Dance of the Vampires

Participants at various points include
Max/a miniature speaker

Logged by Kat, meaning that all references to "you" in this refer to

You say, "okay, to start; who is familiar with vampiric magick, in any
way shape or form?"
Thanatos raises hand ;)
Reverend says, "I've got a bit of them talent to suck energy out of
Thanatos says, "I'm kinda familiar"
Adeptus once evoked a succubus ... and a year later also had a run-in
with an incubus-nightime-demon thingy
You say, "I've worked with a range of vampy entities, done the psi-vamp
bit, etc."
You say, "arawyn, i know you're dying to tell the class what you've done
in the area"
Adeptus says, "I bet our auras put together would be a wicked shade of
grey ;-)"
Kat looks innocent and projects a fluffy pink aura
Reverend says, "Almost the color of vomit, is my guess."
Kyrene raises hand... mostly psi, though
Thanatos says, "Kitty, you really lack that special trait to look even
remotly innocent."
You say, "Thanatos, go on - what do you get up to, briefly"
Thanatos says, "usual tidbid, vampiric servitors, there and then with
runes added. direct drainings via visualisation etc."
You say, "okay, does anyone here want definitions of any particular
sorts of vampiric magick?"
Reverend says, "Absolutely."
Adeptus has to drop out and go and do some RL stuff - will come back
here another time (BTW, my site is at if you want
background stuff) sorry and bye!
Adeptus leaves the building.
Adeptus has left.
Reverend says, "Um. I mean, is it vampirism to suck the hurt out of
someone and relocate it in the self?"
Reverend says, "Not really healing, just anaesthesia..."
GAME: Adeptus has disconnected.
Thanatos says, "Well, the pain can also be drained. The basic idea is
usually to get the life energy of someone else transfered to either you
or a specified target."
You say, "vampirism is usually for your benefit rather than your
Reverend says, "I know. I have done that with success a bunch of times."
You say, "this doesn't always apply though"
You say, "for healing vampirism"
You say, "you can actually convert unpleasant energy (e.g. pain, or
sadness, or whatever) into something you can feed on"
You say, "or you can feed the person energy to boost them"
You say, "reverse vampirism, if you will"
Thanatos says, "or of course take the pain out of the person. That pain
could eg be transfered to someone else you don't particularly like."
Reverend says, "I've never been able to feed myself with pain... I've
used it to feed a servitor, a few times."
You say, "I've only recently been working on feeding on pain; it's taken
quite some practice"
Wulf says, "I've never found any problem with feeding on pain"
Thanatos says, "IMO that might depend on some preferences like SM ;)"
You say, "that's more sexual energy than pain pain"
Wulf says, "if i really hate someone, i get an incredible kick out of
tormenting them and upsetting them or making them suffer"
You say, "no further definitions required, i presume?"
Kat looks around the room
Reverend says, "Nah, tanx"
You say, "right, to the meat"
You say, "forms of vampiric magick, and how we all use them"
You say, "the most common"
You say, "which most of you seem familiar with"
You say, "is psychic vampirism"
You say, "This can be done by direct energy drain (some use object
links, some visualistaion, some contact with the victim)"
Thanatos says, "Psychic vampirism can happen involuntarily. I've
encountered a few ppl who do it all the time and aren't aware of it."
You say, "or by a servitor, a subject on which Thanatos is eminently
well qualified to talk on"
Max says, "Er.. how do you energy drain?"
Thanatos says, "oh, you too, since you met one already."
Kat nods - LaVey described the basic psychological/emotional psi vamp
You say, "yes, i can speak of the effects of his servitors"
You say, "okay, techniques"
Thanatos says, "it's more or less like channeling, Max. Eg if you are
using visualisation only, then you could visualise a link forming
between you and the targets aura from which you drain energy."
You say, "helps if you can see auras"
Reverend says, "I've had moderate success with preventing the
"leech-like" involuntary vamps from draining me..."
Thanatos says, "feeling aura is good too."
You say, "how did you do it, rev?"
Reverend says, "If you all recall the DFWM armor/aura that was being
discussed onlinst a bit ago... crap, we're not all z-listers. Let me
summarize, then."
You paged Thanatos with 'he's too busy to do much on here'.
Reverend says, "We were discussing the Don't-Fuck-With-Me aura that can
be projected..."
Reverend says, "Basically to keep others from bothering us. This came up
in the SEP discussion, btw. Well, it's a similar aura-type
You say, "you project an aura making you unpleasant to leechy people, am
i correct?"
Max says, "Make the milk sour."
Reverend says, "Using the same methods I use to turn on the DFWM aura, I
set up a sort of shield-like thingum around me. When external sources
sought to take energy from me, I just refracted the suction away from me
into the general environment."
You say, "do you emphasise that impression that you can't be taken
advantage of? (as this is a prime method of unconcious psi vamps)"
Reverend says, "The side effect was that it doesn't stop them from
feeding (yes, I do. I make others look "weaker"), just lets them feed on
others rather than me."
You say, "sounds handy; use any special techniques to set it up, or is
it basically mental?"
Reverend says, "It's all a change in the way I think about myself and my
energy, basically."
Reverend says, "The same way I do my other aura-type workings."
Thanatos says, "what kind of workings are those?"
Reverend says, "The DFWM, the SEP, and a heightened-senses thingum I've
been trying to get down pat."
You say, "on the subject of glamorous techniques relating to vampirism"
You say, "does anyone other than me use sexual attraction glamours to
open people up in such a way as to make their sexual desires an easy
source of energy to feed on?"
Yadmue says, "no..."
Reverend says, "I haven't but it is a good idea..."
Thanatos says, "sure. It's rather easy. And you can combine it with
slight entity workings."
Yadmue says, "can I ask a quick question?"
Thanatos says, "Shoot"
Yadmue says, "ok...can you make people intentionally angry (i.e. like
baiting christians) and use their anger to feed on?"
Reverend says, "Sure."
Yadmue says, "kewl!"
Yadmue says, "ok, that was all"
Wulf says, "if you've got a suitably perverse personality to make it
work, if you can sufficiently upset or torment your victim, the ammount
of energy you will suck off tehm is directly proportial to the ammount
they suffer"
You say, "Thanatos, care to give some examples of your psychic vampires
Yadmue nods
Thanatos says, "Hmm, there's a whole bunch."
Max says, "Oooh... question:"
You say, "fire away"
Max says, "Why would anyone want to suck someone else's energy? And what
the hell can you do with it?"
Thanatos says, "How about using it for other workings."
You say, "you can use it in your own magickal workings"
You say, "if you have a vampiric natures (as some seem to) you'll find
you need it"
Thanatos says, "or of course if you want to make an egregore pretty
quick and that alone :)"
You say, "it can give you a rush, almost amphetamine like at times"
Reverend says, "Plus, it is a good refresher when it's 8am, you've been
awake for 26 hours, and someone rear-ended you on thew way to work."
Thanatos says, "And of course you can tire ppl you are tired off"
Reverend says, "Right."
Wulf says, "a note on what i said earlier - the problem with the method
i described is that it only produces negative energy"
Max says, "Okay... in other words, there are no very good uses, unless
you want to hurt someone?"
Max says, "And it's arguable as to how good that is..."
Thanatos says, "Hey, we are bad-ass chaos mages ;)"
Kat laughs
You say, "it makes you feel good, and it's great for attacking others;
or you can give the energy to someone or something that wants or needs
Thanatos says, "Well it certainly is good for us. It gives you a nice
boost. Feels absolutely great."
Yadmue says, "yes wulf...your point being? ;p (not intended to be snide,
but I just really rather like the idea)"
Max says, "Actually I wouldn't be very proud of that."
You say, "it can be a good offering for certain entities"
Wulf says, "some people don't like or react well to negative energy"
Yadmue says, "ah"
You say, "and can be used in your own workings so you don't ahve to make
such huge use of your own resources"
Reverend says, "Max, if you've ever run into one of those people who
just -absolutely- brings you and most others down, they could be an
aforementioned leech."
Max says, "I'd rather be able to live with myself, really. Like uncle Al
said, having a clear conscious is key to harboring magickal ability."
You say, "in your case then, vampiric magick is probably inappropriate"
Thanatos says, "That is entirely up to the subject"
Reverend says, "Ayup."
You say, "it's like karma"
Max says, "Yeah -- he's my best friend. Most of the time he don't mess
with me, though."
You say, "if you feel guilty about it"
You say, "then it'll happen to you"
Max doesn't believe in karma.
You say, "no, i don't think very many of us do"
You say, "but the point is, performing magickal acts you feel guilty
about isn't a good idea"
Max says, "I do, however, think that it is wrong to hurt someone. I
don't think anything bad will happen to me. Only that it isn't right."
Yadmue says, "but that doesn't mean that you can't use "evil" magick
stupidly, or that it can't psychologically affect people who believe in
Thanatos says, "ah"
You say, "anyway, whether or not you uise this sort of thing"
You say, "is down to your personal ethics"
You say, "anyway"
You say, "back to Thanatos' servitors"
Kat can vouch for the success of those
Thanatos says, "oh, and of course you can also store it for later use."
Yadmue says, "lol"
Thanatos grins
You say, "the effects are HIGHLY unpleasant"
Reverend says, "Battery-like storage."
Thanatos says, "Well. I prefer the use of servitors to most others for
vampiric purposes."
Reverend says, "Yeah, Thanatos... can we get some specifics?"
Thanatos says, "what sort of specifics would you like?"
Kyrene says, "What's a servitor?"
Reverend says, "What they were for, specifically, and how you went about
creating them/"
Morbious says, "Servitor=thoughtform=entity..."
Thanatos says, "A servitor is an entity that you create. It's a
thoughtform with a specific task."
Max says, "A spirit created for your service."
Kyrene says, "Gotcha... never heard that term for such a thing before...
I've heard of them using other terms, though..."
Thanatos says, "Those servitors ranged from specific ones, set at a
target to general ones that could be applied to anyone."
Thanatos says, "the servitors task was it to drain a specified form of
energy, be it life energy itself, sexual energy, lust whatever."
Reverend says, "Were you creating them just to harness the energy of
others, or to use it for your own perverted ends? ;)"
Reverend says, "harness = drain"
Thanatos says, "Created both variants. A few are out there to drain the
energy and store it in a vessel (currently a nifty looking crystal in
shape of a rough cup) and some transfer it directly to me."
Kyrene says, "How perverted? ;)"
Thanatos says, "It would be good to add something in the servitor
programming on how long it should gather that energy."
You say, "such as?"
Thanatos says, "And if you want to see something funny you should try
out such a servitor near the ER of a hospital."
Kat laughs
Kat makes beeping noises similar to those of cardiac monitors going into
Reverend says, "Oooooh. I hadn't thought to put a vampire in a
hospital... there's even one just a little ways across town."
Morbious says, "So the vampire converts all the pain down there to
something for your purposes?"
Yadmue says, "hehe...."
Thanatos says, "if it's pain that was specified as it's target, yes."
You say, "in the case of what arawyn's talking about, i think it's more
a case of feeding on those too weak to resist"
Reverend says, "I wonder whether my Astral Garlic (the aura) would
prevent an intentional drain."
Thanatos says, "depends. On how strong your shield is and on how strong
the servitor is."
Reverend says, "I suppose I could try it out, but I'd rather not have
you feeding off me, Thnaatos."
Thanatos says, "it could be eg programmed to return as soon as it
encountered resistance. Or it could be programmed to fight it."
Reverend says, "I'm burnt out enough as is."
Reverend says, "I'd hate to have it fail."
You say, "okay, here's a tangent"
You say, "symptoms of someone vampirising you"
Reverend says, "It's similar to having mono."
Thanatos says, "you should know ;)"
You say, "at the most basic level, feelings of weakenss; physical pain
in muscles, headachnes"
You say, "headaches, rather"
Thanatos says, "tiredness"
Wulf says, "I find the best way of to be free from vamp attacks is to BE
superior to everyone else"
Wulf says, "that way no one can touch you"
Thanatos grins
Thanatos says, "there are some aura strengthening exercises available of
course. And one could always make a couple of protective workings."
You say, "in terms of protective things"
You say, "do you find that the techniques that can be used for entities
such as inccubi (to get rid of them, that is) can be applied to human
Thanatos says, "Haven't tried to banish a human yet."
You say, "want to try?"
Kat grins evilly
You say, "okay, ever found it actually necessary to banish
Kyrene sits on the couch.
You say, "I find it virtually inconcieveable, admittedly"
Thanatos says, "well, succubi avoided me for some reason or other."
You say, "and incubi?"
Kyrene says, "Depends on the incubi... some are annoying, others are
kinda fun..."
Thanatos says, "why banish?"
Yadmue hasn't had much experience with "real" demons
Wulf says, "I find i gain more energy from succubi than i actually loose
in the process"
Thanatos says, "thats a nasty way to tread those poor critters ;)"
You say, "I've never found one that's been obnoxious enough to warrnat
banishing. They're rather fun, IMO.
You say, "but some have reported problems"
You say, "such as this guy on the z-list - zallak?"
Thanatos says, "I remember."
You say, "who said he was having a lot of trouble with a succubus"
Kyrene says, "Yes, I recall that one."
You say, "(not sure if he meant a human vampire or a real succubus, to
be honest)"
You say, "and then last post from him said... (goes to look)"
You say, "that he now believes she serves as a "lesser gardian angel &
You say, "I'm still less than clear what he's talking about, but I can
see a succubus becoming an entity which could protect you"
Kyrene gets a very puzzled and confuzzled look on her face, and
Thanatos says, "sure it would. After all, if he's gone she has to find a
new victim."
Kyrene says, "I had a weird love/hate relationship with an astral
psi-vamp some years ago... after a while when I figured out that he
wasn't evil and generally was an ok kinda guy, I accepted him...."
Wulf says, "I think, it's not so much succubus "attack" that drains you
of energy, but attempts to defend yourself from it."
Wulf says, "A bit like trying to banish Choronzon, when he doesn't want
to go <g>"
You say, "was the psi vamp purely astral"
You say, "or did it have a human component?"
Kyrene says, "Kat... not quite... long story...."
Kyrene says, "This one I met on the astral, but I believe he has a
physical counterpart... again, long story... :)"
You say, "Kyrene, are you going to detail this long story, or would you
rather not?"
Kyrene says, "It's kinda hard to explain... I can tell what's relevant
to the story, but not much else.... to put it bluntly, it's an unusual
tale and I don't tell it to too many people...."
You say, "entirely up to you how much you tell"
Yadmue says, "hmm...just tried to draw off the sadness of someone in a
channel somewhere...I DO feel a bit more energized"
Kat applauds
Thanatos says, "Kat, you can certainly go on telling ppl about your
particular encounters with vampiric servs."
You say, "and boost your ego further?"
You say, "there's not much else to say"
You say, "the servitor in question, when i noticed it, transpired to
have a loophole in it's programming."
You say, "it was attached to a box of trinkets designed to be sent from
person to person, and it was told to attack whoever had the box when it
was being kept in one place"
Thanatos says, "Attack?!?"
You say, "for want of a better word"
You say, "however, i manage to fool the servitor into thinking it was
travelling, largely by making clear an intent to send it, which involved
re-reapping the parcel"
You say, "i actually had the thing for some time after that with no ill
Thanatos says, "which was rather cruel IMO."
You say, "only cruel to you, my dear"
You say, "yadmue, since you've just attempted a drain, and had some
succes, would you like to describe what you did?"
Yadmue says, "basically, I noticed how sad this person was, and I just
concentrated on converting her sadness into energy, and I do feel a bit
more energized...on the other hand, I did just eat, and it could be
psychological boosting that did it"
Yadmue says, "just to consider all sides of the issue"
Kat nods
You say, "did the person have any change in temprament apparent
Yadmue says, "none very apparent...and she also is talking with another
person about her problems, any alleviation of sadness could be due to
being able to pour her heart out"
Yadmue says, "and it's possible that I was already a bit energized
before even that, I honestly don't remember too any rate,
I do feel a bit energetic at the moment"
a miniature speaker says, "You should really practice magick which
yields undeniable results before you get too wrapped up in the feel of
things and never become a competent magickian."
Yadmue says, "yes...I read that starting with things with a high rate of
natural success is good, to help gain confidence"
Yadmue says, "or something like that"
a miniature speaker says, "No."
Thanatos says, "Everyone at his own pace."
a miniature speaker says, "I'm saying you should do stuff which yields
results. That girl's feeling better could be due to anything. But you
should try something undeniably magickal."
Yadmue says, "like wht"
a miniature speaker says, "Up to you."
You say, "IMO, things which produce results of varying sorts can be of
equal use"
Yadmue says, "wasn't thinking so much of her feeling better (which
hasn't been confirmed beyond doubt), but of my getting energized"
a miniature speaker says, "But I can't stand it when people enchant for
what can't be proved or disproved and claim they're powerful
Reverend says, "What's the speaker?"
Yadmue says, "he sounds too intelligent to be a bot"
a miniature speaker says, "Noone knows."
You say, "concrete results are important to being able to see yourself
as being a magician, but less concrete ones can be a useful stepping
stone to gainting the confidence needed in getting to those more certain
Yadmue says, "I can talk to friends about doing more certain things
later....I don't want to distract from the meeting...."
Yadmue says, "thanks for your advice, both of you"
a miniature speaker says, "but the point I'm trying to make is that all
too many people believe that they've saved the world from the attacking
horde of demons with their army of angels twice this morning. You need
to practice results magick."
Yadmue would not wish to hinder any demons from having their way with
the world....
Thanatos says, "You can of course try to feed on someone. The target
usually should get somewhat weary and you usually get an energy boost."
You say, "which is a pretty obvious result; albiet circumstantial"
You say, "however, consistant results of that sort, are rather less
Thanatos says, "It is however a pretty good visualisation exercise :)"
You say, "particularly in terms of the reactions of the victims, as your
own reactions could be psychosomatic"
a miniature speaker says, "I used to have an evil eye .. with a look I
could send people fleeing. I wouldn't call it magick, though. I just
practiced a really disturbing look."
Wulf says, "speaker, what matters in an act of magick, is whether YOU
know if it's worked or not. Not whether or not you can prove it to
someone else."
Reverend says, "Well, wulf, I'd disagree with that, on one level, and
agree on another."
a miniature speaker says, "But Yadmue's just starting out, and everyone
needs proof that their magick works, especially when just starting."
Reverend says, "Some times it is necessary to get a palpable result with
Yadmue says, "your advice is duly noted, speaker"
You say, "but even palpable results aren't necessarily (or even usually)
provable to others"
a miniature speaker says, "Sometimes?! I haven't had a good day if I
haven't guessed the suits of ten randomly drawn cards in a row."
Reverend says, "Other times it is unnecessary."
Thanatos says, "there are better things to do than that."
a miniature speaker says, "Bullshit! The probability is 1/4^10, and
that's proof enough for most people."
Wulf says, "so how is guessing randomly drawn suits of cards useful?"
a miniature speaker says, "Yes there are -- that's just what I practice.
It's just an example."
Yadmue says, "Kat or Thanatos, do you have anything more to say about
You say, "he's right - we're off topic"
You say, "well off topic <g>"
Reverend says, "I think maybe I meant tactile, rather than palpable.
Some people nned to see, hear, and feel results. I could just say that
you were a card sharp, for instance. I don't buy it, but I could say
Reverend says, "Oh, right."
a miniature speaker says, "It proves to oneself that you are not mad."
Yadmue says, "I do appreciate everyones advice...I just don't want to be
the source of off topic discussion"
Reverend says, "Wee, I had a thought. During my meeting, actually. Have
any of you used crowds for which you are presenting as energy sources to
shake off the nasty pre-speech jitters?"
a miniature speaker says, "My favorite cereal is honey-nut cheerios, by
the way. <G>"
Morbious grins
You say, "energy from crowds is an interesting one actually"
You say, "i've sometimes had huge problems with filtering it"
Thanatos says, "not really. I rarely do presentations. Matter of fact
not since I'm out of school"
Reverend says, "It feels -alot- different."
Yadmue says, "does not one risk overloading or something, if the whole
crowd is similarly charged?"
You say, "usually when i'm tired"
You say, "and then i've had horrible effects"
You say, "but i've drawn from crowds at gigs and things with success"
Thanatos says, "Not really, you just get a real boost. You feel elevated
and whatnot"
a miniature speaker remembers something about Fotamecus being nurtured
off of the excess energy at a rock concert.
You say, "and it's been very effective"
Reverend says, "Fotamecus?"
You say, "Fenwick's time servitor"
You say, "Max (speaker) is working with him a lot at the moment"
Reverend says, "Ah. I'll remember to ask him about it."
a miniature speaker says, "God of dynamic time. (Soon as Chronos dies.)"
You say, "he's a handy little servitor, really"
Thanatos says, "btw, you in the us could try out harnessing the belief
of those xtian buggers. A nice cone over one of their churches. And on
top of it a serv that collects the energy those fundies generate."
Reverend says, "Wait, Max, you said you hadn't worked with vampiric
servitors before..."
Morbious wonders if anyone evokes or invokes fotamechus often...but a
little off topic.
a miniature speaker says, "I haven't."
You say, "uncle chuckie mentioned using christian fundies' energy"
a miniature speaker says, "Read up on Fotamecus."
Reverend says, "Thanatos, it actually works best over a southern baptist
or lutheran(I think) church, where they get up and dance around."
Yadmue goes to turn on Benny Hinn ;-)
a miniature speaker says, "And incidentally, I never said I haven't.
Morbious chuckles, what's the snakehandlers?
Reverend says, "Ahhh. True, point to Max."
You paged Thanatos with 'ah; he believes in not hurting people, but
doesn't want to spoil his image'.
Reverend says, "Nuts, Morbious, they're just crazy-ass
strange-interpretation xtians."
Thanatos says, "I attended a church in Atlanta once out of curiosity. At
the end they started that shit with laying hands on. That'd be good
enough. Belief is energy too that can be used."
Morbious chuckles
You say, "any other religions been tried?"
Morbious wonders what the results with a buddhist sect would be ;)
Reverend says, "The hands on stuff is fairly interesting. I wonder what
the Aeonics involved in xtian miracle-curing is. Possibly cash
Thanatos pages: We've only catholics here - mainly that is. And their
faith isn't too strong, they just go to church to be seen. Kinda dry
harvest here.
Yadmue wonders what the results of a Latin Mass would be
You say, "or a moonie mass wedding, perhaps..."
Morbious chuckles
Reverend says, "A moonie mass?"
Kyrene lols
You say, "you know ; followers of the reverend moon have their wedding
all together; hundreds at a time"
Thanatos grins
Morbious nods
You say, "in which they generate a lot of energy"
Reverend says, "Actually, Kat, I dinna know that. In fact, I haven't the
slightest who Rev. Moon is."
Thanatos says, "twould be something."
You say, "in their fanatical loyalty to their group/cult"
Yadmue says, "he runs a real big cult"
Reverend says, "Ahhh... cult figurehead."
You say, "you got it"
Reverend says, "That 'xplains it."
Yadmue says, "I wonder if a Papal Mass would be a good source of
energy...all those millions of people there"
Wulf says, "the reverend moon does not only run a cult, but in fact, he
is a complete cult as in "jesus is a....". Oh... sorry... that was a
typo... where's my dictionary?"
Thanatos says, "CheeseUs""
Wulf falls of his chair laughing
Reverend says, "Than, have you any experience working with massive
groups for energy-draining purposes?"
You say, "only gigs, as i said"
Reverend says, "I think all musicians subconsiously feed on the energy
of the crowds at performances."
Thanatos says, "massive? Not quite. There's no big city nearby where I
could watch the results"
Kat agrees
Reverend says, "Now, a vampiric musician intentionally doing it must
have ogasmically good results... Kat?"
Kat looks innocent and whistles
You say, "actually, i've written a rite somewhen, to use crowd obessions
to charge an intent or summon or feed an entity"
Reverend says, "I need a copy."
Thanatos says, "Currently I've had more success in first generating fear
around a certain area at a specific time (night of course - it is a
catholic private school after all). And then harnessing that energy the
fear generates."
You say, "you lurk about catholic schools?"
Reverend says, "I do, but different reasons >;}"
Thanatos says, "no, don't have to. A link to the area is enough."
You say, "you just ruined a beautiful image, Thanatos"
Reverend says, "Kidding, btw."
Reverend says, "They don't have to be Catholic."
Thanatos says, "Contrary to you I don't shag nuns."
Kat laughs
Thanatos says, "or any other pinguins."
Yadmue says, "lol"
You say, "that's an insult to penguins"
Wulf says, "what about monks, though?"
Yadmue gets out a notebook, and writes a reminder to himself to get
schoolgirl outfits for his girls....
Thanatos says, "I don't like drags."
You say, "the dresses put you off, eh?"
Reverend in an effort to steer the conversation back to vampirism and
away from nun-fucking, says "I wonder whether vampirism would work with
You say, "short answer: yes"
Thanatos says, "it certainly does."
Thanatos pages: did you turn the speaker off?
Yadmue says, "but how can you tell their feelings in order to do it"
Reverend says, "It seems immoral me to suck energy from beings with
questionable sentience... but yet I drain humans of questionable
sentience all the time... there I go, being a hypocrite again."
Wulf says, "has anyone tried taking energy from a nun while fucking
Thanatos says, "Telling the feelings of animals is often easier than
with humans."
Reverend says, "Next time I fuck a nun, Wulf, I'll try it."
Kat nods
Yadmue says, "lol, most nuns I've seen are ugly and/or old"
You say, "oh, another aside - has anyone noticed the strong energy
release whcih occurs at the point of death?"
Reverend says, "I call it "The transition to randomness""
Reverend says, "It's a big power spike in the area local to the death."
Yadmue says, " the Rifts RPG, magic energy i.e. p.p.e. is
doubled at the point of death (great for psi stalkers and mages who want
to do sacrifices)"
Yadmue says, "LaVey also wrote about it, I think"
Reverend says, "Yadmue, wtf are you talking about?"
Yadmue says, "role playing game ;p"
Reverend says, "Ah."
Thanatos says, "Rifts RPG = RiftMUSH perchance?"
Morbious says, "Heh, when have people been around dying people? I've
known a non-magical person to feel they're grandfathers energy go
through them when he was holding him while he was dying of a
Yadmue says, "rifts is a pen and paper game, initially"
Morbious says, "I think they were knocked unconscious by it..."
Yadmue says, "but we digress...."
Morbious says, "But we digress...."
Reverend says, "Not really. A vamp in a Columbian Hospital would garner
TONS of energy."
You say, "i wonder how many take up work in casualty"
Reverend says, "Que, kat?"
You say, "how many psi vamps work in casualty departments"
Kyrene says, "Que?"
Reverend says, "O i c."
Reverend says, "Que=Spanish(What)"
Kyrene says, "Oh... I was thinking French..."
Kyrene says, "Which didn't make sense in that language. It would be
Kyrene says, "In Japanese, it would be mani...."
Kat grins
Reverend says, "Kat, that's a good question. It leads me to wonder,
tangentially, how many necromancers work in morgues."
You say, "you have some runic vamp things?"
You say, "a great number, i suspect"
Yadmue says, "lol reverend"
Thanatos says, "more or less."
You say, "although morgues screeen quite carefully"
Wulf says, "not in england morgues don't"
Thanatos says, "I mainly use the runes to amplify the general effect."
Morbious says, "Personal experience? :)"
Reverend says, "Necromancers, not necrophiliacs."
Yadmue says, "how about necromancers working as funeral home people"
Yadmue says, "less stringent screening there I think"
You say, "necrnomancers are still quite inclined to be a bit wierd from
most morgue to hire them"
Kyrene lLOLs
You say, "funeral homes are also pretty strict often"
Thanatos says, "You're going to work there then?"
Yadmue says, "what if they START the funeral home"
Yadmue says, "i.e. as the owner"
Thanatos says, "Yep, I do."
Reverend says, "Thanatos, you work extensively with Runes? Necromancers
are a weird bunch, aren't we."
You say, "anyway, sorry Thanatos"
You say, "you were saying?"
Thanatos says, "'bout what?"
You say, "runes?"
Reverend says, "Hrm. I've done much sigilization out of bindrunes. I get
a decent bindrune, then work with it until it is very very unique, for
my pictoral sigils."
Thanatos says, "Usually I incooperate a bindrune or single rune in one
of the sigils or in the core of the servitor."
Thanatos says, "Rev, we could certainly try out that fart rune spell
that is available in the Galdrabok on Kat ;)"
Reverend says, "I can't honestly say that I have done enough servitor
work with runes to comment about it. It seems good in theory, but I've
more been working on energy-level work."
You say, "try that, and a round of vomit spells will be coming your way"
Reverend says, "A fart spell? the Galdrabok? I'm clueless."
Thanatos says, "Try them for strengthening the serv."
Thanatos says, "Galdrabok was published by Stephen Flowers a few years
Reverend says, "Is it wortyh of high acclaim?"
Kyrene says, "Stephen Flowers is EXCELLENT"
Thanatos says, "I found it rather funny."
Kyrene says, "I own his Hemetic Magic"
Thanatos says, "anyway, you could eg add thurisaz to the serv so that he
can overcome resistance easier."
Thanatos says, "or a reversed fehu to weaken ones psychic power. both
are good to add in vampiric workings."
Thanatos says, "Any questions or enquiries for more info?"
Kat listens to the echo
You say, "i think we can probably take that as a no"
You say, "oh, we have a suggestion for the next discussion"
You say, "magickal ethics"
Kat grins evilly
Thanatos says, "We could try to get Marik talk about servs and
You say, "okay; any final questions Yadmue?"
Yadmue says, "can one draw from nothingness?"
Yadmue says, "like people meditating or something"
You say, "energy from where there is none?"
Yadmue says, "yea...just a thought"
You say, "hmmm... i really don't know..."
You say, "there is a basic energy to everything"
You say, "IMO"
Yadmue says, "or else a psychosomatic effect"
You say, "current of the universe and all that holistic shite"
Yadmue says, "lol"
You say, "try it; see what happens"
Thanatos says, "if you go for visualisation, use colours."
Yadmue says, "alright"
Yadmue says, "is that then end, then?"
Thanatos says, "that is colour codes. for whatever emotion/energy
whatever you want."
You say, "i suppose so, unless anyone has any other ideas for
Thanatos says, "you could quote a link list of course, KAt"
Yadmue says, "not especially...I was planning on asking Thanatos about
some servitors"
You say, "all the links i could suggest are at:"

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