likely mean that it won't be fun all the time
|uc3nt: The wiccans are stupid, that is why they are there, and we are here
Unpretty: of course
Eidolon: That's what you get when people find Crowley too extreme and put some fluff in his system.
|uc3nt: lol
kame-san: heh
Unpretty: eidolon: what must i excersice in?
|uc3nt: Thinking and understanding
Eidolon: I'd suggest visualisation/imagination
Seek0: Unpretty, if anyone ever tells you that you have to have sex to be initiated into a group of people (unless it's a group of people who are all about sex or omething related to sex) then you ought look for other people.
Unpretty: hehe
Unpretty: visualisation/imagination what exactly is that?
Seek0: Unpretty: did you ever play pretend?
Seek0: Unpretty: did you ever make believe?
Unpretty: no...
Eidolon: Did you ever follow some day dreams?
Unpretty: yes
Seek0: Unpretty: Dude, did you ever play imagination games when you were a little kid?
Unpretty: related to chaoes-witch stuff?
Eidolon: ok, and those day dreams are visible in your inner eye?
Unpretty: yes
Seek0: Unpretty: Did you ever think of something and what it smells like... and then what ti sounds like... and then what it feels like... and then what it looks like... until the experience almost becomes real?
Unpretty: well, yes
Unpretty: it`s kinda scary...
Eidolon: It's rather useful.
Seek0: You just answeed your own question, "<Unpretty: visualisation/imagination what exactly is that?"
Unpretty: ohh
Seek0: I will continually try to make you answer your own questions. That's how I do it. Everyone else in here has their own path, way, and lif. We're all as unique as we can be at any given juncture, and that is in part how we are all so "magickal" .. We take reality for a ride through differences and probability.
Seek0: And I could be lying to you.
Seek0: Or wrong.
|uc3nt: Relax Seek0, she is 13
Unpretty: well, u sure really believe in this
kame-san: belief is optional

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