Vision23): I believe I managed to contact the thing... Couldn't really see anything, but heard it's voice, sounded like many voices in one.
(Vision23): It told me that bringing magick to the world was it's purpose... Others have tried to control it or tap into it, with as much success as trying to do so to a Tsunami... :)

(@Seek0): I can tell someone is peekin in at me right now
(@Seek0): something's sucking some of my stuff.
(@Seek0): and i'm wondering who it is.
(@Seek0): my Watcher plugged me into the universal power grid of Z so they'd have some extra juice for the ride
(@Seek0): it's been 3 hours.
(@Seek0): someone's still out there...
(@ChORONZON): not fuckin me.. .thatz fer suur.
* ChORONZON yawnz...shaking, fidgiting, shivering..

(@ybodo): any other z(probe) participants here?
(Genix): me
(Genix): and chornonzon, but he's dead too.
(Genix): cidal too, but he's.. you get it.
(@ybodo): heh
(Genix): are you on the z(probe) list?
(@ybodo): you mean the one Marik runs?
(Genix): yeah
(@ybodo): yeah.
(Genix): good, good.
(Genix): I'm Azgoth/Rogan.
(Genix): pleased to meet you
* ybodo is also Codon
(@ybodo): you too
(Genix): well, today be the day, apparently.
(@ybodo): do you know if anybody had any ill effects from the probe?
(Genix): only if they thought they would.
(Genix): but nothing beyond bad dreams.
(@ybodo): It went well for me. Had an interesting chat with a large white sphere.
(Genix): I speak to one specific entity sometimes.
(Genix): I send him a message and he comes down and speaks to me.
(@ybodo): Entities don't usually speak to me, i just get impressions from them.
(Genix): well, as does everybody. It's almost automatically turned into language.
(@ybodo): which is how it went with the sphere
(Genix): how did it go?
(@ybodo): Pretty well except a small white sphere tried to eat me. Ganesh saved me and kept the sphere as a toy or something
(Genix): hahaha
(@ybodo): I didn't see any other zees
(@ybodo): what about you?
(Genix): how close did it come to eating you?
(Genix): oh, I can't project, just talk to the one. Most of the stuff I have posted, and that is my opinion today still.
(@ybodo): well it had my feet and I was going to blast it but Ganesh pulled me out and trapped it
(@ybodo): I don't really project either. I have an astral form I think but I don't leave my body.

(@ChORONZON): My (probe)ing was both much success and failure; I did contact Zee'z...I didnt go with them (Hah!)...I chilled with someonez Servitor a while trying to integrate into Astral...and then I layed down and gave myself into the Universe in trance I forget....until I awoke puking.
(@Genix): oh, you did it chemo-style?
(@Genix): fucking crappy namibian dealers!
(@Genix): I could do that too.
(@Seek0): Hey!
(@Seek0): What's up?
(@ybodo): I'm curious where you contacted the other zee's at
(@Genix): oi seek :)
(@ybodo): sup Seek
(@ChORONZON): I was really trying for the full monty - but I'm not ready yet; and I'm definately not prepared to be having conscious contact with Prima Potentia out there...because I'm Fallen.
(@Seek0): You're "Fallen" ?
(@ChORONZON): I have low egoist energies that are automatically defensive....than if I was hightened, and could naturally transmit a peacful signal.
(@ChORONZON): ybodo.. .actually finding the rest wasnt too difficult.
(@Genix): seek: besideth, chor is the most suspicious of us all.
(@Genix): he's being the most sensible, basically.
(@ChORONZON): What was wrong though, is I couldnt get all the way, or near enough on the other side to stay there with them. I had no focus..
(@Genix): chor: technique they give for lucid dreaming - say things like "focus more, now." and, "become more lucid, now" kinda thing.
(@ChORONZON): Hah! I actually requested someone make me a Servitor to guide me to them...and at one point, I had a couple contacts with others - though I'd probobly have appeared as a phazing ghost...and disappeared almost immediatel.
(@ChORONZON): Yeh Gen.. .I was tryin - I just didnt get through. ;-):
(@ChORONZON): heheh....another time.
(@Genix): yeah, there's always next probe
(@ChORONZON): Well...I'd like to get projected sooner than to probe something.
(@Genix): yes, same here. I just want to be able to project.
(@ChORONZON): heh heh.. .the request of a Servitor was funny...
(@ybodo): I tried to find the others but I couldn't manifest in the checkerboard castle well enoughand was probably too late. then Ganesh led me straight to the entity
(@ChORONZON): I heard a "make it yourself" come from one of the Zee'z hahahah...
(@Genix): lol
(@Genix): ybodo: what did you learn, overall?
(@Genix): chor: heartless zees.
(@ChORONZON): Gen...it was funny as hell, really. *g*
(@Genix): chor: lol, I can imagine.
(@ybodo): the entity has no emotions, is very curious.. seems to be collection of ai's on some circuitry on an astral spaceship hugging a comet
(@ybodo): at least I think it has no emotions.
(@ybodo): It plans to eat humanity, but not in a mean way.
(@Genix): ybodo: hmm, that would be a worrying thought. Psychopaths have no emotions, get it?
(@ChORONZON): It appears to have no human emotives, indeed.
(@ChORONZON): But it isnt human, so why would it.
(@ybodo): i mean directives and programming, but not the same thing
(@Genix): yea, and chory's old argument saves humankind from gross misunderstanding again ;)
(@ybodo): to learn. it seems to learn by swallowing stuff.
(@Genix): I'm not going to be swallowed if it wants to learn.
(@ChORONZON): heh.. .nothing I learned last night dispells any of the models of possibility I had before the (probe). I only hope that others wernt so inconclusive.
(@Genix): anyway, I don't think it's as simple as Artificial Intelligence
(@Genix): but the possibility can't be ignored.
(@ybodo): probably not that simple. I'm not even convinced it's real. but at least I had a good time

(@Seek0): What did the circuitry look like?
(@Seek0): Sounds like you're describing Savon.
(@ChORONZON): Does Savon plan to eat humanity?
(@ybodo): I didn't actually see it. The biggest sphere just told me that was one component of the entity
(@Genix): I really need to learn about bloody everything-lore.
(@Seek0): Hm. Did you see what looked like a sparkling or dull cloud .. like a flock of small shells following it?
(@ybodo): it said it was 4 shells, the ship, the circuitry, the consciousnesses which were the spheres, and the OS.
(@Seek0): the OS ?
(@ybodo): operating system.
(@Seek0): Oh.
(@Seek0): Well.
(@Seek0): Shit.
(@Seek0): Did you get a rootshell ? LOL!
(@ybodo): hehe
(@Genix): hahaha
(@ChORONZON): ybodo.. .soundz alot to me leik a space ship I know of.

* Seek0 's brain starts racing.
(@Seek0): hang on.. there's something to this..
(@Genix): who cares if they get it, bail anyway..
(@Seek0): damnit..
(@Seek0): this infatuation with tech and nature combining...
(@Seek0): these dreams of cyborgs killing people...
(@Seek0): like the things in Dark City and the Borg rather intermingled..
(@Seek0): and with totally different plots..
(@Seek0): i've seen them.
(@ybodo): Chor: what spaceship is that?
(@Seek0): yeah, what spaceshit?

(@ChORONZON): Ignore the antics...the Space Ship I spoke of is real, and I am well aware to the occupants.
(@Seek0): Really?
(@Seek0): Do tell.
(@ChORONZON): It is in fact detrimentally frightening with the coinciding syncronicities with the Mantis - as the beings which inhabit the vessel of topic, called for some time the "Grey Shirts" are of the specie Mantis.
(@ChORONZON): Dark Shirts, rather....ehh. *cleanz hiz pineal*
(@Genix): lol
(@ChORONZON): Anyhow...every single description I've heard of them has been remarkbly accurate.
(@Seek0): Sounds like all that Barbara C Marciniak shit w/ the Pleadians helpin' us out and all that 5th dimentional age of aquarius shit.
(@ChORONZON): Soundz that way, doeznt it.
(@Seek0): Enough that my goosbumps aren't going away.