Weather Manipulation

Genix: Dak, tell me, how well do your attempts at manipulating our little objective reality go?
Dakarren: hm?
Dakarren: rather well
Dakarren: how exactly do you mean?
Genix: I'm under the impression that success stories will strengthen my abstract paradigm.
Dakarren: well, mind you, Im not a flying success like some people claim to be
Dakarren: im making progress in my own balliwick though
Genix: balliwick? This is a term new to me *g*
Dakarren: domain, methinks
Genix: Ah.
Dakarren: like, my current domain is weather magick, spirit magick, and healing. with some tech manipulation
Dakarren: I can once again cast storm spells, where the storm phenominizes within two days at most
Genix: See, I still have an exceptionally strong psychic sensor (for lack of a better term), and it fucks me around quite a lot.
Dakarren: for spot magicks, I've been training my focus on making the wind blow when I want to, and make traffic lights green
Dakarren: I can stop the wind with a thought
Dakarren: I can also change most traffic lights, so my transit is usually fast, as I spend little time on intersections
Genix: See, I can't do things like that, or at least not well.
Dakarren: and in the spirit section, I can forge my will to dice up spirits with some concentration
Dakarren: I can also see them if I concentrate
Dakarren: some people can just see em with out concentration
Dakarren: I have to brush up with manipulation as well though
Dakarren: like, before, when I was fifteen, people let me buy cigars, porn, etc, and booze. Because I would cast a type of mental illusion that made everyone think I was older
Genix: How do you exercise yourself in that respect?
Dakarren: in what respect
Genix: Ok, I'm rather good at things like glamours and such, but how do you train yourself to manipulate weather and such?
Dakarren: okay
Dakarren: you live in a more rural setting, right?
Genix: I hate asking things like this, it makes me feel like a neophyte again.
Genix: Yeah, kinda.
Dakarren: heck, sometimes I think of myself as a rookie
Dakarren: well, you know about shifting energy witin or without, right?
Genix: Yeah
Dakarren: okay, get a chair, and sit outside. shade works well, as we arent hindi, and we dont need discomfort for enlightenment
Genix grins
Dakarren: now, close your eyes, and clear your mind
Dakarren: let a little of your energy flow out, with the clear thought to make the wind blow fast
Dakarren: visualizing a tree being blown about in the wind works, at least thats what my teacher said, years ago
Genix nods
Dakarren: now, its imperitive that you believe, not that you can do it, but that you are doing it
Genix: Right, that makes sense.
Dakarren: you might get a small lag, because its the time the effect takes to phenominalize. usually the phenominalization takes from the moment you do it, to two seconds
Dakarren: thats a good success range
Dakarren: if it happens after that, its too long
Genix: Should I expect results on my first try?
Dakarren: I got em
Genix: Righto.
Dakarren: however, for me, making the wind blow is a harder effect than stopping it
Dakarren: to stop it, just send a little energy out, with a clear mind, and command the wind to stop, either with the word, or by visualizing no movement
Dakarren: a strange effect of this though, is that for me, sometimes the wind keeps blowing around me, but within a few feet of myself the wind is totally still
Genix: Heh, wow. It worked.
Dakarren: all right!
Genix: Though the effect was rather small.
Dakarren: its like that at the start
Dakarren: when you get better, you can summon stronger gusts
Dakarren: It also depends on the type of day. on a stronger-winded day, the winds will be stronger, but on a still day, small gusts are sometimes all I get
Genix: The first time I tried to stop it, nothing happened, but then I tried a different approach, and it went still.
Dakarren: okay
Genix: Or rather, a different approach to leaking my energy
Genix: The word helped.
Dakarren: close your eyes, clear your mind, and hold up your hand in the direction of the wind, sending small amounts of energy out. like you're saying stop to a speeding child
Dakarren: and say stop, or visualize it
Dakarren: I try not to believe in that pope pete psychic sensor stuff. by beliveing in such a thing we limit ourselves more than is healthy.
Genix: Yeah, you're right.
Genix: Btw, I got a strange psychological effect just now.
Dakarren: hm?
Genix: I tried stopping it again, and had a small twinge of doubt. The effect was to make the wind gust out real strong.
Dakarren: yeah. doubt sucks
Dakarren: thats why, for me, magick works best spontaineously. then I dont dobut
Dakarren: doubt
Genix: Heh, I shall practise this.
Dakarren: good
Dakarren: same with traffic lights
Dakarren: if you go driving, practice making it so all the lights are green
Dakarren: you'll miss some, but dont get discouraged
Dakarren: hm.. I shouldnt have said that
Dakarren: but anyway, just send a little energy out, and will the light to be green. dont even think of the color red
Dakarren: pointing at the light might help
Genix: No, it's good that you said I shouldn't be discouraged. It'll help.
Dakarren: yeah
Dakarren: I had to commute to school for a whole semester before I got a decent hang of the lights
Dakarren: and even now, I dont succeed all the time
Genix: Heh, magick is chancy.
Genix: Ok, I know how to mess with wind and traffic lights, but how does one phenomanalise storms?
Dakarren: okay
Dakarren: that takes a lot more energy than a simple wind
Dakarren: I have a sigil I use for it, but I found I can do it without the sigil
Dakarren: hold your hands paralell to each other, in front of you, wiht the hands vertical
Dakarren: now, will your energy to flow out from your hands and gather like a ball
Dakarren: hold it in the ball form, thinking about storms and rain, lightning etc, and infuse these throughts into the ball
Genix nods
Dakarren: now, as you pour more energy and thought into the ball, it should expand, pressing on your hands. this will feel either tingly or cold, or both
Dakarren: let your hands expand, and feed more energy into the ball
Dakarren: visualized the ball should keep growing, and nearly be touching your hands
Dakarren: seperate your hands until theyre shoulder lenght apart
Dakarren: the ball should be filling up the space between your hands
Dakarren: then push your hands down on the ball
Dakarren: turn your arms 90 degreees, so theyre now horizontal, not vertical, but still paralell
Dakarren: push the ball in a little, condensing it
Dakarren: and push the ball into the sky, exhaling
Dakarren: watch teh ball rise in your minds eye, and it will explode upon reaching the top
Dakarren: viualize your energy and intent pouring out
Dakarren: and forming into dark, forboding clouds
Dakarren: with lightning zipping between the puffs
Dakarren: and rain falling in torrents
Dakarren: then, sort of forget about it, so you dont doubt yourself
Genix: And this should take approximately two days to phenomanalise?
Dakarren: or less
Genix: Right.
Dakarren: and even though you visualize lightning and torrential rain, you might not get it. but usually you get overcast skies and some rain
Dakarren: I summoned torential rain once
Genix: How long did it take before you could get reliable results?
Dakarren: not too long
Dakarren: because I've always loved rain, so I have personal reasons too
Genix: Yeah, I understand.
Genix: Right, I'm going to have to cut the conversation short unfortunately... thanks for the info, 'twas much helpful *g*
Dakarren: no problem
Dakarren: well, seeya later
Dakarren: I might still be on for two or three more hours
Genix: Alright, I'll try and get back on.